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^ wxRuby + rcairo ... are driving me mad.
349907 [phil s126.de] How is it possible to use Wx::GraphicsContext#get_native_context with
350082 [aff28 delete] I suggest you post this on the wxRuby list.

^ Re: bones 3.0.0
349912 [aldric trevo] Sweet. When do we get this?
349921 [tim.pease gm] You can use any git repository as your project skeleton. The "bort"

^ [ANN] called_from 0.1.0 released
349913 [kwatch gmail] I releaded called_from 0.1.0.
+ 349915 [tony medioh.] $ gem install called_from
+ 349922 [jeremy bitsw] This is probably the most common usage of Kernel#caller. You've made
  350035 [nyarly gmail] I've long wished that caller returned an array of BacktraceLine... likewise

^ [ANN] merb_piece_cache 0.1.0 released
349916 [kwatch gmail] I releaded merb_piece_cache 0.1.0.

^ Re: Can Ruby print out time difference (duration) readily?
349923 [mark thomasz] require 'chronic_duration'
349925 [transfire gm] RichUnits also has a duration class. You can tell it what time
349934 [phrogz mac.c] This old thread discusses a similar topic.

^ FileString - request for comments
349926 [apeiros gmx.] I just put FileString on github: http://github.com/apeiros/filestring
349931 [james grayso] Interesting choice to use a String.  I used Tie::File a couple of
+ 349938 [vjoel path.b] What would the advantage over mmap[1] be? FileString is pure ruby
| 349968 [apeiros gmx.] Interesting, I was looking if a solution existed already and didn't find mmap. Yes, FileString is pure ruby and should therefore run on all ruby implementations. And yes, I'd expect mmap to be more efficient on the other hand. It'd be interesting to combine the two (if that's at all possible).
| + 349972 [eleanor game] It would probably be fairly trivial for you to directly support mmap
| | 349992 [shortcutter ] I am still trying to wrap my head around the question whether hiding
| | + 349999 [ralphs dos32] Robert,
| | | 350018 [eleanor game] Using a given representation just because it's unit testing friendly
| | | 350021 [marnen marne] ...or necessarily a bad idea.  There's something to be said for letting
| | + 350001 [apeiros gmx.] No. At least that was not the idea (though, you could).
| |   350034 [shortcutter ] True.
| |   + 350038 [apeiros gmx.] Those already exist. Unfortunately optimizing regex matching is too involved as that I could have done that in 24h :)
| |   + 350057 [apeiros gmx.] I just noticed that I actually didn't have that functionality in. I added it now in the way described in the earlier reply.
| + 350088 [ninja slapha] I'd have looked for mmap first, knowing the concept from Linux. I'd also expect
+ 349971 [apeiros gmx.] Somebody I know already implemented a TieFile in ruby, the repository is at http://killerfox.protection-fault.ch/gitrepo/tie_file.git

^ [ANN] bones 3.0.1
349930 [tim.pease gm] bones version 3.0.1

^ Send free sms to your friends from any number in the world
349932 [ahbangash200] If you want to send sms from there own name or from there own number

^ OT: Ruby & Sessions
349942 [ralphs dos32] Although I've been programing for 45 years, I am new to both Ruby and
349961 [marnen marne] This is a question for the Rails list.  It is off topic for the main
349967 [ralphs dos32] Marnen,
349973 [b.candler po] Go to www.rubyonrails.com

^ [ANN] Rhesus 0.3.4 released
349945 [james.britt ] DESCRIPTION

^ Ocra: "Failed to create directory" #2
349946 [ztuaev siban] I ran ocra hello.rb which has the only line puts "hello world!" and it

^ camelize
349947 [cijokgeorge ] I would like to get output as  "Re-Open"  for the input "re-open"
+ 349948 [lists jits.c] "re-open".titleize.gsub(' ', '-')
| 349949 [cijokgeorge ] Thanks .So no  direct method is there.Right?
| 349950 [lists jits.c] Not that I am aware of.
+ 349958 [marnen marne] You do know that "re-open" isn't correct English (it should be
+ 350062 [phrogz mac.c] pen"
  350070 [ralphs dos32] Phrogz,
  350083 [marnen marne] It makes the regex case-insensitive.
  350089 [ralphs dos32] Marnen,
  350090 [marnen marne] In the section on regular expressions, IIRC.
  350095 [ralphs dos32] Marnen,
  350096 [marnen marne] Good to know.  I use the Web edition, so I don't have page numbers.

^ Regexp: getting the first found
349951 [ahmad.azizan] I'm having some problem comprehending the regexp for my current need.
349956 [ralphs dos32] Ahmad,
350013 [ahmad.azizan] Thanks for the reply.

