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^ QLineEdit
34632 [manfred topp] i try to print out the text from QLineEdit
34694 [manfred topp] the connect is wrong, here is the right one.

^ Problem with IRB when using Windows Installer Ruby 166-0
34635 [roktas omu.e] I've just downloaded and installed the MSVC version. IMHO, this one is

^ Digest classes performance
34638 [tomas_brixi ] I have have done some test (especially) with Digest classes on MS Windows.

^ Changing program name on Win32
34646 [mike lepton.] I would like my programs running through rubyw.exe not be called Rubyw in the task manager (ctrl-alt-del...). These programs run in background and they all have the same name.
+ 34650 [mkelly2002NO] See RegisterClassEx API.
+ 34758 [martin.zsdfh] Its been a while since I did anything on windows, but can you do something

^ Newbie question
34647 [roktas omu.e] How can I create an array of array with some funny (!) properties? To
+ 34651 [alan digikat] row3 = db[3]      # row3 I presume is now your Record Class, this calls DB::[] for the db instance
+ 34653 [dblack candl] What you want, I think, is an array of hashes.  Each hash would
  34661 [roktas omu.e] David and Alan (Chen), thanks for your quick replies. Let me first
  34669 [dblack candl] I'm not sure about (2).  Somehow the Record has to know about the
  + 34670 [dblack candl] Whoops, that second line isn't needed in this version of this
  + 34690 [roktas omu.e] This seems pretty good. I haven't even know of the nested class
  + 34693 [per.mikael.l] This is a even a more newbie*newbie question.
    34717 [alan digikat] p calls an object's inspect method. It's meant for debugging/diagnostic use.
    + 34764 [decoux moulo] ...
    | 34839 [alan digikat] Actually, that wasn't my writing, that was quoted from the appendix
    | 34847 [Dave Pragmat] I have no idea why we said that :)
    + 34808 [per.mikael.l] Thanks for your answer, that help me.

^ loveruby.net down?
34652 [sean chitten] Anyone have any ideas where loveruby.net went?  The domain hasn't
34761 [aamine mx.ed] Sorry for inconvenience. I'm changing server's IP address.

^ NB: calling external programs in windows
34655 [rafemonkey y] ...

^ Help with using Ri() and VIM
34673 [icculus gmds] I have installed Ri and am finding it very helpful... I found out about it
+ 34688 [    s xss.de] ...
+ 34716 [icculus gmds] Please disregard my post, I found and fixed the problem. I had an older

^ arr.delete bug?
34676 [kinfe0 netsc] I am using cygwin version of Ruby (belive it 1.65)
34678 [dblack candl] arr.delete( anObject ) -> anObject or nil

^ [ANN] TestUnit 0.1.0
34679 [nathaniel ta] Unit testing is making waves all over the place, largely due to the

^ duplicate method name
34682 [ronjeffries ] I just found a case in a test file where i had two tests of the same
+ 34684 [dblack candl] If you run with '-w' you should get warned about this.
+ 34687 [    s xss.de] ...
  + 34695 [dblack candl] $ ruby -we 'class X; def x;end; def x;end; end'
  | 34699 [ronjeffries ] This is nearly good except that runit doesn't compile clean and -w
  | + 34703 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | 34706 [ronjeffries ] I must be missing something, because I don't get it. What could .meth
  | | + 34708 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | + 34710 [Dave Pragmat] It could be the start of an expression...
  | + 34707 [Dave Pragmat] On my box, runit has a single warning (which really should be
  |   34718 [ronjeffries ] I'll either fix it or switch. Is testunit in the distribution, or do I
  |   34733 [ntalbott rol] Just announced the first packaged version; check out
  |   34738 [ronjeffries ] I see that I have it, since I have the Windows 1.6.6.  And it looks like
  |   34743 [Dave Pragmat] The following patch adds tat capability to Nathaniel's. It allows you to
  + 34698 [ronjeffries ] Inside one file, it's not much of a feature in my opinion.

^ Pre-pre-registration for Ruby Conference 2002
34683 [dblack candl] For planning purposes, I've set up a pre-pre-registration site --

^ Object/Memory Management (Windows)
34697 [tobiasreif p] One program deals with hundreds of megabyte sized files, videos, images,

^ rubymagick problem
34700 [tom.robinson] $ ruby demo.rb
34730 [tam kais.kyo] Thank you for your report. It's a bug. I have corrected it, and

^ [ANN] Ruby dataquery shell (RDQS) 0.3.2
34711 [cochi uni-pa] I'd like to announce a new release of my project "Ruby DataQuery
34729 [Dave Pragmat] Wonderful idea - I'll be playing with this during the week, as I seem
34771 [cochi uni-pa] I hope you'll be satisfied ;)

^ Ruby+embedded systems anyone?
34727 [     nos pam] What is the smallest Ruby interpreter build around there?

