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^ Help needed about Treetop::Runtime::SyntaxNode.
342302 [jc.lelann gm] I am new to Treetop : in the following example, I'd like to get an
342357 [jc.lelann gm] Sorry !

^ Is it possible to justify table title using PDF::SimpleTable
342303 [jack.zelig g] I'm making a pdf using the PDF::Writer gem.
342306 [gregory.t.br] Use Prawn instead.  PDF::Writer is no longer supported, except for
342315 [jack.zelig g] Thanks for that.
342324 [gregory.t.br] # may require the 0.5 pre-release, can't remember
+ 342325 [gregory.t.br] * but the third way (manually building a Prawn::Table::Cell), is not recommended
+ 342333 [jack.zelig g] Great, that works perfectly (also on prawn
  342338 [gregory.t.br] Ah, I see.  Yeah, I've been quitely merging patchs and adding things,

^ problem with Heckle
342305 [brunormoura ] heckle Greeter

^ WEBrick on multiple CPUs?
342313 [smerk fi.mun] multiple CPUs? Or I have to use something like Mongrel?
+ 342316 [rogerpack200] Sure just have it run one per process, run several process all listening
+ 342372 [drbrain segm] The webrick_high_performance gem gives an example of how to do this,

^ Dir.entries, output showing nils
342318 [mmc_collins ] When I output to line for RegisteredUser it shows all filenames as nil
342329 [Rob AgileCon] First, Capitalized names in Ruby are constants. You probably want a
+ 342335 [lists askree] He's also defining it inside the 'each' which, I believe, localizes the variable.  Thus,
| 342339 [mmc_collins ] when I puts filename[2] it returns the 56, or 48 which I think is the
| 342362 [Rob AgileCon] In Ruby 1.8, String#[] with a single Integer argument returns the
+ 342337 [mmc_collins ] My project consists of me reading the contents of a folder. The folder
  342363 [Rob AgileCon] Ah, much better description of your problem.

^ [RCR] GC.force_recycle(object)
342321 [rogerpack200] you're pretty sure an object isn't referenced] except by doing a
342358 [matz ruby-la] It is too dangerous, I think.  Sometimes a small programming flaw

^ ruby /mysql needed help asap..
342323 [wrapster aol] I would like to know about the ruby/mysql module and how to use it...
342327 [lists askree] I hope you find this link relevant.
342330 [wrapster aol] This is exactly what I'd referred earlier Kyle, The issue is want to use
342334 [lists askree] severe lack of decent examples.  Sorry to be of little help, I can see why this is frusterating.

^ Problem with roodi
342341 [brunormoura ] Found 0 errors
342359 [tommy.nordgr] This appears to be correct behaviour when tested on files with no

^ Not Passing On Command Line Arguments
342343 [mejari gmail] Hey there! I have a question about passing command line arguments. I
342572 [mejari gmail] Also, for some reason some arguments I add (by simply adding if

^ Re: arcadia ruby ide 0.7.0
342346 [antonio.gale] yes has scheduled the porting to ruby1.9 , if there aren't great

^ Watching a website for periodic outages
342347 [damnbigman g] I'm needing to monitor a web application for periodic outages and log the
+ 342351 [lists askree] and
| 342353 [kyleaschmitt] Damnit, this is going to get confusing.
+ 342352 [kyleaschmitt] es
+ 342354 [kyleaschmitt] le
  342356 [damnbigman g] We have an application that is misbehaving, and despite paying for support
  + 342360 [kyleaschmitt] Try recording and tweaking a JMeter script.  It may just work (after a
  | 342366 [damnbigman g] Yeah, I was kind of hoping it would be a lot easier than it seems to be.
  | + 342481 [fxn hashref.] r a
  | | 342483 [fxn hashref.] Sorry guys, I accidentally pushed reply or something.
  | + 342513 [mark thomasz] ries
  |   + 342563 [damnbigman g] as
  |   + 342564 [damnbigman g] as
  + 342482 [richard.conr] You could try using Celerity, which is a JRuby equivalent for Watir. In most

^ thoughts on rewriting irb?
342355 [gabriel.horn] %w{readline rubygems bond bond/completion}.each {|e| require e }
+ 342380 [vjoel path.b] Do you want
| 342406 [gabriel.horn] Joel,
| 342462 [vjoel path.b] $ cat mirb.rb
| 342488 [gabriel.horn] Thanks for pointing that out. Would you know why irb does some funkier
+ 342390 [lists bertra] I'm very disappointed about Irb. The thing I miss most is some way
  342409 [gabriel.horn] Ditto on the disappointment. You can use breakpoint for examining an

^ Re: GC.force_recycle(object)
342361 [rogerpack200] Ok.

