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^ # matome 24u
350686 [rviegas inbo] =23 matome 24u

^ excuse me
350687 [rviegas inbo] Sorry for previous email.

^ Special characters in csv header using fastercsv
350705 [john.mcleod ] I'm kind of new to fastercsv and only have 2 months with Ruby on Rails.
+ 350707 [marnen marne] Why can't they?  And are you creating a DB column for each column in the
| 350708 [john.mcleod ] Thank you for replying.
| 350714 [marnen marne] [Please do not top-post.]
+ 350709 [james grayso] Sure.  FasterCSV support header_converters that can transform your =
  350710 [john.mcleod ] James,
  350712 [james grayso] Hope that helps.
  350719 [john.mcleod ] I'm not sure if the placement is correct but I'm still getting "Error
  350721 [james grayso] You're placement looks fine to me.
  350722 [john.mcleod ] You are correct.
  + 350725 [aldric trevo] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  | 350726 [james grayso] I didn't use any regular expressions.  ;)
  | 350728 [aldric trevo] I'll be quiet now :-) My brain parsed it correctly and categorized it
  + 350727 [james grayso] tr(), for transliterate, is used to replace characters.  You are right =
    350734 [john.mcleod ] So to delete or remove say additional special characters, you would add
    350742 [james grayso] add=20
    350746 [john.mcleod ] Thanks for all the help.

^ Click Here
350713 [ahsan_brw ya] CLICK HERE

^ [ANN] linguistics 1.0.8
350737 [ged FaerieMU] Version 1.0.8 of the Ruby Linguistics framework has been released.

^ Directory path
350748 [adam_folkess] wrong.
350749 [fxn hashref.] Note that directory is already a string, there's no need to build
350753 [adam_folkess] No, already tried that :/
350754 [marnen marne] Really?  'Cause you *are* missing a slash.
+ 350755 [adam_folkess] Yes I know, sorry. But in my "real" code there's a slash, looks like
+ 350756 [adam_folkess] Yes, but why does it work here?: Dir.entries("#{directory}")

^ Cucumber with Sinatra::Base
350750 [biot023 gmai] (Or where I could post questions on Sinatra?)
350759 [jgabrielygal] There's

^ using FasterCSV to clean CSV file
350751 [john.mcleod ] I was wondering, can FasterCSV be used to clean a csv file of unwanted
350752 [james grayso] I believe the answer to this question is yes.  I've already shown you =
350757 [john.mcleod ] Thanks for the reply James.
+ 350758 [marnen marne] I wouldn't trust any Microsoft program to produce valid data in any
+ 350763 [james grayso] I expect assume FasterCSV would read the files Excel saves, yes.  (Hope =
  350865 [john.mcleod ] Well,
  + 350870 [marnen marne] TextEdit isn't a Mac version of Notepad.  It's a text editor that comes
  + 350877 [james grayso] Glad to hear you figured it out.  If you want to programmatically change =

^ object.to_yaml works but [ object ].to_yaml fails
350760 [farrel.lifso] I've implemented a custom to_yaml method for an object. When I call
350762 [farrel.lifso] I seemed to have solved this. I had to pass the options hash through

^ Nokogiri help
350761 [jeremywoerti] I keep getting this error
350780 [aaron tender] This is most definitely an encoding problem with the source document.
350895 [jeremywoerti] I checked out the page response, and this is what I got back
351296 [aaron tender] No.  That means they are just not specifying a character encoding?  Was
351332 [jeremywoerti] No, there's just a page full of crap >.< For example... here is the

^ EventMachine: dynamic "client" connections
350764 [pdrizzle gma] Thanks for reading this and thanks in advance if you provide any help!
350765 [tony medioh.] Neat project, sounds kinda like Tahoe (which is written in Python)
350773 [pdrizzle gma] Wow.  I knew it was going to be a simple solution.  Thank you so much,

^ help with parsing
350766 [sk.mayur gma] i am new to ruby and can anybody tell me way i can parse a tab
+ 350767 [jeremywoerti] You can try
| 350768 [sk.mayur gma] Thanks ...but i want to convert to hash.and text file might look like
| 350772 [usenet-nospa] That's nice.  What do you want the hash to look like?
+ 350769 [usenet-nospa] It would depend on what was delimited by the tabs.
+ 350770 [justincollin] Assuming you mean each line contains a key and a value separated by a

^ Re: Asynchronous http POST?
350771 [ej ir.iit.ed] I'm not sure why ruby doesn't provide the ability to send the request
350807 [jaap.haagman] Eric, it's great that you thought about this as I'm currently stuck on
350819 [ej ir.iit.ed] Ya, obviously this doesn't parallelize the connect, just the request.

