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^ find days between two dates span different years
358471 [chen_li3 yah] Which method is used to calculate the days between two dates spanning
358473 [janfri.rubyf] => false
358521 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you so much,

^ problems with mechanize and inheritance
358478 [thiagobranda] rails environment using script/console.
358493 [thiagobranda] In case someone gets the same error, you must explicitly set a html

^ Class vs Module in constant lookup
358481 [peter.mclain] Constant lookup behaves differently if there is a class versus a
+ 358490 [vikkous gmai] Extending your example a little to actually look up the constants
| 358504 [peter.mclain] Well, the code isn't mine, but I'd still like to understand if
| 358510 [vikkous gmai] Ok, I see your problem, and I sympathize.
+ 358509 [fxn hashref.] I believe C::XYZ works because C is a subclass of Object.
| 358514 [peter.mclain] I think that will end up being part of the explanation, but I'm not
| + 358517 [fxn hashref.] 9,
| + 358697 [fxn hashref.] Under my
|   359005 [fxn hashref.] Just a followup, the spec has been indeed revised, M::X does not look in Object.
+ 358745 [peter.mclain] Since I didn't get a good answer here, I posted the question on ruby-

^ ruby gem install mysql compile error
358482 [ajmccauley g] I am having an issue installing the mysql gem on my fedora 11 ruby
+ 358492 [luislavena g] ou t
+ 358498 [brabuhr gmai] /usr/local/lib/libssl.a
  358503 [ajmccauley g] I did build openssl-0.9.8l from source.  In hind sight, it would have
  358520 [ajmccauley g] I just rebuilt the server and used the Fedora packaged openssl and it

^ Test::Unit::Omission - Unable to omit tests
358485 [champaka liv] I am trying to omit some tests while using the test unit framework. My
358491 [djberg96 gma] Two things. First, your tests must be defined within a subclass of
358495 [champaka liv] Thanks Dan. I have modified the code snippet I sent earlier to include
+ 358600 [djberg96 gma] Get rid of the first 2 require lines. Also, you don't need to create a
| 358629 [champaka liv] I was unable to get the omit functionality working, even after I removed
| 358649 [ryand-ruby z] removed=20
| 358668 [champaka liv] I simplified the code as much as possible below. omit is still not
| 358669 [kou cozmixng] In <9fe46c8b5818159d02e1d95a71ba5e25@ruby-forum.com>
| 358746 [champaka liv] I get the following error when I run it as suggested above.
| 358798 [kou cozmixng] In <229c73c47bcc228c3edf225a5c5e617a@ruby-forum.com>
| 358829 [champaka liv] Thank you for fixing this so quick. This worked without any errors when
+ 358631 [drbrain segm] If you're going to use the test-unit gem you must require files inside =

^ Logger datetime_format not respected
358499 [threadhead g] When creating a new logger, the datetime_format is not respected.
358501 [wishdev gmai] Good Afternoon,
358505 [threadhead g] require 'logger'
+ 358506 [wishdev gmai] Afternoon again,
+ 358507 [threadhead g] Figured it out. When you override the formatter, it's not passing

^ how to mix audio files
358500 [zeljko gmail] programatically. Is there easy way to do this in ruby? I don't really
+ 358528 [albertschlef] It says in the FAQ it has a library too, but maybe using the
+ 358549 [chris.killim] Maybe Minim?  I have used it from ruby-processing and was pleased with

^ [ANN] Ohm 0.0.33
358511 [michel sover] Ohm is an object-hash mapping library for Redis, and this version adds

^ [ANN]  March Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
358519 [james.britt ] March Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ RMagick gem on Windows (was: Can't install hpricot gem)
358527 [luislavena g] vels)

^ Splitting up a file
358531 [stuart.clark] Hey,
358532 [jgabrielygal] csplit testsplit.txt /DATA/ "{*}"

^ splitting
358534 [dawid.marcin] ".".split(".")
+ 358535 [dawid.marcin] #Ok, instead of
+ 358538 [luislavena g] There is nothing before or after the period.
  358540 [eregontp gma] $ ri String#split

^ Submitting Bug Reports
358537 [alex.decaria] I have an app that consistently runs for a while and then crashes with a
358560 [vikkous gmai] Yes, these are serious bugs.

^ Using anchor for cancel in a Form
358542 [aw9578 att.c] and canceling a form in Rails.

