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Re: frubygems -- quicker loading rubygems:"spooky" version
348950 [luislavena@g] git clone git://github.com/rdp/faster_rubygems.git

[ANN] Revactor 0.1.5: Erlangy add-ons to Ruby 1.9
348952 [tony@me io .] *"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"*

[ANN] Dfect 1.1.0
348953 [sunaku@gm il] Dfect 1.1.0

fsockopen in ROR
348955 [kochka@gm .n] PHP has 'fsockopen'-function to create a socket connection. With what
348961 [b.candler@po] If you want to open a TCP connection in Ruby, start with the TCPSocket
349638 [kochka@gm .n] Brian Candler, Thanks.

[ANN] unicorn 0.93.4 - *BSD stdio compatibility
348959 [normalperson] Unicorn is a HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve

[ANN] Rainbows! 0.4.0 - EventMachine+async_sinatra support
348960 [normalperson] Rainbows! is a HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

SQL Shell for MS Access
348968 [paul@po ly n] What I want is an SQL command prompt allowing me to run SQL queries
+ 348973 [david.mullet] I'm not familiar with the mysql shell that you mentioned, but (assuming
+ 348974 [shortcutter@] I doubt Ruby/DBI ever included what you need.  In order to be able to
| 348976 [paul@po ly n] Well, to be more complete, Ruby/DBI using a ruby-odbc DBD to connect
| + 348979 [shortcutter@] Oh, OK, ODBC is a different story.  I didn't think of that.
| | 348981 [paul@po ly n] I'll keep on investigating.  So close, but yet so far.
| + 348991 [Coey_Minear@] =3Dr
|   348992 [paul@po ly n] t=3Dr
+ 349006 [dsisnero@gm ] You can try to use libmdb
  349071 [toastkid.wil] I connected to an mdb (access db) in windows with the 'win32ole' gem.  I
  349083 [paul@po ly n] access.html

# unsubscribe
348970 [mihai.vlad@a] ...

marshal error with nom ascii chars
348971 [marcelocavac] first.  sorry about my english. i dont speak english very well.

Marshal erro with non ascii chars
348972 [marcelocavac] first.  sorry about my english. i dont speak english very well.
348987 [b.candler@po] Prove it or disprove it, by adding some printing. Here is a starting
349089 [marcelocavac] First...
349090 [b.candler@po] OK, thanks.

watir or selenium
348977 [geagneske83@] ...
348978 [jacob@te hn ] I'm afraid that you're not going to find any comparisons of the two,
+ 348989 [tom@th ry .o] Sounds more like Watchr (http://github.com/mynyml/watchr) to me. I
| 349031 [jacob@te hn ] Yup, my bad.  Far too long of a day at work :-\
| 349052 [geagneske83@] ...
+ 349033 [tony@me io .] Forgive me for being naive, but I really can't fathom this analogy,

how can I do a linux mount in a programmatic way ?
348980 [jrubiando@gm] If I do something like system('sudo mount .. ') then I don't really
+ 348985 [ibc@al ax ne] =2D------------------
+ 348986 [b.candler@po] $ cat xxx.sh

Re: mail
348984 [aldric@tr vo] Neat. Does it work with M$ Exchange ? (I know, I know - you said it was
349059 [raasdnil@gm ] Heh, try it and let mr know..... I mean it *should* :)
349082 [aldric@tr vo] It works with Exchange ;-)
349098 [aldric@tr vo] Isn't Tmail used by ActiveMailer ? If so, does that mean your 'mail' may
349154 [raasdnil@gm ] It might well, mail works on ruby 1.9 and I know rails 3 is shooting
349248 [barjunk@at g] =A0

Error while running make for Ruby 1.9.1 P243
348988 [wing2@ya oo ] the install instruction in README.  The ./configure was successfully

add_assertion' called for nil:NilClass errror when testing
348990 [arti.p.singh] This @browser is defined in the login method
348993 [arti.p.singh] Fixed, I needed to add the initalize the test methods after I called

348994 [wing2@ya oo ] Is miniruby needed to install ruby for Unix?  If so, where can I find
349018 [justincollin] It is included in the source files and is built automatically when you
349020 [wing2@ya oo ] files, how come I can not find it when I run the make command.  It
349095 [justincollin] Perhaps you could include the entire output from running make? My guess
349112 [wing2@ya oo ] Thanks for helping me out.  The following is the error that I got from
349132 [wing2@ya oo ] gcc -O2 -g -Wall -Wno-parentheses  -I.

