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^ SV: Nested paired brackets in regexp
34875 [tsondergaard] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ Trouble with opening files
34879 [gehlker fast] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 34881 [ckruse wwwte] I think, it should work when you write
+ 34882 [paul atdesk.] File.open(File.expand_path('~/ruby/sample/testFile', 'r') do |testFile|
+ 34883 [    s xss.de] File.expand_path( fileName [, aDirString] ) -> fileName
+ 34885 [tom.hurst cl] ~ is a shell globbing operator, it has no meaning outside /bin/sh.
+ 34891 [gehlker fast] Thanks to everyone who pointed out that "~/" doesn't mean much to Ruby

^ Newbie: How to WakeUp All Threads?
34887 [moonerent ho] This threaded socket server seems to working well so far...
+ 34889 [decoux moulo] Rather than using #sleep, you can perhaps use Thread::stop and use
+ 34890 [ckruse wwwte] Yes. That's correct.
  35033 [moonerent ho] @@thr = ThreadGroup.new

^ Problem with "-r" command line argument
34894 [gehlker fast] Well, I'm having one more problem with RubyStudio. I implemented a drawer to

^ New OS for Old Mac
34896 [gehlker fast] I have an old Mac 6400 that I want to use as a server. Ruby for the old Mac
+ 34898 [tom.hurst cl] They didn't choose BSD for OS X for nothing ;)
| 34901 [jjenning ste] NetBSD is the original portable operating system; it will probably run
| 34904 [huber alum.w] After looking around online a little bit, it looks like it's a ppc
+ 34950 [pcs3 mailhos] HTH
  34951 [gehlker fast] It does help. I was being persuaded to go with NetBSD but the hassle and

^ Better Kate Highlighting
34903 [sean celsoft] Does anyone have a better highlighting file for Kate?  The current one seems
34922 [sean celsoft] seems

^ Rescue Clause
34905 [sean celsoft] def
+ 34906 [sean chitten] begin
+ 34909 [hal9000 hype] Yes... in older versions, this was not possible.
| + 34911 [alan digikat] Theres also a single statement rescue that I've only recently learned about.
| + 34917 [sean celsoft] Yes, I think in the spirit of "least surprise" it should.  I see begin...end
|   34918 [tobiasreif p] that could be cool.
+ 34910 [tobiasreif p] open('foozboo.zer', 'r') do |file|
  34914 [vjoel PATH.B] Which exceptions would it catch? Ones from the open(), or ones from
  + 34916 [tobiasreif p] both? I'm not sure.
  + 34921 [sean celsoft] Just the exceptions inside the block, after the open call.  It's fairly
    34924 [tobiasreif p] but
    34929 [sean celsoft] That's what I'm saying.

^ Nedit hilighting -- was: Better Kate Highlighting
34907 [vjoel PATH.B] I don't use Kate, but your post reminded me to upload my Nedit

^ eWeek Poll: Which database is most critical to your organization?
34908 [zak mysql.co] Good Day All,

^ RCR?: parallel to until: as_soon_as
34912 [tobiasreif p] would this be worth an RCR?
+ 34913 [ps radiac.mi] the word you're looking for is the while-loop common to many languages and it
| 34915 [vjoel PATH.B] Unless he's looking for a way to hook @line_count so that the block is
| 34935 [tobiasreif p] Yep.
| 34939 [vjoel PATH.B] I'd vote against it because of the performance cost of checking each
| 34947 [tobiasreif p] I see. But performance is not always the top priority, and users make
| 34953 [vjoel PATH.B] I was guessing that users wouldn't have a choice, because every "@x =
| 34960 [tobiasreif p] I meant: users have the choice to use the construct, don't, or use a
| 34999 [paul atdesk.] Useful, but slow.
| + 35004 [paul atdesk.] Hmm, I must have been asleep earlier this moring, because all that extra
| + 35024 [tobiasreif p] Thanks for the code.
+ 34931 [dblack candl] Wouldn't this hang, since @line_count isn't being changed?
  34934 [tobiasreif p] I'm not sure if this could work in Ruby, but I want to be able to fire a
  + 34940 [msassak spea] What about using the Observer mixin? or is that to "heavy duty" for what
  | 34948 [tobiasreif p] Never used it; looking good @
  | 35049 [mike lepton.] button_pressed = Signal.new
  + 34952 [mghall enter] Like doing 'trace variable' in Tcl?

^ fiddly little array manipulation question
34926 [sentinel_NO_] Is there a nicer way to take the intersection of an array of arrays, other
+ 34927 [Dave Pragmat] You could use #inject under 1.7
+ 34930 [vjoel PATH.B] [ [1,2,3], [2,3,4] ].inject([0,1,2]) { |x, y| x & y }
+ 34933 [ronjeffries ] Well, if you have inject defined, it's semi nice ...

