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^ dbm on RedHat
337224 [brodbd u.was] A user I support is trying to use the dbm module that's part of Ruby's
337480 [brodbd u.was] Experimenting a bit more, it doesn't seem to be related to the
337498 [kyleaschmitt] I've got a bunch of CentOS 5 boxes here, 5.0 through 5.3.  None of
337499 [kyleaschmitt] Oops, should have said

^ Gem naming recommendation
337231 [drbrain segm] To summarize, I like underscored_names so that you can have an

^ Yahoo Search Marketing API
337232 [graysonpierc] Anyone know of a Ruby version of the Yahoo Search Marketing API?
337233 [graysonpierc] I guess I should have given the URL
340570 [verduc_m epi] I also need samples so if you have some ... I take them !

^ MSN adCenter API
337234 [graysonpierc] Also anything out there for MSN adCenter API in Ruby?

^ sending extend and include to your own class definition
337236 [Ron.Foster w] I'm trying to learn the ruby way of doing things, and ran across some
337242 [gwtmp01 mac.] extend ClassMethods

^ Vertical frames for ruby-doc.org?
337238 [mjijackson g] Is anyone aware of a good hack to make the frames display vertically
337239 [mjijackson g] Nevermind.
337256 [markus fisch] that's very useful, thanks! I never realized the potential to create my

^ [ANN] ruby2java 0.0.1 Released
337243 [charles.nutt] ruby2java version 0.0.1 has been released!
337244 [charles.nutt] And close on its heels is 0.0.2, which actually specifies the bitescript

^ [ANN] eventmachine 0.12.8
337247 [rubytalk tmm] I am happy to announce the release of eventmachine 0.12.8. Gems (including

337249 [sale_inquiri] class Database
337285 [albertschlef] Why do you want to do that?
337320 [sale_inquiri] well its just part of my learning project as I am tryig to learn, so

^ [ANN] locale-2.0.4, locale_rails-2.0.4
337250 [mutomasa gma] Ruby-Locale(locale-2.0.4) and

^ [ANN] gettext-2.0.4, gettext_activerecord-2.0.4, gettext_rails-2.0.4
337251 [mutomasa gma] Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.4 and the families

^ Deploy a Ruby program & GUI  connection
337252 [adrian.cinta] I have some Java experience and jus try to understand Ruby
+ 337265 [logustus gma] Adrian,
| 337319 [adrian.cinta] Thanks, I think monkeybars will solve my problem when I will understand
| 337321 [adrian.cinta] I found this presentation wich is very good in the subject
+ 337266 [xenogenesis ] Ruby apps are typically deployed as gems. Yes, your source is as plain
  + 337274 [logustus gma] Monkeybars apps built with Rawr (the standard build tool) can go out
  + 337277 [albertschlef] Shoes, if I understand correctly, doesn't install into your existing

^ Get Into The World Of REAL ESTATE
337255 [muhammadanus] Get The Most Valuable and Best For Investment Properties IN ASIA,

^ Re: [OT] Get Into The World Of REAL ESTATE
337257 [phlip2005 gm] Yeah, and in Dubai, if you tweet that their real estate market is collapsing in

337258 [jusanihealth] Get all answers of your questions related to HEALTH.Wanna Lose

^ How to sanitize sql-column names?
337259 [usenet steph] I'm developing a search functionality (as part of a RoR-App) and I was
337260 [mjijackson g] Address.find(:all, :conditions =3D> ['? LIKE ?',
337270 [usenet steph] SELECT * FROM `addresses` WHERE ('`last_name`' LIKE 'Luehr')
337282 [mjijackson g] Sorry, it was just a guess! Those place holders are obviously only for
337288 [b.candler po] def col(colname)

^ Can't start webrick as the root user
337261 [pbhandari205] I am trying to start Webrick as root user and get TCP Bind error even
+ 337263 [xenogenesis ] Did you check to make sure that your app *really* isn't binding to
| 337264 [halfcountplu] If you are just doing some development work on a non-server box you
| 337269 [xenogenesis ] If the WEBrick server is only listening on localhost than yes, that's
+ 337272 [b.candler po] This is a WEBrick bug (which I reported separately a long time ago). It
  337584 [pbhandari205] Thanks for everyone's response.  The application was starting but not

^ Tell me about yourself ?
337267 [jaggubn gmai] Sample Interview Questions for Job Seekers.

