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^ What does ||= represent in this situation?
355249 [stoicism1 ao] Hey all, || is equal to Or. So what would ||= in this situation?
355250 [stoicism1 ao] I can't figure out how to edit a post. But I don't need anyone to
+ 355252 [stoicism1 ao] Something like this?
+ 355254 [josh.cheek g] This code is (presumably) showing that it is expensive to calculate the
  + 355275 [anlerhp yaho] so =20
  | 355333 [stoicism1 ao] So if a is true, it is returned. If a is false, c is returned. What if a
  | + 355351 [jgabrielygal] n with
  | + 355366 [stephen.celi] The closest you'll get to an expansion of
  + 355337 [stoicism1 ao] From my understanding, you're saying since @expensive is undefined the
    355338 [aldric trevo] def expensive

^ net/smtp authorization exception
355253 [rovf_via_rub] I can't send email using net/smtp from my mac running OSX 10.4. The SMTP
355261 [jonathan jmn] -Jonathan Nielsen

^ Can not install fxri
355255 [rovf_via_rub] $ gem install fxri
355257 [stefano.croc] gem install fxri works for me. However, if you want to install the gem you
355305 [rovf_via_rub] This fails too, since fxruby is needed. I think I'll have to figure out
355335 [luislavena g] On Jan 18, 3:58=A0am, Ronald Fischer <rovf_via_ruby_fo...@fusshuhn.de>
355400 [rovf_via_rub] Not knowingly. I have (at home) a LAN with a router, which goes via DSL

^ image processing in ruby
355258 [hramrach cen] I was wondering if I could do image processing in Ruby or would have
+ 355262 [jonathan jmn] RMagick has no useful functions?  I beg to differ.  What kind of image
| 355263 [jonathan jmn] OK, after looking at Camellia, I think I see what you want... you want
+ 355274 [hramrach cen] image processing in ruby

^ Newbie needs help getting started
355259 [cary swovela] I have just written the code for my first Ruby program, one that finds
+ 355290 [jdezenzio gm] There are numerous ways to accomplish this. You can debug through
+ 355320 [justincollin] Yes, this is a pretty typical work sequence.
  355435 [cary swovela] AB & Justin,
  + 355437 [marnen marne] Yes!  Use the ruby-debug gem.  Just put "debugger" in the code where you
  | + 355439 [marnen marne] Whoops!  I forgot which list I was on.  All *Ruby* questions are
  | + 355443 [cary swovela] Will do, Marnen.  Thanks.
  |   + 355445 [marnen marne] Why would you expect n to be 0 when you're assigning the actual Node
  |   | 355458 [cary swovela] It would have helped if I didn't mis-write my little example.  What I
  |   + 355448 [s.korteling ] You probably want to print n.row , which returns nil in your code
  |     355454 [gwtmp01 mac.] tmp = 1         # local variable assignment
  + 355460 [pg thimian.c] Well, #inspect and #class are interesting tools to do debugging,

^ name of method?
355265 [ralphs dos32] How do I get the name of a method?
+ 355267 [marnen marne] Then ??? should be "xxx".  No shortcut here, I think.
+ 355268 [marnen marne] I should mention that Method#name would work if you could get a hold of
+ 355276 [rick.denatal] Here's a bit of a hack using caller.
+ 355277 [gwtmp01 mac.] def foo
  355279 [marnen marne] Cool!  Didn't know about that.

^ Can't install gems (Windows)
355266 [salbass575 h] I am unable to install any gems now on my Windows 7 machine running
355278 [luislavena g] Please, provide more information about your ruby installation and the
+ 355289 [jdezenzio gm] I don't think you should be using 1.9.1 on windows to begin with.  I'm a
| + 355308 [billk cts.co] Hopefully not to confuse the issue, but depending on one's requirements
| + 355363 [headius head] We would love to know what the few headaches are for JRuby. In my
+ 355291 [salbass575 h] I am using the latest ruby 1.9.1 windows installer.
  + 355292 [jdezenzio gm] 1.  Where did you build your 1.9.1 binaries from?
  | 355326 [salbass575 h] I am using the installer from Rubyforge.
  | 355331 [jdezenzio gm] I'll build a new package with the one from Rubyforge on Win 7 and see if
  | + 355341 [jdezenzio gm] 1.  Downloaded Installer from (http://rubyforge.org/frs/?group_id=167)
  | | + 355342 [jdezenzio gm] I know the post above is a long one but it was necessary to showcase
  | | + 355346 [salbass575 h] Wow, thanks! I am going to need this because I want to use Mongrel!
  | | + 355357 [luislavena g] Mongrel 1.1.5 has not been prepared for 1.9.1. Even more, the binary
  | |   + 355361 [jonathan jmn] Someone has released a patched version of mongrel 1.1.5 that will
  | |   | 355387 [luislavena g] That 'someone' is me, so I'm pretty aware of that release and its
  | |   | 355390 [jdezenzio gm] Somehow, I knew that someone might have been you as soon as I posted
  | |   | + 355397 [jonathan jmn] OK, thanks for clarifying that 1.1.6.  All I really knew about it was
  | |   | + 356089 [senthilupkm ] I have installed ruby and trying to set rails environment.
  | |   |   356092 [gthiesfeld g] I would recommend you use the newer rubyinstaller package.
  | |   + 355365 [jdezenzio gm] using 1.1.6 for Mongrel from the source I outlined.  It works great and
  | + 355343 [salbass575 h] Thanks, but I 'think' I have it resolved. And....it WAS a permissions
  + 355295 [luislavena g] cd c:/Ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1
    355327 [salbass575 h] I have tried all of your suggestions and the problem persists. I was

