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^ comp.lang.ruby
352795 [lakshmiveera] language.

^ [ANN] Sunshowers 0.2.0
352798 [normalperson] Sunshowers is a Ruby library for Web Sockets.  It exposes an easy-to-use

^ embed svg file  in html
352800 [dukeenggitst] In my rails application view i am using a svg file.I have a
+ 352803 [b.candler po] Your first action should be to google for "embed SVG HTML".
+ 352804 [arndt.roger ] Congratulation!
+ 352815 [imedina gros] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,

^ howto configure logging via yaml
352806 [info klawitt] I am new to both ruby an yaml and i am unsuccessfully trying to setup a
352816 [info klawitt] Here an example for other seekers :-)

^ Ruby 1.9 string slicing and StringScanner pointers
352807 [dev caiochas] While I welcome answers to that question here, I'm posting to ask
352809 [b.candler po] I suspect the reason it does it this way is because it's very expensive
352823 [shortcutter ] It would seem so.
352825 [b.candler po] Even if it did, I think the point remains that StringScanner#pos
352828 [shortcutter ] You're right.  Frankly, I did not read the stackoverflow question
352829 [james grayso] UTF-16 is not a fixed length encoding.  A UTF-16 character may be =
352848 [shortcutter ] Thanks for the education, James!  I would have sword UTF-16 is fixed

^ one-liner for lowercasing files
352811 [pbailey bna.] Can someone please suggest a simple Ruby one-liner to lowercase a
352817 [b.candler po] Lowercase the *contents* of a file, or its *name* ?
352827 [pbailey bna.] Thanks, Brian. Yes, it's just filename I want, not content. But, this is
352830 [flo andersgr] Try
352832 [pbailey bna.] 'fn' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
352845 [w_a_x_man ya] Do not top-post.
352847 [pbailey bna.] Here's what worked. Yours worked, waxman, but I needed a real filename
352895 [shortcutter ] Note that if you use a directory name in Dir['*'] you need to make

^ feezing mysql gem + unitiliazed constant  MysqlCompat::Mysql
352814 [renatojf2 gm] I need to freeze the mysql gem inside my app, since it's no longer
352833 [tony medioh.] AFAICT the mysql gem has been and continues to be broken in some manner.
+ 352842 [renatojf2 gm] Downgrading the mysql gem to 2.7 didn't work either on rails 2.3.5
+ 352864 [luislavena g] If there is a problem with the extension, like a broken API between

^ Add rubygems bin to PATH Bug #145267
352824 [hawat.thufir] What's the best work around to this problem?

^ Working with a command-line application on a remote server via 
352831 [mark.coates ] I am trying to interact with a command-line application on a remote
352840 [mark.coates ] Well, I'll answer my own question for historical purposes. I found

^ [ANN] Rice 1.3.0 - Now with full 1.9 support!
352835 [jameskilton ] ========================================

^ [ANN] rb++ / rbgccxml 0.9.1
352836 [jameskilton ] What is rb++ / rbgccxml?
353115 [th tp1.rub.d] I seem to have something like a bug in rb++. For the case that I want to
353117 [jameskilton ] What you're running into is a general C++ compilation issue when you have
353400 [th tp1.rub.d] Well, actually it shouldn't be included more than one time due
353414 [jameskilton ] Sorry, I should have pointed you further towards the right answer. What you

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.1-p376 is out
352837 [rogerpack200] Yea for the first version of ruby 1.9 that allows you to print long

^ Re: arcadia 0.8.0
352838 [antonio.gale] Right, I have fixed the problems on repository.

^ ActionMailer PDF attachment and Windows
352839 [donvnielsen ] I've been struggling for a couple of days down with trying to attach a
352870 [gregory.t.br] 't

^ Re: Rice 1.3.0 - Now with full 1.9 support!
352843 [phreakuencie] Great news! =)
352849 [jameskilton ] AFAIK Rice does a pretty good job of managing object pointers and not
352852 [phreakuencie] Exactly, in my code I use %trackobjects to do gc_mark on instances of

^ what does this do?
352853 [rogerpack200] => "ggg"
+ 352854 [tony medioh.] Ruby lets you invoke #[]= on literals.  They then go immediately out of
| 352911 [rogerpack200] Thanks for your and Josh's replies. It makes sense now.
| 352955 [colinb2r goo] IRB
+ 352855 [josh.cheek g] var = "abcd"        # => "abcd"

^ [OT] bash "wait for previous to finish" option?
352858 [rogerpack200] Anybody know if something like this exists.
+ 352861 [martindemell] wait <pid> should do it.
+ 352862 [usenet-nospa] touch /tmp/waitforme
+ 352863 [Gennady.Byst] $ date; sleep 60 &                                     =20
+ 352868 [ninja slapha] Definitely offtopic, but there a lot of answers, depending on what you

^ Re: Introspecting Method Arguments with Method.arity
352859 [shevegen lin] Old topic but ... has there anything changed in ruby 1.9.x ?
352860 [flo andersgr] def foo(a, b=nil, *c, &d) end
352910 [rogerpack200] I was reading something about this the other day in README.EXT -- its

^ Anybody out there doing RTMP automation?
352865 [xeno.campano] I am interested in using Ruby to send RTMP probes to do some data validations.

