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^ Issue installing gem on Mac OS 10.5.6
337415 [raghavendra.] I am having issues with installing the mysql gem with the mysql
337428 [jona.hunt777] You need to pass something when you install mysql gem. Just google for it.

^ Stripping certain characters using Hpricot
337416 [virendra.neg] I have been using Hpricot for a while now and its great.

^ String representing relative file name, adding (meta) data?
337418 [markus fisch] just getting started into Ruby, I'm working with relative filenames as
337422 [b.candler po] Sure. String and Array are both objects like any other Object.
337430 [markus fisch] many things, I surely learned a *lot* from your post!
+ 337431 [markus fisch] $ cat meta.rb
| 337541 [markus fisch] There were actually still problems with the prior approach: my test was
| 337544 [b.candler po] Some Ruby methods call to_str implicitly when they expect a String, so
| 337547 [markus fisch] O_O ! That a surprising thing for a beginner. With that information and
| 337567 [b.candler po] For more hidden goodness, you may also want to override respond_to?
+ 337434 [b.candler po] Ah yes, that's right. It's a general problem with Hash that if you
  337436 [markus fisch] LOL! So obvious, you're right ...

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^ Newbie on Threads
337421 [nabusman gma] I'm creating a screen scraping software and I want to have X (let's say
337424 [shortcutter ] Create a Queue (require 'thread') and have your worker threads read
337441 [nabusman gma] to work, no errors, but it just finishes the program without doing
+ 337462 [shortcutter ] I am not sure what you expect: your program does not do anything with
| 337464 [nabusman gma] I left that part out, figured it would make the example unnecessarily
+ 337476 [tpreal gmail] only one scraping thread. I think this is more what you intended (not
  337573 [nabusman gma] This is what I ended up doing, similar to what was suggested.
  337576 [shortcutter ] Thanks for the update!
  337580 [nabusman gma] Oh, I thought it would cause the main thread to pause until there was
  337593 [shortcutter ] Well, it will.  But so will your producer thread and eventually the main
  337601 [nabusman gma] I see, that makes sense.
  337615 [shortcutter ] I wouldn't do that.  Preparation of the input should be done outside of
  337649 [nabusman gma] Right, I see your point, I'll change it. Thanks again.

^ download a comic strip and email to myself with Ruby?
337426 [blueskybreez] using Ruby on my local Windows machine, can I easily write a script to
+ 337427 [andrew andre] Yes
| 337477 [blueskybreez] how is it done?
| 337479 [imphasing gm] I would use Hpricot to parse the HTML and get the image, then any of the
| + 337481 [andrew andre] Even easier, find out how the images are named because they are often
| + 337482 [blueskybreez] is it true that we just use the smtp.my-isp.com to send it?  is there
|   337490 [imphasing gm] You can use any SMTP server to email the images. I would just use Net::SMTP
+ 337485 [tpreal gmail] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ [ANN] monkeypatch-0.1.2 (alpha)
337429 [zimbatm oree] *monkeypatch* is a new ruby projects that tries to protect you from
337471 [m.fellinger ] Hey zimbatm,

^ how to ignore whitespaces difference  while taking htmldiff
337435 [virendra.neg] I want to know how can I ignore the white spaces which too get into

^ DBI Connect failure - can we retry please?
337444 [louis.bacon ] I got a DBI connection that tries to connect to a source that sometimes
+ 337450 [grzm seespot] begin/rescue with a counter?
+ 337468 [djberg96 gma] sometimes

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^ Params[:id]
337452 [sushrut99gur] What is params[:....]?
337454 [saurabh.purn] Could you please refer any of ruby tutorials online instead of posting these

^ List the files based on the modified time in FTP
337465 [vetrivel.bks] List the files based on the modified time in ftp.
337466 [vetrivel.bks] There is a mistake in above question  .

^ saving values in block problem
337469 [cn.peng.zuo ] 1.8x, in the results array, I always got the same value, which is the last
+ 337472 [vjoel path.b] I'm guessing what you want is for results[i] to be a snapshot of the
+ 337506 [b.candler po] Does this explain what you are seeing?

