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^ Problem with gem installing
350921 [leron prykla] I am using Aptana RadRail framework. Some times, after installing and
350944 [romain.devea] Did you try to require 'rubygems' before requiring your other gems?
350947 [leron prykla] Of course, i try it... Also i try to add new system variable, that added
351009 [technic.tec ] Maybe the dependency spec in gem description is incomplete. Try to

^ How to strip ruby comments in a ruby line of code?
350924 [alexandre_mu] Short description : My question is : do you know any available method,
+ 350926 [aldric trevo] I'm still only learning regular expressions (I'll do another shameless
| + 350929 [alexandre_mu] the problem with your solution is that this line of code will remove
| | 350932 [aldric trevo] Actually, no, because regexps are greedy by default, so it'll go to the
| | + 350936 [alexandre_mu] line = "line = \"\#{args}\""
| | | 350938 [aldric trevo] Ah.. What if the only '#' isn't a comment. Good point.
| | + 350937 [aldric trevo] file # => array containing each line of the file you want to clean up
| + 350939 [marnen marne] It's not possible to do this reliably with regular experessions, because
+ 350928 [b.candler po] However if you eval each line individually, then you can pass in the
  350930 [alexandre_mu] Wooo, thanks Brian!
  350933 [alexandre_mu] Woop, i was to fast. In fact, i need an eval on the whole file, because
  350941 [b.candler po] Then it sounds like you just need to separate the blocks of code
  350951 [alexandre_mu] Damn, your solution was almost working well, but working on an external
  350953 [b.candler po] What do you mean by "loose the step" - it's reporting the wrong line
  350959 [alexandre_mu] i mean that before the eval of a chunk, i'm still in the dsl code, but
  350960 [b.candler po] Oh I see - eval doesn't work with a ruby debugger. I guess the debugger
  350964 [alexandre_mu] YES! it seems to work perfectly... the ; doesn't alter the line counting

^ Using /usr/sbin/sendmail in Ruby Script
350948 [dan boxer.co] I'm very new to Ruby, so please bare with me!
350950 [aldric trevo] Why not let Ruby do it all?
350955 [dan boxer.co] ...because not all of my customers will have this installed, and as i
350957 [dan boxer.co] sorry...my bad...looks like i ddin't read up on that specific ruby mail
+ 350956 [dan boxer.co] ...no no my bad on my bad....lol. It DOES need an SMTP server
+ 350958 [aldric trevo] But, anyway - how is your code failing? have you tried using 'system'

^ Re-opening an existing module and changing a method
350969 [aldric trevo] Wouldn't it be nice if it were that simple - clearly they did not know
+ 350970 [marnen marne] Looks fine to me.  Does old_sqrt actually return a Float or some other
| 350979 [aldric trevo] Well.. Not that it's particularly meaningful, but here's my benchmark
+ 350973 [jgabrielygal] The problem is that mathn is using the module_function method to
| 350974 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> require 'mathn'
| 350980 [aldric trevo] Ah-ha! My version is underneath. So, what the bit of code I quoted does
| 350984 [jgabrielygal] Yes, module_function creates a method in the singleton class of the module.
+ 350994 [julian coret] You're doing instance methods when you really want class methods.
  351043 [aldric trevo] Is this a new insight, or is this just putting words to what Jesus
  351068 [jgabrielygal] Well, people usually call class methods to methods that are defined in
  351072 [aldric trevo] Well --

^ Ternary Operator and Arrays
350972 [fdacat me.co] ary = Array.new
+ 350976 [marnen marne] It's probably a precedence issue.  Looks like << is binding tighter than
| 350993 [josh.cheek g] You have to be careful with this, though, because nil and false could be
+ 350977 [jgabrielygal] First of all, I assume you copy/pasted wrong, since I get
+ 350981 [matt harpsta] You need parenthesis around the ternary operation.

^ make an exmpersion simpler
350975 [wojtekb82_23] Any way to make this shorter?
+ 350982 [aldric trevo] You want to add a list as an element to another list?
+ 350996 [jeremywoerti] if you know list1 will never be nil, then you can do
  351035 [wojtekb82_23] list1 is a list
  351039 [ tel jklm.no] That is not what your code does.
  + 351045 [aldric trevo] If, however, we know that list1 _does exist_ as a variable, then
  + 351046 [shortcutter ] list1 and list2.concat list1

^ Controlling other applications functionality
350986 [sepehr.onlin] How can I access an applications objects and call their functions
350987 [marnen marne] Depends largely on the nature of the receiving application.  Can you
350989 [sepehr.onlin] Well ,there is this application called Progdvb which is used to watch
351040 [sutniuq gmx.] What OS do you use, what's your Ruby version, do you only want to

