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^ Using activerecord with mysql
350485 [rmauchel hot] I've successfully been using Ruby on one machine for quite some time and
350508 [hawat.thufir] thufir@ARRAKIS:~/projects/rss2mysql$
350586 [rmauchel hot] Thanks for your input, Thufir, but I've tried to keep the example that
350603 [hawat.thufir] Could still be a db problem.
350626 [rmauchel hot] It doesn't matter whether new data is being written to the db or
350635 [hawat.thufir] hmm.  Dunno on that one.  Personally, I would still try a SQLite for
351142 [rmauchel hot] I found the problem!
+ 351151 [hawat.thufir] Oh, odd.  I wouldn't think there'd be a difference between mysql 5.0
| 351164 [luislavena g] The original user having problems with MySQL was running on Windows.
| 351221 [rmauchel hot] I don't question any of your points about the mysql gem but, as I
| 351225 [luislavena g] The issue is actually using a libmysql.dll different than the one used
| 351247 [rmauchel hot] I've only ever been working with a local database and in each case (5.0
+ 351153 [kevwil gmail] It's not activerecord, it's the mysql gem for windows. So far it only

^ Re: [QUIZ] Found Senryu (#224)
350510 [wiktor zanoc] charset="utf-8"
350589 [paul pollyan] syllables. According to it there are 4729 Senryu's in the US Constitution =
350616 [wiktor zanoc] Yeah, that stumped me too. I felt like it was cheating a bit to use the Ling=

^ replace a very long string with gsub get regexp error
350514 [ahmad.azizan] I've encountered a problem to replace a very long string with gsub.
+ 350517 [shortcutter ] And your problem is?
| 350522 [ahmad.azizan] Sorry for incomplete question.
| 350560 [shortcutter ] Ahmad, it's easier for us if you present a complete example along with
+ 350568 [b.candler po] input = "aaaabbbaaaabbbaaaaabbbaaaabbbaaaa"
  350731 [ahmad.azizan] Yup. I know. By showing the code, I just really don' know where to

^ including .specification files (or other "dot" files) in Rake Package  on Linux/Mac OS X
350515 [nbeyer gmail] I've found that my instantiation of the Rake Package task for

^ [ANN] unicorn 0.95.0 - we <3 Rainbows! and ponies too
350520 [normalperson] Unicorn is a HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

^ Rainbows! 0.6.0 - bugfixes galore
350525 [normalperson] Rainbows! is a HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

^ Newbie question:  Defining a numeric type
350526 [usenet-nospa] I have a type which has a bit of internal magic, but fundamentally, I want
+ 350530 [mcamou tecno] Have a look at Forwardable
+ 350546 [marnen marne] Does it need to be a class of its own?  You could use a module and just
+ 350547 [marnen marne] Does it need to be a class of its own?  You could use a module and just
| 350550 [usenet-nospa] I think it makes more sense that way.  It's a category of objects which
| 350551 [marnen marne] Then they should most likely be Integers.  Extend them either with
| 350555 [usenet-nospa] Hmm.  I tried subclassing, but perhaps incorrectly.  The problem is that
| 350597 [marnen marne] Oh, then that's a different story.  In this case, delegation is probably
| + 350619 [usenet-nospa] In this case, I think the correct model is that this isn't really a value
| | 350621 [marnen marne] I think you are likely wrong.  But there's a simple conceptual test you
| | 350623 [usenet-nospa] Hmm.
| | 350627 [marnen marne] So would I.
| | 350630 [usenet-nospa] Hmm.
| | 350634 [marnen marne] 14
| | 350637 [usenet-nospa] Hmm.
| | 350640 [marnen marne] I didn't say the same object -- I said the same *thing*.
| | 350641 [usenet-nospa] Perhaps, but (15, -2) and (14, -1) are also *equal*, even though they're
| | 350643 [marnen marne] a = Cash.new(Array.new(2, Banknote.new(5, :usd)))
| | 350646 [usenet-nospa] Except that it's extremely annoying to have an object where, out of five
| | 350655 [b.candler po] ISTM that you are over-complicating. str, dex and con are individual
| | 350663 [usenet-nospa] Except they can't, because a character doesn't just have a current
| | 350670 [b.candler po] That's fine - make each individual attribute be an object. But you also
| | + 350672 [b.candler po] ... and in this case it probably makes sense to have a to_i method.
| | | 350693 [marnen marne] I don't know about you, but I'd find this confusing.  A character is not
| | | 350695 [aldric trevo] oh, good - and here I thought I was the only one for whom the former
| | + 350703 [usenet-nospa] Actually, yes.
| |   + 350723 [b.candler po] This is true. So for symmetry, you could make str=(v) set the [current]
| |   | 350741 [usenet-nospa] I've sort of waffled on that.
| |   + 350724 [aldric trevo] Why not take a step back and have "stat" be a hash of all the stats?
| |     350743 [usenet-nospa] Interesting.
| + 350620 [usenet-nospa] In this case, I think the correct model is that this isn't really a value
+ 350569 [b.candler po] class Foo