Scope Missunderstanding
348998 [yo@vi to ph ] i got a module x and then a class z and inside this class i do a
+ 349002 [gwtmp01@ma .] I couldn't replicate that error using your code in ruby 1.8.7 or
+ 349003 [dblack@ru yp] That private directive isn't doing what you think. It governs instance
+ 349057 [b.candler@po] Almost certainly you forgot the "require 'net/http'" in the actualy code

Net LDAP problem (no attrs or get_attributes methods)
348999 [damnbigman@g] So I am having difficulty getting the attributes for an LDAP entry.  If I
349120 [globyy3000@h] ldap.search(base, scope, filter, attrs) { |entry|
349189 [damnbigman@g] Nope, same error.  I passed "*" to the attrs argument.
349210 [globyy3000@h] attrs = []
349213 [damnbigman@g] The docs say string or array of strings.  Tried it with :attributes =3D> []
349219 [globyy3000@h] What gem are you using? ruby-net-ldap? via require 'net/ldap'?
349222 [damnbigman@g] require 'rubygems'

Fukuoka Ruby Award - Now Accepting Applications
349001 [marc@in es f] Fukuoka Ruby Award

[ANN] duby 0.0.1 Released
349004 [headius@he d] duby version 0.0.1 has been released!
+ 349007 [billk@ct .c ] Wow!  That Fibonacci example on http://kenai.com/projects/duby/pages/DubySamples
| + 349008 [headius@he d] I'm very interested in adding optional static typing to JRuby, for
| | 349015 [deanwampler@] Charlie,
| | + 349017 [headius@he d] We have not really spent time to formalize what works and what doesn't
| | + 349086 [pat.eyler@gm] Dean,
| | + 349093 [headius@he d] Also...the fact that Duby/Surinx are not Ruby makes the translation
| + 349009 [headius@he d] Added the fib example plus fractal benchmark and a simple Swing
| + 349010 [ryand-ruby@z] You do NOT need static code for it to be fast. See smalltalk, self,
|   + 349011 [lojicdotcom@] "Fast" is a relative term, and I'd agree that Ruby can be faster w/o
|   + 349012 [headius@he d] Sure, it's just easier with static types. Don't like it, don't use it.
|   | 349019 [dblack@ru yp] It seems like in this project, the notion of type as being synonymous
|   | 349025 [headius@he d] Yes, it was definitely a conscious decision to both use Java's type
|   + 349021 [billk@ct .c ] It would certainly be the best of all possible worlds
|     349030 [headius@he d] Anything is possible. It's just really hard.
+ 349013 [tony@me io .] Glad to hear about this, and look forward to using it on a future project :)

[ANN] bitescript 0.0.4 Released
349005 [headius@he d] bitescript version 0.0.4 has been released!

Closures / lambda question
349022 [aldric@tr vo] This is something I don't understand, and did not understand when I
+ 349026 [marnen@ma ne] It doesn't.  Did you try the code?  Both instances of the_proc.call
| 349028 [aldric@tr vo] I did try the code. I was confused by what Dave Thomas was trying to
| 349032 [marnen@ma ne] Not quite.  There's no such class as Lambda.  Read what I said in my
| 349037 [aldric@tr vo] And it explains it as well.
| 349038 [aldric@tr vo] Never mind!
| + 349042 [zundra.danie] I'd actually like to know the answer to that one.  What is the reason for
| | 349063 [marnen@ma ne] Well, for one thing, it's just the way the RSpec API works.  But it
| + 349306 [ruby@ur ew l] can someone please add this link to the mailing lists FAQ
+ 349027 [zundra.danie] I think what Dave was trying to illustrate with this example is that even
| 349029 [aldric@tr vo] Sounds like I was trying to overcomplicate it, when it's just blindingly
+ 349049 [devguy.ca@gm] it doesn't make a difference, it still prints 'Ruby"
+ 349054 [b.candler@po] This example relies on the fact that Ruby methods implicitly return the

Hey I need help with my code.
349023 [uforacer@ho ] Okay the point of the game is to roll to random dice and if the dice
+ 349036 [zundra.danie] You need a break in your loop.  Also the conditional syntax is wrong
| 349040 [uforacer@ho ] Hey I got it working now I need help with one last thing. The game is
| 349041 [zundra.danie] The integer you want is the random number + 1.  Just save the rand value.
+ 349043 [lists@be tr ] do yourself the favour and make your code more readable.

