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^ daemon helper
341719 [jak isp2dial] Start any program or script as a daemon.

^ Hash of Hash of Arrays Question
341721 [jdezenzio gm] I decided to take a deep look into hashes today and how hashes of arrays
341723 [jdezenzio gm] I performed the following test which got some of the results from this
341725 [jdezenzio gm] Okay, I was pretty close...
341731 [jdezenzio gm] Well I've spent several hours on this and can't figure out how to get
341737 [gwtmp01 mac.] Prior to Ruby 1.9, hashes are unsorted.  In Ruby 1.9, hashes are
341745 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks Gary,

^ Problems with gems and Ruby 1.8.7
341722 [hgtesta gmai] I have ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [universal-darwin10.0]
+ 341769 [hgtesta gmai] I decided to install another version of ruby at /usr/local/ruby-1.8.6
+ 342103 [drbrain segm] You also have the dev tools installed?
  342178 [anon1 caraco] Thank you for the response. Yes, I had... but since I didn't find a
  342857 [ryan.wilson ] leopard but I cant get some of the gems to build. It seems like gem
  + 342863 [anon1 caraco] Well, you can install other Ruby. I followed this tutorial and it worked
  + 342890 [drbrain segm] If this file really doesn't exist you should submit a bug report to
    343850 [poguere me.c] Installing the Xcode that's bundled with the Snow Leopard developer seed

^ Enumerator of what?
341724 [transfire gm] Any way to ask an Enumerator what the underlying object it is
341730 [robert.dober] Not as far as I know,
341743 [rogerpack200] Is this functionality...useful enough to merit being submitted to core?
341752 [robert.dober] I do not think so, I was in a strange mood and as there is no other way...

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.9.1-p243 and Ruby 1.9.2-preview1 Released
341726 [yugui yugui.] RubyKaigi2009 is being held since yesterday. It is the best time to

^ undefined method `*' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
341729 [zydeholic ya] First off, I'm a student taking Ruby for the first time, so bear with
+ 341733 [robert.dober] The problem here is instance variable scope.
+ 341735 [jeanjulien.f] As Robert told, you just have to add
  341736 [zydeholic ya] Thank you very much, both of you.

^ Ordering Steps in a Program
341740 [maxnorman co] Here is a simple program that stores entered words in an array, then,
341750 [rick.denatal] The difference is that yours will include the empty string in the
341751 [maxnorman co] Yes, I see--because the push method is before the if.

^ 1.9 test woe
341748 [rogerpack200] # somewhere it did a require 'test/unit'
342102 [drbrain segm] It's not.  The library you're porting is probably doing something
342297 [rogerpack200] It came from running the http://github.com/coatl/sequence unit tests in
+ 342320 [vikkous gmai] Using ObjectSpace.each_object on the same line. Definitely a hack.
+ 342374 [drbrain segm] It looks like the AutoRunner is only needed to set the seed across all

^ How to identify unpaired files in a list
341753 [tester.paul ] files in a directory.
341754 [rogerpack200] Perhaps nested hashes.
341755 [rogerpack200] {'abcd0001' => ['abcd0001.txt', 'abcd0001.bak.txt'], 'abcd0003' =>
+ 341759 [swhirsch nyc] I had the same requirement and ended up using Roger's method except
+ 341761 [tester.paul ] That's cool.  I'll give it a try.  Thanks.

^ [ANN] remembered_evals 0.0.4 -- debugging help for eval
341756 [rogerpack200] Please to announce the release of remembered_evals 0.0.4
341786 [vikkous gmai] I've used this same trick myself several times to be able to debug

^ Block Comments
341757 [ray.baxter g] What text, if any, is allowed on the the line after the =begin and
+ 341758 [TimHunter nc] _The Ruby Programming Language_ specifically says that text can follow
| 341928 [ymendel pobo] ext
| 341932 [TimHunter nc] The OP says "What text, if any, is allowed on the the line after the
| 341937 [ymendel pobo] Somehow my earlier reading seemed to focus on the lack of vertical
+ 341787 [vikkous gmai] RedParse doesn't have this bug, tho there is a more obscure problem

