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MapInfo Tables to XML
344369 [mpaniagua18@] I have some MapInfo Tables ( tab,map,id and ind files). Does anyone
344540 [jh_ruby-lang] One option would be to use the GDAL <http://www.gdal.org/> ogr2ogr

Problem using mocha with Test::Unit
344371 [esandin@gm i] require "test/unit"
344498 [jamesmead44@] The error
344704 [esandin@gm i] You're probably right. The error message comes from the class

Help: `method_missing' called on terminated object
344373 [mikeowens@gm] I am getting this on Ubuntu Jaunty 64 with Ruby 1.9.1-p243. I have
344418 [mikeowens@gm] it was a linking problem. i was linking the extension in twice: once

[ANN] gmail_contacts 1.5 Released
344376 [drbrain@se m] gmail_contacts version 1.5 has been released!

[ANN] hooky 1.0.0 Released
344377 [jbarnette@gm] hooky version 1.0.0 has been released!
344378 [mguterl@gm i] Wow, this is awesome.  Thank you!

New to Classes
344379 [scottandrech] Ruby in general)and need some of your help with areas of my code. Here
344381 [_mwryder@wo ] Why are you using @numberShowing instead of die.showing?   If you print
344392 [scottandrech] Thanks. You can now win money. Unfortanatley you still can't go 'all
344431 [rick.denatal] Try changing

list of quiz questions
344380 [lolveley@ya ] do you know where I can find a list of the quiz questions of the
+ 344383 [jeremy@hi eg] enjoy,
| 344385 [yahivin@gm i] There is also http://rubyquiz.str6.com for quizzes 157-217 and upwards.
| 344387 [list.push@gm] Did you check that link?
| 344393 [minilith@gm ] Based on his signature, it's easy to find http://rubyquiz.strd6.com
+ 344436 [james@gr ys ] James Edward Gray II

[ANN] Natrix - The Named Matrix
344382 [dan@ep rk ab] Natrix is a class for making named matrix structures (more for text

Showing dot each second until the script ends
344390 [jona.hunt777] I have a ruby script, which takes about 20 seconds to execute.
+ 344394 [shortcutter@] Here's one way: create a separate thread that loops infinitely and
+ 344395 [list.push@gm] If you want to do that I think you would need a thread for that purpose.
  344397 [jona.hunt777] Thread.new do

Regarding RDoc
344398 [prateek.agwl] How to install RDoc in windows? Also tell me, after installing what is
344429 [rogerdpack@g] or are you looking for the core rdocs?  Which distro are you using?
344460 [prateek.agwl] Thanks Roger.
344493 [rogerdpack@g] firewall problem?
344496 [drbrain@se m] Probably, see gem help install for proxy settings

Mapping git repos to ruby objects und vice versa, need ideas
344402 [fassmann@fo ] ...

344403 [dhesseler@ya] # unsubscribe=0A=0A__________________________________________________=0ADo =

[regexp] How to convert string "/regexp/i" to /regexp/i - ?
344404 [rubyforum@th] => /\/regexp\/i/
+ 344405 [jeanjulien.f] Try without the quotes
+ 344406 [justincollin] If that is exactly the kind of string you are expecting, I think you are
| 344409 [justincollin] I should add, for the second approach you could also parse the options
+ 344408 [michal.zacik] Regexp.new(/regexp/i)
+ 344416 [josh.cheek@g] class String
+ 392426 [lucas.wiman@] Once this gem is installed, you can call String#to_regexp and all is
+ 392498 [transfire@gm] ...

Re: How to convert string "/regexp/i" to /regexp/i - ?
344407 [rubyforum@th] I cannot do this without quotes - i need get it from string. Only thing
+ 344411 [rubyforum@th] ? Without ""?
+ 344412 [pjb@in or at] string="/regexp/i"
  + 344413 [rubyforum@th] I tried this, but it's totally unsafe way (these strings are provided by
  | 344449 [bg-rubytalk@] If the strings are provided by an untrusted source, don't use any
  | 392491 [b.candler@po] Yes.
  + 344414 [robert.dober] Eval is a mighty tool for a tiny task
  | 344417 [bbxx789_05ss] str = "/reg.*?exp/m"
  | 344427 [josh.cheek@g] Sorry, it gave me what I expected, and Ruby is usually intuitive, so I
  | 344474 [bbxx789_05ss] Mine solution has problems too--for the same reason.  It needs something
  + 344420 [shortcutter@] irb(main):002:0> eval("/regexp/i").class

