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^ [ANN] Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies #6 is now live
355845 [satish.talim] The Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies #6 by John Trupiano is now live.

^ anyone can help?
355846 [menglee638 g] One of my clients is concerned that his teenage son is up to no good,
+ 355849 [pg thimian.c] Social problems cannot be solved with technology.
+ 355926 [ninja slapha] Yes.
| 355930 [usenet-nospa] Yeah.
| 356080 [menglee638 g] communication is in vain!so i need some tools to help me
| + 356088 [sophrinix gm] If you are American be it known that if you install a key logger on
| + 356142 [ninja slapha] I would suggest that the tools you need are psychological, not technical.
|   356148 [marnen marne] I totally agree.  If communication is in vain, then take away the kid's
+ 356206 [hrwenke gmai] If you want protect your kids from internet,maybe you need site filter
  + 356222 [marnen marne] Those things never work well.  Technology is not the appropriate
  | 356273 [ninja slapha] acked in
  + 356281 [diegosoreira] I recommend that his client install perfect keylogger or other keylogger.

^ Is there a way to have instance_eval cannot call private/protected  method?
355847 [henryjen ztu] Is there any mechanism to do what instance_eval but honor the
355856 [henryjen ztu] I probably should clarify that I would like to know if there is a
355936 [burke.libbey] I don't think there's any way to do quite exactly this, since calling,

^ Pass arguments to 'require'
355859 [trodwell iee] [You will be able to tell from what follows that I'm not a programmer -
+ 355860 [shortcutter ] system '/opt/ruby/script1', *ARGV
+ 355861 [fxn hashref.] Ruby takes its arguments from a global array called ARGV. That array
  355862 [shortcutter ] This is not exception safe.  You'd rather want the restoration in an
  355864 [fxn hashref.] Sure Robert, agreed to all.
  356170 [trodwell iee] Robert, Xavier, many thanks - not only is my problem solved but (perhaps

^ require 'rubygems' fails (works in irb)
355870 [adam codegar] I am getting errors that rubygems cannot be found, when starting
355875 [b.candler po] Please ask on a Rails mailing list if you are having problems with

^ Re: difference between underscore and tableize
355873 [b.candler po] You are not talking about the Ruby programming language.

^ Installing Ruby Application
355884 [tony4l yahoo] What's the best way to install a Ruby (non-rails) application?
+ 355886 [phrogz mac.c] You also need to specify the executable(s) inside the bindir that you
| + 355888 [pg thimian.c] No, it doesn't.
| | 356016 [phrogz mac.c] [snip[
| + 355977 [tony4l yahoo] Thanks Gavin! That one actually did it! All I had to do from there was
|   355982 [sutniuq gmx.] rubyscript2exe isn't actually maintained (actually means since 2007).
+ 355887 [pg thimian.c] This could help.

^ [OT] Open Source Subversion Hosting
355891 [transfire gm] Looking for Rubyist's recommendations for free open-source Subversion
356538 [jeremy hineg] No personal experience though.  Looks like codesion (formerly cvsdude)

^ Re: Open Source Subversion Hosting
355892 [marnen marne] Then you're not using Git properly, I think.
+ 355893 [gregory.t.br] Git handles subprojects, sure... but it's arguable whether it does
| + 355894 [gregory.t.br] whoops, I meant: things about git are far nicer than svn :)
| + 355895 [marnen marne] Is git submodule really any worse than svn external?
| | + 355897 [gregory.t.br] better.
| | | 355905 [marnen marne] It's still important.  The typical Subversion user never realizes the
| | + 355898 [jacob techno] better.
| | + 355900 [transfire gm] To clarify, I wasn't referring to submodules or externals. By
| |   + 355903 [james grayso] more
| |   + 355908 [marnen marne] I used to structure my Subversion repositories this way.  In retrospect,
| |     355911 [james grayso] retrospect,=20
| + 355918 [james.britt ] "I love #{@app}, but it's strange how people can get all militant
+ 355901 [transfire gm] I agree that on the whole git is better, but not in all ways.
| 355914 [walton vyper] I've heard many people say this, which I find interesting.  I guess it's
| 355921 [james.britt ] I'm usually up for a good religious war because, as it just so happens,
+ 355906 [richard.conr] Unfuddle has a free hosting option for private projects - only one user has
  355912 [pg thimian.c] Free hosting for *public* projects, and one contributor. Mitigated by

^ Using ActiveRecord in subclasses
355899 [pmckibbin gm] to connect to multiple databases, and I've found the following (single
355902 [pmckibbin gm] Reposted in the Ruby on Rails forum. Apologies.

