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gnome-keyring bindings
353756 [neerolyte@gm] Does anyone know of a way of using gnome-keyring or similar from Ruby
353757 [pg@th mi n. ] ruby-dbus?

[ANN] Ruby Programming Challenge #5 now live
353764 [satish.talim] The fifth installment of the Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies is now

[ANN] TracePoint 1.1
353772 [transfire@gm] Released a new version of TracePoint this evening. This release adds

Installing Gems on Windows
353780 [augustoeae@g] I'm new to Ruby and I was wondering if every gem that works on Ruby
+ 353782 [pg@th mi n. ] Short answer: No.
| 353785 [augustoeae@g] I've followed your instructions and I was able to get somewhere :) After
| 353787 [pg@th mi n. ] The MinGW compiler used by ruby needs to know where the *header* files
| 353874 [augustoeae@g] I do have the binaries for Windows, the problem is where to put them in
| + 353876 [pg@th mi n. ] I'd try putting the libnfc-binary into your %PATH% somewhere, or at
| + 353990 [agustin.bota] Try install the Windows components connected as "Administrator". Is
|   354018 [augustoeae@g] I'm using Windows XP SP3 :/
|   354030 [pg@th mi n. ] Ruby and the devkit need admin rights only on installation, anyway.
+ 353827 [regis.aubare] ....        ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. ....

Bluetooth on winXP
353792 [dglnz2@gm il] Can anyone tell me what the state of play is on this subject?

Business Software
353801 [critical1234] Business Software

[ANN] Stencil 0.1 Released
353804 [nyarly@gm il] Stencil version 0.1 has been released!

unpack :(
353805 [alfonso.capo] I'm trying with systemdate.unpack("H2H2-H2-H2,H2:H2:H2.H2") but it
353810 [b.candler@po] Please write your question more clearly, showing  few lines of
353812 [alfonso.capo] Yes, sorry me.
+ 353814 [alfonso.capo] mmh how can I use unpack("H*") and .to_i(base=10) together?
+ 353821 [b.candler@po] It would still be easier if you showed the original string, but I'm
  + 353822 [b.candler@po] Just to make this clear: you should not be using the "H" format
  | 353825 [shortcutter@] I am not so sure.  He said
  + 353828 [alfonso.capo] Great! It's very good for my script! Thank you very much! :)
    353831 [alfonso.capo] dtm = systemDate.unpack("ncccccc")
    353832 [shortcutter@] Your code is a bit weird.  First you unpack which returns an Array.
    353833 [alfonso.capo] mmmh.. Sorry but my aim is to get the date of a remote system via an
    353838 [shortcutter@] And?
    353847 [alfonso.capo] dtm = systemDate.unpack("ncccccc")

regarding dropdown listbox loop code
353806 [rinkunaik76@] I am new to Watir.

[ANN] FileSet 0.1 Released
353809 [nyarly@gm il] FileSet version 0.1 has been released!
353815 [pg@th mi n. ] How do I use it?
353905 [nyarly@gm il] You're absolutely right.  I've done a quick write-up that will hopefully be
353910 [pg@th mi n. ] Very much so. :)
353913 [nyarly@gm il] Thanks for your interest.  FileSet has been useful to me - if it helps

Re: Stencil 0.1 Released
353811 [b.candler@po] Can you explain what advantages it has over mustache and liquid?
353908 [nyarly@gm il] That's since been updated.  Apologies: the initial release announcement was
353974 [b.candler@po] I have been using liquid for plain text output (generating router config

creating array
353816 [fbogdanovi@x] Is there a short way of creating array of numbers
+ 353817 [jeanjulien.f] Would you be pleased with something like this ?
+ 353818 [sutniuq@gm .] irb(main):001:0> Array.new(5){|i| i * 10}
+ 353819 [sepp2k@go gl] (1..5).map do |i|
+ 353820 [dblack@ru yp] array = (1..5).map {|i| i * 10 }
| + 353826 [shortcutter@] In fact, the #to_a might be completely superfluous depending on that
| + 353836 ["William Jam] irb(main):001:0> 10.step(50,10).to_a
+ 353840 [citizen428@g] => [0, 10, 20, 30, 40]
+ 353899 [albertschlef] (10..50).step(10).to_a

[ANN] au3 0.1.1 released
353823 [sutniuq@gm .] au3 0.1.1 has been released. au3 is a library that allows you to
+ 353824 [sutniuq@gm .] Ouch. That should have read
+ 353837 [rogerpack200] Oh wow.  This feels one step closer to an AutoHotKey written in Ruby...
  353842 [sutniuq@gm .] Thank you. :)
  + 353877 [emiddleton@b] I haven't used Win32API, I just connected directly from dl.  Examples of
  + 353940 [rogerpack200] Interesting.
    353942 [emiddleton@b] Yes ffi is pretty good, it is a bit slow but this isn't going to be a

