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1.9.2dev compilation with clang 1.1
358098 [keltia@gm il] Any on how to find out where it is broken and maybe even why?  (bug in

Counting a string
358102 [benemue@go g] I want to countí╚ a string. I don't know, how to express itbetter,
+ 358103 [alexander@je] "a".succ
+ 358104 [wybo@se va y] => "a"
  358105 [benemue@go g] thx
  358109 [benemue@go g] Is there a possibility to say what chars can be in the string? I want

Installing Pg gem for PostGreSQL 8.4
358108 [saeed.bhuta@] I want to save data from a ruby script into a table in a PostGreSQL 8.4
+ 358114 [tshanky@gm i] Are you installing this on a mac, windows or a linux environment? You may
| 358116 [saeed.bhuta@] Thanks for replying. I'm using Linux Ubuntu Karmic Koala.
| 358256 [saeed.bhuta@] I just installed the 'libecpg-dev' package and am now getting the
| + 358268 [reid.thompso] Run this...
| + 358269 [reid.thompso] I believe the libecpg-dev package would only provide the required
|   358278 [saeed.bhuta@] Here is the result of the '$ dpkg --get-selections' command;
|   + 358286 [njus@la sh u] Looks like you're missing the libpq5 and libpq-dev packages.
|   | 358287 [saeed.bhuta@] sudo apt-get libpq5 libpq-dev
|   + 358288 [reid.thompso] pastebin the output of
|     358289 [saeed.bhuta@] I don't think that is all of the output, I copied what was displayed on
|     358330 [reid.thompso] what do the following commands return
|     358370 [saeed.bhuta@] pg_config --libdir
|     358386 [reid.thompso] what does
|     358387 [saeed.bhuta@] ls -lrt /usr/lib/*libpq*
|     358399 [reid.thompso] ok - that all looks right so far.
|     358402 [reid.thompso] doh -- your's is likely here
|     358406 [saeed.bhuta@] find_executable: checking for pg_config... -------------------- yes
|     358412 [reid.thompso] what does this return
|     358447 [saeed.bhuta@] pg_config --includedir
|     + 358462 [reid.thompso] and
|     + 358463 [reid.thompso] actually, make that
|       358469 [saeed.bhuta@] ls -lrt /usr/include/postgresql
|       358472 [reid.thompso] hmm -- until today, on my box
|       358474 [saeed.bhuta@] Deleted the directory and tried the install again but no luck;
|       + 358541 [ tel@jk m. o] I am having the exact same problem on a fresh install on Snow Leopard
|       | 358573 [ged@Fa ri MU] as the description looks the same. If you are, you have the ARCHFLAGS
|       | 358594 [ tel@jk m. o] That is correct :)
|       + 358548 [luislavena@g] Can you post the contents of mkmf.log that are located here: /var/lib/
|         358557 [ tel@jk m. o] Here is mine
|         358565 [reid.thompso] what is this supposed to be?
|         358570 [luislavena@g] If cannot find one, then reports the problem.
+ 358119 [reid.thompso] you need to install the postgresql development packages
| 358255 [saeed.bhuta@] I think I've done this already. Nonetheless, I'm going to try and
+ 380694 [miller@fr nk] This post was helpful because it helped me to realize that I needed gcc

Execute a stub written in plsql
358111 [bkhambadkone] how can I use ruby to execute a block of plsql code?

Problem building ruby from source on FreeBSD 8.0
358112 [qrprat77@gm ] Haldo!
358244 [bob-clruby@r] unless you have a specific reason for making ruby from source, simply

[QUIZ] Music Theory (#229)
358117 [yahivin@gm i] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 358294 [vnhnsn@gm il] So, this is my first post to the list, my solution to 229. I'm still gettin=
+ 360334 [yahivin@gm i] Introduction

Mechanize MySQL and threads - deadlock?
358118 [marco-oweber] First of all: I'm still new to Ruby.
358123 [marco-oweber] Replacing the Queue by an Array seems to fix the issue.

[ANN] mms2r 3.0.0 Released
358120 [mikemondrago] mms2r version 3.0.0 has been released!

scheduling asynchronous delayed execution
358121 [nick@ni k- r] What is the best way to schedule something for delayed asynchronous
+ 358122 [mat@pa ch co] Generally you'll want to use a standalone daemon to do any sort of
| 358124 [richard.conr] Nick,
+ 358127 [shortcutter@] Probably not - at least if you do not have control over the process.
  358179 [nick@ni k- r] Thanks everyone. Most of these solutions seem to be for Rails, though.
  + 358183 [mat@pa ch co] Most queueing solutions are not Rails-specific (Workling being an
  + 358203 [shortcutter@] My suggestion was completely Rails agnostic.

