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^ Dynamic Class Instance?
356435 [kale.davis g] 1) Has a prompt that gets a command string (ex. 'edit user1 15')
+ 356436 [marnen marne] Classes are objects too.  They respond to Object#send.
| 356478 [shortcutter ] to
+ 356438 [ben bleythin] You may be interested in a somewhat ancient project of mine called
+ 356490 [josh.cheek g] post got me interested, and I wanted to try it out.
  + 356491 [shortcutter ] That's exactly what I had in mind.  Thanks for fleshing it out!
  + 356559 [albertschlef] And when using a base class instead of a module, one could use the

^ [ANN] rdoc_osx_dictionary 1.2.0 Released
356439 [ryand-ruby z] rdoc_osx_dictionary version 1.2.0 has been released!
+ 356442 [eregontp gma] Thanks, it worked good on my 1.9.2 now :)
| 356457 [ryand-ruby z] awesome
| 356477 [eregontp gma] I found this: [1]
+ 356548 [jeremy hineg] Looks like rdoc_osx_dictionary is subject to $PATH for finding ruby instead

^ Name that DDL!
356441 [walton vyper] I'm working on writing a Ruby script to SSH into one of our VMware Servers
+ 356445 [marnen marne] This has nothing to do with Ruby, and might be better asked on a VMWare
+ 356447 [blambeau gma] Otherwise (if you don't find a library that already recognizes your output)
  + 356448 [walton vyper] Ohhh! Thank you! That looks like it will make writing a parser _much_
  + 356450 [marnen marne] Hey, great idea!  Treetop is lovely and very simple to use.

^ [Chris Pine] Chapter 7 - Sorting Arrays without .sort
356443 [vladwow91 ho] Greetings,
+ 356444 [aldric trevo] Well, you need to understand what an array is, and what the element of
| 356454 [s.korteling ] Don't worry about the size of the array, ruby does take care of that.
| 356458 [ryand-ruby z] yourself,=20
| 356471 [data quantum] Wouldn't it be easier to just sort the data as it is input, a simple
+ 356472 [josh.cheek g] One thing that can be helpful when thinking about algorithms, is to think

^ Error: uninitialized constant Mysql::Protocol::UNIXSocket
356451 [shahab_qadee] uninitialized constant Mysql::Protocol::UNIXSocket
+ 358155 [user compgro] Hey, I've got the same issue, how do I set mysql to connect to localhost:3001 in my case ??
+ 358621 [headius head] ve_support/dependencies.rb:105:in
| 359041 [aronas23 gma] tive_support/dependencies.rb:105:in
| + 359043 [luislavena g] Please provide details about the ruby implementation and version
| | 359431 [aronas23 gma] I'm using netbeans 6.8, I have Windows 7 Professional, Trying to use
| | 359827 [aronas23 gma] Does anybody know something about this error? It's really annoying I
| | 359834 [jonathan jmn] Just a possibility, try changing 'host' from localhost to so
| + 359109 [headius head] It would be in your database.yml file.
+ 359851 [user compgro] I'm already Using
  359853 [luislavena g] Please report to the ruby-mysql author[1] that this is a bug since is
  360128 [aronas23 gma] Hey, thank you all!

^ Error: uninitialized constant Mysql::Protocol::UNIXSocke
356452 [shahab_qadee] Can someone faced this error before. I have just configured the
356476 [echristopher] It appears you're running on Windows, which doesn't have Unix sockets.
356517 [jonathan jmn] 'localhost' to force the use of a TCP socket instead of unix sockets.

^ Re: What about Limelight?
356453 [marnen marne] Books are overrated in a space as fast-moving as the Ruby world.  Have
356527 [rogerpack200] Quite new, and so hasn't had time to build a community.  To get any
356530 [james.britt ] It's also fairly limited, offering (last time I checked) the equivalent
356540 [marnen marne] Uh, what?  I don't think Limelight uses HTML.
356549 [james.britt ] Correct.  That's why I said "equivalent of HTML 3.2 for desktop apps"
+ 356550 [micahmartin ] A good friend brought this thread to my attention.  Limelight has been
| + 356643 [rogerpack200] is mostly spam--might want to do something about that.
| | 358622 [headius head] =A0But
| + 358644 [tony medioh.] I'd definitely say you have a publicity problem.  Limelight looks really
+ 356551 [micahmartin ] You're right James. Rather than provide a buffet of widgets, Limelight
  356561 [james.britt ] Thanks,  good to know.
  356577 [hypermeister] Not hearing regularly about, I was thinking it didn't hold a good