Somewhat hacked-together eval jail
353834 [jonathan@jm ] I'm working on a program where a lot of externally loaded scripts will
353835 [sophrinix@gm] You may want to take a look at why_sandbox if you are on 1.8 MRI ruby.
353839 [jonathan@jm ] That's actually what I found first, but I'd like my app to be ruby

Ruby server
353841 [kalibr14@ya ] Xcuz me my english is not very good!! i have just begun with ruby and i
353843 [ryand-ruby@z] ...
+ 353844 [kalibr14@ya ] ok thank you!! i will try!! if i have some problems i will make sign
+ 354014 [b.candler@po] Also, have a look at the XMLRPC server which is in the standard library.
  354044 [kalibr14@ya ] thanx you!! really my goal is to create an EPP server!!i use i have

Re: ruby 1.9 hates you and me and the encodings we rode in o
353845 [marnen@ma ne] And so it is.  If memory serves, Mac OS X stores filenames in normal

glibc detected error!
353846 [samnang.sen@] running ruby 1.9.1p376 which i compiled on my centos 5.4 box.
353848 [shevegen@li ] If you are man enough to compile from source on your own already, then
353849 [samnang.sen@] Well, I updated my gcc package and all is well now.
353851 [walton@vy er] Agreed, I see no reason for new projects to use 1.8.x unless one of

ruby + apache. need to export path=/opt/ruby/bin every time before  starting apache
353850 [codetest123@] I have installed apache 1.3 and ruby 1.8. I am running some ruby files
353861 [ryand-ruby@z] ...
353870 [codetest123@] Looks like there is a bug in mod_env which doesnt take the modified
353891 [ryand-ruby@z] you could modify /etc/profile instead.

Can't find libxml-ruby gem
353852 [peralta@so i] I am unable to find a libxml-ruby gem.
353855 [pg@th mi n. ] gems.github.com is defunct ;)
353863 [peralta@so i] Thank you. That was a helpful start. I updated to
353866 [pg@th mi n. ] Finding all the header-files the compiler (NOT the gem command, but the
355919 [s0nspark@gm ] I was able to get this gem to build on Windows (Win7 x64 to be precise)

Creating my own method for sorting an array
353854 [gctaylor2004] I'm working through the Learning To Program book(2nd edition) and am
+ 353869 [marnen@ma ne] In Ruby, this is frankly stupid.  No Ruby programmer would do this in
| 353900 [shortcutter@] Somehow I believe I heard that name somewhere already... :-)
| + 353934 [gctaylor2004] Thank-you for the clue.
| + 353956 [marnen@ma ne] Then they probably should have picked a better example, or at least
|   353964 [imphasing@gm] Way to kill the enjoyment of programming, dude. This guy is a new
|   353972 [marnen@ma ne] Yup.  It's more fun to program with good tests.  You can go faster, and
|   + 353976 [pg@th mi n. ] Hahahaha. No.
|   | 353981 [marnen@ma ne] I could not disagree with you more -- at least if we're talking about
|   + 353977 [imphasing@gm] I guess that's where our opinions differ, again. I don't think it's fun to
|   + 353978 [aldric@tr vo] While I may agree with that in theory, I remember that my first
+ 354012 [josh.cheek@g] If you run this, and the tests pass, then your sort function probably works.

? about Search in google,com and Show Result
353856 [seyyedsajjad] im sorry for my english bcoz my english has problem
353858 [seyyedsajjad] PLEASE HELP ME FRIEANDS
353859 [pg@th mi n. ] That said: Take a look at Mechanize.
+ 353860 [seyyedsajjad] ok thank you
+ 353862 [xenogenesis@] Even better would be to just use the Google Search API.
  353875 [seyyedsajjad] I saw there. But I did not catch anything. Is possible if you prepare
  + 353903 [seyyedsajjad] please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  | 353904 [pg@th mi n. ] Here's an idea: Write it.
  | 353906 [seyyedsajjad] where ???
  | 353912 [pg@th mi n. ] A texteditor, even Notepad, will do.
  | 354000 [seyyedsajjad] But until now i dident take simple code google seraching and result of
  | 354064 [codeblogger@] Saji,
  + 353907 [emiddleton@b] Try ruby-google[1], if that doesn't work for you pay someone

