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^ find(:conditions=>cond_selection
341121 [marluigi lib] cond_selection = { }
341409 [rogerpack200] Hmm. Perhaps better asked in the rails list but I'll give it a shot.

^ IOError in Displaying page
341122 [mailtorajuit] While i am rendering or displaying page after processing request iam
341124 [shevegen lin] I believe with the given information it is not really possible to answer

^ Re: unicorn 0.8.2 and 0.9.1
341130 [rogerpack200] So who exactly would benefit most from this library?  What is the target
341152 [normalperson] The target audience is people deploying/maintaining/managing HTTP apps

^ which project should I work on?
341133 [rogerpack200] I was wondering on any feedback on which of the following pet projects
+ 341134 [shortcutter ] Thanks for this opportunity: I always wanted to try out how good
+ 341135 [karottenreib] huh, a toughy, but I'd vote +1 for
+ 341140 [vjoel path.b] Is that really faster? Even so, what is the effect of many such
| 341143 [rogerpack200] => 0.40625
| 341145 [botpena gmai] +1
| 341149 [karottenreib] ah, vim is all I need... ;-)
+ 341157 [sutniuq gmx.] +1
+ 341162 [ninja slapha] I can only speak for myself...
| 341217 [rogerpack200] Yeah it would be a hack to make ruby2cext better [already existing, for
| 341219 [ninja slapha] Maybe. The point was to do this at runtime, in the VM. I don't think all Ruby
| 341223 [rogerpack200] Good point.  If there aren't any class changes you'd think a number of
+ 341163 [headius head] +1 :) This more than anything else would aid all Ruby implementations
+ 341204 [bjoerngt goo] At the moment there is still no (rdoc) documentation for Ruby 1.9.1
+ 341255 [dsisnero gma] Create a package like pythons multiprocessing to make multi -process code
| + 341261 [rogerpack200] A great suggestion.
| | 341263 [ninja slapha] Well, in your example, you used threads, and I'm not entirely sure how it's
| | 341300 [rogerpack200] Hmm.  If that's the case than perhaps the python multi process gem
| + 341577 [rogerpack200] I am quite interested in multiprocessings
+ 341626 [rogerpack200] All righty the results are in.
  341628 [botpena gmai] make all gems/libs run in ruby1.9
  341635 [rogerpack200] Any in particular (besides ruby-debug) that aren't compat but we wish
  + 341636 [tomcloyd com] ruby-debug would be really nice. I'd like webby too, but Tim P. is
  + 341639 [botpena gmai] 1 ruby-serialport
    + 341648 [matthew.hinm] See here for fastri instructions + patch (it's still a WIP, send me
    + 341650 [wishdev gmai] I believe eventmachine 0.12.8 works just fine under 1.9 - I know it works
    + 341669 [rogerpack200] Appears the only ones not compat are ruby-serialport [unfortunately I'm
    + 347214 [rogerpack200] Are there any other gems that people use that they wish could become 1.9
      347225 [gthiesfeld g] Win32console

^ include? won't find match even though it's in String
341138 [dave sithum.] #person@cogeco.ca is in the string test12 which is a string of email
+ 341139 [dblack rubyp] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
+ 341147 [shortcutter ] Of
  341148 [dave sithum.] It's interesting how typing out the problem helped me solve it in this

^ http://bluehostbadforrailsapps.blogspot.com/
341150 [sagarwal1981] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ to_yaml_style
341151 [rps salas.co] big_array = [[1,2], [1,2], [1,2], [1,2]]

^ calculating an array of dates
341155 [peterson_eri] I have the following test script.  My objective is to have an array of
341166 [s.korteling ] I have not looked into the reasons why your code doesn't work, just took
341317 [peterson_eri] much better then my final code.  I guess my mind is still stuck in
341328 [caduceass gm] today =3D Date.today
341331 [caduceass gm] Sorry, should have been more clear.  This is simply a demonstration of

^ [ANN] rc-rest 3.0.0 Released
341159 [drbrain segm] rc-rest version 3.0.0 has been released!
341161 [drbrain segm] * Upgrade to Nokogiri from REXML.  This is incompatible with 2.x and

^ [QUIZ] Prototype-Based Inheritance (#214)
341160 [yahivin gmai] -=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=
341821 [usenet in.tu] require 'ostruct'

^ Quick question on reading from TCPSockets
341164 [gregory.w.ch] So in my program, I am reading a series of ASCII strings from the
+ 341165 [rogerpack200] Yeah you'd have to buffer it and process it only when a newline comes
+ 341171 [shortcutter ] You can simply use #gets or #each (same as #each_line).  Note that #each

