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^ file closing
35478 [ronjeffries ] So I'm going to create an object that wraps a file and gives it some new kind of
+ 35496 [ysantoso jen] You can't use finalizer because it is exec'ed after gc, and
| 35505 [paul atdesk.] A finalizer will work as well as or better than at_exit, since the GC
+ 35506 [paul atdesk.] You can use a finalizer, but the GC won't necessarily be invoked at a
  35544 [ronjeffries ] Thanks for the advice, all. I wasn't aware that gc ran at exit. It seems
  35545 [decoux moulo] At end it call finalizers (if they are defined), then it look if it exist

^ FXCanvas for 2D animation
35479 [vjoel PATH.B] Is the FXCanvas suitable for 2D animation of the kinds that Tk can do?
35592 [ljohnson res] I'm honestly not familiar with animation in Tk's canvas widget. If I were
35604 [vjoel PATH.B] Tk's canvas manages layers of display items for you. Items can be

^ Ruby/Mock namespace question
35497 [nathaniel ta] I asked Nat Pryce a week or so ago if he would port Ruby/Mock to
35501 [dsafari xtra] First off, thanks for both your works - I use them both often. In fact, I use

^ test (Ignore)
35517 [ruby-lists w] Sorry, but I think I had some problems sending mails to the ML

^ Open Watcom
35519 [list chromat] I'm not directly interested in this since I run Linux, but I stumbled
35525 [rich infoeth] "The Windows SDK components and Microsoft Foundation Classes are not
35798 [SPAMstephen.] are
35809 [rich infoeth] Stephen,
35811 [botp delmont] cool.
35849 [SPAMstephen.] No because PB is a current selling product of Sybase's.

^ 명작 영어교육용 애니메이션 세트(광.고)
35520 [dhlee flynar] <HTML>

35524 [Dave Pragmat] I'm trying to adapt some filtering software to intercept spam passing

^ What classes exist
35528 [dcorbin impe] 1) a client object makes a request for object "Foo" (user passes a
+ 35529 [vjoel PATH.B] Object.const_get("String")
+ 35530 [jweirich one] Class names are constants.  Top level class names are constants in
  35540 [chr_news gmx] After a recent battle with a small bucklet involving file names it

^ Setting mutually inclusive vars
35531 [ysantoso jen] I was working on a large cgi script. I had to set several variables
+ 35532 [bill avantgo] mapping = [
+ 35533 [dempsejn geo] if your variables are related as you've shown, as well as the variables

^ 2-dimensional regular expression patterns(?)
35534 [charleshixsn] I am contemplating a kind of two dimensional regular expression

^ Funny Instance Variable?
35535 [flcl gmx.net] while fumbling around with ruby, I stumbled onto the following code.
35536 [bill 32768.c] It's a class instance variable.
35539 [chr_news gmx] Hm quoting from the faq (hope nobody minds)

^ Confusion
35537 [dcorbin impe] The following is from my debugging through xmlc.rb
35542 [chris darkro] I believe it's a case of ch is a string and therefore to do an equlity check
+ 35543 [ronjeffries ] I'm not saying that, but the code as written runs fine on its own in 1.6.6. I
| 35547 [dcorbin impe] No, but I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) the debugger enables a more
+ 35548 [dcorbin impe] That seems like a problem *lots* of people would encounter....
  35549 [decoux moulo] Can you give your complete example (if it's *less* than 100 lines) otherwise
  35559 [dcorbin impe] I don't think there is anything special about my HTML file that causes
  35560 [tobiasreif p] 1.
  35562 [james rubyxm] content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup
  35571 [decoux moulo] I can't reproduce the error
  + 35574 [kjana dm4lab] I remember some bug in 1.6.6 was fixed old days.  That is the bug
  | 35585 [dcorbin impe] Can you elaborate on this bug in 1.6.7?
  | 35729 [kjana dm4lab] Those in my memory and brief searching on MLs....
  | 35794 [vjoel PATH.B] Matz patched it in [ruby-talk:35176].
  + 35575 [dcorbin impe] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
    35578 [decoux moulo] This is a problem related to 1.6.6 like explained by YANAGAWA Kazuhisa in

^ Timings unreliable within RubyUnit?
35552 [W.L.Kleb LaR] We use RubyUnit for XP-style unit testing as well as

^ Fiddling with ruby/tk canvas
35553 [tsondergaard] I've got a TkCanvas with a number of TkcImage items on it. I've set it
35554 [decoux moulo] Probably there is a better way (I've not used tk since a very long time)
35555 [tsondergaard] Because there is something better, or?
35556 [decoux moulo] No, just because I've some other thing to do :-)

^ Issue with trapping errors in instance_eval
35557 [mdavis sevai] I need to be able to trap error during a call to instance_eval.  Here is
35561 [filip.moens ] On my machine (Windows 2000), this problem indeed occurs with Ruby 1.6.6 and
35563 [Dave Pragmat] It isn't really an error - a 'rescue' clause without specific
35565 [mdavis sevai] Excellent!  Thanks for the explaination.

