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Re: bash "wait for previous to finish" option?
352913 [rogerpack200] Thanks for your and everyone else's responses. Since ruby has a #waitpid

352920 [rogerpack200] Is there any reason there's no select!
+ 352929 [ryand-ruby@z] Perhaps because `select! x` is as simple as `reject! not x`?
| 352939 [ninja@sl ph ] For consistency's sake, I'd still suggest the standard library should provide
| 353426 [rogerpack200] Anybody in favor of select!
| 353431 [rick.denatal] -1
+ 353436 [shortcutter@] Maybe Matz felt that using "select" to actually _delete_ from an Array
  353439 [rogerpack200] Yeah this is a feature request only for Array#select!
  353458 [pg@th mi n. ] The second "SELECT * FROM TABLE" deletes the records I want to retrieve

Using threads to show progress
352922 [aldric@tr vo] I want to do this in a Rake task, but the concept is Ruby. I would like
352925 [aldric@tr vo] desc "Go through dictated exams and show IDs"
+ 352934 [b.candler@po] while enumerate.alive?
+ 352941 [ninja@sl ph ] What's the advantage of making this a thread-local variable?
  352943 [piyush.pr@gm] How about using a queue ?
  + 352969 [b.candler@po] That's a really good suggestion: the consumer will block when it tries
  | 352973 [aldric@tr vo] The idea of the queue is very good.
  | 352974 [b.candler@po] Killing threads asynchronously is usually a Bad Idea[TM]. It leaves you
  | + 352980 [b.candler@po] # A suggestion
  | | 352982 [aldric@tr vo] That's pretty interesting. Are you.. Defining an instance of the class
  | | 352983 [b.candler@po] Yes. It's just a shortcut to allow you to use a default instance, whilst
  | | 352986 [aldric@tr vo] I see! Very nice. I have one last question.
  | | 352987 [b.candler@po] It depends on what you're iterating over. If it's an Array, use
  | + 352981 [aldric@tr vo] I read the rdocs for the Queue class and now I understand how it works -
  |   353023 [shortcutter@] IMHO it is not necessary though.  What you basically only need is to
  + 352996 [ninja@sl ph ] Except that this removes any advantage of threads, as I see it -- and it still
    353024 [piyush.pr@gm] How about using a mutex synchronize block around queue.push ? Would that
    353026 [b.candler@po] Queue is a thread-safe class, and you do not need any additional
    353050 [ninja@sl ph ] Not around the queue itself, no, so you're right -- a mutex synchronize around
    353053 [b.candler@po] Indeed. It's unwise to push the object through the queue, saying "I'm
    353061 [piyush.pr@gm] hmm..yes thats right. Did not think it through. Using queue may not be a
    353066 [ninja@sl ph ] It depends what you mean by "best".

searching for Comparison Search
352927 [john.mcleod@] Please bear with me. I'm work on my third month with Ruby on Rails.
352930 [aldric@tr vo] Text searches in databases usually get married with indexes, because
352931 [john.mcleod@] Aldric,
352989 [john.mcleod@] I have been informed that the production database will be Oracle.  That
352991 [hassan.schro] You have my sympathies. :-)

gtk2 crash: bug or abuse?
352928 [info@kl wi t] I am running Ruby 1.8.7 (debian lenny/i386) and the following program

bug on Ruby extension
352932 [yuridenommus] I'm trying to make a glue code for ODE 0.9 on Ruby 1.8.7. This is my
352935 [b.candler@po] Spot the difference between line 6 and line 13 of your code.
352936 [yuridenommus] Oh, gosh, I didn't even attempted to this. I thought it was conflict

[ANN] google_hash 0.1.1 -- it has a #each!
352937 [rogerpack200] Pleased to announce the initial release of a "google_hash" gem.
+ 352984 [aldric@tr vo] Neat. Does it keep the order in which the elements were entered? Is it
| 353010 [rogerpack200] Nope.  What would be the requirements for something you're looking for?
| + 353035 [aldric@tr vo] In Ruby 1.9, hashes remember in which order the data was entered (as
| + 353231 [ shot@ho .p ] Iteration, mostly. Na=C3=AFve profiling of my Set-heavy code says it spends
+ 352988 [ shot@ho .p ] [=E2=80=A6]
+ 353021 [ralf.mueller] I'm not sure, but Judy (http://judy.sourceforge.net/) and it's Ruby
+ 353472 [rogerpack200] As a note, also released 0.2.1 recently.
+ 353724 [rogerpack200] Released another update..
+ 353730 [normalperson] Any chance of having one of these can become the default MRI Hash