^ [ANN] java-inline 0.0.3, with Duby support
355272 [headius head] Just released java-inline 0.0.3, which now supports Duby as well.
355388 [rogerpack200] I wonder if java-inline could be used from within a C interpreter, as
355395 [headius head] It's probably possible using something like RJB. I've never used RJB

^ Manipulating big hunks of data
355273 [usenet-nospa] Is there any kind of container-like-thing in Ruby for the special case
+ 355280 [billk cts.co] Not sure how closely these fit your requirements, but a couple
| 355300 [james grayso] types
| 355301 [usenet-nospa] That'd be fine in my case.  I'm sort of messing with thoughts about
+ 355315 [shortcutter ] iously,
  355318 [usenet-nospa] Well, as an example, say I were doing number-crunching, and I wanted to

^ basic question: passing a modifiable argument to a routine
355281 [usenet ccjj.] Arguments to subroutines seem to be passed by value in ruby
355288 [josh.cheek g] They are actually pass by reference, as in Java and C++, or arrays in C.
355345 [usenet ccjj.] When you say that += creates a different object, then are you saying
+ 355352 [rick.denatal] In this case, those integers are all Fixnums which are represented by
| 355354 [usenet ccjj.] Well, I'm trying to understand.  If I do
| 355356 [shortcutter ] No, Fixnums are "immediate values" which means there is just the
+ 355355 [shortcutter ] 2010/1/18 lalawawa <usenet@ccjj.info>

^ Re: name of method? ... and 1.9
355282 [ralphs dos32] Ok ... The Pickaxe book warns about not going to 1.9 because of library issues.
355303 [justincollin] I would say to use 1.9 unless it does not work for you.
355349 [marnen marne] I would not use 1.9 with Rails yet, but some people do.  My one

^ What is the equivalent of C++ "this"?
355283 [usenet ccjj.] I want to write a method within class Array that will put single
+ 355285 [ tel jklm.no] In Ruby, "this" is called self.
+ 355286 [allan_wind l] self

^ Re: basic question: passing a modifiable argument to a routi
355287 [marnen marne] They're called functions or methods in Ruby.
355350 [marnen marne] BTW, the more idiomatic way of doing this would be something like
355358 [marnen marne] You can think of it that way (1 million, actually -- Fixnums only use

^ what does this mean?
355293 [rubynewbee g] @speaks_english ||= @name.size > 6
+ 355302 [ammarabuali ] if @speaks_english.nil? or @speaks_english == false
| 355317 [shortcutter ] I'd shorten that to
| + 355321 [ammarabuali ] I intentionally expanded || to nil? or false tests, and "unrolled" the
| | 355325 [shortcutter ] be
| + 355332 [rubynewbee g] Thanks. This is much clearer than the original one which I do don't like.
|   355339 [shortcutter ] That's very common among programming languages.  Assignment has
+ 355359 [colinb2r goo] As an addition to the other replies to your question, there is a useful
  + 355368 [rick.denatal] Which hopefully is accessible.  I've been having an issue with my ISP.
  + 355385 [jeffpeng net] 在 2010-01-19二的 01:54 +0900,Colin Bartlett写道:

^ [ann] LA Ruby Conf 2010 - Workshop training posted for 2/19
355296 [cobyr interh] The workshop schedule for Friday February 19th is posted.

