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^ [ANN] RubyNation Conference June 12-13, Washington, DC
336952 [gray.herter ] RubyNation is coming up soon.  RubyNation is the Washington DC area's

^ PDFWriter and Fonts in SimpleTable
336959 [michael webl] I'm generating a document that has a table in it - so far so good. I

^ I want to redirect stderr to StringIO.
336961 [ermaker gmai] from (irb):1:in `reopen'
+ 336962 [drbrain segm] Always use reopen as a last resort.
| 336964 [shortcutter ] I am not sure I agree.  Actually, if you want the redirection to be
| 337027 [drbrain segm] Most of the time people capture IO from sub processes via Kernel#` or
| 337163 [shortcutter ] You do not make that point on the blog entry which provoked my remark.
| + 337180 [b.candler po] $ ruby -r stringio -e 'puts 1; $stdout=StringIO.new; puts 2'
| | 337214 [drbrain segm] Per the URL in my earlier message, this software is wrong and bugs
| + 337212 [drbrain segm] Other than the warning, the behavior is the same with $stdout and
|   337293 [shortcutter ] Oh, I wasn't aware of this.  Thank you for the education!
+ 336973 [b.candler po] The problem is that a StringIO cannot exist in the O/S's file descriptor

^ [ANN] event_hook 1.0.0 Released
336965 [ryand-ruby z] event_hook version 1.0.0 has been released!

^ [ANN] zenprofile 1.0.2 Released
336966 [ryand-ruby z] zenprofile version 1.0.2 has been released!

^ optparse: Arguments as Arguments Unexpectedness
336976 [donttrustben] I am trying to use the standard optionparser to read in some arguments,
336978 [b.candler po] I don't think so. I think it's an ambiguity because you have declared
336984 [donttrustben] Thanks for the quick, informative answer and sorry for the stupidity.

^ Re: event_hook 1.0.0 Released
336981 [rogerpack200] Wow thanks for doing this--anybody know why rb_add_event_hook is so much
+ 336988 [ksruby gmail] set_trace_func requires creating a new Binding object for each event
+ 337076 [ryand-ruby z] most of the cost is block activation.

^ mysql vs. fork
336987 [dan-ml dan42] It's commonly known that database connections do not play well with
+ 337009 [kbloom gmail] One solution is to encapsulate the database connection in a DRb server. I
| 337072 [dan-ml dan42] fine across forks" did you mean that the parent's connection won't be
| 337107 [kbloom gmail] how pipes work in the first place. The question is whether the protocol
+ 337038 [shortcutter ] That line above looks dangerous.  After all, what's the point in forcing
| 337075 [dan-ml dan42] Yes, that's exactly what it does. And since at_exit handlers are run
+ 337093 [b.candler po] As long as the child process doesn't touch the db1 socket, nothing

^ (windows 7,visual studio,ruby in steel) Qt4 not supported?
336994 [lolveley yah] I want to use visual studio 2008 + ruby in steel (plugin ruby), and I
337008 [kbloom gmail] You've got the right library, but you have the naming convention for

^ Ruby 1.8 vs. Ruby 1.9
337002 [cstephens4 g] Does anyone here think it's a good idea for a beginner to learn Ruby
+ 337003 [charles.john] IMHO, if you are just starting, then start with 1.9. That is the
+ 337004 [hoooopo gmai] I think ,as a beginnner, to learn Ruby 1.8 is a good way,there are so
| 337005 [kidguko gmai] I was wondering the exact same thing!
| 337014 [mjijackson g] If you're looking for a good book that covers both 1.8 and 1.9, I
| 337015 [kidguko gmai] What about 'Programming Ruby 1.9: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide' ?
| + 337066 [vecciora gma] 2009/5/21 Joshua Collins <kidguko@gmail.com>
| + 337067 [tomcloyd com] Another perspective on this: I'm developing a major personal project
|   + 337068 [kidguko gmai] Thanks Tom, that makes a lot of sense! :-)
|   | 337140 [b.candler po] 1.8.6, 1.8.7 (which has a number of 1.9 features, but not all), and
|   | 337160 [tomcloyd com] Absolutely, and that's probably why my simultaneous use of 1.8.7 AND the
|   + 337599 [ihatespam ho] ...
|     337602 [abarringer b] simple repository of which gems have been converted?"
|     337643 [tomcloyd com] And that's also about all there is, sadly.
+ 337647 [markus fisch] Here is my personal experience: I started to code my first line of ruby
  337684 [gregory.t.br] Did you report this error to Jim and also file it on isitruby19.com ?
  337687 [markus fisch] I couldn't find anything current about Jim Freeze, all references I

^ TypeError in using MySQL driver
337012 [ed.bayudan p] require 'dbi'
337059 [ed.bayudan p] 1. Downloaded dbi-04.1.zip then expanded it in a temp directory

^ undefined method `empty?' for nil:NilClass in gem build
337013 [kbloom gmail] I'm trying to build a rubygem, but I keep getting the following error.
337030 [drbrain segm] Note that RDoc 1.3.3 ignores this setting and always generates RDoc.
337077 [kbloom gmail] It was the missing homepage field.
337146 [drbrain segm] That's why you only get a warning.