^ [ANN] JTTui 0.10.3 - textmode user interface
34932 [j.travnik sh] new version of JTTui has been released.

^ Re: parallel to until: as_soon_as
34936 [sean celsoft] raise 'too many lines' if(@line_count > max)

^ rpkg 0.3 pre-release and beta testers
34941 [list chromat] I've just uploaded rpkg 0.3 to www.allruby.com/rpkg/rpkg-0.3.tar.gz
34942 [elanthis awe] I'm talking about: rpkg is a Debian's
34943 [elanthis awe] Erg... damned webmail clients...
34944 [list chromat] There are even tools that convert from .tar.gz to .deb (far from

^ [ANN] RubyStudio v. 0.1.5
34957 [gehlker fast] I'm kicking up the teeny version number of RubyStudio to 5 to celebrate the

^ Nested class definition in C?
34963 [cyclists nc.] Is there a way to define a nested class in a Ruby C extension? The equivalent of
+ 34966 [ronjeffries ] What are you trying to accomplish?
+ 34969 [matz ruby-la] Use rb_define_class_under().
  35026 [cyclists nc.] Thanks! This is the info I needed!

^ RDoc and XML - opinions please
34971 [Dave Pragmat] OK - I've got RDoc generating some semblance of XML. It seems to
+ 34974 [james rubyxm] Dave,
| 34975 [Dave Pragmat] That comes from a comment block in the user's code
| 34988 [melis cs.utw] I'm haven't looked into Rdoc, but I know doxygen. Is there something like
| 34992 [Dave Pragmat] I _could_ but I'm wondering what the benefit would be.
| 34994 [james rubyxm] There are advantages to just passing through a set up markup.
| 34995 [Dave Pragmat] But.. who defines the set of special headings?
| 34996 [james rubyxm] That's a separate problem :)
+ 34977 [nahi keynaut] Excellent job as usual!
  34980 [Dave Pragmat] Oops - thanks. Fixed it.

^ OT  A Question on work styles
34972 [gehlker fast] As a Mac baby I just had to step through ruby in GDB *from the command line*
+ 34976 [dan sidhe.or] If you've an X server installed (I use XDarwin from the Fink
| 34979 [gehlker fast] Thanks Dan. I didn't know about ddd. I certainly don't mind installing an
+ 34978 [vjoel PATH.B] There is DDD (http://www.gnu.org/software/ddd/). It's a front end for
+ 34981 [matz ruby-la] I use gdb-mode in Emacs.  It works on terminal too.
| 34989 [gehlker fast] Now *that's* gutsy.
| 35003 [comp.lang.ru] - - Huh? outside of ddd it beats the pants off any other gdb front
| 35005 [gehlker fast] On 2/28/02 8:58 AM, ";"
+ 34983 [mjais web.de] there is also the GNU Visual Debugger and the KDE project also has a
| 34990 [gehlker fast] Looks they would both work with an X server. Thanks.
+ 34987 [ronjeffries ] I've been using Ruby for what, over a year now, and I don't even know how to run
| + 34991 [gehlker fast] Don't ask me. I don't see the need for Ruby debuggers yet either. Ruby
| | 35000 [paul atdesk.] Debuggers are useful for determining paths of execution.  I also find
| + 35001 [matz ruby-la] FYI, copy rubydb2x.el (for Emacs 19.2x or earlier) or rubydb3x.el (for
+ 35025 [tim vegeta.a] I've no experience with OSX (or really, Macs, since the early 1990's),
  35028 [gehlker fast] Inside vim is close enough to "from the command line" for me. It's
  35037 [tim vegeta.a] If RubyStudio weren't OSX-specific, I'd take a look at it right now. But
  + 35039 [vruz ruby-es] There's a project named FreeRIDE that intends to become
  + 35082 [gehlker fast] RubioStudio is really coming along. I'm about finished with auto formatting

^ RubyStudio's problem with -r solved
34973 [gehlker fast] The Cocoa docs say that you pass arguments to child processes in an array of

^ SV: RCR 65: IO orthogonalization, improved reusability
34985 [tsondergaard] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
35034 [alwagner tca] My mail reader does not render utf-8 very well.