^ Re: Hash#count
349952 [matz ruby-la] That is based on viewpoint to see hashes are collections of values
350099 [transfire gm] Okay. I only point out, if Hash is a collection key-value pairs, I
350101 [matz ruby-la] Hash#include? checks keys only (not pairs) according to most common

^ Help with this
349954 [nish.patel h] I have a question to answer but can not find any solution for this
+ 349957 [theadmiral g] Have a look at 'collect', it should help you out!
| 349960 [nish.patel h] I am a complete novice at this so would it be this as the solution
| 349962 [marnen marne] Why don't you try it and find out?
+ 349959 [marnen marne] This is obviously a homework problem.  You will learn more if you do not
| + 349963 [nish.patel h] Yes it is homework problem but I have tryed to find this solution but I
| | 349966 [nish.patel h] I am completely stuck I dont know what to do...
| + 349969 [usenet-nospa] Agreed.
+ 349970 [usenet-nospa] Okay.

^ [ANN] xcapclient 1.1 released
349965 [ibc aliax.ne] xcapclient 1.1 has been released

^ Berkeley DB BDB Install on Windows
349987 [davidhooey g] I've been scripting in Ruby (and Rails) for about two years now, but
350026 [luislavena g] That will not work.
350104 [davidhooey g] Thanks  a lot Luis! Giving it a try. Will post results.
350135 [davidhooey g] Still working on it. I have installed Ruby 1.9.1 using the ZIP as
350140 [luislavena g] Well, no, you will not reach progress because you're using VC6-build
350161 [davidhooey g] Thanks for your help Luis!
350193 [luislavena g] Can you tell us the content of "lib"?
350213 [davidhooey g] Thanks Luis,
+ 350215 [davidhooey g] software/products/berkeley-db/db/ind...
| 350238 [luislavena g] er/bdb/blob/master/README.textile
+ 350241 [luislavena g] software/products/berkeley-db/db/ind...
  350256 [davidhooey g] he
  358709 [schneider.ho] I have exactly the same problem!!! ... Is there any solution yet??? ...
  358710 [luislavena g] As I said before, please reach out to the author, I'm not familiarized

^ TypeError: nil is not a symbol error when running tests
349990 [arti.p.singh] Has anyone seen this error before? I have added the method that gives
349991 [b.candler po] Post the exact exception report using copy-paste, because it will
349993 [arti.p.singh] You were right, I did not assign a value to the global variable

^ Good or best way to allocate a large array
350007 [ralphs dos32] I will want/need to create an array of approximately 300K rows and 20
+ 350012 [aldric trevo] I don't know when arrays stop being as performant as one could wish. For
+ 350017 [marnen marne] Dude, you want a database.  There's little reason in any language to
| 350019 [ralphs dos32] Marnen,
| 350023 [marnen marne] Right.  And as far as I know, it will do that when the object goes out
| 350029 [ralphs dos32] Marnen,
| 350042 [flori ping.d] Except that uses aren't counted in Ruby. Ruby has a mark-and-sweep
| 350045 [ralphs dos32] Florian,
| 350047 [rick.denatal] As Florian said, MRI ruby uses a mark-sweep GC algorithm,  when it
| + 350048 [ralphs dos32] Rick,
| | + 350053 [flo andersgr] You can manually kickstart the GC by using GC.start.
| | | 350068 [ralphs dos32] Florian,
| | | 350078 [flo andersgr] Ralph,
| | | + 350084 [shortcutter ] Right.  Only the single BigNum and the Array need to be allocated.
| | | | 350094 [flo andersgr] It was not meant as a complaint, more as an explanation why the behavior
| | | + 350092 [ralphs dos32] Florian,
| | |   350121 [devel the-us] What's about using C or C++ to allocate and deallocate the array? I do not
| | |   + 350124 [marnen marne] Unnecessary.  Just use a database.
| | |   | 350134 [flo andersgr] Why are you so insisting on a database? In contrast to your opinion,
| | |   | 350138 [marnen marne] Because almost any array that large is better dealt with through a DB
| | |   + 350131 [flo andersgr] On Nov 10, 2009, at 4:25 PM, Jonathan Schmidt-Domin=E9 - Developer =
| | |   | 350133 [devel the-us] I thaught about allocation and deallocation from C. And I think there you have
| | |   + 350136 [ralphs dos32] Jonathan,
| | + 350060 [marnen marne] Perhaps.  But there's no reason to do this.  Use a database.  Even a
| |   354579 [albertschlef] What a great idea. I suggest we email all the image-processing
| + 350258 [overlord gmx] In my understanding these are orthogonal concepts. How to find out what
|   350260 [rick.denatal] No, a copying GC doesn't substitute for the sweep phase of mark and sweep.
+ 350036 [shortcutter ] So we are talking about 300,000 * 20 * 8 ~ 48MB which does not sound too
| 350044 [ralphs dos32] Robert,
| 350069 [shortcutter ] Please do not top post.
| 350071 [ralphs dos32] Robert,
| 350129 [justincollin] Check the size of an integer.
| 350137 [ralphs dos32] Justin,
+ 350072 [b.candler po] If you want to hold this all in RAM, then I think your most
+ 350279 [vikkous gmai] I'm surprised that no-one has yet mentioned narray; I'd think it's the
  + 350336 [shortcutter ] Actually everybody waited for you to finally come up with your reply.
  | 350382 [ralphs dos32] I am the OP and there really isn't much more to the problem.
  | 354560 [b.candler po] You are almost certainly wrong about this. Ruby Hash implementation is
  + 350360 [ralphs dos32] Could someone point me at documentation on narray, please.
    + 350364 [marnen marne] You could have found it in about 5 seconds with Google.  Please try that
    | 350385 [ralphs dos32] I am new to Ruby.
    | 350396 [marnen marne] But not to Google, surely.
    | 354557 [jtprince gma] Some of the docs do make it look this way, but I think most who have
    + 350378 [vikkous gmai] No 8-byte integers... maybe you could use two parallel arrays, one for
      350383 [overlord gmx] Or look into the source, and eventually patch it. It might already

