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^ Problem trying to get a constant with correct scope
351755 [alexandre_mu] I'm trying to get a constant inside a class (but i have to do it outside
351767 [xenogenesis ] Your goal is confusing. module A contains the "B" constant, not class
351769 [alexandre_mu] Sorry for the shortcut in my explanation. In fact, my test case is a bit
351771 [alexandre_mu] Currently, i'm using something like
+ 351772 [Rob AgileCon] Would your DSL rather do something with const_missing instead of
+ 351773 [xenogenesis ] archy
  351774 [alexandre_mu] Ok, so that's a bad news...
  351776 [xenogenesis ] if

^ Detect the path used to require a file?
351757 [brian.hartin] I'm having a problem in which a file is being required twice, using
+ 351759 [transfire gm] Create a load monitor, eg.
+ 351799 [eule space.c] In most Ruby implementations the __FILE__ constant will be different

^ Gem for Mac HFS metadata?
351761 [fritza uchic] Mac OS X's native HFS file system attaches directory metadata to its
351766 [sven.schott ] A gem would be great (I personally don't know of any), but you could write =

^ Searching Text for Multiple Matches
351765 [johnsheahan ] I am using ruby to search and match text in a file that has several
351768 [rogerpack200] I'd probably recommend a regular expression.
351770 [johnsheahan ] Thanks Roger. I am currently iterating through each line of text and
351864 [shortcutter ] \s+$/)

^ one more regular expression, please
351779 [joaomiguel.p] I really can't figure out how regular expressions work, and since I
+ 351780 [ninja slapha] Since I can't figure out why you'd ever want to do that in a real app, I have
+ 351781 [marnen marne] So you're giving up and expecting us to do your work for you?  Come on!
| 351782 [joaomiguel.p] you're both right. That was a dumb question. I will try to find it by
| 351784 [marnen marne] Good luck.  If you get stuck, help is available.  Regexes are lots of
+ 351789 [ruby-bucket ] /[^\+]*\+\+\(\(([0-9]+)\)\)\+\+.*/
| 351809 [marnen marne] Not quite.  Anyway, don't spoon-feed the lazy. :)
+ 351808 [liulantao gm] extractor = Regexp.new('\+\+\(\((\d+)\)\)\+\+')

^ Splat array with 1 value in Ruby 1.9 vs Ruby 1.8
351786 [raulparolari] In porting some automation code from 1.8.7 to 1.9.1, I find that in ruby
351787 [raulparolari] [ Sorry for the horrible indentation. I repeat the text renouncing to
351816 [rick.denatal] Not sure exactly what you mean by generating the code, but could you use
351818 [raulparolari] As I said at the beginning of the post, the code is unpacking binary
351822 [shortcutter ] ; y =3D 97
351823 [raulparolari] Indeed, this solves with grace the problem in the automation  (without
351826 [shortcutter ] b,c'
351831 [raulparolari] a) in 1.8 the splat operator could only be applied to the last
351865 [shortcutter ] If you believe you have found a bug, please file it so it can be taken care=
351919 [raulparolari] Thanks for the suggestion; I just reported (what I believe to be) the
353222 [eregontp gma] Well, so what's the solution to get the single element in the array or the
353229 [raulparolari] Benoit, str.scan(pattern) always returns an array of matches; you then
353230 [eregontp gma] Humm, well, it has a very-not-easy-to-see link, but it is.
353257 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.
353271 [eregontp gma] 2009/12/20 Robert Klemme <shortcutter@googlemail.com>
353304 [shortcutter ] ay.

^ Testing rails application
351790 [hemant.bharg] Hey champs,
351793 [b.candler po] This mailing list is for Ruby (the programming language).

^ [ANN] Ruby draft specification
351791 [shugo netlab] The first version of the draft specification of Ruby has been released
+ 351815 [Ruby GoogleM] Well, that's settled, then.
| 351843 [ryand-ruby z] released
| 351855 [shugo ruby-l] Yes, it's just a draft.  We can change the term.
+ 351856 [shugo netlab] A hyperlinked version of the draft specification is now available at the si=
  351930 [ryand-ruby z] released

^ How to
351794 [hackergene g] Seeing that there is a wrong typing mistake in the page
+ 351800 [ryand-ruby z] You should email ruby-core@ to offer translation contributions.
+ 351847 [justincollin] There is such a page, at
  351857 [hackergene g] Thanks for the help.I'll try to contact the webmaster of ruby website.