^ Interactive debuggers, (Better Subject)
34993 [mps discomsy] I've used DDD in the past for Perl, C and C++ and I think it works

^ Matrix class in Ruby
34998 [jasa dalton.] Today I just played with the Matrix class (file matrix.rb) to solve
35111 [matz ruby-la] I asked Keiju, who has been my friend for long time, and he replied
35222 [paul atdesk.] Hmm, I see a matrix as more of a two-dimensional array with arithmetic
+ 35240 [vjoel PATH.B] FWIW, Matlab has mutable arrays. But Matlab isn't a good standard to
+ 35257 [matz ruby-la] Keiju still is considering providing "backdoor".  Stay tuned.
+ 35281 [jasa dalton.] """ (if you need further convincing, consider the performance implications

^ maillog daily statisctics
35006 [damien.wyart] Dear all,

^ DRb TupleSpace Example Poofter
35007 [edwardhatfie] I got excited about the DRb Tuplespace example
35009 [neumann s-di] Sorry for that.
35023 [edwardhatfie] How Nice :-)  Thanks.  All is forgiven, please come home.
35032 [m_seki mva.b] Have you started TupleSpace server(e.g. rinda.rb) which set up

^ [ANN]  RDoc with XML
35008 [Dave Pragmat] The latest RDoc in CVS (http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=42128)
+ 35051 [dblack candl] I think that has to be https://etc.
+ 35055 [dblack candl] ***************

^ Disabling everything
35011 [smiddle twp.] What is the most failsafe way of disabling, from the C side of things,
35040 [decoux moulo] rb_set_safe_level(12); /* to put at the right place */

^ continued - Digest classes performance
35012 [tomas_brixi ] read method changed to sysread and voila :-)
35020 [matt lickey.] IO is a lot faster with the ruby 1.7 versions, at least under windows.

^ Correct use of % (modulus) operator?
35013 [dmcnulty min] Coming from a C background, I expected "%" to yield a remainder.
+ 35016 [sean celsoft] In C, "5 % 2" yields 1.  2 goes into 5 only twice evenly, leaving a
+ 35038 [huber alum.w] Coming from a C background, I would have expected you to expect this
  35053 [dmcnulty min] Ack, quite right.  So I haven't actually *used* C for awhile :-)
  35079 [sean celsoft] Well, 2 goes into 5 leaving only one.  I can't say with absolute certainty

^ Installation Help - Ruby Tk
35014 [mcjramsay ya] I attempted to install Ruby with Tk on a 486 PC under SUSE Linux 7.0.
+ 35022 [bobx linuxma] This may sound silly...but how are you calling it?
+ 35031 [kero chmeee.] I should put this somewhere in my tutorial...
  35045 [mcjramsay ya] /local/usr/ActiveTcl  (with subdirectories bin, include, lib, man..)
  35100 [kero chmeee.] No, you need to specify the include path, not the install directory.
  35115 [mcjramsay ya] Yes!  That has done it.  Ruby/Tk working fine now.

^ Time Comparison
35015 [sean celsoft] I am using the time object to compare times between two files and I'm
+ 35017 [sean chitten] It's not incorrect, Ruby Time objects are quite precise (ten
+ 35018 [sean celsoft] Uh, skip this...I think I just have a timezone issue...hmm...

^ How to compile ruby with static libs only?
35019 [jim freeze.o] How does one compile ruby with static libs only?
35041 [decoux moulo] You have in the README
35073 [jim freeze.o] option nodynamic
35075 [decoux moulo] With this you say that you don't want dynamic modules

^ FXRuby: Reacting on changing values of FXDataTarget
35021 [Stephan.Kaem] I'd like to react on changing values of an FXDataTarget.
35030 [ljohnson res] You want to catch either the SEL_COMMAND or SEL_CHANGED message being sent
35044 [Stephan.Kaem] Thanks Lyle, it sound as if that's it. I'll try it when I'm back home... :-)

^ RubyGarden is down for a short while
35027 [Dave Pragmat] while I upgrade some software in response to a security advisory.

^ FOX Toolkit  goes 1.0
35029 [rich infoeth] Congradulations to the FOX team...they went 1.0 today.

^ Intentional Programming
35036 [nojgoalbyspa] I seem to remember a discussion late last year about intentional
35117 [nojgoalbyspa] Noone here interested in Intentional Programming?  Anybody have an idea of
35120 [tom.hurst cl] Hum, developed by the guy who came up with the most demended variable
+ 35121 [nojgoalbyspa] I guess some reply is better than none!!! ;-)
| 35455 [charleshixsn] Actually, it's a much worse situation than just the listed patents
| 35483 [nojgoalbyspa] This is taking this even more off topic but I would say that I personally
+ 35123 [rawlins cs.u] When I looked at the web page I thought something like this, though maybe more
  + 35125 [armin approx] I do not know much about IP, but I heard
  | 35130 [nojgoalbyspa] As far as I know that is true, hence the need for people outside MS to take
  + 35131 [nojgoalbyspa] Apologies for the cryptic email address.  Remove no and spam to reply
    35132 [armin approx] - does anybody know why they killed the project?
    + 35133 [vruz ruby-es] MS gave a keynote at the OOP 2000 conference
    + 35135 [vruz ruby-es] Another link on IP, featuring an interview to Simonyi
    + 35137 [nojgoalbyspa] John.
      35201 [Steve.Merric] Isn't there some similarity between IP and Aspect-Oriented Programming?
      + 35245 [nojgoalbyspa] They are normally mentioned in the same sentence and are both classes as
      + 35249 [avi beta4.co] Both of them address the problem of having one concept (say,

