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^ Speed sprint
357878 [benemue goog] We all know: Ruby is not the fastest interpreted language out there. I
+ 357881 [alexander je] If you have not already done so, switch to Ruby 1.9.
| 357883 [benemue goog] Done, and I know that there are improvements. But it's not enough :)
| + 357891 [tony medioh.] Have you taken a look at some of the other Ruby implementations available,
| + 357892 [randall.alex] understand they are usually a version behind regular Ruby but you have the
| + 357902 [shortcutter ] You know that greed is one of the seven deadly sins, do you?  ;-)
+ 357901 [matz ruby-la] idea.
+ 357934 [nick nick-br] These benchmarks show that Ruby 1.9 (MRI) is much faster than 1.8. In

^ Quick way to copy data from super class into subclass?
357880 [audrey.lee.i] I want to create a subclass of Hash.
357885 [joelvanderwe] => nil

^ tokyocabinet ruby api install problem
357887 [brw314 gmail] Now that I have TC installed, I seem to have encountered a similar issue

^ ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root = "/rotspecs"
357890 [xeno.campano] Sorry for the rails problem, but the Ruby pertinent question is, how do I find

^ ruby version 1.9.2 dev with memcached-0.1.18 native compilation  error/syntax errors
357893 [andrewmilkow] i there

^ ruby version 1.9.2 dev with memcached-0.1.18 native compilation  error/syntax errors
357895 [andrewmilkow] Hopefully these errors somehow relate to REE, if not, highly

^ ruby-dev and mkmf
357896 [brw314 gmail] are these gems, I can't  seem to find anything about them.
357897 [jonathan jmn] Those are packages you should install if your copy of ruby is from a
357898 [brw314 gmail] I'm doing this on dreamhost, which is a debian system.I listed the

^ Test::Unit Newbie Question regarding loops
357899 [spam joeandj] #---------------------------------------------------------
357936 [b.candler po] No, I don't think so. A failed assertion raises AssertionFailedError
357939 [spam joeandj] This is really the great idea I was looking for, thanks. Obviously I'm
+ 357949 [b.candler po] Well, they're apples and oranges to some extent. rspec is similar in
| 357951 [spam joeandj] I'm seeing some performance issues I can't seem to get around. Your
| + 357952 [spam joeandj] Finished in 0.482389 seconds.
| + 357953 [b.candler po] A large number of *failing* test cases. What if you do
| | 357957 [spam joeandj] Yes, the all passing test ran in the 0.48 sec posted above. For the most
| | + 357960 [b.candler po] Well, Test::Unit is doing a degree of book-keeping for you - counting
| | | 357966 [spam joeandj] Yes, I see the speed up as well.
| | + 357969 [richard.conr] Handling large volumes of tests is not out of scope for Test::Unit - there
| + 357954 [walton vyper] Nothings wrong, exceptions are just slow.  This is actually true of most
+ 357955 [richard.conr] If you want to metaprogram tests, you should really look into using dust.

^ [ANN] isi-1.2.1 is released with isi2bibtex and isi2html
357903 [t_nissie yah] Dear Rubyists and TeXnicians,

^ Now Win a laptop computer from (EZ laptop) free of charge
357904 [jedady.1 gma] All you have to do is just click on the link below and register on-

^ RDoc status and future?
357907 [cfb jndata.d] RDoc 1.0.1 is part of the standard library for Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.8.7
357937 [transfire gm] I use RDoc 2.4.3 but via WebRI. Others use Yard.
357983 [cfb jndata.d] - Will RDoc continue to be part of the Ruby Standard Library?
+ 357986 [arndt.roger ] Then make yourself independent from language specific,
+ 357987 [ryand-ruby z] absolutely

^ home files on desktop
357910 [wybo servaly] One of my users managed to display all her $HOME files and dirs on her desktop,
357918 [shevegen lin] Not trying to nitpick but what does this have to do with ruby? Might be
357922 [wybo servaly] Sorry! Picked the wrong list!

^ Calling a redefined method higher up the ancestor hierarchy
357912 [tomtt.rails ] I have a situation where an object has redefined the method method. Is
357913 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0>     class TestClass
357919 [tomtt.rails ] Thanks, that fixed it!

