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Speed sprint
357878 [benemue@go g] We all know: Ruby is not the fastest interpreted language out there. I
+ 357881 [alexander@je] If you have not already done so, switch to Ruby 1.9.
| 357883 [benemue@go g] Done, and I know that there are improvements. But it's not enough :)
| + 357891 [tony@me io .] Have you taken a look at some of the other Ruby implementations available,
| + 357892 [randall.alex] understand they are usually a version behind regular Ruby but you have the
| + 357902 [shortcutter@] You know that greed is one of the seven deadly sins, do you?  ;-)
+ 357901 [matz@ru y- a] idea.
+ 357934 [nick@ni k- r] These benchmarks show that Ruby 1.9 (MRI) is much faster than 1.8. In

Quick way to copy data from super class into subclass?
357880 [audrey.lee.i] I want to create a subclass of Hash.
357885 [joelvanderwe] => nil

tokyocabinet ruby api install problem
357887 [brw314@gm il] Now that I have TC installed, I seem to have encountered a similar issue

ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root = "/rotspecs"
357890 [xeno.campano] Sorry for the rails problem, but the Ruby pertinent question is, how do I find

ruby version 1.9.2 dev with memcached-0.1.18 native compilation  error/syntax errors
357893 [andrewmilkow] i there

ruby version 1.9.2 dev with memcached-0.1.18 native compilation  error/syntax errors
357895 [andrewmilkow] Hopefully these errors somehow relate to REE, if not, highly

ruby-dev and mkmf
357896 [brw314@gm il] are these gems, I can't  seem to find anything about them.
357897 [jonathan@jm ] Those are packages you should install if your copy of ruby is from a
357898 [brw314@gm il] I'm doing this on dreamhost, which is a debian system.I listed the

Test::Unit Newbie Question regarding loops
357899 [spam@jo an j] #---------------------------------------------------------
357936 [b.candler@po] No, I don't think so. A failed assertion raises AssertionFailedError
357939 [spam@jo an j] This is really the great idea I was looking for, thanks. Obviously I'm
+ 357949 [b.candler@po] Well, they're apples and oranges to some extent. rspec is similar in
| 357951 [spam@jo an j] I'm seeing some performance issues I can't seem to get around. Your
| + 357952 [spam@jo an j] Finished in 0.482389 seconds.
| + 357953 [b.candler@po] A large number of *failing* test cases. What if you do
| | 357957 [spam@jo an j] Yes, the all passing test ran in the 0.48 sec posted above. For the most
| | + 357960 [b.candler@po] Well, Test::Unit is doing a degree of book-keeping for you - counting
| | | 357966 [spam@jo an j] Yes, I see the speed up as well.
| | + 357969 [richard.conr] Handling large volumes of tests is not out of scope for Test::Unit - there
| + 357954 [walton@vy er] Nothings wrong, exceptions are just slow.  This is actually true of most
+ 357955 [richard.conr] If you want to metaprogram tests, you should really look into using dust.

[ANN] isi-1.2.1 is released with isi2bibtex and isi2html
357903 [t_nissie@ya ] Dear Rubyists and TeXnicians,

Now Win a laptop computer from (EZ laptop) free of charge
357904 [jedady.1@gm ] All you have to do is just click on the link below and register on-

RDoc status and future?
357907 [cfb@jn at .d] RDoc 1.0.1 is part of the standard library for Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.8.7
357937 [transfire@gm] I use RDoc 2.4.3 but via WebRI. Others use Yard.
357983 [cfb@jn at .d] - Will RDoc continue to be part of the Ruby Standard Library?
+ 357986 [arndt.roger@] Then make yourself independent from language specific,
+ 357987 [ryand-ruby@z] absolutely

home files on desktop
357910 [wybo@se va y] One of my users managed to display all her $HOME files and dirs on her desktop,
357918 [shevegen@li ] Not trying to nitpick but what does this have to do with ruby? Might be
357922 [wybo@se va y] Sorry! Picked the wrong list!

Calling a redefined method higher up the ancestor hierarchy
357912 [tomtt.rails@] I have a situation where an object has redefined the method method. Is
357913 [shortcutter@] irb(main):001:0>     class TestClass
357919 [tomtt.rails@] Thanks, that fixed it!