Output Manipulation
344410 [cool.ishan.n] puts "\nMODULE : "
344419 [bbxx789_05ss] print "\nMODULE : "
344477 [cool.ishan.n] Thanks stud7 for the reply but what i was looking for was row column
344481 [bbxx789_05ss] modules = ["Modules", "A", "B", "C"]
344508 [bbxx789_05ss] That doesn't work too good unless each heading has the same number of
344509 [bbxx789_05ss] results.each do |arr|
344713 [cool.ishan.n] thanks stud7..that was very helpful

Re: [regexp] How to convert string "/regexp/i" to /regexp/i
344415 [bbxx789_05ss] str = "/regexp/i"

CI_reporter usage
344424 [checktesting] ruby 1.8

New version 1.5.0 of the ibm_db gem is now available
344437 [praveendevar] New version, 1.5.0, of IBM_DB ruby gem, the Rails adapter/ Ruby Driver

Re: syntax for checking a textbox is in inactive state
344438 [rubfor@re it] What does active/inactive mean? Do you mean blank?
344454 [b.candler@po] (1) "Webpage" means "a HTML page containing a FORM element"?

Re: hooky 1.0.0 Released
344442 [dkarapetyan@] Both links are broken.
344452 [luislavena@g] Maybe is your connection, both work fine over here.
344516 [Usenet@Go gl] As a general rule: if you think GitHub or Kernel.Org (or, say, Google

Github and _why
344462 [wishdev@gm i] I'm about to get very nasty responses but this absolutely is a very bad
+ 344463 [ben@bl yt in] What are you talking about?
| 344464 [wishdev@gm i] ...
| + 344465 [ben@bl yt in] Perhaps that link would have been useful in your original post.
| + 344480 [kbloom@gm il] seeking-help-from-github-to-reconstruct
+ 344467 [tony@me io .] Do concepts like open source and distributed source control escape you?  It
  + 344469 [wishdev@gm i] You apparantly chose to not read the entire message.
  | + 344470 [hramrach@ce ] Well, I guess you *are* missing something. When you opensource your
  | | 344472 [wishdev@gm i] My apologies to everyone - apparantly I've missed the boat completely on
  | | 344475 [wishdev@gm i] I just want to be clear as well at this point that I apparantly
  | | 344497 [markonlinux@] There's your problem ;-)
  | + 344478 [gdonald@gm i] It's pretty clear you don't.
  + 344473 [shortcutter@] That's not the point.  John's point is - and I fully subscribe to it -
    + 344482 [hramrach@ce ] Still if somebody has a branch of the project hosted on github the
    + 344485 [eleanor@ga e] Indeed the right to use and redistribute code as enshrined in Open
    + 344504 [rick.denatal] pon
      344511 [minilith@gm ] And as with every free software, anybody is free to publish a derived
      344512 [matt@te hn r] Knowing how and why a software package has evolved over its existence can
      344513 [minilith@gm ] When you clone a git repos, you always get the full history.

ruby thread and gets
344468 [quietstill@g] I'm trying to run two thread at one time in a program.
344471 [shortcutter@] You are using threads like ordinary functions: you start a thread and
344484 [quietstill@g] 2009/8/22 Robert Klemme <shortcutter@googlemail.com>
344487 [quietstill@g] 2009/8/22 Im still <quietstill@gmail.com>
344515 [shortcutter@] Not sure what you mean: the console will happily print whenever
344548 [quietstill@g] Actually, I'm trying to write a command line chatting program. Just for fun.

Help : a scoping question
344476 [michel@de az] A meta-programming question. More precisely a scoping problem.
344479 [vjoel@pa h. ] pr = proc {p self}
344483 [michel@de az] Of course, you're right : "newbox.instance_eval &block if block" works.

click_no_wait error
344486 [chad.locke@c] First off, sorry if this is in the wrong location as this is my first
344703 [sutniuq@gm .] Without any knowledge about network applications I would suspect
344707 [chad.locke@c] Thanks for your reply.  I'm using ruby 1.8.5 and gems 0.9.2.  Maybe I'll

Re: Natrix - The Named Matrix
344491 [transfire@gm] One thought. Instead of #get and #set you could use #[] and #[]=.