^ Advice on setup on Mac
350531 [itsme213 hot] [Apologies if this appears as 2 posts -- my last post never seemed to
+ 350541 [rob flowof.i] If you're on OSX, why not try MacRuby?
| + 350543 [itsme213 hot] My lack of knowledge :-) Do you know if NetBeans could be set up to
| | 350553 [rob flowof.i] It should work for gems that are 19 compatiable.
| + 350545 [marnen marne] Why bother?  The Ruby 1.8.7 interpreter that comes with Leopard and
|   350549 [rob flowof.i] Why bother? well, personally i don't develop on 18 anymore - so, yeah, I
|   350552 [marnen marne] Interesting.  I confess that I don't know much about MacRuby.  I may now
|   350554 [rob flowof.i] I doubt it is :-) The macruby developer is expected to speak at rubyconf
+ 350573 [leslieviljoe] I am having a lot of success with Fox right now - I find it possible
  + 350692 [marnen marne] Fox doesn't work with Aqua, though.
  + 350701 [itsme213 hot] way.

^ ROXML encoding
350534 [strnap1 fel.] I am facing a problem with ROXML. National characters are not well
350604 [aaron tender] Can you provide some sample code that reproduces this problem?
350812 [strnap1 fel.] I found a solution. Please read an issue on github

^ Any official name for Ruby's class which makes "class methods"?
350535 [jona.hunt777] We all know Ruby really doesn't have class methods.
350542 [ryand-ruby z] This question is different from your subject.

^ Re: Any official name for Ruby's class which makes "class me
350539 [marnen marne] You mean instances of class Class?  The official docs call them
350682 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 350689 [marnen marne] I think he's right, but that's not the sense in which the official docs
| 350698 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| 350699 [marnen marne] But I think that is what is meant.  How else does the diagram on that
| + 350702 [rick.denatal] Then how does the sentence before the sentence you originally quoted make s=
| | + 350704 [fxn hashref.] I wonder if there's still no metaclass accessor in 1.9 to avoid
| | + 350706 [marnen marne] I took the parenthesized items on the diagram to be the actual Class
| |   350805 [dblack rubyp] They're all instances of Class, and thus all actual Class objects.
| + 350802 [dblack rubyp] The metaclasses are anonymous. The metaclass (or whatever we call it)
|   + 350966 [flori ping.d] Yes. And these things, that shall never be named, aren't much like
|   | 351002 [dblack rubyp] I could definitely imagine 'singleton module' instead of 'singleton
|   | 351007 [gwtmp01 mac.] I was thinking along the same lines while reading this thread. There
|   + 350968 [Florian.Fran] Yes. And these things, that shall never be named, aren't much like
+ 350700 [rick.denatal] I usually don't disagree with my younger friend Jim, but...
  + 350803 [dblack rubyp] Let's detach it from Jim unless he chimes in himself. I mentioned him
  + 350961 [flori ping.d] And I dislike this usage. The whole problem seems to stem from a general
    351001 [rick.denatal] Actually no I didn't. I believe that it was David A. Black.

^ some information about it
350548 [sbgkeerthi g] What is meant by Quick link integration? how can i access? if anybody
350639 [ninja slapha] I have no idea. Can you provide any context?

^ Looking for Set implementation in C
350558 [ shot hot.pl] The Set class in MRI is implemented in pure Ruby (lib/set.rb). I vaguely
+ 350565 [shortcutter ] ld
| 350617 [ shot hot.pl] =E2=80=93 all I could
| 350688 [shortcutter ] ould
| 350792 [ shot hot.pl] like
| 350794 [shortcutter ] You're welcome!
+ 350605 [dsisnero gma] I think if you have rbtree installed it uses this for the SortedSet
  350618 [ shot hot.pl] Thanks, rbtree.c does seem to be full of Ruby/C goodness.

