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^ "No block given" error -- spurious?
353615 [NoOne Nowher] The code below, found at
353620 [xenogenesis ] ions/benoit_daloze.rb(with
353622 [RichardDummy] utions/benoit_daloze.r...

^ Low level TCP port openness check
353617 [bedo.sandor ] I would love to create a method, that's for synchronization between
353629 [albertschlef] Check out nmap and netstat.
353643 [bedo.sandor ] This is what You're suggesting, am I right?

^ Logs maintenance tool/gem needed
353619 [ruby.student] Our UNIX environment is made up of couple hundred servers (AIX), with
353623 [ryand-ruby z] why aren't you using syslog & newsyslog?

^ Re: bluecloth 2.0.5 installation error on Windows
353624 [harry.seldon] I am using rubyinstaller-1.8.6-p383-rc1.exe .
353626 [luislavena g] ngw32.gem
353662 [harry.seldon] Thx Luis!

^ Call SendMessage WinAPI to get item_rect for tree control
353625 [maxbc yandex] I am trying to write lib for windows application GUI testing.The problem

^ RuntimeError using Tk with Ruby
353631 [teodorcarste] I've installed Tk for GUI apps in Ruby. I was getting errors for
353634 [nagai ai.kyu] You don't need to modify your installed Ruby.

^ Happy Holidays
353632 [devguy.ca gm] I just like to thank everyone in the Ruby community for being wonderful
353633 [eva54321 sin] Me second.
+ 353635 [lists bertra] The most I learn is not by asking but by trying to answer. Thanks
+ 353657 [badlands_200] sure I wish someone will help me understand how do I get it started (Ruby) cause it is not running at all.
  + 353658 [paul pollyan] It helps if you tell us exactly what you're trying to do.  What are
  + 353660 [hassan.schro] <http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html>, and Merry Christmas :-)

^ ruby/rails/debugger variable dump question
353639 [ralphs dos32] newb here.

^ QT autoconnect
353640 [kaspernj gma] Can anyone tell me, if there is a way to get the clicked signal

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.8.7-p248 released.
353644 [shyouhei rub] We now have a series of patches to fix various bugs against 1.8.7 so I de=
+ 353707 [joelvanderwe] Does not build in cygwin 1.7. (This is the first time I've tried to
+ 353721 [ed.howland g] Thanks for the update. This is kind of a sniggly little bug, but can
| 353770 [aaron tender] Can you send a link?  I didn't see this ticket in redmine.  I'll take a
| 353771 [ed.howland g] I am new to this, so if it would work faster to use Redmine to report
| 353773 [aaron tender] I think using redmine will result in faster response.  Currently, rexml
| 353776 [ed.howland g] Thanks for the response Aaron.
| 353779 [aaron tender] The tests in Ruby use minitest, so converting to Test::Unit is most
+ 353722 [ed.howland g] Also,

^ undefined method `run_init_script' for Debugger:Module
353645 [ajfrenzel we] I'm new with ruby and rails.
353649 [ajfrenzel we] It seems to be a RadRails issue.

^ Dir.chdir does not work on windows (xp)
353646 [sathvikl gma] I am using Dir.chdir to change my current working directory.
+ 353647 [citrix_linux] Try using double backslashes:  "c:\\Target\\tioga-1.11\\samples"
+ 353653 [user compgro] Looks like you're using cygwin paths for a non-cygwin version of Ruby.
  353665 [sathvikl gma] Thank you for your replies.

^ [ask]How to remove HTML part of a text
353648 [darmanto.li ] Grƥ: 37 - 54<br><a href="#" onclick="javascript:mass =
+ 353650 [darmanto.li ] sorry for double posting, it seems there is no edit post feature...
| 353652 [darmanto.li ] sorry for triple post...problem solved, i used nokogiri instead of
+ 353685 [w_a_x_man ya] "Gradhbbee: 37 - 54<br>"[ /^(.*?)</, 1 ]

^ Newbie Question
353654 [usenet ccjj.] How do I turn the string "4.5" into the number 4.5 so I can do
353655 [devguy.ca gm] irb(main):017:0> "4.5".to_f
+ 353656 [usenet ccjj.] Thanks Rajinder, that did it!
+ 353661 [colinb2r goo] Or if you want "4.5" to convert to a Float but "4.5q" to raise an