^ Re: Digits of e (#226)
355298 [horndude77 g] $ cat e.rb

^ Ruby Array to Java Script Array
355304 [Prashant_Sin] charset="us-ascii"
355310 [sign.of.the.] JSON library makes it possible.
355316 [Prashant_Sin] SSB0cmllZCB1c2luZyBqc29uIGJ1dCBJIGFtIGRvaW5nIHNvbWUgbWlzdGFrZSBiZWNhdXNlIG9m

^ gem does not find gems
355306 [rovf_via_rub] gem install SOMETHING
+ 355309 [jonathan jmn] 0.9.4 is an ancient version of rubygems.
+ 355336 [luislavena g] On Jan 18, 4:00=A0am, Ronald Fischer <rovf_via_ruby_fo...@fusshuhn.de>

^ MVC  .... Many views and one controller
355324 [ralphs dos32] What's the right RoR way if a controller needs to display one of many
355329 [ibc aliax.ne] The right way is asking in a RoR maillist rather than in a pure Ruby mailli=
355344 [ralphs dos32] I thought this was the RoR mailing list!
+ 355348 [walton vyper] Good luck!
+ 355364 [ibc aliax.ne] No, this is Ruby-Talk maillist ;)=20
  355370 [ralphs dos32] This is frustrating.  When I select "new topic" on this forum, one of
  355371 [walton vyper] I've never used ruby-forum before, so I don't know anything about that.

^ ruby for TT
355330 [rubynewbee g] Is there any ruby wrapper which can make ruby scripts access Perl's TT

^ SNMP in rails
355340 [atheeq carma] Can any one please help me in converting this php code into ruby on
355347 [trednu gmail] You should use: net/snmp library for ruby and get and set methods of SNMP
355353 [atheeq carma] Thank you very much..
355362 [trednu gmail] 2010/1/18 Atheeq Pasha <atheeq@carmatec.com>
355367 [atheeq carma] Thanks a lot.
355500 [atheeq carma] I got that working, but what settings do i have to configure on the host

^ ffi: How to use wchar_t strings?
355360 [sutniuq gmx.] I'm trying to use the ffi gem to work with some WinAPI functions. Till
+ 355369 [rogerpack200] Might be a bug in ffi. I'd ping their group.
+ 355389 [luislavena g] I think because :string definition is expecting a Ruby string, not a
  355411 [sutniuq gmx.] Maybe true. I'm new to ffi, so I'll have to look how to define my own

^ Integer class error
355374 [atheeq carma] how to use Integer class in ruby?? When I enter this from irb console,
355376 [ibc aliax.ne] Integer doesn't allow "new" method as Integer is an especial class (Integer=
355377 [atheeq carma] I am using this in snmpset implementation of the SNMP ruby
355380 [brabuhr gmai] manager =3D Manager.new(:Host =3D> result.address)

^ Return class as Integer
355378 [atheeq carma] Can anyone tell me how to get a return class as Integer in ruby?
355382 [gwtmp01 mac.] Integer is an abstract class is Ruby.  You want a Fixnum
355383 [usenet ccjj.] I don't think Fixnums are 32 bit.
355384 [Rob AgileCon] No, but they're close enough. There's a few bits used to identify some
355391 [gwtmp01 mac.] immediate values in the MRI implementation. On a 64-bit platform, a =

^ Question about some changes from Ruby 1.8.6 to Ruby 1.9
355379 [jdezenzio gm] So, the bulk of my issues thus far have been pretty simple and I've
355381 [gwtmp01 mac.] for the Ruby 1.9 version to be equivalent to the 1.8 version.

^ Creating GUI applications with Ruby 1.9.1
355392 [jdezenzio gm] I'm wanting to port over a GUI app I created into ruby so that it
+ 355393 [rogerpack200] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 355394 [pg thimian.c] Well, usually just one item: the gem for the GUI library you pick to
  + 355396 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks guys.  I'll look through all of the documentation and links
  + 355398 [stefano.croc] Qt ruby works quite well with ruby 1.9 (at least, using recent versions).
  | + 355402 [marnen marne] If you're willing to use JRuby, I highly recommend Monkeybars.
  | + 355403 [maurice.diam] A standard GUI should be easy to install on every platform.
  |   + 355409 [eregontp gma] "Qt could be better, but seems not easily available on macosx
  |   + 355422 [rogerpack200] I'd imagine that multi-platform is easier with jruby (rawr) or
  |     355431 [jdezenzio gm] gem install tk_as_gem --platform x86-mingw32
  |     355434 [rogerpack200] oops left a line of debug code in there.
  |     355438 [jdezenzio gm] gem install tk_as_gem --platform x86-mingw32
  |     355440 [marnen marne] But apparently, Ruby/Tk has an awful API.  The Ruby GUI survey at
  |     + 355446 [bosko.ivanis] I could not agree more. After trying to make an application with Ruby/
  |     | 355452 [jdezenzio gm] I'll look into that as well.
  |     | 355453 [jdezenzio gm] I liked the look of wxruby as well so I went ahead and installed the
  |     | 355455 [jdezenzio gm] I'll try the 1.9.1 installer file with wxruby..
  |     | 355456 [jdezenzio gm] 1.9.1 installer for patch 243 with wxruby works fine.  I'm using that so
  |     + 355451 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks Marnen,
  + 355410 [justincollin] -Justin
    355412 [jdezenzio gm] Titanium : http://www.appcelerator.com/
    355417 [jdezenzio gm] Okay, doing a quick response here to my first experimentation with
    355419 [jdezenzio gm] enjoy.
    355423 [arndt.roger ] It rather seems you have to write the