^ Receive new FXGroupHorizontalBox ...
35043 [vladare yaho] I the newbie with GUI.
35072 [ljohnson res] I'm not quite sure I understand what you're trying to accomplish. Do you

^ Ruby Regular Expression problem
35046 [olonichev sc] I faced the problem of Regular Expression (RE) matching speed in real

^ Ruby Regular Expression problem
35047 [olonichev sc] I faced the problem of Regular Expression (RE) matching speed in real
+ 35048 [Stephan.Kaem] Friedl's "Mastering Regular Expressions". The reason is that you don't have,
| 35054 [YuriLeikind ] Let's then convert (.)*  to .* , and use (?:)  to turn off
| 35057 [olonichev sc] real
| + 35062 [tom.hurst cl] This isn't going to help; all ?: does is turn off saving the match from
| | 35063 [decoux moulo] pigeon% perl -Dr -e '/X(?:.*..?.)+X/'
| | 35065 [olonichev sc] Could you explain this output or/and send a link where Perl RE optimization
| | 35066 [decoux moulo] Guy Decoux
| + 35070 [matz ruby-la] ..must... sigh..
| | 35071 [cbroult sapi] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| + 35076 [dan sidhe.or] Any other NP-complete problems Ruby should solve while it's at it?
|   35153 [olonichev sc] Don't understand what are these messages have to do with the problem.
|   35154 [lists aprhis] I think he just means that this is a classical problem for a regex
|   35156 [decoux moulo] Well, the problem is that the regexp engine of ruby was compared to the
+ 35050 [Stephan.Kaem] BTW, this terminates properly on my machine with  approx. 2 hours (which
  35052 [olonichev sc] And It also works badlly if I put "(:?" instead of "(".

^ [ANN]  Natural Language Concordancer in Ruby
35056 [YuriLeikind ] A Natural Language KWIC(Key Word In Context) Concordancer

^ here documents as method parameter problem
35058 [mrp cre.cano] $ ./tmp.rb
+ 35059 [decoux moulo] Write it like this
+ 35061 [Dave Pragmat] Try
  35067 [paul atdesk.] That seems somewhat counter-intuitive.  What would I do if I had two
  + 35068 [decoux moulo] puts Tmp.new( 'foo', <<ENDB, 'baz', <<ENDC)
  + 35069 [Dave Pragmat] puts Tmp.new( 'foo', <<ENDB, <<ENDC, 'baz')

^ Just noticed: 1.6.7
35060 [Dave Pragmat] Seems to have been committed in the CVS logs. No official announcement
35064 [matz ruby-la] I just updated www.ruby-lang.org; Other announcements shall be done on
+ 35074 [melis cs.utw] Well, as a scripting language fanatic, I can assure you that all your
+ 35077 [bobx linuxma] Weekend mode? Does that mean 12 hour days?  : )
+ 35078 [drosih rpi.e] Note that the web page at http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/
+ 35080 [jasa dalton.] In fact, only the link was updated in the What's New'  section of

^ druby question (bug?)
35081 [bhilton vpop] I am experimenting with druby and have a couple of questions for anyone
35126 [m_seki mva.b] I'm poor at English. I may not understand correctly what you say.

^ Seattle Ruby Users
35083 [pate eylerfa] Just a quick note to the ruby world at large.  Several Seattle area ruby

^ Like tail -f
35084 [jean chnou.f] I have to make a little prog wich works like the "tail -f" command. It
+ 35085 [roktas omu.e] As an urgent help: you have to check the EOF (otherwise results with
| 35086 [jean chnou.f] Salut,
+ 35091 [behrends cse] [tail -f lookalike]
| 35099 [jean chnou.f] Salut,
+ 35105 [kjana dm4lab] <http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/ruby/>....

^ Net::HTTPRequestTimeOut
35087 [hubert cs.ny] I am playing around with the Net::HTTP
+ 35104 [decoux moulo] Well, the documentation say that it raise TimeoutError
+ 35110 [hubert cs.ny] Well... I found out the error.