^ Where da Man?
35566 [gehlker fast] Recently I've been trying out various window managers on my Mac and, by the

^ Which GUI interface to use!
35567 [dougie globa] I would like to know what GUI interfaces (for MS-Windows) is the best to use
+ 35568 [curt hibbs.c] Take a look at FXRuby/FOX -- its included in the Windows installer version
+ 35593 [ljohnson res] use
  38491 [qvyht stupis] where is wxRuby!
  38534 [alwagner tca] waiting for someone to do it!

^ ruby-dev summary 16126-16200
35569 [ttate kt.jai] The follows are ruby-dev summaries.
+ 35572 [decoux moulo] Perhaps it's best if "Oni Guruma" use the regexp tests found in rubicon.
+ 35771 [ptkwt shell1] Good work!  It will really help the whole community to get a handle on

^ Ruby ODBC cygwin binary
35570 [dali epot.cz] Is it possible to get Ruby ODBC binary for Cygwin (on Win2k)?
35597 [andrew_queis] There's a link on the Ruby/ODBC page that leads to a zip file

^ Ruby Weekly News
35573 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby Weekly News: 03/11/2002

^ native applications with ruby
35576 [s.ernst web.] is it possible to run ruby-code as a native binary without an installed

^ native applications in ruby
35577 [s.ernst web.] exe-file for windows?
36055 [web2ed yahoo] #include ruby.h

^ packages (jar-alike)
35580 [Vladimir.Doz] ehlo.
+ 35582 [tsondergaard] There is a proof of concept called scarf (http://www.rubycentral.com/downloads/scarf.html), but I don't think it is much use. I'm working on a zip module and I intent to write something like scarf-meets-jar someday on top of it.
| 35583 [Vladimir.Doz] ehlo.
| 35584 [tsondergaard] You can't - "someday" isn't yet :-) The zip module you can see at http://sourceforge.net/projects/rubyzip
| 35588 [Vladimir.Doz] ehlo.
| 35589 [tsondergaard] Yup, if I'm not mistaken scarf redefines load and/or require. I think it should be possible to redefine require in such a way that it would work correctly with $: = [ "/some/directory/", "someArchive.zip" ]. Wouldn't that be neat.
+ 35586 [list chromat] It's not equivalent, but check rpkg in recent posts or by downloading
+ 35587 [ysantoso jen] ESMTP :)
| 35591 [Vladimir.Doz] ehlo.
| + 35594 [list chromat] Not necessarily.  Does the following help you?
| | 36356 [ser germane-] class Foo
| + 35602 [ysantoso jen] I see. In this case I think you have to override the default
+ 35590 [curt hibbs.c] Curt

^ sorry for the double posting and the wrong name n/t
35581 [s.ernst web.] ...

^ Next Windows Installer Vote?
35598 [chris.morris] I noticed ri.rb wasn't included in the latest Windows installer. Can we (and
+ 35605 [tsondergaard] What is the particular reason that the existing votes shouldn't count
| 35607 [chris.morris] Oops, didn't mean to imply that. I'd assumed we could remove votes for
+ 35632 [bobx linuxma] Beat ya to it! Ask him last week to include it. Said he would...
+ 35633 [bobx linuxma] Beat ya to it! I asked him last week about it...and he said he would.
  35643 [andy toolshe] Heh.  That *would* be the issue.  I'm pretty tied up at the moment,
  35681 [bobx linuxma] If you fly me there I would have a drink with you.  : )
  35734 [andy toolshe] Actually, I'll be in Newport News Virginia speaking at the
  35736 [chris.morris] Can we use the RCR for this? Or, probably more preferable, a separate RCR

^ Re: file reading impossibly slow?
35599 [olonichev sc] On file of 111666 K

^ erb-1.4.0
35600 [m_seki mva.b] erb-1.4.0 is released.

^ erb-1.4.0
35601 [m_seki mva.b] erb-1.4.0 is released.