^ question about multiple ruby + gems installations for dev/test/prod
353663 [agr ncgr.org] utility, but am kind of stuck. I need some advice about maintaining good
+ 353664 [pg thimian.c] Seems like that's what RVM was intended for. :)
| 353726 [agr ncgr.org] Thanks- very good suggestions.
| 353728 [pg thimian.c] PS C:\Scripts> ruby .\gemconfig.rb
+ 353666 [hassan.schro] Have you considered virtualization?
  353727 [agr ncgr.org] Thanks for the suggestion- I have no experience with virtualization of

^ Making a counter for each word's occurrences in a string
353667 [argh mailina] By looking at this method below, I couldn't understand a few things.
+ 353668 [argh mailina] Also I forgot to add that how on earth ruby in the end knows to produce
| 353670 [pg thimian.c] def count_frequency(word_list)
+ 353669 [stefano.croc] Line two creates an empty hash which uses 0 as default value. This means that
  353672 [argh mailina] Thanks Stefano, I got the idea!  Especially when you explain the line 6,
  353673 [pg thimian.c] Close. "counts", or, by extension, "return counts", hands the result of
  353679 [argh mailina] Thanks Phillip, I got it now.  Awesome!  Ya, it is going to take me a
  353680 [pg thimian.c] You are welcome. :)
  353717 [eregontp gma] ["sparky", "the", "cat", "sat", "on", "the", "mat"].inject(Hash.new(0)) {

^ Roots Module
353671 [jzakiya mail] As a Christmas/Holiday present to the Ruby community I finally
353675 [jzakiya mail] of any real
+ 353676 [pg thimian.c] rubyforge.org offers free hosting for Ruby projects, including source
+ 353686 [jzakiya gmai] r)
  + 353687 [usenet-nospa] And you still don't understand that, by definition, you're introducing
  + 353688 [jzakiya gmai] =3D1
    + 353689 [pg thimian.c] Get source control up and running, and post announcements for
    + 353718 [jzakiya gmai] b...
      353720 [pg thimian.c] Are you intentionally resistant to advice given?
      354021 [jzakiya mail] In looking for a nice home for my Roots module it seems
      354194 [jzakiya mail] Added ability to now do roots Complex numbers.

^ Thunderbird 3.0 threaded view of comp.lang.ruby
353677 [shortcutter ] All,
+ 353678 [pg thimian.c] All I get is "double posts", where Thunderbird
+ 353682 [justincollin] I'm still on 2.0 and have never had any problems with the threaded
  353683 [pg thimian.c] Alas, no. Thunderbird 3.0 introduced "smart folders", which are supposed
  353694 [shortcutter ] Same here.  TB 2.x works like a charm.  I deliberately wanted to know

^ ClothRed use / interest in successor?
353681 [pg thimian.c] Season's greetings!

^ Re: invalid date error when installing syntax gem
353684 [sholomyansky] I use Ruby Enterprise Edition.  I got around the problem by installing

^ pasing data between 2 win XP boxes via internet
353690 [dglnz2 gmail] been trolling the net for a long time off and on but NOW i must get this
+ 353691 [pg thimian.c] Take a look at LogMeIn[0].
| 353696 [dglnz2 gmail] thanks for your reply,
| 353712 [pg thimian.c] Well setting up an SSH server isn't all that difficult.
+ 353692 [b.candler po] SSH is a client-server protocol. However, unless it has changed since I
| 353697 [dglnz2 gmail] Brian,
| 353700 [b.candler po] I think PuTTY and plink are red herrings here.
+ 353716 [billk cts.co] Note, there's also OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket and OpenSSL::SSL::SSLServer
| 353774 [dglnz2 gmail] I guess i will have to setup a SSH server on the PC as it will be the
+ 353775 [albertschlef] Well, there's also the option of introducing a 3'rd computer: a server.
  353786 [dglnz2 gmail] Albert,
  + 353788 [pg thimian.c] Install, for example, apache on Windows. Voil, instant server, just add
  + 353813 [b.candler po] If that's all you want to do - sync directories between two machines
    + 353853 [dglnz2 gmail] Cheers Brian,
    | + 353857 [seyyedsajjad] i joined to your group
    | + 354141 [b.candler po] There is also the commercial solution DropBox (and other similar ones).
    |   354227 [dglnz2 gmail] I've plucked up the courage and dived into OpenVPN.
    + 354262 [marnen marne] Or rsync.

^ How to parse this file
353698 [  sim me.com] I have to parse a file of questions/answers for a quizbot in ruby.
353703 [devguy.ca gm] here is the basic code, output followed by a basic explanation
353704 [hassan.schro] ?? That won't remotely work, unless the "Question" and "Answer"
+ 353705 [devguy.ca gm] I shouldn't reply when I am half awake =)
+ 354078 [  sim me.com] Thank you very much.

