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help: soap4r ntlm wsdl2ruby
347271 [tomabroad@gm] wsdl_url = 'http://localhost/VS/mscrmservices/2006/crmservice.asmx?wsdl'

Can't get rubygame to work
347274 [sebastian.be] I am new to ruby and rubygame and have tried to get

something like an interpreter
347279 [marcosvanett] I've seen this screencast<http://www.engineyard.com/blog/community/scotland-on-rails/the-ruby-object-model/>in
347348 [dkrause@un x] ...

Inconsistent behavior of singleton methods that access class 
347280 [nlugovoi@gm ] module A

Counting words for visual details
347287 [pal@pa be gs] I've made a survey in Rails where I want people to pick three words,
347293 [ehsanul_g3@h] ...
347304 [pal@pa be gs] Thanks. I forgot to say that I want to count the occurrence of each of

Checkbox - Dynamically assign id using for loop
347290 [raheel457@gm] Does anyone have sample ruby code on how to dynamically assign an id to

Ruby, Windows, GTK2, and Microsoft Installer
347292 [adam@sp ti l] I have to make my first GUI application that will be installed in
347311 [rogerpack200] You have asked a question that might have an answer on my FAQ.

Getting a valid URL from a command line
347299 [jona.hunt777] a user input and validate that the input is formed like a URL.
347300 [Rob@Ag le on] require 'uri'
347302 [jona.hunt777] ot
+ 347303 [Rob@Ag le on] => true
+ 347317 [ninja@sl ph ] A URL is meant to actually refer to a resource. For example,

regex problem for comments line
347301 [ahmedkilic@g] str = " uses
347306 [ehsanul_g3@h] ...
347308 [ahmedkilic@g] not working,
347312 [Rob@Ag le on] str = " uses
347318 [ahmedkilic@g] thank you very much.

[OT] Internationalization, Localization and Encodings
347305 [mo_mail@on h] there's a good resource that you could point me to for understanding
+ 347310 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Mohit,
+ 347324 [richard.conr] Are you looking for a general introduction to these concepts, or a Ruby
| 347326 [mo_mail@on h] First, thanks for both your replies.  I will see the links more
+ 347338 [gregory.t.br] s a

Ruby on Rails Ninja for Freshly Funded Startup - Cambridge, MA. $1000 referral reward
347313 [msutherland@] charset="us-ascii"

SSO automation
347314 [tcblues@gm i] Hæ, is possible to automate a web page that includes SSO
347334 [rodrigo.berm] Yes is possible.

format problem
347316 [chen_li3@ya ] I have an 2D array and I write it a file using the following script. But
+ 347320 [ninja@sl ph ] Think about what's happening when you add a newline to that row. How will that
+ 347321 [glennj@nc .c] You might try checking if the element is a number, otherwise treat it as
  347331 [chen_li3@ya ] ("#{e}"=~/[a-zA-Z]|\n/)  ?
  347344 [ninja@sl ph ] That's not your issue.
  + 347346 [chen_li3@ya ] Thank you very much and now I get it.
  + 347347 [chen_li3@ya ] Thank you for the detailed explanation and I get it. But I have another
    347351 [ninja@sl ph ] First, I should apologize for anyone following along -- that should be

Ruby and PostgreSQL?
347319 [peterbattagl] Not sure if this is the right place to post this, however I am looking
+ 347322 [charles.john] You will want the "pg" gem as opposed to the ruby-pg gem for a start.
| 347356 [tom@in oe he] To summarize, "gem install pg", and things are much better than they
+ 347323 [ben@bl yt in] ruby-pg has pretty good rdoc, which you can view locally with `gem server`.
| 347325 [peterbattagl] `.
+ 347352 [usenet-nospa] according to google.  I did "rdoc --op foo", and foo/index.html yielded

l10n-simplified-0.9 died in Ruby 1.9.1 / Rails 2.3.3
347327 [fernando@ra ] As lot of people, I suposse, I'm trying to move my Rails 2.1.2 app to
347332 [fernando@ra ] Solved!!
347395 [jesperrr@gm ] ¡Hola Fernando!
347450 [fernando@ra ] I'm a little afraid of moving to newer versions, because if every file

