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^ How to use tls1 but not sslv2/3 in https?
351966 [baoli01 gmai] I need to https connect an apache server that only support tls1
351970 [b.candler po] Have a look in the source code, probably somewhere like
352174 [baoli01 gmai] Thanks a lot! It works for me.
352180 [b.candler po] It would let you say
352256 [baoli01 gmai] Thanks, I got it.  I tried your diff, and with a little change, it does
352278 [b.candler po] Ah, I didn't spot that. This means that it would be a

^ ruby-1.9.1:  require 'rio' fails
351977 [wybo servaly] $ sudo gem install -r rio
+ 351978 [ibc aliax.ne] Some gems are not ready for ruby1.9. Have you checked that?
| 351980 [wybo servaly] ah - no!  Where do find that?
| + 351981 [justincollin] -Justin
| | 351983 [wybo servaly] very useful, thanks!
| + 351982 [ibc aliax.ne] There are lots of gems (or ruby libraries) not ready for Ruby 1.9. some of=
| + 351985 [b.candler po] It's not recommended by everybody :-)
+ 352000 [wishdev gmai] Morning Wybo,
| 352008 [wybo servaly] Thanks John - but I've decided to go back to ruby-1.8 and wait for a more mature
+ 352002 [ryand-ruby z] that's old rdoc. not sure how/why you're hitting that. But `sudo gem =

^ how to use nifty_authentication if package doesn't consist i
351984 [subodh.dhruw] Is it possible to create nifty authentication if nifty-generator package

^ Building a Ruby executable that take a command-line argument
351986 [chad.locke c] So I've been using Ocra for awhile now to build my Ruby executables and
351987 [larschbelunk] Works for me.
351988 [chad.locke c] Thanks for the quick response.  There were two issues on my end.  (1)

^ easy dsl style method generation?
351990 [rogerpack200] Here's what I wish I could easily do.
+ 351994 [aldric trevo] class Move
+ 351998 [glennj ncf.c] class Move

^ FileUtils noop?
351996 [rogerpack200] states that some methods can accept a :noop flag
351999 [luislavena g] For a dry-run. Like creating a directory, copying files but actually

^ Ruby 1.9.1 gem command - can't find user for 500
352001 [s.d comcast.] Has anyone else encountered this error or can suggest a way to correct it?
352003 [ryand-ruby z] it?=20
352013 [s.d comcast.] Ryan,

^ System function using variables from fieldset
352004 [bill vocatic] Hey everyone...trying to get a handle on Ruby syntax but having a bit of
352010 [rick.denatal] First, I'm guessing that you are trying to write a Rails app, in which
352012 [bill vocatic] Thank you for the reply.  I really appreciate your input.
+ 352016 [gregory.t.br] You basically can't.  See Rick's first point.
| 352017 [gwtmp01 mac.] this
| 352079 [gregory.t.br] Unless of course you make your view multi-purpose and do your
+ 352022 [rick.denatal] If someone tried to FORCE me the syntax I would use would be something like=
  352030 [bill vocatic] I have to admit, you write the most elegant code I have ever seen :-)

^ [ANN] kramdown 0.2.0 - definition list syntax and better HTML parser
352005 [t_leitner gm] ## About kramdown

^ [ANN] MountainWest RubyConf 2010
352007 [james.britt ] MountainWest RubyConf 2010  will be held March 11 and 12, 2010, in Salt

^ Variable references in yaml files
352011 [dara.lillis ] I have been trying to include variable references in a yaml file. I
352015 [ninja slapha] In other words, you have a local variable fourth_member which you want to
+ 352018 [dara.lillis ] Thanks for the detailed response, David.
| 352025 [ninja slapha] Well, two complaints about this. One, you're top posting, but that's a matter
+ 352019 [dara.lillis ] Actually, thinking just a little further, your suggestion of merging
  352024 [marnen marne] 1. Rails preprocesses some of its YAML configuration files with ERb.

^ feedtools 0.2.29
352014 [rubyhacker g] I suppose this lib may be defunct, but I used it and liked it

^ [ANN] Ruby Challenge for Beginners #4
352026 [satish.talim] Ruby beginners: The fourth installment of the Ruby Programming Challenge

^ Re: How to make net-ping thread safe?
352027 [lsternlicht ] Why?
352033 [shortcutter ] Because @@class variables are broken.  You can find numerous threads

^ Re: Racc: when is on_error called?
352028 [vascoas gmai] Did you get the answers to your questions? If so, could you share it

^ Ruby script server/console through readline (LoadError)
352031 [prabakar007 ] i have centos5.1 and ruby version "ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13 patchlevel 0)

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Enumerable ObjectSpace (#222)
352032 [yahivin gmai] (Sorry for the delays!)

