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^ Nokogiri XML::NodeSet#search behavior
338605 [transfire gm] Can a Nokogiri NodeSet not be searched? There is a #search method but

^ conflicts with file from package ruby-libs
338610 [costelloe gm] I installed ruby using yum on RHEL 5, but then wanted to upgrade the

^ GoogleHack Search
338613 [jdezenzio gm] One of the projects that I want to work on is a porting over of a

^ New to Programming: Value of gets for just "Enter"
338622 [matt.garriot] I am new to programming in general, and I was having a difficult time
+ 338626 [rick.denatal] It will return an empty string
+ 338675 [bbxx789_05ss] print "Enter: "
  338677 [bbxx789_05ss] Whenever you hit Enter/Return on your keyboard, you are adding a
  338717 [kbloom gmail] And then the chomp  function which he calls on the string removes the \n
  338726 [bbxx789_05ss] Really?
  338760 [rha7.com gma] if input.chomp.strip != ""
  338762 [botpena gmai] irb(main):001:0> "\n".strip
  338839 [rha7.com gma] rha7.illuminated.chomp

^ [OT] Speaking of pledges for Ruby projects
338633 [djberg96 gma] I am looking for pledges so that I can continue to work on some fantastic
+ 338635 [gregory.t.br] Daniel, though I appreciate more clicks headed my way, I think this
| 338637 [djberg96 gma] Oy, thanks! I was looking at yours when I was writing mine. Too many tabs
+ 338636 [djberg96 gma] Whoops, should be http://pledgie.com/campaigns/4706

^ ruby_top_self in 1.9
338634 [rogerpack200] with ruby 1.8 C code, I can (apparently) do the following to define a

^ Luxuriescars
338639 [oubaid.98 gm] Do you want to know about luxuries cars? i think it is easy to you

^ Stop Dieting and Start Living!
338644 [inuvin101 gm] Losing weight and shedding body fat does not have to be a sentence to

^ Selenium test logs
338646 [sherazyousaf] Morning/Evening/Afternoon - depending on where you are in the world!

338647 [karstonjason] LOUIS VUITTON HANDBAGS: http://www.evoguer.com/Other.html

^ Subject: [ANN] ri_cal 0.6.1 Released
338648 [rick.denatal] ri_cal version 0.6.1 has been released!

^ adding, multiplying array
338649 [haris.bogdan] I want to multply all elements of two arrays and add that to all elements of
+ 338651 [citizen428 g] of
+ 338652 [rick.denatal] of
| + 338655 [matt tidbits] And if you're going to be doing this kind of thing a lot, you might like
| + 338658 [shortcutter ] irb(main):007:0> a =3D Array.new 5 do |i| i end
+ 338664 [rha7.com gma] require 'pp'
  338666 [citizen428 g] Since you don't use the 'o' block variable, you can also use

^ binaryparse: length in bytes of block definition?
338659 [markus fisch] is there a way to derive the size in bytes of a custom
338732 [vjoel path.b] Can you describe the nesting you are trying to do? Bit-struct does have
338749 [markus fisch] first, I guess I've to apologize in some way, because I was the OP last
338871 [vjoel path.b] That's a useful addition. I've added that to bit-struct 0.12 now (along

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Quine (#207)
338662 [yahivin gmai] There were a great many solutions to the quiz this week. Let's dive in!

^ [ANN] Oughtve 0.8.0
338663 [registration] Oughtve

^ Re: Speaking of pledges for Ruby projects
338665 [luislavena g] I must add, on a personal note, that both pledges (Gregory and Daniel)

^ [ANN] rexical 1.0.3 Released
338668 [aaron tender] rexical version 1.0.3 has been released!

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.3.1 Released
338669 [aaron tender] nokogiri version 1.3.1 has been released!

^ Hosting Ruby in C#
338672 [dgorti msn.c] Folks,
+ 338896 [brusch4_remo] "Durgaprasad Gorti" <dgorti@msn.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 338905 [huw darkneon] best wishes

^ Chinese strftime
338673 [arthur pixop] I need to translate the strftime into chinese.
338676 [kdr2 x-macro] well...

