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^ Re: Combinatorics and permutations? Help?
356793 [bayona.sergi] I need: [{"a" => 1, "b" => 3}, {"a" => 1, "b" => 4}, {"a" => 2, "b" =>
+ 356796 [jacob.d.mitc] arrays.  You could either use this method for inspiration, or convert your
+ 356800 [josh.cheek g] Here is a solution I have come up with (http://gist.github.com/297937). I
  357610 [bayona.sergi] Sorry took so long to respond. Your solution worked as expected. Thanks!

^ Gateway down?
356802 [shortcutter ] despite the traffic I am seeing on the mailing list side the news side
356816 [james grayso] Yes, it looks like our attempts to copy messages to Usenet are running =
356830 [shortcutter ] Now I am seeing your post (and others as well) on the news side.
356835 [fred lacave.] The news server lost its system hard disk during the week-end (and, of
356837 [james grayso] Thank you Fred.  We appreciate you keeping us going.
356867 [shortcutter ] Absolutely!  Thanks Fred!

^ [ANN] Ruby In Steel 1.5
356810 [huw darkneon] SapphireSteel Software today released the latest version of the Ruby In
358624 [headius head] Cool, Huw, maybe you can post something about this to the JRuby user

^ String constant reference to another class instance variable
356812 [ mk maero.dk] class Connection
+ 356815 [shortcutter ] Frankly, you do not want to be doing this.  First of all String's
+ 356819 [ mk maero.dk] Thanks for both your answer, but what I want to achieve is something
  + 356820 [shortcutter ] I would not say that.  A nick could have other methods as well, e.g.
  | 356821 [shortcutter ] One more remark: if I would be doing this I would implement this with
  + 356832 [b.candler po] If you just want to send a message to user with nickname "foo", then

^ [ANN] Gotham Ruby Conference Save The Date.
356822 [beholdthepan] Gotham Ruby Conference will take place May 22, 2010 at Pace University.

^ ruby and gui on X11 based displays
356827 [saloution go] how can I reparent a X11 window with ruby?
356892 [joelvanderwe] IIRC Fox/FXRuby has reparent, but I've never used it.
356918 [unexist dorf] You could use ffi and xlib to use XReparentWindow(), this also requires to =

^ Re: Including Module
356828 [jesst57 gmai] Sort of similar type problem to what is already posted here.

^ Re: Gotham Ruby Conference Save The Date.
356829 [marnen marne] Cool!  Which campus?

^ Escaping a period (.)
356834 [john.mcleod ] I'm in my 4 month of Ruby on Rails and had a question about escaping
356836 [marnen marne] The period is an ASCII character.  It has no special meaning outside of

^ Documentation conventions
356839 [sutniuq gmx.] I've been searching the web for some time now, but I can't find any
356840 [marnen marne] Look at the libraries you're using.  You'll see that virtually everybody
356842 [sutniuq gmx.] That's true, but I've also read at more than one time that the
356843 [marnen marne] So write the extra information.  This a docs-writing issue, not a

^ Strings -- was: Re: Why Ruby?
356852 [marnen marne] So what?
+ 356854 [b.candler po] Strings -- was: Re: Why Ruby?
+ 356858 [usenet-nospa] It is certainly a useful thing to have, but I'm not sure that it's a good
| + 356872 [astounding g] Strings are just fine for binary data, IMNSHO.  That's what 'BINARY'
| + 356893 [joelvanderwe] Additionally, this usage of strings and unpack can be made more
| + 356987 [ninja slapha] They're still around, they're just slightly ugly. You have to specify a weird
|   356990 [shortcutter ] eird
+ 356908 [shortcutter ] IMHO what 1.9 does better is the awareness of encoding.  What it does
  356911 [botpena gmai] agree.
  356924 [marnen marne] A string is composed of characters.  Binary data is composed of bytes.
  356968 [billk cts.co] I was about to disagree.  But then I remembered I have some ruby 1.8
  356971 [rimantas gma] es.