^ [ANN] Ruby-Wise
34728 [kero a26074.] Ruby-Wise is a WIdget SEt for Ruby.

^ irb (show ruby version)
34731 [ruby fourthc] ...

^ Hash.each block parameters
34732 [sean celsoft] ...
+ 34734 [dblack candl] Ruby isn't doing anything it shouldn't :-)
| 34747 [sean celsoft] ...
+ 34746 [vjoel PATH.B] You could freeze all your keys, and subclass Hash to raise on non-frozen

^ [ANN] TestUnit 0.1.1
34735 [nathaniel ta] Unit testing is making waves all over the place, largely due to the fact
34740 [Dave Pragmat] A minor incompatibility: the original toplevel 'rubyunit' aliased the
+ 34742 [nathaniel ta] Good point; didn't know about this. Will fix ASAP.
+ 34766 [tobiasreif p] That looks strange to me.
  34772 [Dave Pragmat] Both!
  34783 [tobiasreif p] Dave, it would be nice if you could explain what I'm missing.
  34784 [Dave Pragmat] OK
  + 34785 [Dave Pragmat] ...
  | 34787 [Dave Pragmat] ...
  + 34810 [tobiasreif p] Thanks :)
    34811 [Dave Pragmat] Class names, like 'String' are simply constants that reference the

^ Ruby in Windows Scripting Host?
34737 [cjh_nospam m] I'm just getting familiar with Ruby, and because I'm a Linux nut
34739 [james rubyxm] Take a look at  ActiveScriptRuby

^ RE: Test::Unit info (was: duplicate method name)
34741 [ntalbott rol] Well, basically unconditional; it will not run at all if a TestRunner

^ [ANN] TestUnit 0.1.2
34744 [nathaniel ta] Unit testing is making waves all over the place, largely due to the fact

^ Assignment Rules
34748 [sean celsoft] ...
34763 [520079130762] Wrong. Only Fixnum (small integers) objects are copied, but not Bignum's
34828 [sean celsoft] ...
+ 34830 [tom.hurst cl] No, you're thinking along the wrong lines: var2 does not point to var1,
| 34833 [sean celsoft] ...
| + 34843 [maz cbhouse.] Yes, you understand it well. Wrinting
| | 34849 [sean celsoft] ...
| + 34845 [Dave Pragmat] Assignment assigns a reference to an object to a variable.
+ 34893 [maz cbhouse.] when you write
  34897 [maz nawak-on] Sorry for the double post, but my mail provider has a lot of problems

^ inconsistence in class complex
34750 [juergen.kati] While translating the book "Programming Ruby" by Dave Thomas and
+ 34752 [matz ruby-la] I forwarded your opinion to the author of complex.rb
+ 34757 [Stephan.Kaem] That depends: Comparing to complex numbers 'by absolute value' make perfect
  + 34759 [chr_news gmx] Hm,  it's probably more like least unfavorite complex  ...;-)
  + 34760 [gotoken notw] -2 == Complex(-2,0)  #=> true
    + 34765 [chr_news gmx] Actually this is not true - Module inclusion is not transitive,  but Module
    + 34769 [Stephan.Kaem] Ooops, you're right. I didn't go deep enough into the the documentation.

^ Ruby Weekly News
34751 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ 9 years with Ruby
34753 [matz ruby-la] I just remembered I started the development of Ruby on February 24th
34755 [dsafari xtra] Happy 9th birthday then Ruby!
34756 [matz ruby-la] I'm glad Ruby is now loved by many.
+ 34815 [sean celsoft] ...
+ 34821 [mmcdanie fan] ...
  34900 [cbroult sapi] ...

