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^ iconv emacs trouble
341512 [francesco.ma] I'm finding a weird problem with iconv. I would like to convert from
341562 [everton.carp] I know how do you feel, your problem really sucks.

^ Re: getting 500 error while deploying to bluehost please hel
341520 [rogerpack200] Pointer 1
341812 [joshbwhite g] I was running into similar issues. Mine was due to an old .htaccess
342257 [joshbwhite g] Well, bluehost is back at it again, this time they installed 2.3.3 1
+ 342296 [rogerpack200] It's hard to read on that lighthouse page.
+ 342340 [nreckart gma] on-for-programmers/more-bluegost...

^ Unsubscribe
341522 [mkamlesh gma] Faith waiting in the heart of a seed promises a miracle of life which it can
341531 [garciatjm gm] Unsubscribe
341539 [minilith gma] You're doing it wrong.

^ Re: require_all 1.0.0: A wonderfully simple way to load your
341526 [rogerpack200] Hmm.  I too wish that ruby core had something like
341542 [tony medioh.] I really would like to see this in core for one reason: with a pure Ruby
341544 [rogerpack200] Yeah I wish active support would just go away.  It seems unstable, even

^ Test::Unit run order
341532 [mejari gmail] Hey there! I had a question about the order tests are run in
+ 341534 [jcoglan goog] 2009/7/15 Dylan <mejari@gmail.com>
| 341573 [david_v_wrig] 2009/7/15 Dylan <mejari@gmail.com>
+ 341576 [djberg96 gma] I submitted a feature request for Test::Unix 2.x for something along these
| 341614 [kou cozmixng] I'll release a new version of test-unit in RubyKaigi2009. :-)
+ 341599 [ryand-ruby z] order dependent tests are a bug. every single test should be able to
  + 341612 [mejari gmail] Which is nice in theory, but not always the best option. In my case,
  | 341637 [ryand-ruby z] ...or you could deal with the real problem of having slow tests and
  | 341890 [mejari gmail] =A0
  | 341896 [rick.denatal] It sounds to me that there's a confusion here between unit-testing and
  + 341615 [kou cozmixng] I think so too. So I've also added "--order=random" option.

^ NoMethodError
341535 [dave sithum.] #simple ebay example

^ Nooby stumped on installing ruby-pg gem
341543 [kentilton gm] Complete Ruby noob, here. I want to go after postgres from Ruby on
341545 [rogerpack200] That probably doesn't mean pg isn't installed, but that a dependency it
341547 [kentilton gm] Thx, that helped. Got the gem installed but then got a complaint that
341552 [luislavena g] Maybe the gem has been built against a different version of

^ Parse Word/HTML Docs for database inserts
341548 [msmith362 my] I am new to Ruby and have perused the forum but I will ask this question
+ 341549 [mejari gmail] I'm not able to help with the parsing, but if you want to check all
| 341561 [james.britt ] Might not Find be more useful overall?
+ 341566 [jazzezravi g] Its very tough to answer your question. Because I like HPRICOT gem very

^ [ANN] bit-struct gem
341550 [vjoel path.b] Bit-struct is now a gem. It's for accessing binary data in strings.
+ 341551 [dblack rubyp] Cool. I have a lambda in my (slightly languishing) DVI-file parsing
| 341557 [vjoel path.b] Thanks! Drop me an email if the tweak looks like something that should
+ 341565 [ged FaerieMU] Thank you so much for this library -- I use the hell out of it, and

^ [ANN] bluecloth 2.0.5
341553 [ged FaerieMU] Version 2.0.5 of bluecloth has been released.
341556 [vjoel path.b] [Asked before for the 2.0.4 release, but maybe you didn't see it]
341564 [ged FaerieMU] I plan to support any of the extensions that the author of Discount

^ problem executing bash script from ruby
341554 [tomcloyd com] I have little experience with this sort of thing, but it looked fairly
+ 341575 [default spir] An option would be to run the bash script inside a PTY... but that makes it
+ 341578 [lcowell gmai] If a command is not found, the child process created to execute it

^ problem executing bash script from ruby - resend
341555 [tomcloyd com] [for some reason, my first attempt was not formatted correctly by the
+ 341572 [brabuhr gmai] irb(main):001:0> puts `pwd`
+ 341580 [Bil.Kleb nas] Maybe I didn't read carefully enough, but where is this

^ Help with making this prettier?
341558 [rps salas.co] What I want to do is to extract the integer value corresponding to a bit
341570 [chris howevi] def bit_field(from,to,val)
341601 [rps salas.co] Thanks. Beautiful, and nice explanation too!