^ [ANN] Operation Lambda 1.0 alpha
338679 [adam.oddfell] Operation Lambda

^ Zephyr v2.5 with Advanced Test Management Capabilities
338680 [sean.s008 gm] Zephyr has created a name for itself in software testing arena with

^ Re: state pattern?
338681 [dcadenas gma] I just created this gem that you may find useful

^ How to sort array ascending, except zero ?
338686 [noway fakenu] [1,4,2,0,8,9] to [1,2,4,8,9,0]
+ 338687 [andrew andre] arr = [1,4,2,0,8,9]
| 338689 [shortcutter ] Definitively not!  Changing the default Fixnum ordering is dangerous
+ 338688 [martindemell] max = a.max + 1
| 338690 [shortcutter ] Still traversing the array twice just to get the max beforehand does
| + 338691 [martindemell] Ah yes, forgot you could compare floats with fixnums :)
| + 338718 [myemail fatt] isn't this simplified version fine too?
|   338733 [shortcutter ] irb(main):003:0> a=[1,0]
|   338734 [brabuhr gmai] irb(main):001:0> [1, 0].sort.sort_by{|n| n.zero? ? 1 : 0}
|   + 338735 [shortcutter ] Sorting twice only to make the block to sort simpler does not sound like
|   | 338737 [brabuhr gmai] Especially the to_s version :-)
|   + 338739 [sepp2k googl] Neither sort nor sort_by use a stable sorting algorithm though.
|     338741 [brabuhr gmai] But, at least it was pretty fast even if it was not correct.  ;-)
|     338742 [shortcutter ] Hehe, talk about priorities. :-)
+ 338694 [lists bertra] I don't know what you want to do further with the sorted values
+ 338695 [list.push gm] tmp = arr.partition{|x| x != 0 }
| 338696 [list.push gm] Oops!
+ 338707 [noway fakenu] I forgot to mention that the array can contain several 0 values not only
| + 338710 [cidza tin.it] ciao
| | 338712 [cidza tin.it] sorry; it cannot work, of course
| + 338713 [martindemell] My solution took that into account. Give it a try.
| + 338730 [mneumann nte] Infinity = 1.0/0.0
+ 338763 [rha7.com gma] Delegate the FixNum class
  338771 [shortcutter ] Kind regards

^ SQLite3 and ruby / shoes gui
338697 [dglnz yahoo.] I am feeling constricted and frustrated!
+ 338700 [dglnz2 gmail] Found some errors after i posted this !!
+ 338704 [b.candler po] Please try to post a *complete* program which demonstrates the problem.
  338772 [dglnz2 gmail] Thanks for the comments Brian,

^ sqlite3 & joins
338698 [dglnz yahoo.] this question goes on from my previous one about my 1st hurdle using
+ 338701 [rubfor recit] I would always recommend using the database to perform joins. People
+ 338702 [ruby-bucket ] I don't use SQLite, I'm more of a SQl heavy (DB2, Postgresql, Oracle)
  338709 [ruby-bucket ] On second thought, it doesn't look like your schema does what it ought

^ Printing out Cucumber step definitions
338711 [demetriusnun] After a few years of almost complete silence, I'm back at blogging

^ How to html file in ruby
338719 [thillaibooks] How to read a html file in ruby
338721 [rilindo gmai] Nokogiri?
338722 [imphasing gm] Or Hpricot (my favorite)?

^ sort on European date
338723 [aidy.lewis g] date = ['15/10/1971', '16/10/1972', '12/12/1971']
338724 [rick.denatal] real = date.map {|s| Date.strptime(s, "%d/%m/%Y")}

^ Re: Ruby and MS WORD
338731 [anandhthiyag] that was so helpful... thx carlos... now can you help me in parsing the
338766 [anandhthiyag] thanks... that was very helpful... in the same way is there any way to
+ 338767 [mo_mail ongh] you need to use win32ole.  There are a few examples online.
+ 338770 [bosko.ivanis] I do not know what do you mean by "parse" but if you are accessing

^ get all cookies from a website
338736 [mmc_collins ] Once I reach a website, I want to get a list of all the cookies for that

^ Gem dependency / installing multiple gem from a single file
338744 [rubylearner ] Ruby gems has a nice way of defining and including dependencies but it does

^ strip doesn't take a character set?
338747 [xeno.campano] I wanna do something like newstr = str.strip(/\D/)
+ 338750 [transfire gm] ere any
+ 338751 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):006:0> s = "aaa111bbb222ccc"
| 338754 [vjoel path.b] irb(main):001:0> s = "aaa111bbb222ccc"
+ 338752 [shortcutter ] Maybe
  338759 [dan-ml dan42] newstr = str.sub /\A\D*(.*?)\D*\z/m, '\\1'