Re: Sequel accessor methods
347328 [code@je em e] Sequel doesn't have an FAQ, but the documentation website is up
347375 [brightmatter] I don't suppose you could explain that syntax could you... what exactly
347377 [code@je em e] DataBase[:house][:id => self_id]
347383 [brightmatter] Let's assume for a second that I understood 50% of what you said.  Based
+ 347385 [aldric@tr vo] I have no idea what we're working with, but the Rails framework (I think
+ 347388 [wishdev@gm i] Morning Jake,
  347390 [brightmatter] This is what I had written when you came alone.
  + 347391 [wishdev@gm i] Jake,
  | 347393 [brightmatter] for the record, I did see that you had answered that already but I had
  + 347392 [aldric@tr vo] You -could- make your life a ton easier and set a class variable with
    347394 [brightmatter] Thanks to you too Aldric, you surreptitiously slipped in an answer under

RubyGems woes
347335 [tony@me io .] We're trying to support both MRI and JRuby for a project, and have a number
+ 347336 [aldric@tr vo] I don't know what the output for these would be, but are you familiar
+ 347337 [rogerpack200] The last section of
| 347353 [tony@me io .] I'm a bit confused... does this replace the normal RubyGems dependency
| 347372 [rogerpack200] Let's see...no.
| 347872 [headius@he d] Sorry, but this strikes me as pretty gross :(
| 347883 [luislavena@g] ong
+ 347912 [mguterl@gm i] Have you looked at rip? http://hellorip.com/about.html

Noob - loop indexing
347339 [simonwillard] # a is an array
347340 [paul@po ly n] a.each_index do |i|
+ 347341 [simonwillard] Thank you.
+ 347342 [paul@po ly n] Or
  347343 [Rob@Ag le on] "Why do I need the index? Am I not letting the objects do their

[ANN] ri_cal 0.8.5 Released
347345 [rick.denatal] ri_cal version 0.8.5 has been released!

API:create  & persistent
347349 [dmahony@io .] Extract of API page.
347426 [dmahony@io .] Below should say Rails Version 2.3.3 NOT 2.3.4 .

347350 [bryan@bl ew ] i need some help with the following error from wordpress xmlrpc.

How do I use nitpick
347354 [_mwryder@wo ] I was looking for a program like lint in C and came across nitpick.  I
347366 [hassan.schro] to do
347397 [_mwryder@wo ] The first time it installed a bunch of dependencies.  I just ran it
347398 [ryand-ruby@z] 1.8.4?!?
347409 [_mwryder@wo ] I updated to 1.9.1 and now it is complaining that ParseTree does not
347412 [ryand-ruby@z] ParseTree only works up to 1.8.7. ruby_parser will work for 1.9.x, but
347417 [_mwryder@wo ] 1.  Downgrade to 1.8.7
+ 347419 [Markus@re li] You want the most current of the stable branch, not something off of
+ 347420 [jbarnette@gm] This will not happen with 1.9 in its current state. It's not a
+ 347430 [ryand-ruby@z] yes, that should work.
  + 347432 [paul@po ly n] Is it really a downgrade?  Ruby 1.8 and Ruby 1.9 are different
  + 347453 [_mwryder@wo ] So my best choice is to write my own version of lint using no
    347458 [jbarnette@gm] Wow, drama much? I think the best thing for you to do would be to
    347463 [_mwryder@wo ] The real problem is with the inability to tell if a tool will work in a
    347498 [paul@po ly n] No, you didn't.  You update an older stable version of Ruby for a
    347561 [_mwryder@wo ] 515bfd965814e718c0943abf3dde5494) Stable Version (recommended).  This is
    347681 [flo@an er gr] Sorry for bumping this, but I didn't have internet access for the last

Re: Inconsistent behavior of singleton methods that access class 	variables: 1.8.7 vs 1.9.2
347355 [matz@ru y- a] (1) initialize at class variables at the top of the scope (in this

Kenlighten - A social network for knowledge seekers and providers
347358 [uma_kane@ya ] Dear friends,
347418 [doneysr@gm i] I can't create free account with hotmail! What problem

Permission error in "ri" command
347359 [jona.hunt777] I'm using Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I installed Ruby with MacPorts.
347386 [aldric@tr vo] First things first: does the file exist?

[SOLVED] Can't get rubygame to work
347360 [sebastian.be] this mail is just for reference, for people facing the same problem as me.