^ code completion and Qt
337470 [lolveley yah] I would like to know if there is a ruby IDE allowing to have the
337501 [lolveley yah] some news : I have discovered vim, and after a basic test I saw that

^ Replace empty or strange characters within array of arrays
337483 [jdezenzio gm] I'm a newcomer to Ruby and started learning it approximately one-week
337487 [Rob AgileCon] Actually, on the original site, the cell is not empty, but contains a =20=
337489 [jdezenzio gm] I might just be making it more confusing for myself.  In this example,
337492 [imphasing gm] Maybe I'm missing some part of the question, but you can just assign a value
337493 [jdezenzio gm] thanks Alex, the index started from 0 so it was actually @rows[119][0] =
337496 [imphasing gm] Well, to search through your elements and do a replacement, you could do

^ Ocra: "Failed to create directory"
337486 [tpreal gmail] I was trying to use Ocra with Ruby 1.9.1 on Windows. It creates the
337491 [imphasing gm] I ran across this blog post that details some of common errors with Ocra,
337495 [tpreal gmail] Thanks, but unfortunately this does not help. Also I tried both the gem
337516 [luislavena g] Can you provide more information about the version of Ruby, RubyGems
337538 [tpreal gmail] ruby 1.9.1p0 (2009-01-30 revision 21907) [i386-mswin32]
337551 [luislavena g] That is really helpful information Thomas.

^ [ANN] ri_cal 0.5.0 Released
337488 [rick.denatal] ri_cal version 0.5.0 has been released!
337494 [rick.denatal] I just updated it to 0.5.1, Just a change in the README to reflect

^ Re: monkeypatch-0.1.2 (alpha)
337497 [zimbatm oree] long time no read! Yes, you spotted the weak point right-on, getting
337864 [transfire gm] Besides the issues you mention (new API and adoption), I see other
+ 337870 [dan-ml dan42] Really? Raising an error is too much? Consider that if you get this
| + 337887 [transfire gm] I don't think there's anything wrong with your assessment. That
| + 337965 [robert.dober] ng,
+ 338855 [zimbatm oree] The discussion was mainly oriented on the stricktness of the patch
+ 338857 [zimbatm oree] The next version will support a better conflict detection engine that
  + 338858 [zimbatm oree] One aspect where I agree with Thomas Sawyer is that the API should be
  + 338859 [transfire gm] Perhaps so.

^ Something Not going with my LDAP using SSL
337507 [xeno.campano] #!/usr/bin/ruby
337539 [b.candler po] It looks like you are trying to connect to the LDAPS service on port
338073 [xeno.campano] My apologies for dropping this before Brian.  I just found it in my trash, so I
338082 [b.candler po] Maybe. Or perhaps the Ubuntu box's IP address is being firewalled, or
338084 [xeno.campano] telnet ihn 636
+ 338088 [xeno.campano] Can you tell me more specifically what I might be looking for?  I don't want to
+ 338094 [b.candler po] Odd, I think this shows it was the client (on dynamic port 44841) which
  338095 [xeno.campano] STDOUT ends with the following...
  338096 [xeno.campano] I think we had a different response Friday.  Is it possible that install of
  + 338098 [xeno.campano] Okay, here we go Brian,
  + 338099 [b.candler po] I doubt very much that installing libopenssl-ruby could affect openssl
    + 338105 [xeno.campano] I am not finding LDAP::SSLConn or SSLConn in my /usr tree, so presumably these
    + 338106 [xeno.campano] Say, is anyone else out there able to run the script successfully that I post?
      338110 [xeno.campano] My apologies for leaving the wrong heading on there.  That last post was me not
      338137 [b.candler po] This isn't really going anywhere, so I'll ask the same question one more
      338187 [xeno.campano] irb(main):001:0> require 'openssl'
      338192 [xeno.campano] Okay Brian, having installed with apt-get source libldap-ruby1.8, openssl, and
      338193 [xeno.campano] Okay.  Once again my apologies.  It apparently installed the stuff in /root.  I

^ Mechanize and charset issues
337508 [hohojojo mai] I'm not sure what is causing this error as I can successfully login, I
+ 337509 [hohojojo mai] It is caused by the following html â€&oelig in one of the
+ 337510 [higgs.bozo g] Running "ruby -KU ..." will probably fix it (at least it has worked for
  337511 [hohojojo mai] Thank you for the response but it doesn't seem to solve the issue. I
  337618 [hohojojo mai] If anyone comes across this problem, this is how I fixed it. Found a
  337648 [jarmo.p gmai] page.encoding = 'UTF-8'?