^ [Q] Directory copy recursively
34762 [kwatch lycos] If you know how to copy a directory recursively with ruby,
34767 [roktas omu.e] How about this one? (`recursive file copy routine` from rubycook)
34964 [kwatch lycos] Thanks roktas,
34965 [roktas omu.e] As far as I know: Yes, there is no dir-copy routines in the built-in lib.
+ 34970 [maz nawak-on] You should try module FileUtils. I'm not sure it is in the base
+ 34984 [list chromat] I'm not a guru, but I hope the following will help.  I whipped it

^ Re: Windows Installer Ruby 166-0 available
34775 [andy toolshe] ...
34776 [andy toolshe] ...
34778 [andy toolshe] ...
34812 [bobx linuxma] Considering SciTE is only 840+K or so...definately worth it.
+ 34813 [dsafari xtra] I believe SciTE. Whenever you install scite it will install default property
| 34819 [andy toolshe] ...
| + 34855 [nhodgson big] ...
| + 34856 [bobx linuxma] Well since I already had 1.44 in anticipation of installing 166-0 it
|   34869 [andy toolshe] ...
|   + 34874 [Dave Pragmat] Is it possible to arrange for the console window not to disappear at
|   + 34938 [nhodgson big] ...
+ 34825 [theschof cs.] Are you sure that SciTE can see your ruby.exe?  Try running it from a

^ CONFIG['(site|ruby)libdir'] policies?
34777 [list chromat] On my system (Debian Linux), Config::CONFIG['sitelibdir'] and
34792 [matt lickey.] ruby 1.7 looks only in the 1.7 directories, ruby 1.6 looks only in the
34802 [list chromat] This is a little worrying.  It means that if you install a development
34806 [paul atdesk.] I would rather not have 1.7 use 1.6 modules, because an installer might

^ Ruby for EPOC / Psion?
34779 [T.Clausen co] I'm sorry if this question has been asked a million times before,

^ RCR 65: IO orthogonalization, improved reusability
34780 [tsondergaard] I hope I'm not violating the rubiqette by cross-posting this from
34954 [matt lickey.] Has this discussion stalled?  Matz asked for a concrete proposal about
34958 [list chromat] This sounds a lot like implementing a <=>(other) method, then
34959 [matt lickey.] Sure does.
34961 [tsondergaard] ...
34962 [sean celsoft] ...
34967 [jweirich one] [... Sean's example elided ...]
+ 35035 [matz ruby-la] The point is how many IO (or Stream) operations can be defined using a
+ 35192 [cjh_nospam m] I've only been using Ruby for a few weeks, but I have designed and
+ 35213 [list chromat] I had to put together an input stream on astring in an hour.  Your
  35242 [tsondergaard] Yes InputShell probably works fine, if you write your client-code with it in mind, but I sincerely doubt (as a matter of fact I know it wont) that it will work as a drop-in replacement for an instance of IO in existing code that reads from a stream, and that should be a goal. The code might call kind_of?(IO), it might use $_. It might rely on some specific behaviour regarding EOF. Bottom line, the implementation should be part of ruby, and it might make sense to break IO apart, so programmers wont inadvertently use kind_of?(IO), when they should (at most!) use kind_of?(InputStream).

^ Report to Recipient(s)
34786 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Report to Recipient(s)
34788 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Ruby Developer's Guide (PDF)
34789 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Style Question
34791 [ronjeffries ] So I'm building this set theory library. The "only" object is supposed
+ 34794 [Dave Pragmat] How about having the concrete classes extend set to add their own
| + 34799 [Dave Pragmat] Oops - that should be ArraySet.new
| + 34803 [ronjeffries ] I don't understand the notation above with class << etc. What's up with
|   34807 [Dave Pragmat] 'new' isn't an instance method of class Set, so the line above
|   34817 [ronjeffries ] Check. Weird but I get it. Thanks!
+ 34796 [paul atdesk.] How does an abstract class differ from a module (or mixin)?
| 34805 [ronjeffries ] Very good question. I'll have to think on it, and would welcome advice
+ 34798 [pcs3 mailhos] Well, I've heard criticism of this before, and it might have been
| + 34804 [ronjeffries ] No reason not to give style advice to me. I promise to listen, and I
| + 34827 [chr_news gmx] The Rubycollection implementation of Set(s) makes an interesting
+ 34809 [avi beta4.co] What about using double dispatch?  For example,
  34816 [ronjeffries ] That would work for some types, but not for others where I need more

^ Request to ban a domain
34797 [Dave Pragmat] Today a virus was posted to the list under my name. On February 14th,

^ subclass issue
34822 [mengx nielse] ...
+ 34826 [msassak spea] According to that thread, you can subclass TCPServer by overriding #new
+ 34850 [rawlins cs.u] Are you sure about this?
  34870 [mengx nielse] ...