^ [ANN] test-unit 2.0.3
341760 [kou cozmixng] % sudo gem install test-unit

^ Re: Ruby 1.9.1-p243 and Ruby 1.9.2-preview1 Released
341762 [flo andersgr] first of all: thank you for the new versions.
341783 [d_rems yahoo] When and where will Windows binaries be available? On the official site
341811 [luislavena g] All Windows binaries are contributed, no official ones (as clearly

^ genie.rb:20: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting kEND
341763 [halodude10 g] I get "genie.rb:20: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting kEND" every
+ 341765 [dblack rubyp] Every if statement has to have an 'end'. Right now you've got more
+ 341772 [stefano.croc] You are missing two end before the last one. By the way, if you want to have

^ [ANN] require_all 1.1.0: the final nail on the coffin of require  File.dirname(__FILE__)
341764 [tony medioh.] require File.dirname(__FILE__) seems like an incredibly common idiom.  But

^ ruby has lots of love?
341766 [rogerpack200] from
+ 341767 [bbxx789_05ss] It sounds like an encoding problem.  Try changing the encodig of
| 341872 [rogerpack200] Hmm. The output is from vannila cmd.exe in doze.  Not sure how to change
+ 341781 [lists bertra] e'
  341875 [vikkous gmai] why does this strangely named 'file' show up in the backtrace at all?

^ external html page include
341773 [ginkod gmail] I would like to include an external html page into a .rhtml document. I
+ 341790 [bbxx789_05ss] Who cares what ruby has?  The generated page is html.  If you can't do
+ 341791 [bbxx789_05ss] On the other hand, if you are trying to incorporate some raw html into a
  341794 [ginkod gmail] How? with a File.Open()?. I'm new to ruby so I'm not sure if that is
  341800 [bbxx789_05ss] f = File.open("page.htm")
  341805 [ginkod gmail] That is what I thought and it aint working. I'm trying to open a file on
  341807 [carhoden gma] You should use something like
  341806 [carhoden gma] Didn't look closely enough at what's going on here.
  341826 [ginkod gmail] You're right. I'll stick with iframes.

^ Help with relative paths using require
341774 [craigw9292 g] I'm having a lot of problems trying to "require" my own .rb files from
+ 341775 [dblack rubyp] Does Tony Arcieri's require_rel (part of require_all) help?
| 341782 [craigw9292 g] Thanks David, the require_all was perfect! and easier than me
+ 341776 [ninja slapha] Quick question: Where are you actually running the app from? I'm guessing that

^ Hpricot - strip out images and show first x words
341779 [toastkid.wil] Hey all
341788 [bbxx789_05ss] require "rubygems"
341789 [bbxx789_05ss] require "rubygems"
341801 [toastkid.wil] This seems to return the first 25 words of every paragraph?  Maybe i'm
341809 [bbxx789_05ss] If you want relevant answers, then you have to post precise questions.
341846 [toastkid.wil] I guess that was a bit ambiguous, sorry.  Anyway, i'm interested to see
341849 [bbxx789_05ss] => "<p><i>From the <a
+ 341851 [toastkid.wil] I didn't say it was the desired output, i just said that was what my
+ 341852 [bbxx789_05ss] It's easy enough to slap a "</p>" on the end.  But something else you
  341853 [toastkid.wil] Yeah, i know, it's a bit complicated isn't it.  Slapping a </p> on the