^ SELLING SHOES, Clothes Handbags With low prices
341169 [jordanshoes9] and price in our website which is show in the photos

^ Mysql to Sqlite Update SET not working
341172 [grantg mrit.] I have been trying to get UPDATE SET working to move data from MYSQL to
+ 341221 [rogerpack200] I've heard some people suggest somehow using active record to go between
+ 341270 [chust web.de] I would suggest checking the SQLite3 documentation for the 'INSERT OR

^ How to save a file in gb2312 encoding.
341173 [sunraise2005] I using Watir to show a webpage's text, but the out put is like

^ Math cube root
341174 [z4n9ief gmai] Is there a cube root (as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube_root)
+ 341175 [serabe gmail] def cube_root(x)
| 341176 [serabe gmail] So, so sorry.
| 341190 [karottenreib] but nice math anyways :-)
| 341195 [serabe gmail] Four years studying maths at the university should be useful for
| 341199 [karottenreib] one might argue that way, I guess *g*
+ 341206 [thopre gmail] 2009/7/11 Zangief Ief <z4n9ief@gmail.com>
| 341272 [jzakiya mail] =A0-
| 341287 [z4n9ief gmai] Thanks you! Thomas Preymesser's method is perfect.
+ 341264 [lists bertra] I suppose you mean the method mentioned under "Cube root on standard

^ one line sorting
341177 [fbogdanovi x] I would like to implement a sorting algorithm in one line of code if
+ 341189 [karottenreib] Well, you could just do
| 341194 [fbogdanovi x] Well, I saw one line Haskell sort and thought, maybe it's possible in Ruby.
| 341198 [karottenreib] you mean like
+ 341192 [matthew quic] Do you actually need to implement the specific algorithm? [2,3,1].sort
| 341193 [matthew quic] Oops! Sorry, I meant Fabian...
+ 341197 [fbogdanovi x] In general, how do I combine collect, inject and detect in one line of code
+ 341205 [fbogdanovi x] a=[7,4,9,55,98,11,42]
| 341209 [karottenreib] 2009/7/11 Haris Bogdanovi=C4=87 <fbogdanovi@xnet.hr>
| + 341236 [fbogdanovi x] Just think. If you go from biggest to smallest in inner loop then
| | 341238 [fbogdanovi x] It turns out that I was right about having different number of exchanges but
| | 341245 [karottenreib] Alright buddy, now try it with some other list, e.g.
| | 341250 [fbogdanovi x] Ok, I guess you are right. It really depends on a list.
| | 341251 [sepp2k googl] Your sort method isn't really what most people would consider functional
| | 341282 [fbogdanovi x] Ok, but it does look elegant and in one line.
| | 341305 [karottenreib] I beg to disagree... That's definitely not what MY programs look like
| + 341253 [klochner gma] On Jul 11, 6:00=C2=A0pm, Fabian Streitel <karottenre...@googlemail.com>
|   + 341275 [karottenreib] You're right, I'm sorry. It looked like a bubblesort, and I didn't want to
|   + 341279 [fbogdanovi x] I also looked in wikipedia and there is no such exact algorithm.
+ 341234 [glennj ncf.c] You can see various sorting algorithms implemented for Ruby (among other
+ 341285 [fbogdanovi x] def quick_sort(array)
  341311 [klochner gma] quick_sort(array.select {|i| i<=3Dpivot}) + quick_sort(array.select {|i|

^ [ANN] Ruby Versions site; shell access to historical and current Rubies
341178 [dblack rubyp] I've created a site called ruby-versions.net, on which I'm giving out
+ 341179 [dblack rubyp] Sigh. ruby-versions.net has apparently decided to stop resolving.
| 341180 [dblack rubyp] All I can say is: try it, and if it doesn't connect, try again.
| 341187 [eleanor game] If you need a fast-switching dynamic DNS provider I can recommend
+ 341188 [vikkous gmai] Wow, this sounds like it will be extremely useful.
  341191 [james graypr] Is it?
  341200 [vikkous gmai] I assumed this was more or less the case, but it's nice to have it
  341203 [james graypr] Yeah, I'm just worried we've gotten into the habit of always over
  + 341207 [vikkous gmai] I could launch my spam relay (or whatever malware) from your account,
  | 341211 [vjoel path.b] *pets persian cat* Mwa ha ha ha!
  + 341212 [ninja slapha] Maybe. Shouldn't be hard to figure it out, though.
    341213 [james graypr] Yeah, I feel like we keep discussing security bugs in the users of
    341220 [ninja slapha] Makes sense. I wouldn't upload anything I cared about to Try Ruby, either.
    341241 [dblack rubyp] It is definitely, and explicitly (the website and /etc/motd both say
    341242 [rick.denatal] r.
    341243 [dblack rubyp] I'm sure there will be lots of other people who aren't interested in