^ [ANN] Rye 0.8
341560 [delano solut] Rye 0.8.5 - Safely run shell commands on a bunch of machines in

^ Re: bluecloth 2.0.5
341567 [usurffx gmai] There is a non-standard function bzero() in generate.c, line 671
341568 [ged FaerieMU] Good question; generate.c is code from Discount, so I'm loathe to
341569 [usurffx gmai] I'd be glad to :)

^ RDoc 2.4.3 - Document aliases and includes
341571 [thomas thomt] I first tried the RDoc that came with Ruby 1.8.6. But I didn't like the

^ new ruby gnuplot
341574 [rogerpack200] Since the maintainer appears to have abandoned
341608 [vjoel path.b] If you find that this library doesn't handle the combination of
341609 [rogerpack200] Thanks for the input.  If I ever need persistence or the what I'll give
341611 [vjoel path.b] gnuplot-2.2 does have the persist option, and probably if you use it,

^ CSV file to database problem - FasterCSV::MalformedCSVError
341579 [jwm birchrun] I'm having problems importing a simple csv into the sqlite database.
341581 [john.mcleod ] Solved my own problem.

^ uninitialized stream (IOError)
341582 [damnbigman g] So I'm getting an unexpected IOError in my code.
341600 [b.candler po] You're trying to mix subclassing and delegation.
341607 [damnbigman g] Thanks Brian.

^ case statement puzzle
341583 [tomcloyd com] x='1'
+ 341584 [jcoglan goog] 2009/7/16 Tom Cloyd <tomcloyd@comcast.net>
| + 341586 [tomcloyd com] THANKS! That's the "missing piece" - I need to study up on "===", about
| | 341606 [lists bertra] This will output "1" because the Range object '1'..'5' is not nil
| | 341610 [tomcloyd com] Thanks...you're right, of course, and I soon learned that, in this
| | 341627 [lists bertra] Yes, learning is the only straight fun.
| + 341596 [rick.denatal] Almost, that second when will ALWAYS match.
|   341602 [jcoglan goog] 2009/7/16 Rick DeNatale <rick.denatale@gmail.com>
+ 341603 [Rob AgileCon] x='1'

^ case statement puzzle - correction
341585 [tomcloyd com] x='1'
341587 [fred lacave.] ?>     when x == '0'
341588 [matt harpsta] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
341591 [tomcloyd com] Fred, Matt,

^ Interpolation question with each do block
341589 [jdezenzio gm] I have a quick interpolation question..
341592 [gwtmp01 mac.] I'm not 100% sure but I believe, the problem is that you want to
341595 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks a ton Gary - that did the trick.  I'm still getting used to how

^ making sure a file isn't being written/copied before moving
341593 [paul paularc] So, I'm (still) working on some scripts to rename and reorganize my image
341598 [b.candler po] As you said yourself: rely on the atomic semantics of the filesystem.
341605 [paul paularc] Perhaps you missed it in my original post (or perhaps I simply wasn't
+ 341619 [gwtmp01 mac.] Just use the renaming semantics in the first program (the one doing
| 341623 [paul paularc] That still leaves me with the same problem: I have to read out of a
+ 341658 [b.candler po] The program which drops files into the directory has to work the same
  341704 [paul paularc] I see what you're saying. My issue was that I will be moving files into

^ Reading windows processes
341594 [loadeddesign] I was wondering if Ruby could read what programs are currently running
341597 [djberg96 gma] gem install sys-proctable

^ strange inspect behaviour
341604 [andy.bogdano] The documentation says "if not overridden, #inspect method uses #to_s to
341656 [karottenreib] interesting, I didn't know that...
341657 [andy.bogdano] This code seems to make #inspect behave like it's described in

^ Need Help with a Very, Very Simple Program
341613 [maxnorman co] I'm almost an absolute novice in Ruby; it is my first language and I
+ 341616 [dblack rubyp] Welcome to Ruby!
| 341618 [maxnorman co] Thanks! I look forward to learning what appears to be an incredibly
+ 341617 [wishdev gmai] You're looking to the wrong line for the error
+ 341629 [jbarnette gm] Welcome!
  341630 [botpena gmai] you could try playing (just for ruby fun) w the above code; make it a

