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^ Anyone use Thoth?  Know how to use local model & controller?
339250 [toastkid.wil] Hey folks

^ Another Qt question
339251 [d_rems yahoo] def create_central_widget
339257 [stefano.croc] You aren't adding a layout to your central widget. As a rule, every time you
339258 [d_rems yahoo] Yep. Thank you. It helped.

^ Re: Matrix Rotator (#209)
339256 [sanjay.t.sha] Here's my solution; not too savvy but I guess kinda OK given that I've
339272 [matthew.hinm] Here's my (different) solution, rather manual this way.
339371 [lcowell gmai] def self.rotate(rect)

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Twitter Personalities (#208)
339259 [yahivin gmai] There were two main components to this week's quiz, the interface to

^ each by arity
339260 [transfire gm] I've always wondered, why?
+ 339261 [tony medioh.] => "b=2,c=3,a=1"
+ 339262 [vjoel path.b] What would it do with
  339264 [tony medioh.] x = [1,2]
  339265 [ymendel pobo] x =3D 1
  + 339266 [tony medioh.] Correct
  + 339284 [transfire gm] The underlying systems has to see the difference regardless. In fact
    + 339289 [jballanc gma] At this point, it sounds more like we're talking about OCaml style
    | 339294 [shortcutter ] 1. invocation of yield
    + 339345 [ymendel pobo] This is true. I was just pointing out that it's not arity that stores the
      339373 [shortcutter ] Question is whether it is clever to duplicate all methods with another
      339392 [transfire gm] Not clever... facetious. Of course Enumerator is useful, and with 1.9
      339462 [robert.dober] That is intriguing and I am surprised.
      339473 [transfire gm] Simply b/c cons is uncommon. We want to iterate over elements once and
      339489 [robert.dober] Maybe we should map leave alone and use the enumerable approach
      339635 [transfire gm] her
      339647 [shortcutter ] For mapping in 1.9 I would do
      339651 [robert.dober] No It would be
      + 339654 [shortcutter ] ???
      + 339656 [transfire gm] ce size yet

^ Radiant 0.8.0 "Asterism" Release
339263 [seancribbs g] Radiant 0.8.0 "Asterism" features a new and more compliant caching

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339271 [safdsa.jlk g] g-satr Kidrobot hoodies ed hardy star red monkey gino

^ Help Handling CSV Columns
339273 [fightoplankt] I have been struggling for days on just the first part of this script.
339280 [james graypr] I'm not familiar with rio, but the process using most CSV parsers
339287 [fightoplankt] THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

^ [ANN] ri_cal 0.6.3 Released
339275 [rick.denatal] ri_cal version 0.6.3 has been released!

^ [ANN] bluecloth 2.0.3
339276 [ged FaerieMU] ...

^ [ANN] hoe 2.1.0 Released
339277 [ryand-ruby z] hoe version 2.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] hoe-seattlerb 1.0.0 Released
339278 [ryand-ruby z] hoe-seattlerb version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ How does gem know to create an executable
339281 [neeraj.jsr g] I installed gem called gembox and am loving it.
339282 [ryand-ruby z] s.executables = ["gembox"]
339326 [neeraj.jsr g] Thanks for the response. If I am using hoe, how do I mark something as
339358 [drbrain segm] Drop a file in bin/ that is executable and Hoe will Do What You Want.

^ Subject: [ANN] bitescript 0.0.3 Released
339283 [headius head] (sorry for the double post, if any...0.0.2 history got into my email somehow)

^ performance questions
339285 [jykim altiba] I developed a testing framework based on ruby language.
+ 339286 [mo_mail ongh] You will need to benchmark your system before you can know where to
| 339292 [shortcutter ] A compiler to compile what into what?
+ 339298 [rubfor recit] A general question for everyone - I would have thought it would be quite
| 339316 [pbooth nocoi] Those of us of a certain age grew up hearing the oversimplification
| 340697 [headius head] The toolset is absolutely fantastic on the Java platform, if you can
| 340705 [eleanor game] And finally the master plan is revealed ;)
| 340942 [headius head] Indeed! Join us in our plot for world domination!
| 340954 [eleanor game] Well if I can find time for it I hope to include some jruby-ffi unix
| 341006 [headius head] Excellent! I can't wait to see how it turns out :)
| 341011 [eleanor game] Me too :)
+ 339435 [rogerpack200] I'd suggest this way--very cross platform.  Use ruby-prof to profile,