^ Help, Ruby GUI
350774 [wangxin46853] I am new to ruby. I want to use Ruby GUI, but I am confused for there are so many choice: TK, Fox, wxRuby...
+ 350872 [gossipledonk] I like wxRuby because I use different Operating Systems and different
+ 350879 [james.britt ] Search the list archives for a very recent thread, "Ruby GUI Libs"
  350886 [gossipledonk] Which was taken into consideration. Perhaps I have poor searching
  350894 [james.britt ] BTW, you are posting and reading a mailing list that happens to be

^ How to using golang for write a xxx.so for ruby?
350777 [axgle 126.co] you may see http://golang.org
350798 [eleanor game] First write your shared library in go, then load it into your ruby =
350862 [jh_ruby-lang] m using either ruby/dl (part of the MRI standard library) or ruby-ffi (avai=
350874 [eleanor game] program using either ruby/dl (part of the MRI standard library) or =

^ How to time something?
350782 [uforacer hot] Heres what I have right now but it does reset the sec. to zero  it keeps
+ 350781 [uforacer hot] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
+ 350783 [_mwryder55 g] Shouldn't your modulus be 60 instead of 59 and shouldn't the minutes be
+ 350784 [rick.denatal] I'm not sure what you mean that "it doesn't reset the sec to zero
+ 350791 [ shot hot.pl] First, as Michael pointed out, you probably want to divide modulo 60,

^ [ANN] Rumai 3.2.0
350786 [sunaku gmail] Rumai 3.2.0

^ Routing Error
350789 [divyanshutri] hey,,,,,,,
350790 [mcamou tecno] Please send Rails questions to the Rails list. They will probably be more

^ handle connection failure error
350799 [vetrivel.bks] doubt in Postgres module in ruby .

^ Spree ecommarce
350808 [divyanshutri] how cn we login in spree ecommarce.....
350809 [aldric trevo] Please read these guides: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/

^ Exact (LISP-ish) calculations in Ruby?
350810 [aldric trevo] Has anyone written a gem for exact calculations? The kind one would find
+ 350816 [aaron tender] How about the Rational class in stdlib?
+ 350817 [marnen marne] Wiring Rational into Numeric#/ shouldn't be too hard.  I'm not sure how
| 350888 [kbloom gmail] require 'mathn'
| + 350889 [marnen marne] Great!   I didn't know about that.
| + 350903 [gsinclair gm] You've gotta love this...
+ 350818 [ninja slapha] irb(main):001:0> Rational 3,4
| 350825 [aldric trevo] In all fairness, I just fired up SLIME to check, and LISP's (sqrt 2)
| 350832 [aldric trevo] And I just read up on the process of 'continuing fractions' which can be
| + 350904 [gsinclair gm] There's an algorithm for calculating square roots, similar (in
| | + 350906 [martindemell] I learnt it in school, and I'm in my 30s, so one generation ago.
| | | 350920 [marnen marne] Yeah, I learned it as a kid as well, and I'm about the same age.  I've
| | + 351020 [ninja slapha] Newton's Method, according to at least one Calculus textbook, is a way of
| |   351022 [gsinclair gm] _estimating_ roots (to any desired accuracy)
| |   351027 [ninja slapha] Good point -- though, technically, unless it fails utterly (which it sometimes
| |   + 351044 [aldric trevo] Everyone's talking about Maxima, which was written in LISP.. Interesting
| |   | 351051 [martindemell] A ruby bridge to an existing CAS project would probably be the best way to go.
| |   + 351078 [gsinclair gm] Yes please!
| |     351116 [ninja slapha] Unfortunately, github stopped doing gems, and I'm not up on this gemcutter
| |     + 351150 [gsinclair gm] Thank you!
| |     + 351254 [aldric trevo] I second that. Thanks :)
| + 350910 [flori ping.d] I had to implement them for my bullshit library (which has grown to
+ 350905 [gsinclair gm] That "idealistic desire" would only be needed in very special cases in
  350915 [aldric trevo] Gavin, I'll take a look at existing CAS :) This being said, I rather
  350983 [flori ping.d] Oh, thanks. I have considered pulling some of the math stuff out of the