^ For Loop
350988 [daemonracing] I am starting to experiment with Ruby for Sys Admin tasks.  Now, I have
350990 [mike stok.ca] have
+ 350992 [quinxex gmai] I would add that you can use backticks to execute a shell command, as follo=
+ 350995 [josh.cheek g] for group in [ "Account File", "Bank File", "Study Case", "Overall Status" ]
  350998 [daemonracing] Thank you all...that is what I was looking for.  I have two books and I
  351000 [daemonracing] I also forgot to ask, in SHELL, when I run shell scripts, I can see what
  + 351026 [shortcutter ] ["Account File", "Bank File", "Study Case", "Overall Status"].each |group|
  | 351042 [daemonracing] Robert,
  + 351058 [gwtmp01 mac.] When you use backticks, the output is captured by ruby and is the

^ Re: how to ignore warning
350999 [openlampajax] Ruby will spit out warnings for white space  -  with no coding errors,

^ Anybody interested in a KDevelop-Ruby-plugin?
351003 [devel the-us] KDevelop is a great cross-platform-IDE (KDE project, www.kdevelop.org). But

^ Security Model
351006 [mark curphey] Long time listener, first time poster

^ RubyForge gem index is no more
351010 [tom infoethe] A few days ago we repointed gems.rubyforge.org to the gemcutter.org box. =
351011 [gregory.t.br] =A0This means that Nick Quaranto's excellent gemcutter app is now indexing =
+ 351012 [tom infoethe] box.  This means that Nick Quaranto's excellent gemcutter app is now =
| 351013 [ryand-ruby z] cron thingy to email everyone.  Hm... looks like it has an option for =
| 351014 [gregory.t.br] n thingy to email everyone. =A0Hm... looks like it has an option for only s=
| 351016 [tom infoethe] cron thingy to email everyone.  Hm... looks like it has an option for =
| 351155 [tom infoethe] a cron thingy to email everyone.  Hm... looks like it has an option for =
+ 351169 [james.britt ] I don't think there was much of any discussion or announcement on
  + 351177 [luislavena g] No, there wasn't, as all the communications about the move, the
  | 351233 [tom infoethe] Yup, please see my other post about some of the thoughts behind that.
  | 351235 [luislavena g] er.
  | 351273 [tom infoethe] Luis, you're absolutely right, that's a hole in the new system - it =
  | 352377 [tom infoethe] 500
  + 351232 [tom infoethe] gem

^ Error: symbol string may not contain `\0'
351015 [revenantphoe] [0x00, 0x07, str1, str2, 0x00].pack(cA64A64c)
351031 [b.candler po] Please show the *exact* code you are running, and the *exact* error you
351053 [revenantphoe] I resolved it.
351055 [matz ruby-la] Could you tell me how?

^ Porting in z/OS version Ruby 1.8.7
351017 [f00l yandex.] Function rb_thread_restore_context does not work.

^ eval behaves differently inside a method definition...
351018 [timrandg gma] #lets give strings the ability to evaluate theirselves as if in irb.
351019 [ehsanul_g3 h] It's not that eval behaves differently inside a method definition. It's jus=
351024 [timrandg gma] really don't think I should call it a "subclass", as that seems to imply i=
351033 [b.candler po] There is the existing TOPLEVEL_BINDING constant you can use for this.
351091 [timrandg gma] Thank you Brian. Even better.

^ UDP Proxy
351021 [randygeneral] I'm reasonably new to programming, and Ruby is my first language. I've
+ 351028 [ninja slapha] Question #1: Would port forwarding work for this? It looks like a simple DNAT
| 351030 [randygeneral] Thanks for responding.
+ 351032 [b.candler po] Can you measure what you mean by 'slow', in terms of the elapsed time
  351034 [randygeneral] I'll add some timing in briefly. I'll also do the change you mentioned
  351036 [randygeneral] I was able to sort out how to send from the same port I'm listening on
  351037 [b.candler po] This code looks very strange to me. It handles the first received packet
  351038 [randygeneral] "It also seems strange to me your requirement that if the proxy is
  351077 [randygeneral] It seems to work perfectly well when there's only one user, but as soon
  351088 [b.candler po] That link redirects to which gives an IIS

^ Reg: REXML
351023 [pradheep.rb ] While i am migrating the database i got this error. please help me out

^ [ANN] RCAP 0.2
351047 [farrel.lifso] I'm pleased to announce the release of RCAP 0.2. RCAP is a Ruby

^ RubyInline - passing pointer from one function to another
351049 [marcin media] I'm trying to write ruby interface to JACK audio library. I've chosen
+ 351063 [b.candler po] I'm afraid I'm not answering your question, but have you looked at FFI?
| 351067 [marcin media] seems that could be helpful. I'll check FFI.
+ 351309 [drbrain segm] You'll need to use the Ruby/C API for this, namely Data_Wrap_Struct

^ oneline:strip_tags
351050 [axgle 126.co] text=strip_tags(html)
351052 [jeanjulien.f] Would that be good enough ?