^ Download csv file from secure web site (https
337512 [gheorghiua g] I am a newbie to Ruby and I created a script to process a file which I
337513 [reid.thompso] can you ssh/scp directly to the secure http site (https) from a command line on
337514 [gheorghiua g] $ scp user_name@secure.http.site:/path/to/file
337575 [gheorghiua g] $ ssh username@https://www.desired_website.com/pageWLinkToReport.php
337577 [vjoel path.b] ssh username@desired_website.com
337588 [gheorghiua g] $ ssh username@https://www.desired_website.com/pageWLinkToReport.php
339527 [gheorghiua g] <code>

^ Initialize not being called on objects created from literals
337517 [oliver.saund] Initialize doesn't appear to get called.
+ 337526 [botpena gmai] see relation bw initialize and new
+ 337529 [shortcutter ] A class needs to explicitly invoke #initialize of the super class.  I
  337556 [rick.denatal] uess,

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^ 99 bottles countdown
337520 [cstephens4 g] I am a beginner trying to write a Ruby program that mimics the song
337521 [cstephens4 g] I should have searched for similar projects in the group discussions-

^ How to access variables from within class definition
337522 [sodani gmail] @var = 'brown'
+ 337523 [jan.h.xie gm] $var =3D 'brown'
+ 337525 [marnen marne] Of course you can't see @var from within the class definition if you set
+ 337527 [phasis gmail] @var =3D 'brown'
+ 337537 [b.candler po] This is an instance variable of the top-level (main) object.
  337632 [sodani gmail] This helps a lot. Guess I should brush up on my variable types :-)

^ [JOB] Ruby Technologist - Estes Park Colorado
337528 [dan eparklab] charset=US-ASCII;

^ On Hashes - How the hashes printing works?
337533 [indrashyam g] I have my code as follows:-
337535 [mbj seonic.n] Hashes enumeration does not mirror insertion order.
+ 337536 [indrashyam g] Thank you Markus.
+ 337640 [jarmo.p gmai] Jou could use orderedhash gem to have hashes ordered like arrays for
  337653 [mbj seonic.n] Or maintain an "order of insertion key array".

^ mysql loding error
337540 [sushrut99gur] Successfully installed mysql-2.7.3-x86-mswin32
337622 [rogerpack200] check your error logs.  Also it might mean mysql wasn't installed on

^ Online docs for OpenSSL
337542 [abc3def gmai] RSA.new([size | encoded_key] [, pass]) вк rsa

^ Problem in accessing MySQL
337543 [mbhaskars ya] I'm new to ruby and facing the following problem in connecting to MySQL

^ Help me out!!!!!
337545 [sushrut99gur] am posting the error i get from Ruby here...am i missing a particular
337579 [zimbatm oree] It seems like ActionView::Base does not have the

^ Jruby precision issue with reading float values in mysql db
337546 [pradeep.gatr] I was trying to upgrade from 1.1.6 to 1.2.0 and noticed a strange
337641 [pradeep.gatr] The issue persists with both 1.3.0 RC1 & RC2.
337709 [charles.nutt] It seems the problem is that we're showing the actual machine precision

^ frozen string
337549 [dcoffield uk] Am trying to get rubyscript2exe to work and get the error shown below.
337566 [b.candler po] Look at rubyscript2exe-0.5.3.rb line 612 perhaps?
337568 [dcoffield uk] No... 'twasn't that unfortunately... thanks though.

^ threadify not handling hashes inside of array correctly
337552 [jarmo.p gmai] I wanted to use threadify to iterate over my data structure, where
338191 [jarmo.p gmai] Forwarding conversationg with threadify's author Ara T. Howard to the

^ decimal degrees location value to sexagesimal string value conversion
337555 [yves_dufour ] Is there any way to get it somewhere ? don't want to re-re-code such

^ Select Options
337560 [rnichols har] charset=US-ASCII;
337562 [b.candler po] Rails questions should be asked on a Rails mailing list. This one is for

^ Can't uninstall gems on Ubuntu
337563 [abc3def gmai] $ gem install net-ssh
+ 337569 [Carey.Nation] It installed to your home directory because you don't have write rights
| + 337591 [rick.denatal] Actually, I think that it's because gem uninstall defaults to
| | + 337598 [Carey.Nation] Sorry for being vague.  That's what I meant, actually.  That is, since =
| | + 337608 [abc3def gmai] Unsuccessfully it does not :-(
| + 337607 [abc3def gmai] Yes, if done with sudo it works fine. But I cann't remove that wrongly
+ 337924 [drbrain segm] Upgrade to 1.3.4, the bug was fixed in the meantime.