^ Re: removing array duplicates where a subset is unique
341784 [bbxx789_05ss] That's well and good, but in the process of using a hash to remove the
+ 341785 [dblack rubyp] I'm not sure what that buys you, though. The ||= idiom should work
| + 341792 [s.korteling ] h = {}; inject([]) {|a,x| h[yield(x)] ||= a << x}
| | + 341796 [bbxx789_05ss] inject() = shite
| | + 341816 [cremes.devli] Ooh, I like this one too. I'll try it out and see what kind of
| + 341793 [bbxx789_05ss] Simplicity of comprehension over brevity.
|   341795 [dblack rubyp] I guess I like the ||= idiom because it has both. But the if statement
|   341797 [bbxx789_05ss] ..until it doesn't (I think you know what I'm refering to).
|   341799 [dblack rubyp] I wouldn't recommend freezing one's knowledge or leap abilities at a
|   341802 [bbxx789_05ss] No, but whenever I see ||= now, I get scared. :(
|   341803 [vjoel path.b] I do to! It looks like a very angry gnome.
|   341804 [dblack rubyp] I'm still waiting to see a use-case for &&=. I've come close to
|   341824 [vjoel path.b] Not terribly useful, but...
+ 341815 [cremes.devli] True, but in my case the order only matters for *picking* the first of

^ Code Quality Analysis Initiative
341808 [steve.e.haye] We (Cogent Consulting) have a project going that we think might be

^ [ANN] unicorn 0.8.3 and 0.9.2
341813 [normalperson] Unicorn is a Rack HTTP server for Unix, fast clients and nothing else

^ Do you program in any other language except for ruby?
341814 [elitecoding ] And what are they? :)
+ 341817 [mo_mail ongh] Yes, C (and occasionally assembly for embedded CPUs).
| 341818 [swhirsch nyc] python, ;erl, objective-c, java, and most recently erlang
+ 341827 [james.britt ] I sometimes need to poke around in PHP.
| 341830 [carhoden gma] python, PHP, C.
+ 341831 [ninja slapha] Right now, it's mostly Javascript, mostly as part of a web app.
| 341833 [james.britt ] Weird.  I forgot all about JavaScript, but after Ruby that's almost
| 341857 [mcamou tecno] Right now, mainly Scala. A bit of shell scripting too.
+ 341909 [rmagick gmai] 25 years of C.
+ 341944 [reid.thompso] C/Shell Scripting/occasionally JAVA
| 341946 [vikassarin q] C/Perl/Awk/Unix Shell Scripting/VBScript
+ 341945 [eric sempere] Java mostly
+ 341948 [   me ell.io] Ruby is my primary language, and the first one I ever learned in full,
| + 341951 [tony medioh.] Erlang, JavaScript, C
| + 341963 [james graypr] You and I are now friends.  :)
|   342050 [   me ell.io] I am glad. Let”Ēs have dinner!
|   342181 [james graypr] mentioning =20
|   + 342230 [   me ell.io] Oh, I use `#teleport`.
|   + 342283 [jim.mckercha] The main language we use here is "old skool" ASP in JScript with the
+ 341956 [martindemell] Actively? Clojure and OCaml at home, Python at work.
+ 341957 [billk cts.co] At work, I use Ruby and C++ and occasionally Objective C.
+ 341960 [lists bertra] C when I hack the Ruby interpreter and sometimes Vim-Script.
+ 341998 [kyleaschmitt] I used to do a bit of c/c++, vb.net and perl and such, but now, it's
+ 342036 [headius head] Mostly Java...I write more Java than Ruby, but some weeks they're about equal.
+ 342043 [rilindo gmai] Besides Ruby, I do Perl as well, although whenever possible I go for
| 342045 [jdezenzio gm] C++, C#, Autoit, PHP
+ 342272 [dido.sevilla] Professionally, C, Java, and PHP. And PHP (and to a lesser extent
  342290 [eleanor game] Not sure if it counts but I port a lot of code from other languages (C/

^ How to strip inner whitespace in rails
341819 [superdisconn] I want to strip any whitespace that more than 1 to be 1
+ 341820 [botpena gmai] try #squeeze
| 341822 [superdisconn] Thank you
+ 341823 [bbxx789_05ss] split() rules the world.  squeez()...not so much.
| + 341825 [bbxx789_05ss] result = s.gsub(/\s+/) do |match|
| + 341845 [fxn hashref.] Why? String#squeeze performs precisely what the OP asks for. There's
| | 341868 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| | 341871 [fxn hashref.] Agreed, I would default to gsub here because I find \s more obvious
| + 341867 [dblack rubyp] They're completely different methods, though. They're not in a death
+ 341880 [akaspick gma] In Rails (and nobody mentioned it), use String#squish or String#squish!
  341888 [dblack rubyp] The question was about removing inner whitespace, though. The only