^ [ANN] Looking for more guinea pigs, new icalendar gem
337278 [rick.denatal] I recently made the new icalendar library for Ruby which I've been
337279 [rick.denatal] I should have mentioned this in the first post, but another design

^ Test::Unit : assert_aborts
337283 [stephanwehne] Is there an existing way to assert that abort is invoked with
+ 337287 [b.candler po] Have you tried
| 337289 [stephanwehne] Thanks -- if you are suggesting to leave out the method assert_aborts: I
| + 337291 [djberg96 gma] See assert_raise_message in Test::Unit 2.x.
| | 337309 [stephanwehne] Ok thanks. Should I submit patches to Ruby?
| + 337312 [james graypr] It's possible to check the message even in old versions of
|   337316 [stephanwehne] Ok, thanks a lot!
|   337318 [james graypr] Sort of like that, yeah.  Basically what I was saying is that I feel
|   337326 [stephanwehne] Ok, thanks a lot; that makes sense.
+ 337502 [drbrain segm] You're doing far, far too much work!

^ OptionParser: unexpected behaviour with -help
337284 [stephanwehne] I ran into some unexpected behaviour with the Ruby OptionParser class.
+ 337286 [b.candler po] Look at the source - /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/optparse.rb or somewhere similar
| 337327 [stephanwehne] Well, thanks a lot for that. I feel the guessing game should be avoided
+ 337296 [shortcutter ] You cannot know whether initialization of the OptionParser instance is
| 337328 [stephanwehne] Good point -- but the result is the same.
+ 337503 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -dvrubygems -e 'raise rescue nil'
  337700 [stephanwehne] There is some precedence for disabling this kind of command line

^ Ruby Mulithreading
337292 [abbb812 gmai] I've been recently encountered a major problem with a program i am
337317 [billk cts.co] It's more like a bug (or "misfeature") of Windows, in that select() is
337354 [abbb812 gmai] Thank you very much for answer.
337400 [billk cts.co] gets doesn't block other threads on Linux, because select() isn't

^ Controlling processes and what to "feed" other processes
337298 [shevegen lin] alsa-driver has a slight error in its Makefile.
337302 [shortcutter ] For full control you would have to intercept system calls because you

^ Strange Datamapper behavior
337300 [rwz duckroll] I've been trying to make a simple many-to-many associations.

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Encyclopedia Construction (#205)
337304 [yahivin gmai] There were three submitted solutions to this week's quiz. Srijayanth

^ Inserting a counter into a .each loop
337305 [bushbrian gm] string.each_byte do |f|
+ 337306 [halfcountplu] string = "hello world"
+ 337307 [TimHunter nc] What's wrong with
  337311 [halfcountplu] Clearly my method is better here Tim.
  337315 [TimHunter nc] Maybe somebody should do a benchmark. :-)

^ bit-struct and arrays of members?
337313 [markus fisch] I'm using the bit-struct [1] (which is just awesome, btw) and wondering
+ 337387 [vjoel path.b] Sorry, no support for that (yet). IIRC one of the other libs has
+ 337518 [vjoel path.b] Here's a quick implementation and some examples. The main limitation

^ Error while running migration
337322 [virendra.neg] I generate a scaffold for the User it created a migration for me for
337335 [b.candler po] Read that error message - it tells you exactly the problem. Look also in

^ String concatenation in Ruby
337323 [mnjagadeesh ] I am looking for something similar to join in perl. I am doing
+ 337324 [mo_mail ongh] str = [cmd, arg1, arg2, arg3].join(' ')
| + 337332 [shortcutter ] str =3D "#{cmd} #{arg1} #{arg2} #{arg3}"
| | + 337338 [lists bertra] There are two more advantages: Arguments that contain spaces
| | | 337346 [shortcutter ] That's what I meant (see above).
| | | + 337353 [lists bertra] I assumed that was a highly simplyfied example and argN stood for
| | | | 337363 [mnjagadeesh ] Thank you all for your time.
| | | + 337360 [mnjagadeesh ] Well this approach also look neat and readable.
| | + 337358 [rick.denatal] Well sometimes it's an advantage, but it's more of a difference
| | + 337364 [mnjagadeesh ] Robert,
| + 337337 [mo_mail ongh] There is a join method on the Array class that returns a String class.
|   337359 [mnjagadeesh ] =A0
|   337473 [mo_mail ongh] I know what you mean - I was just aticulating why "join" wouldn't exist
|   + 337474 [b.candler po] def join(sep, *args)
|   | + 337475 [mo_mail ongh] oops... why it wouldn't exist by default as something ...
|   | + 337571 [mnjagadeesh ] Superb!! Will start programming in Ruby now. :)
|   + 337570 [mnjagadeesh ] =A0
+ 337325 [stefano.croc] I don't know perl, but, assuming you want a string containing the four

^ Installation noob
337330 [skyjunkie18 ] I am attempting to get ruby and some gems up and working but am a
+ 337333 [b.candler po] You don't have rubygems installed - so you need to install it. The best
+ 337352 [sebi79 gmail] The error messages implies you are using Windows.