^ Re: Is it possible to do multiple regex in one operation?
350014 [ahmad.azizan] Yes, both ways did working for me, thanks for the inputs. At first I

^ errors when using sqlite3's query and prepare methods
350016 [robert.citek] I'm trying to prepare a sql statement to send to sqlite3 via ruby and
350051 [zyzygy telst] Look carefully at the error messages.  In the case that works you are
350079 [robert.citek] Adding the row.class was the trick, although I get different results from y=

^ FXRuby table and color questions
350025 [leslieviljoe] Does the Fox toolkit support partial transparency? None of the
350039 [lyle lylejoh] Not as far as I know.
350171 [leslieviljoe] Ok, thanks!

^ Readout and Edit Cookies
350028 [chhab gmx.de] First I send a Form with Net::HTTP.post_form.
350043 [chhab gmx.de] I found the solution! Mechanize

^ Understanding Threads...
350030 [mattw922 gma] I am writing an app that retrieves multiple web pages in one method
350031 [jameskilton ] Thread#join simply says "Wait here until this thread has finished
350033 [nyarly gmail] I completely agree with Jason's diagnosis.  I'd like to make two
350041 [shortcutter ] Even better: we have Thread.value.  If you join only from a single

^ wrong number of arguments in initialize
350032 [arti.p.singh] I tried to initalize my methods and I get an error
+ 350040 [anthony.metc] You define intialize to ask for 3 arguments, you don't give any of them
+ 350050 [kcy5b yahoo.] charset="utf-8"
+ 350076 [b.candler po] Open that file in a text editor, go to line 59, and you'll see

^ wxRuby - tabular data with extra widgets
350037 [anthony.metc] I am needing to display a table of data.

^ Re: Google Wave- I need contacts!
350049 [devguy.ca gm] I am finally on GoogleWave, but not sure if I can invite others yet, at least I
350081 [gibbsnich gm] Uhh, didn't hear of google wave before.
350105 [minilith gma] Now that you have all watched the video & tested it, maybe somebody
350108 [aldric trevo] Looks to me like another example of 'Primordial Soup' - a chaos and
350181 [aldric trevo] Or I could be wrong : http://completewaveguide.com
350184 [anthony.metc] Thanks for the link.
350247 [ninja slapha] I'll add myself to that list. It should be able to tie this email address to a
350326 [eregontp gma] Add me ! ( eregontp@gmail.com )
350343 [nyarly gmail] I'm in.
350347 [soloriok gma] I'm in as well
350351 [jgabrielygal] I'd be interested, if you still have invites left.
350352 [soloriok gma] Jesus,
350357 [jgabrielygal] jgabrielygalan@googlewave.com

^ Re: RubyForge and RubyGems and GemCutter...
350055 [tom infoethe] Yeah, I think back in 2003 it was worthwhile for Ruby Central to

