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^ file.seek and unused bytes
340699 [lists gregwi] Ruby 1.8.6
+ 340701 [lists gregwi] Argh. those should look equal length in non-proportional font.
+ 340707 [eleanor game] Unfortunately you're getting lucky. A seek adjusts the file pointer
| + 340726 [shortcutter ] Actually it should not matter what those bytes are.  Your record format
| + 340751 [b.candler po] I don't believe that's the case today. If it were, then you would have a
|   340761 [lists gregwi] 80's micros too with BASIC :-P
+ 340737 [lists gregwi] Thanks, I figured as much (just thought I'd see if Ruby was any
+ 340763 [gwtmp01 mac.] I don't think anyone has answered this question directly but on POSIX-
  340764 [lists gregwi] If in deed this is a fact (and it's consistent with my observation),
  340766 [b.candler po] Well, those aren't POSIX references. But from "Advanced Programming in
  340767 [lists gregwi] I see, you guys are saying it's an OS-level detail, not a Ruby-specfic
  340769 [b.candler po] Unless you seek over entire blocks, in which case the filesystem can
  340771 [lists gregwi] OK. But the file system doesn't keep track of aything smaller than the
  + 340774 [gwtmp01 mac.] You should expect null bytes (at least on Posix-like file systems).
  | 340782 [lists gregwi] I wasn't separating the read from the write. The spec talks about
  | 340786 [b.candler po] All disk I/O is done in terms of whole blocks (typically 1K)
  | 340789 [lists gregwi] Ah. That's what I was looking for. thanks.
  + 340787 [shortcutter ] I would not expect anything in those bytes for the simple reason that
    340792 [lists gregwi] Understood. In this case, I'm making a concious decision to go with
    + 340794 [b.candler po] To me, this approach smells. For example, it could have *really* bad
    | + 340799 [b.candler po] I dug out some old CDB-building code; it's actually very simple with
    | + 340803 [lists gregwi] Eeek. Opened a can of worms!
    |   + 340804 [b.candler po] Ah, so this is a 4GB process limit not file limit.
    |   + 340817 [shortcutter ] From my experience doing one at a time is efficient enough.  Of course
    |   + 340818 [chust web.de] reading this I wonder why you don't dump the records into a database
    |     340826 [lists gregwi] That would actually require a much larger rewrite than what I've done.
    |     340828 [shortcutter ] I'd be interested to learn the outcome of that exercise.
    |     340833 [lists gregwi] In my original system, I used the row lengths and the number of rows per
    |     340835 [james graypr] The more I read in this thread, the more I feel it's crying out for a
    |     + 340838 [vjoel path.b] Does this install as a gem for you? I get this...
    |     | 340839 [ezmobius gma] Get redis from github as far as I know there is no redis gem on
    |     | 340840 [vjoel path.b] $ rake redis:start
    |     | 340841 [ezmobius gma] Yeah sorry dtach is another piece of software to install, you can get
    |     | 340916 [vjoel path.b] Thanks, that works. Nice to see that little notes.rb sinatra app in
    |     + 340844 [lists gregwi] I think if you saw the whole thing you'd see why the db is more of a
    |       340847 [shortcutter ] I have to admit that I thought of a database as well.  Keywords that
    |       340897 [lists gregwi] Heh. No, it's not huge, certainly not by today's standards of huge.
    + 340795 [shortcutter ] Did you actually measure significant differences in time or are you
      340797 [b.candler po] My reading of the description was that each "chunk" was a separate file,
      340798 [shortcutter ] But he writes "the file" which makes me think that there is only one

^ Re: RDoc 2.3 now with Darkfish, without CHM and extra HTML t
340703 [rogerpack200] I like darkfish.  Thought I'd pipe in a couple suggestions.
340704 [tomcloyd com] I totally concur about the low contrast fonts. Accessibility gurus say

^ ruby beginner...
340711 [padysrini gm] I have ruby 1.8.6 installed on windows. I want to view the doc
340713 [james.britt ] It's old. :(
340715 [james.britt ] Done.  Updated the rdoc .tgz downloads for the 1.8.6 docs.
340717 [padysrini gm] Generated the docs.