^ How to overide "include" method?
350813 [alexandre_mu] I tried several way, but didn't found any to override the behavior of
350814 [phrogz mac.c] # Class methods of classes inherit from instance methods of
350821 [alexandre_mu] Thanks! Your example is working well until i use it inside a class
350896 [phrogz mac.c] Apparently not, since method(:include).source_location returns nil.
350899 [alexandre_mu] $x = method(:include)
350900 [alexandre_mu] class << self

^ problem with gempath
350820 [jeansebastie] install xxx" it install to the current directory.
350822 [badboy archl] if it is in your ~/.gemrc then editing this file should help
350828 [jeansebastie] ~/.gemrc
351495 [jeansebastie] Just fix it.

^ execution of command remotely
350826 [pawan6197 gm] I need hint how to connect to window server machine from other server
350827 [matt technor] Install the cygwin tools and connect via ssh

^ Ruby/tk Help Please
350829 [sob4ever33 y] I am a complete beginner when it comes to programming and i need some
350830 [marnen marne] Well, there's your first problem. :)  Java isn't a very good language,
+ 350833 [sob4ever33 y] No, not homework, i've graduated, i'm just trying to learn more about
| 350838 [marnen marne] Then you're barking up the wrong tree with Ruby/Tk.  That's meant for
| 350843 [sob4ever33 y] Sorry, i meant software development, my mind is focused on web right now
| + 350881 [mark markros] In that case, I'd highly recommend you have a look at the
| + 350962 [marnen marne] Yes.
|   350965 [aldric trevo] That is true. If you want to get off the ground quickly, you're probably
|   350967 [marnen marne] Or maybe Limelight.
+ 350835 [sob4ever33 y] i have read a lot of things pertaining to blocks, but i still don't
  + 350836 [sob4ever33 y] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
  + 350837 [aldric trevo] Well, Ruby programmers (Rubyists) enjoy beautiful code. It's rather like
  + 350841 [marnen marne] Then keep reading and practicing.  There is no shortcut.
  | + 350842 [aldric trevo] I started the path on Ruby largely with projecteuler.net and Why the
  | + 350844 [sob4ever33 y] i have read a lot of things pertaining to blocks, but i still don't
  |   350848 [sob4ever33 y] okay, so back to one of my other questions, what methods can i use (with
  |   350850 [sob4ever33 y] In fact, I probably wouldn't write it like this.  I'd probably do
  |   + 350851 [soloriok gma] You are not going to need the join method.  The puts method automatically
  |   + 350855 [marnen marne] Please learn to quote properly when replying.
  + 350854 [martindemell] I suggest you take a couple of days first and work through Chris

^ SourceForge.org API
350831 [transfire gm] Is there any interest in a SourceForge.org API / CLI ?
350834 [marnen marne] There may be.  TeamForge (a renaming of SourceForge Enterprise Edition)
350971 [transfire gm] _api.html.

^ rubyconf 2009 ticket for sale
350839 [r6dude gmail] I have to bail cause of last minute changes.  want my ticket?
+ 350840 [rubyhacker g] Wish I could -- too late now though.
+ 350869 [r6dude gmail] Sold!  have fun.

^ Update on shoes?
350847 [jeremywoerti] I used to use shoes all the time. I just recently started again and
+ 350853 [shawn42 gmai] Fork me! :D The code doesn't currently work, so there's a lot of work
| 350856 [jeremywoerti] Very nice. Well done! I've already forked shoes, so I'm gonna try and
| 350861 [steve stevek] Actually Shawn, your quote from the page is a little old. Hackety does
| 350871 [shawn42 gmai] Steve,
+ 350985 [jballanc gma] to,

^ each_with_index
350849 [dihillery ei] surname and middlename) and to then list each part of the name with an
+ 350859 [marnen marne] Create one array with all the strings in it.  Or define Person#each or
+ 350860 [jeremywoerti] "John, Smith, Paul".split(", ").each_with_index do |name, index|

^ Re: operators vs. methods
350863 [imran.nazir ] Err, Hi Sarah,=0A=0AWell i'm a newbie to fresh out of the womb in fact but =

^ do_sqlite 10 windows 1.9 gem
350866 [jontyjont bt] I understand that this is not yet compiled for ruby 1.9 on windows
+ 350882 [rogerpack200] The source is probably somewhere in
+ 350907 [luislavena g] No, there wasn't a 'fat-binary' that includes both 1.8 and 1.9
  351216 [jontyjont bt] Thanks Luis!
  351224 [luislavena g] Dunno what you mean.
  351255 [jontyjont bt] Thanks again Luis
  351269 [luislavena g] Execute "rake vendor:sqlite3", that should download the files.
  351307 [jontyjont bt] Thankyou!!!