^ Performance of Ruby 1.9 vs. Ruby 1.8 (was: Speed sprint)
357917 [Ruby GoogleM] I have seen this claim that Ruby 1.9 is somehow faster than Ruby 1.8
+ 357924 [cremes.devli] Are you looking at the same benchmarks and charts that I am?
| 357933 [Ruby GoogleM] Yes, I am.
| + 357944 [Coey_Minear ] PiAtLS0tLU9yaWdpbmFsIE1lc3NhZ2UtLS0tLQ0KPiBGcm9tOiBKw7ZyZyBXIE1pdHRhZyBbbWFp
| | 357945 [miles appcon] U28gd2hhdCB5b3VyIHNheWluZyBpcyB0aGF0IHRoZSBWTSBpcyBwYXJ0IG9mIFJ1Ynk/IEkgdGhp
| | + 357947 [Coey_Minear ] PiAtLS0tLU9yaWdpbmFsIE1lc3NhZ2UtLS0tLQ0KPiBGcm9tOiBNaWxlcyBTbWl0aCBbbWFpbHRv
| | + 357950 [walton vyper] Yes, the YARV VM _is_ an intrinsic part of Ruby 1.9, just as the JVM
| + 357946 [rogerpack200] Their rails runs 2x faster with 1.9
| + 357948 [cremes.devli] in
+ 357926 [eregontp gma] 2010/2/23 J=F6rg W Mittag
| 357935 [Ruby GoogleM] *did* my own tests and they I *did not* see any statistically
| 357959 [billk cts.co] The confusion is understandable.
+ 358029 [michael.broo] It shows averaged scores of Ruby 1.8.7 (the Ruby MRI) vs Ruby 1.9.1 and vs a
  358082 [doug dseifer] -Doug Seifert
  358094 [luislavena g] By real world definition you should include IO operations (either

^ Re: UTF8 hell
357920 [shevegen lin] How does python solve this?
357941 [pedzsan gmai] or 6 but not 3 nor 5 octects?
357962 [Ruby GoogleM] Nope.

^ Trace local variable
357929 [loic.lehenaf] I've searched a lot to get an answer but I can't figured it out. I wish
357982 [shortcutter ] I don't think there is an easy way with MRI and standard tools.  You
358033 [loic.lehenaf] Thank you for your proposals. I'll prefer to avoid patching the
358077 [shevegen lin] But that looks ugly :(

^ How do I set the encoding on a regexp ?
357940 [pedzsan gmai] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 357997 [rogerpack200] Do you have an example of this?  It might be a bug.
| 357998 [pedzsan gmai] I'm not clear what you mean by an example other than what I put in the
| + 357999 [rob flowof.i] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| + 358001 [rogerpack200] Do you have a small example (like your original) that throws an
| | 358006 [pedzsan gmai] No I don't.  I *think* that I might have had a string that was not
| + 358007 [b.candler po] It's not a bug(*), and it sure is confusing. My own attempt to document
+ 358002 [dnspringer g] r = Regexp.new(s,16)
+ 358010 [dnspringer g] Perry,
  358017 [pedzsan gmai] Thanks.  I'm doing more experimenting and I'm also looking at the source
  358020 [b.candler po] 16 is just Regexp::FIXEDENCODING
  358021 [dnspringer g] My bad.
  358110 [hutch-lists ] This has been really helpful, but I'm still having difficulties. I'm
  + 358115 [pedzsan gmai] I might help you to know that your constants are the same as mine.  I
  + 358126 [b.candler po] One has to laugh or cry. As best I could, I factored out my opinion of
    + 358131 [rogerpack200] You should post it to core...
    + 358411 [headius head] This is exactly the situation I worried about when Matz proposed the
    + 358423 [rogerpack200] One thing that might help would be to set the default encoding, then all
      358455 [b.candler po] That depends where the strings came from. If they were returned by a
      358487 [vikkous gmai] Having wrestled with these issues a little bit myself, I think your

^ Licensing for Ruby logo
357942 [miles appcon] I'm developing a site that is about Ruby, what is the licensing for the rub=
357943 [tony medioh.] The Ruby logo is copyright =A9 2006, Yukihiro Matsumoto. It is released und=
357956 [richard.conr] nder

^ CVS from Excel Encoding issue
357958 [ruby-forum m] Using Ruby 1.8 (for Rails 2.3.5)
358107 [ruby-forum m] Any encoding experts out there?

^ Re: Selenium, secure connection failed, security certificate
357961 [amarkosian l] Has somebody actually posted a solution for this problem? I an
357979 [jazzezravi g] Have you tried this solution -->
358068 [amarkosian l] Thanks Raveendran, setting a special firefox profile for Selenium RC to

^ Fwd: Developing Ruby Language into an International Standard
357963 [7aq3z2hj7f s] Readers might be interested in this posting
357971 [Ruby GoogleM] Yes, Shugo Maeda announced it right on this list back in December. The

^ [ANN] Call for Papers for 2010 Workshop on Scheme and Functional  Programming
357965 [feeley iro.u] Call for Papers

^ Rubygems can install gems due to lack of space
357967 [no makemethe] No space left on device -
357995 [rogerpack200] maybe it's running out of temp space?