^ Pell's equation solver in Ruby
351795 [t_nissie yah] Here is my "Pell's equation solver in Ruby".

^ Float Arithmetic: Return A Fixnum When Float == Fixnum
351797 [hsomob1999 y] => 2.5
351810 [marnen marne] The notation is misleading.  It's not a question of precision, but of
+ 351812 [marnen marne] It occurs to me that you may also want to play with Rational.
+ 351820 [hsomob1999 y] Yes, I do, but when it comes to printing, Float does not.
  351821 [marnen marne] You can always redefine Float.to_s.  Changing the underlying type,
  351839 [Glen.F.Panko] , but of
  351854 [hsomob1999 y] Ah, I knew it -a better way. And to think, it was with a printf

^ How to use "eval" to create method parameters?
351801 [ibc aliax.ne] rs.=20
351802 [janfri.rubyf] Why not use a plain old Array?
351804 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes! I missed that!
351817 [jgabrielygal] If you do have a string with comma-separated values, you can do this

^ [ANN] Step 1.0
351803 [lists bertra] a month ago, there was a discussion about what is the best way to
351811 [shortcutter ] ;-)

351813 [sierranna gm] We have LOW prices on King Edward Cigarillos. This is a great

^ Ruby should support consistent constant lookup (and dynamic)
351814 [alexandre_mu] Just a general remark about this problem. Shouldn't Ruby have a builtin
351828 [walton vyper] irb(main):001:0> class A
351832 [alexandre_mu] Oh, thanks, at least the eval is working on constants with 1.9, this is

^ Rake Environment variables gone missing
351819 [phermans liv] I posted this about six months ago but the form seems to have gone
+ 351892 [t3ch.dude gm] Herman,
| 351915 [phermans liv] Interesting.  Doesn't give me much hope though.  I suppose I could try
+ 351917 [aldric trevo] Herman,
  351940 [phermans liv] Well the problem is that the vcproj files are all based on environment
  351944 [t3ch.dude gm] You know, since you're testing the size of the ENV hash, you can test
  352052 [phermans liv] No question it's the size.

^ ANN: Sequel 3.7.0 Released
351824 [code jeremye] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.
351825 [aldric trevo] I don't know much about adapters. Is there a chance of getting Sybase
+ 351827 [cremes.devli] It's certainly possible if someone is willing to do the work and
+ 351830 [code jeremye] As Chuck mentioned, the only reason there isn't one already is that no

^ Access Databases and ADODB
351829 [rubfor recit] However I can't find more complete information on the methods available.
351850 [david.mullet] Beyond this...
351862 [rubfor recit] I'm trying to see if your example maps to VBA.

^ why_sandbox 1.9 support
351838 [sophrinix gm] Greetings,

^ Re: ruby-kerberos
351841 [its.svati gm] Thank you for putting up this gem. I have tried to run the example
351853 [djberg96 gma] Can you paste the example program please?
352020 [its.svati gm] require 'rubygems'
352021 [its.svati gm] This is the example code that I am trying to run after installing the

^ XDG 1.0
351848 [transfire gm] I released a new version of XDG this evening. This is a significant

^ Hangman Help
351851 [jovijunki84 ] How do I print the dashes and letters to represent the word to be
351852 [brabuhr gmai] It might help us help you if you provide a sample of the code you are

^ How Do I Change a .gsub
351858 [jovijunki84 ] I'm trying to make a Hangman game
351860 [martindemell] class Hangman
351896 [jovijunki84 ] I tried what you suggested and it will give either a can't covert string
351901 [martindemell] Paste your complete code in and I'll take a look.
351904 [jovijunki84 ] class Hangman
351906 [paul pollyan] This doesn't split the word up into individual letters - you need

^ Simple http.get() script fails
351861 [juanmedin gm] Using a simple test script to get Google's start page HTML gives me the
+ 351876 [rubfor recit] require 'open-uri'
+ 351949 [esperantoca ] Didn't you forget to put in your PROXY settings??  NodeName not found

^ [ANN] Rainbows! 0.8.0
351863 [normalperson] Rainbows! is an HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ Cucumber, Flex and FunFX
351866 [stumpz888 ho] I am currently trying to do a "proof of concept" for our Flex software

