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^ Re: rdoc_osx_dictionary 1.2.0 Released
356594 [phrogz mac.c] 1) Why do I never see Ryan's original announcements on the
356608 [ryand-ruby z] b67ee5/4fbe195e7fca9340#4fbe195e7fca9340
+ 356623 [francescob g] I can't have this gem working :( it installs just fine, but i can't
| 356627 [francescob g] got it.. i had to launch rdoc_osx_dictionary to build the dictionary
+ 356629 [phrogz mac.c] lly the gateway... but really I don't know. I never read it that way. Why d=
  356631 [phrogz mac.c] Slim2:~ phrogz$ ruby -e 'puts `which gem`, `which ruby`'
  356660 [ryand-ruby z] hrm... what does `gem env` say?
  356673 [jeremy hineg] When 'rdoc_osx_dictionary' is run in the at_exit handler from post_install hook
  356687 [ryand-ruby z] post_install hook

^ ruby is not rails
356599 [rubynewbee g] GNU was more popular due to the combination with Linux.
+ 356601 [jonathan jmn] Very very much so... that is in fact a recurring theme on this very
| 356620 [shortcutter ] Amazing how much fuzz is made about a tautology. :-)
+ 356636 [rick.denatal] So what?
+ 356646 [marnen marne] Irrelevant to your point.

^ Problems with RubyGems on a Debian machine
356600 [gregory.w.ch] I wasn't quite sure if I should of posted this in the Ruby forum or the
+ 356610 [gregory.w.ch] Just some additional information I found after searching the gem
| 356616 [luislavena g] The issue is that there are components that define runtime and
| 356630 [gregory.w.ch] Well my problem is mostly that when I do install Rack, it still can't
| 357010 [tllucero sta] Known problem. Both Debian apt/aptitude/Synaptic and RubyGems keep track
| + 357014 [thomasl star] My previous suggestion doesn't work on Debian using apt. Lenny has
| + 357017 [rick.denatal] Yep. IMHO the requirements of the usual LAMP user of a Debian or other
|   357018 [marnen marne] Right.
+ 356615 [ralf.mueller] Do you use debian's rubygems package?

^ [ANN] ruby-ip
356606 [b.candler po] I am pleased to announce the first public release of ruby-ip.


This is what I do for fun..

356609 [asdhoke gmai] ...
356690 [sophrinix gm] Were you emailing us from a twitter pop3 bridge and ran out of characters?

^ ruby and sarl3
356613 [gwnem libero] I would like to use sarl3
356614 [ralf.mueller] I don't know sarl, but if you only need a graph library, RGL

^ Segfault on ruby 1.8.7
356617 [groleo gmail] I get a SEGFAULT on ruby1.8.7 using the scripts above on Ubuntu 9.10.

^ add some content to a file
356618 [rubynewbee g] I want to modify a file, begin from X line (X is line number),
356622 [shortcutter ] Inserting is hard - because you have to move all the content behind that

^ Employee motivation in the software industry
356621 [stefan.kirya] I am doing a research about motivation in software development, the

^ Area Codes
356632 [wood_yee12 h] a program where I type the area code, hit enter, and see it's state. I
+ 356676 [marnen marne] Use a database (if this is a desktop application, SQLite would work
+ 356682 [gwtmp01 mac.] There are lots of ways to do this.  Maybe this script will give you

^ ANN: Ruby 1.8.6 pl399 released
356639 [wyhaines gma] Ruby 1.8.6 pl399 has been released. This release fixes a problem that
+ 356641 [wayneeseguin] Awesome turnaround time Kirk!
+ 356651 [dan telent.n] Forgive my ignorance, but why would one want to use this instead of
| + 356654 [wayneeseguin] Dan,
| + 357730 [wyhaines gma] Dan, Wayne basically covered it. It's support. Where one has an
+ 357721 [rogerpack200] Any chance you could email James Gray with the news so he can post a

^ Re: Process id
356642 [rogerpack200] So you want something like "lookup some other ruby program's PID"?
356644 [djberg96 gma] Presumably, in which case you want sys-proctable.