^ selenium with ruby rails and webrat
337565 [tramasamy149] I have set up selenium and webrat with cucumber and ruby rails in Cygwin
337572 [tramasamy149] Hurry, I got this solved. One of my colleague pointed out this forum

^ Installing Ruby 1.9.1 Binary on Windows Vista
337574 [jdezenzio gm] I've searched and only found one topic which did not have an answer or
+ 337596 [luislavena g] This has been commented and discussed several times in this mailing
| 337610 [jdezenzio gm] Bookmarking those links - many thanks.
+ 337620 [rogerpack200] Here's my crack at a tutorial.
| 337661 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks Roger,
| + 337663 [jdezenzio gm] Actually I just did..
| | 337664 [jdezenzio gm] 4.  Copied Scite into the new Ruby folder.
| | 337666 [jdezenzio gm] One thing I definitely noticed like when I tried to install mysql I had
| | 337707 [luislavena g] ty/
| + 337670 [rogerpack200] Nope--you can have as many as you want on you system, just be aware that
|   337683 [jdezenzio gm] The only issue I'm finding with upgrading is that some of the gem
|   + 337704 [rogerpack200] yeah it's a concern being discussed by the rubygems fellas.  For now
|   | 337708 [jdezenzio gm] Well, I'm still new (only going into my second week of ruby).  I've
|   + 337710 [luislavena g] And suggestion to go with "Fat binaries" are a tempting option I'm
|     337717 [jdezenzio gm] Being frustrated and complaining are really two different things.  I
|     337726 [rogerpack200] Luis is working on a "download system" to help with dependencies,
|     337772 [jdezenzio gm] Can you point me to the rubyinstaller dev list?
|     + 337781 [jdezenzio gm] I simplified things for me ..
|     | 337803 [luislavena g] I completely understand your frustration.
|     | 337805 [jdezenzio gm] Thanks to both of you - a lot!
|     | 337867 [jdezenzio gm] I ended up installing VirtualBox and added ubuntu linux to a virtual
|     + 337793 [rogerpack200] I believe you'll need the mysql headers and libraries installed
+ 337660 [trehook goog] Here's my crack at a tutorial.

^ Can't install ruby-opengl
337586 [jdezenzio gm] I receive the following error when trying to install it.
337597 [luislavena g] To install gems that depends on binary extension, like yours, you need
337613 [jdezenzio gm] Wish I would have known this before I did all the things I just finished
+ 337614 [jdezenzio gm] I fixed my issue.
+ 337617 [luislavena g] Well, you can get VC8/9 to build extension for VC6 version of RUby,

^ Problem with path
337587 [happy.go.luc] Hey there,
337629 [happy.go.luc] No, I reinstalled the lib by keying command line gem install
337652 [abc3def gmai] This will work

^ [ANN] ShinyCocos pre-release
337590 [funkaster gm] For the past few month, I've been working on a fun project: ruby

^ Re: change service property
337594 [happy.go.luc] Any one can help???

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^ [ANN] JRuby 1.3.0RC2 Released
337603 [Thomas.Enebo] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.3.0RC2
+ 337612 [gregory.t.br] to
+ 337625 [james.britt ] Sweet.  Thanks for all the time and effort.

^ Re: Initialize not being called on objects created from lite
337605 [oliver.saund] Thanks Rick. I poked around a bit more after the last few posts made
337616 [shortcutter ] Please correct me if I am wrong, but you seem to mean

^ Copy data from many CDs using ruby
337609 [sobbybutter ] I am a beginner with very basic knowledge of ruby, but I would like to
+ 337611 [reid.thompso] google
+ 337623 [tomcloyd com] Beginner? Me too, but I may know a bit more than you at this point. I
  337624 [halfcountplu] There is a problem here in that most contemporary linux users use
  337626 [tomcloyd com] Erp. Well....
  337628 [halfcountplu] No problem.  This one came up about a week ago and I thought it was
  337630 [tomcloyd com] That's interesting. I do as well. Had it turned off on my WinX OS, and

^ Process Leak after using Session module
337619 [pbhandari205] This script has a process leak with a bash session being left open every
337695 [tim.pease gm] Just a guess here, but try closing your oratab_file descriptor. The
337738 [shortcutter ] Guessing here as well: maybe bash.close helps.
337756 [pbhandari205] That was it! Your .02 EUR was wprth a lot for me today.  Is there some
337769 [shortcutter ] I have no idea: I had this idea of #close and briefly tried to find