^ Using 'uniq' question
35608 [edjbaker att] If I have an array of data, where each record looks like the example
+ 35618 [holmberg iar] Does it have to involve Ruby ?
| 35619 [squeak-list ] ...
+ 35623 [tobiasreif p] Here's a probably inefficient solution (does it do what you want?)
| 35624 [tobiasreif p] records = '100827   1000  1516
+ 35626 [in6x059 publ] def myUniq(strings)
+ 35630 [stathy.toulo] Thought I would give it a try : )

^ Config::CONFIG['build_alias'] ?
35609 [list chromat] Which are the build aliases of the platforms ruby runs on?

^ painfully newbie question
35610 [do_joly yaho] Last week I posted a question about using Ruby in
+ 35611 [Dave Pragmat] This line isn't doing what you think: it's initializing the array with
+ 35612 [armin approx] I have not tried your code, but
+ 35613 [tobiasreif p] You can write
| 35616 [mike stok.co] or even get rid of the index entirely and iterate over the list
+ 35614 [mike stok.co] This sets population to an array containing 5 references to the same Individual
+ 35615 [do_joly yaho] Thanks to everyone for replying so quickly.  I thought

^ Class/Record definition
35617 [dougie globa] Where can I get accounting sample code?

^ Array#any?
35620 [tobiasreif p] Is there something like
+ 35622 [vjoel PATH.B] How about Array#find ? The only thing is it doesn't return true or
+ 35625 [ljohnson res] Array#detect (which is mixed-in from the Enumerable module) appears to be
| 35641 [tobiasreif p] Thanks! I now use find directly.
+ 35627 [ysantoso jen] class Array
+ 35631 [matz ruby-la] You have it in 1.7 and all? as well, just in case you say so. ;-)
  35640 [tobiasreif p] Ruby knows what I want,

^ Weekly RCR Summary
35628 [RubyGarden t] This is an automatically generated list of Ruby Change Requests.

^ IO.popen not redirecting stdout?
35629 [list chromat] Isn't the code below supposed to never show anything?
35635 [list chromat] Nevermind.  'w+' does it.

^ [FXRuby] Selecting a row when clicking on a cell
35634 [rasschaert i] first as i'm discovering Ruby & FXRuby please excuse any huge mistake :)
35655 [ljohnson res] Try adding this event handler to the end of your MyTestWindow#initialize

^ gzip again...
35636 [list chromat] I can't seem to process from within Ruby with gzip files that exceed a
+ 35644 [paul atdesk.] Look at the return value from syswrite().  It may not be writing all the
| 35661 [list chromat] Yes, you're right.  I checked it and it hangs if I tell it to slurp
| 35676 [paul atdesk.] Have you considered using popen3 instead of popen?
| 35690 [matt lickey.] Unfortunately, popen3 uses fork, so it doesn't work on Windows.
+ 35646 [decoux moulo] What do you want to do with 'w+' ?
| 35660 [list chromat] Write to it the data to be uncompressed and read the uncompressed data
+ 35647 [Dave Pragmat] My guess is that gzip is blocking waiting to write to you.
  + 35659 [list chromat] Blocking to write output seems to be exactly what happens, yet it
  | 35666 [Dave Pragmat] Or multiple thread/processes (say fork the writer and read in the
  + 35691 [ysantoso jen] This is why you cannot use IO.popen without setting O_NONBLOCK. You

^ [Q] Can I write 'foo.bar[key] = value' ?
35637 [kwatch lycos] If you have a good idea, please tell me.
35638 [decoux moulo] It's best to write it
35702 [kwatch lycos] Thanks Guy,

^ Controlling Mouse/Keyboard
35639 [normsu slab.] I asked this question about a year ago, so I was wondering if the situation has
+ 35648 [ysantoso jen] Is this a Ruby issue? I think not. I don't know about Win32, but in X,
| 35650 [cboos bct-te] There's a ruby binding for Xlib, and also a pure ruby client
+ 35721 [edsin swes.s] I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but have a look at SDL
  35805 [normsu slab.] I guess I'll make ruby detect the current operating system and then use the

^ Thoughts on WeakRefs and ObjectSpace
35651 [bobalex attb] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
35671 [matz ruby-la] We're always open to the better implementation. ;-)