^ Re: Qt4 not supported?
337018 [lolveley yah] thank you for your answer, ken.
+ 337020 [lolveley yah] *********************************************
| 337028 [lolveley yah] Stop!
+ 337021 [stefano.croc] You forgot to call the superclass's initialize method. Usually, when
  337065 [lolveley yah] thank you stefano, it is ok now.

^ Nokogiri not getting html body sometimes
337019 [jarmo.p gmai] I'm using Mechanize to get imdb page and then Nokogiri Node#search
337110 [usurffx gmai] i think you'd better set the encoding first.
337121 [jarmo.p gmai] Thank you! It did the trick.

^ Correctly Style of SQL Formatting in Ruby Cude
337022 [rilindo gmai] Is there a correct style of putting in SQL statements in Ruby? My SQL
337026 [phlip2005 gm] SELECT FROM users
337127 [rilindo gmai] Active Record looks interest. I'll need to look into that. Thanks!

^ Ruby GUI for a program that works on perl files
337031 [khanjan.gand] Hey all,
337039 [halfcountplu] Wouldn't it be better to do the GUI with perl then?  The tk bindings are

^ require not working correctly?
337043 [munchking gm] I'm just starting out in Ruby, and I used the one-click installer. The
337053 [rogerpack200] The scripts operate each in its own "scope" so setting a variable in one
337057 [munchking gm] I figured out this trick myself, but globals could cause problems in
337058 [rogerpack200] The only way to share things across scopes is constants or globals--that
337060 [vjoel path.b] You can also write your own #load method, and use the return value to
337166 [munchking gm] Thank you Joel. I'll let you know how I like your Script thingy after
337245 [shevegen lin] Does this work with local variables too?
337246 [vjoel path.b] With 'script', you can only export constants and methods. So you could

^ gsub choking on fixnum
337069 [caliwildman2] I recently upgrade Ruby from 1.8.5 to 1.8.6. With 1.8.5, gsub handled a
337070 [matz ruby-la] Choking code please.
337071 [caliwildman2] Here's the code in question, I'm using REXML Document
337073 [matz ruby-la] The following patch should work.
+ 337084 [caliwildman2] This is a change in the REXML code, if I have to make a change, I'm more
| 337112 [matz ruby-la] gsub has no bug.  This is a backport from 1.9 rexml.
| 337114 [caliwildman2] Matz,
| 337118 [matz ruby-la] FYI, I have committed the patch to the 1.8 HEAD.
| 337215 [caliwildman2] Matz, thanks.
+ 337092 [b.candler po] ...which was also posted here

^ you how know
337081 [jacquelinega] ...
337172 [cbciv yahoo.] How what?  That sentence is lacking a verb and a subject.

^ create a new Ruby Project how
337082 [sijo maxxion] Could any body please explain how to start a new Ruby Project ( Not

^ mailfactory permissions problem
337086 [map7 iinet.c] I'm running ruby 1.8 under FreeBSD 7.0 and I'm trying to use mailfactory
337406 [map7 iinet.c] SOLVED.

^ How to run a terminal command from a Ruby app?
337089 [ilovemayalop] I'm using Ruby and the great Processing implementation made for Ruby
337091 [b.candler po] system("rp5 run foo")
337109 [kyleaschmitt] or, if you need the output what you ran,
337208 [ilovemayalop] thanks! it worked perfect with "system("rp5 run foo")

^ [ANN] snailgun-1.0.2
337094 [b.candler po] Snailgun accelerates the startup of Ruby applications which require
+ 337098 [rogerpack200] I assume it just loads the libs then forks off processes on demand?
| + 337102 [b.candler po] As well as fork(), I am passing open file descriptors for
| | 337103 [rogerpack200] Interesting.  I suppose TCP sockets would work with doze...
| | + 337104 [b.candler po] But you can't pass a file descriptor across a TCP socket - so you would
| | + 337210 [cmdicely gma] It looks like you could do something similar leveraging the
| + 337128 [ryand-ruby z] I'm sure Brian would be happy to accept patches.
+ 337129 [ryand-ruby z] this looks great and could save my team a lot of time collectively.
+ 337195 [robert.dober] Oh I almost  missed the pun, great name, Brian.

