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^ [ANN] mall 0.0.1 Released
338861 [normalperson] mall version 0.0.1 has been released!

^ [SECURITY] Ruby 1.8.7-p173 released
338872 [shyouhei rub] ...

^ centos and ruby 1.9.1 - possible?
338875 [jdezenzio gm] I hate even typing the question but my vps template has centos
+ 338883 [jdezenzio gm] I'm leaving the provider I signed up with.  They don't offer any other
| 338885 [efriedNoSpam] ...
| 338909 [shortcutter ] ?=3Dc3=3D84lph=3Dc3=3Da4_Bl=3Dc3=3Dbc=3Dc3=3Dab?=3D <jdezenzio@gmail.com> w=
+ 338886 [james.britt ] Build from source?
  338918 [jdezenzio gm] Again, my problem is there's very little documentation out there for
  + 338922 [shortcutter ] Might be because CentOS uses a different package manager... :-)
  | 338923 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks for the feedback Robert.  My biggest issue (which I failed to
  | 338931 [kyleaschmitt] OK to start with, know that CentOS is a RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  + 338932 [kyleaschmitt] Just re-read this message, make sure you've got the development
  + 338933 [james.britt ] I have a Centos4 machine I look after.  It is *really* annoying.
    338942 [vjoel path.b] $ lsb_release -d
    338943 [jdezenzio gm] Okay, if I decided to upgrade my 4.5 centos to 5.3 - what would be
    + 338944 [kyleaschmitt] I've not tried a streight upgrade, but it may work.  Otherwise it's
    + 338946 [vjoel path.b] but then you'd still be stuck with an obsolete ruby in the default
    | 338952 [kyleaschmitt] Yes, but 3 things
    | 338954 [vjoel path.b] Very good points!
    + 338947 [synfinatic g] FYI, I just got the green light with my company to release a ruby
      339552 [thirdreplica] Where can we download it?
      339555 [synfinatic g] Aaron Turner

^ Getting user input from user on a webpage?
338877 [mr.flow3r gm] input when it's running on a webserver. I need a basic function like
338910 [rubfor recit] When you saying "it's running a web server", what caused it to run?
338912 [mr.flow3r gm] Hm can you briefly show me an example how I can pass a variable to a
338925 [rubfor recit] How you pick up what the user has typed in the web page will depend on
338927 [mr.flow3r gm] Never realized the Pickaxe book is available for free. Although there is

^ [ANN] RubyKaigi(was:RubyKaigi2009 Tickets Now Available)
338878 [shintaro.kak] Second round ticket for RubyKaigi 2009 go on sale from

^ .irbrc on Windows
338879 [jeffrey.flin] I have read all of the help on this topic and I still cannot get irb to
+ 338882 [jeffrey.flin] I found my problem. Thanks.
+ 338884 [luislavena g] You should place a .irbrc (there is a dot preceding the filename)

^ Writing a Y-Combinator in Ruby 1.9
338880 [usurffx gmai] i've read

^ treetop grammar problem
338881 [ruby-bucket ] I have devised this grammar for roman numerals for treetop.
338887 [no spam.plea] It's not a general solution, but you can require that *something*
338892 [ruby-bucket ] Of course!  Lookahead non-gobbling.  A lesson learned.

^ Sqlite3 on Ruby
338888 [franco.colli] root@kundera-laptop:/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems# gem install sqlite3-ruby
+ 338889 [satish.talim] Which O/S are you using?
+ 338893 [mo_mail ongh] You need to install the sqlite development headers also.  You could find
| 338963 [franco.colli] Mohit & Satish
+ 339095 [netcoder prt] I had a similar error. The error went away when I installed

^ [Security] Ruby 1.8.6-pl369 released
338890 [wyhaines gma] We have released Ruby 1.8.6-pl369.  This is primarily a security release.
338935 [headius head] * to_f runs forever
338936 [shyouhei rub] Well to_f can shortcut such cases to generate Inf, but to_i should generate
338937 [headius head] 1.9.1 appears to produce Float::MAX or Float::MIN for exponents
338938 [matz ruby-la] 1.9.2 BigDecimal#to_f produces Inf for too big numbers.  I am not sure
338939 [headius head] So Inf is official behavior then? I'm in process of at least getting
338949 [matz ruby-la] Yes, if it doesn't cause any serious issue.
338967 [hramrach cen] Perhaps it could be set by a variable (like $KCODE).
338997 [matz ruby-la] I, sort of, hesitate to introduce a new global state to the library.
+ 339008 [hramrach cen] The only way to work around this is by a global state of "reasonably
| 339075 [gregory.t.br] I like that idea.
+ 339072 [headius head] FWIW, the Java BigDecimal "to_f"/"to_i" behavior runs forever too, so