Regex for "not matching" an unneeded prefix substring?
358128 [jetkoten@gm ] I'm new to Ruby and even newer to regex. I'm trying to write my first
+ 358130 [alexander@je] If you just want to ged rid of the word "Used", you could use something
| 358133 [jetkoten@gm ] It works! :) I had to change 7 to 8 to get rid of an extra space, but
| 358134 [jetkoten@gm ] result.each do |item|
| 358135 [alexander@je] Insert
+ 358132 [shortcutter@] I am not sure which regexp you are referring to specifically.
| 358138 [jetkoten@gm ] Thanks a lot. I've discovered that there are many ways of achieving this
| 358153 [shortcutter@] That's often the case with Ruby - and many of those ways are also elegant.
+ 358139 [s.korteling@] This is another option, avoiding regular expressions. It's kind of old
  358140 [jetkoten@gm ] Thanks! My offline friend actually suggested that I refactor everything

How to make stopwords case insensitive
358129 [johnwdale@gm] New at ruby..
358184 [s.korteling@] You probably figured this out by yourself. Anyway, get the stopwords

problem installing rdoc
358137 [lathty@gm il] ruby version: ruby 1.9.1p378
358143 [luislavena@g] require 'rubygems'

running a file
358141 [jasello098@g] ok, i'm writing a ruby program that interprets some text and does stuff
+ 358156 [yanguango@gm] Is it quine? You can get info at http://www.nyx.net/~gthompso/quine.htm
| 358157 [jasello098@g] no, i just want to be able to right click and run a file and run it with
+ 358161 [echristopher] Assuming you're using Windows, you will most likely have to edit the
  + 358162 [jasello098@g] i am using windows, but opening a file with my program doesn't do
  | 358191 [perrin@ap th] It sounds like what you need is not a way to get the operating system to
  | 358192 [jasello098@g] yes thats what im trying to do, but i want to do it by having the user
  | 358197 [perrin@ap th] =20
  | 358216 [jasello098@g] thats not how I have it now, but I think it would work beautifully. What
  | 358234 [perrin@ap th] =20
  | 358239 [jasello098@g] thanks so much, thats exactly what I was looking for, thanks again for
  | 358358 [perrin@ap th] I'm glad it was helpful.  Good luck.
  + 358165 [s.korteling@] Open explorer, menu Extra --> Folder options --> tab File types, select
    358166 [echristopher] Siep, I was about to suggest the same thing, except when I tried it,

ruby one on osx
358144 [brw314@gm il] I'm new to ruby and mac's. I just did a one click install to a 10.4 osx
+ 358147 [echristopher] It looks like that installer installs in /usr/local, with the binaries
| 358152 [brw314@gm il] I think that worked. 10.4 has an older ruby version, that's why I used
+ 358154 [yanguango@gm] you can install ruby with macport, and you can get macport at

Google Query Language Parser?
358145 [rochkind@jh ] Has anyone created a ruby parser for Google Query Language, perhaps

lsdvd and Ruby
358148 [jp@be he e. ] lsdvd rather handily offers to output the chapter structure of a DVD as
358149 [sutniuq@gm .] output = `yourcommand`

Can YARD do this?
358150 [cfb@jn at .d] RDoc can be used to convert a string, possibly with RDoc "tags", to
358151 [benemue@go g] If I understand you right, haml[1] is the right thing for you!
358158 [cfb@jn at .d] After a brief look at HAML, I am not so sure you are right. :-)
358164 [shortcutter@] =20
358167 [cfb@jn at .d] to use the same markup when documenting Ruby program and writing

Rope Gem
358159 [transfire@gm] I've noticed there is no Rope implementation available via RubyGems
358160 [transfire@gm] ...

ssl session shutdown
358163 [khaelin@gm i] I have a ruby program which may reload itself with Kernel#exec. Since exec

Interpolation question
358168 [craignied@gm] Why does
+ 358170 [luc@ho k- on] newtext =3D text.gsub( /<field>(.*?)<\/field>/, '\1' )
| 358172 [craignied@gm] Thanks, Luc, but that's not what I need.  That produces
| + 358173 [xenogenesis@] Seeeeems like you're looking for eval.
| | 358174 [xenogenesis@] Wow let me try that post again.
| + 358175 [ninja@sl ph ] First, don't top-post (like this). It's annoying.
+ 358176 [yermej@gm il] newtext =3D text.gsub(/<field>(.*?)<\/field>/) {|match| eval $1}
  358180 [craignied@gm] Regarding my question about interpolation (sorry, David, for top-