^ Newbie Question About Terminal
337095 [vecciora gma] Guide<http://www.rubyist.net/%7Eslagell/ruby/>.

^ Case sensitive strings
337096 [stuart.clark] This is one of those annoying ones, but simple to solve I would imagine.
337097 [badboy heart] foo =~ /^yourword$/i
337099 [stuart.clark] Thanks for a quick reply. I had tried the first one but it didn't work.
337108 [Rob AgileCon] yourword.casecmp(foo).zero?

^ Default  access specifier in Ruby
337105 [kumar.anul g] I am involving in development of Ruby on Rails applications.
337106 [b.candler po] Describe the concept you are having difficulty with, and what you have

^ Extending Float
337111 [jphastings g] Maybe I haven't wrapped my head around OOP in the way I should have, can
+ 337113 [andrew andre] Use a delegate class
| 337119 [jphastings g] Thanks so much - and for being so quick!
+ 337120 [b.candler po] That's because you can't do Float.new either.
  337226 [jphastings g] So, out of interest, how does a Float get initialized (what function is
  337235 [robert.dober] This is what happenes in numeric.c

^ w00t! Party for Gregory!
337115 [pat.eyler gm] I say we do it.  We should all celebrate Greg's awesomeness.  Wherever you
+ 337116 [james graypr] I did, but the cops came and arrested me.  Please come bail me out.  ;)
| + 337122 [pat.eyler gm] l as
| + 337219 [robert.dober] l as
+ 337117 [jcribbs netp] ess in
| 337123 [juan_zanos t] My dance was space delimited and only took a few seconds.  Perhaps
| + 337131 [vjoel path.b] I refactored my dance into short but reusable steps ;)
| + 337132 [gregory.t.br] was
+ 337134 [tim.pease gm] cat party.rb
| 337137 [tim.pease gm] Hmmm ... I just created an infinitely spawning script! Need an exit!
| 337386 [shortcutter ] And you are using class variables!  Bad boy!
+ 337135 [tim.pease gm] ess in

^ creating a zip file using rubyzip
337130 [coder montx.] I'm trying to create a zip file, but I'm getting an error saying the
337139 [b.candler po] This is asking to read a file out of the zip file - and as it says,
337150 [coder montx.] yes, you're right, I thought it was reading the file and at the same

^ cdrom control and detection
337136 [dangerousdrd] OK,
337142 [halfcountplu] You could do a loop with mount, system will return true if it succeeds
+ 337144 [halfcountplu] It just occurred to me that most linux users today use automounting!  So
| 337149 [dangerousdrd] Thanks Mk 27,
+ 337148 [detlef.reich] better than polling the mount directory would be to observe it with
  337151 [dangerousdrd] Thanks Detlef!

^ Re: snailgun-1.0.2
337138 [b.candler po] What's a "real gem"? Do you mean one hosted on rubyforge?
337141 [ben bleythin] I can't speak for Ryan but that's my definition.  This would be huge for me too.
+ 337143 [b.candler po] I only had to type "gem sources -a http://gems.github.com" as a one-off,
| + 337145 [ben bleythin] It's not big, no, but it's still a stumbling block.  Also, I don't
| + 337153 [ryand-ruby z] Alternatively, we can make you an honorary seattle.rb member. :)
+ 337152 [ryand-ruby z] Ben, do you happen to approve project proposals as well as news? If
  337155 [ben bleythin] Funny you should ask.  Tom mailed me the other day about that topic.
  337181 [b.candler po] Actually, the package already includes an autotest plugin (it's called
  337182 [b.candler po] It's available on rubyforge now. (I just needed to add the rubyforge

^ Can I use Hpricot to parse data into different array elem?
337147 [cwventer gma] I have a question about using Hpricot.

^ what's the purpose of IRB.conf[:CONTEXT_MODE] and/or  TOPLEVEL_BINDING?
337164 [gabriel.horn] I'm peering into irb's internals and am wondering what's the purpose
337229 [gabriel.horn] ails/ruby191-stable-mirror/blob/c1a8d6cd2bd...