^ Newbie Question: Blocks and Parameters
352867 [derekwrobel ] Please have patience with my possibly basic basic question.  I am
+ 352871 [walton vyper] You can pass any function a block, whether it will use it, or not. In
| 352883 [derekwrobel ] Thanks to the both of you for the explanations.  I think I understand
| 352891 [jgabrielygal] Correct. The each method (which in MRI is probably implemented in C)
| 353169 [derekwrobel ] Thanks guys.  I think I'm slowly wrapping my head around this.
| 353172 [jgabrielygal] There are two 'i' in your code. The one inside my_method, which is the
| 353197 [derekwrobel ] Thank you so much Jesus, and the others who commented.  You all have
+ 352874 [gwtmp01 mac.] first

^ Multithread TCPServer not dequeueing packets
352869 [david.franci] I am moving a software from ruby 1.8.5 to 1.9.1. We have a multi thread
+ 352893 [shortcutter ] Apart from that it looks a bit more complicated than necessary and
+ 352896 [shortcutter ] process - at least that's not visible from your example code.
+ 352897 [b.candler po] That code isn't thread-safe, because the outer loop could change
  352905 [david.franci] Thanks Brian and Robert
  352906 [shortcutter ] That may just be a side effect of slightly changed timing.
  352926 [david.franci] Yes. It is confirmed. The problem was that session_sock getting changed

^ Installing Ruby 1.9.1 on Snow Leopard
352875 [public macma] I'm trying to install Ruby 1.9.1 alongside 1.8.7 on Snow Leopard. I'm
352882 [skim.la gmai] This looks like a problem with rvm.  Have you tried just building Ruby
355762 [wayneeseguin] That was a temporary (single release) tyop issue

^ Debug IRB session
352877 [rob flowof.i] Recently IRB has been leaking memory until it consumes all I have
+ 352878 [rob flowof.i] ruby 1.9.1p243 (2009-07-16 revision 24175) [x86_64-linux]
+ 352908 [rogerpack200] valgrind

^ does module have instance_methods?
352879 [rubynewbee g] I'm still confused, since module can't be instantiated, why it has the
+ 352881 [gwtmp01 mac.] You can think of a module as a container for method definitions.  By =
+ 352887 [jgabrielygal] It has instance_methods because those methods will be called on an
  352892 [rubynewbee g] Thanks Jesus, that has make things be clear.

^ meta-programming
352884 [devguy.ca gm] I am just starting to expand my Ruby knowledge into the area of
+ 352894 [b.candler po] Option 1: since you're using string eval already, you could just do the
| 352900 [devguy.ca gm] thanks for the excellent examples and explanation =), I can't stop
+ 352898 [jgabrielygal] on,
  + 352899 [devguy.ca gm] about to ask about adding variables after reading Brian's reply.
  + 352902 [b.candler po] Of course, since 'name' is static here, you could just include a module.
    352903 [devguy.ca gm] Thanks for pointing out the path to  ActiveRecord, I haven't gotten use

^ Marshal documentation
352885 [rotuz inmail] is there any specification or documentation of Marshal dumping and
+ 352917 [aaron tender] Aaron Patterson
| 352933 [rotuz inmail] I'm studying this source from beginning, I was just wondering, if there
+ 352944 [rogerpack200] the ruby hacker's guide might have something.
+ 352971 [gabriel.horn] Some links here may help: http://delicious.com/tag/marshal+ruby

^ what does \s* means?
352886 [khanal02 gma] what does the .\s* means in the following commad
+ 352889 [raghav.dasso] \s* means occurrence of zero or more white spaces.
+ 352890 [devguy.ca gm] it's actually '\.\s*' => match a '.' followed by zero or more spaces

^ [ANN] flog 2.4.0 Released
352888 [ryand-ruby z] flog version 2.4.0 has been released!

