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^ timer examples
342066 [mathspeedy g] I think the title says it all,
+ 342150 [lists bertra] I examined the whole interpreter source code and could not find
| 342186 [xeno.campano] There's a Timeout method I use that has been superior to anything I could find
+ 342195 [spox modspox] I have a simple timer library I use regularly. You can find the project page

^ Standard Deviation question regarding EDOM errors
342067 [jdezenzio gm] Okay,
342069 [dblack rubyp] ...
342071 [jdezenzio gm] Please bear with me as my brain is a bit fried - been working on a lot
+ 342072 [jdezenzio gm] I think I understand what you are saying..
| 342075 [dblack rubyp] ...
| 342077 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks for showing me my error.  So, I implemented a change in the class
| 342085 [dblack rubyp] ...
| 342086 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks so much David - that's perfect..
+ 342074 [dblack rubyp] ...

^ Client local time
342078 [ciriusmex gm] Ok think it's gonna be pretty easy but can't find any solution on

^ Trouble Counting Words, Sentences and Paragraphs
342080 [maxnorman co] I'm working on the first example application from 'Learning Ruby, from
342081 [bbxx789_05ss] What are your suspicions?
342083 [maxnorman co] My concern stems from the paragraph count: the application reports only
342091 [bbxx789_05ss] The code defines a paragraph as two consecutive newlines, which would
342094 [maxnorman co] Among other public buildings in a certain town, which for many reasons
342139 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'pp'
342196 [maxnorman co] I solved the problem by saving the text as 'plain text' in Textmate.

^ [ANN] RubyGems 1.3.5
342082 [drbrain segm] rubygems-update version 1.3.5 has been released!
342099 [vjoel path.b] Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
342107 [drbrain segm] Ah, you probably got bitten by the development dependencies :/

^ Re: RubyGems 1.3.5
342084 [jdezenzio gm] Didn't you mean..
+ 342089 [jdezenzio gm] Using Windows Vista..
| 342098 [jdezenzio gm] Hrm..
+ 342110 [drbrain segm] Yes, sorry.  I've fixed it on my blog post and on rubyforge.=

^ Re: HTTPClient::SSLConfig uses "puts" ąŻ?
342105 [drbrain segm] Please file a bug.=

^ why I get an empty hash?
342108 [chen_li3 yah] I modify James' code and want to return a hash with all values set to
342130 [bbxx789_05ss] Method calls are replaced in your code by the method's return value.
342134 [bbxx789_05ss] data = ["A"]
+ 342135 [bbxx789_05ss] (2)
+ 342147 [chen_li3 yah] If what you explain is right, how come I get 'AA' when I add a line
  + 342233 [chen_li3 yah] Given that I can print out the hash but the return one in main program
  + 342243 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoops, I didn't see that the recursive call to table() uses word+e as
    342244 [bbxx789_05ss] def meth
    342245 [bbxx789_05ss] Which is equivalent to asking why the result of calling meth1 below is
    342248 [chen_li3 yah] I do nothing about the value of method call after it returns. Here is
    342258 [bbxx789_05ss] return method2
    342294 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you so much,

^ rmacro 0.1.1 - a macro utility like the one of Common Lisp for Ruby
342111 [chanwoo.yoo ] Utilities are added, which transform XML into s-expressions and s-

^ [ANN] rubyforge 1.0.4 Released
342112 [ryand-ruby z] rubyforge version 1.0.4 has been released!

^ Best gem to parse Ruby with?
342113 [tony medioh.] ...to parse the Ruby source code, extracting a list of constants a
342115 [vikkous gmai] No doubt its author will say it is, but I'd like to recommend my own
342120 [tony medioh.] I'm definitely looking for a pure Ruby solution, and in that regard RedParse
+ 342126 [luislavena g] rse
+ 342179 [vikkous gmai] RedParse doesn't work in 1.9 yet either, tho.
  + 342206 [tony medioh.] 1.9 support would be nice, but really I'm looking for something that works
  | 342209 [vikkous gmai] Ah, ok. I don't know if RedParse works on JRuby or not; last I knew,
  | 342222 [ryand-ruby z] Nope. Last I looked JParseTree wasn't compatible with the Unified Ruby
  | 342239 [vikkous gmai] For what Tony is doing, I doubt he cares about the difference between
  | + 342252 [tony medioh.] Interoperability is always nice
  | + 342278 [ryand-ruby z] Well the raw trees are incompatible... so unless they unify, there is
  |   342319 [vikkous gmai] Tony is primarily interested in constants. It looks to me like
  + 342236 [drbrain segm] Um, ruby_parser works great on 1.9, is written in pure ruby and can
    342237 [vikkous gmai] I did not realize that. I thought the extension was required.