^ Can't get stderr to flush
34823 [gehlker fast] I've been messing around trying to run biorhythm.rb from the sample programs
34824 [paul atdesk.] Odd.  What platform are you using?
34867 [kjana dm4lab] ...

^ tk troubles
34829 [Jean-Francoi] when trying to put several windows into a text widget, it seems that
34863 [nagai ai.kyu] Where is an example?

^ Re: Can't get stderr to flush (My Bad)
34831 [gehlker fast] Mac

^ Weekly RCR Summary
34832 [RubyGarden t] ...

^ Rescue clause syntax weirdness....
34834 [melis cs.utw] ...
+ 34840 [Dave Pragmat] this rescue clause is a statement modifer, handling exceptions in the
+ 34852 [matz ruby-la] Because newlines are significant in Ruby.  While
  34899 [melis cs.utw] ...
  34902 [Dave Pragmat] No - we missed that one (and also the

^ Standard preambles and prompting on standard error?
34835 [gehlker fast] I've been testing RubyStudio against the sample programs that come with
34841 [Dave Pragmat] Mine :)
34854 [gehlker fast] OK Dave! Programs produced by Ruby Studio should now run unmodified on your

^ How to convert "1110" to 14, "0111" to 7, etc.
34836 [andrew_queis] How can I convert a string of binary digits to a number?
+ 34842 [maz cbhouse.] You are looking for the oct method.
| 34844 [mike stok.co] ...
+ 34846 [Dave Pragmat] If you have a leading '0b', you can use the Integer method
+ 34851 [matz ruby-la] If you're using 1.7.2, "1110".to_i(2) works.  Otherwise, try

^ Kernel.system incongurity - Windows98
34838 [anthony vert] Pardon me for sending this twice, for some reason the subject was wrong the
34859 [WYS helbling] system("rundll32 url.dll,FileProtocolHandler
34919 [anthony 192.] Clemens,
34920 [chris.morris] Not sure if this will help, but you might try replacing the system call as
+ 34923 [STUCKNER MUL] Andy,
| 34925 [Dave pragmat] This isn't really an Andy thing - it needs to be in the core so that
+ 34955 [anthony 192.] Thanks Chris, this worked!
  34956 [chris.morris] Should we create an RCR then? Or is this something the Windows compiling

^ [ANN] TestUnit 0.1.3
34857 [nathaniel ta] Unit testing is making waves all over the place, largely due to the fact
34866 [dcorbin impe] Can you elaborate on the features that TestUnit offers that rubyunit
34937 [nathaniel ta] First of all let me say, this reply is not intended to be a critique of
35097 [masaki.suket] RubyUnit has frozen at 0.5.4 except the bug fix.

^ Is this possible?
34858 [bobx linuxma] I want a Ruby program to run in the background (hidden)...have it
34868 [pcs3 mailhos] Since you're in windows, just name give your program a .rbw extension,

^ Question with for loop
34860 [shreeve s2s.] ...
+ 34861 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  Ruby's local variables should be "declared" before their access.
+ 34862 [gnhurst hurs] b.rpc("ORWORDG IEN",[val||=nil]) while val=(tmp||=['O RX', 'I RX', 'UD RX', 'IV
+ 34865 [ronjeffries ] For another angle on this question, what we have here is a "code smell", where
  + 34877 [ysantoso jen] I often face similar situation. To factorise or not. In cases where
  + 34946 [shreeve s2s.] ...

^ Using listen/notify with ruby-postgres
34864 [martin.zsdfh] I notice that the PGconn class has a get_notify method that returns the list

34871 [paulo bewnet] What is the procedure to get some module/extension to the ruby archive?
34888 [ljohnson res] ...

^ Nested paired brackets in regexp
34872 [y_saito mx10] Ruby's regular expression is very powerful.
+ 34878 [Stephan.Kaem] If I remember corretly what I've read in Friedl's "Mastering Regular
+ 34880 [elanthis awe] Assuming that all your're doing is looking for data inside of brackets,
+ 34884 [ttate kt.jai] What you want to do seems to be impossible in regular expressions.
+ 34886 [Dave Pragmat] No - I don't think that's possible. But with a big a munging you can
+ 34892 [pcs3 mailhos] Check RAA, I saw a Ruby version of Lex, or Rockit might be what you
+ 34895 [billk cts.co] Just incidentally, although Ruby's regexp engine doesn't support
+ 34928 [y_saito mx10] Thank you all.
  34949 [decoux moulo] ...