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Regarding: deployment
348331 [pradheep.rb@] am using netbeansIDE6.5. i dont know how to deploy and move the
+ 348340 [surinapster@] hey u need to have phusion passenger to deploy ror application
+ 348344 [u.alberton@g] There are many ways to deploy a Ruby on Rails application. It depends
  348357 [b.candler@po] I bought Ezra's "deploying rails apps" book and built a heavyweight

Excuse me !!
348332 [alnassarq8@g] Excuse me!!

[ANN/ADV] 10% off for groups of 5+ at The Compleat Rubyist
348333 [dblack@ru yp] We're offering a 10% discount to groups of 5 or more signing up for

converting object into array
348334 [surinapster@] i am newbie to ruby and i have an object like @user.And i have values
+ 348335 [b.candler@po] Show the code you have so far, and what extra functionality you would
+ 348336 [karottenreib] There are several questions that come to my mind before answering
+ 348337 [paul@po ly n] class User
| + 348346 [glennj@nc .c] def to_array
| | 348348 [paul@po ly n] No reason.  Just the first way it came into my head.  I like yours better.
| | 348358 [josh.cheek@g] Probably go with to_a to follow conventions used by other code ie
| + 348544 [sunaku@gm il] [@name, @age, @sex]
+ 348543 [globyy3000@h] If you want the output to LITERALLY display like this..

Jruby and web interface
348338 [ruby.student] Today JRuby has the capability to interface with Java SWING via Netbeans.
348343 [u.alberton@g] You can run Rails or other Ruby web frameworks on JRuby just fine. I

Hey you! Stop using relative requires!
348339 [transfire@gm] I recently came across two different programs that had this line in a
+ 348341 [anthony.metc] Ok, I just finished "packaging"[1] my first app, and the only way I
| 348347 [default@sp r] <http://gist.github.com/54177>and
| + 348351 [leslieviljoe] Ah, this helps a little - I will stop requiring rubygems.
| + 348352 [anthony.metc] Thanks for the links. They are interesting.
|   348359 [shortcutter@] I believe there is a mistake: the second require should read
+ 348345 [leslieviljoe] Why? require_relative has just been added to Ruby 1.9 and I wish it
+ 348354 [shortcutter@] I am not sure I understand why this is an issue.  If it is in an
+ 348365 [tony@me io .] dubious that one can always avoid code loading using relative paths.
| 348501 [transfire@gm] ely
| 348503 [james@gr ys ] =95 Don't mess with the $LOAD_PATH. PERIOD.
| + 348514 [shortcutter@] Don't make rules without proof reading them. :-)
| + 348547 [transfire@gm] Tried to respond a few times, Google Groups is acting up it seems, so if
|   348549 [james@gr ys ] I'm pretty sure we can come up with non-Rails applications scenarios
|   348577 [transfire@gm] Ok. But I think maybe you are missing my point. I'm not pushing a dogma.
|   + 348584 [_mwryder@wo ] What would you suggest in the case of multiple versions of a module for
|   | 348670 [transfire@gm] On Oct 20, 12:50=A0am, "Michael W. Ryder" <_mwry...@worldnet.att.net>
|   | 348673 [josh.cheek@g] Lol, I have no idea what to do anymore. Practical Ruby Gems decreased to $4
|   + 348588 [tony@me io .] Just a general description of how you handle code loading within a gem
+ 348923 [hramrach@ce ] It's not for site installation.
  349446 [transfire@gm] I've seen equivalent code in quite a few projects. Maybe they all have
  351086 [aldric@tr vo] So... Anything to say about this? :)

NANWSI: Not Another .NET Web Service Issue
348342 [mbensi@sp tz] I'm still quite new to Ruby, I come from years of "evil" development (MS
348451 [mbensi@sp tz] I guess nobody has the answer to this, hence nobody was able to make
+ 348462 [d.bussink@gm] I've been successful in using various wsdl's for communicating with
+ 348471 [brabuhr@gm i] Sorry, for the delay.  I also haved used soap4r successfully in the
  348519 [mbensi@sp tz] Thanks,
  362343 [msrnivas@ya ] I did exactly what noisefree did but getting below error
  362374 [headius@he d] I'm not intimately familiar with this library, but I would be

Ruby Debugger install on MacOSx
348349 [sayakyi@gm i] Dear all,

Ruby sql question
348350 [manish16s@gm] Im using ActiveRecord to find something.
+ 348353 [leslieviljoe] ...
| + 348355 [manish16s@gm] Thank you Leslie. That worked fine.
| + 348356 [manish16s@gm] Just an extra question though. what does the array.join(',') do?
|   + 348361 [josh.cheek@g] Returns a string created by converting
|   + 348373 [leslieviljoe] irb(main):002:0> ['a', 'b', 'c'].join(',')
+ 348590 [matt@sm jn n] User.all(:conditions => ["users.id NOT IN (?)", array])
  348593 [devguy.ca@gm] Sweet, just learning ActiveRecords, but was using .find( :all ... )