^ File size vs. Directory size problem
350064 [T.w.oliver g] Got a bit of a problem I dont know how to go about.
350065 [sven.schott ] puts File.size(i) unless File.directory?(i)
350066 [t.w.oliver g] I completely missed the directory method haha. Thank you sir.
350169 [shortcutter ] old_array = Dir["#{old}/**/*"]

^ Programmers motivation: academic research
350067 [mark.pith st] Dear Ruby community,
350085 [james grayso] This questionnaire is very repetitive.  Questions like "Will working on =
+ 350116 [shortcutter ] I haven't looked at the survey but it is common practice to state the
| 350139 [tomcloyd com] I want to offer agreement with Robert's comment. As someone with formal
+ 350162 [mark.pith st] Thanks James for taking the time to participate in our research. And
  350172 [aldric trevo] Remember that you're talking to people who hate repeating themselves...
  + 350202 [marnen marne] Not only that, but we hate repeating ourselves. :D
  | 350218 [josh.cheek g] Sure there may be merit to similar questions when quizzing some groups of
  + 350245 [mark.pith st] Ah I'm sorry, I didn't know you hated others repeating themselves as

^ [ANN] RubyInstaller Release Candidate 1 - 1.8 and 1.9 releases  signed!
350073 [luislavena g] I'm pleased to announce the first Release Candidate of the latest

^ (Installed Ruby 1.9.1) can't get gem working
350074 [michelle mic] RUBY VERSION: ruby 1.9.1 (2008-10-28 revision 19983) [i386-mswin32]
350077 [reachme char] I would recommend using the new RubyInstaller instead of the old mswin32
350080 [michelle mic] Thanks a lot Charles, works perfectly. :-)

^ Re: called_from 0.1.0 released
350100 [rogerpack200] Also fails on 1.9.  I know there was a commit recently to allow
350102 [transfire gm] Have you submitted this to Ruby core?

^ Installing Rails:  MySQL issue?
350106 [btickler yah] The step for MySQL
+ 350107 [btickler yah] P.S. This configuration installs Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Mongrel, Git, and
| 350111 [howardrobert] No, it is pretty difficult to start an apocalyptic flame war with this
| + 350112 [aldric trevo] There was recently a conversation about this; the gist of it was that
| + 350113 [marnen marne] Not quite.  SQLite is the default for Rails, but only because it makes
| + 350122 [btickler yah] Thanks, I will post this there, too.
|   + 350125 [johnsheahan ] I updated gems to the latest version and all my ruby scripts that use
|   + 350132 [luislavena g] Contrary to common approaches. MySQL 5.0.x is pretty stable (5.0.83 is
+ 350117 [luislavena g] Please now use official gems.rubyforge.org without specifying

^ Changing screen resolution through Ruby
350109 [ankur.s20 gm] Thanks in advance to all the helpers.
+ 350114 [marnen marne] Do you need to change screen resolution, or simply window size?
+ 350115 [sutniuq gmx.] For Windows, there's a WinAPI function I think, but I don't know about
  350165 [ankur.s20 gm] Yes I need to change screen resolution itself like from 1280 X 800 to
  350170 [sutniuq gmx.] I've searched through Google and the Windows API, and found that this
  350174 [ankur.s20 gm] Thanks Marvin,

^ [ANN] Prawn 0.6 Released
350110 [gregory.t.br] [This announcement is about Prawn, a pure ruby PDF generation library

^ Re: Create HTML files using RUBY
350118 [skrithikaa g] I am told to create static HTML page and asked to write something like
350120 [marnen marne] Why are you asking?  In the time it took you to type that, you could
350126 [skrithikaa g] I cant try it for next few days, there is some issue with my computer.
350128 [b.candler po] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [ANN] Localmemcache-0.4.4: Bugfixes for OS X and Autorepair
350141 [schween snaf] Version 0.4.4 brings fixes for coredumps on OS X and bugs in the

^ Calling a subprocess with specific arguments and capturing its  output?
350142 [quinxex gmai] could help with a problem I've never managed to solve. I'm writing a
+ 350143 [gabriel.horn] def backtick(cmd,*args)
| 350145 [quinxex gmai] Thanks! That's a very nice solution, and more concise than I would
+ 350144 [billk cts.co] One possibility might be to let Shellwords handle the
| 350146 [quinxex gmai] Thanks, Bill. I'm glad to hear that the standard library will be
+ 350160 [tony medioh.] Why is this any harder than?
  350168 [quinxex gmai] That comes a lot closer to working than I had expected ;)
  + 350183 [shortcutter ] If you are on 1.9, escaping is superfluous: you can pass an Array of
  + 350185 [james grayso] what the system shell is? I'm not sure whether all unix shells have =