^ [ANN] rkelly 1.0.1 Released
338753 [aaron tender] I have no idea how this happened, but I'm sure that someone pulling out a
+ 338819 [eleanor game] You are a sick puppy - and I love you for it :)
| 338820 [aaron tender] This is what happens when you sit next to Ryan all day. ;-)
| 338829 [ryand-ruby z] Pthththth
| 338833 [eleanor game] Hmmm... sitting next to the author of Wilson and RubyInline... all day
+ 338831 [tony medioh.] Hey, this is an awesome library, but there's one thing I should point out
  338841 [drbrain segm] Judging from this sentence, I bet Aaron wouldn't mind someone taking
  338866 [tony medioh.] Heh, guess you're not an R Kelly fan...
  + 338867 [ryand-ruby z] We sit next to and code with aaron every day... Fan or not, we bet
  | 338876 [tony medioh.] Well, through a roundabout manner I have come upon yet another of
  + 338870 [eleanor game] And now that South Park episode finally makes sense...

^ Re: [QUIZ][Solution] Twitter Personalities (#208)
338756 [justincollin] So, here is my full solution, which just pulls transcriptions of
338811 [th tp1.rub.d] here my implementation of a Markov chain based text generator for Twitter.
338898 [sandro.pagan] Here's my solution: http://github.com/sandropaganotti/Twitter-Sapiensit uses
338900 [sandro.pagan] ...

^ Re: Twitter Personalities (#208)
338757 [cmshea gmail] =3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-

^ [ANN] httpclient/2.1.5
338761 [nakahiro gma] httpclient/2.1.5 has been released.

^ MySql for Ruby 1.9.1
338764 [jdezenzio gm] sudo gem install hectoregm-mysql-ruby ?
338863 [rogerpack200] I know the latest 2.8.1 builds on 1.9, and also mysqlplus.  Dunno if the

^ Ruby 1.9.x Concurrency
338769 [cwdinfo gmai] Poking through the Apple press releases today, I sat up and took
+ 338773 [glenn rubypo] Steve,
+ 338808 [james graypr] What I think you're getting at here is, yes, threading still isn't the
  + 338817 [eleanor game] Indeed. And on a Unix box (like Snow Leopard) there really isn't a
  | 338834 [james graypr] No pressure!  :)
  + 338825 [headius head] Or just use JRuby, and real concurrent/parallel threads will just work
    + 338828 [eleanor game] And on Windows too. Damn smug JVM users ;p
    + 338835 [tony medioh.] Well, as best they can on Ruby.  You guys have done some really great work
      + 338836 [cwdinfo gmai] Thanks for all the answers. I guess the main issue I'm trying to get
      | + 338837 [tony medioh.] Having written what's probably the fastest concurrent HTTP fetcher available
      | | 338852 [james graypr] I've very much a Fiber newbie, so forgive my dumb questions, but=85
      | | 338853 [tony medioh.] Correct.  Fibers are coroutines which can cooperatively switch between each
      | | 338854 [james graypr] Thanks for your excellent explanation.
      | + 338850 [james graypr] While threading does solve that problem in some languages, it not
      |   338869 [cwdinfo gmai] On Jun 9, 2009, at 1:19 PM, James Gray <james@grayproductions.net>
      |   338873 [james graypr] What I've been trying to say is that they are two different tools for
      + 338874 [headius head] t work
        338940 [tony medioh.] Yeah, you guys have done some really amazing work, and are likely to remain
        338948 [headius head] Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention that IronRuby has no
        338950 [tony medioh.] Oh sorry, forgot to add the caveat "usable" Ruby implementation :)

^ wurfl 1.1.0 Released
338774 [paul mobalea] wurfl 1.1.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] require_all 1.0.0: A wonderfully simple way to load your code
338776 [tony medioh.] require_all
338812 [djberg96 gma] Trust me, Merb was not the first library to come up with Java style/globbing

^ Timeout updating system
338779 [Max.Caines w] charset="us-ascii"
+ 338864 [rogerpack200] For some reason rubygems times out for me at times, too.
+ 338865 [drbrain segm] What does `gem update -V --system` say?
  338899 [Max.Caines w] charset="us-ascii"

^ ruby dup unexpected behaviour
338780 [david.maciej] I got no answer on ubuntu entry at
338781 [b.candler po] dup is a "shallow" copy. For a Hash, you'll get a new Hash but with the
338783 [david.maciej] Thanks for the details, in the end as you said I did the deep copy

^ simple threading
338784 [christoph.ja] I wanted to write a program that request stock quotes say every second. So I
338786 [vikhyatk gma] o I
338790 [christoph.ja] Thanks,
338800 [james graypr] 1.  Your code splits into two threads (the main Thread Ruby started