^ How to handle timeouts in SNMP::Manager walks
342364 [henk tuxtown] Maybe a simple thing, but I can't get a clear google answer.

^ Does mongrel ever freeze up?
342367 [xeno.campano] I am seeing a small Rails app freeze up after being up for a while.  It appears
+ 342436 [lists askree] time.
| 342446 [xeno.campano] Ok.  Thank you.
+ 342531 [normalperson] Unless you're on somes broken OS or version of Ruby or an ancient

^ Extract alphanumeric text from a string
342368 [abboura84 ya] I have a string extracted from a news flow wich contains heteregenous

^ Ruby from C++ (new to both) question
342370 [stevenlebeau] I'm currently taking a beginning C++ class and learning Ruby on my own.
+ 342386 [carhoden gma] Steven,
+ 342387 [vjoel path.b] In ruby, there is no need to declare a function before the compiler sees

^ File directory ugly
342378 [jabowery gma] $ cat spec/lib/plugins/filedirbug.rb
342438 [gthiesfeld g] eval("puts  __FILE__")

^ ARGF.eof? behavior
342383 [mkasick-rt c] $ ruby -e 'while !ARGF.eof?; puts ARGF.readline; end' /tmp/foo /tmp/bar
342384 [phasis gmail] =A0Seems to be
342388 [mkasick-rt c] Right, I understand that this works in this particular example.  Perhaps
342514 [mkasick-rt c] - Turns out Ruby 1.9's ARGF.eof? behavior was a bug, now fixed in svn

^ Is recusion the best?
342385 [chen_li3 yah] I have some codes  implemented with recursion. When the loop/recursion
342391 [list.push gm] Does this do the same thing?
342410 [chen_li3 yah] Yes, they are the same. GOOD JOB!!!
342413 [list.push gm] Well, it is much faster, but it will start to feel very slow, too if

^ unsubscribe
342389 [flyerhzm gma] unsubscribe

^ I suspect syntax got me this time
342396 [venkatram.ak] I have created a class with a class method. I am trying to call it
342494 [b.candler po] You need to show the *exact* error message you get, and point out which

^ I suspect syntax got me this time
342397 [venkatram.ak] I have created a class with a class method. I am trying to call it
+ 342408 [bbxx789_05ss] I don't know what all that code does--it's a mess.  Here is a simple
+ 342427 [dblack rubyp] nil

^ how to automate keystroke using Ruby?
342398 [blueskybreez] I wonder if anyone knows how to use Win32 to automate a keystroke using
342463 [s.korteling ] Is this what you are looking for?

^ Large scale Ruby development with TDD
342400 [kowsik gmail] K.

^ Question about linked list with multiple pointers.
342402 [kin__ hotmai] threaded list, which I add some objects to a linked list and each node

^ Methods depend on pairs of objects - best parctise pls?
342411 [orenshani na] First of all I think you should know that I am quite new to Ruby. I have

^ Methods depend on pairs of objects - best parctise pls?
342412 [orenshani na] First of all I think you should know that I am quite new to Ruby. I have
+ 342415 [toastkid.wil] I would do a module and then mix that in to any of your required
| 342416 [toastkid.wil] oops this should have been
| 342417 [toastkid.wil] oh and in case you don't have a string comparison method yet there's a
| 342431 [orenshani na] Max,
+ 342426 [eule space.c] If there is one proximity function per valid pair, storing that
  342444 [orenshani na] Kaspar,

^ [C/Linux] How to get amount of allocated memory from within a process (heap size)
342414 [Gennady.Byst] What would be a good way to determine the current heap size (VSZ) for a pro=
+ 342429 [djberg96 gma] gem install sys-proctable
| 342439 [Gennady.Byst] Daniel, thanks for your suggestion. I looked how you do it on Linux, =20
+ 342524 [kubo jiubao.] rocess on Linux?
  342593 [Gennady.Byst] Well, it is not directly related to Ruby, I admit ;-). However, knowing how=

^ Cross-compiling  ruby-1.8.6-p368  to bfin-uclinux in CentOS 5.2
342418 [elouardis gm] ( after reading

^ E Commerce Website Design
342423 [designsoftst] At Design Soft Studios we understand that an e-commerce website has to

^ installing RedCloth gem on ubuntu 9.04 64 -bit
342424 [dhawal_bhavs] i'm usung using ruby  1.8.7 (64-linux) and rubygems 1.3.5

^ Re: Thinking about Ruby, right reason?, #1 predictable language?
342425 [optomatic ro] This is my first post to this list. I am not a full time programmer.
342437 [mo_mail ongh] Yes, it is right for you.  It gets out of your way and lets you get your
+ 342443 [optomatic ro] I sent this post about 7 hours ago but it never made it to the list, I hope it won't end up as a double post, sorry in advance if it does......
+ 342451 [tomcloyd com] I would agree with Mohit. I, too, am an amateur programmer, with never