Interpolation question
358169 [craignied@gm] Why does

is jcode library supported in Ruby1.9.1 ?
358171 [mutati0n.313] is jcode supported in Ruby1.9.1 ?
358292 [m.fellinger@] It was deprecated.

scope question
358177 [nick@ni k- r] require 'sinatra'
+ 358178 [mat@pa ch co] Method definitions are not closures, so they don't have access to external
+ 358181 [raul.c.jara@] Important disclaimer: I'm kind of new at this, so I'm just taking a stab
| 358194 [nick@ni k- r] unnecessarily with every pageview. If It's bad form to cache data in a
| 358213 [hutch-lists@] But in that case you're writing a real Sinatra application not a toy :-)
| 358221 [nick@ni k- r] OK, I'm with you so far. But here's what I want to do: there is one
| 358225 [hutch-lists@] That's quite a question.
+ 358222 [b.candler@po] Which two variables?

Norton Internet Security 2010 v17.5.0.127 Final
358182 [translatorho] Norton Internet Security 2010 v17.5.0.127 Final

Ruby pdf or html docs
358187 [rantingrick@] Can someone please give me a link a Ruby language docs in PDF or html
358193 [markhobley@h] This gives the option to download the documents in a zip or tarball format.
358196 [rt8396@gm il] On Feb 27, 9:08=A0pm, markhob...@hotpop.donottypethisbit.com (Mark

Ruby pdf or html docs
358188 [rantingrick@] Can someone please give me a link a Ruby language docs in PDF or html

Ruby pdf or html docs
358189 [rantingrick@] Can someone please give me a link a Ruby language docs in PDF or html
358190 [rantingrick@] sorry for the multiple post, it was an accident

Time, Date and DateTime
358198 [devguy.ca@gm] I am trying to understand the key differences between Time, Date and
358235 [s.korteling@] Time provides you with a date and a time and is fine if you are sure the
358439 [devguy.ca@gm] thank you, this is the kind of background (comparison) info I was
358476 [eregontp@gm ] "Ruby 1.9.2 preview 1 has been released.
358518 [botpena@gm i] very nice. thanks for the info, benoit.

MacRuby for simple Ruby
358200 [wissme@ho ma] If I download MacRuby, will I be able to program "usual" Ruby
+ 358217 [jose@st t. c] The stated goal of MacRuby is to be 100% compatible syntactically and
+ 358253 [rob@fl wo .i] MacRuby can't compile native extensions yet, and fork() is not

[ANN] ruby-oci8 2.0.4
358201 [kubo@ji ba .] Ruby-oci8 2.0.4 is released. This is Oracle module using OCI8 API.

358204 [thinkwritemu] Ok, so I'm getting back into GUI development and I want to use Ruby.
358205 [howardrobert] yes
+ 358208 [thinkwritemu] Yes, I saw all of those sites.
| + 358209 [eregontp@gm ] On 28 February 2010 15:31, Kurtis Rainbolt-greene
| | 358210 [thinkwritemu] If I knew something was happening I'd contribute my web design skills.
| + 358228 [ryand-ruby@z] Does any of that actually make the software less viable?
| | 358247 [thinkwritemu] Yes, actually. Software that isn't maintained or doesn't have an active
| | + 358249 [thinkwritemu] 01:21 < wrench> Has anyone had experience with shoes?  I'm having
| | | + 358300 [ryand-ruby@z] no=20
| | | + 358325 [steve@st ve ] Kurtis, if you happen to run into wrench again, know that shoooes is
| | + 358301 [ryand-ruby@z] active=20
| |   358309 [richard.conr] Nobody Knows Shoes, the shoes book, is still being distributed. There is
| |   + 358311 [richard.conr] Many of the listed contributers have an active web presence and you could
| |   + 358316 [ryand-ruby@z] but I
| |     + 358324 [steve@st ve ] You are correct. Shoooes is entirely self-contained. Installing it via gems
| |     + 358326 [richard.conr] My bad. Didn't explain what I meant. Shoes won't use gems from any other
| |       358404 [thinkwritemu] The Shoes/SQL IRC log was someone else, not me (I'm krainboltgreene).
| |       365341 [cispas2000@g] Shoes is offered as a class at http://www.rubylearning.org/class/ at
| |       365369 [steve@st ve ] You can distribute your application as a binary by running 'rake
| + 358248 [martindemell] The mailing list has moved off google groups and onto librelist.
+ 358305 [kirkgo@gm il] Since December of the last year the shoes website is down.
  358310 [steve@st ve ] As someone who's tangentially involved with the shoooes community, I feel
  358452 [i5ivem@gm il] * We have a Google group and use librelist. I often cross post to both,

Speed of uniq
358206 [ralphs@do 32] These are general questions about Ruby and not specific to uniq.
358207 [phrogz@ma .c] it's not been added as a C extension and/or is not a Ruby method.