^ using heredoc string in erb
352034 [jacob.miles ] but I believe this is an erb issue, not specific to merb).  For
+ 352039 [wybo servaly] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 352046 [shortcutter ] Make that
  352053 [jacob.miles ] Thanks!  The .chomp fixed it.
  + 352056 [marnen marne] Interesting.  Something else you might want to consider: use Haml.  It's
  + 352068 [shortcutter ] For me moving the "%>" to the next line fixed it.
    352116 [jacob.miles ] ractices.com/
    352154 [b.candler po] I wonder if you could do something along the lines of Rails' capture
    352376 [b.candler po] Incidentally, it looks like this is what webby does with its coderay and

^ increment/decrement
352036 [teodorcarste] what is Ruby's style of increment/decrement?
+ 352037 [paul pollyan] someVar += 1
| 352042 [lists bertra] You may also say
+ 352038 [mike stok.ca] Take a look at http://ruby-doc.org/docs/Newcomers/ruby.html#operators =
  352041 [shortcutter ] Teodor, if you now start wondering why there is no i++ in Ruby please

^ Graphics mode again
352043 [teodorcarste] puts "  give angle(degrees): "
+ 352048 [teodorcarste] I can't believe none can help me. Give me a punch, I can't go on.
| 352072 [steve studio] and reference
| 352074 [steve studio] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 352076 [teodorcarste] Come on everybody! Stop answering to my questions! Enough! Please!
+ 352050 [brabuhr gmai] , or >whatever... I want to see a shell flying on the screen. I am able to =
  352054 [teodorcarste] It works! As you said, a single ball on the screen.
  + 352060 [paul pollyan] He already told you he used Gnome Canvas.  He already showed you a
  | 352063 [teodorcarste] Of course not. I'm gonna do it by myself. Well, I understand this forum
  | + 352066 [marnen marne] This forum *is* for newbies -- but only newbies who take the initiative
  | | 352069 [teodorcarste] thank you, I realy apreciate that! Vrey useful link... All my life I had
  | + 352070 [paul pollyan] You haven't asked a stupid question.  That's not what offends me.
  + 352062 [brabuhr gmai] I don't know, that's the first ruby-gnome code I've written.  Looking
    352065 [teodorcarste] to unknown (Guest)
    352067 [brabuhr gmai] gnome_canvas_ball.rb

^ gems installation - invalid gem format
352051 [s.cambour gm] No matter on which OS you are, - XP Family, XP Pro or Ubuntu 9.10. No
352071 [aaron tender] Does this break with any other gem?  Or is it only the heroku gem?
352085 [s.cambour gm] With any other gem, even when I tried from installing Ruby, then doing
352133 [luislavena g] how
352364 [s.cambour gm] Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
352388 [luislavena g] That means that you remove the cache gem folder? The gem list is only
352529 [s.cambour gm] I think I found the reason. I just opened the file that Ruby pointed in
352588 [luislavena g] 9-1">
+ 352603 [s.cambour gm] <html><head>
+ 352604 [s.cambour gm] <html><head>

^ const_defined?
352055 [sshaikh hotm] Why would const-defined? as used below throw a NameError? Surely the whole
352057 [sshaikh hotm] It seems to croak because the argument passed isn't a constant name, that is

^ unsubscribe
352075 [javierch spe] unsubscribe javierch@speedy.com.ar

^ awk to ruby 1.9
352080 [atma convale] I'm a total newbe. I'm trying to figure out how to grab a specific Xth =
+ 352083 [ninja slapha] It looks as though you've gotten that started...
| 352111 [atma convale] On 04 =CE=94=CE=B5=CE=BA 2009, at 10:27 =CE=BC.=CE=BC., David Masover =
| 352155 [shortcutter ] It seems that is making things unnecessary complicated (there is a
| 352169 [atma convale] Good evening (it's 8:48 pm here)!
| 352171 [shortcutter ] Are you in Greece?  It seems the country is shaken by riots currently.
| 352203 [atma convale] On 07 =CE=94=CE=B5=CE=BA 2009, at 12:50 =CF=80.=CE=BC., Robert Klemme =
| 352205 [paul pollyan] Yes, parentheses are (usually) optional in Ruby.
+ 352146 [timrandg gma] You can certainly recreate the awk functionality. But for the lazy
+ 352148 [brabuhr gmai] aracter from a .log and put it into an array.
+ 352191 [lists bertra] The correct translation of `-F Ban "{print $2}"' would be
  352197 [atma convale] On 07 =CE=94=CE=B5=CE=BA 2009, at 5:33 =CE=BC.=CE=BC., Bertram Scharpf =

^ Finding an element in an array of hashes
352081 [stupakov gma] I have an array of Facebooker::User objects
352084 [aldric trevo] "basically" hashes? That doesn't look like hash syntax to me..
+ 352091 [stupakov gma] You're right, my mistake.
+ 352095 [jgabrielygal] Careful, there should be a == there...

