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^ BigDecimal and BigMath
352990 [programmer21] I am developing an application that requires very large numbers, so I am
+ 352994 [b.candler po] irb(main):009:0> 2.0 ** 1000
| 352997 [programmer21] Agreed, but these numbers will be used in calculations, so I feel a bit =
+ 353034 [usenet hackv] [-1,1] is basically all you need, since
  353041 [ralf.mueller] sure, but this is just a feature special to arctan. It might be used for

^ Symbolic math in pure ruby
352995 [ravwar gmail] math in pure ruby, i would love contribution from community.
+ 353001 [eregontp gma] That looks really cool, thanks!
| 353003 [eregontp gma] ruby 1.9.2dev (2009-12-11 trunk 26067) [x86_64-darwin10.2.0]
+ 353008 [ninja slapha] Looks like it would've been pretty useful for an idea I had awhile ago...
+ 353025 [shortcutter ] Thanks!  That looks good.
+ 353048 [transfire gm] Cool beans. Your notation is very intuitive.
  353191 [allenlooplee] Wonderful!

^ How do I access the following?
353002 [b ourgoodgar] Noob question, if there is a better venue for this sort of question show
353004 [jordi bunste] You have an Array with one Struct. Get the Struct, and call the FLAGS
353018 [b ourgoodgar] Thanks! FLAGS can have multiple items in it, but I know for certain that

^ TCPSocket.send is erroring
353005 [phil.auriemm] I am a python programmer who is trying ruby, and I am liking it so
353011 [rogerpack200] might be helpful.

^ thanks
353013 [phil.auriemm] Thanks Roger for the doc site. I didn't know the second arg was flags,

^ GIT on rubyforge.org
353014 [robert.wolf ] charset="us-ascii"

^ Process.waitpid(external pid)
353015 [rogerpack200] Anybody know of a way in ruby to #waitpid on a non child process?
353016 [usenet-nospa] It seems unlikely in general -- waitpid, in POSIX land, really is specific
353165 [rogerpack200] Excellent suggestion.

^ Excel and FxRuby windows
353017 [djlewis tria] I have a ruby app on Windows, with an FxRuby UI that opens up Excel
353038 [lyle lylejoh] See if calling raiseWindow() on your FXRuby app's main window brings
353046 [djlewis tria] That did it -- thanks!  I was looking for that function in the rdoc but

^ IO.popen(), Timeout, broken pipe
353027 [usenet hackv] Hey everybody,

^ Rubyforge ?
353030 [robert.wolf ] I am just wondering how can I get any support from rubyforge
+ 353031 [pg thimian.c] Via the support system, which you used. Remember that RubyForge is run
| 353033 [robert.wolf ] Yes, I followed the FAQs and Dr. Nic's blog.
| 353039 [pg thimian.c] No clue if it applies to you, since your error message seems to be
| 353069 [robert.wolf ] Rubyforge ?
| 353073 [hackergene g] CONs... :-)
+ 353032 [luislavena g] Yes, you need to upload your SSH keys and wait a couple of minutes to

^ Error loading "mysqlplus" under Ruby1.9.1
353036 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D mysql (2.8.1)
353040 [ibc aliax.ne] 8.
353162 [rogerpack200] Anybody have any ideas for this situation.
353177 [luislavena g] require 'mysql' is going to search over installed gems ordered by the
353181 [ibc aliax.ne] =20
353238 [rogerpack200] I'm beginning to think that you're right.

^ How to unpack an IP packed in little endian byte order
353037 [n.galineau g] Here's my issue : I have IPs stored in a database but those are "little
+ 353042 [shortcutter ] irb(main):020:0> i
| 353043 [n.galineau g] That's exactly it.
+ 353045 [lists bertra] ip = 3232235797
  353120 [n.galineau g] Thanks for your code explaining the underlying theory.

^ C++ pointers to Ruby objects
353044 [yuridenommus] I'm trying to make an interface between PhysX and Ruby and I got stucked
+ 353049 [jameskilton ] You need to either build your own C wrapper around the C++ and expose that
| 353055 [yuridenommus] Well, I installed Rice's gem and when I try to run my extconf.rb it
| 353057 [yuridenommus] Forget it. I forgot to include require 'rubygems' on my extconf.rb
| 353067 [yuridenommus] 1 - When an object is created on PhysX, it's not directly with a
+ 353161 [rogerpack200] theoretically you should be able to store a struct in a ruby object that
  353291 [yuridenommus] Thanks to your tip, I am very closer to what I want to do than ever. I