^ Re: nfc 1.0.0 Released
340716 [thaeger gmai] I'm really intrigued by this gem, and have been trying to get it to
+ 340718 [ryand-ruby z] nfc (the gem) uses ffi to attach to a C library of the same name. You
| 340722 [thaeger gmai] Thanks, Ryan. I had the C library in place. Aaron Patterson's PATH
+ 340719 [aaron tender] You need to have libnfc installed, and make sure that the dylib (or so)
  340723 [thaeger gmai] Thanks for the reply. That gave me enough to get there.
  340739 [aaron tender] Hrm.  ffi uses dlopen for loading the dynamic library.  The man page for

^ How to remove/delete/destroy class variable in Ruby 1.9?
340720 [bartoszwais ] Ok, code below shows better what I am talking about, I understand that
+ 340725 [dblack rubyp] You're trying to maintain and alter state on a per-class basis, which
| 340727 [shortcutter ] The only commonality I can think of off the top of my head is the fact
| 340728 [dblack rubyp] But you're always within an instance of something. You can access
+ 340731 [lists bertra] I cannot reproduce it here with Ruby 1.8.6. Are you using 1.9?
| 340732 [dblack rubyp] I forgot all about that method. I guess I'm rusty on class variables,
| 340735 [lists bertra] I don't use them either. Sometimes I wonder about that because
| 340741 [dblack rubyp] Yes; I definitely think it's a case where the "classes are objects
| 340753 [bartoszwais ] Thank you guys, all your tips were very useful.
+ 340734 [dblack rubyp] The first time through I didn't even quite pick up on what you were

^ [ANN] allgems.ruby-forum.com "release 440ca77a867a317bd9b35"
340729 [rogerpack200] Pleased to announce release version "commit

340733 [goldengodss ] And beautiful wallpapers And fantastic Actres Pics...

^ Newbie help
340742 [ouikoto yaho] no such file to load -- mysql
340746 [hassan.schro] e sorry, but something went > wrong.We've been notified about this issue an=
340747 [ouikoto yaho] tnx hassan,
+ 340748 [hassan.schro] Looks like you're running Windows, so I can't help much with the
+ 340750 [bbxx789_05ss] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ to_proc and Proc/block conversion with &
340743 [russ psyex.c] words = %w(ardvark   anteater   llama)
+ 340744 [dblack rubyp] There's no such thing as returning a block. A block is a syntactic
| 340754 [robert.dober] It might be interesting to note that in Ruby1.9 the to_proc is not
| 340755 [dblack rubyp] I guess it's an optimization. So take my explanation as behavioral
| 340756 [dblack rubyp] Also, it seems to be the same in 1.8. So I guess a refinement of the
| + 340760 [robert.dober] Absolutely agree, but maybe this should go into rubyspec...
| + 340770 [russ psyex.c] Thanks.  Interesting discussion.
|   + 340775 [dblack rubyp] I'm still not sure whether the lack of calling to_proc on the object
|   + 340776 [vjoel path.b] That still makes & sound like an operator method that can be called on
|     340777 [dblack rubyp] It's not exactly a conversion, though, since as you point out, blocks
|     340778 [vjoel path.b] "Eigenproc" ?  :P
+ 340745 [vjoel path.b] It may be helpful to think of the & in
  340752 [dblack rubyp] That's not going to access the caller's code, though, since you're
  340757 [lists bertra] Proc.new
  340758 [dblack rubyp] How odd. I wonder what the point of that is. I'd rather be warned if I
  340765 [vjoel path.b] Maybe it should be deprecated in practice. It's not apparent what's

^ Re: IRB Keyboard Input Issues
340762 [pawel.barcik] That worked for me thx
340779 [teckirocker ] I have had success too, with some slight additions to the above.