^ [Link] Development of Ruby VMs
351867 [shortcutter ] I had heard of most of the mentioned projects once but is impressive
351885 [Ruby GoogleM] There's a couple ones missing, actually. Overall, there have been
+ 351887 [ibc aliax.ne] What about Rubinius?
| 351916 [Ruby GoogleM] That's already on Ilya's list.
+ 351889 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D---------------
+ 351926 [eleanor game] Hopefully this list will soon be joined by RubyGoLightly, my project to =
  351976 [Ruby GoogleM] This looks very cool!
  352077 [eleanor game] Well I'm not holding my breath on Go making it to Windows anytime soon, =

^ Advice - Printing All Options
351869 [wood_yee12 h] I'm trying to come up with a drill for my martial arts class where I can
+ 351870 [paul pollyan] a = [1,2,3]
| 351871 [wood_yee12 h] PERFECT!! You totally nailed it! That's exactly what I wanted. Woo hoo!
| 351872 [wood_yee12 h] Hey - one more thing. How can I go further and make this more random. I
| 351873 [marnen marne] What do you mean?
| + 351874 [shortcutter ] 1.9 also has #shuffle.
| + 351875 [wood_yee12 h] When I ran my program, it printed out all options for each Position.
+ 351877 [aldric trevo] This is, as others have shown, rather trivial code. While I applaud your
  351880 [paul pollyan] But, still, to achieve it, change the "puts" line, which prints to

^ Graphics mode
351878 [teodorcarste] I need to include graphics mode in my program, I dunno how. I can do it
+ 351882 [marnen marne] C++ has nothing like that -- there is no such thing as "graphics mode".
+ 351883 [paul pollyan] Initialize graphics mode?
  351888 [teodorcarste] #include <graphics.h>
  + 351890 [marnen marne] Where did you get this header?  What does it contain?  I don't think
  | 351893 [teodorcarste] ok, I'll try to find it. I use NetBeans, could you drive me step by
  | 351895 [marnen marne] Your IDE is irrelevant.  (But consider abandoning NetBeans and using
  | 351897 [teodorcarste] well, well, it is truly offensive, but it makes me go stronger and
  | 351921 [usenet-nospa] Why not?
  | 351924 [marnen marne] Well, to be fair...I usually have a similar attitude.  Between the rapid
  + 351891 [paul pollyan] I'm really confused.
  + 351912 [brabuhr gmai] ...
  | 351914 [teodorcarste] THANKS!
  + 351920 [usenet-nospa] Uh.
  | 351972 [martindemell] rogram
  | 351993 [matt harpsta] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
  + 351959 [kbloom gmail] Wow! That's a blast from the past! I'm guessing it's either Borland C++
  | + 351963 [marnen marne] There have been several recent threads in this forum on GUI development
  | + 351965 [walton vyper] Heh same here actually... 10 years ago API Compsci ;-)
  | | 351992 [matt harpsta] Eeek!  I feel old.  I did AP CompSci back 21 years ago.  It was in Pascal
  | | 351995 [rick.denatal] Pascal
  | | 352035 [colinb2r goo] (And I was (still) using it for my home use in 2007.)
  | + 352073 [hramrach cen] code
  + 351961 [kbloom gmail] What a blast from the past!

^ How to use rb_enc_str_new() to create a String with UTF-8 encoding?
351879 [ibc aliax.ne] =20
351905 [b.candler po] I'd say give it a pointer to an rb_encoding object.
351909 [ibc aliax.ne] Humm, it involves allocating memory for the rb_encoding object and so... no=
351922 [b.candler po] Why? AFAICS, you can just pass a pointer to an existing encoding object.
351941 [ibc aliax.ne] Ok, so the rb_encoding objects already exist and I just must use a point to=