^ Recursive mkdir
356860 [lists gregwi] So, I was surprised to find out that Dir.mkdir will not create all
+ 356863 [lists gregwi] ARGH. FileUtils.mkdir_p()
| 356868 [transfire gm] Yea, but set $VERBOSE =3D true and watch all the pretty warnings.
+ 356865 [ben bleythin] Dir.mkdir emulates the unix mkdir command, which behaves this way.  It
+ 356866 [usenet-nospa] %x{mkdir -p "#{dir}"}
+ 356929 [luislavena g] require 'fileutils'

^ Ruby-based equivalent to SCons?
356861 [hmcfryxhbmya] First of all, I'd like to point out that while the "What does this Ruby
356869 [steve stevek] The standard is Rake.
356887 [jameskilton ] Rake and SCons aren't exactly comparible. Rake is a tool for writing common
356888 [marnen marne] Rake can be a build tool too.  Some Java developers are using it instead
356914 [hmcfryxhbmya] Thanks, all. Rake seems to be working fine for my current purpose

^ Why is Ruby+MySQL memory usage way better than C, Perl, Python?
356864 [reply_in_gro] I've got a table that consists of about 2.6 millions rows, each row
356870 [shortcutter ] It appears that you employ two fundamentally different approaches: the
356881 [reply_in_gro] Generally, low level mysql libraries provide two ways to get results

^ Ruby equivalent for php openssl_pkey_get_public
356873 [s.ivanchenko] I have the php script where the password encoding done using the

^ "Code must be Chunkable"
356882 [transfire gm] I love the line "Code must be Chunkable". Reminds me of _why.
356943 [b.candler po] Interesting.
+ 357074 [transfire gm] I just finished watching the 2nd video. I agree with you. Coplien does
| + 357079 [b.candler po] Thank you. That was pretty much what I was thinking. After all, in a
| + 357080 [b.candler po] I'd say "Trygve, because of his age, does a much better job" :-)
| | 357095 [transfire gm] Good point. I agree.
| + 357094 [michel demaz] Could you not extend again by a Module which would undefine the added
| | 357113 [b.candler po] It's a moot point in the common case where objects don't persist (i.e.
| | + 357118 [michel demaz] I agree.
| | + 357132 [transfire gm] I played around with the concepts a bit more. You can see what I came
| |   + 357135 [b.candler po] I like that. Your base class Role is exactly what I was thinking of as a
| |   | 357137 [b.candler po] Here's a noddy version (minus annotations)
| |   | 357151 [transfire gm] Very nice --very clean. That close to how first thought about it too,
| |   + 357467 [jcoplien gma] Right! This is the metaphor we often have been using. More precisely,
| + 357464 [jcoplien gma] Thomas, I apologize if I did not explain things well for you. To move
|   357510 [transfire gm] Honestly, James, I didn't even think about contacting you --I didn't
|   + 357512 [transfire gm] "goal" isn't the right word actually, more like "tactic".
|   + 357539 [jcoplien gma] The I'm happy to offer a revelation in your mindset. And welcome to the
|     357555 [marnen marne] I have yet to watch your presentation (though I am very much looking
|     357563 [jcoplien gma] No. In every example I've seen, financial records are kept as audit
|     357568 [marnen marne] Thanks for replying!  I've probably injected myself into a debate that's
|     357705 [jcoplien gma] Let me respond to bits of Marnen's excellent post at a time.
|     357727 [sean clipper] It seems like everyone's saying the same thing, just not agreeing on
+ 357197 [Ruby GoogleM] I have been following DCI on and off ever since James's JAOO 2008
| + 357200 [Ruby GoogleM] been saying, that DCI is a paradigm that enables "good OO" in
| | 357214 [michel demaz] I am not familiar enough with the DCI paradigm. But from times to times,
| | + 357217 [michel demaz] This would avoid the use of ad-hoc classes or singletons to disguise
| | + 357220 [ryand-ruby z] how are modules not objects? do they not have state? do they not have =
| |   + 357222 [michel demaz] In that broad sense yes. But ...
| |   | 357226 [michel demaz] Where do I find it ? Thks.
| |   + 357230 [rick.denatal] If you prick them, do they not bleed? <G>
| |     357233 [colinb2r goo] I just read Rick's one-liner sitting - appropriately - in the cafe/bar
| + 357245 [ninja slapha] That's true, although the suggestion that we do so made me a bit=20
| | 357528 [hramrach cen] Obviously, if you unbind a method from Array which is implemented in C
| + 357352 [vikkous gmai] When people say things like this, it makes me think there ought to be
|   357364 [transfire gm] Personally I think Mr. Mittag is overstating the issue. I haven't seen
|   357393 [vikkous gmai] Since writing that, it occurred to me that the same effect could be
|   357395 [b.candler po] I think it's more limiting that what DCI is supposed to offer; I think
|   357400 [vikkous gmai] class Balance::TransferDestination < Role
|   357430 [b.candler po] I think so. Otherwise you end up putting all the logic about
+ 357461 [jcoplien gma] Such code has been posted in the past on object-composition, to which
  357511 [transfire gm] No matter how hard anew paradigms is, it must still be taught.
  + 357521 [michel demaz] Dear All,
  | 357529 [b.candler po] I've been taking apart one of the Smalltalk examples in an attempt to
  | 357534 [michel demaz] You can follow the
  + 357533 [jcoplien gma] No. I was a professional educator for several years. One thing you find