^ Ruby Midwest Conference Opens Call for Speakers
358545 [lpillow gmai] The Ruby Midwest Conference <http://www.rubymidwest.com/> has opened its Call

^ Ruby Midwest Conference Opens Call for Speakers
358550 [lpillow gmai] The Ruby Midwest Conference has opened its Call for Speakers (http://

^ Shared hosting recommendation?
358551 [email.rafa g] Can anybody recomend a shared hosting provider for Ruby on Rails apps?
+ 358552 [jgabrielygal] I don't have direct experience but I've heard about Heroku
| + 358555 [sophrinix gm] 'm
| | 358556 [jgabrielygal] I'm
| + 358563 [email.rafa g] Hey Jesus, which is the usenet group specific to rails? I've searched
|   358571 [jgabrielygal] Jesus.
+ 358553 [sophrinix gm] I have no affiliation with the company I am about to suggest, but
| 358554 [sophrinix gm] By affiliation, I mean other than as a customer. :-)
+ 358558 [nick nick-br] I have tried Google App Engine and A Small Orange. AE free but it has
+ 358561 [email.rafa g] Thanks for your anwers. I will check out a small orange.

^ Limit number of concurrent running threads in pool
358559 [jm202 yahoo.] I created a pool of threads (say, 500 threads) to process.  However, due
+ 358562 [rogerpack200] might help.
| 358572 [jm202 yahoo.] Thank you very much, Roger.  I found this link
+ 358602 [shortcutter ] Why do you create a pool much larger than the load you want to accept?
| 358604 [jm202 yahoo.] When running this program, I will provide a list of items that need
| + 358607 [shortcutter ] etty new
| | 358645 [jm202 yahoo.] Very good.  This works quite nicely as well.
| | + 358647 [vikkous gmai] Yes. Threads use memory (quite a lot of it, in fact). Mostly this goes
| | | 358735 [jm202 yahoo.] Thanks!  I figured this was the case.
| | + 358678 [shortcutter ] Which other method are you referring to?
| |   358737 [jm202 yahoo.] Well my original thinking was to create a thread for every single item I
| |   358740 [shortcutter ] Ah, OK.  Then I was just confused because you had used the term
| + 358609 [cremes.devli] running
+ 358603 [cremes.devli] I've had very good success using the Threadz gem.

^ unsubscribe
358566 [mikeshn gmai] ...

^ [ANN] Sunspot 1.0.0 Released
358567 [mat patch.co] SUNSPOT

^ ANN: Sequel 3.9.0 Released
358568 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.

^ archflags for compiling gems 64 bit
358574 [dale8458 gma] I am trying to understand if the archflags='-arch x86_64' flag is used
358577 [ged FaerieMU] You typically don't need to use this flag on any other platform (though
358578 [dale8458 gma] Thanks that help put my mind at rest.  I did compile the 1.9.1 ruby in

^ A good portable text editor/IDE for Ruby?
358576 [xxreiichixx ] I am searching for a good portable text editor or IDE for Ruby to use on
+ 358581 [vikkous gmai] What is your definition of 'portable'? Something that runs from the
| 358587 [xxreiichixx ] Something that runs from the same installation dir on my USB PenDrive
| + 358588 [xxreiichixx ] It will be awesome if is an IDE where I can run programs directly in it
| | 358590 [mo_mail ongh] shows gVim and Notepad++ as portable apps.
| + 358614 [reid.thompso] ...
| + 358620 [benemue goog] You can have gvim veeery Ruby oriented. I'd recommend installing
|   358658 [eric.promisl] You could run Komodo off a pen-drive, with a separate director for
+ 358582 [reid.thompso] ...
| 358584 [benemue goog] GVim is the only thing zou need :)
| 358595 [marco-oweber] If you go that way give vim-addon-manager a try.
+ 358660 [gmkoller gma] Just my quick 1 cent worth, without studying all the replies: The
+ 359520 [shortcutter ] If I'm not mistaken nobody suggested JEdit yet.

^ System Stats from Ruby?
358579 [nrhird gmail] I am new to ruby but am working hard to learn all i can. Is there a
+ 358599 [djberg96 gma] Regards,
+ 358612 [s.korteling ] For a windows-only solution I'd recommend ruby-wmi (gem install

^ Outputting to a string
358585 [albertschlef] I have a function that generates some textual data that I capture into a
+ 358589 [robert.dober] very ugly, but I am sure you can c?lean it up
+ 358591 [jgabrielygal] I'd just have gen_data return the string and let the caller make the

^ Base-64 encoding--Just for the fun of it!
358586 [astounding g] require 'base64'
+ 358610 [astounding g] This morning I realized I could shave off 3 characters by eliminating
+ 358625 [s.korteling ] c=(65..122).to_a.join(&:chr)+'0123456789+/'
+ 358654 [transfire gm] While lacking in the joy of code golf you may still be interested to
| 358656 [s.korteling ] Yes i am. And please ignore my previous post in this thread, it's
+ 358665 [wyhaines gma] def e(s);[s].pack('m');end
| 358671 [astounding g] Thanks for contributing something useful to me.  I've always used the
+ 358686 [apeiros gmx.] Actually that's deprecated in 1.9 afaik. Somebody else already pointed out that you can use Array#pack.
  + 358691 [astounding g] Gorgeous!
  + 358703 [astounding g] I notice you could shave off 2 more characters by using the same ?