^ Ruby 1.9.1 One-Click Installer
341828 [rohitchauhan] Latest Ruby 1.9.1 One-Click Installer with No-Hassle Rails Installation
+ 341829 [rohitchauhan] I dont see any Edit Post link here .
+ 341870 [luislavena g] v3zdvzu2rmt</a>
  341897 [rohitchauhan] No Problem . Thats fine .
  341903 [luislavena g] m/?v3zdvzu2rmt</a>

^ Ruby webrick/httpproxy and headers
341832 [null0x80 gma] I've been trying to get some sort of confirmation or examples on this

^ Ruby Object listener?
341834 [maran.asteri] Dear folks,
+ 341835 [bbxx789_05ss] class MyHash < Hash
+ 341876 [b.candler po] You cannot detect the general case of anything "modified" in that Hash,

^ Re: Installing Curb Was: Re: ruby libcurl maintainer?
341836 [slikstir gma] I'm having this problem, was there ever a resolution to this?
341838 [shuvo.razi g] I think curb is not built for windows. Once upon a time i was trying to
341842 [slikstir gma] Perhaps you could help with a net/http problem. I am trying to

^ ruby IDE's
341837 [sunil.muki g] i am new to ruby technology...
+ 341839 [tomcloyd com] May I recommend that you learn to run it from the command line. It's not
| + 341841 [cjq.999 gmai] I don't agree the guy Tom.
| | + 341844 [sunil.muki g] How run ruby programs in eclipse??
| | | 341847 [rohitchauhan] If you know Eclipse , Simply use this
| | | 341850 [r.s.a.vandom] Me and a few colleagues of mine are loving RubyMine, having recently
| | | 341861 [rilindo gmai] Out of curiosity, I downloaded RubyMine. Looks good (I'll have to test
| | + 341856 [rilindo gmai] I second on Netbeans and the sentiment IDEs. They become very
| |   + 341858 [rohitchauhan] You dont have actual Ruby Language ( Interpretor ) installed
| |   | 341859 [rohitchauhan] Need to select an Interpretor in Settings .
| |   | 341862 [sunil.muki g] ruby IDE's
| |   + 341877 [tomcloyd com] Well, the question of editors is entirely different from that of IDEs.
| |     + 341879 [garryfre pac] With the latest, I think its 4.3.17pre, It loads up and then the loading bar at the bottom gets to "Run startup script" and hangs there forever.
| |     + 341887 [fxn hashref.] I use editor + console. I don't launch irb sessions inside IDEs, nor
| |       341889 [minilith gma] You could also use Netbeans and still "have your consoles around".
| |       341891 [fxn hashref.] Sure, the editor of your preferred IDE would do for this use pattern.
| + 341854 [robert.dober] Amen (and even more so for beginners)
| + 341886 [gmane auxbus] No they don't!
|   + 341892 [james.britt ] Please avoid personal attacks.
|   | + 341893 [garryfre pac] The person he replied to said himself that he didn't have much experience. It didn't look like a personal attack to me when he's quoting the guy.
|   | + 341901 [gmane auxbus] He stated that he was inexperienced - he used the term "absolute
|   |   + 341918 [tomcloyd com] James, I'm a big fan of yours, but I'm also keenly aware of poorly
|   |   | + 341923 [james.britt ] I read too quickly and missed that the OP expressed inexperience.  So I
|   |   | + 342011 [robert.dober] Nor can he (or nor does he want ) It is easy to tell phrases like
|   |   |   342017 [garryfre pac] I have Netbeans 6.7 on the Mac Os X platform and its quite an ordeal to get it to install gems without putting it in the wrong directory because it executes installation that requires installation using sudo and does not prompt for the password, so stuff gets installed in the wrong directory.
|   |   |   + 342079 [tomcloyd com] Yeah - these things like to do things in their own way, and rarely is
|   |   |   + 342097 [hassan.schro] While not totally consistent naming-wise, I'm not sure how
|   |   |     342109 [garryfre pac] Well, take the last two lines J2SE 5.0 J2SE 1.4.2