^ A clean way to edit a time?
341181 [toastkid.wil] I have a method, created_at=, which takes a time or a string, and
341237 [dblack rubyp] To start with the last point: the setter methods are engineered to
341239 [rick.denatal] I think to be brutally correct, it's not that a return in a setter

^ help for code understanding
341182 [chen_li3 yah] def seq
+ 341183 [sepp2k googl] It calls the new method on the class of self, which will, presumably, create
+ 341184 [james graypr] Does this help explain things?
  341186 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you, James. Now I understand the code. But what is difference
  341196 [james graypr] => nil
  + 341208 [rubfor recit] Do you really need to use this sort of thing in 99% of practical
  | 341224 [chen_li3 yah] I don't know but I would like to know what it does and what it means.
  + 341225 [chen_li3 yah] Thank you so much for your time to explain it so details. Your are

^ Trouble with 'require' and 'include' in daemons
341201 [keburgett gm] I am using the deamons gem to implement a set of daemons listening to

^ TCPServer  send and recieve simultaneous
341202 [linopolus go] I'm trying to make a
+ 341296 [rogerpack200] maybe add an
+ 341301 [b.candler po] No idea what protocol you're talking to, but in any case don't use recv
  341302 [linopolus go] I tried it with sfm.read(100) but it still don't work. With netcat it
  341304 [b.candler po] I think you probably need sfm.gets.
  341306 [linopolus go] All 3 tips didn't help :(
  341307 [b.candler po] That makes no sense. You've put all the useful code under a rescue
  341316 [linopolus go] Sry I'm totaly new at ruby :)
  + 341322 [b.candler po] begin
  + 341326 [linopolus go] THX

^ problem with jTable
341210 [thiagosistem] Good Night friends,
341444 [headius head] In general it should be mostly straightforward JI. Perhaps you can

^ Shoes2 newbie question about documentation example
341214 [RichardDummy] I following the documentation at http://hackety.org/press/nks.pdf
+ 341215 [rogerpack200] you mean to print it out to the console?
| 341227 [RichardDummy] Title
| 341324 [rogerpack200] It might be possible.  Maybe :)
| + 341768 [RichardDummy] I wanted to do that,  but I could never find a URL for it.  Your
| + 342332 [RichardDummy] realized today that I hadn't posted my acknowledgment of that advise.
+ 341771 [bbxx789_05ss] You got a page number?  Sheesh!
  341798 [bbxx789_05ss] @t = title "Hello World"
  342336 [RichardDummy] Thanks for your advice.  I've been moving slowly on this.  Your post

^ ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch in MovieController#cre
341218 [ouikoto yaho] Great Gurus again ill be needing ur help having n error

^ Re: Hijack: Connect to an existing process with irb
341222 [rogerpack200] They appear to scratch the same itch :)
341475 [port001 gmai] I've just changed Hijack so that you can hijack any Ruby process - no need

^ Re: Ruby Versions site; shell access to historical and current Rubies
341226 [rogerpack200] Nice.

^ Rubyforge login broken?
341228 [jcoglan goog] Is it just me or are other people getting "*Cookies must be enabled past
+ 341229 [ryand-ruby z] seems ok here
+ 341365 [tom infoethe] Just contact me via email (tom@infoether.com) if you think that might

^ NewbieHelp
341230 [ouikoto yaho] Im having n error message
341235 [kai kairicha] For AR movie.genre is an object of type Genre. Also on creation it

^ Fibonacci numbers - newbie question.
341231 [sayakyi gmai] Dear All,
+ 341232 [justincollin] Notice the difference between the two when x is 0.
+ 341233 [stefano.croc] In the first case, if the number is less than 2, you always return 1. In the
  341246 [jzakiya mail] the
  + 341248 [serabe gmail] Indeed, but salai's problem is still that. For him, in one method F(0)
  + 341260 [caduceass gm] The first time I saw this problem, I did the recursive thing, but I
    341319 [Usenet Googl] fibs = 0 : 1 : zipWith (+) fibs (tail fibs)
    341320 [caduceass gm] Ha! That is just cool.
    341369 [horndude77 g] Of course it can be sort of translated into ruby (see attached for lazy

^ Ruby threaded application suddenly stops working at 100% CPU
341240 [david.chante] For ages, I've been using the attached script to control songs played
341293 [rogerpack200] Odd.