^ mongrel service vs mongrel in command shell
352901 [profpelosoto] I have to deploy a ruby app on a win2003 server.
352904 [luislavena g] On Dec 15, 8:35=A0am, "rabarama" <profpelosotogl...@levamiyahoo.it>

^ regexp to pars a HTML tag value
352912 [sepehr.onlin] I want to replace the value inside a HTML tag with another value using
352916 [marnen marne] If you expect any complexity at all in the structure of the HTML, then
352918 [mike.dalessi] fragment = Nokogiri::HTML.fragment(MyStr)
352921 [sepehr.onlin] I've used Nokogiri before, I don't want to use it in this scenario
+ 352923 [mike.dalessi] mike dalessio
+ 352924 [aaron tender] Aaron Patterson

^ Re: bash "wait for previous to finish" option?
352913 [rogerpack200] Thanks for your and everyone else's responses. Since ruby has a #waitpid

^ select!
352920 [rogerpack200] Is there any reason there's no select!
+ 352929 [ryand-ruby z] Perhaps because `select! x` is as simple as `reject! not x`?
| 352939 [ninja slapha] For consistency's sake, I'd still suggest the standard library should provide
| 353426 [rogerpack200] Anybody in favor of select!
| 353431 [rick.denatal] -1
+ 353436 [shortcutter ] Maybe Matz felt that using "select" to actually _delete_ from an Array
  353439 [rogerpack200] Yeah this is a feature request only for Array#select!
  353458 [pg thimian.c] The second "SELECT * FROM TABLE" deletes the records I want to retrieve

^ Using threads to show progress
352922 [aldric trevo] I want to do this in a Rake task, but the concept is Ruby. I would like
352925 [aldric trevo] desc "Go through dictated exams and show IDs"
+ 352934 [b.candler po] while enumerate.alive?
+ 352941 [ninja slapha] What's the advantage of making this a thread-local variable?
  352943 [piyush.pr gm] How about using a queue ?
  + 352969 [b.candler po] That's a really good suggestion: the consumer will block when it tries
  | 352973 [aldric trevo] The idea of the queue is very good.
  | 352974 [b.candler po] Killing threads asynchronously is usually a Bad Idea[TM]. It leaves you
  | + 352980 [b.candler po] # A suggestion
  | | 352982 [aldric trevo] That's pretty interesting. Are you.. Defining an instance of the class
  | | 352983 [b.candler po] Yes. It's just a shortcut to allow you to use a default instance, whilst
  | | 352986 [aldric trevo] I see! Very nice. I have one last question.
  | | 352987 [b.candler po] It depends on what you're iterating over. If it's an Array, use
  | + 352981 [aldric trevo] I read the rdocs for the Queue class and now I understand how it works -
  |   353023 [shortcutter ] IMHO it is not necessary though.  What you basically only need is to
  + 352996 [ninja slapha] Except that this removes any advantage of threads, as I see it -- and it still
    353024 [piyush.pr gm] How about using a mutex synchronize block around queue.push ? Would that
    353026 [b.candler po] Queue is a thread-safe class, and you do not need any additional
    353050 [ninja slapha] Not around the queue itself, no, so you're right -- a mutex synchronize around
    353053 [b.candler po] Indeed. It's unwise to push the object through the queue, saying "I'm
    353061 [piyush.pr gm] hmm..yes thats right. Did not think it through. Using queue may not be a
    353066 [ninja slapha] It depends what you mean by "best".

^ searching for Comparison Search
352927 [john.mcleod ] Please bear with me. I'm work on my third month with Ruby on Rails.
352930 [aldric trevo] Text searches in databases usually get married with indexes, because
352931 [john.mcleod ] Aldric,
352989 [john.mcleod ] I have been informed that the production database will be Oracle.  That
352991 [hassan.schro] You have my sympathies. :-)

^ gtk2 crash: bug or abuse?
352928 [info klawitt] I am running Ruby 1.8.7 (debian lenny/i386) and the following program

^ bug on Ruby extension
352932 [yuridenommus] I'm trying to make a glue code for ODE 0.9 on Ruby 1.8.7. This is my
352935 [b.candler po] Spot the difference between line 6 and line 13 of your code.
352936 [yuridenommus] Oh, gosh, I didn't even attempted to this. I thought it was conflict

