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^ Recommended Reading (also:  Arrays/Hashes)
355036 [ no spam.com] Apologies for the long post, but just want to introduce myself and
+ 355039 [pg thimian.c] Mission accomplished, I'd say. :)
+ 355040 [marnen marne] Welcome to the Ruby community!
+ 355050 [shortcutter ] Welcome to the wonderful world of Ruby!
+ 355055 [justincollin] Welcome.
+ 355060 [jose stat.uc] I don't know about games in general but a very successful OO pattern you
  355065 [ no spam.com] Thanks for those replies all,  I definitely got back more input than I
  + 355067 [aldric trevo] It's like everything else - once you get past the learning curve, you'll
  | 355068 [jgabrielygal] Care to add me to that Wave if it happens? My free time is quite
  + 355069 [pg thimian.c] The trick is to take a large, unsolvable problem, and break it down into
  + 355091 [marnen marne] Er...OK.  Then why did you say you were building a MUD if you're leaving
    + 355093 [pg thimian.c] "SQLite usually will work great as the database engine for low to medium
    + 355097 [usenet-nospa] If you want to write text adventures, do it in Inform6.  It's a purpose-built
    | 355103 [Ruby GoogleM] Actually, "Use The Right Tool For The Job" is very much appreciated in
    | + 355104 [pg thimian.c] In short: We are lazy pragmatists. ;)
    | + 355107 [jeffpeng net] 在 2010-01-15五的 14:15 +0900,Jrg W Mittag写道:
    + 355110 [billk cts.co] On the other hand, a MUD may not require the sort of arbitrarily
      355260 [ no spam.com] I've been away for a bit.. Sorry for the delayed response(s)..  I've
      + 355312 [shortcutter ] The good news is that you'll likely be able to reuse most of the SQL
      + 355328 [aldric trevo] The best MUD on which I ever played was the Discworld MUD - The world is

^ Re: [QUIZ] Digits of e (#226) Late solution
355038 [wruyahoo05 c] After recovering some vaguely remembered math, and trying not to look to

^ using ruby for flash (newbie)
355041 [angel21ccs h] stuff), where can I search more info how install and work with it?...I
+ 355042 [sophrinix gm] Are you talking about flash remoting?
+ 355126 [kadelfek kad] I discovered HotRuby a few hours ago.

^ Re: Can not install mysql gem
355043 [dale8458 gma] I am having the same issue with sudo gem install mysql  I also have the
355047 [vgnam2404 gm] Follow the above link to view solution. Luis has showed me that I

^ Gem build issues Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit
355044 [dale8458 gma] dale@dale-desktop:~$ sudo gem install mysql
355061 [luislavena g] No definition is not a bug, is a warning from ri when trying to
355086 [echristopher] Since people are talking about the mysql gem, I thought I'd ask how

^ rubygems: bad urls
355051 [marco-oweber] I patched ruby gems successfully so that it outputs ruby packages so
355053 [pg thimian.c] Gems are hosted on gemcutter.org by now, not RubyGems.
355062 [luislavena g] gems.rubyforge.org =3D=3D gemcutter.org
355101 [marco-oweber] It can. However shouldn't I be able to download this gem by copy pasting

^ xrefresh server, rb-inotify and ioselect
355052 [marco-oweber] This is of interest for all Linux devs doing web development.
355063 [marco-oweber] This example
355193 [headius head] t supported under JRuby") if RUBY_PLATFORM =3D~ /java/

^ how change encoding?
355059 [marcelocavac] please help...
355064 [shortcutter ] .to_a

^ Public Key encryption
355066 [MrBanabas go] I have to talk to a third party system in one of my applications.
355094 [marnen marne] What does this have to do with Ruby?
355113 [MrBanabas go] Well, I have nt thought about the fact that there might be a special
355114 [MrBanabas go] forget about my question. Seems to be a totally proprietary system.
355147 [b.candler po] If it's an RSA key you can construct it from its parameters.

^ Cucumber Scenario Outline
355071 [jonatasdp gm] want to execute once before start steps with < >.
355072 [jacob.d.mitc] Do you have a concrete example?  That would make it easier to find a good
355082 [jonatasdp gm] Thanks Jacob!

