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All possible ways of iterating
345416 [phunny.phact] Hey,
+ 345417 [Markus@re li] Ruby it a Turing complete language.  There are, literally, an infinite
+ 345421 [lists@be tr ] More than in APL.
| 345422 [shevegen@li ] We all praise the module Enumerable now.
+ 345653 [ninja@sl ph ] The way I think of it is, you start with while/until and for, and while/until
+ 345698 [shortcutter@] You do not exactly "iterate through a code block". Instead, code

Problems with cross-thread violation
345429 [gin18em@ho m] Been having problems with cross-thread violation in my program and been
345483 [eleanor@ga e] Do you have code available that we can study?
345567 [gin18em@ho m] Thanks again for taking the time to read this!
345799 [eleanor@ga e] No need to be uncivilised ;) Idiomatic Ruby for an endless loop is
345806 [gin18em@ho m] sweet thanks! Still trying to get a hang of ruby so tips like this are
345818 [eleanor@ga e] I've been using Ruby for eight years now and I still find new ways of
345953 [gin18em@ho m] I'm only learning C now as I was trying to look at the source code. At
345975 [eleanor@ga e] If C is a new language to you then the Ruby sources are definitely not
346019 [gin18em@ho m] Yep handle will be nil if log_on fails or encounters an error.

minitest assert_throws, why rescue?
345433 [transfire@gm] In minitest why does assert_throws rescue ArgumentError/NameError ?
345434 [jbarnette@gm] NameError (or ArgumentError on 1.9) is what's raised by Kernel#throw
345475 [transfire@gm] I see. Thanks.

content_tag doubts
345435 [free3zone@gm] <% for object in @object %>

[ANN] clogger 0.0.4 - configurable request logging for Rack
345437 [normalperson] * http://clogger.rubyforge.org/
345439 [ibc@al ax ne] Is it possible to make Clogger using Logging class?
345517 [normalperson] If you mean Logger, then yes, you can specify anything that responds to
345519 [ibc@al ax ne] "Logging is a flexible logging library for use in Ruby programs based on the
+ 345527 [normalperson] It seems to support the "<<" parameter, so I would say yes, it does
| 345530 [normalperson] s/parameter/method/, of course
+ 345528 [ibc@al ax ne] log << "message"
  345533 [normalperson] For request logging, the point of using "<<" is to avoid formatting done
  + 345537 [ibc@al ax ne] Thanks for the explanation.
  + 345538 [ibc@al ax ne] What I want to achieve are unified logs (same file and same format).

gem install failure - probably easy to fix
345441 [tomcloyd@co ] I can get "gem install ..." to execute, but not "sudo gem install...".
+ 345471 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Tom,
| 345480 [tomcloyd@co ] Actually, no. I did install rubygems as root user. THEN I discovered
| 345525 [AEtzold@gm .] Tom,
| 345559 [tomcloyd@co ] Very interesting. Sometimes the obvious solution is the right solution,
+ 345544 [drbrain@se m] gem help rdoc
  345556 [tomcloyd@co ] Wow. Now that's a redirect, folks. Completely solved my problem. Great

345446 [ruby_talk@ma] I want have HTML'd documentation for ruby 1.9.x, but rdoc go awhile. What is wrong ?

regex issue confusing
345454 [ahmedkilic@g] This is OK
345458 [b.candler@po] "Not OK" by what definition?
+ 345468 [ahmedkilic@g] sorry it was my fault,
+ 345469 [glennj@nc .c] require 'mind_reading'
  345470 [ahmedkilic@g] I am still learner.
  345478 [b.candler@po] You may find \b useful: it means "match a word boundary" without
  345490 [Rob@Ag le on] And if you are trying to examine/process C code (and headers), the #

Problem in ruby1.9 gems
345456 [abhishek_mpe] ruby 1.8.7
345463 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Abhishek,
345466 [abhishek_mpe] i'm using ubuntu 9.04
345467 [AEtzold@gm .] Best regards,

Ruby JavaScript Classes
345460 [rubfor@re it] Rails has JavascriptHelper but can you recommend other packages that
345462 [b.candler@po] I suggest you write native Javascript using jQuery - you'll be glad you
345477 [ruedi@br hn ] $$('.someclass').invoke('hide');
345635 [karottenreib] I can recommend Prototype as well.