^ mysql gem: better native extension error than this?
356456 [tony medioh.] uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes
356502 [luislavena g] is
356524 [tony medioh.] Installing the mysql gem, under Snow Leopard unless ARCHFLAGS=-arch x86_64
356569 [luislavena g] _64

^ hooking subscript operations in a hash
356459 [ralphs dos32] In order to help debug something, I'd like to hook the hash subscript operation.
356461 [rick.denatal] ration.
356462 [ralphs dos32] Yeah ... tried that ... but apparently env is going in and out of scope.
+ 356463 [gethemant gm] peration.
| 356465 [rubynewbee g] I have two questions.
| + 356481 [ralphs dos32] What it means is "pretend you are calling the enclosing parent class's method of the same name with these arguments." Well, that's my informal way of putting it.
| + 356482 [ralphs dos32] First ... I think you meant
|   356511 [marnen marne] object.method(args)
|   + 356513 [rick.denatal] ')
|   + 356514 [rubynewbee g] ')
+ 356466 [marnen marne] Using include instead of extend should do the trick.  You may also need
| 356469 [xenogenesis ] eh as Rick already pointed out includ'ing a module will insert the
+ 356468 [walton vyper] irb(main):012:0> class Hash
| 356492 [ralphs dos32] irb(main):012:0>> class Hash
| 356512 [rick.denatal] .6/rail
| 356553 [ralphs dos32] Thank you, thank you, thank you.
+ 356479 [shortcutter ] Well, that's not a problem.  As long as you retain a reference to the

^ ruby-serialport with Ruby 1.9 error
356460 [techrock1 ya] I'm a newbie programmer and I've been trying to communicate with an
356503 [luislavena g] You've installed a Binary gem for 1.8 when you've tried to use Ruby
356515 [ashikali.m g] Does ruby-serial works well with ruby1.8 ?
356516 [shawn42 gmai] There is a 1.9 version of this gem on github, I'm not sure why searching
356519 [techrock1 ya] Thanks but I still seem to get the same errors. First it gives me this
356528 [rogerpack200] I think this might mean there is "some other" dependency that it is
+ 356602 [ashikali.m g] Thank you very much  rubyinstaller.org groups .  We achieved not only in
+ 356689 [techrock1 ya] After much effort I have finally got it to work!

^ Why this web page stop my "open" action [open-uri]?
356467 [shukebeita 1] Need your help to find out what stop my "open" action. I'm using
356470 [xenogenesis ] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

^ HOT JOBS! 6 openings for Open Source Technical Developers - Boston, MA & Austin, TX. $750 referral reward. Know anyone?
356474 [msutherland ] =20
356721 [ninja slapha] Hmm. Sounds like someone knows something about our community!

^ ruby-serial port installation on windows
356480 [ashikali.m g] I am a linux user . Just I am interested to install ruby-serial gem
356501 [luislavena g] em
356506 [ashikali.m g] is there any possiblity for access COM port from ruby on windows
356529 [rogerpack200] Looks like you're not the only one with this question.
356603 [ashikali.m g] Thank you very much  rubyinstaller.org groups .  We achieved not only in

^ Where is the magic?
356483 [uriel inbox.] I'm learning Ruby and have found some interesting behaviour which I
356488 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> o = Object.new
356518 [uriel inbox.] Thanks for your response. I've almost grasped the idea. :)
356555 [albertschlef] - The code itself.

^ Error: Installating sqlite3-ruby (gem)
356486 [shahab_qadee] Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
+ 356485 [shahab_qadee] Error: Installating sqlite3-ruby (gem)
| 356545 [spox modspox] gem install jdbc-sqlite3
+ 356500 [luislavena g] sqlite3-ruby gem is a gem for C based Ruby.

^ Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Windows Platform
356487 [shahab_qadee] I need to know about some very good tutorials online for Ruby on Rail
+ 356509 [aldric trevo] Would you be offended if we told you to go look at
+ 356526 [rogerpack200] might be helpful.