Mimicking classpath and hierarchical packages ?
347361 [Jean-Christo] I'd like to have your advices concerning these points : how to to mimick
347363 [shortcutter@] "Classpath" is stored in $: and $LOAD_PATH (they point to the same

Group by unique entries of a hash
347364 [stuart.clark] I have two data sets loaded into a hash to give the following output
347365 [paul@po ly n] You want a hash where the key is the element you want to group on, and
+ 347367 [shortcutter@] key
| 347368 [paul@po ly n] s key
| + 347373 [jgabrielygal] Using that constructor you pass a block which will be executed every
| + 347374 [shortcutter@] is key
+ 347379 [stuart.clark] Ah yes, that makes perfect sense.
| 347387 [stuart.clark] So if we were to take this further.We now have out hashMapping list
+ 347447 [overlord@gm ] hash, ocrID = *data.split(",")
  347448 [dblack@ru yp] ...
  + 347513 [stuart.clark] I am having real problems with my array. As expected my array contents
  | 347517 [josh.cheek@g] x = [
  | + 347518 [dblack@ru yp] You can even dispense with the argument to split if it's just
  | + 347526 [stuart.clark] Ah map. Perfect.
  + 347559 [overlord@gm ] I always include it anyway, to be explicit.

gem install activerecord--adapter
347369 [hawat.thufir] I seem to be missing a gem, yet, according to gem list, I seem to have
347370 [charles.john] Did you intend something like this (just a guess)
347384 [aldric@tr vo] 1) require 'activerecord' ... Why do you have this underscore in there?
347436 [hawat.thufir] I only briefly googled it, once I knew it wasn't a gems problem, and came

How do you determine CPU time in a Ruby program?
347371 [masonkelsey@] Thanks to all who helped me understand Ruby's treatment of multidimensional
347376 [sutniuq@gm .] I think you're looking for the benchmark library (in Ruby's stdlib). To
347421 [shortcutter@] =20

YAML & String Interpolation
347380 [cdallas@gm i] I'm trying to read in a YAML string stored in a configuration file and have
+ 347396 [ryand-ruby@z] yaml doesn't interpolate on load_file (or any method). You'll want to
+ 347402 [transfire@gm] ve
  347433 [cdallas@gm i] Thanks folks.  I'll give ERb a shot.

syntax translation Java - Ruby
347381 [brightmatter] boolean monkey = true;
+ 347382 [paul@po ly n] loop {}
| 347413 [renard@nc rr] An alternate way
+ 347414 [ryand-ruby@z] No, that's what you THINK you want because you're coming from java...
| 347434 [no.spam@pl a] SELECT id+1 FROM table AS t WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM table AS n WHERE t.id+1 = n.id) LIMIT 1
+ 347416 [josh.cheek@g] I know you are asking about the Ruby, but in your Java code, using the

excel sheet charts
347389 [pajain@vt ed] I have to plot charts in excel sheet. I don't know where the data is
347406 [swittenk@ya ] Could you maybe flesh out your question a little bit? It's not entirely

Match a long string in Ruby despite a few typing errors
347400 [ehsanul_g3@h] ...
+ 347401 [lparravi@gm ] ere are a few typing errors. These errors could include omission of a lette=
+ 347403 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Ehsan,
+ 347404 [gdonald@gm i] ere are a few typing errors. These errors could include omission of a lette=
+ 347411 [ryand-ruby@z] Don't thread hijack. Start a new mail like a responsible person.
  347415 [ehsanul_g3@h] ...

Spaghetti back on the Menu
347405 [rubfor@re it] And of course you can write stored procedures with PL/Ruby - no need for

Warning messages using PStore in Ruby 1.91
347407 [eric.hutton@] I'm running Ruby 1.91 and I'm getting the following two warning messages

Warning messages using PStore in Ruby 1.91
347408 [eric.hutton@] I'm running Ruby 1.91 and I'm getting the following two warning messages

if process.exist then . . . ???
347410 [i8igmac@ai .] im trying to monitor a process, if this process is closed then i want to
347422 [i8igmac@ai .] Here is what i have so far... i have been playing with this for a while
+ 347424 [zyzygy@te st] if pids.length.zero?
| 347425 [martindemell] if pids.empty?
+ 347431 [mailars@gm i] calc_is_running = ProcTable.ps.any? {|pinfo| pinfo.cmdline =~ /calc/ }

Page redirect
347427 [sharankruthi] In my application, if someone enters url which requires login, am
347428 [saurabh.purn] The solution is simply save requested url in session and after user logged

Macros in Ruby
347429 [jazzezravi@g] I have opened one page with the help of ruby gems (watir,firewatir).

DateTime optionally containing microseconds
347435 [aaron.broad@] I'm sending DateTimes over soap to JADE agent system.