^ Convert an Character to the ASCII Character Code
340772 [teckirocker ] I have Ruby 1.9.1p129 and I want to convert an ASCII character to an
340780 [aaron tender] "e".getbyte(0)
+ 340781 [teckirocker ] That is perfect, thanks a lot!
+ 340790 [b.candler po] irb(main):001:0> "e".ord

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Plot the Shape (#211)
340773 [yahivin gmai] There were many good solutions to this week's quiz, but Chris Howe's

^ Re: (paypal payment)( www.niketrade08.cn )Discount  Nike Air Jordan 12 Factory
340785 [dlzc1 cox.ne] jwuptownman@163.com

^ [ANN] looksee 0.0.1 Released
340788 [george.ogata] looksee version 0.0.1 has been released!
340807 [dvdplm gmail] Very very nice. Really like it.
341015 [george.ogata] Thanks for the feedback!

^ AUTO: Joe Grastara is out of the office (returning 07/07/2009)
340791 [Joe.Grastara] =0D=0A=0D=0AI am out of the office until 07/07/2009.=0D=0A=0D=0APlease send =

^ Web Designing
340793 [hiuwihb gmai] ***************************************************************************************************************

^ Selenium, secure connection failed, security certificate
340796 [lord_kga yah] I am doing some testing with Selenium, and i have a problem.

^ How to test %x[] calls?
340800 [dvdplm gmail] how can I set an expectation on an external command execution?
340811 [b.candler po] I guess it's because Kernel isn't the receiver of the call. It's the
340812 [b.candler po] ... or inside your own object, it's that object which is the receiver
340816 [dvdplm gmail] Totally works! You rock! :)

^ String conversion, from a base to an other new one
340801 [z4n9ief gmai] Is there a way, in Ruby, to convert this kind of value: "3m74jnfu9f"
340805 [robert.dober] ars)?
340815 [z4n9ief gmai] Work perfecly.  Thanks!

^ Downloading the files shows data instead of download box.
340802 [vamsikrishna] i'm saving a file in the database( the content of file.) and i provided
340810 [b.candler po] Probably you need 'attachment' not 'attachement'

^ several replacing problems
340806 [dracoola4u20] Take 1 xls file witch contains 2 columns. column A contains several
340809 [b.candler po] Are your loops nested right? You seem to have an outer loop which reads
340850 [dracoola4u20] this is exactly what i'm trying to do but can't seem to get it right.
340962 [dracoola4u20] I managed to figure out how to do the hash and get rid of those annoying
340964 [dracoola4u20] forgot the new code :D

^ Regexp-engine: ruby vs. perl
340808 [aschmalowsky] I've got a question about ruby's regexp-engine: I'm wondering why ruby's
340823 [vikkous gmai] Just guessing here, but usually when regexes are slow it's because of

^ A define_method question
340814 [justondavies] I have a question about define_method, more specifically how to bend
+ 340819 [ryand-ruby z] in almost all cases I'm prolly going to suggest using eval instead of
+ 340820 [vjoel path.b] Are you sure mixins won't work?
  340824 [justondavies] I did think of that, and it's probably the route I wind up taking
  340825 [vjoel path.b] I'd still avoid eval-ing code and try to use data structures of procs,
  340829 [justondavies] That looks pretty sharp actually, after reading more about proc
  340911 [justondavies] I can't seem to get Ruby2Ruby to work, and despite my efforts I can't
  340913 [vjoel path.b] Yes. The result isn't a proc/lambda, but it is callable.
  340915 [justondavies] That'll do, after looking at the doc looks like you an .to_proc a
  340917 [vjoel path.b] Maybe you don't even need to call #to_proc. From a duck-typing