^ Some noob questions
356489 [john.gendrot] I'm learning ruby and i already have some problems.
+ 356494 [shortcutter ] You could use #each_slice for this (see below).
| + 356499 [john.gendrot] Thanks for the explanation Robert, I will try this.
| + 356568 [albertschlef] How is it better than 'File.open(file).each_slice' ?
| | 356605 [shortcutter ] It closes the file handle properly which your variant doesn't do.
| | 356624 [albertschlef] You mean, that in my version the file isn't closed till the file object
| | 356626 [shortcutter ] Exactly.
| | 356628 [albertschlef] Nice. Pheeew, I still have a long road to walk before I acquire the
| | 356665 [shortcutter ] Hmm, maybe it helps that I practice a Japanese martial art.  ;-)
| | 356811 [aldric trevo] Not to completely derail the conversation here (oops?) but, as a
| | 356814 [shortcutter ] Kind regards
| | 357098 [john.gendrot] As i said before, I "play" with ruby on a light linux (ruby 1.8.2).
| | 357100 [aldric trevo] Well, for this one, a quick look at the documentation will give you the
| | 357102 [shortcutter ] He's on 1.8.2.  There you have to do
| | 357108 [john.gendrot] ./test.rb:5:in `require': No such file to load -- enumerator (LoadError)
| | 357114 [shortcutter ] Oooops!  Sorry for the wrong advice.  Either that or Enumerator did
| | 357157 [john.gendrot] So there is no way i can do that in 1.8.2 ?
| | 357160 [shortcutter ] r did
| | 357164 [john.gendrot] Thanks again Robert but (there is always a BUT)....
| | 357175 [shortcutter ] Slowly....  I believe #each_slice was added later as well.  Oh well.
| | 357176 [john.gendrot] I'll try to upgrade.
| | 357362 [john.gendrot] Unfortunately, the provider doesn't have a newer version of ruby :s
| | 357368 [shortcutter ] module Enumerable
| | 357376 [john.gendrot] You are awesome !
| | 357381 [aldric trevo] Robert, indeed, is. Donations can be sent to
| + 356598 [josh.cheek g] The book "Practical Ruby Gems" suggests net-ssh (
|   356612 [john.gendrot] Thanks for your help but the ssh command was an exemple :p
|   356625 [josh.cheek g] You can use %x( ... ) for this, those parentheses can also be things like
+ 356611 [b.candler po] That would be either

^ win32API problem running ocra in linux
356493 [toastkid.wil] I'm in linux and need to make an executable version of a script for one
356496 [larschbelunk] You can't build Ocra executables on Linux, because it requires a
356498 [toastkid.wil] doh.  the whole reason i want to do this is so my non-ruby-owning
+ 356647 [rogerpack200] -r
| 356649 [toastkid.wil] Thanks Roger, but i can't see anything mentioned there that would work
+ 356655 [rogerpack200] Ahh so you're looking for something in linux that will build an
  356666 [toastkid.wil] Yeah - i think exerb needs to build the exe in windows as well. I'll

^ methodhash 0.5 released
356495 [fredjoha gma] I created a small "lab tool" that makes life easier for me. It's
356497 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> a = Hash.new {|h,k| printf("calc %p\n",k);h[k] = k + 2}
356504 [fredjoha gma] Sure (I learned that from Ruby Best Practices. great book!), but I
+ 356505 [gregory.t.br] Doing so introduces an inheritance relationship, which is rarely a
+ 356521 [shortcutter ] Well, there are multiple ways to reuse code and maintain DRY.  You do

^ FreeImage-FFI
356507 [jontyjont bt] In view of ImageScience being currently broken on ruby 1.9 I thought it

^ ANN: Ruby 1.8.6 pl398 released
356520 [wyhaines gma] Ruby 1.8.6 pl398 has been released.  This release includes fixes for
+ 356522 [wayneeseguin] Great work Kirk, we all appreciate your efforts!
+ 356523 [james grayso] Don't thank me yet.  Your preview worked for me, but this final version =
| 356525 [wyhaines gma] does not. =A0:(
+ 356554 [joelvanderwe] leading version in the ubuntu karmic (9.10) repositories, even if you

^ Finding duplicate records before creating using FasterCSV
356531 [john.mcleod ] I have a user that will be importing csv files occasionally.  I have,
356533 [james grayso] via
356534 [john.mcleod ] I never thought of that.
356535 [john.mcleod ] The validation works as it should but it stops the process of importing
356537 [james grayso] Switch create!() to create().  All fixed.  ;)
356542 [john.mcleod ] Not to move away from this discussion but what's the difference between
356546 [james grayso] between=20