MacRuby and MRI
358211 [hubaghdadi@g] Hey,
358226 [echristopher] Arguably, yes. See <http://www.macruby.org/documentation/overview.html>.

Do you recommend deploying Rails applications as WARs?
358212 [hubaghdadi@g] Hey,
358219 [tony@me io .] We're deploying on JBoss with warbler (JBoss 4.x on Java 5, so we can't use
358220 [hassan.schro] Yes. For one thing, you can't use gems/plugins with native code; that
358227 [tony@me io .] A small correction: you can use native code so long as the gem in question

Efficient implementation of saving search state
358214 [secrevolt@ya] hobbyist. I have a newb question that I am hoping you more experienced
358285 [shortcutter@] Welcome!  I am not sure what you think is wrong with using Marshal.
358543 [secrevolt@ya] Robert, thanks for your response. Your comment makes perfect sense. I am
358546 [shortcutter@] Note, somehow I assumed from your posting that you want to process

[ANN] Final Call:  Red Dirt RubyConf Proposals
358218 [james@gr ys ] I just wanted to send a quick reminder that the Call for Proposals for =

Array#join using to_a if defined
358223 [eregontp@gm ] I got recently an unexpected result using Array#join.
358242 [josh.cheek@g] I got "to_s to_s" in 1.8.6, 1.8.7, and 1.9.1
358267 [eregontp@gm ] irb for ruby-1.9.2-r26764
+ 358284 [shortcutter@] Maybe #flatten's functionality was extended to also include objects
+ 358415 [vikkous@gm i] It's because the efficient (O(1)) implementation of Array#& requires

[ANN] pg 0.9.0
358224 [ged@Fa ri MU] Version 0.9.0 of ruby-pg has been released.

"JPath" library?
358229 [tony@me io .] Is there a Ruby library which provides XPath-like queries for JSON?  I was

[OT] Simple open source web admin for git repositories?
358230 [tony@me io .] Excuse this slightly off topic post, but I figure ruby-talk is a good
+ 358231 [ben@bl yt in] ut
| 358246 [tony@me io .] Thanks, that's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for
+ 358232 [normalperson] There's no Ruby in it (Perl + sh), but Girocco runs repo.or.cz and
+ 358547 [jeremy@hi eg] We use cgit (http://hjemli.net/git/cgit/) which is great a browser.  It

Rdoc hosting?
358233 [phreakuencie] I've started using GitHub and I really liked the idea of the rdoc.info
+ 358346 [drbrain@se m] documentation,
| 358349 [phreakuencie] Well, if it is just a matter of domain availability I think there are
| 358356 [drbrain@se m] Maybe rdoc.rubygems.org?  I already have control of DNS there...
+ 358359 [transfire@gm] You can host your RDoc on GitHub. Just generate your rdocs to a
  358360 [phreakuencie] Well, that's good to know. In any case, what I liked about the service
  + 358369 [ryand-ruby@z] hoe also automatically publishes every time you release as well...
  + 359453 [dreamcat4@gm] That hoe suggestion was good. Although Jeweler has grown to be more
    359510 [jd@va gu t. ] That would be terrific.

Way to calculate number of "printing pages" from txt or htm
358236 [aneeley@gm i] Could anyone suggest a way to calculate how many pages a txt or htm

Re: Strings - foovs..  foo[-1,0] ?
358240 [shevegen@li ] Thanks.
358262 [sascha.abel@] string[i,1] gives you the char at index i,
361421 [shevegen@li ] I think that finally helped, thanks.

GEM install problem using setup.rb
358241 [grimlinda@ea] Desperate newbie spent most of the afternoon trying to get gem to work
358270 [sutniuq@gm .] Which version of Ruby are you running? (type "ruby -v")
358293 [grimlinda@ea] 1.8.7
358306 [sutniuq@gm .] OK, so it's not an outdated one like the 1.6 things still around. I
358314 [grimlinda@ea] Life is good- poked around on the web some more and found a reference on