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^ [ANN] omnifocus 1.0.0 Released
342540 [ryand-ruby z] omnifocus version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] omnifocus-rubyforge 1.0.0 Released
342541 [ryand-ruby z] omnifocus-rubyforge version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] CGenerator is now a gem
342542 [vjoel path.b] CGenerator is a framework for dynamically generating and loading C

^ Who is the MySQL/Ruby binding gem author?
342543 [luislavena g] In my quest to conquer the world, I'm looking for information on how
+ 342602 [aaron tender] Did you try emailing the author listed at the bottom of the page, TOMITA
| 342608 [luislavena g] On Jul 27, 6:15=A0pm, Aaron Patterson <aa...@tenderlovemaking.com>
+ 342607 [tony medioh.] I've been curious how the mysql gem comes about as well.  At least one of
  342609 [luislavena g] of

^ Ruby and  --enable-pthread
342546 [denis.berezh] Sorry, maybe this is a simple question but what compiling ruby with

^ Raw bytes in 1.9
342547 [jonas.esp go] I want to stick raw bytes (0-255) into a variable.
342554 [dblack rubyp] In 1.9 you can iterate through strings by line, byte, character, or
342555 [jonas.esp go] and I would to know if there will any problem with Ruby 1.9
+ 342557 [dblack rubyp] $ ruby191 -e 'p "V-\243\230mJ\262.\031\023-4\301\324\241Y"'
+ 342565 [b.candler po] The answer is, "that depends": Ruby 1.9's string handling is extremely
  342566 [b.candler po] I should add: if ruby 1.9 *always* gave an exception when an ASCII-8BIT
  342570 [b.candler po] P.S: to check this you must actually write and run a standalone program
  342603 [shevegen lin] What would be cool would be a ruby 1.9 where the whole encoding stuff is

^ ruby problem connecting to oracle using oci8
342552 [checktesting] require 'dbi'

^ query
342559 [aksn18july g] I hav a query to ask...
+ 342560 [karottenreib] class A
| 342631 [aksn18july g] i checked this program was run the out put is
| 342654 [karottenreib] well, that's what you described.
+ 342561 [dblack rubyp] If you don't get a syntax error there, you've got a very strange
+ 342562 [b.candler po] puts "in method_missing"

^ rails
342568 [fbogdanovi x] class Movie << ActiveRecord::Base
342569 [jgabrielygal] e.

^ [ANN] RubyFrontier 0.9.4
342571 [matt_neuburg] [I've announced this to the Frontier list and the TextMate list, but
342588 [ryand-ruby z] This looks like really really good stuff. I kinda miss Frontier and
342617 [matt_neuburg] Wow. It's like a parallel universe! And of course Brent Simmons has done

^ What is the power function
342573 [prateek.agwl] I am new to Ruby and am still learning some of the basic stuff.
+ 342574 [cdallas gmai] 2 ** 3 => 8
| 342575 [prateek.agwl] Thanks Chris.
| + 342578 [matt harpsta] This does not change result.  However, if you leave off the next line, it
| | 342583 [lists bertra] It _cannot_ convert objects class. "a.to_i" may return an integer
| | 342604 [shevegen lin] Prateek
| | + 342605 [dominikho gm] To be precice it should be
| | + 342615 [lists bertra] The variable "result" is superfluous.
| |   342616 [dominikho gm] Probably because it could be understood as puts( power( 2 ), 4)
| + 342581 [gregory.t.br] String#to_i is just a function that returns an integer, it does not
+ 342627 [RichardDummy] Here's your program (commented out with =3Dbegin and =3Dend statements)
+ 342629 [RichardDummy] =3Dbegin        # Note this comments out all lines until the =3Dend
  342704 [_mwryder wor] As an "improvement" to your code I would take the chomp and to_i out of
  342713 [RichardDummy] On Jul 28, 3:34=A0pm, "Michael W. Ryder" <_mwry...@worldnet.att.net>
  342714 [RichardDummy] On Jul 28, 5:52=A0pm, RichardOnRails
  342722 [_mwryder wor] The reason I stripped out the conversions from the power function is to
  342787 [RichardDummy] On Jul 28, 10:38=A0pm, "Michael W. Ryder" <_mwry...@worldnet.att.net>

^ I just can't understand why this program is not working
342576 [prateek.agwl] Can someone please tell me what the problem with this program is?
342577 [matt harpsta] basically, you are not passing ints, you're passing strings.  And they
342579 [prateek.agwl] Thanks for the help man. Can you tell me how to input ints?
342580 [matt harpsta] irb(main):005:0> s=gets
342582 [prateek.agwl] Dude, seriously thanks a lot :)

^ Help me with this program
342585 [prateek.agwl] Woah, this is my 3rd post in like an hour. Must be really annoying for
+ 342591 [brabuhr gmai] Just a general suggestion, try adding a few print statements to give
+ 342596 [glennj ncf.c] You'd better not use k == 0.  You'll hit an infinite loop in add()
  342640 [prateek.agwl] Thanks guys. I was able to solve the problem. Cheers.