Rubyforge 2.0, revisited
348360 [transfire@gm] A very hastily put together presentation, but I thought the idea worth
348368 [vikkous@gm i] What is runrubyrun? The url you gave (runrubyrun.com) seems to be
348377 [transfire@gm] l=3D5

Problems With Fibers in Threads
348362 [chris.wailes] I know it's an odd combination, but I have a situation where a thread
+ 348364 [tony@me io .] Are you trying to reschedule a fiber from a different thread?  Afaik that
| 348371 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'thread'
| 348380 [chris.wailes] OK, that does appear to be the problem as the Fibers are created in
| 348420 [cmdicely@gm ] It seems pretty fundamental. You might be able to work around it by
| 348423 [chris.wailes] What I'm creating is a job queue.  A thread from a central thread pool
| + 348429 [cmdicely@gm ] Ah, I got that you needed it to get picked up by a different thread
| + 348434 [tony@me io .] (excuse the shameless self-promotion, but...)
+ 348370 [bbxx789_05ss] $ ruby19 -v

[ANN] vlad-git 2.1.0 Released
348367 [jbarnette@gm] vlad-git version 2.1.0 has been released!

^M^M Control Character Substitution
348369 [frank.guerin] I have code that successfully reads a CSV file using FasterCSV and puts
348387 [daniel.schoe] The "^M" should represent a "carridge return" control character.

IE8 popup
348372 [eric.ramsey@] In IE7 I was able to use the following code to click onblur javascript

Re: How to resume execution of a FOR loop after timeout erro
348381 [stephen.lead] Thanks for the reply.

Re: how to solve a special JRuby and Java syntax conflict? -  correction to my 'final' summary?
348390 [colinb2r@go ] Axel

HTTPCookieProcessor in ruby
348392 [overules@gm ] im a python developer, and i am starting learn ruby porting an previous

dynamically access class constants?
348397 [marli03@ya o] Obj.send(:method)
+ 348398 [justincollin] I am slightly confused by your example, but you definitely need
| 348415 [marli03@ya o] Ah, sorry for the confusion.  const_get is exactly what I was looking
+ 348408 [b.candler@po] => "hello"

Ruby 1.9.1 p243 for AIX
348399 [pedzsan@gm i] I've started a web site where I offer installp images for AIX of various

[ANN] rev 0.3.1: a libev-based event framework, now with better  filesystem monitoring
348400 [tony@me io .] rev 0.3.1 is largely a maintenance/bugfix release, but it comes with a new

matching against a zillion patterns
348401 [george.githi] i have some script in which i would like to match a string against
+ 348403 [zyzygy@te st] Are the matches randomly distributed across the patterns?  If not,
| 348405 [shortcutter@] aps
| 348413 [george.githi] Thank you so much for all the replies and suggestions!
| + 348418 [shortcutter@] Looks like this is tricky to become right.  There seem to be some
| | 348445 [george.githi] Thank you so much Robert! I have tried your approach and compressed the
| | 348454 [shortcutter@] And what did it do to performance?  How many patterns do you need now
| | 348455 [george.githi] Jan Arts approach to the problem. forwarded from the bioruby list;
| + 348439 [mark@th ma z] Have you looked at the BioRuby project? They may have classes that can
| + 348446 [marc.hoeppne] I happen to be a molecular biologist myself, so this of course gets my
|   348448 [george.githi] First i cannot use any of the local alignment programs to do the
|   348465 [shortcutter@] I don't mind having the discussion on this list - the topic is really
+ 348406 [larschbelunk] 100
| + 348410 [mbj@se ni .n] Take a look at the ragel language and parser generator.
| + 348492 [overlord@gm ] Why would it do try to backtrack here?
+ 348407 [b.candler@po] I would advise you measure it, with your real regexp and your real data.
+ 348409 [jballanc@gm ] Regarding efficiency and sanity, I'd have to echo the previous
+ 348411 [lists@be tr ] p = [ /a/, /b/, /c/]

[ANN] Rainbows! 0.2.0 w/ bare Rev support and AppPool middleware
348404 [normalperson] Rainbows! is a HTTP server for sleepy Rack applications.  It is based on

Coulda example
348412 [leslieviljoe] Can someone provide a simple example of how to use COULDA to actually

copying local files to remote disk
348414 [naftaly@me c] I'm wondering if it's possible to copy local files to a remote drive