Performance of Ruby 1.9 vs. Ruby 1.8 (was: Speed sprint)
357917 [Ruby@Go gl M] I have seen this claim that Ruby 1.9 is somehow faster than Ruby 1.8
+ 357924 [cremes.devli] Are you looking at the same benchmarks and charts that I am?
| 357933 [Ruby@Go gl M] Yes, I am.
| + 357944 [Coey_Minear@] The claim is that 1.9.1, in its entirety, is generally faster than 1.8.6, in its entirety.  The data backs that up.  (I'm looking at the "A faster Ruby on Windows is possible (benchmarks for 4 implementations inside)" benchmark.)  The fact that a new VM (YARV) is part of what makes 1.9.1 different from 1.8.6 is irrelevant.  If you trying to assert that the different VM is the _only_ reason for the performance, then yes, that would be a bad claim, because there are too many other variables and changes involved.  But they didn't; the comparison was between 1.9.1 and 1.8.6.
| | 357945 [miles@ap co ] So what your saying is that the VM is part of Ruby? I think your analogy would be better stated that a speed comparison between a Nissan Cube and a Nissan GT-R is invalid because they were driven on different tracks for the time trials.
| | + 357947 [Coey_Minear@] Just to be clear, when I talked about VMs, I was referring to the part of Ruby's architecture that is considered the virtual machine.  I was not talking about the virtual machine that would be running XP or Linux within which a Ruby (or any other application) would be run.
| | + 357950 [walton@vy er] Yes, the YARV VM _is_ an intrinsic part of Ruby 1.9, just as the JVM
| + 357946 [rogerpack200] Their rails runs 2x faster with 1.9
| + 357948 [cremes.devli] in
+ 357926 [eregontp@gm ] 2010/2/23 J=F6rg W Mittag
| 357935 [Ruby@Go gl M] *did* my own tests and they I *did not* see any statistically
| 357959 [billk@ct .c ] The confusion is understandable.
+ 358029 [michael.broo] It shows averaged scores of Ruby 1.8.7 (the Ruby MRI) vs Ruby 1.9.1 and vs a
  358082 [doug@ds if r] -Doug Seifert
  358094 [luislavena@g] By real world definition you should include IO operations (either

Re: UTF8 hell
357920 [shevegen@li ] How does python solve this?
357941 [pedzsan@gm i] or 6 but not 3 nor 5 octects?
357962 [Ruby@Go gl M] Nope.

Trace local variable
357929 [loic.lehenaf] I've searched a lot to get an answer but I can't figured it out. I wish
357982 [shortcutter@] I don't think there is an easy way with MRI and standard tools.  You
358033 [loic.lehenaf] Thank you for your proposals. I'll prefer to avoid patching the
358077 [shevegen@li ] But that looks ugly :(

How do I set the encoding on a regexp ?
357940 [pedzsan@gm i] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 357997 [rogerpack200] Do you have an example of this?  It might be a bug.
| 357998 [pedzsan@gm i] I'm not clear what you mean by an example other than what I put in the
| + 357999 [rob@fl wo .i] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| + 358001 [rogerpack200] Do you have a small example (like your original) that throws an
| | 358006 [pedzsan@gm i] No I don't.  I *think* that I might have had a string that was not
| + 358007 [b.candler@po] It's not a bug(*), and it sure is confusing. My own attempt to document
+ 358002 [dnspringer@g] r = Regexp.new(s,16)
+ 358010 [dnspringer@g] Perry,
  358017 [pedzsan@gm i] Thanks.  I'm doing more experimenting and I'm also looking at the source
  358020 [b.candler@po] 16 is just Regexp::FIXEDENCODING
  358021 [dnspringer@g] My bad.
  358110 [hutch-lists@] This has been really helpful, but I'm still having difficulties. I'm
  + 358115 [pedzsan@gm i] I might help you to know that your constants are the same as mine.  I
  + 358126 [b.candler@po] One has to laugh or cry. As best I could, I factored out my opinion of
    + 358131 [rogerpack200] You should post it to core...
    + 358411 [headius@he d] This is exactly the situation I worried about when Matz proposed the
    + 358423 [rogerpack200] One thing that might help would be to set the default encoding, then all
      358455 [b.candler@po] That depends where the strings came from. If they were returned by a
      358487 [vikkous@gm i] Having wrestled with these issues a little bit myself, I think your

Licensing for Ruby logo
357942 [miles@ap co ] I'm developing a site that is about Ruby, what is the licensing for the rub=
357943 [tony@me io .] The Ruby logo is copyright =A9 2006, Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is released und=
357956 [richard.conr] nder

CVS from Excel Encoding issue
357958 [ruby-forum@m] Using Ruby 1.8 (for Rails 2.3.5)
358107 [ruby-forum@m] Any encoding experts out there?