^ How to  deal with scrollbar?
337336 [artoxvw gmai] I use watir , but when I want to focus the page to the bottom of
337367 [carrottop123] Although this question is better suited to be in the watir forums, i

^ New: Meet new people
337339 [saturenocomp] The Community More Dynamic Alternative Lifestyle

^ Do you nest classes inside classes?
337340 [rubfor recit] Object Orientation is conceptually about a sea of objects interacting
+ 337341 [jcoglan goog] 2009/5/25 Mike Stephens <rubfor@recitel.net>
+ 337344 [pjb informat] The problem here is the collusion between two notions: that of
+ 337345 [andchafow-ru] es for real helper classes that=A0can conceptually only be for use with the=
| 337348 [transfire gm] onceptually only be for use with the parent class is a useful way of avoidi=
| 337351 [rick.denatal] conceptually only be for use with the parent class is a useful way of avoid=
| 337412 [transfire gm] n conceptually only be for use with the parent class is a useful way of avo=
| 337458 [simon.a.chia] I sometimes use nested classes to avoid namespace clutter.  The only
| + 337460 [rick.denatal] Sounds like a job for Ruby's not-well-enough-known Module#autoload
| + 337532 [shortcutter ] IMHO this is not a problem of inheritance but of clear priority: class
+ 337505 [drbrain segm] I use it all the time, and it is highly favored.  It's common in the

^ Couldn't find CompetitionSignup with ID=changeCompetitionTyp
337342 [sushrut99gur] In my application there are two table one is CompetitionSignup and other

^ Updating rubygems and rake for ruby-1.9
337347 [chauk.mean g] There have been updates to rubygems and rake recently.
337504 [drbrain segm] Unless the release notes state otherwise, I would assume it is safe.
337515 [luislavena g] I've tried to install 1.3.3 over 1.9.1-p129 without success, so I
337524 [renard nc.rr] I am kicking the tires on ruby-1.9.1-p129-i386-mingw32 and I am quite
337548 [luislavena g] That is great to hear!

^ Free Online Certifications
337349 [asmitha37 gm] If you are interested in getting certified in Oracle, Java, C, C+

^ open-uri, rss parser and thread safe
337350 [adamtemporar] threading but the docs warn that not all libs are thread safe.

^ Class methods in a module?
337355 [toastkid.wil] At Scotland On Rails a few months ago, I was shown a nice way to put
+ 337361 [jcoglan goog] 2009/5/25 Max Williams <toastkid.williams@gmail.com>
+ 337362 [rick.denatal] module Mappable
+ 337385 [james.britt ] module Stuff

^ Re: Cryptogram II (#206)
337356 [minilith gma] Since 48 hours have passed, maybe somebody could at least explain what
+ 337357 [martindemell] martin
| 337403 [Joshua.Ball ] martin
| 337409 [minilith gma] a.org/wiki/Cryptogram
| + 337410 [lcowell gmai] I was thinking that each tuple represents a single letter. It seems
| + 337445 [list.push gm] "FFYJM" could be ["oomph", "oozed", "oozes"] but "PQPQY" could be
|   337449 [Rob AgileCon] Come on people! This is a standard technique to prevent things like
|   337453 [list.push gm] I think most people are aware of everything you said.
|   337456 [caduceass gm] I love this quiz!  I'll throw it at my friend, though.  In real life,
+ 337411 [boesemar gmx] crypt = <<-ENDC
  337455 [kbloom gmail] cipherside=('A'[0]..'Z'[0]).map { |c| crypt.count(c.chr) }

^ Runnin code at a certain time?
337366 [carrottop123] I am new to ruby and I am attempting to run some code at a certain
337392 [vikkous gmai] The proper answer depends on the context where this code will be used.
+ 337393 [mental rydia] You might want to try my Scheduler gem.
+ 337801 [drbrain segm] Note that #sleep won't necessarily sleep as long as you like (second
  337875 [vikkous gmai] Is there some particular danger that Thread#run will be called on my
  337925 [drbrain segm] If it's library code, yes.  If it's application code, probably not.
  337936 [vikkous gmai] Can you be more specific? I'm curious as to how exactly this could
  337952 [drbrain segm] Since threads are involved, it doesn't need to muck with any
  337999 [vikkous gmai] The only purpose of run is to break a call to sleep (or select, or
  338001 [eleanor game] In general if you're writing a library that makes use of threads it's

^ dynamic object creation
337368 [ken 8thfold.] sorry if i've missed something obvious
+ 337371 [halfcountplu] What's the difference between that and
+ 337372 [benjamin.lov] Kernel.const_get("some_object_name")
+ 337373 [TimHunter nc] Assuming you mean "a variable that holds the class's name", check out
+ 337375 [b.candler po] That doesn't make sense - if the object has a name then surely it
  337378 [ken 8thfold.] thanks for all the responses
  337388 [shortcutter ] Kind regards