Redirected URL
344494 [anil_149@ya ] I was trying to parse a web page where multiple hyper links exist.
344503 [bbxx789_05ss] 1) parsing a web page and retrieving the first link's href
344547 [anil_149@ya ] Thanks for you reply. I know the difference. I resolved this issue by

Decentralizing _why's projects (aka the ruby community is awesome)
344499 [flip@in oc i] After hearing about _why's departure, in a foolish gust of barnraising
344501 [steve@st ve ] I sent you a message on GitHub, but just in case...

ruby-prof on Ruby 1.9 woes
344507 [ shot@ho .p ] I=E2=80=99m trying to use ruby-prof with Ruby 1.9.1p243 on 64-bit Ubuntu.
344552 [rogerdpack@g] y,
344572 [ shot@ho .p ] the
344626 [rogerpack200] gem install jeremy-ruby-prof
344712 [ shot@ho .p ] Thanks, Roger, for all your prompt and to-the-point help! :)

Connecting professionals through linkedin to know more Ruby  professionals.
344514 [narayananp24] There are many Ruby Professionals and Engineers from various

Ignore Iconv::IllegalSequence while using Ruby WWW::Mechaniz
344520 [roddiku@gm i] pages when using mechanize lib. Is there a way to make mechanize just
344530 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Rodion,

Where oh where is Enumerator? (1.9)
344528 [transfire@gm] Err... in Ruby 1.9 is Enumerator at the toplevel or in the Enumerable
+ 344532 [dblack@ru yp] irb(main):007:0> RUBY_DESCRIPTION
| 344546 [transfire@gm] Thanks!
+ 344534 [bbxx789_05ss] $ ruby19 -v
  344539 [karottenreib] guys, shouldn't that be Enumerator?
  + 344542 [bbxx789_05ss] Yes.
  + 344544 [dblack@ru yp] Whoops, yes :-)

344529 [karottenreib] Dear <insert name here>,
344531 [dominikho@gm] Made my day, thank you!
344537 [karottenreib] it's always a pleasure *bow* :-)

Process or Thread?
344533 [rps@sa as co] I have a parent application (which I think of as a test harness) that
+ 344536 [bbxx789_05ss] It doesn't sound like your situation will result in improved performance
| 344553 [mcamou@te no] It doesn't sound like your situation will result in improved performance
| 344556 [gwtmp01@ma .] For a CPU intensive task (image processing), i doubt that two OS
| + 344566 [rps@sa as co] Thanks all for your responses.
| | 344584 [gwtmp01@ma .] Whether you use threads or processes your CPU-bound tasks will run while
| + 345581 [headius@he d] You're correct, if the processes don't talk to each other. But if you
+ 344576 [nospam@no pa] Not quite. Look in Task Manager, there is a list of processes running.
  344598 [shortcutter@] IMHO a multitude of processes does not necessarily ease debugging.  If

#<Zlib::BufError: buffer error>
344535 [graycardinal] require "zlib"
+ 344538 [graycardinal] Sorry, I'ts my bug. Subject closed.
+ 344541 [bbxx789_05ss] require "zlib"

1.8.7 String#lines keeps new-line chars (say it ain't so in 1.9)
344545 [transfire@gm] Ruby 1.8.7 p72
+ 344591 [b.candler@po] Why would you expect that? The documentation is very clear.
| + 344632 [transfire@gm] I'd expect it from a StringIO, but not a String.
| + 344633 [transfire@gm] How is there loss of data, when you know what was removed? Just join
|   + 344636 [james@gr ys ] What do we do for lines ending in \r\n?  Do we take both or just the
|   + 344670 [b.candler@po] "Loss of data" means "you don't get back exactly what you started with".
|     344698 [transfire@gm] Granting that prefect reversibility is a requirement here, then yes
|     344702 [b.candler@po] ...except there is no built-in method 'words' so you can't accuse it of
|     344714 [transfire@gm] ok ;) ...just making an analogy.
|     344716 [shortcutter@] I don't think it is a good idea to change the default behavior.  If
+ 344615 [gregory.t.br] I know I'm going to be accused of bullying you again, but...
| 344638 [transfire@gm] Looking it up isn't the main issue mate. It was the "wherefore?" that
+ 344616 [dblack@ru yp] String#lines is essentially the same as String#each, which is gone in
| + 344618 [stephen.bann] It isn't the same but in many places where I might use String#lines
| | 344634 [transfire@gm] On Aug 23, 10:05=A0am, Stephen Bannasch <stephen.banna...@deanbrook.org>
| + 344637 [transfire@gm] String#lines wasn't defined in 1.8.6 so I did not think there was any
+ 344625 [radek.bulat@] $ ruby -v -e 'p "A\nB\nC".lines.to_a'