^ Unique combination of values from arrays
353047 [knirirr gmai] Here's a problem for which I can't see an obvious solution, and hope
+ 353051 [aldric trevo] ar1 = [ 'one', 'two' ]
| + 353052 [knirirr gmai] Indeed it is.
| | 353058 [aldric trevo] def array_permutations index, array
| + 353125 [cidza tin.it] one = ['one', 'two']
|   353130 [aldric trevo] That's really cool.
|   353132 [aldric trevo] def array_permutations array, index=0
+ 353060 [aldric trevo] def array_permutations array, index=0
| 353062 [aldric trevo] And even cleaner...
| 353064 [knirirr gmai] Excellent, thanks - any of these should do the trick.
+ 353065 ["William Jam] one = [1,2]

^ Encapsulating Information and Behavior without State
353056 [transfire gm] This should prove an interesting topic. I am currently debating two
+ 353081 [transfire gm] Reading on the subject with regards to Java, I think what I am
| 353083 [ninja slapha] Like a singleton, or like a module with a bunch of "class methods".
+ 353086 [richard.conr] What's the best
  353126 [transfire gm] ve
  + 353129 [richard.conr] Okay, this makes a bit more sense. This kind of unit
  + 353207 [shortcutter ] What's wrong with doing
    + 353215 [tony medioh.] class<<self
    + 353225 [transfire gm] Nothing. Indeed I think that is the way to do it (if the static-class

^ Trouble running sample script with Shoooes
353059 [johnsheahan ] I just downloaded Shoes and put the files in a directory on my windows

^ How to fund an open-source project?
353070 [eleanor game] In the recent thread on Ruby VMs I mentioned my newly launched =
+ 353071 [gregory.t.br] -time so as to make reasonable progress in the coming year but I'm complete=
| 353233 [eleanor game] full-time so as to make reasonable progress in the coming year but I'm =
| + 353246 [rogerpack200] What is pcm?
| | 353513 [eleanor game] and=20
| + 353258 [shortcutter ] Although I can't remember having seen any code of yours I definitively
|   + 353262 [pg thimian.c] Agreed. I fondly remember Eleanor's and my exchange back in an ADA
|   | 353515 [eleanor game] definitively
|   | 353521 [colinb2r goo] Curiously, until you reminded us about that climate change thread,
|   | 353549 [eleanor game] definitively
|   + 353269 [rick.denatal] than
|   | + 353270 [pg thimian.c] An additional cave at is that prospective employers, willing to donate
|   | | 353275 [rick.denatal] eir
|   | | 353277 [pg thimian.c] Absolutely.
|   | | 353278 [rick.denatal] We're really not talking about paying for something which is, after
|   | | 353279 [pg thimian.c] Which is what I meant. I should've written "contribute money", instead
|   | + 353516 [eleanor game] Well to be honest I wouldn't be considering risking it on my own if I =
|   + 353514 [eleanor game] appreciate your postings here.  Your community profile might be better =
+ 353094 [pg thimian.c] Is progress more important, or hacking on it?
  353232 [eleanor game] full-time so as to make reasonable progress in the coming year but I'm =
  + 353261 [pg thimian.c] Well, while I won't be able to give presentations at conferences (mostly
  + 353368 [emiddleton b] I think this kind of thing is a bootstrapping problem.  For a lot of
    353517 [eleanor game] something of a lone wolf as I'm used to working solo on ambitious but =

^ how to alias keywords?
353072 [sonjaaa gmai] It's easy to alias method names. Is there a way I can alias keywords
+ 353074 [ibc aliax.ne] IMHO this is not possible at all.=20
| 353076 [sonja kisa.c] Maybe I need to edit parse.y or something.
| + 353079 [sonja kisa.c] [21:44] <argv[0]> right. you either get "if" or you get "somethingelse",
| + 353080 [flo andersgr] 1. You will have to distribute the changed version of
+ 353075 [axgle 126.co] def IF(condition)

^ Simple input problem
353077 [hypermeister] Somehow the following always worked for me before, but tonight, it
353078 [hypermeister] Never mind!  I was doing it wrong,  it is
353087 [lists bertra] Be aware that `gets' will return `nil' when the user presses
353106 [hypermeister] Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

^ Computer States
353082 [scorpionl13 ] Hey all,
353084 [ninja slapha] I suspect most BIOSes have this feature, but I have no idea how to access it
353085 [scorpionl13 ] i was thinking about bios features, but being able to access and change
353091 [pg thimian.c] You probably want to access http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACPI
353152 [scorpionl13 ] yea, i expected as much, which if fine, i just dont know how to go about
353153 [pg thimian.c] You'd've to read the ACPI spec, I'm afraid, what does what, if you want