^ regexp exclusion search - find matches NOT ending with a string?
341620 [brencam gmai] 1 a1.html
+ 341621 [fxn hashref.] if filename !~ /\.html\z/
+ 341622 [dblack rubyp] lines.reject {|line| line =~ /html$/ }
| 341678 [glennj ncf.c] Is the Ruby regular expression syntax documented anywhere?
| + 341684 [Rob AgileCon] You could try the Regular Expressions section of the Standard Types
| + 341687 [robert.dober] For Oniguruma I found this most helpful
| + 341744 [b.candler po] In my opinion, documentation is Ruby's weakest aspect by far - and the
+ 341660 [robert.dober] Xavier and David gave good advice.
| 341661 [robert.dober] where does this $ come from ?
+ 341711 [bbxx789_05ss] IO.foreach("data.txt") do |line|

^ Solved: Re: making sure a file isn't being written/copied before moving
341624 [paul paularc] I think I solved my problem. I was looking at inotify in order to avoid

^ [ANN] rspec 1.2.8 Released
341625 [dchelimsky g] rspec version 1.2.8 has been released!

^ I have some Ruby math questions that need answering
341631 [jdezenzio gm] Simple 99/100..
+ 341632 [swhirsch nyc] 99.0/100 is sufficient here=
+ 341638 [ralf.mueller] or you use
  341641 [vikassarin q] 99.0/100 or 99/100.0 will also work! You would have to keep one floating
  341672 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks everyone - I appreciate the information.  This does help me out

^ how to know Array if have key?
341633 [g.zhen.ning ] a_array= [{"1"=>"11"}, {"2"=>"22"}]
+ 341634 [no spam.plea] Arrays don't have keys, Hashes do.
+ 341642 [chris howevi] If you have a hash and you want to find whether or not a given value exists
  341643 [g.zhen.ning ] thank you for help. clear.

^ Ruby versions, snapshots and SVN branches - I'm confused.
341640 [john.carter ] The ruby down load page has...
341645 [wishdev gmai] Unless you have need to be "uber cutting-edge" or you have a specific bug

^ trouble with puts
341644 [venkatram.ak] I have been trying to tranlate an application from java to ruby.
+ 341646 [stefano.croc] Are you calling the print_something method? The body of a class (or a top
+ 341647 [gwtmp01 mac.] Code that is within a method definition doesn't get
  341649 [venkatram.ak] Thanks for replying Gary and stefano
  + 341655 [stefano.croc] First of all, I apologize for not having read your message carefully: I
  + 341679 [gwtmp01 mac.] You'll have to show us all the code then since what
    341685 [venkatram.ak] Well to avoid posting the code(for no specific reason), I have posted a
    341686 [glennj ncf.c] @i = nil
    341688 [venkatram.ak] Thanks for the reply Glenn
    341689 [glennj ncf.c] So, this one found the XmlEngine.rb file, but that file has a syntax

^ HELP:Research Project
341651 [thilankaster] I was wondering if any of you guys could point me in the direction of any

^ [ANN] rutema_web 1.0.0 Released
341652 [eldestdamphy] rutema_web version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] rutema 1.0.5 Released
341653 [eldestdamphy] rutema version 1.0.5 has been released!

^ [ANN] rutema_elements 0.1.4 Released
341654 [eldestdamphy] rutema_elements version 0.1.4 has been released!

^ OpenSSL / Persistent connection
341659 [fabienpenso ] I want to have a persistent OpenSSL over a TCPSocket connection. The
341715 [vkill.net gm] try ?

^ class.class = class
341662 [ruby_newbie ] I understand that when you define a new class it´s an instance of
+ 341664 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 341665 [lists bertra] Test.class.ancestors
+ 341667 [jcoglan goog] Class.class
  341668 [ruby_newbie ] Thanks for the responses...
  + 341676 [eleanor game] Ellie
  + 342101 [drbrain segm] rb_cObject =3D boot_defclass("Object", 0);

^ replacing verticle white spaces?
341663 [george.githi] Any ideas on how to replace a verticle white space?
341666 [furetto76 gm] puts s.gsub(/\r\n(\r\n)+/,"\r\n\r\n")
341680 [glennj ncf.c] s.gsub(/((?:\r?\n){2})(?:\r?\n)*/, '\1')
341681 [furetto76 gm] Well... I just tried out with \r\n.... neverthless the solution is the same
342288 [george.githi] Thanks you for the replies. Both approaches did not seem to achieve what
342299 [brabuhr gmai] Do you have a more specific test case (with code) that is failing?