^ Working directory for external commands
356885 [king_duckz y] can't find any solution to my question. Basically I want to be able to
+ 356889 [marnen marne] This doesn't directly answer your question, but have you looked at Grit?
+ 356909 [shortcutter ] The only safe way I can think of is to defer the chdir to a child
  356917 [king_duckz y] I didn't hear of it, but from a quick look it seems to allow a much
  356925 [albertschlef] BTW, there are two gems: 'grit' and 'git'. I don't know what's the
  356928 [marnen marne] Grit is pure Ruby.  I think the git gem is just a wrapper.

^ Looking for external program invocations
356886 [markhobley h] I have some open source software packages that were written in Ruby by a third
+ 356891 [marnen marne] If you're asking this question, then I'm sorry to say that you shouldn't
| 356896 [markhobley h] I haven't got the cash because I only work part time, so I need to do this
| + 356901 [usenet-nospa] Maybe.
| + 356923 [marnen marne] OK.  Since you can't spend money, you'll need to spend time learning
+ 356907 [ryand-ruby z] a third
  356913 [markhobley h] Blimey! That was a bit of luck! A section specifically on spawning new

^ It's a Bird, it's a plane, no! umm, it's Super Boid?
356903 [gmkoller gma] Hey Guys,
+ 356904 [josh.cheek g] This is so far over my head that I thought it was parody for a while. Can
+ 356926 [marnen marne] Well, I am, but lots of people here are not.  You'd have better luck in
| 356979 [ryand-ruby z] Your entire response was uncalled for. Thunk's mail was on-topic and =
| 356981 [marnen marne] I don't know what the point of Thunk's post was.  I don't know what it
| 356984 [gregory.t.br] I didn't quite see the relevance, either, but it was interesting and I
+ 356931 [wruyahoo05 c] Interesting. Do you have an application in mind for this or is it just
| 357012 [gmkoller gma] Do you have an application in mind for this or is it just
| 357026 [ryand-ruby z] keep "the  engine" - where the model is built proprietary, and make =
+ 356993 [eule space.c] ... please let us play with this ;)

^ Hurry Up,Free Check of $367 With Your Name.
356910 [gayathridevi] Hurry Up,Free Check of $367 With Your Name.

^ ANN: toamqp 0.3.1
356912 [eule space.c] toamqp 0.3.1 has been released today.

^ Mixin module with class variables and class methods
356915 [ruby-forum j] I am trying to learn ruby and am experimenting with a Mixin.
356930 [b.candler po] Class variables are a pain, for exactly this sort of reason. Instance
356936 [ruby-forum j] Yes, I'm getting that feeling! My example test was just a simplified
356941 [marnen marne] But you're probably wrong.  What you probably want is a class instance
356947 [ruby-forum j] snip
356966 [b.candler po] If everything which mixes in this module shares the same state, then you
356970 [ruby-forum j] Thank you Brian, that sure does what I need. I will now go away and try

^ Ruby 'C' Extensions and Unicode
356919 [praveendevar] I am working on enhancing the IBM_DB Ruby driver (database driver for
356920 [kubo jiubao.] Look at ruby-1.9.1-pxxx/include/ruby/encoding.h and ruby-1.9.1-pxxx/string.c.
356921 [kubo jiubao.] Sorry, UCS-2 and UCS-4 are not defined in ruby 1.9.1.
356942 [praveendevar] Thanks for the information.
357434 [praveendevar] I tried proceeding with the above mentioned APIs. However I am seeing
+ 357441 [praveendevar] Forgot to mention. I am on ruby version
| 357444 [usurffx gmai] I'm not familiar with the enc_ APIs.
+ 357447 [phasis gmail] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
  357860 [praveendevar] Thanks All for your help!!
  359337 [praveendevar] I wanted to know if there is any function in the C extension
  359462 [b.candler po] Those are two different things.

