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^ [PATCH Hpricot] latest changes from mainline fast_xs
344561 [normalperson] Hopefully the new maintainer of Hpricot will see this because I have no

^ Interactive Commands
344565 [norwat gmail] Hey
344571 [shortcutter ] Why do you need an external process to delete files?
344642 [norwat gmail] Its just an example, what i want is to execute system commands even
344662 [shortcutter ] ly

^ ruby-debug does not hit breakpoints at class-methods
344573 [systemppp gm] ruby-1.8.6-p369
+ 344593 [bbxx789_05ss] ...and more
| 344597 [systemppp gm] It is normal. Because class A is not defined at this point yet. In case
| 344652 [bbxx789_05ss] In your opinion, what does the rest of the debug session do?
| 344653 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'rubygems'
| 344656 [systemppp gm] In you example 'a.sayhi' and especially 'sayhi' - is not correct
| 344691 [rick.denatal] I don't know about rdebug in this case (I can't remember trying to set
| 344705 [systemppp gm] I know about conventions. And know about theoretical difference between
| 344718 [systemppp gm] Oh. It makes something more clear.
| 344727 [mark fast-so] Fixed in ruby-debug 1.9 (although it hasn't uploaded yet; GitHub is
| 344729 [bbxx789_05ss] I'm curious: if the feature is valuable, why not make it more general
| 344730 [mark fast-so] Well, that's certainly possible, but at first glance, that to me looks
| 344736 [systemppp gm] Is it possible to make so that one can set breakpoints at any Method or
| 344739 [systemppp gm] It is very useful when there are many dynamically generated code-objects
| 344746 [mark fast-so] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 344752 [systemppp gm] Thank you for your attention. I shall have done it as soon as I can. I
| 344753 [mark fast-so] A backport to 1.8 might be possible; hard to say at this point.
| 344758 [systemppp gm] Ok. I shall have practised in it anyway, because it is needed to me.
+ 344655 [vikkous gmai] My recollection is that ruby-debug does not allow setting breakpoints

^ retrieving Yahoo mail with Net::IMAP
344574 [tad.bochan b] I'm trying read my email from BT Yahoo cos they seem to have withdrawn
+ 344599 [bbxx789_05ss] I don't know what BT Yahoo is, but do you pay a yearly fee?  As far as I
| 344603 [tad.bochan b] Thanks for the reply. I do pay a yearly fee, and BT Yahoo is just a UK
| 344611 [tad.bochan b] Problem solved. Move to Gmail.
+ 344601 [tad.bochan b] In my original note, I used port 587, which seems to be an alternate
| 344602 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) First, your code is not connecting to yahoo's mail servers.  The mail
+ 344622 [8si.greg gma] From my own experiments with Yahoo and a lot of investigation, I found
  344628 [tad.bochan b] Thanks for all that. I will follow the details up in due course.
  344631 [8si.greg gma] That's good news. Making progress is always a relief after banging our
  344641 [tad.bochan b] Now there's a thing. I never heard of WWW::Mechanize, but there's many a
  344649 [8si.greg gma] Well, you could write your own using Ruby and IMAP. Filtering and

^ [array & regexp] Development - works, production not - why?
344580 [rubyforum th] ~% ruby -v
344590 [b.candler po] What you need to do is to make a single file which is a complete
344605 [rubyforum th] class String
344614 [dblack rubyp] Regexp.union(*buffer.uniq)

^ Checking if a specific Unix/Linux command exists
344581 [jona.hunt777] I want to check if a command "port" is installed on Mac.
344582 [pdromero gma] Since you're using the command line, why not use 'which port'?  it
344583 [jona.hunt777] Phil,
344676 [shortcutter ] In bash my preferred check is "type -a {command}" because it will give

^ Re: [array & regexp] Development - works, production not - w
344585 [bbxx789_05ss] def meth
344606 [bbxx789_05ss] $ ruby -v
344607 [rubyforum th] end
344609 [bbxx789_05ss] Nope.
344612 [rubyforum th] Ok, last question, what makes the "*" difference?
+ 344620 [bbxx789_05ss] Laziness is not a virtue.
+ 344621 [dblack rubyp] something(*[1,2,3])

^ `Job Opportunities Benefits. What's it like to work in Bangalore?Job Opportunities Benefits. What's it like to work in Bangalore?
344588 [vasu.fort gm] Genuine Online Jobs By Multinational Companies On Net