^ Building Ruby From Source?
341670 [tim tdapple.] I am new to Ruby, but fairly used to Linux. I was wondering if those
+ 341673 [dblack rubyp] I always compile Ruby from source, partly just to have control over
| 341675 [dblack rubyp] David
+ 341674 [rmagick gmai] I build from source because I develop a fairly widely used Ruby
+ 341677 [james.britt ] I build from source on Kubuntu.  The pre-built packages tend to be too
| 342182 [overlord gmx] The current Debian lenny packages of Ruby 1.8 are 1.8.7, how out-of-date
+ 341777 [gregory.t.br] I always build from source because I've never personally ran into

^ soap4r, ssl and certificates problem
341682 [ed.james gro] I'm trying to consume a SOAP service that is on an ssl endpoint. The
341683 [ed.james gro] Further to this, when I use the following openssl commands to extract
341848 [ed.james gro] bump.

^ Creation of Table Data From Rake
341690 [jdezenzio gm] I have been posting a topic on the Rails forum but it might not be the
341691 [jdezenzio gm] I added a simple loop at the very bottom of the pastie code which shows
341696 [Rob AgileCon] I just posted this to your thread on the rails list, but I'll answer =20
341705 [jdezenzio gm] Rob,

^ [Q] removing array duplicates where a subset is unique
341692 [cremes.devli] I need to remove duplicates from an array of arrays. I can't use
+ 341693 [vjoel path.b] Might be faster if your intermediate is a hash, so instead of N**2 time
+ 341694 [dblack rubyp] See if this speeds it up meaningfully (and make sure I've got the
  + 341695 [Bil.Kleb nas] Sweet! (I love Ruby; thanks Matz.)
  + 341697 [cremes.devli] David and Joel,
    + 341698 [brabuhr gmai] I think what Joel was referring to was that in Ruby 1.8 a Hash doesn't
    | 341700 [dblack rubyp] If you wanted to maintain order you could (for some but probably not
    | 341780 [cwdinfo gmai] I missed the beginning of this thread, but here is an implementation
    + 341699 [dblack rubyp] I believe the version you had originally, where you do a mapping of
      341709 [cremes.devli] Oh yes, my version had terrible execution performance and memory

^ Need Help with another Simple Program
341701 [maxnorman co] As an exercise out of Chris Pine's 'Learning to Program,' I've attempted
341702 [brabuhr gmai] i =3D 0
341706 [maxnorman co] I'm not sure I understand this. What does that snippet exemplify?
+ 341708 [bbxx789_05ss] while year_one.to_i < year_two.to_i
| 341710 [maxnorman co] I think I've determined my problem; it relates to the variable
| 341714 [bbxx789_05ss] And what was year_one in your first post?
+ 341727 [brabuhr gmai] In this snippet the loop exit condition will never be occur because i
  341728 [maxnorman co] I appreciate your courtesy. I figured out my the problem a little while

^ Problem with Flickr API and net/http
341703 [kylepeyton g] I'm writing an app that uses the flickr api via http requests.  I can't
+ 341778 [kylepeyton g] Anyone have any problems with receiving blank responses from a Net::HTTP
+ 341810 [usenet in.tu] Take a look at the HTTP response code (call .code instead of .body).  If

^ ruby in 50 milliseconds or less
341707 [vjoel path.b] If you use ruby 1.8 for quick command line tasks, and you use gems, you
+ 341738 [rogerpack200] I've noticed this too.
| + 341741 [vjoel path.b] Looks nice, but it's solving a different problem, isn't it? It appears
| | 341742 [rogerpack200] It's genius! :)
| + 341749 [vjoel path.b] $ time ruby examples/require_rubygems_normal.rb
+ 341739 [b.candler po] Or simpler: only put "require 'rubygems'" at the top of scripts which
| 341746 [vjoel path.b] Except I'd rather not have to guess/remember which things are installed
+ 341747 [vjoel path.b] I have a dir tree with large numbers of small gps log files, in CSV
| 346316 [robert.dober] t,
| 346340 [vjoel path.b] and where's the fun in that! ;)
+ 346292 [vjoel path.b] An update, in case anyone uses this: the sinatra gem uses some black

^ Embed tag with watir
341712 [jazzezravi g] 1. One OBJECT is available.

^ Re: Re-post: Parsing Japanese Language and Some Ruby Trivia
341713 [brylie gnume] I have a similar task. I have attached a text file with Japanese
+ 341716 [phasis gmail] rity
| 341734 [brylie gnume] Thank you Park! You're right, it is Shift-JIS. I'll review those links
+ 341720 [list.push gm] I'm not sure what you want if there are more than 2 hiragana.
  341732 [brylie gnume] I think that a string, or array, of each duple from the string of 2 or
  + 341770 [list.push gm] I guess I'm missing something.
  + 341964 [james graypr] James Edward Gray II