^ Re: Prototype-Based Inheritance (#214)
341247 [minilith gma] =3D> "Forward"}
341315 [ninja slapha] I based my implementation on Javascript, and one of the nice properties there
341422 [th tp1.rub.d] module Prototype

^ Marinzo "online community"
341249 [menomon gmai] Dear all,

^ Process.fork weirdness
341252 [janus urban-] I've run into some strange problems when forking child processes and
341259 [gwtmp01 mac.] You need to flush the output stream before forking so that the child
+ 341327 [vjoel path.b] Huh, I never knew that. That's dangerous if the parent process is
| + 341332 [vjoel path.b] 1. Avoid buffered output (puts, write), and instead use unbuffered calls
| + 341345 [gwtmp01 mac.] It is probably a bad idea to have multiple threads writing to a shared
|   341349 [vjoel path.b] I was thinking of situations in which one program component runs in a
|   341426 [b.candler po] I don't think you'd have stdio-type buffering on a socket. At least, I
|   341442 [vjoel path.b] Ah, that makes sense. It would be only the libc and ruby buffers (in
|   341469 [gwtmp01 mac.] That is correct. IO data buffered in the kernel is not duplicated by a
|   341478 [vjoel path.b] Good to know, thanks. I always just used send/recv to be sure, but now I
|   341536 [gwtmp01 mac.] Interesting.  I didn't realize that Kernel#fork flushes stdout and
+ 341521 [janus urban-] Thanks for the explanation!

^ ruby source code
341254 [isaiahperuma] Hey all how do i view the source code for ruby kernel classes like
+ 341256 [TimHunter nc] The core classes (like Object and Class) are implemented in C. Usually
+ 341257 [sepp2k googl] You can see a method's source code by clicking its name in the rdoc. Or you

^ Another Shoes2-newbie question
341258 [RichardDummy] I'm working my way through the examples in Shoes documentation
341262 [RichardDummy] On Jul 12, 5:24=A0pm, RichardOnRails

^ Creating a multiplatform Gem
341267 [ychacon gmai] I would like to create a multi-platform gem, but i don't know if there
+ 341269 [gjgfuj y7mai] you dont specify a os in the gemspec.
+ 341299 [rogerpack200] Typically you publish the source code for your gem, then the source code

^ Conditionally exiting the current method?
341268 [jasbur gmail] I'm trying to exit a running method after a certain condition is met. I
+ 341274 [karottenreib] just call return.
+ 341276 [ryand-ruby z] First off, don't use #each when you don't need to. Look at the methods

^ Syntax error
341271 [ouikoto yaho] SyntaxError in Movie#new
341273 [karottenreib] It would have been nice if you had asked a question, but anyways

^ I just love RoR
341277 [ouikoto yaho] NoMethodError in Movie#new
341278 [martindemell] Paste in the code for collection_select (and try asking on the rails
+ 341288 [shevegen lin] I am so glad to have never started to combine such template language
| 341298 [gregory.mazu] You haven't declared @genres in your controller under new.  You've declared
+ 341295 [b.candler po] And while you're there, please ask them to improve Rails error messages

^ WMI calls for virtualization - not returning values.
341280 [sharmilaradh] I am using WMI calls to ge the Virtual system information of a VM on
341308 [gthiesfeld g] ...

^ =?windows-1256?B?0ubHzCDT2ubP7SDaIMfh48fT5MzRIC7Ix8fh1Q==?= =?windows-1256?B?5tE=?=
341281 [dede-b-s hot] 0ubHzCDT2ubP7SDaIMfh48fT5MzRIC7Ix8fh1ebRCgrP0dMgzsfHx8fVIOHh48rS5szHx8fHx8og

^ How to check position of cursor blinking on text box
341283 [superdisconn] I am working on Tag System and i'm copying Declicious Tag Autocomplete
341371 [superdisconn] i Can do it already , I'm sorry i should put this on rails section

^ println?
341289 [rogerpack200] I'm wondering if someone could point out to me an equivalent of the java
341290 [vikassarin q] It is puts
+ 341291 [mo_mail ongh] except that puts doesn't add '\n' if there is already one.  I can't
+ 341292 [rogerpack200] puts would work, except I'm looking for one that concatenates, not adds
  + 341294 [b.candler po] print 1,2,3; puts
  | 341525 [rogerpack200] Nice.  This is something I think should be in core, and might well
  | 341537 [codeblogger ] Name it: "sprint"
  + 341297 [vikassarin q] print 1,2,3,"\n" would work!