^ rubyforge site down?
338891 [phasis gmail] It's not just you! http://rubyforge.org looks down from here.
338907 [case impress] same problem here. any infos when they will return?
+ 338911 [sebi79 gmail] Same here.
| 338913 [sebi79 gmail] Oh sorry, I thought you were referring to ruby-lang.org, as it is also
+ 338915 [tom infoethe] Yours,
  338916 [dsutch gmail] Do any rubyforge mirrors exist?
  338921 [tom infoethe] Yup, the gems and files are mirrored at various places; one of them

^ Any plans for a Ruby 1.9.1 One-Click Installer?
338894 [DekuDekuplex] Are there any plans for a Ruby 1.9.1 One-Click Installer for Windows?
+ 338920 [rogerpack200] There's plans for it...currently all there are are zip files
| + 338991 [DekuDekuplex] I just read the sites referenced by both links, but although the site
| | + 339010 [rogerpack200] True--that ain't a one click installer but more of manual steps for
| | + 339012 [rogerpack200] The wxruby folks have a ruby windows 1.9 installer, as well, now that I
| | + 339064 [luislavena g] On Jun 11, 1:35=A0am, Benjamin L. Russell <DekuDekup...@Yahoo.com>
| |   339069 [jdezenzio gm] I love reading you and Roger's posts. :)  You guys do a ton of work and
| + 338994 [cmdicely gma] Am I missing something, in either the archives or the instructions, or
|   339020 [gthiesfeld g] Are you talking about these?
|   339079 [cmdicely gma] Huh. The only thing I see in ruby-1.9.1-p129-i386-mingw32\bin are the
|   339109 [luislavena g] Definitely there is a problem with what you unpacked.
|   + 339135 [rogerpack200] maybe this file isn't complete
|   + 339179 [cmdicely gma] The problem appears to have been with the version of ZipGenius I was
|     339194 [luislavena g] or
|     339202 [Usenet Googl] 2b) Add ".rb" and ".rbw" file extensions to the list of executable
+ 339196 [yugui yugui.] You can use arton's MSI package.
  + 339267 [luislavena g] I'm not a english native speaker, even worse, I don't speak or
  + 339804 [DekuDekuplex] Thank you!  That was basically what I was looking for (except for fxri


^ inheriting socket in child process on Windows
338897 [knutaf gmail] In my Ruby application, I accept TCP connections from several clients.
338908 [shortcutter ] server = TCPServer.new port
338924 [knutaf gmail] ractices.com/- Hide quoted text -
338926 [shortcutter ] I don't understand the "plus".  Why is that an additional reason to
338928 [knutaf gmail] You caught me. That was bad wording on my part. s/Plus//.
338929 [reid.thompso] see CreateProcess(...)  for the closest win equivalent

^ Job Tips !
338902 [jaggubn gmai] check out this for more....

^ Observable on Set?
338903 [jcoglan goog] Quick question, is there a reason why Observable uses an Array for storage
338904 [jcoglan goog] 2009/6/10 James Coglan <jcoglan@googlemail.com>

^ The cover of "The Well-Grounded Rubyist"
338917 [dblack rubyp] I've gotten a couple of questions about why there seem to be two
338960 [shortcutter ] current than an online medium.  I guess this does not happen too often
+ 338965 [kidguko gmai] Haha! I did not think of it that way Robert. Good observation ;-)
+ 338969 [rick.denatal] ys.
  338970 [shortcutter ] Don't complain - my comment does not even show up in pieces. :-))

^ Match data variables
338930 [larschbelunk] Can a custom method mimic the behaviour of String#match, String#=~ etc
+ 338934 [matt_neuburg] ...
+ 338955 [headius head] No. There is no way (without a supergross hack like using
+ 338961 [shortcutter ] What stops you from
  339018 [albertschlef] Can the yielded block see the $1, $2, $3 vars?
  339019 [shortcutter ] No but it would be easy to provide a MatchData instance or whatever

^ JRuby: Instance/Object method ovveride on a JPanel fails?
338941 [rsilvetz gma] With the caveat I'm new to JRuby but have 20 years of software
338945 [headius head] Yes, this is expected. In the display2 case you're actually extending

^ Rdoc does not document UTF-8 files?
338956 [sutniuq gmx.] yesterday I tried to document a piece of code I had written in Ruby 1.9.
338959 [drbrain segm] The -c parameter currently only controls the value that shows up in =20
338971 [sutniuq gmx.] Sorry, but I've never filed a Rdoc or even Ruby bug before. Where can I
338973 [drbrain segm] ...