^ RedCloth, JRuby and national characters
358592 [cfb jndata.d] I posted this in the RedCloth forum but noone has replied. Anyone in

^ The desktop application on Ruby
358593 [refermaker y] Greetings! At me a question - whether it is possible to create the
358606 [aldric trevo] Yes, it is possible to create "normal" software in Ruby, using graphical

^ Webrick hangs following periods of inactivity
358605 [kmattocks.sw] I'm using WEBrick as my webserver with Redmine.  I start the WEBrick

^ Net/ssh & send_data
358608 [dawa.ometto ] I would like to use the net/ssh gem to connect to an ssh server, execute
358651 [b.candler po] Not exactly answering your question, but Net::SSH::Telnet is a small
360892 [dawa.ometto ] Thanks for the reply. Been a while since I managed to take a look at
360960 [b.candler po] Depends what you mean by "safe". I don't know if Net::SSH 1.x is being

^ On what of these books is better to start to study Ruby?
358611 [refermaker y] 1. The Ruby Way: Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming, Second
+ 358613 [tshanky gmai] Read http://www.humblelittlerubybook.com/ and start coding!
| 358615 [refermaker y] Thanks, but this book of 2006 and old version Ruby :(
| 358618 [tshanky gmai] If you know everything in this book, you will not struggle with learning the
| 358619 [refermaker y] Shashank, thanks!
+ 358616 [jan.h.xie gm] I'll suggest Programming Ruby then The Ruby Way.
| 358617 [refermaker y] THANKS!
+ 358632 [jm202 yahoo.] I have Beginning Ruby.  It's good and explains things well, definitely
+ 358635 [rick.denatal] I wouldn't start with this one, plus, it's rather old now.  It's more
+ 358670 [alex.decaria] I would start with 'Programming Ruby 1.9 The Pragmatic Programmers°«
+ 358674 [markhobley h] Interesting. I bought SAMS Teach Yourself Ruby. I wonder how that compares.
+ 358726 [b.candler po] Also consider the 2nd edition of that book (for 1.8). You'll probably

^ CentOS 5 and Ruby 1.9.1 - conflict with 1.8.6
358626 [billda gmail] Hey all,
358630 [shortcutter ] IMHO the best way to go about this is a) either get a RPM from somewhere

^ Different behavior of '$,' output separator in Ruby 1.9
358633 [alex.decaria] In switching to Ruby 1.9 from 1.8 I notice that the behavior of the '$,'
+ 358636 [vikkous gmai] That doesn't seem right.
| 358677 [shortcutter ] I agree.  1.9 writes one field separator too much.  This must be a bug.
| 358699 [alex.decaria] Should I submit a bug report, or do you think it will be eventually
| + 358705 [shortcutter ] Kind regards
| + 358706 [vikkous gmai] File a bug.
+ 358637 [dnspringer g] Alex,
+ 359023 [matz ruby-la] Sorry it was a bug introduce in r11003.  Fixed in r26906.

^ Conditional keys in hash - out of the box?
358634 [svoop deliri] Cumbersome title, here's what I'd like to do both elegantly and without
+ 358638 [jgabrielygal] I'm not sure I understand. You want too add :that => 'blue' to the
| 358639 [ruby-forum w] method {:Apples => 1}.merge(condition ? {:Oranges => 2} : {})
| 358643 [jgabrielygal] Oh, good one ! That's much clearer than my one liner. I still prefer
| 358646 [nick nick-br] For the love of all that is good and holy, please do not try to cram two
| 358648 [walton vyper] It's called Perl golf. It amazes and terrifies me how much it is still
| 358653 [vikkous gmai] mymethod :this => 'green, :that => ('blue' if condition)
| 358655 [svoop deliri] Yep, I need it with form_for in Rails which doesn't like :method => nil.
| 358675 [rick.denatal] If you can't use the resource oriented form of form_for which lets
| 358721 [svoop deliri] You're right. However, I was wondering if there were a solution that
+ 358641 [m.fellinger ] p({this: 'green'}.merge(1 == 2 ? {that: 'blue'} : {}))
+ 358657 [joelvanderwe] Here are two suggestions that are more verbose, but also more readable,