^ How to know if a process is zombie?
353702 [ibc aliax.ne] in=20
+ 353708 [shortcutter ] but in=20
| 353709 [ibc aliax.ne] Unfortunatelly I've already checked it and doesn't work since a zombie proc=
| 353710 [shortcutter ] t,
+ 353711 [lists bertra] trap "SIGCHLD" do |sig| puts "A child became a zombie." end
  353715 [ibc aliax.ne] Thanks a lot.

^ Watch Dvd Movies.....
353719 [m.awais.akht] Now Watch Dvd  Quality English and Indian Movies

^ Re: google_hash 0.1.1 -- it has a #each!
353732 [rogerpack200] I'm sure it would be possible--and possibly not even terribly hard--the

^ How to truncate the spaces in the front of a line
353733 [lxybhbh gmai] I am new to Ruby. Do you have any idea to truncate or remove the space
353735 [pg thimian.c] irb(main):001:0> "         spaces in front".gsub /^ +/,""
+ 353736 [pg thimian.c] Actually, toss that explanation where it belongs: The waste receptacle.
+ 353738 [devguy.ca gm] a more convenient way is to use one of the strip methods
  353741 [lxybhbh gmai] Thanks for great explainations.
  353743 [pg thimian.c] Both. ;)
  353749 [lxybhbh gmai] Cool. I should really have a try. :)
  353753 [pg thimian.c] You are very welcome. :)
  353754 [lxybhbh gmai] Here comes the new problem.
  353755 [pg thimian.c] Well, tabs are special characters "\t", so you'd have to write a regex
  353761 [lxybhbh gmai] so strange...
  353762 [jeanjulien.f] Well, it would be more useful if you used \s instead (wih a backslash
  353763 [lxybhbh gmai] Oh, I used the wrong syntax and it works now.

^ Extracting some text from HTML
353734 [albertschlef] It's a quick question (I hope).
353737 [albertschlef] the_text_i_want = doc.at_xpath('//div[@class="lead"]/text()[3]')

^ building ruby from source
353739 [devguy.ca gm] I removed my older ruby package from my ubuntu, built ruby from source
+ 353740 [pg thimian.c] You need to install RubyGems.
| 353742 [devguy.ca gm] I already had gems installed? are you telling me I got to repeat the
| + 353744 [rilindo gmai] charset=us-ascii
| | + 353746 [devguy.ca gm] unfortunately that doesn't seem to fix the issue
| | + 353748 [devguy.ca gm] is there another location rubygems can be install? I did an ls and found
| |   353751 [pg thimian.c] As many possibilities as there are Linux distributions. ;)
| |   353752 [devguy.ca gm] I've given up the battle and reinstalling rubygems ;)
| + 353745 [pg thimian.c] Apparently, if your compiled-from source Ruby cannot find "rubygems". ;)
| | 353747 [devguy.ca gm] sudo aptitude remove ruby
| | 353750 [pg thimian.c] Right, I'm a little foggy here (It's been a while since I last touched
| | 353758 [devguy.ca gm] Phillip,
| + 353759 [walton vyper] I am about 75% sure you have rubygems installed through Ubuntu.  I bet
+ 353769 [rick.denatal] ix

^ gnome-keyring bindings
353756 [neerolyte gm] Does anyone know of a way of using gnome-keyring or similar from Ruby
353757 [pg thimian.c] ruby-dbus?

^ [ANN] Ruby Programming Challenge #5 now live
353764 [satish.talim] The fifth installment of the Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies is now

^ Re: ruby 1.9 hates you and me and the encodings we rode in on so just get 	used to it.
353765 [pfharlock gm] Thanks for the suggestion of using ascii-8bit.  This solved my problem.
353766 [albertschlef] So String#gsub always use the regexp engine (even if the pattern is a
353767 [b.candler po] Yep. Ruby 1.9 will raise exceptions in all sorts of odd places,
+ 353768 [eregontp gma] 2009/12/27 Brian Candler <b.candler@pobox.com>
| 353807 [b.candler po] I don't know what you mean. If Dir.[] tells you that the file name is
| + 353830 [eregontp gma] 2009/12/28 Brian Candler <b.candler@pobox.com>
| + 353919 [eregontp gma] 2009/12/28 Brian Candler <b.candler@pobox.com>
+ 353777 [emiddleton b] If you don't arbitrarily set the encoding, when will this be a problem?
+ 353868 [billk cts.co] Could you summarize what you feel the key difference of
  + 353871 [emiddleton b] Taking a UTF-8 approach is easier to implement because you enforce all
  | 353945 [pfharlock gm] I would like to chime in here and point out that sometimes you really
  | 353952 [emiddleton b] I guess the problem is that if you do this no libraries will make an
  + 353980 [b.candler po] As far as I can tell, both have two distinct data structures. One
    354001 [tony medioh.] To play devil's advocate here, Japanese users do routinely have to deal with
    354009 [b.candler po] Sure; and maybe they even want to process these formats without a
    354036 [eregontp gma] I think you're quite a little pessimist here :)