^ [ANN] johnson 2.0.0 prerelease 0
356648 [smparkes smp] johnson version 2.0.0.pre0 has been released!=20

^ JRuby rake not working!
356653 [hypermeister] I am trying out Rails using JRuby.  I set up a Rails app using
356658 [nicksieger g] Could be a number of things, PATH environment variable, bug in JRuby
356675 [hypermeister] I was solve to do the migration by explicitly specifying the path of
358623 [headius head] I concur with Nick...something's strange about your PATH

^ eval and implicit passing of blocks
356659 [peter.mclain] I'm trying to understand if/how/when/why Ruby implicitly passes

^ weird action of 'nokogiri' library on Snow Leopard
356661 [juneng603 gm] cut the introduction.. here is my situation on the snow leopard.
+ 356664 [ben bleythin] Most likely because you do not require rubygems in your script.  Snow
| 356670 [juneng603 gm] On 2=BF=F96=C0=CF, =BF=C0=C0=FC3=BD=C343=BA=D0, Ben Bleything <b...@bleythi=
| 356671 [ben bleythin] Because that is how it works :)
| + 356678 [juneng603 gm] On 2=BF=F96=C0=CF, =BF=C0=C0=FC4=BD=C325=BA=D0, Ben Bleything <b...@bleythi=
| + 364097 [jovemark gma] May i seek your help for captioned case ?
+ 356667 [hassan.schro] require 'rubygems' # missing this :-)

^ Fastest way to iterate over a range in steps
356662 [astounding g] What's the fastest way to iterate over a range in variable increments?
356677 [shortcutter ] robert@fussel:~$ ruby19 xx.rb
356679 [transfire gm] Might consider how #succ plays into this as well.
356706 [shortcutter ] Good idea!
356710 [transfire gm] not
356715 [shortcutter ] Why?  All method bodies did not do anything (apart from while's which
356717 [transfire gm] Rehearsal --------------------------------------------------
356825 [shortcutter ] robert@fussel:~$ allruby xx.rb

^ function lookup in ruby
356663 [opti900 gmai] I was wondering what happened in the background of following snippet.
+ 356668 [gwtmp01 mac.] At this point the only thing named 'v1' is a method
| 356681 [opti900 gmai] Thanks Gary and Aaron. I understand it now.
+ 356669 [astounding g] At this point, since you ONLY have method/function named 'v1' defined,

^ [ANN] envjs rubygem 0.1.1
356672 [smparkes smp] envjs rubygem version 0.1.1 has been released!=20
+ 357207 [ed.howland g] Thanks,
| 357211 [smparkes smp] No, it doesn't. It's pretty dependent at this point on C extension stuff =
+ 357208 [ed.howland g] Works great if you change
  357210 [smparkes smp] Fixed. Thanks.

^ Google AI Challenge at U of Waterloo
356685 [mentifex myu] Contest runs from 4 February to 26 February 2010.
+ 356686 [imuaplease g] I find out that
| 356691 [andrej.mitro] Sweet, something to keep my brain busy for the next couple of weeks.
+ 356692 [nagle animat] Ignore.  Well-known nut. See "http://www.nothingisreal.com/mentifex_faq.html"
| 356695 [marnen marne] That was unnecessary.  Whether or not he's a nut, the challenge he's
+ 356693 [toylet.toyle] It's definitely *not* exactly a programming challenge, but algorithm
  + 356699 [cameron.jp g] On Feb 5, 11:18=C2=A0pm, "Man-wai Chang to The Door (24000bps)"
  | 356709 [toylet.toyle] Someone please dumb the Tron ROM from the MAME32 project and use it as
  | 358575 [mentifex myu] Google AI Challenge post-mortem report by the winner is at
  + 356700 [no.email nos] Eh?  Just about every interesting programming challenge is mostly about
    356708 [toylet.toyle] Everyone back then has abused the "programming" word to meant doing

^ OS X/Snow Leo  - Specify custom executable location for build/install for 1.9
356688 [tmo1138 inva] Been searching via Google but nothing immediately pops up.
356694 [unbewusst.se] AS_HELP_STRING([--with-baseruby=RUBY], [use RUBY as baseruby;
356696 [ryand-ruby z] install
356711 [tmo1138 inva] Thanks, Ryan.  After updating my Readline library to version 6.0 I was