^ Set class and repetetive elements
342586 [agormar gmai] I would like to know if there is possibility to add values like but have
+ 342587 [jos catnook.] Sounds like you want a Bag, not a Set. I don't know of aany implementation but
| + 342589 [agormar gmai] I've just read that elements in Set must be unique (because of Math). So
| + 342595 [chust web.de] What about using a Hash mapping objects to counts? That way you can
+ 342590 [wishdev gmai] Good Day Marcin,
| 342597 [agormar gmai] Well I need to compare arrays which contain digits (or letters in
+ 342594 [vjoel path.b] class Bag

^ bug in IPAddr eql? (stndard library)
342592 [nick nick-br] The .eql? method is supposed to return true if the objects are == and of
342647 [boesemar gmx] .eql? is implemented in Object - the parent of IPAddr. According to the
342658 [nick nick-br] Thanks, Martin. I have been looking into this more. It seems that for

^ New gem available: rmb-rails
342598 [keburgett gm] I just submitted a new gem, called rmb-rails, to github, you can find

^ Ruby Readline Maintainer
342599 [btrichardson] Does anyone know who maintains the Ruby Readline extension?  I'm using
+ 342600 [drbrain segm] You'll want to ask on the ruby-core list, or file a bug on redmine.
+ 342601 [ryand-ruby z] send it to ruby-core@
| 342606 [btrichardson] Thanks for the suggestions.  Will do.
+ 342624 [djberg96 gma] Please consider pr-readline, which is pure Ruby and easily
| 342630 [btricha gmai] Oh wow... that's nice to know!!! :) Thanks!
+ 342644 [gabriel.horn] I guess. I would just set Readline.completion_append_character right

^ [ANN] hoe-git 1.3.0 Released
342610 [jbarnette gm] hoe-git version 1.3.0 has been released!

^ Posting an XML document to a protected API
342618 [maruthymukun] I am working on the FrontEnd of a website and need to make a RESTful
+ 342619 [bbxx789_05ss] The first thing I would do is try to get a response from the server
| + 342621 [maruthymukun] I already know both the API KEY and the SESSION KEY. Infact I have
| + 342625 [bbxx789_05ss] I lied.  That's not the first thing I would try.  The first thing I
|   342626 [bbxx789_05ss] If that didn't work, then I would start looking for the specs on valid
|   342628 [bbxx789_05ss] or some variation thereof.
|   + 342632 [maruthymukun] I actually have many HTTP GET API calls of the same format, they are all
|   + 342633 [bbxx789_05ss] Also, after looking around some more, I would try a variation based on
+ 342794 [xenogenesis ] On Jul 27, 8:17=A0pm, Maruthy Mentireddi <maruthymuk...@gmail.com>
  342797 [maruthymukun] The parameters in Net::HTTP::start(address, port = nil, p_addr = nil,

^ Unexpected output in a metaprogramming application
342622 [RichardDummy] I putting together examples I might use in teaching an elementary Ruby
+ 342634 [list.push gm] I don't know if this totally fixes your problem, but take a look at this.
| 342636 [list.push gm] I do not use eval so I can not tell you much about it.
| 342657 [RichardDummy] s.
| 342711 [RichardDummy] On Jul 28, 9:32=A0am, RichardOnRails
+ 342661 [gregory.t.br] this is because the return value of your eval() code is the last
  342710 [RichardDummy] Many thanks for your perfect response.  I apologize to you and this

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.1-p243 and Ruby 1.9.2-preview1 Released
342623 [rogerpack200] Also not mentioned in the NEWS is that floats are a little more whiney

^ Regexp Help
342635 [jillyh0 gmai] I have some html in strings, mostly links (i.e. <a
+ 342637 [dominikho gm] First of all: "this is a string" vs. /this is a regexp/
+ 342638 [bbxx789_05ss] q = 'Hello <a href="http://mysite.com">world<a
| 342650 [mnjagadeesh ] I would write like
+ 342680 [kai kairicha] Why not  =>
  342689 [ray.baxter g] Actually, doc.content would do what the op requested.

