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^ Net::HTTP   and Cookies
35088 [hubert cs.ny] I don't think the Net::HTTP supports cookies.
+ 35090 [timsuth ihug] ...
+ 35689 [hubert cs.ny] It turns out to be easy. I was careless not to read the API

35092 [sean celsoft] ...
35093 [Dave Pragmat] Are you running a SMTP server on localhost? If not, you'll see that
35094 [sean celsoft] ...
35095 [sean celsoft] ...
35096 [Dave Pragmat] The 'EndOfMail' delimiter must start in column 1.

^ FXRuby problem
35101 [manfred topp] i try to install FXRuby 0.99.189 .
+ 35102 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 35128 [ljohnson2 kn] ...

^ Re: [ANN]  RDoc with XML - XSchema would be nice
35103 [llothar mail] Why are you playing with this old DTD stuff.
+ 35108 [Dave Pragmat] Now, if you'd said TREX, I'd agree.
+ 35109 [dblack candl] Interesting example of the relativity of readability, as discussed

^ RDoc question
35112 [mdavis sevai] I have a question about RDoc.  I would like to reference an external
+ 35114 [manfred topp] Thanks, that's it!
+ 35119 [Dave Pragmat] I _believe_ you can currently do this by prepending http: to the
  35134 [mdavis sevai] The draw back to http:/ is that local documention will need to hit the
  35136 [Dave Pragmat] But will the link be relative to the original source, or to the
  + 35140 [mdavis sevai] rdoc.rb file1.rb file2.txt
  | + 35142 [Dave Pragmat] Oh - so you don't just want to link to the file-you actually want to
  | | 35144 [mdavis sevai] Excellent, thanks.
  | + 35148 [Dave Pragmat] OK - the latest CVS now supports arbitrary files on the command
  |   35151 [tobiasreif p] This is awesome news :)
  + 35141 [list chromat] Maybe just a directive like $IMAGEDIR=~/src/projectname/images at the
    35145 [Dave Pragmat] OK - how about this for an idea. Have a new kind of hyperlink
    + 35147 [rich infoeth] I think this is a perfect idea Dave.
    + 35149 [Dave Pragmat] This is now in the latest CVS.
    + 35155 [list chromat] One thing I like a lot about your concept of simple markup is that it
      35160 [Dave Pragmat] That's right, that is the intention. Things like link: are definitely
      35166 [list chromat] Hey, I like this approach a lot.  Socially generative programming? :-)

^ write a stream to another
35113 [tsondergaard] Is there a sensible way to write the contents of one stream to another?

^ Mac OSX compilation
35116 [lists aprhis] I have been having a lot of problems of late trying to compile ruby
+ 35138 [gehlker fast] I just built 1.6.7 yesterday without getting any complaints about that file
+ 35300 [bob.hutchiso] This is a strange problem that, it seems, not everyone using OS/X suffers.

^ [ANN] TestUnit 0.1.4
35118 [nathaniel ta] Unit testing is making waves all over the place, largely due to the fact
35158 [ronjeffries ] I note that the RubyUnit compatibility "will not be installed if you already
35261 [nathaniel ta] Yup, that's correct, although you can override it and force the install.

^ class vars broken in 1.6.7
35122 [vjoel PATH.B] This code printed "5" in 1.6.6, but in 1.6.7 it gives "uninitialized
+ 35124 [vjoel PATH.B] class C
| + 35139 [chr_news gmx] These observation are true for the main branch too. As far as I am
| + 35143 [chr_news gmx] Hm my previous response was probably a bit hasty - the current behavior
+ 35157 [matz ruby-la] Oops, this is a serious bug.  You will see 1.6.8 soon.  Here's the

^ (Newbie query) - appending to an output IO stream
35127 [andy.elvey p] ...

^ UNIX domain sockets madness
35146 [mattbee soup] I've been fiddling with the same piece of code for quite a while and
35198 [mattbee soup] And of course what happens to 'client' after we exit the begin / end block
35216 [matz ruby-la] Threads, by default swallow exceptions on their termination.