^ Suggestion of Array#=== which improves case/when behaviour
353088 [dmitryelasti] We already have :=== operator defined in Module, Range, Regexp and Proc

^ Math errors
353089 [jzakiya mail] (-3)**3 => -27
+ 353093 [akr fsij.org] Ruby 1.9 has Math.cbrt.
| 353095 [eregontp gma] ~ $> ruby -ve 'p v=Math.cbrt(-27); p v**3'
+ 353096 [w_a_x_man ya] irb(main):001:0> 1/3.0
+ 353097 [w_a_x_man ya] irb(main):006:0> (-27)**(1/3.0)
| + 353098 [matz ruby-la] It's -(27 ** (1/3.0)).
| | 353142 ["William Jam] Thanks for the explanation.
| + 353101 [raghav.dasso] I guess, you are right. THIS IS A 'MATH ERROR' in Ruby.
|   353122 [jzakiya mail] oints (that are not Integers) =A0
|   + 353123 [jzakiya mail] points (that are not Integers) =A0
|   + 353124 [jeanjulien.f] As Matz said, the second two are evaluated as - (27**(1/3.0)), that is
|     353128 [jzakiya mail] On Dec 18, 11:05=A0am, Fleck Jean-Julien <jeanjulien.fl...@gmail.com>
|     353135 [jeanjulien.f] Well, I never said that you should do that, I just explained how Ruby
|     353145 ["William Jam] def root base, n
|     353170 [jzakiya mail] Remember
|     353179 [jzakiya mail] BTW there is an error (sort of) in 'complex' too
|     353183 [jzakiya mail] by
|     353186 [jzakiya mail] Ruby
+ 353100 [raghav.dasso] Removing the brackets across -27.0 does the trick, though would need to fin=

^ Re: Suggestion of Array#=== which improves case/when behavio
353090 [dmitryelasti] "Set" class has meaning close to "Range" class. If we will define
+ 353099 [dmitryelasti] So, my question is: Do you agree that Array#=== can be useful for us?
| 353102 [eregontp gma] It doesn't look too usefull to me like that. (I mean using classes to
+ 353173 [vikkous gmai] I long ago did something similar, but much more extensive; I created a
  353198 [tony medioh.] I would absolutely love if Array recursively performed #=== on its
  353200 [dblack rubyp] It's an interesting idea but I wonder how useful it would be, compared
  353204 [rick.denatal] =3D=3D
  + 353208 [gwtmp01 mac.] I still don't understand that particular change. The 1.8 semantics of =
  | 353276 [eregontp gma] 2009/12/19 Gary Wright <gwtmp01@mac.com>
  | 353295 [gwtmp01 mac.] A) making an incompatible change to something so basic as Array#to_s =
  + 353219 [vikkous gmai] I added this to my tests for 1.9 porting. It at least makes the

^ Ruby 1.8.7 + Tk8.5 with Windows-RubyInstaller
353092 [a99.googlegr] Windows-RubyInstaller with Ruby 1.8.7 + TK8.5 working.
353163 [rogerpack200] have it by default :)
353176 [luislavena g] Right now there is no recipe for 1.8.7, TK 8.5 is only compatible with
353189 [nagai ai.kyu] Tcl/Tk8.5.x and 8.6b1 will work with Ruby 1.8.6, when Ruby's tcltklib
353199 [a99.googlegr] Can you tell me the first steps on how to get tk from SVN? What is the
353203 [luislavena g] but instead of checkout trunk, look for branches/ruby_1_8_6 or
+ 353210 [a99.googlegr] Thank you two times!
+ 353241 [nagai ai.kyu] To get the latest Ruby/Tk, look for trunk (for 1.9) or

^ Third Ruby and Rails devroom at Fosdem (Brussels, 6 Feb 2010)
353103 [calamitates ] The Belgian Ruby User Group is happy to announce the third Ruby and Rails

^ problem requiring gems under 1.9.1 mingw
353104 [michel demaz] I have both 1.8.6 and 1.9.1 (both mingw under windows).
353121 [luislavena g] 1) You're using pre-compiled version of gems that are made to work on
+ 353131 [renard nc.rr] OP should use:  require 'windows/api'  and not  require 'windows-api'
| 353137 [michel demaz] Yes, I should have written : my code requires windows-api by 'require
+ 353138 [michel demaz] Thanks, Luis, I'll try that.
  353139 [michel demaz] Worked most easily and perfectly !