^ Can I do a query SQL with various tables using find_by_sql?
358640 [cnjbravo yah] I need to do a query with various tables, but I want to use something
358650 [b.candler po] It depends on what database access library you are using. There are many

^ Buy Genuine Google Adsense Account only for Rs.200/- for indian  people.
358642 [earnmoney942] Buy Genuine Google Adsense Account only for Rs.200/- for indian

^ Cannot allocate memory (Errno::ENOMEM)
358652 [thomas.sheal] I'm using a ruby to setup an ec2 instance as part of a bootscript.  The
358679 [shortcutter ] Note, your Ruby script may run out of memory while *running* the command

^ Why no TextMate for Linux?
358661 [gmkoller gma] I spent some happy development time in "VisualAge" for Smalltalk +
+ 358662 [sophrinix gm] There is, its called redcar and it is built entirely in ruby.
| 358663 [sophrinix gm] Keep in mind that Textmate is not free software.
+ 358672 [ninja slapha] Keep in mind that TextMate is proprietary, and as far as I know, is not
  358680 [xenogenesis ] Probably because its very good software on a very good OS? Using
  + 358695 [robert.dober] Because it is derived (completely legally) from one of the soundest
  + 358909 [ninja slapha] That much is true, most of the time.
    + 358911 [sophrinix gm] My earlier statements apparently went totally ignored.
    | 358919 [ninja slapha] Looks interesting.
    + 358920 [usenet-nospa] Just as a data point, I still use vi as my primary editor (nvi by preference,
    | + 358925 [skim.la gmai] While I have not tried, the linux version of e-texteditor (originally only
    | | + 358933 [reachme char] Read about the author's own unique style of open source here, which is
    | | + 358993 [rogerpack200] It is free but unless you register will give you a popup at startup time
    | |   + 358998 [skim.la gmai] I'm going to keep a watchful eye on Redcar, thanks.
    | |   + 359368 [reachme char] Yeah, e needs quite a bit of love on Linux still. I don't believe that
    | + 358926 [rimantas gma] Fear of some bad thing to happen (and most of which are not very
    | | 358927 [usenet-nospa] In general, yes.  The key thing there is that, no matter what happens
    | + 359012 [ninja slapha] So long as the current version continues to work.
    |   359016 [usenet-nospa] Well, yeah.  You know, some of the computers I've bought in the past
    |   359020 [ninja slapha] I suppose that's the difference between buying and renting software.
    |   + 359021 [usenet-nospa] Sort of.
    |   | + 359024 [josh.cheek g] I don't understand the debate, it's just a text editor. It doesn't encode my
    |   | + 359030 [hramrach cen] ed
    |   | + 359072 [ninja slapha] Actually, that in particular was blatantly obvious until very recently.
    |   |   359118 [usenet-nospa] Not necessarily for the best.
    |   |   359258 [ninja slapha] A cat is a living creature, which complicates things.
    |   |   359341 [usenet-nospa] True.
    |   |   359380 [ninja slapha] Not the legal right to torture, and I'm not sure when you're allowed to kill
    |   |   359383 [usenet-nospa] So far as I can tell, whenever you want.
    |   |   359390 [ninja slapha] It's a fair point, but no less frustrating. In the case of a restaurant, you
    |   |   359391 [usenet-nospa] Probably because you can't cap bandwidth -- the phone is effectively broken
    |   |   359393 [ninja slapha] Well, its Internet functionality is. It can still make phone calls, unless
    |   |   359395 [usenet-nospa] It is more complicated.  For instance, one of my phones, if reset, restores
    |   |   359401 [ninja slapha] Certainly. But again, that's something which can be dealt with in practice,
    |   |   359403 [usenet-nospa] Not really.  I have written dozens of one-off C programs for that
    |   + 359035 [diego.viraso] eh??? How's Textmate a rented software? I can use it forever: nobody
    |     + 359036 [josh.cheek g] With all the things you can change and program, there is a pretty decent
    |     + 359039 [hramrach cen] 'm told
    + 358934 [diego.viraso] To be honest with you I find your arguments weak at best. At the end
      359009 [ninja slapha] Yes, I acknowledged this, and it's why I care much more about people using IE
      359033 [diego.viraso] Here I disagree. When I moved from another text editor to emacs, it