^ Can ruby do a repeated Reboot test script
356697 [hamid_rasoul] Just want to write a ruby script that reboots the computer for 10
+ 356698 [jeffpeng net] 在 2010-02-06六的 17:52 +0900,Ham Baba写道:
| 356826 [dan telent.n] If you put the staus file in /tmp, make sure your system doesn't clear
| 356995 [jazzezravi g] Step 1 --> Create 1 text file like
| 356996 [jazzezravi g] I have missed to mention step 5 in previous conversation.
+ 356702 [markhobley h] Ensure that your system is configured in such a manner that members of
  356703 [eleanor game] rebooter
  356729 [ian.hobson n] I'm astonished that the system reboot command does not do this!
  356731 [eleanor game] status file and sync the filesystem before performing the reboot :)
  356739 [ninja slapha] I guess it depends on the system you're on -- when I type 'reboot', my system

^ wxFormBuilder for wxRuby question
356704 [hypermeister] I want to design a GUI with wxRuby, but I don't want to define it in
356712 [bosko.ivanis] do
356737 [hypermeister] interface, but... can I save it to .xrc format?  The "Generate Code"

^ how to call javascript function in A site?
356705 [juneng603 gm] now, I wanna call some functions in A site that was already
356713 [ibc aliax.ne] But this seems a RubyOnRails question, so please ask in RoR maillist/forum.
356714 [marnen marne] No, actually, it seems like a JavaScript question, not a Ruby question

^ match/scan does not return multiple matches
356716 [hramrach cen] I tried scanning for multiple occurences of a group in a string and
+ 356718 [ralf.mueller] as far as i know, nested groups are not allowed. regular expressions do
| + 356722 [hramrach cen] Actually they are allowed, otherwise I would not get a match at all.
| | 356723 [ben bleythin] Even so, I still think that there is a bug in your regex.  I can't
| + 356824 [shortcutter ] I would only use #split if you really want to split the string.
|   356916 [ralf.mueller] Sorry, I mixed grouping and capturing. Concerning grouping, regexp acts
|   356946 [hramrach cen] not
|   356949 [ben bleythin] Are you sure it matches multiple times?  As I mentioned earlier in the
|   356951 [hramrach cen] he
+ 356724 [b.candler po] But the regular expression you're passing is anchored, so the entire
  356726 [rick.denatal] Well I think that I understand what the OO is saying, let's break the
  356728 [hramrach cen] Thanks for the explanations. As mentioned on the page and also

^ Re: Ruby 1.9, Rubygems, and .gemspec warnings
356734 [ron.green gm] Does anybody know how to fix this?

^ [ANN] TMail 1.2.7
356740 [raasdnil gma] Even though I am going full speed ahead with the Mail gem, TMail still

^ [ANN] mechanize 1.0.0 Released
356742 [aaron tender] mechanize version 1.0.0 has been released!
356743 [ryand-ruby z] websites.=20

^ Honest opinion needed...
356744 [schalaalexia] I've been trying to find a scripting language to integrate into a game
+ 356745 [stfairy gmai] Limiting the use of dynamic features of ruby will lead to better
| 356748 [usurffx gmai] Dynamic features are the reason for scripting in games, no need to care
| 356765 [schalaalexia] Well I planned to implement the game's elements (classes for NPC, spell,
+ 356779 [billk cts.co] I'd say it depends a lot on how consistent your framerate needs to be.
| + 356781 [schalaalexia] Hmm... That would be a good mechanism for Ruby. Unfortunately I don't
| | 356789 [billk cts.co] They are already aware of the possibilities, but there are trade-offs.
| + 356790 [ninja slapha] It might be a bit heavyweight, but if your game is written in Java, JRuby=20
|   356798 [schalaalexia] I love that idea! Thanks!
+ 356844 [usenet-nospa] It is intentionally low-level, but really, it's not bad.
| 356876 [schalaalexia] Well I mean I read chapters 24 to 29 of Programming in Lua 1st Edition
+ 356877 [tony medioh.] Ruby has a C embedding API?  First I've ever heard of that.
  356890 [tony medioh.] As a follow up: Rubinius, an alternative Ruby virtual machine written in
  356894 [schalaalexia] I took a look at Rubinus and it doesn't support Windows, my primary
  356899 [tony medioh.] Honestly if you're looking for a language which embeds easily into C/C++

