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^ [ANN] unicorn 0.95.1 - we <3 symlink deployments more
351133 [normalperson] Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

^ issues with Kernel#select
351134 [tim.pease gm] Waking up a thread that is waiting in Kernel#select does not appear to =
351139 [normalperson] 1.9 is actually doing what I expect it to do, that is waiting
351223 [tim.pease gm] to work in ruby 1.9  Can someone please confirm that this is the case. =
351234 [normalperson] Yeah, I expect thread.wakeup to only work on thread-aware things like
+ 351252 [shortcutter ] Another approach would be to use #select with a timeout and regularly
| 351280 [tim.pease gm] threads
+ 351281 [tim.pease gm] to work in ruby 1.9  Can someone please confirm that this is the case. =
+ 351292 [tim.pease gm] to work in ruby 1.9  Can someone please confirm that this is the case. =
  351394 [normalperson] I think a length argument is is required for read_nonblock.  And

^ All in one Ruby - HELP!
351136 [belitos123 h] Hey guys!
351185 [sutniuq gmx.] I don't know All in one Ruby, but I think it makes your script into an
351209 [belitos123 h] THank you Marvin, you helped me a lot
351210 [belitos123 h] About the GTk, i dont know...
+ 351211 [sutniuq gmx.] After you've installed ocra (gem install ocra) type
| 351213 [belitos123 h] THank you Marvin
+ 351229 [marnen marne] You might want to use JRuby instead, and compile the whole thing into a
  351230 [belitos123 h] It's better than use Ocra?

^ Order of evaluation and precedence
351137 [usenet-nospa] In _The Ruby Programming Language_, it is asserted that order of evaluation
+ 351143 [matz ruby-la] In Ruby, it should be.  It's part of spec.
| + 351144 [xenogenesis ] "?
| + 351145 [usenet-nospa] Okay, thanks!  I just couldn't tell whether it was an intentional part of
| | 351172 [ninja slapha] I'm curious why you think each behavior is a feature...
| | 351176 [usenet-nospa] Basically, yeah -- I like the idea of having a predictable order for
| + 351147 [matz ruby-la] Oops, I have mistaken.  The evaluation order should be from left to
|   351148 [rick.denatal] c"?
|   351152 [matz ruby-la] Correct.  The precedence does not effect on evaluation order.
+ 351146 [rick.denatal] on
  351165 [usenet-nospa] I am not.

^ RubyScript2exe
351149 [belitos123 h] hey guys im trying to use RubyScript2exe but im getting this error
+ 351163 [luislavena g] RubyScript2Exe is known to have issues with latest RubyGems
+ 351471 [ruby simonhi] charset=US-ASCII;

^ How to match and count
351154 [rubynewbee g] I have been using awk for some text handling.
351156 [phrogz mac.c] What is a 'field'? Whitespace delimited?
351157 [rubynewbee g] Yes, thanks.
351167 [phrogz mac.c] # Don't read the whole file into memory, but do it one line at a time
351180 [rubynewbee g] I like that, thank you!
351200 [shortcutter ] The code above does not close the file handle properly.  Also if can be
351236 [rubynewbee g] oops this is the same way as Perl's.
351243 [shortcutter ] $i}'

^ really crazy about this (do/while)
351158 [rubynewbee g] # case one
+ 351159 [julian coret] My guess is because floats aren't exact, so adding .1 ten times isn't
+ 351160 [flori ping.d] # => false
  + 351161 [rubynewbee g] oops that looks amazing.
  + 351174 [ninja slapha] If you want accuracy, and don't care about performance, you could always use
    + 351197 [doug dseifer] BigDecimal is probably easier to code with, but can kill performance as has
    + 351199 [flori ping.d] Another possibility is using a small, but >0, epsilon and check if the
    + 351206 [marnen marne] I think it is. Rational makes sense if you're starting from an integer

^ boson 0.2.1 - A slew of new features
351162 [gabriel.horn] * Custom option types
351168 [sentinel.200] I was just about to start trying out Thor for command line apps. Boson

^ [ANN] loofah 0.4.0 Released
351166 [mike.dalessi] loofah version 0.4.0 has been released!