^ Windows gurus: generating .chm files from RDoc?
35150 [Dave Pragmat] Given that I can generate .html, how much extra effort would it be to
+ 35173 [martin massi] We use Doxygen (http://www.doxygen.org/) for generating C++ documentation
+ 35174 [mkelly2002NO] I haven't generated any of the contents, project or index

^ IP communication
35159 [peef wanadoo] ...
35165 [list chromat] distributed Ruby and GTK.  I've not released it yet (I want to comment

^ ruby-m17n
35161 [alex_oscol y] I make patch for ruby-m17n to support my encoding(koi8-r russian).
35177 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure what do you mean by "m17n api".
35194 [alex_oscol y] yes, koi8-r sungle bytte encoding
35197 [matz ruby-la] Use String#encoding= and Regexp#encoding=.

^ string to array and back
35162 [ronjeffries ] I am needing to convert strings to arrays of bytes and back. I see pack and
+ 35167 [matt lickey.] A String is an array of bytes.  Try doing no conversion at all.
| 35168 [ronjeffries ] Actually, a string is /almost/ an array of bytes. That's what's standing in my
| + 35170 [Dave Pragmat] Possibly if you explained what you wanted to do with the bytes, there
| | 35179 [ronjeffries ] I'll try. It's part of the set theory thing I'm working on, and part of my
| | 35183 [Dave Pragmat] It kinda sounds like you're really dealing with symbols. Would #intern
| | 35206 [ronjeffries ] Well, it's worth thinking about as all my data are immutable. But I think not,
| | 35231 [Dave Pragmat] No, but it's easy to add.
| | + 35246 [ronjeffries ] That's my problem. I can't formulate a test without getting bogged down in the
| | | 35248 [Dave Pragmat] OK, so forget about the representation for a second. Write a test that
| | + 35247 [ronjeffries ] What would it DO, I wonder? It's so hard to add when you don't know what it
| + 35171 [martindemell] ...
| + 35202 [jfontan cesg] You should use each_byte to iterate character by character in a string. If
|   + 35203 [tobiasreif p] irb(main):002:0> 'foozboozer'.split ''
|   + 35207 [ronjeffries ] Aha. split/join. I had forgotten join, having rarely if ever used it. That might
+ 35172 [hal9000 hype] and
  35180 [ronjeffries ] I could do that and it might be just the thing. I'm not clear how I'll get them
  35189 [hal9000 hype] <hal9000@hypermetrics.com>
  35209 [ronjeffries ] As mentioned above, join was just the thing I had forgotten. There is nothing so

^ RDoc issue
35163 [mdavis sevai] Directory doc is not a 'rid' directory
35164 [Dave Pragmat] Because it potentially can overwrite so many files, RDoc refuses to

^ proc arg to Marshal.dump in 1.6.7
35169 [vjoel PATH.B] str = Marshal.dump [1,2,3]
35176 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  It's mistakenly backported from 1.7; here's the patch.

^ Readline loses stdin?
35175 [list chromat] When I run the following code...
35196 [matz ruby-la] Assignment to $stdin etc. re-connect corresponding stdio.  You have to
35215 [list chromat] You've just saved production code, matz.  I owe you one more beer (and
35258 [matz ruby-la] Ah, try something else.  I don't drink alcohol. ;-)

^ OT: Muenchen, Germany
35178 [mcix gmx.net] I live in Munich, Germany, and I am looking for

^ RubyStudio UI Question
35182 [gehlker fast] I've been noodling all day about how the editing window in RubyStudio should
+ 35184 [rich infoeth] Chris,
| 35228 [gehlker fast] It looks great! It really sucks that it's Windows Only (MS and X). Still
+ 35187 [curt hibbs.c] I am assuming that the automatic formatting that you are describing is full
  35229 [gehlker fast] I'm not sure how this would work. Full formatting just overrides smart
  35237 [rich infoeth] Is your system written in ObjC...or Ruby-Cocoa?
  35243 [gehlker fast] Yes ObjC and Yes to parse.y

^ DBI ODBC connection on WIN NT has a bug.
35185 [edk_ruby hot] DBI ODBC connection on WIN NT has a bug.
35204 [ngawor lucen] Michael Neumann answered my bug report on