^ Openssl Upgrade Producing "Cipher is not a class (TypeError"
342137 [l33z3r gmail] I am having a really annoying problem trying to start my webrick server.
342174 [brabuhr gmai] All the ruby1.8 packages mentioned are 1.8.7.x while the running ruby
342249 [l33z3r gmail] I had been running ruby 1.8.6 for some time now with the packages at

^ (none)
342138 [total_sc yah] ...

^ OCIError: OCI Library Initialization Error and Unable to loa
342140 [checktesting] Guys,
342295 [rogerdpack g] What's on line 52? :)
342553 [checktesting] Line 52 of oci8 goes like "if DBI.const_defined?(:TypeUtil)"

^ how to share irb session?
342146 [arun.mehta g] I am trying to teach my students ruby and rails online, so that they
+ 342148 [fred lacave.] Dunno about cool, but if you're using *nix or cygwin, the GNU screen
| 342162 [arun.mehta g] thanks Fred
+ 342154 [pjb informat] You could write an IRC bot that would receive ruby expressions,
+ 342159 [b.candler po] VNC
+ 342164 [bbxx789_05ss] Instead, why not write a ruby program in a much easier to use text

^ Gem versions and Gem lists different after update
342170 [jdezenzio gm] For awhile now I've not had any issues with using any of the gem
342218 [jdezenzio gm] I fixed this issue - just a simple problem but hard to catch unless you

^ Pick pop-up text and oracle DB connectivity issue
342180 [checktesting] Guys,

^ Instantiating classes / sharing data between classes
342185 [trevoke gmai] a = Doctor.new
+ 342187 [furetto76 gm] create a class variable?
| 342191 [jameskilton ] Sounds like another class, Modalities. Could be a singleton, so each doctor
| 342202 [trevoke gmai] or
+ 342188 [carhoden gma] class Doctor
| + 342192 [flo andersgr] How about a constant?
| + 342201 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think reaching for class variables is almost always a mistake.
| | 342215 [trevoke gmai] Gary -- these values ARE the same for EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE of the
| | + 342220 [gwtmp01 mac.] Here is a nice discussion of the confusion that surrounds
| | + 342221 [dblack rubyp] ...
| + 342203 [trevoke gmai] Ah.. Understood.. Thank you!
+ 342224 [b.candler po] modalities = ['US', 'CR', 'CT', 'MR']

^ Incorrect -0.0.hash - Ruby bug.
342189 [tpreal gmail] In the rdoc to Object#hash we read
342193 [wishdev gmai] Morning Thomas,
+ 342194 [jcoglan goog] 2009/7/22 John W Higgins <wishdev@gmail.com>
| 342199 [tpreal gmail] In my program it's very convenient to use float vectors as keys because
+ 342197 [robert.dober] =3D=3D
+ 342200 [minilith gma] I'd assume it overrides both methods in order to fulfill the contract

^ Telnet Ruby
342190 [amogh.gonwar] I am currently working on project which demands to dump raw data from
342211 [b.candler po] That is: describe your problem. Provide minimal code which reproduces
342213 [amogh.gonwar] I am able to use the script with a single prompt.
342225 [b.candler po] That's not a description of your problem.
342226 [amogh.gonwar] require 'rbdi'
+ 342241 [vikkous gmai] I don't know anything about this telnet library, but there seem to be
+ 342259 [b.candler po] Sorry, you've lost me there.
  342475 [amogh.gonwar] Thanks Brian!
  + 342476 [rilindo gmai] Not to ask you to think about a different solution, but since you are
  | 342491 [b.candler po] I'd say that Net::Telnet is the right tool for the job here - he's
  + 342490 [b.candler po] Then I'd say you should still just look for the BDI> prompt as before -