Re: question about multiple ruby + gems installations for de
353864 [agr@nc r. rg] The root of my confusion, is as follows. In retrospect it's not

ERRORs trying to install ruby-ldap on CentOS
353865 [xeno.campano] # gem install ruby-ldap
+ 353867 [xeno.campano] I guess it might be helpful to add that, though one file and two methods are
+ 353879 [normalperson] didn't bother maintaining 1.8.5 (or 1.8.6?) compatibility.
  + 353984 [xeno.campano] I'm trying to find the gem sequence to extract it to a directory and then
  + 353987 [xeno.campano] Okay, I found the sequence in the README.  Sorry.  It still fails, and I tried
    353998 [normalperson] OK, we got farther since it's no longer barfing on RSTRING_*
    + 354005 [xeno.campano] Okay, I put all this stuff into rbldap.h instead of misc.c, as I got the same
    + 354008 [xeno.campano] Looks like that gets me to my starting point on Ubuntu Server.  I may have other

A Ruby appliance: What would you include?
353872 [pg@th mi n. ] This is, of sorts, a cross post of an idea that lodged itself in my head
+ 353873 [pg@th mi n. ] What do you get when you try to pull off a simultaneous post?
| + 353898 [shortcutter@] Are comments moderated?  I did not see any hints in that direction but
| | 353902 [pg@th mi n. ] Nope.
| | 353915 [shortcutter@] Bummer.  Thanks for the "fix"! :-)
| | 353918 [pg@th mi n. ] No problem.
| + 354013 [paradisaeida] ... once hosted a Ruby 'distro'.
+ 353923 [aldric@tr vo] VMWare allows "teams" of virtual machines, which can be set up in their
  + 353925 [shortcutter@] The "team concpet" is interesting news.  Thanks for that!  Btw, I
  | 353928 [aldric@tr vo] That is a valid point; if it is to be a sandbox, then Ubuntu's behavior
  + 353926 [ninja@sl ph ] That would imply you can't have both 1.8 and 1.9 programs running
  | 353929 [aldric@tr vo] Actually, you can, but you have to explicitly choose. I don't recall off
  | 353988 [ninja@sl ph ] That's great, until your script wants to run some other script. Maybe the
  + 353933 [pg@th mi n. ] That's called "[host|internal] networking", and is pretty basic for
  | + 353936 [shortcutter@] Not true.  You can use VMWare Server which is free as well.
  | | 353938 [pg@th mi n. ] Alas, true. Proper, actual managing of appliances, and not just virtual
  | | 353944 [shortcutter@] r)
  | | 353946 [pg@th mi n. ] The management tools are vastly different, from managing the VMs
  | + 353943 [aldric@tr vo] I -think- you may be confused when it comes to VMWare, but if VirtualBox
  |   353948 [pg@th mi n. ] Yes, really. Ask a random person, chances are they know Ubuntu if not
  |   353951 [aldric@tr vo] Fair points.
  |   353953 [pg@th mi n. ] Yeah, we should move this whole shebang off-list ASAP.
  |   + 353954 [aldric@tr vo] Here's a wave for the non-Ruby, non-programming tools we ought to have
  |   + 353958 [marnen@ma ne] Why?  It's on topic and would benefit from staying here.
  |     353960 [pg@th mi n. ] Organization. Email is a difficult medium to keep track of a project.
  + 353957 [marnen@ma ne] It wouldn't be hard to do this in Ubuntu either, I think, and Ubuntu
    353962 [pg@th mi n. ] Solvable in a script, that deletes the current symlink, and creates a
    + 353966 [marnen@ma ne] Right.
    | 353968 [pg@th mi n. ] That's myopic. If you want to win over people to use Ruby, you need to
    | 353982 [aldric@tr vo] Precisely why we should have at least one IDE. Maybe we can talk to the
    | + 353983 [pg@th mi n. ] Best would be one in native code, too. On a VM, performance starts to
    | + 353985 [marnen@ma ne] Just to clarify my philosophy: I do generally believe in giving people
    |   353986 [pg@th mi n. ] That's not at all what Rails does. Rails hits you over the head, drags
    + 353967 [steve@st ve ] A script... called rvm perhaps? ;)
      353969 [pg@th mi n. ] Extremely simplified in the "Ruby Beginners" VM, yeah.
      353973 [steve@st ve ] Is "rvm install 1.8 && rvm use 1.8" too complicated? That's all I use it
      353975 [pg@th mi n. ] For a beginner, potentially new to Linux? Yup.