^ Equivalent of Python's virtualenv
352086 [vineire77 gm] Does anyone know of a Ruby equivalent of Python's virtualenv? I need to
+ 352087 [marnen marne] Perhaps Try Ruby would have something useful?  I *think* it's
| 352090 [sophrinix gm] Maintainer of Try Ruby here.
+ 352092 [jstewart fus] ...

^ Tempfile naming
352094 [weyus att.ne] Is there any way to influence/control the naming of a Tempfile file?
352099 [marnen marne] Looks like the constructor takes a name parameter.

^ Use of extend <module> from within a Class
352096 [bodarotech g] I would like to include a module into a 'static' class - such that all
+ 352097 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):017:0> module Z
| 352098 [bodarotech g] class. the problem is exactly with the call of the form self.class...
+ 352100 [rick.denatal] Okay, at this point in the class definition self =3D=3D Use
  352230 [bodarotech g] Thanks for the clarification and sample.
  352240 [rick.denatal] MyController < ActionController::Base
  352249 [bodarotech g] on except for

^ how about ruby's threads?
352101 [rubynewbee g] Is ruby's threads safe enough?
+ 352102 [sophrinix gm] I just have to say, I read in my mind as borat (the movie) speaking.
+ 352106 [ninja slapha] What do you mean by "safe"?
| 352149 [rubynewbee g] Well, I asked this because Perl thread documentation warns that
| 352170 [ninja slapha] First, it's just a preference, but I think most on the list agree to me --
| 352190 [b.candler po] I agree that it depends on what you're doing - but Ruby threads *are*
| + 352216 [ninja slapha] I agree. However, I don't think threads are the best primitive to use for
| | + 352217 [martindemell] The other option is to attach ruby workers to an erlang backbone
| | | 352223 [ninja slapha] This would miss out on one of the biggest wins for Erlang, which I'm not sure
| | | 352226 [tony medioh.] Probably :)
| | + 352280 [b.candler po] Absolutely all true.
| |   352314 [tony medioh.] For what it's worth, that's what Reia is already.
| |   352319 [b.candler po] No, I don't think so. Reia will run on the Erlang VM but will be a
| |   + 352327 [tony medioh.] So, psst, I'm the author of Reia, so you can take my responses as
| |   | 352332 [b.candler po] D'oh! I can't believe I missed that. My sincere apologies.
| |   + 352329 [ninja slapha] For what it's worth, just about all of these sound like improvements to me.
| + 352243 [billk cts.co] An additional alternative that is pretty neat is combining an
|   352255 [tony medioh.] Revactor provides exactly this with its HTTP client.  Revactor models actors
+ 352119 [tony medioh.] Threads as a concurrency primitive are about as "safe" as C's pointers were

^ rsruby gem
352103 [timrandg gma] Does anybody have rsruby gem running on snow leopard?
352104 [ryand-ruby z] I have it working (just verified)... I didn't install from source IIRC =
352136 [timrandg gma] Thanks for responding.
352162 [ryand-ruby z] yes

^ convert an array to a hash
352105 [rubynewbee g] Helo,
352107 [marnen marne] I'm not sure why you want to do this in the first place, but check out
352108 [zed.0xff gma] irb(main):001:0> a=["a", "hello", "b", "world", "c", "welcome", "d",
+ 352109 [marnen marne] Oh, right.  I thought Hash had a constructor like that, but I couldn't
+ 352110 [rubynewbee g] Thanks.
  352113 [jgabrielygal] It's the splat operator. It's used to "unarray" an array into its
  352117 [rubynewbee g] Ah, I got it, thanks~

^ Class arguments (newbe question)
352112 [atma convale] I have the following code which prints the ip's from fail2ban.log and =
352114 [jgabrielygal] When you define an initialize method that receives an argument, you
352115 [atma convale] On 05 =CE=94=CE=B5=CE=BA 2009, at 11:55 =CF=80.=CE=BC., Jes=C3=BAs =

^ gem cleanup/uninstall not dropping old executables?
352118 [ shot hot.pl] I=E2=80=99m an avid user of gem update/gem cleanup pair, but I just

^ different output for same expression?
352120 [stevena arno] Forgive me if this is an elementary question and I am missing something =
352123 [paul pollyan] bvious, but there is a behavior in Ruby that puzzles me a lot.
352130 [jgabrielygal] obvious, but there is a behavior in Ruby that puzzles me a lot.
352132 [paul pollyan] obvious, but there is a behavior in Ruby that puzzles me a lot.