^ embedding ruby
356532 [pujol_josep ] After reading a little, I found out that ruby was not designed with
+ 356592 [billk cts.co] We embed ruby 1.8.x in a C++ app on Windows / OS X.
| 356680 [pujol_josep ] Thank you. I'll try it.
| 356736 [billk cts.co] Well again, my experience is only embedding MRI Ruby 1.8.x.  In this
+ 356683 [Ruby GoogleM] It is true that Ruby wasn't designed with embedding in mind. However,
  + 356701 [pujol_josep ] Thanks for your answer.
  | 357198 [Ruby GoogleM] I'm not sure. I haven't followed Rubinius recently, and pretty much
  | 357201 [ezmobius gma] embedding,
  + 356735 [albertschlef] What do you mean? What is there in the language itself that hinders
    + 356841 [usenet-nospa] It's not so much that it "hinders" embedding is that embedding isn't the
    + 357199 [Ruby GoogleM] Everything that you don't need.

^ Re: Finding duplicate records before creating using FasterCS
356536 [marnen marne] And follow that up with a unique index in the DB.  Validations are
356539 [john.mcleod ] The index is very unique.
356543 [marnen marne] Something either is or isn't unique.  There's no "very". :)
356544 [marnen marne] This is explained clearly in the AR docs.

^ Send a SOAP request to a url that requires basic authenticat
356547 [rfsllc gmail] Hey all,
356557 [jeremy hineg] I believe you are mixing 2 differen authentication mechanisms.
356558 [rfsllc gmail] @client = Savon::Client.new "https://asdflskdjf.com"

^ How to add Header information to a SOAP request
356552 [rfsllc gmail] I want to add some information to the header of a SOAP request. How
+ 356560 [rfsllc gmail] @client = Savon::Client.new "https://asdflskdjf.com?WSDL"
+ 356562 [jeremy hineg] Wow, 2 times in 1 month, dealing with soap header requests...

^ Can Ruby Do This?
356563 [jcabraham gm] $hash->{foo}->{bar}->{baz} = 123;
+ 356564 [has.sox gmai] Interesting little problem.
+ 356567 [steve stevek] $ irb
+ 356571 [gwtmp01 mac.] It is a bit tricky because you have to specify a default
+ 356573 [wyhaines gma] Yes.
+ 356581 [marnen marne] Sure, but there's probably also a better way that doesn't involve so
  356584 [jcabraham gm] Well, in my job (bioinformatics), I only use code like this about a
  + 356585 [marnen marne] If you're so sure of that, why are you asking for help?  There may be no
  | 356586 [jcabraham gm] Is there a hidden camera, or something? It's not legit to say "I'm a
  | 356587 [walton vyper] No I wouldn't, if on the other hand you came to me and asked "How do you
  | 356589 [marnen marne] Well said.  If you want to get the most out of a language, it's worth
  + 356593 [wyhaines gma] Let me know if my detailed explanation didn't make sense.  The long
    356607 [shortcutter ] IMHO this is the most concise and elegant way to do it in Ruby!  I am
    357295 [ shot hot.pl] A (very) minor nitpick, but =E2=80=93 as this thread will hopefully turn

^ Anyone here understand dfp's and cfp's?
356566 [riscfuture g] If you know the internals of Ruby, I would appreciate a little advice on
+ 356575 [eleanor game] on
+ 356634 [aldric trevo] It scares me. I like it.

^ Newbie question, I have seen create! what does it mean
356570 [noppanit.cha] I have some newbie question, and I have been searching all over google
356572 [dblack rubyp] It's just a character in the method name, but it has a special

^ Re: Open Source Subversion Hosting
356578 [transfire gm] =A0
356741 [transfire gm] Came across a new upstart, looks promising. Note sure about free OSS

^ Using Rspec for features and specs under Autotest
356580 [sean clipper] Does anyone have experience using Rspec for both the feature and spec
356583 [marnen marne] Yes!
356588 [sean clipper] It's an application scripting library, so pretty much every method
356590 [marnen marne] So?  That shouldn't bother you.

^ when should one use "and" and "or"
356591 [botpena gmai] just got hit w the ff
+ 356596 [w_a_x_man ya] x =3D 5
| 356597 [botpena gmai] #> x =3D 5
+ 356604 [b.candler po] No, but it's essentially inherited from perl. These operators have
  356635 [botpena gmai] but brian, i'm still inside the "case" block. can't ruby sense that?
  + 356650 [b.candler po] I agree, but in the absence of a formal grammar you'll have to look at
  + 356674 [joelvanderwe] And shouldn't 'when' have the same precedence as 'if'?