^ Inheriting from Object
350873 [rubfor recit] I'm just working through Ruby Visual Quickstart Guide by Larry Ullman,
+ 350875 [me tobiascoh] It looks like these methods are defined as /private/ methods of
+ 350876 [xenogenesis ] xeno@Clover:~/projects$ ruby -e "puts class << self; self;
| 350878 [xenogenesis ] Ignore all this: I don't understand Ruby.
+ 350909 [flori ping.d] They are added, they are just private. You have to call them as private

^ [ANN] java-inline 0.0.1 released
350883 [headius head] I've finally released 0.0.1 of my little java-inline plugin for

^ getting a timestamp
350890 [jonhy.pear g] I would like to get a timestamp from a Date object. What is the best
+ 350891 [reid.thompso] I think you want a DateTime or Time object, I believe a Date object only represents a date, not a date and
| 350893 [sven.schott ] Don't know if this is what you're looking for but whenever I need a
| 350901 [jonhy.pear g] only
| + 350917 [reid.thompso] maybe...
| + 350952 [shortcutter ] t only
|   350954 [shortcutter ] ct only
+ 350892 [mike stok.ca] I'm not sure if this is the most effective, but

^ [ANN] ERBook 9.2.1
350897 [sunaku gmail] ERBook 9.2.1

^ open a binary file-read bit-change bit-update same file
350898 [sathish.sale] my Aim is i want to encrypt a file
350902 [shortcutter ] Anything is possible.  But doing it bitwise is extremely inefficient.
350908 [efqdalton uo] You can synchronize io setting file.sync =3D true to update on the same
350914 [shortcutter ] That does only change the point in time _when_ the change in the file

^ extending ruby with c++ on windows
350912 [lomov.as gma] i need help with extending ruby with c on windows
350913 [reid.thompso] not sure if it's the problem or not, but i'd try everything with a directory hierarchy that does not contain
350919 [luislavena g] ory hierarchy that does not contain
351029 [lomov.as gma] Thank you for answers. it was good idea.
351041 [luislavena g] You shouldn't be using mingw32-make, but instead the make that comes
351097 [lomov.as gma] thanks for explanation. i will not take care about trying to get dll.
+ 351098 [lomov.as gma] got it.
| 351109 [lomov.as gma] just founded answer to the second question. this path work if run make
+ 351118 [luislavena g] Dunno where you got that make.bat, this is the original make.bat
  351140 [lomov.as gma] tyvm, luislavena.

^ ruby-talk-ctl@ruby-lang.org
350916 [ibc aliax.ne] unsubscribe
350942 [marcmigge go] RTFM!
350978 [florian.assm] I think it was just a copy and paste error, nothing to shout about...

^ dynamic array?
350918 [freakguard g] I'd like to store 2d-data into an dynamic Array. The Matrix class got
+ 350922 [shortcutter ] So basically you need a lazy Matrix?  Or do you need a matrix which
| 350946 [freakguard g] Interessting approach. I'll try that one too, let's see which one
+ 350923 [marnen marne] So reopen, extend, or subclass Array to get the desired behavior.
| 350925 [freakguard g] class DefaultArray < Array
| + 350927 [marnen marne] I'm not sure you'll need to rewrite the iterators.  You may need to
| + 350931 [ shot hot.pl] You can always delegate them (or, as
+ 350934 [marnen marne] class DynamicArray < Hash
  + 350945 [freakguard g] ... which doesn't fulfull the inital target of to not have to set the
  + 350949 [shortcutter ] What are you trying to achieve with this?  As far as I can see you are
    350963 [marnen marne] Right.  The idea was to create a sparse one-dimensional array for the
    351025 [shortcutter ] I don't find that particularly violating POLS.  If you want Arrays