^ select only taking alternating values?
351054 [revenantphoe] The problem in question seems to be that only every OTHER line of
+ 351060 [shortcutter ] Think about it for a moment: do you believe that such an obvious error
+ 351061 [b.candler po] if gets.chomp! == "!quit" then
  + 351062 [aldric trevo] Also, I have a question...
  | + 351069 [b.candler po] You're right, "ri Kernel#select" and "ri IO::select" are both extremely
  | + 351110 [shortcutter ] Absolutely.  Usually one would do
  + 351102 [ shot hot.pl] Or, better yet, use $stdin.gets =E2=80=93 IMHO in general it=E2=80=99s bett=

^ Re: RCAP 0.2
351056 [transfire gm] t.

^ Ruby Claus
351057 [alfred.abdee] Do you have a Ruby Christmas wish? http://rubyclaus.com/ :)

^ RubyGems current load paths
351059 [transfire gm] I need to get a list of the "current" gem load paths. I learned that I
351306 [drbrain segm] Gem.latest_load_paths works for all installed gems, even if they're
351313 [transfire gm] I'm doing a little meta-programming in this case -- I've created a
+ 351314 [jbarnette gm] Have you looked at Gem.find_files? It was written to solve this problem.
| 351337 [transfire gm] Yes, I looked at that. But there is a problem. The docs say,
| 351401 [drbrain segm] It's an encouragement to make your plugin files as light as possible,
+ 351315 [ryand-ruby z] Gem.find_files(glob)

^ Something like puts
351064 [ralphs dos32] I need/want a function like puts ... that is, a function known
+ 351065 [marnen marne] Put it in Object.
+ 351066 [walton vyper] Maybe I'm missing something, but I think what you want is to just
| + 351071 [ralphs dos32] Duh!  That works!
| + 351074 [marnen marne] Right.  Which actually puts it in Object.  I had forgotten about the
|   351075 [walton vyper] Does it? I've heard that before, but this seems to indicate otherwise.
|   351076 [walton vyper] irb(main):021:0> Object.private_methods.sort
|   351079 [dblack rubyp] irb(main):010:0> def x; end
+ 351070 [ninja slapha] You're going to have to provide a lot more context. What specific error are you

^ Unsubscribe
351073 [samina1030 y] Language performs an essentially social function: It helps us get

^ ruby gem update issue in macos 10.5.7
351080 [junmin pcbi.] i was trying to update the rubygem preinstalled in macos 10.5.7 by:sudo
+ 351081 [nbeyer gmail] There's been a recent move of gems to http://gemcutter.org/. The
| 351083 [junmin pcbi.] thanks for the reply.
+ 351082 [justincollin] Automatically updating (much) older versions of RubyGems often does not
| 351085 [tom infoethe] not work.
| 351321 [kees.briggs ] I am getting the same error as Junmin, when trying to add http://gemcutter.=
| 351330 [luislavena g] .org/yaml
+ 367186 [user compgro] Confirmed, this happens on the version of gem installed with OS X 10.5

^ [QUIZ] Distinct Sets (#225)
351084 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
351111 [brabuhr gmai] $ ruby -v 225.rb
351170 [Rob AgileCon] I'm sure that there's a better way than mine, but it seems to work well.

^ Re: Hey you! Stop using relative requires!
351086 [aldric trevo] So... Anything to say about this? :)

^ confuse about initialize hash
351087 [g.zhen.ning ] def in(options ={} )
+ 351090 [info.vaddi g] Hey Zhenning Guan,
| 351093 [dblack rubyp] Have you tried actually running your example? :-)
| 351095 [g.zhen.ning ] Sorry for the method name.
| 351100 [b.candler po] It is a special case: when the last argument to a method call is a hash,
| 351193 [g.zhen.ning ] the hash options I saw in atom_feed , but it doesn't the last argument.
| 351219 [b.candler po] Is it the &block that bothers you?
| 351778 [g.zhen.ning ] I know block, but don't know about the hash parameter
+ 351092 [dblack rubyp] Don't name your method 'in'. That's a reserved word.