^ vim and '%': no brackets, how to navigate instead?
337165 [markus fisch] coming from languages which extensively use brackets I'm very accustomed
337167 [jeff schwabc] ...
337169 [markus fisch] thanks, it works now. However, it was my own stupidity actually. I found

^ Re: Can I use Hpricot to parse data into different array ele
337175 [bbxx789_05ss] Not understanding loops?  Better variable names?

^ HTMLDiff for jruby and ruby
337183 [virendra.neg] from past few days iam trying to find out a gem that can compare the
337186 [b.candler po] Looks like github hasn't built the gem. There was a bug which was
337187 [virendra.neg] i followed your step but when iam trying to do require "htmldiff" its
337202 [pvande gmail] This might seem oddly self-serving, but you might look into the Differ gem.
337204 [martindemell] m.
337206 [pvande gmail] Pardon my confusion; htmldiff appears to be a string differ (with HTML

^ How does array.each element work?
337189 [indrashyam g] Here is my code snippet:-
337191 [andrew andre] each will iterate over each element in the array and then yield to a
337254 [indrashyam g] I will go through the link. Thank you.

^ "consuming" the hash instead of just fetching from it
337190 [balint.erdi ] Deleting (vs. just fetching) the hash key from an options hash that
+ 337192 [andrew andre] It's usually a good idea to consume the option if you are receiving
+ 337194 [robert.dober] I strongly disagree.
+ 337228 [mbj seonic.n] def initialize(opts)
  337334 [shortcutter ] You can have that with the non deletion approach as well.

^ irb -r gemname produces error
337193 [swearingendw] irb -r hpricot
337203 [adam.oddfell] Assuming that you're running Ruby 1.8.x, what you're missing is a

^ will_paginate problem
337200 [edou_suilen ] I have a problem using paginate: i made the paginate to work, but it

^ spicycode-rcov binaries for windows machine
337201 [tramasamy149] for cucumber and selenium. I could not compile and install
337213 [r.s.a.vandom] Most Ruby binaries on Windows are still compiled with Visual Studio 6.0.
337561 [tramasamy149] Thanks Roderick!!
337595 [luislavena g] Why you don't switch to MinGW based Ruby?

^ Debugging a forked process
337209 [byrnejb hart] begin

^ [ANN] RubyLexer 0.7.4 Released
337211 [vikkous gmai] rubylexer version 0.7.4 has been released!

^ [ANN] RedParse 0.8.2 Released
337217 [vikkous gmai] RedParse version 0.8.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] RubyMacros 0.1.4 Released
337218 [vikkous gmai] RubyMacros version 0.1.4 has been released!

^ Ruby/Odeum
337220 [kbloom gmail] I'm looking to use an inverted index for Ruby. There used to be Zed
+ 337230 [robert.dober] If not maybe you would care to explain what is an inverted index please ;).
| 337241 [kbloom gmail] ...
| 337253 [robert.dober] Ty Ken, I was completely fixed on "internet indices".
+ 337240 [jens.wille u] you can find the project page on the internet archive [1] and the
| 337280 [kbloom gmail] ruby_odeum/>
| + 337281 [wishdev gmai] Ken,
| + 337290 [jens.wille u] well, they do. if you go to the latest page [1] (Dec 31, 2007 ) and
+ 337248 [jeremy hineg] Don't forget about Ferret.  http://ferret.davebalmain.com/trac

^ [QUIZ] Cryptogram II (#206)
337221 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
+ 337223 [robert.dober] =3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-=3D-
+ 337461 [martindemell] Well, here's my abortive attempt at solving it :) Attaching the code
+ 337531 [boesemar gmx] Got it ;-)
  337557 [martindemell] Bravo :) Very nicely done indeed.

^ Workarounds for replacing self
337222 [jphastings g] I'm attempting to build an ETA class, essentially identical to Time, but
337225 [eleanor game] class ETA < Time
+ 337227 [jphastings g] Excellent! I had difficulty getting that to work with initialize because
+ 337295 [shortcutter ] Actually, what do we need a new class for?  Basically this will do as
  337297 [jphastings g] I realise its potentially overkill making a whole new class for this,
  337299 [shortcutter ] class ETA < Time
  337301 [jphastings g] Thanks for the tips! Out of interest, why did you change my self.new
  337303 [shortcutter ] Your ETA.new does something different than Time.new and because of that

^ dbm on RedHat
337224 [brodbd u.was] A user I support is trying to use the dbm module that's part of Ruby's
337480 [brodbd u.was] Experimenting a bit more, it doesn't seem to be related to the
337498 [kyleaschmitt] I've got a bunch of CentOS 5 boxes here, 5.0 through 5.3.  None of
337499 [kyleaschmitt] Oops, should have said