^ Re: Ruby 1.8.7-p173 released
338957 [barry bjhess] FYI, there is a bug in BigDecimal#to_f with this release.
338966 [headius head] Why was this not caught in the original fix? I thought the ruby-core
+ 338968 [ezmobius gma] This was caught by the rubyspecs and is not broken in the release of
| 338975 [headius head] Yes, I know that much from talking to Kirk... but I'm confused why
+ 338996 [matz ruby-la] It was me introduced a bug.  I neglect to run the test this time.
  + 339070 [headius head] I know how that is, and I sympathize. Good thing Ruby has a great
  + 339088 [shyouhei rub] ...

^ ruby 1.9.1 RPM for CentOS/RHEL4 is now available
338958 [synfinatic g] I've just posted our ruby 1.9.1p129 src.rpm for CentOS/RHEL4.  I'm

^ more questions regarding  .irbrc on Windows
338962 [renard nc.rr] I did not want to kidnap a previous thread on the subject of .irbrc on
338964 [shortcutter ] I would get rid of the older of the two versions.  This saves space and
+ 338989 [renard nc.rr] ractices.com/
+ 338992 [renard nc.rr] This is what I really like to do, but!!!

^ ruby-talk best practices
338972 [james.britt ] A bit of self-promotion, but this is a discussion worth having for this
+ 338979 [caduceass gm] Comments here or the other site?  In any case, I've been waiting for
| 338982 [gregory.t.br] by
| 338984 [james.britt ] Yeah, I wasn't looking to boost page hits, just looking to get a
+ 338990 [transfire gm] Hey,
| 338995 [james.britt ] Sadly (depending on your sense of humor), no.  It's meant as a broad (ha
+ 339034 [eleanor game] A really nice write-up of the common sense we all sometimes ignore.
  339065 [shevegen lin] Haha I recall some comment on youtube when Matz gave a keynote lecture.
  339081 [james.britt ] A number of people would agree with you on both points.

^ ideas for a JIT optimizer
338974 [rogerpack200] Currently I am thinking that an optimizer that takes
338976 [headius head] It would be *one way* to jit, but it would not allow for polymorphism

^ Is there a decent canonical way to get total days in a month from say Time class?
338977 [xeno.campano] I suppose I could flip through local until I generate an exception, but somehow
+ 338978 [xeno.campano] Here's a fairly simple sequence I found on the net using Date (attributions to
| 338983 [botpena gmai] ns
| 338987 [xeno.campano] That is nice.  Thanks.
+ 339005 [citizen428 g] Do you want to get the maximum number of days for a given year/month

^ Is there a method to tell me the name of the method I'm in?
338980 [xeno.campano] This would be handy with some of my class methods for composing exception
+ 338985 [matt_neuburg] ...
+ 338986 [botpena gmai] maybe you can call caller and it will tell you who you are
+ 338988 [gwtmp01 mac.] It Ruby 1.9, __callee__ (or __method__) will return the name of the

^ Re: Recipient not found
338981 [xeno.campano] In case this is a bug somebody needs to handle...???

^ (none)
338993 [Akio.Nakabay] unsubscribe=

^ Gamerz Xone
338998 [bilal.pappu ] If u want to play online games for free

^ WIN32OLE : how to get put-property types?
338999 [bruno.lehyar] I'm trying to make a generic COM web server that permits to interact
+ 339006 [bosko.ivanis] Put property has VOID return type. Since it is put property it does
+ 339007 [masaki.suket] If there is a get-property corresponding to the put-property, then
  339013 [bruno.lehyar] Ok, thank you for your quick answers

^ Ruby-Watit
339000 [uthpala2002 ] I am using Watir to automate our regression test suite.
339001 [uthpala2002 ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ method= and block
339002 [James.French] class A
+ 339004 [me xinuc.org] Whoaa... never do it this way, and it seems doesn't work in 1.9 too
| 339027 [James.French] Thanks for checking this. I guess I should raise a bug report.
| 339030 [vjoel path.b] I'm pretty sure this is not a bug. It's been discussed once or twice
+ 339124 [cmdicely gma] I don't think so. It isn't parsed as a normal method call, its parsed
  339126 [shortcutter ] +1