^ win32ole - windowsinstaller.installer method
342428 [micke.sommar] I'm a beginner at ruby, so correct me if I'm doing something stupid.
342440 [masaki.suket] (1) msiInstaller should be created only at once if you could.
342642 [micke.sommar] I have tried the example above, unfortunately i get same result as
342648 [masaki.suket] How about calling GC.start in GetProperty method?
342655 [micke.sommar] A big thanks fore you help, the GC.start solved the problem.
342659 [masaki.suket] Sorry, I don't know English article about Win32OLE.

^ Arithmetic operation bug
342430 [manojchouras] v1="128.015"
+ 342432 [furetto76 gm] the problem seems to be in to_i
+ 342433 [stefano.croc] I'm not an expert, but I think because when you write 128.015, the number y=
+ 342434 [chris.hulan ] (120..130).each{|x| puts x,((x+0.015)*1000).to_i}

^ [QUIZ] Mario Paint Composer File Parser (#215)
342442 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

^ Problem with hash (again)
342445 [tpreal gmail] It says in the documentation to hash function
+ 342448 [gregory.t.br] The documentation for Object#hash says that.   You're experiencing
| 342449 [tpreal gmail] I think that if there is a description of hash or eql? or any other
| + 342450 [rmagick gmai] Thanks!
| + 342456 [gregory.t.br] And then you'd *still* be talking about Array#hash.
|   342457 [gregory.t.br] =3D> nil
+ 342452 [gwtmp01 mac.] Something like this might work...
+ 342455 [chust web.de] the statement you are quoting from the documentation is preceded by
  342459 [gwtmp01 mac.] Bitwise AND is better than my integer division

^ [ANN] Ramaze 2009.07
342447 [m.fellinger ] The Ramaze development team is happy to announce version 2009.07 of Ramaze,=

^ using until
342453 [lloyd 2live4] I am writing a little thing to find all the prime numbers to a million.
+ 342464 [lists bertra] def sieve max
| 342474 [lloyd 2live4] Nice but I still wonder what is wrong with my until statement.  Any
+ 342478 [list.rb gmai] Modify it to show u what ur problem is
+ 342485 [dblack rubyp] statement until condition
| 342526 [shortcutter ] Shouldn't that read
| 342537 [dblack rubyp] I garbled that because I was trying to answer the question and write
| 342549 [shortcutter ] Ah, thanks for the clarification!
| 342844 [lloyd 2live4] I have the answer.  fyi, it is that
| + 342850 [Rob AgileCon] Time.now.to_f > i
| | + 342864 [lloyd 2live4] excellent!  I always like it when things are proven.  With this working
| | + 342867 [dblack rubyp] I don't think you'd want it otherwise, though. "until" really just
| + 342866 [dblack rubyp] You didn't have to figure it out intuitively; I told you on Saturday
|   342868 [Rob AgileCon] statement while condition
|   342870 [dblack rubyp] I wasn't sure which issue was the focus (see my response to Lloyd
|   342871 [dblack rubyp] This discussion got me curious about something I remembered from days
+ 342497 [glennj ncf.c] You've gotten lots of good advice.  You might want to peruse how others

^ Problem with each_key
342458 [agormar gmai] I use NetBeans as IDE for Ruby. I tested my script on JRuby and got
342461 [TimHunter nc] I don't think you're going to get it. In 1.8.7 hashes are by definition
342467 [agormar gmai] I think that Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.8.6 shouldn't differ very much.
342469 [rick.denatal] Well they differ, although not in this regard. BUT
342471 [agormar gmai] Thank you for your answers. I solved my problem without relying on

^ [ANN] H4DEV.com searchable database for ruby and rails developers
342460 [gene.tani gm] H4dev.com is a searchable database for ruby, rails and javascript

^ Fwd: quiz LCD numbers
342465 [james graypr] charset=US-ASCII;

^ [ANN] retrograph-0.5
342466 [mental rydia] =3D=3D What is Retrograph? =3D=3D

^ popen needs escaped pathname?
342468 [matt_neuburg] I am using popen to pipe some text through a Perl script and I've just
342470 [vjoel path.b] It's a shell thing...
342473 [matt_neuburg] Right, I see; I'm talking directly to the shell...

^ [ANN] keyword_arguments v0.0.1
342472 [dominikho gm] This is the first release (and actually my first announce on this list
+ 342505 [dan danfinni] This looks very useful and time-saving, thanks for posting!
+ 342712 [dominikho gm] I just released version 0.0.2.