^ activerecord going slow (not in rails...) (VERY slow)
350563 [cruzmail.ngr] Active record is taking 7+ seconds to save one item! I'm using
+ 350567 [b.candler po] Try saving two entities one after the other, and time each of them.
| 350587 [cruzmail.ngr] Thanks for the reply :)
+ 350662 [w.piekutowsk] I recommend to simply profile your code. First extract a very short
  350796 [cruzmail.ngr] ruby-prof is amazing.  Thank you for making me aware of its existence,

^ Re: "gem install mysql" failing horribly on OS X leaopard
350564 [saam.cit gma] Can you try the following command.

^ Help with SQLite3-ruby, please
350574 [cyber_pyrami] SQLite-ruby module and I hope for some help here. The main problem is

^ How to run a specific TestUnit if the file contain two Test::Unit::TestCase classes?
350575 [ibc aliax.ne] class Test1 < Test::Unit::TestCase
350576 [ibc aliax.ne] Sorry, the fact is that both functions are runned.

^ Sorting array of names
350578 [dianne.red g] I have a Ruby program that reads in a text file of first names and
350579 [paul pollyan] I don't think you did
350580 [dianne.red g] Ah I'm sorry when trying initially it came up with application error, I
350582 [aldric trevo] def initialize fname, lname, mname=nil
350584 [dihillery ei] Thank you very much for your help. Having sorted this out I was able to

^ Handle Dialogbox
350588 [ambravaneswa] I am new to ruby. I am using Ruby186-27_rc2 and watir watir-1.5.3.gem.

^ Google Wave: A new type of "Ruby Quiz" ?
350590 [aldric trevo] Google Wave is, according to Google, "the new email". It combines email,
+ 352539 [arun.einstei] okay seems good. can you elaborate on this a little more? Do you want
| 352545 [aldric trevo] Well, the Ruby quiz is about going out on your own and doing your own
| 352580 [eregontp gma] Add me to the wave then ;)
| 352582 [jeanjulien.f] Me too !
| 352585 [aldric trevo] Then, a GW address would be useful, so I know who to add! ;)
| + 352591 [sophrinix gm] add me sophrinix@googlewave.com
| | 352592 [jayl5150 gma] jayl5150@googlewave.com
| + 352593 [minilith gma] ...
| | 352595 [aldric trevo] Sure, that works too.
| + 352602 [walton vyper] Me as well please!
|   352674 [jw mustmodif] me too! jw@mustmodify.com ( I know, not a google wave address... try
|   + 352684 [zettabyte gm] I'll hop on the bandwagon too: add me please! (zettabyte@gmail.com)
|   | 352685 [agustinvinao] plase add me agustinvinao@googlewave.com
|   | 352735 [pedro.delgal] Can you add me, pedro.delgallego@googlewave.com
|   + 352813 [aldric trevo] Didn't work.
+ 352820 [rick.denatal] So far, in my experience Google Wave has not worked very well.
  + 352826 [aldric trevo] I agree - it's kind of a mish-mash at the moment, and I haven't much
  | 360916 [mspeltzer gm] mspeltzer@googlewave.com
  | 360939 [aldric trevo] I haven't seen anyone online ("onwave" ?) from the original group in a
  + 360918 [vikkous gmai] I read a description of the design of network protocols once which

^ something went wrong
350594 [divyanshutri] We're sorry, but something went wrong.
+ 350595 [soloriok gma] Is this for a Rails App?
| 350648 [divyanshutri] ya whn i type in the url "localhost:3000/admin "at that time
| 350653 [soloriok gma] Make sure all your gems are up to date, including the rails gem.  If you are
| 350673 [divyanshutri] =================
| 350677 [b.candler po] Rails displays that page when an uncaught exception has been raised in
| 350785 [divyanshutri] ok..............
| + 350787 [usenet-nospa] Okay.
| + 350788 [walton vyper] It's all in that line right there ^^^^^
| + 350801 [aldric trevo] Use this : ruby script/server
+ 350596 [aldric trevo] We're on it.
| 350607 [aaron tender] Should be fixed now.  I just had to replace the Flux capacitor and get
+ 350610 [b.candler po] Look in log/production.log for the error. If you want to be notified by
  350649 [divyanshutri] thanx for ur suggesiton ...........but cn u just tell me wt is
  + 350650 [thiagown gma] This error is by your own fault, ruby on rails have some strange errors and
  + 350651 [ben bleythin] No, nobody can... because you haven't given us any information whatsoever.

^ Interview Tips free eBook
350606 [jaggubn gmai] When an HR Executives in a Call Center or any Organizations is

^ Re: Errno::ENOMEM reading a device in Ruby, not in Java thou
350608 [rogerpack200] As a followup gotcha (in case anybody runs into this).
350609 [matz ruby-la] rewind it first to clear buffering.
350613 [rogerpack200] Interesting.  It seems to indeed allow for it.