^ Encrypted using openssl executable, decrypting with ruby's OpenSSL module?
342639 [ljz asfast.c] I have some files on my system that have been encrypted using the "openssl"
342766 [ljz asfast.c] Well, I figured it out. First of all, I need the key size and iv size

^ problem while adding cgi.img
342641 [asaf.dassa i] I tried to insert an img file to my cgi script, but I had some problems.
342643 [bbxx789_05ss] In what directory is your image?  And what path do you use for the image
342649 [asaf.dassa i] the img is in the directory where tmp.rb is and I use the following code

^ how???
342645 [aksn18july g] I am a new ruby programmer. I have a question for all of you,
+ 342662 [keburgett gm] I suggest you go the the Pragmatic Programmer's bookshelf and get the
+ 342663 [lists askree] def ABC
| 342686 [xenogenesis ] ined
+ 342742 [b.candler po] There's some stuff on interfacing Ruby internals with C at

^ Good way to not forget to install gems on a server?
342646 [toastkid.wil] I just broke my wife's website (my current side project) because i was
+ 342667 [vjoel path.b] finger.tie(String) ?
| 342668 [toastkid.wil] One problem with the second approach (i like the first approach) is that
| + 342669 [vjoel path.b] You could log $" from your program to capture the list of libraries in
| | 342673 [toastkid.wil] hmmm.  eg (this is run in irb inside my app)
| | 342675 [toastkid.wil] I meant to say btw that the first file would be created when i start the
| + 342681 [matt_neuburg] def myrequire(*what)
|   342683 [toastkid.wil] This looks great Matt, thanks!
|   342690 [matt_neuburg] Cool! Note that the last line of the comment is outdated; I do now catch
|   342697 [toastkid.wil] I think this will catch most of the times where i just forget.  :)
|   342736 [toastkid.wil] Funnily enough i just got a mail from LRUG (london ruby users group)
+ 342758 [b.candler po] Probably the simplest solution is to start up another instance of your

^ [ANN] omnifocus 1.1.0 Released
342651 [ryand-ruby z] omnifocus version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] omnifocus-rubyforge 1.1.0 Released
342652 [ryand-ruby z] omnifocus-rubyforge version 1.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] omnifocus-github 1.0.0 Released
342653 [ryand-ruby z] omnifocus-github version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Cheap fashion Dior necklace,bracelet,earring,rings for sale
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^ I need some help with Ruby query building and query time
342660 [jdezenzio gm] Here is a pastie of my current code.  In the formatting on pastie, it's
342664 [garryfre pac] Well, the first thing I would suggest is that unless you are using an ancient version of mySql that doesn't support stored procedures that you convert this into a stored procedure in the database and simply pass in your unique parameters to it.
342665 [jdezenzio gm] I'm still new to mysql and didn't know about stored procedures.  I will
342699 [jdezenzio gm] I checked out the stored procedures and found that they were a bit too

^ how do I work around a 'can't activate gem xxx version 1.2.3, because gem xxx version 2.3.4 is already activated
342666 [reid.thompso] How can i work around this error?  Is it possible to force ruport to use
342691 [ryand-ruby z] that latter "for []" doesn't help, or it is (poorly) stating that YOU
342715 [reid.thompso] Thanks for your response.

^ How to force RDoc not to parse a file?
342670 [ibc aliax.ne] documentation. However, I don't want RDoc to parse it, instead, I want
342672 [rmagick gmai] Did you try rdoc --help?
342676 [vjoel path.b] Maybe he wanted to suppress markup but still include the file in the
+ 342677 [rmagick gmai] You're right. I didn't read his post carefully enough.
+ 342679 [ibc aliax.ne] =C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0 =C2=A0do not process files or directories matching
  342692 [ryand-ruby z] I don't think you can do that. File a feature request on the rdoc =20
  342706 [ibc aliax.ne] Done :)

^ Indexing hash with longer strings faster?
342671 [jablan gmail] => false
342687 [robert.dober] Benchmarking is tricky business. I am not sure my benchmarks are worth
342693 [jablan gmail] First, thanks a lot for your benchmarking tips, I'm new in the
342702 [robert.dober] Is this 1.8?
342703 [robert.dober] Sorry forgot two things
342765 [jablan gmail] You pointed to the right direction here!
342768 [robert.dober] ize

^ RDoc: How to link to a method description from other rdoc page?
342674 [ibc aliax.ne] "Names of classes, source files, and any method names containing an
342678 [ibc aliax.ne] Ok, it works.
342688 [ibc aliax.ne] Why links to classes or methods documentation cannot be hidden with label?
342708 [drbrain segm] Perhaps.=

^ unsubscribe
342682 [olivermanriq] unsubscribe

^ RDoc: Really wrong output (Module#method instead of 
342684 [ibc aliax.ne] Basically I've a module containing a class containing a method. And
342685 [ibc aliax.ne] =A0 =C2=A0puts "hello"