^ Re: 1.8.7 String#lines keeps new-line chars (say it ain't so
344594 [bbxx789_05ss] $ ruby19 r1test.rb
344595 [bbxx789_05ss] $ ruby19 -v

^ [ANN] First release of Automations: XDo
344596 [sutniuq gmx.] I'm happy to announce the first public release of the XDo library. It

^ Want to get the latest 187 dll
344624 [jorgehrl hot] From the Ruby web site I got the latest binary for 1.87 (release 72 on

^ [gem] Instaling a gem without some dependences
344627 [felix.leg vp] I'm new in using gem, and have a problem with dependences.
+ 344629 [derrick.fied] try
+ 344635 [drbrain segm] You can ignore all dependencies or none of them.  You can't pick.
+ 345714 [felix.leg vp] Problem solved. Sorry...

^ [ANN] amalgalite 0.11.0 Released
344640 [jeremy hineg] amalgalite version 0.11.0 has been released.

^ [QUIZ] Syntax Highlighting (#218)
344650 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
344857 [vikkous gmai] This was a fun little quiz. Of course, I cheated like mad. (I think

^ Stupid OpenStruct question
344654 [tersmi1 gmai] Ok - I know how to get the fields of an Openstruct object like so
344657 [tersmi1 gmai] got it
+ 344660 [mvila 3base.] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.
| 344661 [karottenreib] maybe you'd be interested in OpenHash? *self promotion*
+ 344663 [shortcutter ] Just a remark: if your processing is mainly bases on keys this way then
  344665 [ralf.mueller] I had a similar experience with using OpenStruct and Hashes and in the
  344672 [shortcutter ] when
  344678 [ralf.mueller] ...
  344683 [shortcutter ] ed

^ OSX -flat_namespace issues show up in hitimes, nokogiri and amalgalite
344658 [jeremy hineg] I'm not sure if it is the problem, but it appears that because ruby is compiled
344682 [hramrach cen] Twolevel namespace is used for quite some time in fink. It 's one of
344868 [hramrach cen] It should get fixed in 1.8.8 hopefully.
345762 [jeremy hineg] Yup, I saw the thread on ruby-core.  thanks.

^ Uninitialised Constant Files <NameError>
344664 [deepika_star] I was trying a simple Ruby program using flat files ,but at certain
+ 344666 [michal.zacik] Try Files without 's'.
| 344669 [bbxx789_05ss] ...but then you're left with trying to assign to a symbol.
| 344693 [rick.denatal] Yep,  I suspect he (kind of) wants
| 344789 [deepika_star] Thanks a lot !!! it worked....
+ 344667 [b.candler po] Identifiers which start with a capital letter are constants.

^ Array Troubles
344671 [scottandrech] I've made this small table making program (not reall trademarked) and
+ 344673 [bbxx789_05ss] Try indenting your code properly (using a text editor designed for
| + 344674 [shortcutter ] And please add some empty lines to visually group functionality and
| | 344690 [bbxx789_05ss] It's in there--but it's hiding. :(
| + 344688 [lists bertra] It _will_ be. Use the `else' keyword.
+ 344732 [josh.cheek g] The ruby syntax is
  344780 [scottandrech] Thanks for the feedback. I use Scite and just format how I like
  + 344785 [lists bertra] Sorry, this is not meant harmful in any way.
  + 344786 [bbxx789_05ss] That's fine and dandy as long as you don't need help.  Most people won't
    344790 [scottandrech] Now that I've looked at the code that went into the question, I see that
    344806 [bbxx789_05ss] The code you posted is the worst I've seen, so at this point you are