Where is _why (not the code)?
345464 [eustaquioran] Hey, I'm noticing that people are recovering the _why code etc but
+ 345472 [steve@st ve ] Well, the guy who was 'outed' as _why says he's not him, and considering he
+ 345729 [spiralofhope] Where you say the person is more important than the code, I would say
  345750 [mike@os n. r] And even in your case I would disagree here.
  345760 [eustaquioran] Also strongly disagree. But ok, this is a matter of opinion.

confusing string parsing problem
345473 [mattbrooks@g] I don't understand how to do the following, any help is very
+ 345474 [mattbrooks@g] Also forgot to mention, the 2nd variable length string happens to be
+ 345481 [brabuhr@gm i] Can you post an example of your data and code with the incorrect
  345487 [mattbrooks@g] Thanks a lot for your reply, i will look into it and see if i can
  + 345500 [mattbrooks@g] Also, I never made it clear but the string is in network byte order (big
  | 345510 [bbxx789_05ss] data = ""
  | 345511 [mattbrooks@g] 7stud, Wow that is an elegant way!  thank you for your time.  I do
  + 345520 [bbxx789_05ss] chop_size = 2 +
    345526 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoops.  The last field is 2 bytes.
    345539 [mattbrooks@g] Thanks 7stud, I like that way.  Very nice, I will be using this!!!

Read and parse xml
345476 [rafa83_4@ho ] I need to hit a URL that returns me a xml file,which I should read and
+ 345485 [glennj@nc .c] Read about the standard library package "open-uri" to retrieve the URL
+ 345489 [aaron@te de ] You can use open-uri for fetching the content.  Then you can use

345484 [hariharan.sp] Is there any cvs module available on ruby? I have some requirement ,
345763 [jeremy@hi eg] sudo gem install fastercsv
345766 [matt_neuburg] This thread reminds me of the dyslexic agnostic who is kept up nights
345768 [jeremy@hi eg] You are correct.  csv != cvs.  My apologies.  there was at one time a ruby-cvs

Problems with XMPP4R with Google Apps for your Domain account
345486 [markjturner@] I am having problems connecting (using the xmpp4r ruby api) to an

Reg Ex exclusion
345488 [stuart.clark] I thought this would be easy, but I am clearly mixing up my logic. I
+ 345492 [josh.cheek@g] Use sub or sub! "joe|blogg|clothing|".sub(/\|$/,'')
| + 345560 [timrandg@gm ] => "joe|blogg|clothing|"
| + 345574 [tianlinbo@gm] thanks
|   345591 [stuart.clark] Thanks all for your help. I went for the regular expression in the end
+ 345496 [mejari@gm il] On Sep 2, 9:17=A0am, Ne Scripter <stuart.cla...@northumbria.ac.uk>

gem install mysql returns list of No definition for XYZ
345491 [rubyforum@th] I am searching for fix to problem, Russell Fine, Mike and Andrew. All
345494 [rubyforum@th] I fix the problem.
345524 [luislavena@g] On Sep 2, 6:46=A0pm, Joao Silva <rubyfo...@thisisnotmyrealemail.com>
345586 [petertmarks@] I got the same error as Joao installing the mysql gem with the following
345630 [luislavena@g] The problem is that you installed mysql extension using ruby
+ 345633 [fxn@ha hr f.] FWIW I am getting these messages in doc generation since I switched to
+ 346298 [petertmarks@] Thanks, this got me further along. I no longer get an error loading
  346853 [petertmarks@] I finally resolved this. It helps to have 64-bit ruby :)

What licensing info is needed in code headers?
345493 [ shot@ho .p ] allow you to give legal adivce, and I=E2=80=99m not seeking it =E2=80=93 I=
+ 345498 [eleanor@ga e] merely
| 345634 [karottenreib] same goes for Germany. The problem is AFAIK that the US have a very
| + 345642 [rick.denatal] Actually, the US has adhered to the Berne convention since 1989, so
| + 345645 [rmagick@gm i] If you want your code to be "business-friendly," lawyers like to see
|   345892 [karottenreib] 2009/9/3 Tim Hunter <rmagick@gmail.com>
|   345906 [TimHunter@nc] If by "do whatever you want" you mean "Yes, take my code and use it the
|   345977 [karottenreib] hm, alright, well, I'm lazy, I'll stick with the stuff I have right now.
+ 345764 [jeremy@hi eg] The GNU GPL howto explains the "proper" way to use the GPL in your program's
  346157 [ shot@ho .p ] code to

Error When Trying To Install a Gem
345495 [nathanjava@a] I'm trying to install the zlib and the simpleton gems in my Linux
+ 345529 [luislavena@g] =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D
+ 345532 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Nathan,
  345562 [nathanjava@a] Thanks, now i've installed the runygems and the zlib1g, but how i can
  345600 [AEtzold@gm .] You can install rubyzip right away, gem install will offer to install any