Desktop GUI apps in Ruby
349024 [marnen@ma ne] I'm an experienced Rails developer, but for once this is not a Rails
+ 349034 [vjoel@pa h. ] Consider FXRuby, too. It has a nice table widget, and (IIRC) FXRuby
| 349035 [marnen@ma ne] I'll check it out; thanks for the suggestion.
| 349039 [vjoel@pa h. ] At worst you would either have an install script that does "gem install
+ 349047 [james.britt@] This is your best route, offering fast, robust cross-platform
| + 349060 [marnen@ma ne] That was my impression.
| + 349122 [marnen@ma ne] At this point, it looks like I'll probably use Monkeybars and JRuby for
|   349129 [marnen@ma ne] Never mind.  I just realized that these will not be feasible for the
|   349143 [james.britt@] Users will still have to have Java installed to use a JRuby app.
|   349145 [marnen@ma ne] I know, but I think I can rely on that.  Have you seen a computer
|   349185 [wbp@no om in] Yes.  I'm working on one right now.  If you want maximum cross-platform,
|   + 349191 [marnen@ma ne] Really?  Under what circumstances?  Even "can't-change-anything"
|   | 349224 [oudeis@no om] I administer a couple of machines at work running FreeBSD (one of them
|   | + 349225 [javaalley@gm] I prefer wxRuby for gui development.  For distrubution on windows machines I
|   | | 349232 [marnen@ma ne] That could work, although I'm trying to not have radically different
|   | + 349226 [marnen@ma ne] I'm shying away from Tk since I understand the API is awful (and I don't
|   | | 349311 [lyle@ly ej h] Yes, it is a fault of FOX. There is no "native" version of FOX for OS
|   | + 349227 [matt@ha ps a] I would argue that these machines are a special case.  Since he's said
|   |   349233 [marnen@ma ne] Correct.
|   + 349193 [greg.kujawa@] rm,
|     + 349195 [marnen@ma ne] That was around the time Rails was just coming out, and so there wasn't
|     + 349198 [james.britt@] Expected disclaimer: I helped with Monkeybars and Rawr, and now maintain
+ 349048 [martindemell] o,
| 349061 [marnen@ma ne] Very interesting.  I think for this particular project, I don't want to
| 349062 [martindemell] I don't wish to spread FUD, so please note that I'm *not* saying that
| 349064 [marnen@ma ne] OK.
+ 349161 [aff28@de et ] You'll have realised that there are a number of GUI packages which
| 349164 [marnen@ma ne] Oh, of course.  I just wanted to get a sense of what was being used and
| 349179 [aff28@de et ] Yes, I think you're right here. It's possible to create fully native
| 349237 [marnen@ma ne] Just for the record...both of these tools look good, but extremely
| 349295 [rphillips@su] What about this Appcelerator Titanium? Is it everything they claim?
+ 349411 [lists@ji s. ] I recently came across limelight -
  + 349430 [martindemell] That looks extremely cool! Thanks for the pointer.
  + 349437 [headius@he d] FYI, if you're interested in Limelight, there will be a talk on it at
  + 349487 [marnen@ma ne] It looks beautiful, but the tutorial app is somewhat slow and has

Is it possible to do multiple regex in one operation?
349045 [ahmad.azizan] I'm trying to grep some of the content from a file which contains
+ 349046 [botpena@gm i] try
+ 349094 [devguy.ca@gm] This should work
  350014 [ahmad.azizan] Yes, both ways did working for me, thanks for the inputs. At first I

Help With Homework Code
349050 [chngth3wrld@] Another user posted a question about a dice game earlier. I have this
349056 [b.candler@po] I suggest that you separate the "model" from the "view"
349067 [chngth3wrld@] Thank you Candlerb.
349068 [toastkid.wil] In this bit
349069 [toastkid.wil] Oh and if you did mean that, the logic could be more simply expressed as
349073 [chngth3wrld@] I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. I tried the "if"
+ 349074 [chngth3wrld@] Here's my whole code so far if it helps you help me
+ 349076 [toastkid.wil] I don't really understand what you're trying to do, but i can see one
  + 349077 [chngth3wrld@] Thank you so much. That was driving me crazy.
  | 349079 [toastkid.wil] cool :)
  + 349084 [Rob@Ag le on] Rick,

Ruby FFI: fixed size char array inside struct
349051 [daniel.akeru] (I dind't find an official Ruby FFI mailing-list so I try here)
349065 [luislavena@g] Luis Lavena