^ wxruby and rubymsn
352121 [norsk.firefo] desktop-programs. I know it is a hard task instead of just crating a
352124 [martindemell] Worked for me. Try this: copy the minimal sample from the wxruby
352128 [norsk.firefo] Doesn't seem to get any further.

^ ruby 1.9 and collect
352122 [raul.c.jara ] Under ruby 1.8.6, running
+ 352125 [rick.denatal] Actually I find it counterintuitive that Enumerable#collect works
| 352126 [raul.c.jara ] That was exactly the explanation I was looking for.  Thanks.
+ 352129 [ninja slapha] Huh. That's odd.
| 352145 [rick.denatal] Well in 1.9 most enumerable methods which take a block will return an
+ 352147 [timrandg gma] Where you have been using
+ 352152 [dblack rubyp] As others have said, there are better ways (mainly File.readlines). As
  352158 [martindemell] The use case I can see is to turn an Enumerable into an Array. Which
  + 352160 [dblack rubyp] It will work (using map instead of to_a in 1.8), but I don't think
  | 352172 [kbloom gmail] ["foo","bar","baz"].map.each_with_index{|val,idx| "#{idx} #{val}"}
  | + 352179 [xenogenesis ] ww.iit.edu/~kbloom1/
  | + 352184 [dblack rubyp] Sort of an ironic example, in that I spent nine years lobbying for
  + 352181 [shortcutter ] Only that it misses closing the file properly.  Rather to

^ Forex-market for online marketing Just Vist.. http://getmoneywith.tk
352127 [syedaasma58 ] Forex-market for online marketing publishing business from home. Forex-

^ CSV confusion newbie question
352135 [randallsata ] I am confused on why my two Ruby scripts using CSV behave differently. I
352137 [randallsata ] Please ignore. I forgot to follow the first rule of data mangling...

^ Why doesn't Ruby "compile" strings?
352138 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D------------------
+ 352139 [marnen marne] [...]> This clearly shows that using a constant string is faster than
| 352142 [ibc aliax.ne] puts Benchmark.realtime { 1.upto(500000) {|i| :"hello_world".to_s.upcase =
| 352143 [marnen marne] Only one per iteration -- 'HELLO WORLD'.  Your original implementation
| 352151 [xenogenesis ] No, two Strings get created here: one with .to_s and the other
| 352163 [marnen marne] Quite right.  What the hell was I thinking? :)
+ 352140 [wyhaines gma] This is because when you are using the constant, you are referring to the
  352141 [ibc aliax.ne] se
  + 352144 [marnen marne] Irrelevant.  Ruby strings are mutable, remember?
  + 352153 [b.candler po] 10.times do
    352156 [shortcutter ] what
    352167 [ibc aliax.ne] nt

352150 [itsme213 hot] Is there a good GUI IRB on OSX? Preferably one that lets me easily
+ 352157 [martindemell] Yes, I'm afraid that's abandoned - I found it of limited use on linux,
+ 352222 [aldric trevo] I have to admit that I don't see the problem with having two terminal
| 352224 [ninja slapha] Especially with OS X.
| 352231 [marnen marne] No need.  That's what Cmd-Grave and Cmd-Sh-Grave already do.
| 352246 [ninja slapha] Ah, fair enough -- though I still prefer combinations of arrow keys or
| 352257 [marnen marne] Oh, those are Mac OS standard keystrokes for switching *windows*, not
| + 352270 [ninja slapha] Ah. I distinctly remember a preference within Terminal, for switching to the
| + 352291 [aldric trevo] To go back on topic a bit.. Marnen, so ... You don't use VIM? ;-)
|   352294 [marnen marne] Absolutely not.  I hate vi, although vim is slightly better.  When I
|   352299 [aldric trevo] Ah yes, because C-x C-c makes so much more sense ;-) I didn't think
|   + 352307 [xenogenesis ] s no
|   + 352310 [marnen marne] The latter is really the issue.  I only remember a small number of emacs
+ 352236 [mitko.kostov] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.