^ Re: Distinct Sets (#225)
351171 [minilith gma] Both of your tests use rather small input sets. It would be
351279 [Rob AgileCon] I accept your challenge!  The gist has been updated with sets that use
351291 [brabuhr gmai] arge
351298 [eregontp gma] Hey Rubyists!
351304 [brabuhr gmai] require 'set'
+ 351308 [eregontp gma] I must admit is a very elegant solution.
| + 351335 [minilith gma] different set configurations.
| | 351368 [brabuhr gmai] model name      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.60GHz
| + 351457 [brabuhr gmai] def distinct_sets(sets)
|   351462 [brabuhr gmai] Had an epiphany while thinking about the last one I had sent :-)
|   351466 [brabuhr gmai] Sorry for all the posts :-) I think I'm done now.  I refined the
+ 351435 [minilith gma] I didn't know the Set#divide method. Interesting.
  351449 [brabuhr gmai] model name      : Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.60GHz
  351473 [minilith gma] Here is a modified version that should have slightly improved runtime
  351486 [eregontp gma] def multiple(start)

^ How to alias_method_chain initialize from a mixin.
351173 [evansenter g] I've been having a little trouble the past couple days getting an
351310 [drbrain segm] Don't use alias_method_chain.
351312 [evansenter g] I explored your idea of using inheritance a bit further, and though it's

^ Same name for class and instance method
351175 [ralphs dos32] Newbie here.
351190 [shortcutter ] Yes.

^ 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Join Us
351178 [zsjock gmail] 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Join Us

^ Killing  a thread
351179 [davids kjros] This code starts my application in a windows thread fine but the last
351183 [sutniuq gmx.] This starts a subprocess which cannot be killed by killing the thread.
351231 [davids kjros] Doesn't work on Windows.
351261 [sutniuq gmx.] Oh, sorry. It's some time ago since I last worked with processes on a

^ where to find the help document?
351181 [rubynewbee g] How to find ruby's help document?
+ 351184 [rubfor recit] These are described in the Pickaxe book which is distributed with Ruby.
+ 351186 [sutniuq gmx.] Or have a look at http://www.ruby-doc.org .
+ 351187 [nasir35 goog] Here are the core docs http://ruby-doc.org/core/
  351189 [rubynewbee g] Thanks all.
  351192 [axgle 126.co] man ri
  351244 [dave lutnos.] Haoqi <axgle@126.com> writes

^ OCR of PDF-documents using GData
351194 [grape-1 wala] Has anybody been able to perform OCR on a pdf document using GData?

^ Pseudo array for Rails migration
351196 [ralphs dos32] Consider
351201 [shortcutter ] What stops you from doing
351204 [ralphs dos32] First of all, I'm a noob.  I should have said that.
351205 [marnen marne] A couple orders of magnitude?   This suggests to me that your
351441 [shortcutter ] I second that.  Ralph, any information about the slowness?  Is it in the
351446 [ralphs dos32] I _think_ it is, in part, coming from the logging that is being done.
351454 [marnen marne] Then, as I suspected, you are using the DB incorrectly.  To create 21

^ newbie question
351202 [cmic live.fr] I noticed the following example somewhere
351203 [luislavena g] Is because 'aaa' is undefined, while :aaa is a symbol

^ Blank lines in terminal
351208 [revenantphoe] console window, the bottom one or two lines are always blank.
+ 351214 [martindemell] May I ask why you want to avoid ncurses? It is, in general, a hard
+ 351240 [marnen marne] You probably won't easily be able to.

^ Windows 7 can't install rails...
351212 [daleemoore g] I'm sorry to be so ignorant, but; I can't seem to get started and learn
+ 351217 [b.candler po] Are you behind a HTTP proxy which requires authentication?
| 351218 [daleemoore g] Dear Brian and those whom have spent time looking into this; I have
+ 351222 [luislavena g] The issue is not Windows 7, but the RubyGems version you're using.
  351237 [daleemoore g] Dear Luis;
  352029 [wilkerlucio ] Note, i'm having the same problem, and I did the instalation of new
  352047 [luislavena g] -1.9.1-p243-...