^ [ANN] os gem: initial release: easier platform management
355074 [rogerpack200] Initial release of the OS gem.
355077 [pg thimian.c] I'd alias this to #ruby_bin since that is more natural on non-Windows

^ hash /expecting tASSOC/
355076 [aidy.lewis g] Can any tell me why I am getting the error: "syntax error, unexpected
355078 [pg thimian.c] The last key-value pair is "just" an "=", and not the expected "=>".
355079 [aidy.lewis g] Apologies for being an idiot
355081 [pg thimian.c] Don't you worry. :)

^ Re: os gem: initial release: easier platform management
355083 [rogerpack200] Good idea.  I released a new version that only has ruby_bin :)

^ How to know the OS architecture (32 or 64 bits)?
355085 [ibc aliax.ne] 4=20
+ 355088 [Rob AgileCon] You can use Fixnum#size to get number of bytes for a Fixnum and =20
| 355117 [ibc aliax.ne] It's really good!
+ 355096 [usenet-nospa] Probably not.
| 355116 [ibc aliax.ne] or
| 355149 [usenet-nospa] Ahh.
| 355150 [ibc aliax.ne] if
| 355158 [usenet-nospa] That seems like it should work.
+ 355136 [walton vyper] I can't vouch for how accurate it is, but an OS gem was recently
  355138 [walton vyper] Hmm.. it does not appear to deal with 32-bit ruby running on a 64 bit
  + 355139 [matt harpsta] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  + 355140 [ibc aliax.ne] Interesting, I'll take a look to its implementation. However in my case I w=
  + 355142 [ibc aliax.ne] def self.bits
  | 355143 [ibc aliax.ne] Well, "rbconfig" is not a gem but a Ruby built in library.
  | 355159 [walton vyper] submit a bug! http://github.com/rdp/os
  | + 355161 [pg thimian.c] No. If the OS isn't 64 bits itself, it'll run on an x86_64 architecture,
  | | 355165 [walton vyper] Makes sense, but I don't know enough about low-level OS/hardware to be
  | + 355163 [pmckibbin gm] Not on this machine
  | + 355167 [rogerpack200] At least within a 32-bit OS (in a VM) it appears to be i686-linux so I
  | | 355195 [headius head] If you really want to know if you're running on a 32 or 64-bit JVM (at
  | | 355198 [rogerpack200] ENV_JAVA['sun.arch.data.model']
  | | 355207 [headius head] Seems like it could easily be an rbconfig value...
  | + 355175 [ibc aliax.ne] 1.size =3D> 4
  | | 355194 [rick.denatal] I think that the value of 1.size depends not on what platform Ruby is
  | + 355176 [ibc aliax.ne] I was to submit a report but Roger has already improved it :)=20
  + 355162 [luislavena g] No matter how many bits the OS has, as long the compiled interpreter
    355164 [walton vyper] Ah! But this tool doesn't claim to tell me about my address space or

^ Building mysql extension/gem with MinGW (was Re: Gem build issues  Ubuntu 9.10 64 bit)
355087 [echristopher] Ugh, I top-posted AND forgot to change the subject line. Sorry!
355160 [luislavena g] On Jan 14, 9:11=A0pm, Eric Christopherson <echristopher...@gmail.com>
355192 [echristopher] OK. Using the instructions below, just --with-mysql-dir doesn't quite
355211 [echristopher] I just discovered that building the gem actually works fine in MSYS

^ Notifying via Terminal in Linux
355089 [thinkwritemu] So I've got this idea for a linux CLI program, and one of the things I
+ 355090 [ibc aliax.ne] WALL command doesn't require reading from a file, it reads the STDIN.
| 355092 [jonathan jmn] Yes, use popen3 to get a reference to stdin of the wall process and
| 355115 [ibc aliax.ne] With popen4 you also get the correct exit status code of the command :)
+ 355106 [albertschlef] I think this utility already exists: syslog. It can also output certain
+ 355123 [jeanjulien.f] If your program is intended to be run from the command-line, why a

^ Re: [ANN] os gem: initial release: easier platform managemen
355095 [marnen marne] Does it do OS.mac? yet?  If not, that would be nice, particularly for
355133 [rogerpack200] Great idea.

^ Net:HTTP questions...
355098 [jbateman0769] I'm writing a script that will bootstrap a database with extensive data
355099 [pg thimian.c] How about this?
355100 [jbateman0769] Excellent thanks.