Ruby Enterprise Edition 1.87 Experiences?
347437 [james.herdma] I'm running a Ubuntu 8.04 server at work that uses Ruby 1.87 as our
+ 347441 [ehud93@gm il] James,
+ 347442 [wayneeseguin] I'm running ree 1.8.7 via passenger + rvm (http://rvm.beginrescueend.com/passenger

Streaming, Daemons, Cron, the basics?
347438 [lancejpollar] Hey there,

Re: Ajax submit
347439 [toastkid.wil] The best thing for you to do is to install the jrails plugin (or gem
347440 [toastkid.wil] oh and as a side note, you can mix and match jquery and prototype, as
347490 [sharankruthi] Thankx a ton :)

Get current working copy version in subversion/git
347443 [anthony.metc] How would I report the current revision, of the subversion/git repo
+ 347449 [matt@sm jn n] I use this in a Rails initializer, it works under Windows as well.
| 347669 [anthony.metc] Thanks for this, it's taken me a while to look at it though.
+ 347670 [ryand-ruby@z] for subversion it is: `svnversion .`.chomp
  347672 [anthony.metc] Cool!
  347673 [brabuhr@gm i] That may have been the problem you had with the other version, when I
  + 347676 [anthony.metc] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
  | 347738 [brabuhr@gm i] Oh, right, I hadn't really looked at your error message.  That error
  | 347782 [anthony.metc] Ahh, thank you. Next obvious question....Where should this code be then?
  + 347732 [jesnault@gm ] commit_id, commit_date =3D `git show --pretty=3Dformat:"%H|%ci" --
    347836 [matt@sm jn n] IIRC, I was having trouble using the backticks under Windows and it

347444 [martin.guetl] Is there a way to specify the return value of a method in rdoc?
+ 347445 [sutniuq@gm .] ==========================================
+ 347446 [glennj@nc .c] Use the "call-seq:" directive

[ANN] Trollop 1.15 released
347454 [wmorgan-ruby] Dear Rubyists,
+ 347497 [tomcloyd@co ] William - thanks. I can use this. Just my style.
+ 358195 [ed.howland@g] William,

SystemStackError: stack level too deep > how make it deeper?
347456 [forum@jo h. ] def p(n)
+ 347459 [jameskilton@] Rewrite it to not be recursive.
| + 347461 [forum@jo h. ] That's not very helpful... Some sort of tautology, isn't it. ;-)
| | 347462 [Rob@Ag le on] Or a problem from Project Euler... ;-)
| | 347466 [forum@jo h. ] Yeah, it's from Project Euler (our professor is just too lazy to create
| | + 347467 [jameskilton@] So I get put down for suggesting the very thing Rob did, who gets praise?
| | | + 347468 [forum@jo h. ] OK, thank you. :-) At least, this a useful piece of information, I don't
| | | + 347469 [Rob@Ag le on] I'm on exactly the same page as Jason. The problem does not even need
| | |   347479 [ninja@sl ph ] Probably would have.
| | + 347495 [josh.cheek@g] Which PE question is it? I've solved 140 of them, the computer that had the
| + 347489 [tony@me io .] That advice is about as useful as "Rewrite it in a language other than Ruby"
|   347501 [overlord@gm ] But it's the only answer there is. Unrecognized tail recursion will kill
|   347548 [ninja@sl ph ] Somehow, I think rewriting a tail-recursive algorithm to not be tail-recursive
+ 347465 [gwtmp01@ma .] I'm assuming a Unix/Linux environment...
+ 347472 [kbloom@gm il] The code you have posted is tail recursive, which means that the original

Control of Priority Queue Order? And size limits on queues?
347464 [masonkelsey@] I've successfully used the Priority Queue to sort ascending items for
+ 347574 [cmdicely@gm ] Wouldn't that stop being a priority queue and be a priority stack?
| 347585 [masonkelsey@] Thanks for the reply Christopher.
| + 347588 [josh.cheek@g] Wouldn't that make it out of order? If so, then it would no longer be a
| + 347610 [walton@vy er] Your focusing on the definition of Priority, and ignoring the Queue part
+ 347617 [wishdev@gm i] Mason,

Can you make a clock?
347470 [scottandrech] 'Ello. I was just wandering how you update the time in a ruby program
+ 347471 [TimHunter@nc] Look at the Time class, particularly Time.now
+ 347473 [lists@ha ge ] Time.now.strftime("%h %d %H:%M:%S")
+ 347475 [lists@be tr ] You need a signal triggered every second so that you can refresh
  347478 [scottandrech] I have tried all 3 tips and although i see how it would work maybe if i
  + 347480 [reid.thompso] google ruby chronic
  + 347481 [lists@ha ge ] ...
    347483 [scottandrech] Modern