^ [ANN] kramdown 0.1.0 - first relase of fast, pure Ruby Markdown parser
351089 [t_leitner gm] ## kramdown 0.1.0 released
+ 351560 [vjoel path.b] Thanks for this gem and especially for the extensions!
+ 351613 [denis.defrey] Sweet! This looks quite useful and I=92ll be giving this a try in the =

^ [ANN] Detective - a new ruby gem
351099 [ahmed.eldawy] Detective is a new gem build by BadrIT (www.badrit.com) to investigate
351103 [jan.h.xie gm] class Foo
351242 [mailing.mr g] It's not using introspecition (like ruby2ruby) but simply finds a

^ problem step-in debug through instance_eval
351101 [alexandre_mu] I'm trying to debug an external dsl and i have found some problems to
351128 [b.candler po] Could you not just do this instead?
351141 [alexandre_mu] I would prefer another option... I would like to keep the dsl code

^ Removing optional white space
351104 [phil pricom.] People,
351106 [stefano.croc] This should work. The regexp searches for the string To: followed by any

^ Re: Removing optional white space - doh!
351105 [phil pricom.] People,

^ Re: Removing optional white space - doh! - refined
351107 [phil pricom.] People,
+ 351112 [marnen marne] Actually, * is zero or more. For one or more, use + .
| 351114 [phil pricom.] Marnen,
+ 351113 [shortcutter ] Your original example had whitespace before the "To".  Don't you want to
  351115 [phil pricom.] Robert,
  351191 [shortcutter ] Because it avoids accidentally doing the substitution of other text

^ Re: Detective - a new ruby gem
351108 [ahmed.eldawy] Emmm ...
351117 [marnen marne] I like the idea behind Detective, but if it can't cope with dynamically
+ 351188 [ahmed.eldawy] Actually it works correctly with dynamically defined methods; I mean
+ 351207 [ahmed.eldawy] I've released a new version which supports method_missing like methods.
  351227 [ymendel pobo] The trouble is that find_by_id is a class method of AR::Base, not an

^ Finding the closest value from a matrix
351119 [mittina gmai] I have a matrix that looks something like this
+ 351122 [ shot hot.pl] Are the spacings restricted to 85, 90, 100, 125, 150 and 175?
| 351124 [mittina gmai] they are industry standards. However there are 5 more higher spacings.
| + 351127 [ shot hot.pl] That=E2=80=99s ok, then the matrix is small enough to be kept in memory
| + 351138 [usenet-nospa] There's a few options.
+ 351123 [markus reali] This sounds an awful lot like homework.
| 351125 [mittina gmai] I assure you, this is no homework. I am complete newbie, and I am
+ 351198 [phrogz mac.c] =A0 =A0 =A0150 =A0 =A0 =A0 =A0 175
  351215 [mittina gmai] thanks for all the methods. I never realised there were so many ways to
  351287 [ shot hot.pl] * d ** 2 / s, d, s] }.sort.find { |x,| x > @asw_s }

^ Re: kramdown 0.1.0 - first relase of fast, pure Ruby Markdown parser
351120 [sunaku gmail] This documentation is excellent, Thomas.  Good work!  :-)

^ COW-friendly Ruby 1.9?
351121 [ninja slapha] a = []
+ 351126 [jeremy bitsw] See [ruby-core:19799] for a bitmap-marking GC patch.
| 351131 [ninja slapha] Yes, I saw that. Something about SEGV in make test -- and I really don't see
| 351182 [ryand-ruby z] Phusion,
+ 351195 [matz ruby-la] The REE patch made Ruby so slow on some non-Web cases.  AuthorNari

^ [ANN] Scuby 0.1 - Scala-JRuby integration
351129 [mcamou tecno] Scuby is a thin integration layer between Scala and JRuby. It aims to

^ Newbie question: Enumerators
351130 [imran.nazir ] google and the O'Riley book I cant get my head around.=0A=0ACan someone ple=
+ 351132 [dblack rubyp] It isn't a very nuby question at all. Enumerators are a pretty
+ 351135 [ninja slapha] Something which provides several things you usually find in an Enumerable
+ 351220 [b.candler po] Something is enumerable if it implements a method (conventionally called
+ 351228 [imran.nazir ] Thanx for responses, you guys are champions!=0A=0A Imran Nazir =0A=0A=0AFri=