^ I can't seem to find an easy way to set Net::HTTP GET params
351226 [dsainteclair] I'm sure this is a newb question, but I've spent the last two hours
351290 [yermej gmail] On Nov 22, 5:14=A0pm, David Sainte-claire <dsaintecla...@gmail.com>

^ Problem with calling an exe in the script
351238 [deepti.kubai] I am not able able to start a thread which checks the pop-ups in the
351239 [luislavena g] 1) Version of Ruby (ruby -v)
351241 [deepti.kubai] 1) Ruby 1.8.2

^ More on psuedo arrays; Better way?
351245 [ralphs dos32] N_X_METHODS = 20
351266 [marnen marne] x.send("x#{rand(i % N_X_METHODS)]".to_sym))
+ 351267 [b.candler po] And you don't need to_sym either.
| 351271 [ralphs dos32] This x.send() will be executed a million times.
| + 351274 [ralphs dos32] Argh ... I was the OP.
| + 351275 [marnen marne] Do you know the difference between symbols and strings?  A million
| + 351276 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> a =3D "test"
|   351278 [b.candler po] => nil
|   351288 [jgabrielygal] Thanks !! I've also learnt about the all_symbols method, which is new to me=
+ 351270 [ralphs dos32] Isn't there a significant cost in the overhead of doing the
  351277 [b.candler po] It won't be significant unless you build your application, profile it,

^ Signal example
351246 [ganeshgirase] Can anybody provide a ruby signal example ?
+ 351250 [axgle 126.co] trap('INT'){puts "^C"}
+ 351251 [shortcutter ] What did you try and what is not working?
+ 351272 [Gennady.Byst] Should be SIGINT or just INT.

^ Rspec windows gem not running on 1.9 ?
351248 [michel demaz] My spec files work on 1.8.
351249 [michel demaz] Sorry, the bug comes from the json gem I use in my project
351253 [michel demaz] Solved : json is packed with 1.9. and uninstalling the gem solves the

^ how to unfreeze a string?
351256 [rubynewbee g] x="hello "
351259 [stefano.croc] You can't remove the frozen state from an object. The best you can do is to

^ How i can mage EXE file after write program
351257 [treep_ir yah] im sajjad from iran but studetn in india
351258 [treep_ir yah] if its possible please but here for me one program for make EXE file and
351260 [sutniuq gmx.] If you would look what has been discussed in several threads in the last
351262 [treep_ir yah] Thank you
351263 [sutniuq gmx.] gem update --system
+ 351264 [treep_ir yah] Thank you
+ 351265 [rubynewbee g] I'm also interested in this.
  351268 [sutniuq gmx.] I would wonder if not. ocra compiles much better than the old
  351358 [rphillips su] ocra looks very interesting.

^ Best way to search through an array for an item matching a s
351282 [dan.m.webb g] am trying to find a nice easy/simple way to
+ 351283 [aldric trevo] def print_element_before_x_in_y x, y # Shut up. I am GOOD at method
| 351284 [aldric trevo] index = y.index x
+ 351285 [ shot hot.pl] dict =3D ['ahoy there', 'hello', 'me hearties', 'dear friends']
+ 351286 [jeremywoerti] ary = ["hello", "hey", "hi", "hola"]
  351347 [dan.m.webb g] Thanks Jeremy. That works a treat, however if I'm using an array

^ Mechanize Help
351289 [jeremywoerti] I checked out the page response, and this is what I got back
351293 [wishdev gmai] Morning Jeremy,
351334 [jeremywoerti] Hmmm, interesting. I didn't think about that. I'm not familiar with the

^ More on psuedo arrays; Better way?  Symbols v. Strings
351294 [ralphs dos32] I thought I did ... but apparently I didn't.
351295 [ shot hot.pl] l.
351305 [ralphs dos32] MRI?
351363 [marnen marne] Matz's Ruby Interpreter (the standard 1.8 implementation).

^ ideas for a "parameter sweep" program?
351297 [diego.viraso] I often need to run my computational experiments with a combination of
+ 351311 [transfire gm] Depends on what you want. If you just want to create an executable
+ 351336 [b.candler po] Is the computational experiment written in Ruby? Then wrap it in a
| 351351 [diego.viraso] I would like a generic solution that works with any language for any
| 351354 [b.candler po] So how do you pass parameters to your Fortran program - in a config file
| 351365 [diego.viraso] Yes, it would generally read a file. Don't get me wrong: I know how to
| 351370 [b.candler po] Do The Simplest Thing Which Can Possibly Work, which I think in this
+ 351350 [shortcutter ] Not sure what you actually mean.  Are you looking for something like
  351364 [diego.viraso] Yep, something like this in its simplest form.
  351374 [shortcutter ] Then you should probably start with filling on those dots.  If the
  351385 [diego.viraso] You are completely right.