^ how to write a DSL
338785 [christoph.ja] I'm new to DSLs and wanted to know if someone could tell me some good and
+ 338788 [citizen428 g] If you are the type of person who learns well by reading source, you
+ 338789 [b.candler po] I'd suggest that a good starting point is to install shoulda and look at
+ 338791 [pjb informat] While I don't always agree with the details written in http://martinfowler.com/dslwip/
  338792 [christoph.ja] Thank's guy, looks really cool.
  338795 [mail szimmer] And in "Design Patterns in Ruby" by Russ Olsen is also an own chapter

^ [ANN] linkparser 1.0.4
338793 [ged FaerieMU] Version 1.0.4 of linkparser has been released.

^ "puts"ing an array
338794 [pbailey bna.] In the "pickaxe" book I see how to use a "puts" to populate a file with
+ 338802 [jgabrielygal] File.open("F:/workflows/graphics/receipts/pngfiles.txt", "w") do |file|
+ 338804 [Rob AgileCon] Dir.glob returns an Array
  + 338805 [pbailey bna.] Thank you very much, gentlemen. Yes, I did actually figure it out by
  + 338807 [shortcutter ] file.puts files
    338813 [pbailey bna.] Wow. Sometimes Ruby is too beautifully simple.
    338815 [shevegen lin] It inspired my general rule that if something is not looking beautiful -

^ doing something each second
338797 [christoph.ja] is it possible to execute a block each second for let's say 8 hours a day?
+ 338803 [jcribbs netp] while true
| 338809 [shortcutter ] Note thought hat if stuff takes longer you will execute something with
+ 338826 [headius head] There's no way to run something asynchronously every second or trigger
  338830 [eleanor game] It could probably be done with a signal handler, but that's not the
  338856 [christoph.ja] Thanks to all of you. I actually started out using a thread but then got
  338868 [tony medioh.] You could do something like this with an asynchronous event framework like

^ Re: require_all 1.0.0: A wonderfully simple way to load your code
338798 [transfire gm] nt
+ 338832 [tony medioh.] Bah, should've checked facets first, but that really is the problem with
+ 338843 [tony medioh.] You ask for it, you get it!
  338951 [rogerpack200] Wow I really like this idea.
  338953 [vjoel path.b] Hm, what about
  339050 [tony medioh.] Yes, there are potential issues with this approach if you do that sort of
  339052 [vjoel path.b] True, but sometimes methods get invoked at load time...

^ ruby-prof for WATIR testcase calls WIN32OLE#method_missing
338801 [sandeep.gupt] I generated ruby profile for my test suite. In my profile i observed
338810 [phasis gmail] That is the way WIN32OLE work. All properties and methods pass through

^ Can't install racc
338806 [roddiku gmai] requires nokogiri and racc. When trying to install racc, I get the
338838 [drbrain segm] racc is a development dependency of mechanize.  You probably need to
338844 [roddiku gmai] Thanks, updating gems helped, now I get the following error when
338845 [aaron tender] If you're also requiring libxml-ruby, that might be your problem.  Can
338846 [roddiku gmai] I've found another libxml2.dll file in c:/windows, replaced it with the

^ Find out the name of a user, on a given file/dir/symlink?
338814 [shevegen lin] require 'fileutils'
+ 338821 [shortcutter ] As far as I can see you need both because File.stat only returns the numeric ID.
+ 338822 [djberg96 gma] That's about as good as it gets. You can always re-open the File class =
  338823 [shevegen lin] Thanks to both, I guess I will extend File for the project.
  338906 [shortcutter ] I do not know how fast Etc.getpwuid is but I assume it might be slow

^ Ruby in Android - Android Scripting Environment
338818 [john.slobbe ] <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
338824 [headius head] The unfortunate thing about this is that those scripts will only work

^ call a ruby program clicking a button on a web page
338827 [tcblues gmai] How is possible to call a ruby program clicking a button on a web page?
338840 [rha7.com gma] Locally?

^ is this considered functional?
338847 [remco huijdt] I am reading stuff about functional programming in ruby.
338851 [pjb informat] This might be considered a syntactic detail.

^ Gettin an input from user on html
338848 [mr.flow3r gm] files in a directory in a server at my work.
338901 [b.candler po] Is this a script which is run from the command-line?
+ 338914 [mr.flow3r gm] That cleared up many things. Thanks a lot Brian!!!
+ 338919 [mr.flow3r gm] Ok my case is the last case: button appears on web browser.

^ Get input type in mechanize
338849 [roddiku gmai] current field? Docs here