^ Some questions about sockets
353105 [hypermeister] I am practicing socket programming in Ruby, and I have some questions.
+ 353107 [reid.thompso] They are listed in the Constants section of class Socket
+ 353134 [phil.auriemm] I think that the \n flushes the buffer or something. So if you do

^ moving a file after processing
353108 [rcf1973 fast] I'm working on a script and trying to move the file processed to a
353110 [pg thimian.c] require 'fileutils' #this is a guess, but should work
353114 [rcf1973 fast] Sorry if this is a bit simple but something like this then in my
353116 [pg thimian.c] That's the theory, yes.

^ grep a block
353109 [beny18241 gm] Please can anybody tell how to grep a block?
+ 353111 [emr1776 mind] #!/usr/bin/ruby
+ 353112 [beny18241 gm] ok closed Ifigue it out :)
| 353118 [shortcutter ] Eric's solution is better for large files because it requires reading
| 353202 [lists bertra] The name of the feature is flip-flop if you like to google for it.
+ 353141 ["William Jam] The tiny language Awk is good for things like this.

^ font for ruby ide
353113 [niyazi.ates ] do you know that font of ruby code samples in ruby offical site?
353119 [flo andersgr] Depending on the fonts you have installed, it is one of (with descending =

^ simple one
353127 [beny18241 gm] As i wanted to make some kind of test.I have one simple question
+ 353182 [rogerpack200] the highline library might be of use to you
+ 353185 [sfw simeonfo] I've written a simple program which I believe meets your requirements.
  353214 [beny18241 gm] i used both methods and they works (thanks for that), but i have ine
  + 353239 [rogerpack200] That repeats forever?
  + 353283 [lists bertra] There must be a loop around the `ask' method.

^ Stupid TK
353133 [phil.auriemm] Can anyone please give me a compiled version of Tk 8.4? I have Tk 8.5
+ 353159 [joelvanderwe] the 8.4 windows binaries are in
+ 353160 [rogerpack200] ActiveState has some versions you can download of it.

^ Setting Windows Enviroment in Ruby Script
353136 [johnsheahan ] I need to set the following windows environment variable at the
+ 353143 [pg thimian.c] "Use the set command to create, change, delete, or display environment
+ 353149 [luislavena g] ENV['http_proxy'] =3D ""
  353157 [johnsheahan ] Thanks alot for the help Luis...that worked perfectly for what I needed.

^ uninitialized constant Test error when running Fitnisse ruby
353140 [arti.p.singh] has anyone seen this error before? I have no idea on how to fix I have
353150 [pg thimian.c] Your suit of tests is lacking a require, somewhere.
353164 [arti.p.singh] Thanks, that was close, I had included Test::Unit::TestCase without

^ How to reopen the puts method
353144 [adamlauper g] I am looking for some additional detail regarding the puts method.  Hows
+ 353155 [xenogenesis ] You're creating a new Kernel.puts module method; you want to redefine
| 353158 [adamlauper g] Ah...so simple.  Thanks for the quick reply.
+ 353156 [aldric trevo] 1) open Kernel

^ Reading from a PDF
353146 [chad.locke c] I'm looking for a way to read text off of a PDF document in Windows.
+ 353147 [gregory.t.br] ...
| 353148 [chad.locke c] Thanks for the reply.  This looks like what I'm looking for.  Man, it's
| 369362 [ramsee safea] Hey Max Power (chad locke)
+ 369366 [dsisnero gma] <http://www.darknet.org.uk/2009/10/origami-parse-analyze-forge-pdf-documents/>

^ Question about sum of fibonacci sequene [PROJECT EULER]
353151 [atma convale] Dear Sirs,
+ 353154 [Rob AgileCon] values.  Change the 4000000 to be 10 and you ought to see the
| 353175 [atma convale] On 18 =CE=94=CE=B5=CE=BA 2009, at 10:23 =CE=BC.=CE=BC., Rob Biedenharn =
| 353178 [jzakiya mail] olving problems like the ones posed by project Euler. Doing so, using Ruby =
| 353227 [ shot hot.pl] Better yet, use
| 353228 [ shot hot.pl] Or even c.odd?, of course.
+ 353180 [w_a_x_man ya] sum = 0
  353192 [pmckibbin gm] One of my favourite bits of sample ruby code is the self memoizing Fibonacci
  353196 [atma convale] Thank you all for the very interesting pointers :-)