ANN: Sequel 3.4.0 Released
345497 [code@je em e] Sequel is a lightweight database access toolkit for Ruby.
+ 345505 [spox@mo sp x] Jeremy,
+ 345515 [caduceass@gm] Who are you Jeremy and team?  Do you even have time to sleep?  Best
+ 345521 [ibc@al ax ne] Could you provide a short comparison between Sequel and DataMapper?
  345564 [code@je em e] Sequel only works with SQL databases.  DataMapper works with non-SQL
  345595 [ibc@al ax ne] I just use SQL databases.
  345608 [code@je em e] DataMapper probably has a greater emphasis on performance than Sequel
  345632 [ibc@al ax ne] I expected that DataMapper is more oriented to be a ORM while Sequel is like

Re: Invisible button?
345499 [ansuga@gm il] Thank both of you for your response. Right, the problem is Mechanize

DRb: is there any way to actually secure it?
345501 [mcs_ruby@sa ] I'm trying to build a client-server application and it seems that DRb is
345503 [vjoel@pa h. ] Is ssh tunneling an option?
345508 [mcs_ruby@sa ] Interesting question. It might be if I can automate the whole thing in a
345514 [vjoel@pa h. ] ssh2 -L 8888:example.com:8888 user@example.com
345516 [mcs_ruby@sa ] OK, great, I'll look into this too. First though, I'm wrapping my head
345518 [mcamou@te no] Another option (and I know nothing about DRb so I have no idea if it's

newcomer to Ruby
345502 [jwkearney@gm] I am a newcomer to programming and wish to explore ruby. Can anyone recomend
+ 345506 [shevegen@li ] Pickaxe.
+ 345552 [bbxx789_05ss] I think you have to buy "the pickaxe" for the language reference, which
| + 345557 [cdallas@gm i] For learning the Ruby language I'd have to go with David A. Black's "The
| | 345590 [bbxx789_05ss] I think that even if you are an experienced programmer trying to learn
| | + 345939 [dblack@ru yp] I kind of hope not -- that's the main target audience :-) The book
| | | 345965 [joerg.hagman] I'm not a programmer, and Ruby is my first (and only) programming
| | | 346011 [dblack@ru yp] ...
| | + 346012 [gdonald@gm i] I disagree with both statements.  It seems more than appropriate for beginn=
| + 345561 [masonkelsey@] In spite of its flaws, I also recommend "Beginning Ruby".  I have a copy and
+ 345826 [spiralofhope] Don't restrict yourself to books.  There are many excellent online

[Q] ruby 1.8.6 p287 and p383 crashing in WIN32OLE_EVENT.message_loop
345504 [cremes.devli] Sorry for the long subject. I wanted to make sure folks interested in

Re: ruby 1.8.6 p287 and p383 crashing in WIN32OLE_EVENT.message_loop
345507 [djberg96@gm ] =A0
345522 [cremes.devli] It can't seem to load a few of its dependencies like "windows/com".
345547 [djberg96@gm ] gem install windows-pr
345548 [cremes.devli] Well, I ran 'gem build pr-winole32.gemspec' so it was easy to install.
345549 [cremes.devli] Okay, dug into the pr-win32ole code and this is what I found.
+ 345711 [masaki.suket] How about commenting the 3 lines from line 4480 to line 4482?
| 345718 [cremes.devli] Commenting out those lines fixes (hides?) the problem described above.
| 345759 [masaki.suket] I would like to know more detail about the event when the code
+ 346323 [djberg96@gm ] b/pr/

Hash and Array sorting - a bit confused
345513 [jdezenzio@gm] def self.cupcake_report_list
345531 [bbxx789_05ss] test = [
345545 [jdezenzio@gm] Wow, why does it have to be so simple. :)

RMagick 2.11.0 install fails with ImageMagick 6.5.4
345523 [xenogenesis@] Updating rmagick
345536 [TimHunter@nc] RMagick 2 works with ImageMagick 6.3.0 and later.