^ Symbols and class veriable
356747 [imran.nazir ] example, if I declare the variable @red_car_speed is this aliased or
+ 356754 [xenogenesis ] @variable_name is an *instance* variable, not class variable. They are
+ 356758 [marnen marne] No.
+ 356770 [albertschlef] @something and :something aren't linked.
+ 356771 [albertschlef] And note that you've sinned here. You didn't keep correct indentation.

^ Monkeybars dead?
356749 [dv voelkerts] I'd like to implement a standalone application using
356752 [marnen marne] The video tutorials at the Rubyforge site are current and informative.
356755 [dv voelkerts] Mmm, I seemed to be blind eyed. At the rubyforge site, I can' find any
+ 356757 [marnen marne] Oops!  I did mean monkeybars.org.  Sorry.
+ 356766 [marnen marne] I'd say so. :)
  + 356768 [dv voelkerts] You are right ,) Damm it, it didn't see this. Thank you very, very much.
  + 356777 [james.britt ] Are you sure the version of Monkeybars in these videos is *recent*?
    356778 [marnen marne] Of course I'm not certain.  But it's recent enough that things still

^ Issue during multiple calls to C embedded Ruby with dlopen
356750 [david.marcha] I try to embed a Ruby interpreter into an application through a shared

^ Re: problems with 'require' in embedded ruby
356751 [david.marcha] Did you solve this issue? I have a similar one with Ruby 1.8.7.

^ [ANN] DNote 1.1.2
356753 [transfire gm] DNote v1.1.2
356759 [ibc aliax.ne] $ dnote .

^ same character show different code in two machine
356756 [sunraise2005] one chinese character show different code in two different machine.
+ 356762 [xenogenesis ] Are the two machines getting the text from the same source?
| 356780 [sunraise2005] Are the two machines getting the text from the same source?
| 356795 [walton vyper] irb(main):001:0> "Hello".encoding
| 356799 [sunraise2005] Thanks, Walton,
| 356817 [marnen marne] No, I don't think that method exists in 1.8.
+ 356808 [b.candler po] In hex those are: \xa3\xa4
  356823 [sunraise2005] Thanks Brian, see my in line comments.
  356831 [b.candler po] Sorry, I have no idea. Are you sure that \xa3\xa4 correponds exactly to
  356833 [sunraise2005] I have no idea either, but I will upgrade to ruby 1.9 to leverage

^ Re: DNote 1.1.3
356760 [transfire gm] FYI. Just pushed out 1.1.3. There was a bug 1.1.2 where the binary was

^ Re: DNote 1.1.2
356761 [transfire gm] no
356764 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D-=20
356767 [transfire gm] Thanks. Basically reiterates what I already knew. But reading it again

^ ANN: RubyInstaller - Release Candidate 2 - 1.8.6, 1.8.7 and 1.9.1  released
356763 [luislavena g] I'm pleased to announce the second Release Candidate of the latest

^ C embed assistance
356769 [schalaalexia] I was wondering if there was a site with reliable documentation covering
+ 356773 [unexist dorf] The word 'reliable' is a bit problematic in this case, no docs I found
| 356776 [stfairy gmai] I think the book Programming Ruby 1.9 from the pragmatic programmers
| 356782 [schalaalexia] I guessed that much. I mean if a language can be extended by C, C should
| 356809 [unexist dorf] Inconclusively, I started embedding with 1.8.6 and it was fun to tinker
| 356875 [schalaalexia] How so?
+ 356806 [b.candler po] This one?
+ 356878 [tony medioh.] Unless there's a magic API I'm not aware of, Ruby doesn't have anything like
+ 356895 [schalaalexia] You know... I was considering right now about using C# instead of C/C++.
  + 356897 [usenet-nospa] I would not consider C# to be portable past Windows, which for me would
  | 356900 [schalaalexia] MFC, Win32, and DirectX have been around for a while, no?
  | 356905 [usenet-nospa] Win32 is old news, it's been .NET for a while.  Before that it was OS/2 that
  + 356898 [tony medioh.] I hear IronRuby's fairly good (i.e. Ruby for .NET), and it would make
  | 356902 [schalaalexia] Nice! Uhm... I used Allegro (http://alleg.sf.net) for my gaming API, and
  + 356998 [marnen marne] Use something portable.  It will make it easier to provide other