^ memprof / GC dynamics
357968 [smparkes smp] Wow, memprof is great stuff.
357996 [rogerpack200] Maybe it's retaining references to your existing objects, but also it's

^ [ANN] johnson 2.0.0 prerelease 2
357972 [smparkes smp] johnson version 2.0.0.pre2 has been released!=20

^ [ANN] envjs rubygem 0.1.4
357974 [smparkes smp] envjs rubygem version 0.1.4 has been released!=20

^ [ANN] plist v3.1.0 released -- 1.9.x compatibility is here!
357975 [ben bleythin] I am pleased to announce the availability of Plist v3.1.0.  This
357977 [ben bleythin] Ahh, I nearly forgot: Big thanks to the following folks for

^ Re: Modifying an Excel file with Ruby
357976 [metasoarous ] I too am interested in this question. I'll definitely post what I find
357980 [chris.hulber] I've tried the .net version of POI, it's great - far better than any

^ ruby-debug-ide & Vim
357981 [marco-oweber] There is a vim-ruby-debugger script out there.

^ Ruby on Rails application could not be started
357984 [canner3009 g] I'm upt o install retrospectiva on my centOS 5 machine. Therefore, i
357992 [b.candler po] Someone else who was trying to help you would need to see them.
358038 [canner3009 g] #   File    Line    Location

^ Referring to Hash and Array Elements
357985 [saeed.bhuta ] I am a beginner to Ruby. Currently I am working with Hashes and Arrays.
+ 357988 [shortcutter ] cation
| 357989 [saeed.bhuta ] Awesome! This is the syntax that I needed, thanks Robert.
+ 357990 [rick.denatal] cation

^ Launching a commamd prompt window from .rbw application
357991 [alex.decaria] How can I launch a command prompt window from within a .rbw application?
+ 358055 [chris.hulan ] HAve a look at http://whynotwiki.com/Ruby_/_Process_management
+ 358056 [rogerpack200] Looks like using system can do it

^ results are different by running script via irb and ruby
357993 [j_wu_76 yaho] Hey,
357994 [jeanjulien.f] irb automaticaly prints out the value of the last expression, but your

^ Create a counter in a hash to return first 10 results only
358000 [johnwdale gm] New to ruby..
358003 [johnwdale gm] referred to an earlier post and figured this out.
358005 [shortcutter ] Like?

^ deserialize java object
358004 [codetest123 ] I am using ruby to check some memcache keys.
+ 358018 [hassan.schro] Haven't tried it but a google search on "deserialize java object with ruby"
+ 358023 [yermej gmail] I guess jruby would be one option. You should be able to use the Java

^ Re: Ocra: "Failed to create directory"
358008 [domenic dpad] I just ran into this exact problem. I fixed my particular problem. Here
358015 [domenic dpad] puts Dir.pwd

^ Iterate over hash of nested hashes
358009 [glenn_ritz y] I'd like to be able to take a hash whose values are either hashes or
+ 358012 [fxn hashref.] now
| 358016 [glenn_ritz y] {'en' => {'A' => 1, 'B' => {'C' => 3, 'D' => 'four' }}
| 358019 [fxn hashref.] know
| 358028 [shortcutter ] now
| + 358030 [fxn hashref.] Yeah, much nicer.
| + 358215 [glenn_ritz y] Thanks, this is very helpful.
|   358251 [shortcutter ] g }}
+ 358013 [jonathan jmn] now
  358011 [jonathan jmn] Oops.  I fixed line 3 above :)
  358014 [shortcutter ] You could also do

^ Opening new command window from a Ruby application
358022 [alex.decaria] I have a .rbw application.  I only want it to open a command

^ WWW deprecation notice in Mechanize
358025 [rschoenm gma] I'm a Ruby newbie trying to use scrubyt to extract text from a site. I
358040 [ryand-ruby z] First off, stop using scrubyt and use mechanize directly. That takes =
358070 [rschoenm gma] of the biggest issue, you're using something that provides little value to=

^ You dream API for a text editor
358031 [reachme char] I am doing a bit of research for a project I am helping out with - a
+ 358034 [marco-oweber] Jedit can be scripted in various languages. I bet they have JRuby
| 358042 [reachme char] Thanks for the reply.
| 358044 [marco-oweber] your trying to please everyone. This is not going to work (IMHO).
| 358045 [reachme char] Thanks, it's appreciated. :)
+ 358136 [ninja slapha] First, make a low-level API. Then, join us in trying to build a "dream API" on