^ [ANN] TracePoint 1.1
353772 [transfire gm] Released a new version of TracePoint this evening. This release adds

^ Installing Gems on Windows
353780 [augustoeae g] I'm new to Ruby and I was wondering if every gem that works on Ruby
+ 353782 [pg thimian.c] Short answer: No.
| 353785 [augustoeae g] I've followed your instructions and I was able to get somewhere :) After
| 353787 [pg thimian.c] The MinGW compiler used by ruby needs to know where the *header* files
| 353874 [augustoeae g] I do have the binaries for Windows, the problem is where to put them in
| + 353876 [pg thimian.c] I'd try putting the libnfc-binary into your %PATH% somewhere, or at
| + 353990 [agustin.bota] Try install the Windows components connected as "Administrator". Is
|   354018 [augustoeae g] I'm using Windows XP SP3 :/
|   354030 [pg thimian.c] Ruby and the devkit need admin rights only on installation, anyway.
+ 353827 [regis.aubare] ....        ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. ....

^ Bluetooth on winXP
353792 [dglnz2 gmail] Can anyone tell me what the state of play is on this subject?

^ Business Software
353801 [critical1234] Business Software

^ [ANN] Stencil 0.1 Released
353804 [nyarly gmail] Stencil version 0.1 has been released!

^ unpack :(
353805 [alfonso.capo] I'm trying with systemdate.unpack("H2H2-H2-H2,H2:H2:H2.H2") but it
353810 [b.candler po] Please write your question more clearly, showing  few lines of
353812 [alfonso.capo] Yes, sorry me.
+ 353814 [alfonso.capo] mmh how can I use unpack("H*") and .to_i(base=10) together?
+ 353821 [b.candler po] It would still be easier if you showed the original string, but I'm
  + 353822 [b.candler po] Just to make this clear: you should not be using the "H" format
  | 353825 [shortcutter ] I am not so sure.  He said
  + 353828 [alfonso.capo] Great! It's very good for my script! Thank you very much! :)
    353831 [alfonso.capo] dtm = systemDate.unpack("ncccccc")
    353832 [shortcutter ] Your code is a bit weird.  First you unpack which returns an Array.
    353833 [alfonso.capo] mmmh.. Sorry but my aim is to get the date of a remote system via an
    353838 [shortcutter ] And?
    353847 [alfonso.capo] dtm = systemDate.unpack("ncccccc")

^ regarding dropdown listbox loop code
353806 [rinkunaik76 ] I am new to Watir.

^ [ANN] FileSet 0.1 Released
353809 [nyarly gmail] FileSet version 0.1 has been released!
353815 [pg thimian.c] How do I use it?
353905 [nyarly gmail] You're absolutely right.  I've done a quick write-up that will hopefully be
353910 [pg thimian.c] Very much so. :)
353913 [nyarly gmail] Thanks for your interest.  FileSet has been useful to me - if it helps

^ Re: Stencil 0.1 Released
353811 [b.candler po] Can you explain what advantages it has over mustache and liquid?
353908 [nyarly gmail] That's since been updated.  Apologies: the initial release announcement was
353974 [b.candler po] I have been using liquid for plain text output (generating router config

^ creating array
353816 [fbogdanovi x] Is there a short way of creating array of numbers
+ 353817 [jeanjulien.f] Would you be pleased with something like this ?
+ 353818 [sutniuq gmx.] irb(main):001:0> Array.new(5){|i| i * 10}
+ 353819 [sepp2k googl] (1..5).map do |i|
+ 353820 [dblack rubyp] array = (1..5).map {|i| i * 10 }
| + 353826 [shortcutter ] In fact, the #to_a might be completely superfluous depending on that
| + 353836 ["William Jam] irb(main):001:0> 10.step(50,10).to_a
+ 353840 [citizen428 g] =3D> [0, 10, 20, 30, 40]
+ 353899 [albertschlef] (10..50).step(10).to_a