^ Rescue Block does not work
356772 [bvishny gmai] I am using a begin.. rescue.. else block to catch a timeout and try
356774 [ibc aliax.ne] Are you sure which is the exact exception raised?
356775 [bvishny gmai] My mistake. I originally had a generic rescue clause without the
+ 356783 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes.
| 356788 [ibc aliax.ne] Sorry, I was wrong as just StandardError inherit exceptions are rescued.=20
+ 356784 [matz ruby-la] The rescue clause without explicit exception class catches any
  356785 [bvishny gmai] Matz,
  356786 [matz ruby-la] On 1.8, Timeout::Error is a subclass of Interrupt, which is NOT a
  356787 [bvishny gmai] Matz,
  356797 [matz ruby-la] For the record, on 1.9 Timeout::Error is a subclass of StandardError.

^ confused about the superclass
356791 [rubynewbee g] irb(main):001:0> class Myclass
+ 356801 [shortcutter ] Why?
+ 356803 [josh.cheek g] class MyClass
| 356804 [shortcutter ] Exactly!  You have the most important point at the end of your
+ 356807 [b.candler po] All classes inherit from Object unless you give a different superclass.

^ Why no ++ and --?
356792 [sonja kisa.c] "foo += 1" somehow seems less elegant or pretty as "foo++".
+ 356794 [billk cts.co] Regards,
+ 356818 [marnen marne] The short answer is that it doesn't fit with Ruby's object model, and
+ 356838 [tony medioh.] matz doesn't want it, most rubyists don't want it (and even actively oppose
+ 356845 [usenet-nospa] Yes.
| + 356846 [aldric trevo] You know, I really thought the Ruby Way (tm) embraced, nay, espoused
| | 356848 [marnen marne] ...which doesn't work when intentionally invoked.  What are you, some
| + 356847 [tony medioh.] Not to beat the dead horse any more but...
|   356850 [Rob AgileCon] begin; _tmp = x; x = x.succ; _tmp; end
|   356853 [tony medioh.] Good luck implementing that one.
+ 357273 [cmdicely gma] "foo += 1" doesn't have the same meaning as "foo++", instead, it is
| 357288 [josh.cheek g] In C++, outputs "ref1 = 6 , ref2 = 6" Because ++ changes the underlying
| + 357291 [josh.cheek g] I thought it might be interesting to see how Java handles this, since it has
| + 357396 [tony medioh.] Sorry to flay the dead horse's sun-bleached bones a bit more, but...
|   357428 [minilith gma] I find that issue interesting in a slightly different perspective.
|   + 357439 [usurffx gmai] I don't think there is any problem in implementation, but choosing a
|   + 357454 [marnen marne] No.  The mechanics of assignment in Ruby are such that ++ is simply not
|   + 357462 [tony medioh.] ++ and -- modify their receivers.  Since Ruby's Numeric types are immutable,
|   | 357465 [minilith gma] able,
|   | 357470 [usenet-nospa] I don't think allowing references or pointers to variables would be good.
|   | 357472 [fxn hashref.] Don't agree with that. For me the contract is just about the variable.
|   | 357475 [usenet-nospa] ++*p;
|   | 357479 [fxn hashref.] ariable
|   | 357483 [tony medioh.] obj.meth += 1
|   + 357469 [usenet-nospa] I don't think so, no more than it points to a shortcoming of Ruby that
+ 357404 [usurffx gmai] Just think about "a ++ -- - ++ -- b".
+ 357484 [aldric trevo] foo+=1 follows the POLS.