^ Ruby IDE for MacOS-X
355399 [wissme hotma] What's the best one to use with beginners ?
+ 355401 [marnen marne] In most cases, I'd say that Ruby doesn't really benefit from an IDE.
+ 355404 [arndt.roger ] XCode (include in OSX Developer Tools) features a Ruby mode;
+ 355428 [rogerpack200] -r

^ string to int
355405 [philfo gmail] Is there a nice way to convert a string to an integer if it is in fact an
+ 355406 [jgabrielygal] _i
| + 355407 [philfo gmail] Yeah that's exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks for the help, I'm prett=
| + 355408 [ shot hot.pl] =E2=80=A6and if you=E2=80=99d rather get nil, you can try rescuing the exce=
|   355413 [rick.denatal] ruby-1.8.6-p383 > Integer("0xFF")
|   355416 [fxn hashref.] \A and \z would be better surely for the same price.
|   355426 [rick.denatal] Yep.
+ 355414 [james grayso] an integer, and to return nil or even an error if it's not?  The method =

^ Working with SNMP
355415 [atheeq carma] I am working with SNMP in ruby, I have installed the SNMP library and
+ 355420 [brabuhr gmai] The reason might be that host xx.xx.xx.xx.xx is not running an snmpd
| 355421 [atheeq carma] Thank you for that useful information.
| 355436 [brabuhr gmai] I haven't used this library before, but I don't think you should (need
| 355465 [d-l-brown ro] I've not used the ruby snmp library yet. But I have been using ruby to
| 355490 [kyleaschmitt] Darryl, isn't driving NetSNMP's cli client from ruby a little
| 355499 [atheeq carma] It seems simpler and pretty straight forward. I am using this set method
+ 355429 [boesemar gmx] You can open the Manager with :Timeout (and :Retries) options to

^ Delayed evaluation of append_features
355418 [djberg96 gma] And that had me wondering about my "interface" implementation. At the

^ Problem with tmm1's amqp and mechanize
355425 [lapitsky gma] I have standalone Ruby application that subscribes for messages AMQP
355459 [rogerpack200] it blocks within the call to require 'mechanize'?
355486 [lapitsky gma] It does not block and this is the problem.

^ MWRC 2010
355427 [pat.eyler gm] Okay, it's that time of year again.  MWRC is back for another round,
357518 [rogerpack200] My front room couch is available if anybody is going to this and wants

^ Passing C Struct to Ruby
355447 [mido.peace g] hey !!
+ 355449 [rogerpack200] checkout ffi, ruby ffi swig generator, and
+ 355450 [ibc aliax.ne] This is wrong. Any Ruby C function must return a VALUE object. This is, a R=

^ Curses! Poll: which gem is most complete/bug-free/recent/maintained?
355457 [zettabyte gm] I'm wondering if anyone here uses the ncurses (or ruby-ncurses) gem or

^ Looking for object.inherits?(Classname)
355461 [xeno.campano] I'm looking for a way to make sure an object being passed is in some class
+ 355462 [dblack rubyp] object.is_a?(MyClass)
+ 355463 [xeno.campano] Looks like the method I use is "ancestors".
| 355466 [dblack rubyp] Whoops, that means I misunderstood. Sorry.
| 355467 [Rob AgileCon] => "string"
+ 355472 [shortcutter ] lass,
  + 355481 [ shot hot.pl] [=E2=80=A6]
  | 355482 [shortcutter ] Oh, yes of course!  Thanks for catching that!  The order should have
  + 355502 [xeno.campano] If I want a method that only takes objects of family Xclass, and I get one
    355510 [walton vyper] irb(main):001:0> Integer("boo")
    355511 [walton vyper] irb(main):002:0> Integer([1,2,3])
    355514 [xeno.campano] Okay.  Good.  Thanks.  I appreciate the feedback. This will help my programming,
    355533 [shortcutter ] ad type