^ list methods only for specific class
339288 [lescoutinhov] Is there a way to list methods only for specific class, i.e., not
+ 339291 [danielroux g] object.public_methods(false)
+ 339293 [shortcutter ] robert
| 339327 [lescoutinhov] I would like to list ms1 and ms2, but thanks for the help!
| + 339328 [lescoutinhov] No problem!
| + 339329 [citizen428 g] =3D> ["ms1", "mp1"]
| + 339334 [danielroux g] Student.new.public_methods(false) + Student.new.private_methods(false)
|   339377 [shortcutter ] cl = any_class
|   339436 [cwdinfo gmai] Often, I'm most interested in methods unique to a given class and not
|   339450 [rochkind jhu] If you really want unique to the class, and the class may have a more
+ 339456 [lescoutinhov] so many replies hehe. you are amazing!!!

^ Next Step
339290 [juslander at] Would like to know if someone can recommend a site or book for someone
+ 339295 [dave burt.id] Ruby Quiz strikes me as ideal. Watch/search for posts in this group
| + 339296 [robert.dober] for me it almost became a reflex to think of Ruby Quiz ;) thus I would
| + 339306 [juslander at] That's the ticket.  Thanks a bunch.  JSU
+ 339297 [ftf3k3 gmail] Ruby.

^ Re: StringScanner
339302 [anandhthiyag] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [ANN] Rubytest.vim 0.9.6 Released
339303 [jan.h.xie gm] Rubytest.vim 0.9.6 is just released. This version contains some small

^ formatting a listing
339304 [george.githi] i have a listing which looks like this
+ 339305 [robert.dober] If this is a homework assignement I am terribly sorry, but I cannot know.
| 339308 [george.githi] Thank so much for pointing the way: And this is not assignment! :) Am
| 339310 [robert.dober] If you have perf problems do not worry, inject is slow replace
+ 339307 [pjb informat] It's hard to tell, since there seem to be random changes in the output
| + 339311 [george.githi] thank you so much for the reply.
| | 339313 [george.githi] such that every block of numbers separated by white space becomes a new
| + 339312 [robert.dober] Really Pascal, you do *not* need to sign your mails ;)
|   339318 [george.githi] (printf "%s\n\n" ,
|   339320 [pjb informat] 20
|   339648 [george.githi] Thanks a lot Pascal! The code is working though a little complex but a
|   + 339655 [pjb informat] You could add a split and a each somewhere.
|   + 339819 [dblack rubyp] Don't use the extra parentheses around expressions. They result in
+ 339815 [b.candler po] src = "1\n2\n3\n\n3\n4\n5\n\n20\n3\n5\n5"
  339818 [george.githi] Thanks for the example however since i want to have the code read from a
  339832 [b.candler po] It works for me (I just copy-pasted your code and changed the
  339869 [george.githi] Thank you Brian. Am on ubuntu linux and Ruby 1.8.7. Let me put some
  339903 [dblack rubyp] That's a spurious - before the 3, right?
  339905 [george.githi] Thanks for the reply but the output given by the above code again
  339917 [dblack rubyp] $ cat george.rb
  340002 [george.githi] It works! It works David!!

^ Re: Next Step - SPOJ
339309 [ruby-bucket ] But, unfortunately, no way of seeing the submitted solutions.  Of
+ 339314 [robert.dober] ed
| 339365 [ruby-bucket ] I perhaps should have quoted just the part about SPOJ, but  I did
| 339452 [robert.dober] the
+ 339315 [ftf3k3 gmail] expand it yourself because it's a wiki.