Test your ruby skill
349058 [jazzezravi@g] Anybody  interested to take ruby test then go ahead
349097 [devguy.ca@gm] About your blog heading, I like where you're going with this "Nothing
349149 [jazzezravi@g] Thanks for your motivative suggestion but my opinion about those lines
349153 [jazzezravi@g] If the person done a job then he did that job in first try. Try is
349155 [devguy.ca@gm] Think about 'try' and 'do' it will come to you =) you will see the light!
349171 [aldric@tr vo] I'm afraid this isn't the place for a spiritual discussion about the
349249 [devguy.ca@gm] I realized this, and my last reply was meant to be sent privately but I forgot
349296 [aldric@tr vo] It's in episode 5 or 6. Luke is practicing with Yoda, and Yoda tells him

Audio libraries
349066 [pcguy49@ya o] I've seen this question thrown around a bit already, but I have yet to
349342 [hramrach@ce ] If you also want video then gstreamer might be actually good choice,

Regexp: rubular VS match. Why is the result different ?
349070 [alexdesi@gm ] I have to capture by means of regexp the content between '<' and '>'
+ 349072 [shortcutter@] The "+" at the end is superfluous because this would match multiple
| 349078 [alexdesi@gm ] I agree with you
+ 349075 [cmshea@gm il] Alessandro,
  349081 [alexdesi@gm ] Yes, at first time I didn't find scan method because I searched it in

Ruby IDE ScriptDev V2.3 released
349080 [scriptdevsup] ScriptDev is developed by a powerful scripting language integrated
349088 [martindemell] martin
349103 [walton@vy er] That file should be linked somewhere obvious, so it doesn't get lost in the

return values in rdoc method header
349087 [jason.lillyw] array[index] = obj ??? obj
349102 [sutniuq@gm .] #  my_method(str) ==> aString
349107 [jason.lillyw] Thank you. I have not yet found that in the documentation, but that

read attached document from .eml file
349091 [nicolas@w3 f] I have to read .eml file with ruby in order to get and extract
+ 349092 [b.candler@po] Did you google "ruby eml"? What did you make of the projects that turns
+ 349158 [nicolas@w3 f] Nothing much, there is only projects dealing with conversion from msg to

FFI and pointers
349096 [th@tp .r b. ] I'm playing around with FFI and encountered a problem, I could not solve
349119 [justincollin] If nothing else, you can use the read_* and write_* methods (like
349134 [th@tp .r b. ] Well, the problem is not to use the pointer type as such, but

Ruby can't subtract ?
349099 [aldric@tr vo] Which shows the following..
+ 349100 [matt@ha ps a] No, it's not.  Welcome to the wonderfully confusing world of floating
| 349101 [aldric@tr vo] Oh, thanks. Can I have some pop-corn and an introductory pamphlet before
| + 349104 [matt@ha ps a] Pamphlet -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_754-2008
| | + 349106 [aldric@tr vo] Thanks. Both my head and the wall are safe for now. As one may have
| | + 349110 [shortcutter@] Easy to do with a modern email client - just needs support for POP3 and
| |   349111 [marnen@ma ne] LOL!
| |   + 349130 [gwtmp01@ma .] I'd like to emphasize the fact that it is a very specific
| |   | 349135 [marnen@ma ne] Right. 0.6 in binary has a repeating decimal -- 0.1001 repeating or
| |   | 349136 [gwtmp01@ma .] I spoke to quickly and had in mind what you just
| |   + 349150 [cmdicely@gm ] BigDecimal actually works with decimal numbers, which are a subset of
| |   | + 349166 [marnen@ma ne] You're quite right, and I realized that about 10 seconds after I posted.
| |   | + 349391 [rick.denatal] I'm afraid that this statement might be confusing some folks, because,
| |   + 349361 [gneuner2@co ] The problem is that the 754 representation has finite precision.  I
| |     + 349368 [shortcutter@] Interesting!  I wasn't aware of that.  Why is that?  Do they just leave
| |     | 349417 [gneuner2@co ] Actually the primary reason for deviating from the standard is to
| |     | 349431 [shortcutter@] George, thanks for the elaborate and interesting explanation!
| |     + 349382 [cmdicely@gm ] Well, the problem isn't that. The problem is that the IEEE 754 (1985)
| |       349416 [gneuner2@co ] True, but my point is that the base conversion is not necessarily the
| + 349108 [marnen@ma ne] Most languages these days use IEEE 754-style floats, which leads to the
+ 349139 [devguy.ca@gm] I've been following this thread and am wondering if there are other numerical
  + 349146 [marnen@ma ne] Well, I mentioned Rational.  There's also Bignum, but that's
  | 349147 [devguy.ca@gm] thanks for the reply. I am aware of Bignum and understand how Ruby does the
  + 349172 [aldric@tr vo] That should get you started :)
    349251 [devguy.ca@gm] Thanks (Jedi) Aldric, good place to expand =)