^ Comparison Ruby, Python, Php, Groovy ecc.
344680 [m.mastrodona] Comparison script languages for the fractal geometry, these are the
+ 344684 [shyouhei rub] Are those executables compiled with identical compilers + compile flags?
| + 344685 [shevegen lin] Two things I notice.
| | 344694 [m.mastrodona] 1. Python is still faster, but version 1.9.1 goes very well catching up
| + 344687 [pjb informat] The question is understandable, but these implementation might very
| | + 344689 [shyouhei rub] It does matter very much.  At least identical ones should be used for each
| | + 344696 [m.mastrodona] I got only the second comment, anyway, i'll add lisp asap and thanks for
| + 344692 [m.mastrodona] Ruby p111 is mswin32 (onclick installer) the others are mingw32
|   344695 [shyouhei rub] So the next thing you should do is to recompile by yourself to uniform
|   344699 [m.mastrodona] Yes i could do that but will be a different comparison. I don't think
|   + 344708 [brabuhr gmai] Another thing to consider when running the benchmark runs to not write
|   | 344710 [m.mastrodona] unknown, thanks for your advice. I agree with you, i didn't care to test
|   + 344722 [shyouhei rub] If you really need speed recompiling is the easiest way to achieve it.  Does it
|     344724 [m.mastrodona] The aim is a languages's comparison, using the downlodable package
|     344845 [piyush.pr gm] I just ran a few of these benchmarks on my machine. I got different results
|     344847 [piyush.pr gm] Okay that table got completely screwed. I will try once more or you
+ 344697 [minilith gma] Does this make use of the lua jit[1]?
+ 344849 [ nat.k gm.ml] A decent try and honest, but there are too many variables involved.
  344852 [brabuhr gmai] or-the-fractal-geometry/?lang=3Den
  + 344860 [minilith gma] I guess this wasn't the first run when the inline code got compiled?
  | 344867 [brabuhr gmai] Right, compilation time is not included.  The time measurements were
  + 345577 [headius head] Pass --server for best performance. Additionally pass --fast to turn
    + 345598 [usurffx gmai] It's unfair, result of this program can be determined at compile time,
    + 345601 [brabuhr gmai] One of the machines I tested on only had the client vm, so I didn't
      345623 [headius head] May simply be too short of a test, or the bottleneck isn't in

^ Ruby 1.9.1 p243
344681 [m.mastrodona] I'm testing the new 1.9.1 p243 version downloaded from

^ Is it possible to record and playback in ruby?
344700 [balaa_uk yah] actions in ruby?.  Are there any internal/external libraries?
344701 [sutniuq gmx.] I don't know about recording mouse actions, but if you want to fake
344706 [sutniuq gmx.] Marvin
344709 [balaa_uk yah] Thanks Marvin.  I will have a look and also update this thread.

^ _why's "suicide" note?
344717 [graham.agnew] Just found this as _why's last tweet on the Google cached copy of _why's
+ 344726 [xenogenesis ] Please stop this.
| 344743 [robert.dober] No please do not. I respectfully disagree with your POV. The sequence
| + 344745 [damnbigman g] 2009/8/24 Robert Dober <robert.dober@gmail.com>
| | 344748 [xenogenesis ] hy's
| | 344749 [robert.dober] But you are assuming things here, you might be mistaken, I hope. I do
| | 344760 [xenogenesis ] Maybe I'm just assuming the OP is assuming? Either way, I've said my
| + 344807 [pjb informat] Don't be alarmed.  In my youngth I also ditched computers once.   I
|   + 344810 [graham.agnew] Thanks for your replies.
|   + 344812 [william.full] My observation is a non-technical.  At one time, I thought I'd like to
+ 344740 [transfire gm] _why, She ain't worth it.

^ Modules setting values to nil in unprocessed conditional blocks?
344719 [n8agrin gmai] modules in classes.  It seems that even if a conditional block is

^ Re: Modules setting values to nil in unprocessed conditional
344720 [bbxx789_05ss] ruby creates a local variable named riddle.  As a result, when you get
344721 [bbxx789_05ss] Just to clarify: "parse" is different than "execute".  That line will
344734 [n8agrin gmai] Clicked "Reply to Author" accidently earlier but meant to give some

344723 [dandiebolt y] ...
+ 344725 [shortcutter ] Your algorithm has effort O(n*m) while with the given preconditions you
+ 344728 [bbxx789_05ss] b=[1,1,2,2,2,5,13,13,13]
  344819 [cidza tin.it] you could also use index and rindex

^ DRb Mysterious Stops
344731 [darrinth gma] I'm running a fairly complicated build and test system with DRb over
344735 [vjoel path.b] It might help to add
344889 [darrinth gma] Tried that. No processes died or left any traces in my logs.
+ 344981 [boesemar gmx] I've had same problem a while ago - my program simply stopped to
| 344986 [shortcutter ] Alternatively implement file transfer on top of DRb, which could be
| 345011 [darrinth gma] begin
+ 345012 [hramrach cen] That many dup acks are somewhat suspicious but by themselves they
  345134 [darrinth gma] I can replicate it with a tiny tiny drb pair of programs.
  + 345144 [seki.at.drub] DRb.start_service("druby://", echo, {:load_limit =>
  | + 345146 [darrinth gma] No effect.
  | + 345148 [darrinth gma] I'm breaking this with message sizes of ~50k.
  + 345294 [darrinth gma] And I think I've just ruled out ruby and DRb as the culprits here.
    345298 [shortcutter ] No problem.  Btw, netcat is another tool for your network debugging