^ Problems getting Tk running
339003 [JensRie gmx.] I use Ruby 1.8 under Windows (installed with the One-Click-Installer).
+ 339071 [headius head] Is Tk an absolute necessity? There are certainly better UI libraries
| 339270 [lcl tarazed.] That all depends on what you mean by better.
+ 339074 [jdezenzio gm] Once you install/unpack the binaries, you have to build ruby from source
+ 339078 [nagai ai.kyu] Please check your PATH evironment variable.
+ 339317 [ftf3k3 gmail] Some said that Tk used to be included in the One-Click Installer. This
  + 346923 [grshiplett g] There seem to be a few bugs with Tk in Ruby 1.8.6 - bugs where the same
  | 347216 [rogerpack200] We're working on getting those bugs squashed :)
  + 346930 [rogerpack200] I've had success with the RC2 and I believe not even installing

^ wsdl2ruby usage
339009 [saurabh ciph] I had run the following command

^ SQLite3 passing  row data from 1 class to another
339011 [dglnz2 gmail] I have code in one class that runs an SQL statement against a SQLite3
339028 [b.candler po] You need to read the error message! It's very clear what it is telling
339094 [dglnz2 gmail] many thanks Brian must have been tried lastnight,
339100 [dglnz2 gmail] Bad form i know....
339147 [b.candler po] There is most likely a quoting function provided as part of the sqlite3
339483 [jarmo.p gmai] Why it's always better to use some higher-level (heavyweight)
339484 [dglnz2 gmail] @Jarmo,

^ publically accessible fastri
339014 [rogerpack200] I have been thinking recently that I wish I could access ri data for
+ 339021 [james.herdma] If you're just looking for core docs, check out http://www.ruby-doc.org/.
| 339032 [rogerpack200] Many times the ruby I use does not have ri installed.  Plus accessing it
| 339048 [drbrain segm] Which RDoc do you have installed?  rdoc --version will tell you.
| 339056 [rogerpack200] $ rdoc --version
| + 339060 [drbrain segm] You could probably do a plugin for it, there's lots of great ideas out
| | 339132 [rogerpack200] is ri pluggable?
| | 339168 [drbrain segm] ri being part of RDoc, it is possible in theory.  I don't know if
| + 339061 [drbrain segm] RDoc 2 is significantly faster than 1, but I don't think it can match
|   339063 [rick.denatal] tri
+ 339187 [transfire gm] T.
  339205 [rogerpack200] That has potential. I suppose I could just extract ri information from
  + 339206 [rogerpack200] oops my bad
  + 339213 [transfire gm] if you just want the ri data, it is kept in yaml files generated by

^ should irb default to auto complete?
339015 [rogerpack200] Seems to me like it would be a very user friendly default to have irb
339024 [b.candler po] It does for me, under Linux (Ubuntu's own version, and also compiled
339026 [vjoel path.b] Really? Are you sure your .irbrc doesn't require 'irb/completion'? Or

^ ri for gems working?
339017 [rogerpack200] For some reason I've never had success with ri + gems
+ 339022 [james.herdma] Depending on how the documentation for EventMachine was written, your RI
| 339025 [matt_neuburg] ...
| 339129 [tomcloyd com] Precisely my reaction. I'll say it again: If you code up something cool,
| + 339131 [ben bleythin] 't
| | 339232 [rogerpack200] Unfortunately it isn't...totally expected...how to describe it...to run
| | 339234 [mguterl gmai] I like bdoc http://github.com/manalang/bdoc/tree/master
| | 339235 [rogerpack200] So is Hannah or Darkfish better?
| | 339357 [drbrain segm] Last I heard, Hannah only worked on RDoc 2.3 and earlier.  Darkfish is
| + 339167 [drbrain segm] 0.9.5: http://rubyforge.org/forum/forum.php?forum_id=23112
+ 339029 [b.candler po] Possibly. Old versions of rubygems used to have a 'gemri' command, but
+ 339047 [drbrain segm] Depending on your ruby and RDoc version, ri may not pick up RubyGems
  339054 [rogerpack200] nice

339023 [transfire gm] Looks like the RAA is "not only merely dead. She's really most
+ 339031 [tim.pease gm] You could create an RAA github account and siphon over all the source
+ 339035 [djberg96 gma] I don't see any spam. I do see 5 new projects listed in the last week.
  339036 [gregory.t.br] Click through them.
  339044 [djberg96 gma] Oh, I see it now. I looked at the first one (which is legit). The others =