^ How to upgrade ruby to a specific version
340822 [tom999 gmx.n] What's the correct linux command for upgrading ruby to a specific
+ 340855 [tom999 gmx.n] Anybody...?
+ 340862 [stefano.croc] That depends on which linux distribution you use. Without knowing that, we
  340865 [tom999 gmx.n] Sorry, I didn't know that...
  340886 [spox modspox] And while Ubuntu has confirmed the bug, and it has been fixed in Debian
  340892 [tom999 gmx.n] Thanks for your answer.
  340896 [rick.denatal] Assuming you mean via apt-get or it's brethren, no.  You're limited to
  + 340898 [tom999 gmx.n] Thanks!
  + 340943 [headius head] It does...and I patched around one vector for it, but the fact that

^ Help with rdoc - generate documentation for Ruby 1.9.1 Standard  Library?
340827 [bjoerngt goo] since it isn't available online anywhere (afaik), I tried to generate
+ 340831 [bjoerngt goo] Found my mistake - should habe run rdoc on the installed ruby, not the
| 340852 [drbrain segm] That's wrong.  You need to run rdoc against the source, and you should
+ 340853 [drbrain segm] Looks like ext/.document wasn't updated for 1.9.1.
  340858 [bjoerngt goo] That would explain a lot, thanks!
  + 340864 [rogerpack200] Nice I hadn't noticed those before for some reason [adding a mention to
  | 340926 [ryand-ruby z] You mean something like this?
  | 340929 [rogerpack200] Yeah that's the one.
  | 340976 [ryand-ruby z] Ah... I see... then why'd you ask for it when it is already there?
  | 340986 [rogerpack200] Because I didn't see it the first time I looked through the docs.
  + 340914 [drbrain segm] RDoc itself handles this just fine, but sometimes the files themselves
    340925 [james.britt ] Depends on what is meant by "fine."

^ Getting Started with Ruby 1.9, Rails and SQLite3, All on Windows.
340830 [luislavena g] Hey Everybody,
340836 [thucdat hotm] DQpDb3VsZCB5b3UgYWR2aXNlIGhvdyB0byBnZXQgUnVieSAxLjksIFJhaWxzIGFuZCBTUUxpdGUz
340843 [luislavena g] On Jul 6, 7:45=C2=A0pm, - Nguy=E1=BB=85n Th=C3=BAc =C4=90=E1=BA=A1t - <thuc=

^ Re: Help with rdoc - generate documentation for Ruby 1.9.1 S
340832 [rogerpack200] Did it get the Gem class and such?  I've been having some trouble
340834 [bjoerngt goo] Yes it seems to have the Gem class.
340842 [bjoerngt goo] I have now tried to use the horo template from rails, but without

^ Getting Started with Ruby 1.9, Rails and MySQL, All on Windows.
340837 [luislavena g] Hey Guys,

^ [ANN] ri_cal 0.7.2 Released
340845 [rick.denatal] ri_cal version 0.7.2 has been released!

^ Speeding up virtual keycode scanning
340846 [globyy3000 h] GetAsyncKeyState = Win32API.new('user32','GetAsyncKeyState', ['i'], 'i')
340854 [ryand-ruby z] so you're cycling through all the virtual keycodes twice per loop and

^ Ruby Module
340848 [vetrivel.bks] I have written some of the funcions in a file . The filename is test.rb
+ 340849 [shortcutter ] Do you have set the shebang line properly?  Did you make sure that
+ 340851 [b.candler po] Can you paste the *exact* and *complete* error message you see? This

^ [ANN] jake 1.0.0 Released
340856 [jcoglan goog] jake version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ Breaking the loop in case of EOF
340859 [agormar gmai] I need to break a loop when program gets an EOF from STDIN.  For example
340863 [b.candler po] gets will return nil in this case.
+ 340867 [shortcutter ] I believe a more idiomatic way would be
| 340877 [agormar gmai] Thanks for your answers.
+ 340891 [sepp2k googl] STDIN.each_line do |str|

^ Upgrading Ruby on Unix
340866 [bpenrose112 ] Do I need to re-install gems after upgrading from Ruby 1.8.6 to 1.8.7 on
340908 [ryand-ruby z] pure ruby ones: no