^ help in understanding eval function
344737 [ravi8485 gma] I am new to ruby I am having trouble in understanding the eval function
+ 344741 [bbxx789_05ss] Programming Ruby(2nd ed.) for ruby 1.8.x.
| 344742 [bbxx789_05ss] I guess I should explain: the second half of those books is a complete
| 344747 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think that "The Ruby Programming Language" by David Flanagan and
+ 344765 [mike.rood co] Dave Thomas provides as thorough an explanation as you could ask for

^ Scruffy is outputting 4x2 blank images
344738 [jayzer gmail] I'm having some difficult getting Scruffy to render properly. I don't
344817 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoa.   Does your code work in ruby 1.8.x?
346416 [stephen70edw] I was having the same problem.  The issue is a "viewPort" declaration
346417 [jayzer gmail] Ah, interesting.

^ Ruby eval
344744 [larocque.bra] I am trying to learn Ruby as a first language, ( I tended to go back and
+ 344770 [cardboard42 ] It's not so much that eval is looked down on, it's very useful under
+ 344773 [ninja slapha] It has a few specific uses -- irb wouldn't work without it, for example -- but
+ 344783 [masonkelsey ] Others can correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm also new to Ruby.  (My 127th
+ 344821 [b.candler po] There are two big problems with string eval: it's very slow (especially
+ 344885 [larocque.bra] Well, I'm working on a rewrite, thanks to you guys :)

^ Asynchronous process to process pipe IO
344750 [rps salas.co] This is slightly subtle question about how a process that reads from a
344751 [vjoel path.b] open("|-", "r") do |worker|
+ 344754 [rps salas.co] Yes it does. Double-hm.
| 344755 [rps salas.co] It does seem to be the difference between ruby -e and ./iacommand.rb.
+ 344756 [shortcutter ] Why are you guys using such a complex construction?  If you just want to
  344757 [rps salas.co] Robert,
  + 344759 [gwtmp01 mac.] exec() causes a new program to be executed within the current process.
  | 344767 [barjunk attg] =A0
  | 344771 [gwtmp01 mac.] fork and exec are the 'primitive' operations.
  + 344793 [shortcutter ] Then you'll want to use one of the popen family of functions.  Even with
    344818 [rps salas.co] This is what I originally had. Pretty similar...
    344864 [shortcutter ] th

^ Packaging - distribution
344761 [rps salas.co] I am looking for best practices for using a multi-file body of ruby code
+ 344775 [ninja slapha] If you've never built a gem before, now is a good time to start. The hardest
| 344781 [rps salas.co] David,
| 344823 [b.candler po] If one bit of code does "require 'sub_alpha'", and another bit of code
| 344831 [aaron tender] Can I suggest that someone doing a require using the entire path is
+ 344858 [vikkous gmai] If you don't want to make gems, you should consider Chris Wanstrath's

^ Calling method from another class
344762 [louposk gmai] i have 2 classes say class A and class B. How can the A object that i'll
+ 344776 [ninja slapha] Use modules or inheritance.
+ 344787 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) The methods defined in A.
| 344788 [bbxx789_05ss] 3b) The methods that were mixed into the classes A inherits from.
| 344825 [louposk gmai] thank you both for your answers! So the only way to do this is with
| + 344828 [nilesh.tr gm] I have a related question. "Class" is a subclass of "Module". Then why
| | 344834 [ninja slapha] You can include a module because you can include exactly modules, and nothing
| | 344838 [rick.denatal] Class inherits the behavior to act as a namespace, and the ability to
| | 344980 [louposk gmai] So a module is a considered to be a class? Or is something completely
| | 345020 [rick.denatal] Well in a classical sense Class is a subclass of Module, so someone
| + 344833 [ninja slapha] Maybe.
| + 344911 [bbxx789_05ss] A mixin is a module, but a module isn't necessarily a mixin.  On the one
+ 344853 [timrandg gma] class A
+ 344854 [rick.denatal] Well, you seem to have lobbed this question into the list and gone
+ 344855 [justj2ee gma] Why not just use inheritance or did I miss something