^ Bug Rounding Floats? (9.245 * 100).round => 924?  S/B 925!
342198 [ddoherty03 g] All,
342204 [thopre gmail] 2009/7/22 ddoherty03 <ddoherty03@gmail.com>
342205 [glennj ncf.c] ...
342207 [glennj ncf.c] ...
342217 [ddoherty03 g] Glenn,
+ 342264 [Bil.Kleb nas] See for example,
+ 342309 [glennj ncf.c] Taking Bil Kleb's advice,
  342312 [ddoherty03 g] nd

^ uninitialized constant XmlEngine::Logger (NameError)
342208 [venkatram.ak] I am trying to include the log4r gem but the interpreter doesn't seem
342210 [b.candler po] You are getting confusing output by using ruby -d. Just try ruby, or
342212 [venkatram.ak] Please see the attached file for the code.
342214 [venkatram.ak] Thanks for the reply to start with.
342223 [b.candler po] Did you install it as a gem? Then
342227 [venkatram.ak] That did it. Thankyou

^ Searching/Comparison of CSV then importing into database
342216 [john.mcleod ] I'm a newbie to Ruby.  I'm really a PHP guy with around 2 weeks
+ 342254 [bbxx789_05ss] I would repost your question with the title: "gem install problem ->
+ 342255 [bbxx789_05ss] You can do string comparisons with ruby itself.  On the other hand, if

^ a Noob question about gtk
342228 [vistaguru ho] im putting a few buttons inside of a gtk::alignment, but i can figure

^ Question about text parsing
342229 [sbeard22 hot] I am new to ruby and had a question about parsing text.
342232 [spox modspox] str.scan(/addr:([^\s]+)/)[0][0]
+ 342234 [Rob AgileCon]"
| 342238 [sbeard22 hot] Thanks for the quick and thorough replies. They all look great.
| 342240 [bbxx789_05ss] Always look to a string method first.  split() rules the world, and
| 342242 [dblack rubyp] String method isn't the opposite of regular expression, though. It's
+ 342246 [dblack rubyp] Here's a technique involving subscripting a string with a regular
  342247 [cjq.999 gmai] Perfect.

^ [ANN] arcadia ruby ide 0.7.0
342231 [antonio.gale] arcadia ruby ide 0.7.0
342273 [botpena gmai] cool and simple gui builder. is there a plan for ruby1.9

^ =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Byte=96stream_parsing_in_Ruby?=
342235 [drbrain segm] I don't think that's a valid UTF-8 byte sequence...
342285 [james graypr] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Byte=96stream_parsing_in_Ruby?=
342373 [drbrain segm] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Byte=96stream_parsing_in_Ruby?=
342375 [james graypr] =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?Re:_Byte=96stream_parsing_in_Ruby?=

^ Firebug (?) displays Ruby code to get/set HTML element
342250 [  cb0 me.com] Several months ago I used a Firefox/Firebug extension that displayed the
342344 [karottenreib] huh? since when does firebug use ruby?
342376 [  cb0 me.com] It's a Firefox/Firebug EXTENSION, not a native function.
342381 [mark thomasz] That's neat, but it's not hard to put a

^ Garbage collection oddities
342251 [ninja slapha] class WatchMeDie
342304 [rogerpack200] The kicker here is it may not be a bug--it may be that there is a "ghost
342454 [ninja slapha] Right -- which I would consider to be a bug.
342614 [rogerpack200] If you're trying to have a multi-threaded app be GC-sane, your options
342620 [ninja slapha] Ah, thanks for that.

^ Again, Zlib load error on HP-UX
342253 [denis.berezh] I run into the same problem which was widely discussed. When I tried to
+ 342301 [rogerpack200] install pure ruby zlib?
+ 342371 [drbrain segm] What's the output of ext/zlib/mkmf.log
  + 342394 [denis.berezh] Thanks for you answers! Somehow I solved this issue by placing zlib.so
  + 342395 [denis.berezh] Thanks for you answers! Somehow I solved this issue by placing zlib.so

^ [ANN] Initial release of bond - custom autocompletion for the console
342256 [gabriel.horn] I'm announcing the initial release of bond, a gem to make custom