352938 [compter09@gm] Full View

Licence issues.
352940 [robert.wolf@] ...
352942 [ben@bl yt in] Excellent.
352993 [mike@os n. r] Or GPL, or public domain (which isn't recognized in some
352999 [lists@be tr ] I prefer BSD because it is so short that I can read it to the end
353006 [marnen@ma ne] Yup.  Also, it's not "viral" like the GPL.
353009 [ninja@sl ph ] That could be a good or bad thing. I almost wish there was a "viral" license

smtp check response 500
352945 [derekbellner] Anyone know what resp 500 means in smtp?
352949 [xenogenesis@] I hate to be rude, but why are you asking this (and on a Ruby mailing
352950 [xenogenesis@] *if unable to sort that out*
352975 [derekbellner] hey pharrington, it is a ruby question after-all its ruby code and I am
352998 [ryand-ruby@z] um. no. you didn't even bother to google for the 550 SMTP code. pharrington was dead on when he called you on that.

Re: smtp check response 550
352946 [derekbellner] 550, not 500
352947 [rubynewbee@g] 550 generally means a server-end error.

how to put timer on ruby
352948 [khanal02@gm ] i need a timer for the program i am writing but i don't know the code so
353028 [eule@sp ce c] require 'timeout'

working with a slow pipe (IO.popen)
352951 [jtprince@gm ] I'm doing some work with pymol and having trouble getting all the
352956 [normalperson] I don't know about pymol, but some apps do not respond well to having
352958 [jtprince@gm ] pipe.puts "quit"
+ 352962 [normalperson] Even IO.select([pipe]) hangs indefinitely?  Oh, I guess pymol
+ 352964 [shortcutter@] nt
  353019 [jtprince@gm ] @Robert: I've looked through a lot of pymol docs and haven't found
  353020 [shortcutter@] Frankly, I don't see how this can be: the reader thread should read

swapping tags & deleting tags via nokogiri
352952 [thebusyant@g] let's say I have an xml document like this
+ 352953 [user@co pg o] Check out Loofah: http://github.com/flavorjones/loofah
+ 352954 [mike.dalessi] require "loofah"

[ANN] openssl-nonblock 0.2.1: moving towards compatibility with Ruby  1.9.2
352957 [tony@me io .] openssl-nonblock is a gem which enables non-blocking support in Ruby's

Cannot obtain child process exit code on Windows
352959 [weishng@ho m] I would like to obtain the exit code from a child program. But all the
+ 352961 [luislavena@g] When reporting any issue, please include full version of Ruby (ruby -
| 352968 [weishng@ho m] Luis,
| 352979 [luislavena@g] When testing if there is a bug, please try latest patchlevels.
+ 353012 [rogerpack200] I bet ruby is giving you the exit code of running that .bat file under a
+ 353029 [larschbelunk] This is normal, and doesn't have much to do with Ruby. You get the
  353374 [weishng@ho m] Thank you for the explanation and solution. The cmd /c works great for

a program error
352960 [teodorcarste] undefined method `-' for "":String (NoMethodError)
+ 352963 [zhao.lu.us@g] it appears that yspeed is "", which implies speed from gets is not what =
| 352966 [teodorcarste] The answer is
| 352967 [teodorcarste] shit, I had to write
+ 352965 [raghav.dasso] Try to use=20
+ 352985 [lists@be tr ] Put something like this before line 21 and the cause of the error

Trisha Navel
352970 [m.32ahesh@gm] Trisha Navel.

BigDecimal and BigMath
352990 [programmer21] I am developing an application that requires very large numbers, so I am
+ 352994 [b.candler@po] irb(main):009:0> 2.0 ** 1000
| 352997 [programmer21] Agreed, but these numbers will be used in calculations, so I feel a bit more comfortable with BigDecimal.
+ 353034 [usenet@ha kv] [-1,1] is basically all you need, since
  353041 [ralf.mueller] sure, but this is just a feature special to arctan. It might be used for

Symbolic math in pure ruby
352995 [ravwar@gm il] math in pure ruby, i would love contribution from community.
+ 353001 [eregontp@gm ] That looks really cool, thanks!
| 353003 [eregontp@gm ] ruby 1.9.2dev (2009-12-11 trunk 26067) [x86_64-darwin10.2.0]
+ 353008 [ninja@sl ph ] Looks like it would've been pretty useful for an idea I had awhile ago...
+ 353025 [shortcutter@] Thanks!  That looks good.
+ 353048 [transfire@gm] Cool beans. Your notation is very intuitive.
  353191 [allenlooplee] Wonderful!