^ How to dynamically include a module and update top level?
350615 [alexandre_mu] I'm new to Ruby programming, and I'm having some trouble to dynamically
350622 [shortcutter ] The point in time of inclusion is important: your dynamic inclusion
350624 [alexandre_mu] Thanks for your response. So it seems that every time a module is
350738 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> module A; end
350795 [alexandre_mu] Thanks for you response! You are right. I have resolved this without
350800 [shortcutter ] =A0I
350811 [alexandre_mu] Woo, thanks Robert, this is a really clean approach!

^ Rename files... permission
350631 [adam_folkess] (0...files.size).each do |i|
350642 [imedina gros] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
350647 [Gennady.Byst] In UNIX, rename changes the directory, so file permissions do not matter --=
350652 [imedina gros] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
350668 [adam_folkess] Sorry, I meant that I've setted the files to 777 as well.

^ Meaning of '!(...'    EG: "myObject.parse!(argv)"   ..?
350654 [michelle mic] Whilst "parse(argv)" is obvious, what does "opts.parse!(argv)" do in the
350656 [ryand-ruby z] the
350657 [michelle mic] Thanks for your reply Ryan... I'm surprised! So... are you saying that
+ 350658 [steve studio] Section 6.2 of "The Ruby Programming Language" by Flanagan & Matsumoto,
+ 350659 [ryand-ruby z] the=20
  350665 [michelle mic] Sorry Ryan... I'm still not getting it :-(
  + 350667 [ehsanul_g3 h] =20
  | 350678 [michelle mic] Ja, great! Thanks Ehsan - I've got it now :)
  + 350740 [shortcutter ] Yes.  The exclamation mark is just more visible than the "w".  In the

^ [ANN] Rumai 3.1.1
350660 [sunaku gmail] Rumai 3.1.1

^ [ANN] Rumai 3.1.1
350661 [sunaku gmail] Rumai 3.1.1

^ gui designer
350666 [gossipledonk] I'm looking for something like glade that I can use in windows. I like
+ 350676 [sutniuq gmx.] The only GUI designer for wx I know about is wxFormBuilder (
+ 350691 [marnen marne] Netbeans has a nice GUI designer for Java that will work in JRuby apps.
+ 350694 [reid.thompso] why not glade for windows...

^ What is the difference between the two following pieces of c
350669 [doneysr gmai] Don't really know where to go with this one, but I gotta know...
350675 [b.candler po] Ruby is not Rails, and Rails questions are best asked on a Rails mailing

^ Re: How to run a specific TestUnit if the file contain two 
350671 [allenlooplee] I also encounter this kind of problem. It seems that Ruby does support sort

^ Re: What is the difference between the two following pieces
350674 [chris mowfor] #h is an alias for #html_escape
350697 [chris mowfor] I was about to say the same thing but remembered this method can be
350824 [marnen marne] Well, Rails is not the only Web framework for Ruby, and anyway, HTML
350852 [chris mowfor] Totally, but let's not start debating that. #candlerb implied that this
350857 [marnen marne] When you make incorrect statements (like "this will only be used in
350864 [chris mowfor] When did I ever explicitly say that? And honestly, who the fuck uses it
350991 [marnen marne] You said it quite explicitly in
350997 [josh.cheek g] Also, http://ruby-toolbox.com/categories/web_app_frameworks.html lists 6

^ Class inside a Method Body
350679 [rubfor recit] I have a class that works fine if I declare it outside of anything. If
350681 [b.candler po] The class wouldn't be defined until the method is executed, and would be
350683 [rubfor recit] Brian
+ 350684 [dblack rubyp] It's more like execution and interpretation are, in effect the same
| 350690 [b.candler po] to build the syntax tree, and if that fails then you get a parse error
| 350911 [dblack rubyp] I hadn't gotten into parsing just to keep it simple -- but in fact, it
+ 350711 [shortcutter ] Can you describe under which circumstances you believe this makes
  350716 [rubfor recit] My concern here is when you use libraries. When your user just wants to
  350720 [marnen marne] Not at all.  This is what require is for.  If you don't require a file,
  350744 [shortcutter ] Mike's point is, that if you require a library which requires other
  + 350745 [marnen marne] True.
  + 350793 [rubfor recit] If I put a class inside a method I get an error, so I assumed if I
    + 350823 [marnen marne] In that light, it's a reasonable assumption, but I don't think it's
    | 350868 [gwtmp01 mac.] In fact it is very different from textual inclusion and it will only
    + 350858 [xenogenesis ] ple