^ Ruby "star".... what's it?
342261 [furetto76 gm] What means this snippet of code? Why use the "star" ?
+ 342266 [toastkid.wil] In this example it doesn't really do anything, i think.  Normally you
| 342267 [furetto76 gm] Sorry,
| + 342268 [marvin.guelk] irb(main):001:0> x = 0
| + 342269 [bbxx789_05ss] x, y, z = 1, 2, 3
| | + 342271 [furetto76 gm] thank's to all.... this is a think I would remember :D
| | + 342274 [toastkid.wil] I said a more precise explanation would be forthcoming :)
| | | 342280 [bbxx789_05ss] When an assignment has more than one lvalue, the assignment expression
| | | 342282 [toastkid.wil] ah, cool, thanks.
| | + 342277 [dblack rubyp] It's changed in 1.9. * on the left no longer has the same "un-array"
| + 342270 [toastkid.wil] Ah, well there you go.  In ruby, you can assign multiple variables to
+ 342276 [dblack rubyp] In addition to the examples in the other answers, note that the star

^ Hrithik Roshan Declares Love With Tattoo
342262 [tapashwiruch] h-tattoo/

^ YAML interpretation
342263 [ganeshgirase] I have one array in ruby as,
342279 [ryand-ruby z] yaml only provides the extra characters when the result would be
342281 [ganeshgirase] Thanks for suggestion. But I am not clear about real yaml parser. As i
+ 342317 [brabuhr gmai] What is the other person's database program using to process the file?
| 342399 [ganeshgirase] Other database program expecting only the string, like,
| 342420 [ryand-ruby z] then the database program is wrong. the yaml is correct. you should
+ 342350 [ryand-ruby z] As you said: "I am passing this string to some else database program

^ How to control timeout exceptions.
342275 [muhammadjuna] This is code that i am using for fetching updates from twitter. I used
342284 [robert.dober] Maybe you want to check out Terminator?

^ How to integrate Ruby 1.9 in Netbeans 6.7?
342286 [schang wxs.n] I use the Netbeans 6.7 IDE for my Ruby programs and I want to use Ruby
+ 342307 [rilindo gmai] It should work without any issues. Otherwise, I wonder if this
+ 342311 [garryfre pac] ...
  342521 [schang wxs.n] Thanks all,

^ splitting.............
342287 [aksn18july g] I have a file which information.txt which is like
+ 342289 [furetto76 gm] something similar...
| 342310 [ruby-bucket ] ...
| 342403 [furetto76 gm] Just change the "," as record delimiter.... for example try a "\t" (TAB).
+ 342314 [glennj ncf.c] ...
| 342392 [aksn18july g] Let us suppose, an information.txt has following data
| 342401 [sri.jjhero g] I don't understand what is your need exactly.
| 342405 [aksn18july g] 1.txt
| 342407 [sri.jjhero g] Try this, this returns array of the names u asked for,
| 342419 [aksn18july g] yes,
| 342422 [aksn18july g] that file 1.txt contains
+ 342493 [b.candler po] require 'rubygems'
  342495 [ruby-bucket ] Great!  Someone's already done the work.
  342496 [gregory.t.br] On Ruby 1.9, it is.

^ Pagination in Readline
342291 [btrichardson] I'm writing a Ruby command-line terminal program using Readline, and in
342349 [gabriel.horn] I've written hirb, http://tagaholic.me/hirb/, which does conditional
342365 [btricha gmai] Awesome Gabe!  This worked PERFECTLY!  Thank you so much for pointing out
342404 [gabriel.horn] out

^ My program "RubyPack"
342292 [graycardinal] RubyPack
342345 [vjoel path.b] though these may not be currently maintained (doc has dates 2 yrs old).

^ How to get real reference to an object?
342293 [smerk fi.mun] Assume a big hash and/or a nested structure and the need of a plenty of
+ 342298 [dblack rubyp] h = { :a => { :b => {} } }
| 342308 [smerk fi.mun] $ ruby -e 'h = { :a => { :b => "hi" } }; tmp = h[:a][:b]; tmp << "
| + 342322 [gwtmp01 mac.] It doesn't evaluate to x because Ruby isn't Perl.  It isn't like there
| + 342326 [Rob AgileCon] Well, it is, but Fixnum's are immediate (implementation detail) and
| + 342348 [dblack rubyp] Right; I wasn't taking into account the fact that your example was
+ 342300 [sutniuq gmx.] You can't get references of immediate values like Fixnums or Symbols. If