^ [ANN] google_hash 0.1.1 -- it has a #each!
352937 [rogerpack200] Pleased to announce the initial release of a "google_hash" gem.
+ 352984 [aldric trevo] Neat. Does it keep the order in which the elements were entered? Is it
| 353010 [rogerpack200] Nope.  What would be the requirements for something you're looking for?
| + 353035 [aldric trevo] In Ruby 1.9, hashes remember in which order the data was entered (as
| + 353231 [ shot hot.pl] Iteration, mostly. Na=C3=AFve profiling of my Set-heavy code says it spends
+ 352988 [ shot hot.pl] [=E2=80=A6]
+ 353021 [ralf.mueller] I'm not sure, but Judy (http://judy.sourceforge.net/) and it's Ruby
+ 353472 [rogerpack200] As a note, also released 0.2.1 recently.
+ 353724 [rogerpack200] Released another update..
+ 353730 [normalperson] Any chance of having one of these can become the default MRI Hash

^ $50,000 IN YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT as seen on Oprah ! READ THE MESSAGE
352938 [compter09 gm] Full View

^ Licence issues.
352940 [robert.wolf ] charset="us-ascii"
352942 [ben bleythin] Excellent.
352993 [mike osdn.or] Or GPL, or public domain (which isn't recognized in some
352999 [lists bertra] I prefer BSD because it is so short that I can read it to the end
353006 [marnen marne] Yup.  Also, it's not "viral" like the GPL.
353009 [ninja slapha] That could be a good or bad thing. I almost wish there was a "viral" license

^ smtp check response 500
352945 [derekbellner] Anyone know what resp 500 means in smtp?
352949 [xenogenesis ] I hate to be rude, but why are you asking this (and on a Ruby mailing
352950 [xenogenesis ] *if unable to sort that out*
352975 [derekbellner] hey pharrington, it is a ruby question after-all its ruby code and I am
352998 [ryand-ruby z] send_mail("localhost","derekbellnersm...@yahoo.com","mongrel","mongrel")

^ Re: smtp check response 550
352946 [derekbellner] 550, not 500
352947 [rubynewbee g] 550 generally means a server-end error.

^ how to put timer on ruby
352948 [khanal02 gma] i need a timer for the program i am writing but i don't know the code so
353028 [eule space.c] require 'timeout'

^ working with a slow pipe (IO.popen)
352951 [jtprince gma] I'm doing some work with pymol and having trouble getting all the
352956 [normalperson] I don't know about pymol, but some apps do not respond well to having
352958 [jtprince gma] pipe.puts "quit"
+ 352962 [normalperson] Even IO.select([pipe]) hangs indefinitely?  Oh, I guess pymol
+ 352964 [shortcutter ] nt
  353019 [jtprince gma] @Robert: I've looked through a lot of pymol docs and haven't found
  353020 [shortcutter ] Frankly, I don't see how this can be: the reader thread should read

^ swapping tags & deleting tags via nokogiri
352952 [thebusyant g] let's say I have an xml document like this
+ 352953 [user compgro] Check out Loofah: http://github.com/flavorjones/loofah
+ 352954 [mike.dalessi] require "loofah"

^ [ANN] openssl-nonblock 0.2.1: moving towards compatibility with Ruby  1.9.2
352957 [tony medioh.] openssl-nonblock is a gem which enables non-blocking support in Ruby's

^ Cannot obtain child process exit code on Windows
352959 [weishng hotm] I would like to obtain the exit code from a child program. But all the
+ 352961 [luislavena g] When reporting any issue, please include full version of Ruby (ruby -
| 352968 [weishng hotm] Luis,
| 352979 [luislavena g] When testing if there is a bug, please try latest patchlevels.
+ 353012 [rogerpack200] I bet ruby is giving you the exit code of running that .bat file under a
+ 353029 [larschbelunk] This is normal, and doesn't have much to do with Ruby. You get the
  353374 [weishng hotm] Thank you for the explanation and solution. The cmd /c works great for

^ a program error
352960 [teodorcarste] undefined method `-' for "":String (NoMethodError)
+ 352963 [zhao.lu.us g] it appears that yspeed is "", which implies speed from gets is not what =
| 352966 [teodorcarste] The answer is
| 352967 [teodorcarste] shit, I had to write
+ 352965 [raghav.dasso] Try to use=20
+ 352985 [lists bertra] Put something like this before line 21 and the cause of the error

^ Trisha Navel
352970 [m.32ahesh gm] Trisha Navel.

^ Re: Split Module to multiple Files?
352972 [frank.guerin] =========================
+ 352976 [b.candler po] That depends what you mean by "combining those classes into a module".
+ 352977 [shortcutter ] k?
+ 352978 [b.candler po] class Foo
  352992 [kbloom gmail] The only thing to be aware of when defining parts of a class in different
  353000 [frank.guerin] Thanks for your help on this.
  353007 [marnen marne] No method is completely stand-alone in Ruby.  Methods that appear to be