How do I access the following?
353002 [b@ou go dg r] Noob question, if there is a better venue for this sort of question show
353004 [jordi@bu st ] You have an Array with one Struct. Get the Struct, and call the FLAGS
353018 [b@ou go dg r] Thanks! FLAGS can have multiple items in it, but I know for certain that

TCPSocket.send is erroring
353005 [phil.auriemm] I am a python programmer who is trying ruby, and I am liking it so
353011 [rogerpack200] might be helpful.

353013 [phil.auriemm] Thanks Roger for the doc site. I didn't know the second arg was flags,

GIT on rubyforge.org
353014 [robert.wolf@] ...

Process.waitpid(external pid)
353015 [rogerpack200] Anybody know of a way in ruby to #waitpid on a non child process?
353016 [usenet-nospa] It seems unlikely in general -- waitpid, in POSIX land, really is specific
353165 [rogerpack200] Excellent suggestion.

Excel and FxRuby windows
353017 [djlewis@tr a] I have a ruby app on Windows, with an FxRuby UI that opens up Excel
353038 [lyle@ly ej h] See if calling raiseWindow() on your FXRuby app's main window brings
353046 [djlewis@tr a] That did it -- thanks!  I was looking for that function in the rdoc but

IO.popen(), Timeout, broken pipe
353027 [usenet@ha kv] Hey everybody,

Rubyforge ?
353030 [robert.wolf@] I am just wondering how can I get any support from rubyforge
+ 353031 [pg@th mi n. ] Via the support system, which you used. Remember that RubyForge is run
| 353033 [robert.wolf@] Yes, I followed the FAQs and Dr. Nic's blog.
| 353039 [pg@th mi n. ] No clue if it applies to you, since your error message seems to be
| 353069 [robert.wolf@] Rubyforge ?
| 353073 [hackergene@g] CONs... :-)
+ 353032 [luislavena@g] Yes, you need to upload your SSH keys and wait a couple of minutes to

Error loading "mysqlplus" under Ruby1.9.1
353036 [ibc@al ax ne] - mysql (2.8.1)
353040 [ibc@al ax ne] Iaki Baz Castillo <ibc@aliax.net>
353162 [rogerpack200] Anybody have any ideas for this situation.
353177 [luislavena@g] require 'mysql' is going to search over installed gems ordered by the
353181 [ibc@al ax ne] =20
353238 [rogerpack200] I'm beginning to think that you're right.

How to unpack an IP packed in little endian byte order
353037 [n.galineau@g] Here's my issue : I have IPs stored in a database but those are "little
+ 353042 [shortcutter@] irb(main):020:0> i
| 353043 [n.galineau@g] That's exactly it.
+ 353045 [lists@be tr ] ip = 3232235797
  353120 [n.galineau@g] Thanks for your code explaining the underlying theory.

C++ pointers to Ruby objects
353044 [yuridenommus] I'm trying to make an interface between PhysX and Ruby and I got stucked
+ 353049 [jameskilton@] You need to either build your own C wrapper around the C++ and expose that
| 353055 [yuridenommus] Well, I installed Rice's gem and when I try to run my extconf.rb it
| 353057 [yuridenommus] Forget it. I forgot to include require 'rubygems' on my extconf.rb
| 353067 [yuridenommus] 1 - When an object is created on PhysX, it's not directly with a
+ 353161 [rogerpack200] theoretically you should be able to store a struct in a ruby object that
  353291 [yuridenommus] Thanks to your tip, I am very closer to what I want to do than ever. I

Unique combination of values from arrays
353047 [knirirr@gm i] Here's a problem for which I can't see an obvious solution, and hope
+ 353051 [aldric@tr vo] ar1 = [ 'one', 'two' ]
| + 353052 [knirirr@gm i] Indeed it is.
| | 353058 [aldric@tr vo] def array_permutations index, array
| + 353125 [cidza@ti .i ] one = ['one', 'two']
|   353130 [aldric@tr vo] That's really cool.
|   353132 [aldric@tr vo] def array_permutations array, index=0
+ 353060 [aldric@tr vo] def array_permutations array, index=0
| 353062 [aldric@tr vo] And even cleaner...
| 353064 [knirirr@gm i] Excellent, thanks - any of these should do the trick.
+ 353065 ["William Jam] one = [1,2]