Fwd: Developing Ruby Language into an International Standard
357963 [7aq3z2hj7f@s] Readers might be interested in this posting
357971 [Ruby@Go gl M] Yes, Shugo Maeda announced it right on this list back in December. The

[ANN] Call for Papers for 2010 Workshop on Scheme and Functional  Programming
357965 [feeley@ir .u] Call for Papers

Rubygems can install gems due to lack of space
357967 [no@ma em th ] No space left on device -
357995 [rogerpack200] maybe it's running out of temp space?

memprof / GC dynamics
357968 [smparkes@sm ] Wow, memprof is great stuff.
357996 [rogerpack200] Maybe it's retaining references to your existing objects, but also it's

[ANN] johnson 2.0.0 prerelease 2
357972 [smparkes@sm ] johnson version 2.0.0.pre2 has been released!=20

[ANN] envjs rubygem 0.1.4
357974 [smparkes@sm ] envjs rubygem version 0.1.4 has been released!=20

[ANN] plist v3.1.0 released -- 1.9.x compatibility is here!
357975 [ben@bl yt in] I am pleased to announce the availability of Plist v3.1.0.  This
357977 [ben@bl yt in] Ahh, I nearly forgot: Big thanks to the following folks for

ruby-debug-ide & Vim
357981 [marco-oweber] There is a vim-ruby-debugger script out there.

Ruby on Rails application could not be started
357984 [canner3009@g] I'm upt o install retrospectiva on my centOS 5 machine. Therefore, i
357992 [b.candler@po] Someone else who was trying to help you would need to see them.
358038 [canner3009@g] #   File    Line    Location

Referring to Hash and Array Elements
357985 [saeed.bhuta@] I am a beginner to Ruby. Currently I am working with Hashes and Arrays.
+ 357988 [shortcutter@] cation
| 357989 [saeed.bhuta@] Awesome! This is the syntax that I needed, thanks Robert.
+ 357990 [rick.denatal] cation

Launching a commamd prompt window from .rbw application
357991 [alex.decaria] How can I launch a command prompt window from within a .rbw application?
+ 358055 [chris.hulan@] HAve a look at http://whynotwiki.com/Ruby_/_Process_management
+ 358056 [rogerpack200] Looks like using system can do it

results are different by running script via irb and ruby
357993 [j_wu_76@ya o] Hey,
357994 [jeanjulien.f] irb automaticaly prints out the value of the last expression, but your

Create a counter in a hash to return first 10 results only
358000 [johnwdale@gm] New to ruby..
358003 [johnwdale@gm] referred to an earlier post and figured this out.
358005 [shortcutter@] Like?

deserialize java object
358004 [codetest123@] I am using ruby to check some memcache keys.
+ 358018 [hassan.schro] Haven't tried it but a google search on "deserialize java object with ruby"
+ 358023 [yermej@gm il] I guess jruby would be one option. You should be able to use the Java

Iterate over hash of nested hashes
358009 [glenn_ritz@y] I'd like to be able to take a hash whose values are either hashes or
+ 358012 [fxn@ha hr f.] The iterator should yield... what? key, value pairs when it gets to a
| 358016 [glenn_ritz@y] {'en' => {'A' => 1, 'B' => {'C' => 3, 'D' => 'four' }}
| 358019 [fxn@ha hr f.] For example
| 358028 [shortcutter@] now
| + 358030 [fxn@ha hr f.] Yeah, much nicer.
| + 358215 [glenn_ritz@y] Thanks, this is very helpful.
|   358251 [shortcutter@] 1. merge Hashes intelligently (i.e. with a bit more logic than
+ 358013 [jonathan@jm ] def iteration obj
  358011 [jonathan@jm ] Oops.  I fixed line 3 above :)
  358014 [shortcutter@] You could also do

Opening new command window from a Ruby application
358022 [alex.decaria] I have a .rbw application.  I only want it to open a command

WWW deprecation notice in Mechanize
358025 [rschoenm@gm ] I'm a Ruby newbie trying to use scrubyt to extract text from a site. I
358040 [ryand-ruby@z] First off, stop using scrubyt and use mechanize directly. That takes =
358070 [rschoenm@gm ] of the biggest issue, you're using something that provides little value to=

You dream API for a text editor
358031 [reachme@ch r] I am doing a bit of research for a project I am helping out with - a
+ 358034 [marco-oweber] Jedit can be scripted in various languages. I bet they have JRuby
| 358042 [reachme@ch r] Thanks for the reply.
| 358044 [marco-oweber] your trying to please everyone. This is not going to work (IMHO).
| 358045 [reachme@ch r] Thanks, it's appreciated. :)
+ 358136 [ninja@sl ph ] First, make a low-level API. Then, join us in trying to build a "dream API" on