^ Opportunity in Watir
339323 [lgeorge ever] Dear Listers,

^ Runtime Checks Testing
339324 [transfire gm] While expanding on unit tests for a project, I started to wonder if a

^ confusion about object method scoping
339330 [ccarver0 gma] I am defining a class.  That class has several methods.  In one of the
+ 339331 [danielroux g] Is it? ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (0 for 1)
+ 339332 [ccarver0 gma] I just realized I made a couple of typos.  I forgot to pass an
+ 339333 [shortcutter ] You are mixing class and instance methods.  You need to make add also a
| 339336 [ccarver0 gma] Thanks!  That worked.  It's actually computing the factorial (sum of
| + 339337 [shortcutter ] It's the singleton class of the class instance.  I know this sounds a
| + 339346 [rick.denatal] Well not exactly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Factorial
+ 339335 [rick.denatal] This defines a method add which any instances of the class Calculator

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.3.1 Released
339340 [Thomas.Enebo] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.3.1

^ Re: hoe 2.1.0 Released
339341 [neeraj.jsr g] I am trying to publish a gem using hoe 2.1.0 and I am running into

^ ActiveSupport "is not missing constant" errors
339349 [tony medioh.] I've gone spelunking through ActiveRecord's dependencies.rb until my eyes
339554 [tony medioh.] *tumbleweeds*
339557 [dan-ml dan42] Yes, you should be asking this question on the rails list. But for what
339560 [tony medioh.] The idea that Rails core doesn't read ruby-talk confounds me.
339559 [tony medioh.] And more to the point: how can you implement this sort of automatic code
339585 [rick.denatal] Probably because autoload in Ruby (which ActiveSupport now uses to
339609 [tony medioh.] Well, it's not "my approach" per se, it's the same approach used by Merb

^ [ANN] jruby-openssl 0.5.1 Released
339351 [headius head] jruby-openssl version 0.5.1 has been released!

^ [ANN] Starting work on Unity, a web-based RubySpec reporting system
339352 [gregory.t.br] Unity is a web based reporting tool for searching and analyzing

^ irb save-history not working
339354 [julien.palma] require 'irb/ext/save-history'
339355 [vjoel path.b] Fwiw, my .irbrc is missing that last line, but it does work, and saves
339359 [julien.palma] Thx for your answer Joel, but I've tried with and without the line with
339383 [apeiros gmx.] I had the same problem. IRB uses (for whatever obscure reason)
339387 [julien.palma] Looks like this is a know bug, and you can find the ticket here
339410 [apeiros gmx.] Ah, good to know that they know. Sadly, I don't speak japanese so I

^ command completion in irb and ruby-debug
339356 [rps salas.co] I've seen hints more than once that there's a way to enable command
339363 [daniel.roux ] require 'irb/completion'

^ Hoe is complaining about the README.markdown file
339361 [neeraj.jsr g] I have released a gem on github.
339362 [aaron tender] Basically you are missing the URL from your readme.
339368 [james.britt ] Wow.
339369 [jbarnette gm] I suggest forking http://github.com/jbarnette/dr-nic-magic-awesome and

^ [ANN] Ruby 1.8.7-p174 released
339367 [shyouhei rub] ...

^ MohammedK is out of the office.
339370 [MohammedK rc] I will be out of the office starting  06/16/2009 and will not return un=

^ converting openoffice documents to XML
339375 [anandhthiyag] I've to parse the open office documents and upload it to the
+ 339384 [shortcutter ] What do you mean by "upload to the database"?  Do you want to store it
| 339385 [anandhthiyag] Thanks for your kind reply. I've to create a open office.org document
| 339386 [kranthicu gm] Hey,
+ 339398 [cmdicely gma] Isn't OOo's native format ODF, which is an XML format? So why do you
| 339400 [anandhthiyag] I'm not exactly getting what you are trying to say. Can you please make
| 339401 [srijayanth g] Actually, to be frank, WE aren't clear. What is it you want? What is "The
| 339414 [anandhthiyag] Dear Jayanth and others
+ 339422 [rmagick gmai] An OpenOffice document is a package of XML files zipped into a single
  339428 [james.britt ] I ended up not using it as much as I expected, and eventually abandoned it.

^ need help with eway pay,ent gateway
339388 [shree.jay19 ] I am developing a shopping cart which includes implementation of EWAY

^ Softwear and Games
339389 [yaqubkhan82 ] This is a site contain very much use full informations and many games

^ Unit test, inheritance and changing og parrent variables (?)
339390 [lord_kga yah] Question at the end. ( i dont know exactly what i should write as the
339393 [lord_kga yah] "The only way I

^ So Many Ways of Online Earning
339391 [adnanmajid20] ...