Encapsulating Information and Behavior without State
353056 [transfire@gm] This should prove an interesting topic. I am currently debating two
+ 353081 [transfire@gm] Reading on the subject with regards to Java, I think what I am
| 353083 [ninja@sl ph ] Like a singleton, or like a module with a bunch of "class methods".
+ 353086 [richard.conr] What's the best
  353126 [transfire@gm] ve
  + 353129 [richard.conr] Okay, this makes a bit more sense. This kind of unit
  + 353207 [shortcutter@] What's wrong with doing
    + 353215 [tony@me io .] class<<self
    + 353225 [transfire@gm] Nothing. Indeed I think that is the way to do it (if the static-class

Trouble running sample script with Shoooes
353059 [johnsheahan@] I just downloaded Shoes and put the files in a directory on my windows

How to fund an open-source project?
353070 [eleanor@ga e] In the recent thread on Ruby VMs I mentioned my newly launched =
+ 353071 [gregory.t.br] -time so as to make reasonable progress in the coming year but I'm complete=
| 353233 [eleanor@ga e] full-time so as to make reasonable progress in the coming year but I'm =
| + 353246 [rogerpack200] What is pcm?
| | 353513 [eleanor@ga e] and=20
| + 353258 [shortcutter@] Although I can't remember having seen any code of yours I definitively
|   + 353262 [pg@th mi n. ] Agreed. I fondly remember Eleanor's and my exchange back in an ADA
|   | 353515 [eleanor@ga e] definitively
|   | 353521 [colinb2r@go ] Curiously, until you reminded us about that climate change thread,
|   | 353549 [eleanor@ga e] definitively
|   + 353269 [rick.denatal] than
|   | + 353270 [pg@th mi n. ] An additional cave at is that prospective employers, willing to donate
|   | | 353275 [rick.denatal] eir
|   | | 353277 [pg@th mi n. ] Absolutely.
|   | | 353278 [rick.denatal] We're really not talking about paying for something which is, after
|   | | 353279 [pg@th mi n. ] Which is what I meant. I should've written "contribute money", instead
|   | + 353516 [eleanor@ga e] Well to be honest I wouldn't be considering risking it on my own if I =
|   + 353514 [eleanor@ga e] appreciate your postings here.  Your community profile might be better =
+ 353094 [pg@th mi n. ] Is progress more important, or hacking on it?
  353232 [eleanor@ga e] full-time so as to make reasonable progress in the coming year but I'm =
  + 353261 [pg@th mi n. ] Well, while I won't be able to give presentations at conferences (mostly
  + 353368 [emiddleton@b] I think this kind of thing is a bootstrapping problem.  For a lot of
    353517 [eleanor@ga e] something of a lone wolf as I'm used to working solo on ambitious but =

how to alias keywords?
353072 [sonjaaa@gm i] It's easy to alias method names. Is there a way I can alias keywords
+ 353074 [ibc@al ax ne] IMHO this is not possible at all.
| 353076 [sonja@ki a. ] Maybe I need to edit parse.y or something.
| + 353079 [sonja@ki a. ] [21:44] <argv[0]> right. you either get "if" or you get "somethingelse",
| + 353080 [flo@an er gr] 1. You will have to distribute the changed version of
+ 353075 [axgle@12 .c ] def IF(condition)

Simple input problem
353077 [hypermeister] Somehow the following always worked for me before, but tonight, it
353078 [hypermeister] Never mind!  I was doing it wrong,  it is
353087 [lists@be tr ] Be aware that `gets' will return `nil' when the user presses
353106 [hypermeister] Thanks, I will keep that in mind.

Computer States
353082 [scorpionl13@] Hey all,
353084 [ninja@sl ph ] I suspect most BIOSes have this feature, but I have no idea how to access it
353085 [scorpionl13@] i was thinking about bios features, but being able to access and change
353091 [pg@th mi n. ] You probably want to access http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACPI
353152 [scorpionl13@] yea, i expected as much, which if fine, i just dont know how to go about
353153 [pg@th mi n. ] You'd've to read the ACPI spec, I'm afraid, what does what, if you want