^ ruby-dev summary 16040-16125
35186 [aamine mx.ed] We (Masayoshi Takahashi, Takaaki Tateishi and me) have started
+ 35188 [Jean-Francoi] what is the difference with using Object instance variables ?
| 35193 [aamine mx.ed] In your example, MyStruct class must exist before you use it.
| 35195 [Dave Pragmat] Interestingly,
+ 35191 [Dave Pragmat] Just to say a very big "thank you" for this work. I know that many
  35288 [ttate kt.jai] Though I'm interested in your idea, I can't make up

^ Ruby/tk and Mac OS
35190 [Jean-Francoi] is there some of you using ruby with TK under Mac OS X ? I would like

^ Ruby Weekly News
35199 [Dave Pragmat] ...
35212 [j.travnik sh] Original post says
35267 [dsafari xtra] Sorry Jakub - my apologies for the error. I'm glad you find the RWN useful, I

^ Ruby and Parrot in The Perl Review
35200 [melis cs.utw] ...
+ 35205 [decoux moulo] ...
| 35211 [melis cs.utw] ...
| + 35217 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 35259 [matz ruby-la] Rite will not be based on 1.8;  It's a full rewrite.
+ 35260 [dan sidhe.or] It's just the first of many. :)
  35265 [matt lickey.] I notice Parrot has string operations, and I have this impression that
  35282 [dan sidhe.or] False. :)

^ Proc arguments in extensions
35208 [aerpenbe uos] Greetings,
35210 [decoux moulo] ...

^ EU poll for open source programmers
35214 [list chromat] The European Commission has a poll running, addressed to programmers

^ Load a Text file (newbie)
35218 [dougie globa] ...
+ 35219 [Dave Pragmat] # this opens, reads, and closes
| 35350 [m.rokos sh.c] ...
| 35353 [ronjeffries ] Doesn't that leave the file open?
+ 35220 [decoux moulo] ...
| 35221 [cbroult sapi] ...
+ 35239 [matt lickey.] You must be using the native Win32 version of Ruby 1.6.  Ruby 1.6 has
+ 35270 [dougie globa] ...

^ unrolling array for method argument
35223 [ysantoso jen] Suppose I have cmd=["echo", "*", "*"], I want to unroll this cmd so
+ 35224 [decoux moulo] ...
| 35230 [ysantoso jen] Exactly what I wanted!
+ 35225 [paul atdesk.] cmd = ["echo", "*", "*"]

^ Ruby newbie would appreciate some help with a C extension
35226 [rjk grauel.c] Greetings.  I've written some C code and a SWIG interface file that I can
+ 35232 [ljohnson res] ...
+ 35272 [ajfg70 hotma] This is what I did in my game engine.

^ Looking for Ruby Presentations
35233 [jim freeze.o] I plan to give an introductory presentation on Ruby to
+ 35234 [tobiasreif p] just a small thingie
| + 35236 [armin approx] I imagine you are only looking for English presentations.
| | 35238 [andy toolshe] ...
| + 35241 [Dave Pragmat] We have presentations available on www.pragmaticprogrammer.com (click
|   35250 [tobiasreif p] I get a 404,
|   35251 [Dave Pragmat] Noel, noel...
|   35252 [tobiasreif p] from natalis natal
|   + 35255 [quadzero use] Read "noel" as "no-[L]" -- as in, the letter "L" is missing (from
|   + 35256 [hal9000 hype] Tobi,
|   + 35363 [roktas omu.e] Aaahhmmm...
+ 35263 [ jimm io.com] Jim,
+ 35264 [jweirich one] I've collected some of the responses and put them on the RubyGarden
+ 35283 [ysantoso jen] Lucky you. My co swears by LISP. Not that it is bad, in fact it is

^ more on parrot
35235 [pate eylerfa] There's an article up at http://www.perl.com/lpt/a/2002/01/30/pmcs.html

^ require 'file path' ?
35244 [ aut c2i.net] This is a stupid question from a newbie. I have installed the windows version, and I wanted to try a graphic example from the 'pragmatic' using tk.
35253 [ljohnson res] ...
35268 [tobiasreif p] irb(main):001:0> require 'tk'
35286 [ljohnson res] ...
35290 [yalv c2i.net] Miracle of miracles! The pack-statement did the job! I took the example directly from the documentation, though (cut and paste).
+ 35292 [LJohnson res] I think this was probably just a typo in the book. The example that appears
| 35299 [LJohnson res] PATH=C:\usr\local\bin;c:\ruby\bin;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;C:\Python21;
| 35301 [tobiasreif p] thanks (I'm on WinME: run->msconfig)
| 35302 [tobiasreif p] ... now I just wonder what set the paths to
+ 35303 [ aut c2i.net] Sorry, I accidentally used my daughter's e-mail when responding!
  35304 [andy toolshe] ...
  35312 [tobiasreif p] I didn't, IIRC.