^ Help on algorithm to calculate combinations
358032 [alexis maich] I would like to find an algorithm to caclulate all options on the
+ 358036 [thopre gmail] 0 children / 0 men
| 358046 [alexis maich] max = 4
| 358047 [cidza tin.it] it doesn't produce 1 children (for instance)
| 358049 [alexis maich] It produces the 1 children option plus the empty room one. We have the
+ 358051 [josh.cheek g] def people_in_room(occupants)
  358050 [josh.cheek g] Sorry, computer lagged and I hit 'send' rather than clicking in the window
  358053 [alexis maich] Thanks Josh :)
  358063 [josh.cheek g] lol, you're welcome. But I just saw that it prints an empty line for the

^ find params
358035 [alejandro.mo] im new on ruby and im experimentig with find method. I've made a "├▒apa"
358041 [b.candler po] ['....',
358043 [alejandro.mo] Thanks a lot for your answer.
+ 358264 [jgabrielygal] queryArray.map { |e| "%#{e}%" }.join(",")
+ 358277 [b.candler po] If this is ActiveRecord then you don't want commas, you want an array
  358312 [alejandro.mo] using like a simple array worked like a charm, thanks a lot :-D
  358320 [b.candler po] No problem. Now, the original posting asked how to make it less ugly.

^ RubyZip help needed
358048 [Prashant_Sin] charset="us-ascii"
358113 [rogerpack200] Did you try different versions of ruby? What platform?

^ WIN32OLE & MS Access 2007: read-only... only?
358052 [philippe.lan] charset="utf-8"
358054 [philippe.lan] charset="utf-8"

^ Ruby class
358057 [psiersadmin ] class CartItem
358059 [nick nick-br] "see" the method. At runtime, if current_item happens to be an object
+ 358079 [echristopher] And methods are public if not specified otherwise.
+ 358087 [psiersadmin ] Thanks guys
+ 358088 [psiersadmin ] What class have object "current_item"?
  358091 [b.candler po] In general you won't know until you run your code, as you've not shown
  358092 [psiersadmin ] def add_product(product)

^ Error on iterating through a set of nested tables in a form
358058 [arti.p.singh] I am trying to run the code below on a nested table that is embedded in

^ Array index question
358060 [ks1911shoote] Question about an array. Say I have the following array...
+ 358061 [Rob AgileCon] "Orage" #=> nil
+ 358064 [dnspringer g] Please excuse my newbieness, second day with Ruby.
  358065 [luc honk-hon] class Array
  358074 [dnspringer g] textlist = ["Apple", "Orange", "Lemon", "Grape", "Orange",
  + 358075 [xenogenesis ] Second day with Ruby, huh...
  | 358076 [shevegen lin] Ruby simplifies thinking.
  | 358081 [sven.schott ] class Array
  + 358096 [cidza tin.it] in order to simplify ...
  | 358106 [shortcutter ] Interesting approach.  That could also be done with
  + 358186 [list.push gm] Same thing only different :)
    358199 [abaranosky h] class Array

^ Making a VALUE visible to multiple source files
358062 [djberg96 gma] I'm having some trouble pre-declaring some VALUE's. I've got a VALUE
+ 358069 [joelvanderwe] Try "extern VALUE ..." in the headers, and "VALUE ..." in one source file.
+ 358071 [kbloom gmail] #ifndef BAZ_H_INCLUDED
  358073 [djberg96 gma] Ken, Joel,

^ [ANN] Thin 1.2.6 Crazy Delicious release
358072 [macournoyer ] Hey all,

^ Unable to install libxml-ruby on Win2k3 machine
358078 [pusapatisiri] I am trying to install libxml using the command libxml-ruby and I am
358093 [luislavena g] On Feb 26, 12:45=A0am, Sirisha Pusapati <pusapatisiri...@yahoo.com>
358101 [siaynoqmage ] I can access the same environment Sirisha used.
358142 [luislavena g] Ok, seems that my previous comment wasn't clear

^ (none)
358083 [watkinsbrian] unsubscribe

^ Re:
358084 [vadud3 gmail] this is how you unsubscribe.

^ Class Function call vs Normal Function call
358089 [Prashant_Sin] charset="us-ascii"
358090 [b.candler po] Your first piece of code doesn't do anything at all, because it just
358095 [Prashant_Sin] The ruby version is ruby 1.8.6 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 287)
358097 [b.candler po] That's no good. As I said, you need to create two separate *standalone*
358099 [Prashant_Sin] I have tried to create a test application with code like
358100 [Prashant_Sin] Thanks for help I think I got the issue solved.
358125 [b.candler po] And this problematic code wasn't in the source you posted :-)
358146 [Prashant_Sin] I will do the changes proposed. It indeed looks a good solution