.irbc on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
348416 [rps@sa as co] I discovered that ~/.irbc ignored on Snow Leopard, and that instead irb
348417 [rps@sa as co] Hmm, answering my own question: re-read TFM!

parseexcel, how to select a worksheet using the name
348419 [tcblues@gm i] I know it's possible to select a worksheet using its number  but I don't
348421 [jacob@te hn ] Replace 2 with the name of the worksheet.
348422 [tcblues@gm i] That was the first thing I tried...
348602 [tcblues@gm i] Any help???
348610 [ghalsey@ya o] require 'rubygems'
348625 [tcblues@gm i] So it's not possible using parseexcel.
348628 [ghalsey@ya o] It it is possible. Take a look at the documentation. Here is a quick
348684 [tcblues@gm i] Yes that's what I was trying but it doesn't work... "can't convert

passing two or more parameters from mocha request
348424 [brightmatter] I am trying to make a call to a function using a mocha request to a

null pointer iv with non-EBC block cipher
348425 [dylan.mcclun] I'm not sure if this is an openssl problem with not checking for null

output file name based on original file name
348426 [collin.moore] I have a simple txt parsing script that I'd like to have the output be
+ 348427 [mo_mail@on h] This is the simplest...
+ 348435 [lists@be tr ] Do you get the below error message?

[ANN] rake-tester-0.0.1
348430 [karottenreib] I just released the first version of rake-tester, an extension of the

[ANN] joker-1.0.0
348431 [karottenreib] I'm proud to present the new version of Joker, a
348433 [charles.john] Or maybe peek here: http://karottenreibe.github.com/joker/
348457 [karottenreib] yes, probably better there.... ;-)

[ANN] zena 0.15.0 gem release
348436 [gaspard@te i] First public release for zena, the CMS with super natural powers !
348437 [gdonald@gm i] You're not gonna announce every single minor release on this list are
348443 [m.fellinger@] You might remember wrong, there are no announcements in my inbox about
348447 [devguy.ca@gm] DOH!!!!

[ANN] ar_mailer 1.5.0 Released
348438 [drbrain@se m] ar_mailer version 1.5.0 has been released!
348441 [ara.t.howard] aaannnnnnnnnnnnnd eric just in ftw!

Qt. Dialog and main windows location
348440 [psixxx@bk ru] I'm new in Qt. I create main and dialog windows in Qt4 Designer. I want

AR_Extension help
348450 [meetme2meat@] I using ar_extensions for mass insertions I found it very effective
348458 [rogerpack200] Perhaps you can save them to your cache before passing them into the

[ANN] sys-proctable 0.9.0
348456 [djberg96@gm ] sys-proctable 0.9.0 has been released!

[QUIZ] IRC Teams (#221)
348460 [yahivin@gm i] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
348524 [martindemell] The main idea behind this quiz was to show how easy it is to get an

[ANN] Creation of a ruby-talk FAQ page (again)
348461 [rogerpack200] I am pleased to announce the creation of a small wiki page designed to
+ 348464 [martindemell] Nice work!
+ 348474 [sunaku@gm il] Isn't filing a feature request on the Ruby Issue Tracker
+ 348475 [rubyhacker@g] Thanks for your efforts, Roger...

[ANN] osx_keychain 1.0.0 Released
348463 [ryand-ruby@z] osx_keychain version 1.0.0 has been released!

glibc detected *** ruby: malloc(): memory corruption:
348469 [priceey316@h] I have been experiencing some problems with my rails site, especially
348470 [usenet-nospa] This means that there is a bug somewhere in some code (probably, but

Chronic and Time Spans
348472 [hsomob1999@y] past 2 months represent time spans not a single day.

[ANN] texticle 1.0.1 Released
348473 [aaron@te de ] Get ready to tickle some text with texticle!  A new version is released!
348477 [mailing.mr@g] Awesome, I hope it works bette then acts_as_tsearch, but knowing your

[ANN] test-unit 2.0.4
348476 [kou@co mi ng] % sudo gem install test-unit

Needed: event-based (My)SQL parser
348479 [denis.defrey] I am looking for an event-based SQL parser that is capable of handling

glibc detected *** ruby: malloc(): memory corruption:
348480 [priceey316@h] Thanks for the tip, but I managed to fix it.