^ Memory leaks, maybe. need help.
339394 [doronrotem g] I am writing a server using ruby 1.8.6 patchlevel 287. It connects to
339431 [rogerpack200] MRI returns memory to the system if it is alloc'ed and free'ed
340700 [headius head] I'd definitely recommend trying JRuby. There's a few knobs you can

^ Ruby feasibility?
339395 [davekub hotm] Good morning,
+ 339396 [pjb informat] Definitely.
| + 339397 [shortcutter ] 't
| | + 339399 [bosko.ivanis] ds
| | + 339403 [james.britt ] Or use JRuby  + Monkeybars and Swing.  Best of both worlds.
| + 339413 [rochkind jhu] The threading issue is something to look into more.  Ruby threading is a
|   339417 [eleanor game] By loading GDI+ with Ruby/DL lol
+ 339402 [james.herdma] Greetings.
| 339405 [james.britt ] I've done Ruby hacking on assorted Windows boxen for years.  No problem.
| 339430 [james.herdma] I've found it to be a little awkward, and sometimes downright frustrating.
+ 339426 [eddie holyro] ...
+ 339443 [tony medioh.] What about a web-based GUI?  It's quite easy to use frameworks like Rails,
+ 339520 [matt.overstr] 1) they work great in windows
  339610 [davekub hotm] Thanks for all the replies/info!  I'll take all this to The Powers That

^ shebang! on Leopard
339404 [paul.maxfiel] Hey everyone,
+ 339406 [matt_neuburg] ...
| 339409 [paul.maxfiel] If you mean: pauls-imac:~ paulsimac$
| 339433 [matt_neuburg] ...
| 339441 [tommy.nordgr] And have you tried each command suggested in the SAME terminal window?
+ 339408 [sandor.szuec] Your script is not in $PATH ?
  339411 [paul.maxfiel] Tried that, and I get: -bash: ./matz.rb: No such file or directory
  339412 [hassan.schro] ? What does
  339415 [paul.maxfiel] it shows: -rwxr-xr-x@ 1 paulmaxfield  staff  35 16 Jun 09:26 matz.rb
  339419 [hassan.schro] Wow. And in that same directory,
  339420 [paul.maxfiel] 0000000    #   !   /   u   s   r   /   b   i   n   /   r   u   b   y  nl
  339445 [pdromero gma] You might want to make sure that /usr/bin/ruby is actually there.
  + 339451 [default spir] or type:which ruby
  + 339455 [paul.maxfiel] Problem fixed. My mistake, when I tried the ./ I was in the wrong

^ more recent rexml installed in ruby 1.8.5?
339407 [rochkind jhu] So it's difficult for me to get ruby more recent than 1.8.5 installed.

^ Extracting and inserting a "column" from/into an array
339416 [chauk.mean g] 1/ I have an array and I want to extract every 4 element into another
+ 339432 [matt_neuburg] ...
| 339448 [chauk.mean g] This is exactly what I was looking for. I just replace enum_slice with
+ 339467 [phrogz mac.c] Possibly not as efficient, but if you were representing the data as a

^ separate a string of values into an array - noob
339418 [mmc_collins ] array. For example, arrayDiscrep[0] outputs the whole array when I need
339423 [s.korteling ] Everything between the "each"and "end" is a loop, so you are making a
+ 339440 [mmc_collins ] Cool it worked! Thanks Siep!
+ 339444 [mmc_collins ] Siep
  339447 [rochkind jhu] The way to do this depends on what the input is, if not a directory?

^ Spreadsheet Manipulation Gem
339421 [alan isdial.] Just putting a question out there to the Ruby community.

^ Luxury Living
339424 [yaqubkhan82 ] This site contain information about luxury living includs

^ Which is more expensive Rename or Move?
339425 [mrsolarlife ] I'd like to create a ruby script that parses emails(that will grow with
339427 [kyleaschmitt] Assuming it's on the same filesystem, and you're using a real
339429 [mrsolarlife ] I'm using ext filesystem. Why would they operations be identical? I
339437 [kyleaschmitt] Because moving and renaming files consist of the same operations.
339438 [mrsolarlife ] Thanks, I'll do the research. I just neded to know of the costs :)
339466 [pdromero gma] Just to add a bit more to this conversation, the only time an mv
+ 339468 [mrsolarlife ] I think the rename command in the linux box calls a perl script too
| 339479 [shortcutter ] There is rename functionality in Ruby's standard library.  Why bother to
+ 339498 [matt harpsta] filesystems; at that time mv only changed the inode tables, it didn't do