^ Method type 'abstract'
35652 [peter semant] The one thing I miss in Ruby is the abstract class method to go along
+ 35654 [nat.pryce b1] In Ruby *all* methods are abstract unless implemented by a class.
| 35658 [peter semant] Not quite what I had in mind. If I create a class I will provide various
| + 35663 [vjoel PATH.B] In Ruby, adding methods is dynamic, so the compiler can never be sure
| + 35664 [nat.pryce b1] In a statically typed language, such as Java, the compiler would catch that
| + 35665 [nat.pryce b1] Why not just *not* implement the method at all and let method_missing throw
| | + 35667 [peter semant] That looks interesting. I'll have to look at it.
| | + 35704 [kwatch lycos] Would you mind explaining it more friendly?
| | + 35772 [ptkwt shell1] That would be a problem in classes where you define method_missing for
| + 35670 [ jimm io.com] In Smalltalk it is common to implement this method in the superclass and
+ 35775 [ptkwt shell1] public, private and protected are methods defined in Module perhaps one

^ Some potential RCRs
35653 [bobalex attb] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 35656 [paul atdesk.] This would be useful for debugging.
| + 35657 [bobalex attb] "puts" prints each of its arguments as a separate line. My idea of println
| + 35662 [bobalex attb] It has various names -- Python calls it RLock ("R" for recursive, as opposed
| + 35723 [Vladimir.Doz] ehlo.
| + 35758 [andreass iar] Maybe reentrant is the word
+ 35669 [tobiasreif p] seems to make sense
| + 35707 [bobalex attb] It works fine and I use it often. But its semantics are different from
| + 35755 [comp.lang.ru] - - Not to me. A dir method that doesn't return "." and ".."
|   + 35756 [tobiasreif p] ... sounds even better :)
|   | 35777 [drosih rpi.e] I skipped over most of the early messages in this thread, but
|   + 35785 [sean celsoft] Exactly what I was getting at.
|     35790 [chris.morris] Something like ...
|     35927 [comp.lang.ru] - - I did some more thinking about this and it seems to me that a
|     35949 [nobu.nokada ] # Array doesn't have class method `slice'.
|     36132 [comp.lang.ru] - - Sorry, I'm still figuring out when to use .,::,#.
+ 35672 [matz ruby-la] Hmm.  I'd like to hear others' opinion.
| + 35673 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> p "foo", "bar"
| | 35698 [balexander r] That occurred to me too, and initially I also thought it killed my idea.
| | 35700 [vjoel PATH.B] Good point, and I'm almost ready to vote in favor of this RCR. There is
| + 35675 [Dave Pragmat] Could I persuade you to enter these as RCRs at
| + 35680 [sean celsoft] Seems like p should return the length of the output.  Having it return the
| | + 35684 [paul atdesk.] Since p is used for debugging, I think having it return the last
| | | 35695 [list chromat] Permissions aren't supported by all file systems.  Parent directories
| | + 35709 [gnhurst hurs] See http://www.lepton.fr/ruby/rmutex/
| | + 35727 [kjana dm4lab] Then you use monitor.rb or sync.rb, both with the standard
| + 35683 [list chromat] One of the reason I use e.g. File.cp(source, dest) rather than `cp
|   35697 [dblack candl] Aren't they there because they're in the directory (according to
|   35703 [balexander r] On the topic of whether ".." and "." should be in our directory
|   + 35705 [sean celsoft] That's because ls considers files beginning with '.' to be "hidden."  It
|   | + 35737 [list chromat] Good points.
|   | | + 35741 [tsondergaard] Agreed, you could also add
|   | | | 35761 [list chromat] Exactly.  Have a look at 35551 and 35439, I proposed that in the
|   | | + 35784 [sean celsoft] entry,
|   | | | 36100 [patrick-may ] Macs have '.' and '..' now ;-)
|   | | + 35806 [gehlker fast] I just tried chdir .. from tcsh on MacOSX and from the DOS prompt on Win98
|   | + 35995 [in6x059 publ] At least GNU-ls has a switch to list all files but '.' and '..': ls -A
|   + 35708 [gnhurst hurs] I often use ls -al in the shell because I also need to see the
|   | + 35726 [pixel mandra] % mkdir -p dir1/dir2
|   | + 35994 [in6x059 publ] Yes, in the shell I use it for that too. But not while programming in
|   |   36007 [zohr im.eth.] I want to unsubscribe from ruby talk. What is the way?
|   + 36097 [patrick-may ] [ good point, but snip!]
+ 35710 [gnhurst hurs] See http://www.lepton.fr/ruby/rmutex/
+ 35719 [r2d2 acc.umu] Good idea.
+ 35813 [nobu.nokada ] module Kernel