Dynamic nested each in ruby 1.8.7?
348486 [toi@ma li at] How can one have a function that uses a dynamic amount of each
+ 348487 [flo@an er gr] Wow,
| 348513 [sunaku@gm il] One application is exhaustive, brute-force unit testing.  For example,
| 348539 [aldric@tr vo] My jaw is gaping at the code I read..
| 348541 [sunaku@gm il] "all items in this list" form.
| 348542 [sunaku@gm il] => []
| 348566 [gwtmp01@ma .] module Enumerable
+ 348493 [list.push@gm] Does this give you the right output?
| 348502 [toi@ma li at] That function does not give the correct output for larger arrays. The
| 348505 [list.push@gm] def calc_new(arr,l)
| 348507 [list.push@gm] Not always correct.
+ 348509 [list.push@gm] I think this will do it if your array size <= 36
| 348511 [toi@ma li at] That code does work well for array.size <= 36, however I need a dynamic
+ 348512 [sunaku@gm il] sun@yantram ~/s/inochi> irb -r pp -r lib/inochi/util/combo.rb
  348627 [toi@ma li at] Thank you! That method is what I needed.

Need help comparing Array data
348489 [greenlizards] Trying to write code for rock paper scissors game and read in two values
+ 348490 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Matt,
| 348491 [AEtzold@gm .] I am just confused: what happens in this game if
+ 348497 [josh.cheek@g] How about something like this
| 348499 [greenlizards] Like what you did with the hashes by making each possible scenario its
+ 348504 [greg5000@ea ] Here's a way that seems to work ...
  348518 [b.candler@po] #   RPS::Rock

Has Your Xbox 360 Died On You?
348494 [sarojasurvey] Easily Fix Your Xbox RedLight

How to add a picuture to a slide in powerpoint
348495 [chen_li3@ya ] I want to add a picture to a slide in ppt.
+ 348496 [chen_li3@ya ] oops,typo. "slide" should be "slide1".
+ 348510 [david.mullet] slide1.Shapes.AddPicture(

[ANN] Rack 1.0.1, a modular Ruby webserver interface
348498 [chneukirchen] Today we are proud to release Rack 1.0.1, a maintenance release.

Solar cells for less than 1 USD per Watt
348500 [peakoil25@gm] Do you know that you can find solar cells for less than 1 USD per Watt

[ANN] ERBook 9.0.0
348506 [sunaku@gm il] Version 9.0.0 (2009-10-18)
348508 [sunaku@gm il] Whoops, the project information header (see below) was

can't compile bdb 0.6.5 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.1)
348515 [rormaniac@ma] I'm trying to use Ruby-WordNet on my recently-Snow-Leopard-upgraded Mac,
348516 [jballanc@gm ] /opt/local/lib/ruby/* directories are not in Ruby's library path by

Send last irb output to Windows clipboard
348520 [me@pr va y. ] Ruby n00b here.
348527 [gabriel.horn] gem install win32/clipboard
348528 [me@pr va y. ] Wow. Neat.

Next steps in Ruby?
348521 [aldric@tr vo] I've got a "solid" grasp on the basics of Ruby. I can write stuff with
+ 348522 [karottenreib] Young (but probably older than myself) padawan...
| 348526 [aldric@tr vo] Maybe. I'm 26.
| 348538 [karottenreib] then most definitely... ;-)
+ 348536 [matt_neuburg] This the best "second steps in Ruby" book known to me. m.

Java software tool
348523 [kuddinctg@gm] compile and use perl5 regular expressions. It also

ruby 1.8.6, threadpooling and blocking sockets - advice/help
348525 [dlb.id.au@gm] I think I'm running up against ruby 1.8.6's not so
348533 [shortcutter@] This won't work.  You can have only 1 acceptor thread per server socket.
348569 [dlb.id.au@gm] Ok, I wasn't sure if it was appropriate having >1 thread per socket
348641 [shortcutter@] Frankly, I wouldn't invest that effort: every example in all programming
+ 348658 [dlb.id.au@gm] Ok, that's cool. I was pushing termination jobs on the thing I was
+ 348682 [b.candler@po] ...or else serializes them so that only one thread accept()s at a time.
  348685 [dlb.id.au@gm] Cool.  Didn't even think to look at what the big boys do.
  + 348699 [shortcutter@] You need to synchronize anyway (at least on the queue) so adding another
  + 348700 [tony@me io .] You might look at an event framework like EventMachine or my own Rev (

Ruby & Watir -> test C# desktop app
348529 [dgorban@se e] I have # desktop client and a hope to apply Ruby for testing it.
348532 [jason.trebil] You might want to take a look at "Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby" by Ian

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Re: rspec-rails 1.2.9 Released
348534 [mike.vogel@e] Any suggestion for why I'd get the following exception when trying to
348626 [mike.vogel@e] Same problem when using version rspec-rails 1.2.9 and rspec 1.2.9.  I