^ Re: quiz LCD numbers
342477 [list.rb gmai] charset=us-ascii;

^ Is an exception (Error) raised while using YAML.load_file()
342479 [venkatram.ak] Well, I am saving db properties in a YAML file in a ruby
342480 [venkatram.ak] Actually let me improve my question. This is the erro I get
342498 [ray.baxter g] These values are Constants defined in Errno, so you can see the possible
342499 [venkatram.ak] Thanks for the reply Ray
342502 [ray.baxter g] The usual way,

^ ANN] sqlite3-ruby 1.2.5 Released
342484 [luislavena g] sqlite3-ruby version 1.2.5 has been released!

^ [ANN] rake-compiler 0.6.0 Released
342486 [luislavena g] rake-compiler version 0.6.0 has been released!

^ Unit Testing and Instance Vars
342487 [lists gregwi] I find myself often wondering about some design choices that result from
342489 [dblack rubyp] The key word, I think, is "interface", which in your example consists
+ 342492 [b.candler po] I'd agree with what David said. But I'd also point out that if you
| 342501 [lists gregwi] Mmm, wasn't aware of those. Yes, that could be handy.
+ 342500 [lists gregwi] Ah, yes. I recall reading some debates about that. When thinking about

^ Please debug this program
342503 [prateek.agwl] I had to make a program to estimate the value of pi using Ramanujan's
+ 342504 [brabuhr gmai] Try this snippet, do you see the problem here?
+ 342510 [b.candler po] You pressed ctrl-C?
  342511 [brabuhr gmai] FOO
  342515 [b.candler po] Ugh, thanks - I'd forgotten the use of 'else' as part of a rescue, and

^ Pseudo random
342506 [jonas.esp go] Is safe to use Kernel#rand to get pseudo-random integers?
+ 342507 [mental rydia] It depends on what you need them for.
+ 342509 [wyhaines gma] Ruby uses a mersene twister for its prng. This provides a high quality source of pseudo random numbers for noncryptographic purposes. If you need random numbers for crypto or you need independent prng streams then you need a different source.
  342545 [jonas.esp go] For if this can help to somebody, I use a deck of 52 cards to get a
  342550 [shortcutter ] My pseudo randomness math is a bit rusty these days but it may be that

^ C extension and Ruby threads
342508 [johnbob31 li] I've found something a bit weird while trying to make a C extension
342512 [mental rydia] In 1.8, there's not really a good way to address this unless you can
342522 [kubo jiubao.] How about rb_thread_polling() and WaitForSingleObject(handle, 0)?
342523 [kubo jiubao.] Sorry, rb_thread_polling() returns immediately if only one thread runs.
342525 [johnbob31 li] I used the rb_thread_blocking_region method, seems to work like a charm!

^ [ANN] webgen 0.5.9 released
342516 [t_leitner gm] Hey everybody!

^ Visual Test Automation
342517 [lists gregwi] OK, I guess I just don't kow to find it, but I'm looking for something
+ 342519 [ryand-ruby z] I don't _use_ any of these, but I think you want to experiment with
+ 342544 [glenn rubypo] Wouldn't a continuous integration server with formatted output piped
| 343230 [brabuhr gmai] (It's on my to-look-at-list, but I haven't tried it yet myself.)
+ 343225 [transfire gm] Perhaps "Turn" is what you are looking for.

^ [ANN] filesize v. 0.0.1
342518 [dominikho gm] filesize.rb[1][2] provides a class for easily working with file sizes.

^ [Mechanize] Invisible button?
342520 [ansuga gmail] I'm trying to scrap http://www.ryanair.com/site/ES/. I'm looking for the
342856 [jhuelga gmai] Maybe this can help you.
342889 [fxn hashref.] I did a quick read the other day. In addition the button does not

^ Possible bug in rb_float_new() ???
342527 [contacto fra] float numbers.
+ 342528 [TimHunter nc] This has been discussed quite a bit lately. Just as there are fractions
+ 342529 [sepp2k googl] The problem has nothing to do with rb_float_new.

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Prototype-Based Inheritance (#214)
342530 [yahivin gmai] Prototype based inheritance is used in many programming languages,

^ .gemrc obscurity
342532 [pedzsan gmai] Is it just me?  I have to put a colon at the front of my attribute names
342539 [drbrain segm] gem help env

^ [ANN] Lone Star Ruby Conference 2009 - Early Registration Ending Soon
342534 [jimfreeze gm] Greetings from Austin - Home of the Lone Star Ruby Conference.

^ Re: cartesian product of arrays
342535 [adriano.mitr] Unfortunately, these methods uses too much memory, storing the whole
342536 [adriano.mitr] Unfortunately, these methods use too much memory, storing the whole