^ dumb question...where is Object#method usage documented
342694 [gary.leydon ] Where is this documented? I can't find it in any book...and searching
+ 342695 [jcoglan goog] 2009/7/28 Gary Leydon <gary.leydon@yale.edu>
+ 342696 [codeblogger ] Regards
+ 342721 [usenet in.tu] The 1st edition of "Programming Ruby"[1] (a.k.a. the "Pickaxe") mentions

^ No Method Error
342698 [intellection] I'm very new to ruby so for all I know this could be ridiculously easy.
+ 342726 [jason.lillyw] Have you tried a very simple function where you parse a very small
+ 342738 [b.candler po] That means you are trying to call nil.debug

^ found it...where is Object#method usage documented
342700 [gary.leydon ] Thanks for taking the time, I suspect I didn't make my question

^ What does the step() method do
342701 [prateek.agwl] I have to write a program to implement the Sieve of Erastosthenes
342705 [bbxx789_05ss] 0.step(8, 3) do |i|

^ Re: RDoc: Really wrong output (Module#method instead of  Module::Class#method)
342707 [drbrain segm] Can you file it in the tracker?=
342709 [ibc aliax.ne] =3D627&atid=3D2472

^ Ruport is locked to fastercsv 1.2.3 (Was: Re: how do I work around a 'can't activate gem xxx version [...])
342716 [drbrain segm] require 'ruport' before require 'fastercsv' should be sufficient.
342717 [gregory.t.br] stercsv (1.5.0)

^ Re: keyword_arguments v0.0.1
342718 [rogerpack200] Nice.  Also checkout http://github.com/maca/arguments/tree/master it's
342719 [dominikho gm] Ah, that uses a code parser, right?
342720 [dominikho gm] Never mind, just saw that it is doing just that :)

^ Ignore F1-F12 keys when user enters text input on console
342723 [dr.subscribe] I am writing a Ruby script to accept a user's input which will be used
+ 342724 [dr.subscribe] Sorry a small correction. The test function definition line should be
+ 342729 [phasis gmail] aracter pressed
  342732 [dr.subscribe] Excellent! It works like a charm. Thanks a bunch. :)

^ previous value in array block
342725 [jason.lillyw] Is this a good way to use a previous value in an array block?
+ 342727 [botpena gmai] to me, your code is elegant enough.
+ 342728 [dr.subscribe] a = [1,3,3,2]
+ 342731 [list.push gm] But, you are doing the opposite :)
| 342734 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> a = [10,20,30,40]
| 342737 [fxn hashref.] require 'enumerator'
| + 342748 [dblack rubyp] Here's a 1.9 way, probably guilty of gross wasteage (by creating an
| | 342750 [robert.dober] A beauty, sorry did not see it before my post!
| + 342749 [robert.dober] and purely functional
|   + 342751 [dblack rubyp] I don't understand that last one. Is this some kind of override of map
|   | 342752 [robert.dober] IIRC it was like this
|   | 342753 [dblack rubyp] I confess I don't see the point, but thanks for clarifying.
|   | 342754 [robert.dober] It is cheating, bending Ruby to the needs of the problem. We even had
|   | 342757 [dblack rubyp] In 1.9 you get: enumerable.each_cons(x).map ...  which has much the
|   | 342760 [robert.dober] yes we should not confuse, playing around and changing the language. I
|   + 342755 [botpena gmai] very cool.
|   + 342756 [rick.denatal] Here's a lisp/scheme inspired approach using inject and with an array
+ 342799 [w_a_x_man ya] On Jul 28, 10:39 pm, Jason Lillywhite <jason.lillywh...@gmail.com>
+ 342800 [w_a_x_man ya] On Jul 28, 10:39 pm, Jason Lillywhite <jason.lillywh...@gmail.com>

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.3.3 Released
342730 [aaron tender] nokogiri version 1.3.3 has been released!
+ 342763 [mike.dalessi] Nice work. Thanks again. Next release, I'll do the work.
+ 342769 [ibc aliax.ne] a XML but didn't get a response. Could I get it now please?

^ upcase in 1.9.2-preview1
342733 [b.candler po] Can someone confirm whether this is intentional or not?
+ 342739 [lists bertra] =C3=9C" is
| 342743 [b.candler po] => "ruby 1.9.2dev (2009-04-08 trunk 23158) [i686-linux]"
+ 342745 [b.candler po] To answer my own question: looking at the source code, it looks like
  342771 [ibc aliax.ne] Is it the correct approach?
  + 342773 [b.candler po] There are perfectly clear Unicode rules for case conversion, but they
  + 342774 [matz ruby-la] But it's locale dependent.  In some languages, upper/lower case
    343079 [dan-ml dan42] 99% of the time it's locale independant. I don't follow this logic of