^ Problems using the 'extensions' gem - can anyone help?
356922 [innesm gmail] I'm running Ruby 1.9.1-p378 (RC2) on windows, installed from the
356927 [luislavena g] lib/
356932 [innesm gmail] 0/lib/

^ Recommendations for a PostgreSQL driver for Ruby that supports bytea  types correctly?
356933 [ericthecycli] Can anyone recommend a PostgreSQL driver for Ruby that supports
356935 [reid.thompso] Look at ruby-pg.  http://bitbucket.org/ged/ruby-pg/overview/
+ 356938 [usenet-nospa] The subject says "that supports bytea types correctly".  Should we infer
+ 356939 [reid.thompso] quick test

^ An Array of Arrays using Array.sort_by
356934 [te4t0n gmail] myarray = Array.new
356937 [te4t0n gmail] Please ignore this. I have the answer by searching the forums... Which i
356940 [shortcutter ] You can make your life a bit easier by doing

^ Need Code to Create Directory Picking Dialog Box
356944 [alex.decaria] I have a Ruby program and want to be able to pick a directory using a
+ 356960 [marnen marne] But you're going to have to.  The only way to do this is through a GUI
+ 356961 [bosko.ivanis] It really depends on which OS you are working and which library you
+ 356962 [alex.decaria] I figured out how to do it easily using FXRuby.  The code snippet below
| 356972 [s.korteling ] require 'swin'
| 356977 [alex.decaria] Siep,
| 356980 [marnen marne] You're probably best using something OS-neutral, though -- there's no
| 356983 [alex.decaria] Good point.  Thanks for everyone's input!  You've all been very helpful.
+ 356964 [albertschlef] dir = `zenity --list --title "pick your dir" --column "dir" one two
| 356965 [albertschlef] dir = `zenity --file-selection --directory`
| 356967 [alex.decaria] Thanks Albert.  I didn't know about zenity or the other utilities.  That
| 356975 [marnen marne] Neither did I.  Those look interesting.
+ 357016 [albertschlef] require 'tk'
  357096 [nagai ai.kyu] And, if you hate that the eventloop wastes CPU power,

^ [Q] algorithm to truncate date to beginning of week?
356950 [cremes.devli] I need to be able to take any date after Jan 1, 1980 and truncate it to the nearest week.
356952 [gwtmp01 mac.] to the nearest week.
+ 356955 [rick.denatal] No, actually ActiveSupport defines the week to start on Monday, which
+ 356957 [cremes.devli] Ooh, all of ActiveSupport for a little date manipulation? Nail, meet hammer!
  356963 [gwtmp01 mac.] hammer!

^ Re: algorithm to truncate date to beginning of week?
356953 [ymendel pobo] kwards from a given date. If there is another approach to accomplish this, =
+ 356954 [ymendel pobo] evious day as in your example.
+ 356956 [cremes.devli] Ah! Date#wday is what I needed!

^ OptionParser does not enforce required argument
356958 [sean.73 gmai] I'm not seeing the difference between specifying a required argument and
356974 [shortcutter ] "Mandatory" refers to the argument to an option - not the presence of

^ Hurry Up, Free Check Of $327 With Your Name.
356959 [m.69ahesh gm] Hurry Up, Free Check Of $327 With Your Name.

^ Re: Reset the whole state
356969 [david.marcha] I have the same approach that you describe in your post regarding

^ [ANN] clogger 0.3.0 - configurable logging for Rack
356973 [normalperson] Clogger is Rack middleware for logging HTTP requests.  The log format

^ Here's a filtered file/dir copy, FWIW.
356976 [hmcfryxhbmya] I had a need to do a filtered directory-tree copy, but didn't see
+ 356985 [transfire gm] On Feb 9, 6:07=A0pm, Nick Sabalausky <hmcfryxhbm...@mailinator.com>
| 357019 [albertschlef] I too think it's useful.
| 357136 [hmcfryxhbmya] I haven't tested that, but I don't think it will: Unless I'm missing
| 357152 [transfire gm] On Feb 11, 5:03=A0pm, Nick Sabalausky <hmcfryxhbm...@mailinator.com>
+ 358254 [hmcfryxhbmya] Turns out there's a bug in that, but I can't figure out why...
  358303 [ryand-ruby z] dereference_root =3D=20
  358351 [hmcfryxhbmya] def callWith123 &dg
  358368 [ryand-ruby z] That is exactly what a block is... a closure.
  358413 [hmcfryxhbmya] Soapbox on terminology: Though these terms *frequently* get mixed up,
  358427 [ryand-ruby z] of=20
  358428 [hmcfryxhbmya] There was no attitude intended. In fact, I deliberately overlooked what

^ Ray Tracing API.
356978 [gimmickivek ] Has any one written or used a RayTracing API in ruby?  I was not able to
357005 [alex blackke] It's not quite clear what you're after: do you want an API to an
357011 [gimmickivek ] @Alex, I am looking for an existing Raytracing API..

^ [ANN] rdoc_osx_dictionary 1.3.0 Released
356982 [ryand-ruby z] rdoc_osx_dictionary version 1.3.0 has been released!
357246 [matt tidbits] I'm enjoying this process, esp. since I was just about to write my own