|   |   |     342114 [hassan.schro] How can there be two versions of the same program?
|   |   |     342116 [garryfre pac] I am surprised to see sarcasm in this mailing list, or maybe I am just disappointed.
|   |   |     + 342117 [hassan.schro] For why there are multiple versions of Java on your system?
|   |   |     | 342118 [garryfre pac] I know what ruby is. I don't know what programs are included in the nebulous mass of programs that come under J2SE heading.
|   |   |     | 342119 [hassan.schro] Would you? And so you wouldn't put any effort into learning what
|   |   |     | + 342121 [garryfre pac] I guess I could break out a spreadsheet to make sense of it, or I could continue my fruitless search to try to find some site that lists it all ... Or I could try to ask some folks here for a site that might show me the differences and meanings ...
|   |   |     | | + 342122 [wishdev gmai] Garry,
|   |   |     | | | 342123 [garryfre pac] Oh nice! That clears up a lot. Strangely I found what I needed, it was an update from apple to upgrade J2SE 6, and install J2SE 1.6, but strangely in the java preferences app, it still lists the ancient 1.4.xx version and doesn't list the 1.6.xx version. So strange. I think I might try to see why its not showing up. I had installed it yesterday, and its still not showing and I know I rebooted just in case.
|   |   |     | | + 342132 [james.britt ] I recently learned that my Mac Mini included several versions of Java.
|   |   |     | + 342124 [pdromero gma] Well, I think I'll try and inject some help into this mounting flame
|   |   |     |   + 342129 [garryfre pac] Hmm, I've in the past shied away from vi, emacs because the key commands were so far different than what I was used to, but so many recommend these two and then I saw this tutorial on emacs just now in response to your recommendation and the neat things it can do, I figured, I better bite the bullet.
|   |   |     |   + 342136 [hassan.schro] I think you misspelled "educational dialog'".
|   |   |     |     342377 [tomcloyd com] Oh man. You just gotta love this humor judo. Wow. Kudos to you, sir.
|   |   |     + 342128 [james.britt ] A person's tone of voice does not come through in text, so humor can
|   |   |       342131 [garryfre pac] Its ironic, I can make jokes, I am always joking, but seem to be the last to note the humor. If I am wrong, I apologize to the fella.
|   |   |       342441 [greg.kujawa ] to note the humor. If I am wrong, I apologize to the fella.
|   |   + 341920 [james.britt ] I'm sorry you choose to spin my mistake as an ad hominem against you.
|   + 341894 [robert.dober] Well I am nuts then, but that's a well known fact anyway;).
|     + 341899 [fxn hashref.] I agree with that.
|     + 341904 [gmane auxbus] I belive that the hinting that something like netbeans gives you is a
|       341908 [robert.dober] I just meant, please tell us the advantages that become clear!
+ 341840 [rohitchauhan] Best would be Netbeans or Eclipse , no doubt .
| + 341843 [sunil.muki g] ruby IDE's
| + 341874 [james.britt ] NetBeans on my Kubuntu laptop (Intel Core 2 Duo, 3 GB RAM) is quite
| + 341885 [gmane auxbus] Woah! I run Netbeans on this here 2Gb, 1.6GHz Intel M (or something like
+ 341855 [sunil.muki g] ruby IDE's
| 341860 [rilindo gmai] Sunil,
+ 341863 [paradisaeida] A most effective facility I have found is to be able to edit vertically.
| 341878 [tomcloyd com] Absolutely. I use this facility in the jEdit editor all the time.
+ 341864 [lojicdotcom ] Emacs (Carbon Emacs if on OSX) with ruby-mode.el, inf-ruby.el,
+ 341865 [jackycheung.] you can use vim, gedit, emacs undder Linux system.
  341866 [sunil.muki g] ruby IDE's