^ Find the parameters of each method in a class
355907 [rfsllc gmail] Is there a way to find the parameters of each method in a class? For
355909 [jameskilton ] You can find the arity of said methods, but afaik not the names of the
+ 355913 [eregontp gma] irb(main):001:0> class C
| 355920 [rfsllc gmail] Dang thats awesome and exactly what I need! Why can't it be in 1.8? :(
| + 355927 [ryand-ruby z] It can. Look at merb. I think it is in merb-param-protection. Much more =
| + 355934 [rogerpack200] class C
+ 355915 [rfsllc gmail] Thanks Jason. That gets me a little further. For those that don't know,

^ Why does Regexp::escape backslash spaces?!?
355916 [marnen marne] $ ruby -v
+ 355917 [wyhaines gma] It is intentional.  In re.c:rb_reg_quote()
+ 355922 [albertschlef] Maybe spaces are escaped so the resulting string be compatible with an
  355924 [marnen marne] Good point.  And anyway, it causes no problems: when I first posted, I

^ dynamically set named_scope based on current_user
355928 [stoicism1 ao] Hey all,
+ 355929 [stoicism1 ao] User model
| 355976 [pg thimian.c] Since I suspect this is a Rails app, you will have better success when
+ 355992 [b.candler po] Don't use a named scope; create an anonymous scope dynamically.

^ Distressing Doc
355933 [usenet ccjj.] I was reading www.ruby-lang.org, and under "To Ruby From C and C++" it said
+ 355944 [burke.libbey] I can assure you that ruby is not compiled (nor are python or perl).
| + 355945 [marnen marne] Python can be compiled to bytecode.  Ruby can't, unless you're using
| | 355947 [xenogenesis ] Ruby 1.9, running on YARV, compiles into bytecode.
| | + 355948 [marnen marne] Aaugh!  I knew that.
| | + 356133 [usenet ccjj.] I don't know what YARV is, but I upgraded my ruby from 1.8 to 1.9, and
| |   356157 [echristopher] YARV =3D Yet Another Ruby VM -- the standard VM implementation in Ruby 1.9.
| + 355946 [xenogenesis ] Python's definitely compiled into bytecode. Perl is also compiled at
|   355954 [jeffpeng net] 在 2010-01-27三的 13:05 +0900,pharrington写道:
+ 355949 [wyhaines gma] id
+ 355953 [jeffpeng net] A test with simple loop is meaningless.

^ require files namespace!
355935 [krishna.rokh] this seems to be bugging me for a bit now.
355941 [rogerpack200] What's the full backtrace? (chances are you have a stray "tool" in there
355958 [b.candler po] Yes, it's saying that you're using "tool" (lower-case t) by itself.
356013 [krishna.rokh] Thanks Brian and Roger!

^ Build an array using data from an exisiting array
355937 [sean_warburt] I'm buiding a script at the moment and part of it receives a trigger via
355938 [burke.libbey] file_names = ["a.xml", "b.xml", "c.xml", "d.xml", "e.xml"]
355940 [sean_warburt] actually build a file, sorry. What i should have said is that I want to
+ 355960 [shortcutter ] Are you looking for something like this?
+ 355966 [b.candler po] # This converts a single item into its XML request
  355978 [sean_warburt] Thanks everyone for your replies.
  355991 [b.candler po] source = ["foo", "bar", "baz"]

^ can't update and install gem
355939 [joh13ny yaho] Updating RubyGems
+ 355942 [rogerpack200] Try it again?
| 355943 [joh13ny yaho] did u try it on linux os?yes it worked on my linux os but when i try it
+ 355974 [luislavena g] Please check your browser setting for a proxy, use --http-proxy with
  356015 [joh13ny yaho] @luis lavena
  356022 [luislavena g] Can you access this URL from your internet browser?
  356025 [joh13ny yaho] when I type this url on my browser
  356041 [luislavena g] Perhaps you should try with one less "t" in HTTP
  356091 [joh13ny yaho] I already saw the prob.I install rails on 3 different computer,2 got
  356097 [luislavena g] The 3 machines running the same Ruby version?