^ getting the css href links
337369 [tcblues gmai] <link rel="stylesheet"

^ hash assignment [:x] vs ['x']
337370 [halfcountplu] Being totally new to ruby, I just noticed that using
+ 337374 [TimHunter nc] string with the intern method, and a string from a symbol with the to_s
+ 337376 [benjamin.lov] The first example is indexing via a string, the second is via a ruby symbol.
+ 337377 [b.candler po] Yes. :phone is a Symbol literal, whereas 'phone' is a String literal.
+ 337379 [lists bertra] $ irb
  337380 [rick.denatal] Strings are mutable, Symbols are immutable.
  337389 [shortcutter ] irb(main):001:0> "I am not".freeze.upcase!

^ read changed to blocking in 1.9 windows?
337382 [rogerpack200] Currently with 1.9 if you do a
337390 [shortcutter ] Maybe that's a side effect of using real threads in 1.9.  In that case

^ Hpricot wont parse <a> elements via XPath
337395 [dslguy14 yah] In this code (http://pastebin.com/m36de2949) unread_links will not read
337397 [Rob AgileCon] It looks like those <a> tags are first children of the <td

^ How do Class definitions in Ruby differ from other OO languages?
337396 [kunjaan gmai] What do you mean when you say"Class definitions are executable code".
+ 337405 [vjoel path.b] Inside of the class...end you can have expressions as well as method
+ 337423 [b.candler po] Because the class is only created when the class definition code is
| 337437 [rick.denatal] Another difference between Ruby and many other OO languages including
+ 337500 [sepp2k googl] It means that class definiton happens at runtime. You can have any valid ruby
+ 337530 [charles.nutt] Ruby doesn't have class declarations. "Declaring" a class is actually
  + 337558 [rick.denatal] As I tried to point out earlier in this thread, that last phrase is a
  | 337714 [charles.nutt] In JRuby 1.2 and prior, it was slot-based for up to 5 varables and then
  + 337559 [phlip2005 gm] In Brand X...

^ Re: Running code at a certain time?
337398 [carrottop123] Well, I'm not really sure. The intent is to have a repetitive code ran
+ 337407 [vikkous gmai] I think procs are the feature you want to know about here.
+ 337585 [derykus gmai] ")
  337631 [vikkous gmai] I went and looked again, and there is a Timeout module in ruby's
  + 337633 [reid.thompso] may be of interest
  + 337634 [reid.thompso] also
  | 337639 [jarmo.p gmai] Jarmo
  | 337800 [carrottop123] Thank you for this awesome gem, it looks to be almost exactly what i
  + 337711 [charles.nutt] It should be reliable, and in fact we reimplemented Timeout in Java to
    337720 [vikkous gmai] I thought you'd made some long blog post proving how it's impossible

^ Missing dbm package on Redhat
337401 [billmcn gmai] I am running ruby 1.8.5 (2006-08-25) on a Red Hat system.  The dbm

^ Other languages to try?
337413 [adam.oddfell] So, I've been programming in Ruby for a good while now. Not an expert,
+ 337414 [tony medioh.] Try ERLANG.  It's the functional language for men.
| 337417 [tomcloyd com] Hey - thanks for this. Sound VERY interesting - and that youtube thing
+ 337419 [billk cts.co] I went on a spree recently and bought several books on Erlang, Haskell,
+ 337425 [shortcutter ] I haven't used it yet but on _my_ list Eiffel would be at the top
+ 337432 [eleanor game] I don't enjoy it so I probably shouldn't recommend it, but C is
| + 337439 [billk cts.co] What I periodically daydream about is a portable
| | 337715 [charles.nutt] But I haven't had time to get back to it. It's a mostly Ruby-like syntax
| + 337442 [srijayanth g] "..but C is definitely the place to see how not to solve most programming
|   337448 [reid.thompso] Agreed, since nearly *every* other language (not just ruby) designed to
|   337457 [eleanor game] Or put another way, it's all just 1s and 0s - even Ruby ;p
|   337463 [pjb informat] Not exactly.   Nearly every  implementation of a programming language
+ 337433 [Diego.Viraso] Personally I think Smalltalk is not that interesting any longer. Many
| 337438 [b.candler po] What you really gain from C - or better, machine code - is understanding
+ 337440 [reid.thompso] Just my opinion, but I think a working knowledge of C is always handy
+ 337443 [citizen428 g] Recently I have been toying around (Project Euler problems and such)
| 337446 [rick.denatal] There's also Pharo which is a fairly new fork of Squeak, which has for
| 337451 [citizen428 g] This looks interesting, thanks for the pointer! Have you had time to
+ 337459 [charles.john] [edited for brevity]
+ 337467 [martindemell] I've tried out a bunch of languages, but the one after ruby that seems