Parsing pdf files
344549 [arun.einstei] Does anyone know a good pdf parser that retains formatting
+ 344551 [gregory.t.br] etains formatting
| 344560 [arun.einstei] That's really very sad :(
| 344568 [gregory.t.br] Looks like you better roll up your sleeves :)
| 344592 [arun.einstei] Yeah seeing what can be done :)
| 344604 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Arun,
| 344608 [arun.einstei] Thank you. But I would like to point out that its not very accurate in
| 344610 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Arun,
| 344617 [arun.einstei] Helo Alex,
| 344619 [AEtzold@gm .] Dear Arun,
+ 344677 [hannes.wyss@] Arun,
+ 344679 [erik@ru y- a] You can use http://pdftohtml.sourceforge.net or use my Ruby wrapper for
  344686 [gregory.t.br] Very interesting, thanks for posting this.

Code integration MATLAB and Ruby
344550 [julien.biere] I'd like to integrate an optimization module coded in Matlab into a
+ 344563 [d.bussink@gm] Your best bet is probably to use Matlab's Java integration and then
+ 344569 [gregory.t.br] ...
  + 344774 [jicuss@gm il] you get it setup. Getting it to compile in windows was a loosing battle,
  | 344777 [gregory.t.br] Very interesting.  My girlfriend does a lot of statistical analysis
  | 344903 [jicuss@gm il] It absolutely does. Make sure you have your development environment
  + 345582 [headius@he d] Great opportunity to utilize JRuby to avoid all library/gcc/extension
    345640 [vjoel@pa h. ] Can you elaborate a bit? Do you mean that JRuby code talks to a java api
    345658 [headius@he d] Dirkjan Bussink mentioned that Matlab comes with Java integration, and
    345670 [gregory.t.br] Assuming you get said Java integration to work first.  I very well may

Ruby Editor
344554 [sasan.bahrie] I need a good software for ruby programming. please post message for
+ 344555 [mcamou@te no] I use Emacs and NetBeans
+ 344562 [michael.broo] I use TurboRuby ( http://www.embarcadero.com/products/turboruby ).  It costs
+ 344570 [oshybrid@gm ] Have not used this. but looks good.
+ 344613 [lists@be tr ] Vim?
| 344630 [robert.dober] What else?
| 344659 [marcosvanett] gedit like textmate
+ 344668 [b.candler@po] Depends what platform you are on.
| 345033 [darkintent@g] My favorite is Emacs, but Netbeans is good too especially if you are on
+ 345034 [ nat.k@gm ml] vi/vim has both *nix and Windows, it's free, has been around forever and
  + 345038 [synfinatic@g] edlin!  Uses less resources then any of the other editors people have
  | + 345057 [ nat.k@gm ml] Never heard of that?  Anyway, any text editor will work, but things like
  | + 345058 [_mwryder@wo ] Personally I preferred UCEdit, University of Calgary Editor, but it only
  + 345060 [lists@be tr ] Vim is sure a matter of taste. I know that because I refused it
    345096 [robert.dober] Now this is subtle lobbying ;). But I am with you of course.
    345168 [postittothen] IMHO they all suck, *especially* vim and emacs. However, I've found emacs
    345171 [darkintent@g] I can't say I disagree, but I do like being able to control mpd and read
    345172 [jona.hunt777] Is it possible to add some text editors information on Ruby's official website?
    345187 [robert.dober] Yeah but what shall we say to a newbie?
    345189 [martindemell] point him to the wiki!
    345199 [robert.dober] ok I'll cross the i's and point the t's ;)

Search keywords  inside of directories and files
344558 [ahmedkilic@g] I need some help  about keywords searching in directory and files.
344957 [rodrigo.berm] f=File.new("w","myfile.txt")
344958 [rodrigo.berm] Sorry it should be filename, mode ..this way is the correct.
344970 [ahmedkilic@g] It is OK. Thank you very much.
344983 [ahmedkilic@g] what I done so far;

HTML posting to ruby script?
344559 [oshybrid@gm ] Ok new to Ruby.
+ 344575 [nospam@no pa] You need a webserver. Can be a simple one, can even be written in
+ 344586 [bbxx789_05ss] Web pages have no access to the local file system--for security reasons.
| 344711 [oshybrid@gm ] If that is true then how does Javascript work if you make all function
| 345310 [nospam@no pa] Javascript runs in the browser.
+ 344589 [b.candler@po] You need a small webserver, which can be bound to (so that
+ 345349 [rubfor@re it] A program that handles http messages is called a web server so you have