^ Weekly RCR Summary
35254 [RubyGarden t] ...

^ modules and types
35262 [martindemell] ...
35266 [matt lickey.] This is not a simple task, but work has been done on it.  See the
35278 [martindemell] ...

^ Readline extension?
35269 [cochi uni-pa] I was wondering if there is still somebody working at the readline

^ ODBC/drivers for MS-SQL
35271 [dougie globa] ...
+ 35280 [chris.morris] Yeup. Check out http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa-list.rhtml?name=Ruby%2FODBC.
+ 35295 [petr.fischer] You can use WIN32OLE extension (from RAA) and access MS-SQL (and other databases; yes ODBC too) directly
  35305 [dougie globa] ...
  35332 [petr.fischer] I use cygwin version of Ruby personally (compiling extensions is easy - as under linux).

^ [ANN] DbTalk 0.5
35273 [dali epot.cz] I would like to announce a new release of my Ruby project DbTalk.

^ How to install ruby-1.6.7 ?
35274 [michael.husm] Trying to install ruby-1.6.7 under Solaris2.8 ruby does not
35279 [mmaciaszek g] I guess you installed tcl/tk in /usr/local. Ruby's configure script

^ Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
35275 [rahmanian60 ] where I can ask a question?
35276 [rahmanian60 ] Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ 35277 [tobiasreif p] here. (please use descriptive subjects lines)
| 35284 [chris darkro] In the library with Professor Plum and the lead pipe?
| 35310 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
| 35314 [chris darkro] Ehehehe :)
+ 35287 [Stephan.Kaem] Almost everywhere, but be aware of possible side effects...

^ newbie question about OOP - in Ruby
35285 [do_joly yaho] I have kind of a general question, and please forgive
+ 35291 [mike stok.co] ...
+ 35293 [peter semant] I have a little simulated election system which works like this, voters
+ 35294 [ljohnson res] ...
+ 35298 [tobiasreif p] I'm no expert, but I suspect that soon you'll describe your objects and

^ RDoc Feature Request
35289 [jason jvoege] Would it be possible to document pre, post, and invariant blocks for
35296 [Dave Pragmat] That's a great idea.
35320 [djkea2 mugca] +1

^ RDoc and RDF
35297 [Dave Pragmat] I was hacking away last night when suddenly an irc window pops open

^ passing off telnet connection
35306 [wmwilson01 h] Can anyone tell me how I might create a net/telnet connection within ruby,
+ 35307 [elanthis awe] I'm not quite sure I get what you're saying - you just need to have the
| 35308 [wmwilson01 h] Exactly!  Thanks.
+ 35309 [probertm nor] require 'net/telnet'
+ 35318 [pcs3 mailhos] It sounds like you want to do is very simple.  There is a tool which is

^ How to implement each_continuous_range
35311 [andrew_queis] I'd like to implement an iterator that returns all ranges of
+ 35313 [dblack candl] which was a problem very similar to this.  Some of the solutions
+ 36220 [gnhurst hurs] I don't think there is any built-in way to do this, but here

^ system creating zombies
35315 [dcorbin impe] I've an application I've been developing, and it is making a zombie
+ 35325 [ysantoso jen] What are you calling? Could whatever you are calling cause
| 35331 [dcorbin impe] I'm calling mount.  I'll have to check the arguments.  I'm reasonably
+ 35333 [paul atdesk.] Are you doing anything odd like ignoring SIGCHLD?  Can you write a short
  35339 [dcorbin impe] Nope.  I'm not doing any signal processing...

^ patch for large file support
35316 [jonathan alu] I needed to work with some large files and was disappointed to see
+ 35319 [matz ruby-la] Thank you.  I will investigate it.
+ 35323 [oliver faker] Very cool!
+ 35327 [ronjeffries ] Describe the defect, please ...
  35342 [jonathan alu] Well, the file handling functions (open, seek, tell, pos, pos=, size?)