^ Put your RubyConf2009 blogs/summaries here!
351299 [diego.viraso] I'd like to read a bit about what went on at RubyConf, the talks,

^ How i can jump from one line to another line
351300 [treep_ir yah] How i can jump from one line to another line ??
+ 351338 [rubfor recit] You should really work through a basic text on the Ruby language before
+ 351349 [shortcutter ] There is no GOTO in Ruby - fortunately.  If this is what you are asking.

^ NoMethodError (undefined method `save' for #<HashWithIndifferentAccess:0x1032677e0>
351301 [vardpenguin ] I'm sending an object to RubyAMF from Actionscript, and getting an
352907 [bholao gmail] in actionScript

^ Button with images (newb)
351302 [belitos123 h] Hey guys,

^ how to use fxri
351303 [hi_tarasbulb] total newbie here. i have gem installed fxirb, fxri, and fxruby. now
351376 [lyle lylejoh] On my computer, anyways, I just type "fxri" at the command line and up
351395 [restycena gm] 'require': no suchfile to load -- rdoc/ri/ri_driver (LoadError)
351396 [lyle lylejoh] Ah. I was trying with Ruby 1.8.7, not Ruby 1.9.1. So perhaps FXRi is
351410 [restycena gm] Thanks for sharing.

^ [ANN] mail Gem version 1.3.0
351316 [raasdnil gma] So, mail Gem version 1.3.0 has been released.

^ Printing from Ruby
351317 [usenet-nospa] Long story short:  I wanted to make pretty-printed stuff.  I have, after
+ 351318 [denis haskin] Sounds like a job for prawn: http://prawn.majesticseacreature.com/
| 351325 [usenet-nospa] Thanks!  This conveniently aligns with what I'd concluded; looks like
+ 351319 [julian coret] Maybe prince?

^ Rubygems 1.3.5 can't load 'rubygems/defaults/operating_sy..'
351320 [roschereric ] I had troubles using net-ssh gem and when debugged my script it raised
+ 351322 [roschereric ] I also tryied to uninstall and instal rubygems by hand and didn't work
+ 351326 [drbrain segm] It's a feature of ruby -d
  351327 [roschereric ] Woha!

^ What is __FILE__ and $0? (newbie question)
351323 [hypermeister] I am new to Ruby, learning the basics, and the basics of FXRuby (I
351324 [ninja slapha] I'm not sure that would always work...
351329 [hypermeister] Thanks for your answer. I just wanted to understand a little better
351366 [Rob AgileCon] That idiom is typically used to include test code within a file that

^ Warning: instance variable @foo not initialized
351328 [usenet-nospa] Running some simple tests with Prawn, I am getting thousands of lines
351339 [stefano.croc] When an instance variable is referred to before a value has been assigned to
351341 [usenet-nospa] Thanks!
351342 [stefano.croc] As I said, there's nothing wrong with not initializing instance variables to
351343 [usenet-nospa] There's two issues.
+ 351344 [b.candler po] Yes - but note that these are run-time, not parse-time warnings.
| 351391 [usenet-nospa] D'oh.  Spot the forgetful C programmer.
| 351417 [b.candler po] quietly do
+ 351346 [stefano.croc] I never used Prawn, so I can't tell why it issues warnings even without the -w
+ 351348 [shortcutter ] ean
  351406 [usenet-nospa] I'm assuming I must have something I'm not thinking of (a makefile or
  351407 [shortcutter ] -v              print version number, then turn on verbose mode
  351415 [usenet-nospa] Nope!  It turns out that I was using

^ [ANN] autoloader, version 0.0.2
351331 [ninja slapha] A couple of handy features to enhance Kernel#autoload.
+ 351352 [shortcutter ] Looks fine to me.  But I do wonder how you generate the symbol names
| 351387 [ninja slapha] More or less the same way Rails does, which is why I support these various
| 351397 [shortcutter ] Yeah, absolutely.  If your major goal is to simplify script writing this
| 351405 [ninja slapha] Well, I want a sane balance. I want to optimize start time to where an app
| 351442 [shortcutter ] Fair enough.
+ 351361 [rick.denatal] As far as I know, you can't.
  351409 [mailing.mr g] I know about some work on merb, it collects depenedencies, then tries to