^ Ruby 1.8 - character encoding
340868 [thomas thomt] I write Ruby plugins for Google Sketchup.
+ 340870 [thomas thomt] Looking at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO-8859-1
| 340873 [thomas thomt] Sorry, I just realised that the extra number was the octal variant.
+ 340878 [gregory.t.br] error
| 340879 [thomas thomt] I have seen that series. I still can't work out how Ruby determines what
| 340880 [gregory.t.br] I  missed why you wouldn't just set $KCODE="U" and stick w. UTF-8?
| + 340881 [gregory.t.br] Also, since you know the original encoding, you can use IConv to
| + 340884 [thomas thomt] Because Sketchup uses Ruby to allow users to write plugins for the
|   340899 [thomas thomt] I've been doing some testing on the 128-255 range, and from what I can
|   340978 [thomas thomt] I checked the $KCODE variable and it returns "UTF8".
|   340981 [james graypr] ary
|   340983 [thomas thomt] What does the IO method require? Is it the Ruby IO methods or the system
|   340985 [james graypr] ary
|   + 340987 [thomas thomt] Any clues what I does on OSX? The scripts will run on macs as well.
|   | 340992 [billk cts.co] Unlike that other OS, both OS X and Linux have taken an approach
|   | + 340995 [billk cts.co] Hmm, I take it back; even for 8-bit it appears slightly more complicated
|   | | 341001 [thomas thomt] Ok. Thanks for the feedback. This gives me some pointers to where I
|   | + 341509 [thomas thomt] I found from the Windows API that you actually are meant to call the
|   + 340988 [billk cts.co] It's only begun to improve as of the ruby 1.9.2 development version.
|     340989 [thomas thomt] I see. So Ruby calls Win32 APis that doesn't handle UTF-8. But what do
|     340991 [thomas thomt] I just tried on a Mac - It worked fine with Norwegian letters there. So
+ 340882 [james graypr] What you are doing there is transcoding from UTF-8 to Latin-1 (or =20
+ 340883 [chust web.de] how Windows interprets file paths depends on which API calls you use

^ [ANN] siren 0.2.0 Released
340869 [jcoglan goog] siren version 0.2.0 has been released!

^ Mechanize: How to scrape accented chars that weren't entered as  entities?
340871 [patlaj gmail] I'm trying to scrape links using Mechanize. Sometimes accented characters
340893 [aaron tender] What version of nokogiri / mechanize do you have installed?  I ran your
340940 [patlaj gmail] Thanks Aaron - I thought I was up-to-date, but I guess I not. I did a gem

^ Can't build Ruby 1.9.1p129 on a 64 bit openSUSE 11.0 system
340874 [roland.crues] I tried to build Ruby 1.9.1p129 on a 64 bit openSUSE 11.0 system.
340907 [ryand-ruby z] 1) Don't thread-hijack, ever.
342382 [peter.fitzgi] I'm confused where the thread-hijack is in this?  I recieved the message as
342421 [ryand-ruby z] In-Reply-To: 	<332f9d412da78954650be79c435f4472@ruby-forum.com>

^ App fails on Windows, but works on OS X.
340876 [randygeneral] I've been working on a query app for Battlefield 2142 servers, and the
+ 340902 [lists gregwi] Sounds suspiciously like a networking issue -- firewall, port conflict,
| 340904 [randygeneral] Thanks for responding.
| 340905 [garryfre pac] I wonder if it's possible that there is a permissions issue where scripts don't have sufficient permissions. I think windows makes a distinction between scripts and executables, and ruby is a script language.
| 340912 [randygeneral] I gave that a shot after compiling the script using OCRA. Unfortunately
+ 340918 [rogerpack200] I assume flipping the order doesn't help? I would probably next make
  340947 [randygeneral] Thank you so much, Roger! Setting Basic_Socket.do_not_reverse_lookup to