Help on algorithm to calculate combinations
358032 [alexis@ma ch] I would like to find an algorithm to caclulate all options on the
+ 358036 [thopre@gm il] 0 children / 0 men
| 358046 [alexis@ma ch] max = 4
| 358047 [cidza@ti .i ] it doesn't produce 1 children (for instance)
| 358049 [alexis@ma ch] It produces the 1 children option plus the empty room one. We have the
+ 358051 [josh.cheek@g] def people_in_room(occupants)
  358050 [josh.cheek@g] Sorry, computer lagged and I hit 'send' rather than clicking in the window
  358053 [alexis@ma ch] Thanks Josh :)
  358063 [josh.cheek@g] lol, you're welcome. But I just saw that it prints an empty line for the

find params
358035 [alejandro.mo] im new on ruby and im experimentig with find method. I've made a "├▒apa"
358041 [b.candler@po] ['....',
358043 [alejandro.mo] Thanks a lot for your answer.
+ 358264 [jgabrielygal] queryArray.map { |e| "%#{e}%" }.join(",")
+ 358277 [b.candler@po] If this is ActiveRecord then you don't want commas, you want an array
  358312 [alejandro.mo] using like a simple array worked like a charm, thanks a lot :-D
  358320 [b.candler@po] No problem. Now, the original posting asked how to make it less ugly.

RubyZip help needed
358048 [Prashant_Sin] ...
358113 [rogerpack200] Did you try different versions of ruby? What platform?

WIN32OLE & MS Access 2007: read-only... only?
358052 [philippe.lan] charset="utf-8"
358054 [philippe.lan] charset="utf-8"

Ruby class
358057 [psiersadmin@] class CartItem
358059 [nick@ni k- r] "see" the method. At runtime, if current_item happens to be an object
+ 358079 [echristopher] And methods are public if not specified otherwise.
+ 358087 [psiersadmin@] Thanks guys
+ 358088 [psiersadmin@] What class have object "current_item"?
  358091 [b.candler@po] In general you won't know until you run your code, as you've not shown
  358092 [psiersadmin@] def add_product(product)

Error on iterating through a set of nested tables in a form
358058 [arti.p.singh] I am trying to run the code below on a nested table that is embedded in

Array index question
358060 [ks1911shoote] Question about an array. Say I have the following array...
+ 358061 [Rob@Ag le on] "Orage" #=> nil
+ 358064 [dnspringer@g] Please excuse my newbieness, second day with Ruby.
  358065 [luc@ho k- on] class Array
  358074 [dnspringer@g] textlist = ["Apple", "Orange", "Lemon", "Grape", "Orange",
  + 358075 [xenogenesis@] Second day with Ruby, huh...
  | 358076 [shevegen@li ] Ruby simplifies thinking.
  | 358081 [sven.schott@] class Array
  + 358096 [cidza@ti .i ] in order to simplify ...
  | 358106 [shortcutter@] Interesting approach.  That could also be done with
  + 358186 [list.push@gm] Same thing only different :)
    358199 [abaranosky@h] class Array

Making a VALUE visible to multiple source files
358062 [djberg96@gm ] I'm having some trouble pre-declaring some VALUE's. I've got a VALUE
+ 358069 [joelvanderwe] Try "extern VALUE ..." in the headers, and "VALUE ..." in one source file.
+ 358071 [kbloom@gm il] #ifndef BAZ_H_INCLUDED
  358073 [djberg96@gm ] Ken, Joel,

[ANN] Thin 1.2.6 Crazy Delicious release
358072 [macournoyer@] Hey all,

Unable to install libxml-ruby on Win2k3 machine
358078 [pusapatisiri] I am trying to install libxml using the command libxml-ruby and I am
358093 [luislavena@g] On Feb 26, 12:45=A0am, Sirisha Pusapati <pusapatisiri...@yahoo.com>
358101 [siaynoqmage@] I can access the same environment Sirisha used.
358142 [luislavena@g] Ok, seems that my previous comment wasn't clear

358083 [watkinsbrian] unsubscribe

358084 [vadud3@gm il] this is how you unsubscribe.

Class Function call vs Normal Function call
358089 [Prashant_Sin] ...
358090 [b.candler@po] Your first piece of code doesn't do anything at all, because it just
358095 [Prashant_Sin] The ruby version is ruby 1.8.6 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 287)
358097 [b.candler@po] That's no good. As I said, you need to create two separate *standalone*
358099 [Prashant_Sin] I have tried to create a test application with code like
358100 [Prashant_Sin] Thanks for help I think I got the issue solved.
358125 [b.candler@po] And this problematic code wasn't in the source you posted :-)
358146 [Prashant_Sin] I will do the changes proposed. It indeed looks a good solution