^ How to connect to Mysql & Query for Database Tables
355950 [shekarls gma] Ruby imposes several way of connecting to Mysql (DBI,activerecord..)
+ 355951 [jeffpeng net] DBI is generally an easy way.
| 355952 [shekarls gma] Building native extensions.  This could take a while...
| 355955 [jeffpeng net] Well, you have to install mysql client before all the operation.
+ 356006 [albertschlef] That's certainly an interesting observation.
  356029 [shekarls gma] Guys,

^ [ANN] rubygems-sing 1.1.0 Released
355956 [ryand-ruby z] rubygems-sing version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ first rails app failed
355959 [rubynewbee g] I just started my lesson on rails and followed the steps in the book
+ 355961 [Prashant_Sin] Please check your logs most probably its trying to look for some db
+ 355965 [b.candler po] Just drop the -d, and you'll see the full error appear on your console.
  355980 [rubynewbee g] Thanks Brain, I have resolved it.
  356199 [badlands_200] yes and I found out that ruby and ruby on rails are ziped files. this is why I could not use them.so I took them off of my computer. I feel that noone was willing to help me with this problem. So I will try another program to use, other than ruby. no that I have put the books up, ruby and ruby on rals had failed.
  356201 [sophrinix gm] why I could not use them.so I took them off of my computer. I feel that noo=

^ Why does `source .bashrc` complain "command not found"?
355962 [adamtemporar] Is it just me or is this something that just cant be done?
+ 355963 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):004:0> `echo $0`
+ 355964 [b.candler po] In recent Ubuntu versions, the default shell is dash (/bin/sh is a link
| 355967 [adamtemporar] Thank you very much for both of your replies. I just tried
| + 355969 [ammarabuali ] source is a built-in shell command, not an executable. It is only
| | + 355971 [b.candler po] You are correct, but you've missed the point. As the OP already
| | + 355972 [pdromero gma] [pdr@grace]$ type source
| + 355970 [b.candler po] because your login shell is /bin/bash not /bin/sh (grep for your
|   355973 [adamtemporar] Many thanks for your replies again - most helpful and greatly
+ 356011 [usenet-nospa] External shell almost always uses /bin/sh, which is usually more POSIXY,

^ being confused about libraries
355979 [rubynewbee g] When running gem I always need to add this lib and that lib (I'm using
+ 355981 [pg thimian.c] Ubuntu (and other distros) package gems within their own package
| 355983 [sutniuq gmx.] A command line interface for SQLite 3
| 355987 [rubynewbee g] $ gem list *sqlite3*
| 355988 [pg thimian.c] libsqlite3-ruby* is the sqlite3-ruby gem (the first one seems to be a
+ 355984 [roger.braun ] Usually, the Ubuntu package is the library written in C (or some other
  355989 [b.candler po] Not exactly.
  355993 [pg thimian.c] While not the gem per se, it is the same code used as if you would do a

^ Install/Update scripts in ruby gems
355985 [spam remofri] I'd like to create a ruby gem package (currently using newgem) which

^ Inconsistency - map/collect not returning enumerator
355986 [b.candler po] => [1, 2, 3]            # I was expecting [2, 4, 6]
355995 [gregory.t.br] Yes.  You're using Ruby 1.8.7, which is, in and of itself, an anomaly :)
355996 [b.candler po] Ah, that's a good enough reason.

^ fast string compression and uncompression
355990 [m94asr gmail] I am looking for a fast string compression/uncompression on small

^ Ruby API and OpenMP
355994 [rotuz inmail] I'm writing an application, which will cooperate with ruby files. So I

^ Class with Multi Constrcutor ( initialize )
355997 [mido.peace g] Hey ..
+ 355998 [jgabrielygal] Ruby doesn't support method overloading. If you need different
| 355999 [jgabrielygal] If you have different ways of constructing objects of a class, create
+ 356000 [pierre.lecoc] There are several solutions to this problem.
  356008 [shortcutter ] A solution like this was proposed for overloading once but it does not
  356009 [albertschlef] Cool. Where is "Array#===" documented? I couldn't find it.
  356012 [gwtmp01 mac.] Unfortunately Array#=== is just the same as Array#==, which is
  356026 [albertschlef] So it isn't cool. "when [Integer, Integer]" won't match any integer
  356038 [shortcutter ] Even if that would not happen you could do this and benefit from a
  356040 [mido.peace g] Thx Alot For Help ;)

^ SNMP::Integer values in Ruby 1.9
356001 [jloughran qx] Hey guys, this is my first forum post. Wanted to see if anyone could
361661 [jloughran qx] Hey y'all (...I'm in Kentucky),

^ ruby webmail
356002 [saurabh.purn] I am looking out for a ruby webmail program, which will connect to the

^ sftp from an ssh connection?
356003 [plynchnlm gm] I've seen a few posts in this list about getting an SSH connection

^ Can Someone please help me with my Computer stuff? 66506
356004 [ghtpl yahoo.] I use the computer and the Net on a regular basis but I don't know a whole lot about it all, especially when it gets technical.  I have an Acer Aspire AM5100-U5300A.  I would like to speed this computer up, I would like a very good grasphics card without spending a fortune. Once I find out what I need I willo just go to ebay but I don't know what kind of meory, cards and such are compaitble with my machine.  Help please.
356005 [marnen marne] Then this is not the right mailing list for you.  This list is for

^ RDoc 2.4.3 - :call-seq: ignored?
356007 [thomas thomt] I'm having some issues getting RDoc to work.