^ Float Points error
355102 [Prashant_Sin] charset="us-ascii"
355105 [pg thimian.c] Floats aren't exact, they are approximations: IEEE 754-2008
+ 355111 [usenet-nospa] This is nowhere near as true as it used to be.  Some quickie tests on an x86
| 355112 [pg thimian.c] Possibly. If the multi-core nature of today's processors lends itself to
| 355209 [colinb2r goo] I think it's worth reminding people that it's possible to use Java with JRuby.
| 355264 [headius head] You may as well remove MRI and JRuby from that and look at the many
| 355269 [headius head] {code}
| 355271 [headius head] fib_ruby(35)                    3.192000   0.000000   3.192000 (  3.192000)
+ 355173 [gwtmp01 mac.] <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754-2008>
  + 355178 [Ruby GoogleM] Actually, I believe that the last two(!) threads are still running.
  + 355424 [rogerpack200] So currently ruby "doesn't show you the real floating point number"
    355442 [eregontp gma] 2010/1/19 Roger Pack <rogerpack2005@gmail.com>
    355444 [rogerpack200] But, more directly, the fact that people would like it that way is more

^ End of line problem with xmlrpc
355122 [hubert.marti] I try to transfer binary files between two (Redmine) servers. By the
355135 [shortcutter ] This one irritates me: by using base64 encoding you should be fine,
355141 [hubert.marti] I also agree with you, I can even say that I completly agree with you.
+ 355145 [shortcutter ] As far as I can see this works ok on 1.9.1
+ 355157 [pg thimian.c] That's probably the issue. CR and LF are line ending characters. And
  355206 [shortcutter ] That should not be the case since a) he is doing reading and writing

^ Please Help I'm new in Ruby -- Input Problem
355131 [nolly inbox.] I'm interested to learn this language. I'm using Eclipse with Ruby
355132 [marnen marne] Whatever site this code came from can be considered untrustworthy.
355134 [nolly inbox.] Thank you for helping I really appreciate, but I still have the same
355137 [matt harpsta] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
355154 [nolly inbox.] GREAT! It works..thanks for helping me.=D
355155 [matt harpsta] Most welcome.  Hope you enjoy your exploration of Ruby!

^ Not able to create using rake
355146 [mnjagadeesh ] jagadeesh@jagadeesh-laptop ~/TODO/mysql $ rake db:create:all
355197 [mnjagadeesh ] $ sudo apt-get install ruby1.8-dev
355201 [jonathan jmn] Did the mysql gem install properly?  Try installing the mysql client

^ Foolproof way of determining host platform
355166 [pmckibbin gm] I am trying to work out a 'better' way of determing if my ruby code is
+ 355168 [pg thimian.c] You can give a binary any extension you like on *NIX, as long as you set
+ 355169 [luislavena g] That is because is not the OS, but also the C Runtime used to link to
+ 355170 [aldric trevo] Man, one gem gets released and tons of people suddenly have a need for
+ 355180 [transfire gm] require 'rubygems'
  355186 [aldric trevo] One word: Skynet.

^ Nested Function Confusion
355172 [josh.cheek g] acknowledgment of their existence) in Programming Ruby or the Ruby
355174 [justincollin] Ruby doesn't support defining nested functions like this very well, so I

^ How to know if $stderr is reopened to /dev/null
355181 [ibc aliax.ne] $stderr.reopen "/dev/null"
+ 355182 [justincollin] You can use $stderr.tty? if you just need to know if a terminal is
| 355183 [ibc aliax.ne] Great! It also works in case $stderr is redirected to a file in which case=
+ 355185 [smparkes smp] On anything sufficiently Unix-like, you could fstat the filehandle and =
| 355184 [ibc aliax.ne] at
+ 355187 [usenet-nospa] You couldn't.
  355190 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks for the clarification. However it's enough for me using $stderr.tty?=
  355212 [shortcutter ] tty?.=20

^ [ANN] ListBrowser 0.1.0 released: Browse tree structures!
355188 [aldric trevo] ~~~~ ListBrowser README ~~~~
355189 [aldric trevo] Right. As I was saying..

^ Core Image, Where Art Thou?
355196 [spencerevanr] Lately, I've been developing some image editing functions for my rails

^ parsing js with ruby
355199 [globyy3000 h] What I'm trying to accomplish is to create a javascript information

^ How can I modify the xml file directly?
355200 [lxybhbh gmai] <book>
+ 355204 [lxybhbh gmai] I meant without string or tmp file, write to original file.
| 355213 [usenet-nospa] In general, on most systems, the only modifications you can make without
| + 355214 [gwtmp01 mac.] I often wondered if there is any OS floating around out there that goes
| + 355215 [ninja slapha] Not true; you can append to the end of a file.
| | 355224 [lxybhbh gmai] It seems that I can only truncate the original file to 0, then overwrite
| + 355222 [lxybhbh gmai] Do you mean it's related with the file system API?
|   355223 [usenet-nospa] Yes.
|   355226 [lxybhbh gmai] Oh, I got the meaning. It will overwrite later characters, data will
+ 355221 [paradisaeida] If you are looking for an efficient way of editing xml 'records' then
  355225 [lxybhbh gmai] Oh, thanks Mark. I will try.