^ duda sobre nuevo metodo
351881 [acidburg hot] mi routers.rb es
+ 351884 [marnen marne] This is a Rails question.  Please take it to the Rails list -- and ask
+ 351886 [Rob AgileCon] necesita el metodo
  351894 [acidburg hot] le he puesto en el routes.rb
  + 351898 [acidburg hot] Gracias era solo cambiar el link funciona de las 2 formas en una linea o
  + 351899 [ibc aliax.ne] Please, stop this thread in Spanish now. This is a list in English.
  + 351900 [Rob AgileCon] se reinicia la aplicaci=F3n despu=E9s de los cambios a routes.rb?
    351903 [acidburg hot] esta solucionado gracias
    + 351907 [ibc aliax.ne] =C2=A1POR FAVOR! deja de preguntar en espa=C3=B1ol, =C3=A9sta es una lista =
    | 351908 [acidburg hot] tio no se k tantos problemas tienes porque pregunte yme respondan  si no
    | + 351910 [marnen marne] Then use the Spanish Ruby list / use la lista española de Ruby.  Aquí
    | + 351911 [fxn hashref.] i no
    | + 351942 [ibc aliax.ne] Las reglas no las pones t=C3=BA. Si t=C3=BA mandas correos en espa=C3=B1ol =
    + 351913 [fxn hashref.] * en ruby-talk no se discute de Rails
      351923 [acidburg hot] me he apuntao i no me aclaro me puedes responder tu lo k pregunto?
      + 351936 [fxn hashref.] No David lo siento, has de aprender a usar una lista de correo.
      + 351943 [ibc aliax.ne] 1) Esto es una lista en ingl=C3=A9s.
        351946 [sophrinix gm] ntable y

^ Re: Bug: Ruby 1.9.1 File io on Windows is slooooow
351902 [rogerpack200] Looks like this bug is http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/show/1332
356684 [agroebbe hot] Tested on Windows XP. No virus scanner.
+ 356707 [shortcutter ] How many test runs did you do?  Because of caching figures from a single
+ 356727 [rogerpack200] If you remove the flush it seems to work *much* faster.

^ ruby-debug
351918 [calvinanhngu] I was wondering if there was a way to instruct the ruby debug
+ 351925 [marnen marne] Then what you need is not a debugger; you need to understand the code
+ 351928 [rogerpack200] You could try

^ Need help with writefile line ranges within extensive file
351929 [jdezenzio gm] class EuiiiReader
351934 [jgabrielygal] ed in
351938 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks mate - I appreciate the short fix.
351939 [jgabrielygal] Here you are not closing the file.
351997 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks mate - appreciate it.  I'm cleaning it up now.

^ Setup.rb 5 coming soon, could use some assistance
351931 [transfire gm] Over the last week I've been readying Setup.rb 5.0 for release. This

^ why_sandbox 1.9 support
351932 [sophrinix gm] **I tried sending this to the list before.

^ ruby -rubygems -rgem_name fails--is this a bug?
351945 [rogerpack200] See the title.
351948 [luislavena g] ruby -r is not using the redefined version of require once rubygems is

^ Help with complex array transformation
351947 [brunormoura ] I have a following method
+ 351962 [esperantoca ] I'm not too sure if I fully understood you, but this shouldn't be too
+ 351964 [lists bertra] Let `v' be the result of the `view' call.
+ 351968 [shortcutter ] I would rather change timestamp strings into objects of class Time or
  351974 [brunormoura ] I should donate a each one paypal credits...rsss
  351975 [brunormoura ] And Robert

^ Encoding/decoding a image as Base64 (fails under Ruby1.9 but works under Ruby1.8)
351950 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D-------------------------------------
+ 351951 [ibc aliax.ne] is
+ 351967 [larschbelunk] In Ruby 1.9, Array#to_s is an alias for Array#inspect.
| 351973 [ibc aliax.ne] Yes. It seems that usng "to_s" could be a bit problematic under Ruby1.9 due=
| 351979 [rick.denatal] ue to
+ 351969 [shortcutter ] is
  351971 [ibc aliax.ne] That makes lot of sense!

^ Re: Resolving OpenSSL version mismatch in OS X 10.5.8
351952 [johnny.rodge] Just got a bump from another reader asking if I had resolved this issue,

^ Re: Encoding/decoding a image as Base64 (fails under Ruby1.9 but works under Ruby1.8) [SOLVED]
351953 [ibc aliax.ne] =2D-------------------------------------

^ Increment outerloop value in innerloop in each do Syntax
351954 [raju.srirang] I am new to RUBY. Please help me in solving the below problem.
+ 351955 [_mwryder55 g] I don't think you can use each on the i value.  I would use a while loop
| 351956 [raju.srirang] I have to get it done with each do syntax. Because I have a structure
| + 351958 [_mwryder55 g] i = 0
| + 351960 [wishdev gmai] Good Day Nag,
+ 351957 [flo andersgr] Wow, is there any use case for this pattern?
  351991 [raju.srirang] Thank you very much Michael and Florian for your help. I am sorry John