^ Use Non-Java Version of Gem
356010 [btrichardson] I'm writing a program that may or may not require to be run in JRuby,
356021 [luislavena g] That means you installed "-java" version of the gem in MRI.
356033 [btrichardson] On my machine, the gem path for both ruby and jruby are the same. So,
356036 [hassan.schro] Ouch -- how did you wind up with that? In any case, that's the root
356037 [btrichardson] Ah... okay, good to know this is not the correct way for things to be.
+ 356039 [hassan.schro] Sorry, I've never had a reason to manually tinker with GEM_HOME or
+ 356043 [marnen marne] That's unnecessary.  gem will automatically install in ~/.gems if it
  356045 [btrichardson] Okay, so I removed the GEM_HOME and GEM_PATH specifications in my
  356046 [hassan.schro] The "normal process" is indeed to save gems to that location. I'm
  356062 [btrichardson] Okay, so I upgraded to JRuby 1.4.0 by downloading the source tar file
  356065 [hassan.schro] /usr/local/jruby-1.4.0/bin/jruby
  356077 [btrichardson] btricha@dev-box:~$ gem env

^ String Manipulation Problems (decoding hex)
356014 [neil.matatal] First, I'm a java guy.  I have a file that contains hex (e.g.
356050 [rogerpack200] You seem to be reassigning key?
356052 [neil.matatal] I'm using the output of another application (Java) that generates the
356058 [rogerpack200] perhaps?
356066 [neil.matatal] Thanks roger, that got me on the right path but the methods suggested

^ Add a class variable with a mixin
356017 [geneshuman g] Is it easily possible to add a class variable to a class via a Mixin?
356018 [geneshuman g] Actualy, I can do that.  I just need to modify it externally afterwards
356023 [shortcutter ] module Foo
356024 [shortcutter ] variable starting with "@@" (e.g. @@bar).  It's an instance variable

^ [ANN] rubygems-sing 1.2.0 Released
356019 [ryand-ruby z] rubygems-sing version 1.2.0 has been released!
356093 [jgabrielygal] etween).
356096 [ryand-ruby z] idea?
356103 [Rob AgileCon] I get the same thing on OS X 10.5.8

^ [ANN] rdoc_osx_dictionary 1.0.0 Released
356020 [ryand-ruby z] rdoc_osx_dictionary version 1.0.0 has been released!
356027 [fxn hashref.] Sounds cool! :)

^ Re: rdoc_osx_dictionary 1.0.0 Released
356028 [tekin tekin.] I have the same problem.
356030 [ryand-ruby z] Bugfix coming soon. Just need sleep. :)

^ Mapping error in soap4r
356031 [Prashant_Sin] charset="us-ascii"
356032 [Prashant_Sin] charset="us-ascii"

^ Amazon AWS libraries?
356034 [alex blackke] I did some work last year with AWS, and at that time the RightScale
356291 [treeder gmai] Travis
356302 [alex blackke] Great. Thanks for that.
356394 [ezmobius gma] You should also take a look at Fog:  =
356398 [alex blackke] Looks good so far. Any plans to add SQS support?

^ ActiveRecord::Rollback Config Help
356035 [kelsen23 gma] I'm struggling with why ActiveRecord isn't rolling back my
356094 [shortcutter ] I can't help you with AR but just making sure we exclude the easy

^ gsub not working to replace a 'Chinese' Charater.
356042 [sunraise2005] gsub not works for me when replace 'DBCS'(double byte character set)
+ 356048 [richard.conr] to
| 356056 [sunraise2005] I parse a webpage which encoded in gb2312, using Watir to get the
| + 356061 [dido.sevilla] GB2312? From a web page that probably means EUC-CN, so you have to
| + 356064 [richard.conr] I had a sneaking suspicion that your task was Watir related.
+ 356049 [rogerpack200] Maybe try 1.9?
| 356054 [richard.conr] Its an option, but a better strategy is to outline what you are trying to
+ 356053 [eregontp gma] With ruby 1.9.2dev (2010-01-14 trunk 26319) [x86_64-darwin10.2.0]
| 356057 [marnen marne] Ruby 1.8 isn't outdated.  It just doesn't handle multibyte text that
+ 356059 [dido.sevilla] The term 'DBCS' is not sufficient to determine what the encoding of
+ 356081 [sunraise2005] ============File Main.rb ================
  356087 [sunraise2005] I found my mistake is using incorrect reg match, it works after change