Simple New Ruby Programmer Problem with $stdin.gets
345535 [masonkelsey@] I'm having difficulty getting any command to work to pick up input from a
+ 345540 [bbxx789_05ss] I don't know anything about Scite, but you should learn to use "the
| + 345541 [bbxx789_05ss] Computer programs don't get input from monitors; ..
| + 345554 [masonkelsey@] Sorry for the typo; I didn't mean "monitor".  I'm a retired programmer, a
|   + 345570 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm not sure what most ruby programmers do.  But I think a lot of ruby
|   | 345609 [masonkelsey@] I see no point in getting into a spitting contest over which OS is best or
|   | 345619 [s.d@co ca t.] Morlocks and Eloi, what a great analogy!
|   + 345583 [Markus@re li] Only if you consider windows a step forward.
|   + 345596 [markonlinux@] Not to me it isn't.
|   + 345603 [jstewart@fu ] y!
+ 345589 [s.korteling@] puts "What is your name? "
  345827 [spiralofhope] Aha!  I don't use Scite any more, but when I did I always wondered why
  345988 [aldric@tr vo] So now we've changed to "What's a good editor for Ruby". I'll chip in
  345996 [michael.tome] Aldric, I always liked Scite because it's so tiny. Netbeans (and other

xmlrpc - get caller's IP address in handler?
345542 [mcs_ruby@sa ] I have an xmlrpc standalone server created using

Repost: Using Ruby fork from C
345546 [barjunk@at g] This is a repost of an earlier message posted on ruby-talk-google

Using both the new rvm Ruby Version Manager, AND multiruby from  ZenTest
345550 [rick.denatal] The new Ruby Version Manager http://rvm.beginrescueend.com/ seems
345822 [wayneeseguin] Rick,

How to Know What Exception a Method Will Raise?
345553 [hsomob1999@y] How is one supposed to know what exception (if any) a method will
345555 [ibc@al ax ne] Each method should explain in the doc which exception could generate and in=

gem server - cannot redirect to gem repository
345558 [tomcloyd@co ] Due to some quirk of my install-from-source (done earlier today), my

ruby-debug19 0.11.6 released
345563 [mark@fa t- o] * breakpoints will work in threads created after the breakpoint is set

Threads - running something in background
345565 [israels_son@] Hey guys,
+ 345568 [bbxx789_05ss] class Updater
+ 345569 [bbxx789_05ss] Also, you should realize that the @i in the class and the @i in the
  345572 [israels_son@] Hey 7stud,
  345575 [bbxx789_05ss] You aren't making any sense.  On the one hand, you say that you want @i
  345585 [israels_son@] Actually, you're right, I was not clear, but I meant the second one.
  + 345587 [bbxx789_05ss] I give up.
  + 345685 [doug@ds if r] 7stud's original Updater class seems to meet the requirements.=A0 Are

[ANN] clogger 0.0.5 - configurable request logging for Rack
345566 [normalperson] * http://clogger.rubyforge.org/

Type checking function parameters
345573 [cruzmail.ngr] More or less all my functions look something like
345593 [eleanor@ga e] You're looking at the problem inside-out which is why you're finding
345606 [paul@po ly n] My first stab at some Ruby started like this too.
345667 [cruzmail.ngr] OK...
345676 [eleanor@ga e] The Ruby way isn't to try and defend against behaviour which is out of
345687 [james@gr ys ] That was so beautiful I almost teared up.  ;)
345745 [eleanor@ga e] That was the home-brew beer talking - it's a particularly mellow and
345828 [spiralofhope] Along the lines of this thread..
+ 345830 [josh.cheek@g] I would, if you provide the correct input, the gateway is not necessary (and
+ 345835 [dblack@ru yp] Probably. For one thing, in Ruby, it's very, very difficult to verify
  345839 [eleanor@ga e] Indeed the fact that both classes and objects are open and can have
  345878 [cruzmail.ngr] Lots of helpful opinions/philosophies about ruby here.
  + 345884 [josh.cheek@g] def foo someint
  | 345885 [billk@ct .c ] irb(main):022:0> class NilClass
  | 345898 [dblack@ru yp] I wouldn't do it, though, even if I really wanted it :-) There may be
  + 345899 [dblack@ru yp] Actually respond_to? is the closest thing to a built-in tool that Ruby
    346089 [cruzmail.ngr] Yes... I pretty much fail at life for not seeing how I should be
    346129 [eleanor@ga e] A couple of suggestions.
    + 346361 [cruzmail.ngr] Hahah, yes I pulled the example completely out of my... well out of thin
    + 346375 [shortcutter@] I find it debatable whether this pattern does make sense: if the
      346392 [eleanor@ga e] Possibly, although there are cases where having subsystems log unusual
      346622 [cruzmail.ngr] I think you guys are fairly over my head in this discussion, but my 2

Ruby soap4r header problem
345588 [gavri_gp@ya ] I am trying to build a header using soap4r that is supposed to look like

Problems with XMPP4R with Google Apps for your Domain account
345592 [markjturner@] I am having problems connecting (using the xmpp4r ruby api) to an
345646 [delameko@de ] MJS