^ [QUIZ] Solar System (#227)
355202 [yahivin gmai] -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=
355430 [Glen.F.Panko] Not a whole lot of Ruby-specific stuff here, FWIW.
355441 [jontyjont bt] Lovely maths! I found the Horizons web site too - I was hoping to

^ 1.9.1's rubyw.exe can not read from pipe ?
355203 [usurffx gmai] I found this problem when writing a GUI app with wxruby.
355205 [rogerpack200] I get the same thing here with 1.9.1 but not with 1.9.2, so I suppose

^ racc error on new 1.9 hash syntax
355210 [michel demaz] racc 1.4.6 does not understand when parsing " in: value "
355284 [aaron tender] Racc doesn't actually understand how to parse anything.  Someone must
355294 [michel demaz] Thanks for your answer.
355319 [ryand-ruby z] ruby_parser doesn't parse 1.9 syntax.
355322 [michel demaz] @Ryan : OK, thanks. But what about flog ? Should we just forget it ?
355323 [ryand-ruby z] Flog and flay both use ruby_parser to do their work.
355334 [michel demaz] The funny fact is that I changed the syntax in my project to please
355474 [michel demaz] A simple preliminary rake task passing files through

^ Strange Encoding Behavior
355218 [usurffx gmai] The encoding of __FILE__ is always the same as Encoding.default_external
+ 355219 [luislavena g] At 1.9.1, and some part of 1.9.2 still display certain issues with
| 355220 [usurffx gmai] I think #1685 is a little bit different.
+ 355256 [shortcutter ] I believe the point you are missing is that String#encode does not
  355299 [usurffx gmai] I know String#encode doesn't change the original string, but the result
  355313 [shortcutter ] Apparently I misread your posting, sorry.  Is UTF-8 capable of

^ Socket writing limit
355227 [phil.auriemm] Hey guys,
355251 [gwtmp01 mac.] The short answer is that it doesn't matter since the Ruby runtime,
355270 [phil.auriemm] Wow thanks, this is very helpful.

^ GPGME gem - cannot figure out how to decrypt data
355228 [ruby-talk-25] I'm pretty new to ruby and this is my first real program I'm writing.
355229 [ueno unixuse] First of all, what version of GnuPG are you using?  Since GPGME (C
355230 [ruby-talk-25] $ gpg --version
355231 [ueno unixuse] You are right, but the result looks strange.  Could you try the attached
355232 [ueno unixuse] Sorry, I mistakenly posted a wrong script.  Please use this one instead...
355238 [ruby-talk-25] Results in the same problem, I had to interrupt the script and it was
355307 [ueno unixuse] Unfortunately I can't reproduce your problem since I don't have any
355311 [ruby-talk-25] I'm using a real developing system, no real-world data on it ;)
355314 [ueno unixuse] The web page seems not up to date.  I'm currently using GPGME 1.2.0 and
355375 [ruby-talk-25] That's strange then, I'd always expect the webpage to be current.
355476 [ueno unixuse] I've reported it to the GnuPG team and asked them which is the current

^ Which source file?
355233 [ralphs dos32] Windows development environment.
+ 355234 [marnen marne] How is that relevant?
| 355242 [ralphs dos32] I don't know!   How files are handled might be different on different
| 355245 [marnen marne] I suppose.  But in this case, no.  So far as I know, there's no
| 355246 [ralphs dos32] Ruby (Rails?) does so much that is different depending on case.
| 355247 [marnen marne] Right.  The filesystem is case-preserving but not case-sensitive.
+ 355236 [liulantao gm] i know only Device::Mapping, maybe there is someone misspell it.
| 355241 [ralphs dos32] "devise" is a gem for doing user authentication that I am beginning to
+ 355386 [rogerpack200] If you're on 1.9, you can use Method#source_location to see where it's

^ Debugger not available
355235 [ralphs dos32] => Booting WEBrick

^ capistrano: saving a result on var
355239 [botpena gmai] sorry if this dumb and not pure ruby q, but i just hit a bump on capistrano.
+ 355240 [jeanjulien.f] =3D> nil
| 355248 [ninja slapha] I don't know why you'd want to run 'date' instead of Time.now from within
+ 355243 [botpena gmai] pls ignore.