Using #include at the instance level?
353878 [transfire@gm] I would like to use #include at an instance level, such that it
+ 353890 [fkocherga@gm] class X
| 353932 [transfire@gm] d that's the reason why you are getting an error.
+ 353901 [shortcutter@] Hm, this method above won't work as scope resolution rules for
  353927 [transfire@gm] It's for encapsulating test cases. Eg.
  353935 [shortcutter@] e?
  353955 [transfire@gm] No no. You got it exactly. Problem is the module's constants are not
  + 353959 [pg@th mi n. ] "One of those pleasing little Ruby snippets: module Helpers; include
  + 353961 [shortcutter@] Btw, that method's name should have read "initialize".
    353992 [transfire@gm] That's true. But the execution of the block is only for the definition
    353994 [transfire@gm] This is really becoming annoying. I can't even do it via a dynamic
    353995 [shortcutter@] AFAIK it hasn't changed and your code could never work in any version
    + 353999 [transfire@gm] All I am trying to do is emulate test/unit but using a DSL.
    | + 354028 [fkocherga@gm] Not sure why you need a DSL for, but technically it is doable (in Ruby =
    | + 354037 [shortcutter@] Ah, now I see.  I believe your problem comes from the fact that you
    + 354024 [fkocherga@gm] ...
      + 354034 [shortcutter@] preter complains about uninitialized constant N. What is the big reason for=
      | + 354065 [rick.denatal] That change may not be permanent.
      | | 354069 [transfire@gm] What a tangle.
      | + 354067 [transfire@gm] -bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/181646
      + 354066 [transfire@gm] preter complains about uninitialized constant N. What is the big reason for=
        354072 [fkocherga@gm] ...

PLEASE HELP...dup is not working correctly in the following code
353880 [timrandg@gm ] #dup creates a copy of an object with a different object_id. As
+ 353882 [usenet-nospa] No, it isn't.
| 353884 [timrandg@gm ] ng
| + 353887 [usenet-nospa] Hmm.
| | 353892 [timrandg@gm ] bs.nethttp://www.seebs.net/log/<-- lawsuits, religion, and funny picturesht=
| | 353896 [usenet-nospa] Thanks for asking the question with enough detail, and illustrations,
| + 353888 [pg@th mi n. ] irb(main):001:0> array = ["string"]
+ 353886 [josh.cheek@g] This is the difference
+ 353893 [rimantas@gm ] <กฤ>
  353897 [timrandg@gm ] This is in effect the deep copy of a complex array containing strings

Ruby Float out of range warning?
353881 [last.define@] I'm new to Ruby and I've been playing around with it abit.
353883 [pg@th mi n. ] irb(main):001:0> puts 3.14159
353885 [last.define@] It's the Ruby interpreter, i.e Ruby.exe
353889 [pg@th mi n. ] Then, apparently, your IDE is throwing the error.
353894 [last.define@] Oh thanks, appreciate it.  Would you please recommend a decent IDE in
+ 353895 [pg@th mi n. ] Well, *that* opens a whole can of worms. ;)
+ 353989 [marnen@ma ne] Try working without an IDE.  Ruby doesn't benefit from IDEs nearly as

Re: au3 0.1.1 released
353909 [sutniuq@gm .] OK - SendInput() is the main function to simulate keyboard and mouse
+ 353911 [sutniuq@gm .] Oh no - you see, I'm a german speaker, so replace this "oder" with
+ 353916 [emiddleton@b] pack converts and ruby array to a ruby string which in ruby 1.8 is a
  + 353921 [sutniuq@gm .] Thank you, Edward, that helped me out a lot. :)
  | + 353931 [emiddleton@b] Yes thats the problem.  I was forgetting it was an array.  That means
  | | 353937 [sutniuq@gm .] Why can't it be flattened? The SendInput() function expects an array of
  | | + 353939 [pg@th mi n. ] If you find a Windows API call, or for that matter, an MS DOS 1.0 API
  | | + 353941 [emiddleton@b] Sorry, yes you are right, I should have checked the msdn.  What does
  | |   353949 [sutniuq@gm .] That function returns a LPARAM, which is, according to the explanations
  | |   353950 [pg@th mi n. ] It's "Phillip". :)
  | + 354029 [phasis@gm il] For Future Reference, here is a working code.
  |   354039 [sutniuq@gm .] Works great! But I have a question about the 0.chr line: Why do you need
  |   354054 [phasis@gm il] typedef struct tagINPUT {
  |   354058 [sutniuq@gm .] Thank you again, now I've got the point. One last question: The size of
  |   354059 [sutniuq@gm .] Forget it. I didn't read it well enough.
  + 353922 [maxbc@ya de ] I have similar problem with the WinAPI call.