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^ Upload an image on server
336588 [bastral3 yah] I am new to ruby and ruby on rails and I am looking for a way to upload

^ Re: enumerable-extra 0.1.0
336591 [djberg96 gma] ce
+ 336650 [djberg96 gma] er.
+ 336655 [rick.denatal] ice

^ soap4r and WSDL
336594 [ruby evenflo] I'm trying to use a web service of my payment provider by making SOAP
336637 [ruby evenflo] Ah, got it.. After require 'soap4r' it works!

^ bollywood hot actress
336595 [janardhanan.] see this hot actress here

^ Can you get the 1st occurrence of  a value using grep?
336598 [mmc_collins ] Can you get a 1st occurence of a sting inside a huge text file?
+ 336600 [pat.eyler gm] lines.detect {|l| l =3D~ /fail/}
| 336605 [mmc_collins ] Cool thanks! -MC
+ 336607 [vjoel path.b] [~/tmp] cat grepfail.rb

^ 1k+ concurrent connections
336599 [di3go.bernar] I have tons of gprs modems that connect at the same port(ex 9000), but
+ 336603 [wyhaines gma] You can exceed that 1k connections threshold if you are using
+ 336615 [stepken web.] Use "Stackless Python" on FreeBSD 7.2 (no more giant locks)

^ BitStruct technique
336604 [cremes.devli] While working on a problem this morning I came up with an interesting
+ 336608 [vjoel path.b] yield struct if block_given?
+ 336609 [vjoel path.b] I think I see where you're going with that, but just so others know, the
  336727 [cremes.devli] Joel,

^ [ANN] RMagick 2.9.2
336611 [rmagick gmai] I've just uploaded RMagick 2.9.2 to RubyForge. This release fixes a

^ find previous & next in array
336612 [vecciora gma] My array is [:a,:b,:c,:d,:e,:f].

^ BUG: "Mutual join" deadlock detection faulty in 1.8.6 and 1.8.7
336622 [john.carter ] I tried submitting this at
336627 [nobu ruby-la] Nobu Nakada
336631 [john.carter ] Thanks, I've submitted this fault at the url you recommend.

^ [ANN] bluecloth 2.0.2
336623 [ged FaerieMU] Version 2.0.2 of bluecloth has been released.

^ [ANN] bitescript 0.0.2 Released
336625 [charles.nutt] bitescript version 0.0.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] maven_gem 0.0.2 Released
336626 [charles.nutt] maven_gem version 0.0.2 has been released!

^ Ruby loops and definitions help?
336632 [small.busine] @apple = apple
336633 [pjb informat] Yes.  The objects in ruby do know if and when, how.  You must ask them!

^ convert progressive jpg to non-progressive jpg
336634 [sathish.sale] how to convert progressive jpg images to non-progressive jpg by use of

^ is_overloading_supported_in_ruby? && how?
336635 [sathish.sale] i have some confusion in the OOPs concept of JAVA and RUBY
336636 [thaniyarasu ] false

^ String Indexing
336640 [noderat hotm] aaaaaaa
336641 [pjb informat] Just do it.
336643 [noderat hotm] The problem for me is that I do not know what the second value I am
336646 [pjb informat] Well if the data you want to extract is two lines above the line you
336647 [ymendel pobo] On May 15, 8:40=A0am, p...@informatimago.com (Pascal J. Bourguignon)

^ Ruby based linux
336648 [tim tdapple.] I am starting a hobby project which is a Linux distro focused on Ruby.
+ 336649 [imphasing gm] Quite frankly, if you're attempting to target this at Ruby developers, I
| + 336660 [tim tdapple.] I am looking more at creating a Ruby environment...Just as Ruby as I can
| | 336662 [richard.j.da] If you want to write a complete desktop in Ruby, you can write KDE 4
| + 336664 [default spir] Ruby developers wanting their own custom development environment can just
+ 336672 [perrin apoth] + vi/Vim
  336674 [martindemell] Your apps integrate well into the standard desktop if they share its
  336687 [shevegen lin] Who cares if shoes is GTK based or not - it is a nice ruby app and
  336688 [perrin apoth] I think the reason for the discussion was related to the suggestion that,
  336700 [rick.chatter] If you want to go as close to ruby as possible try stripping out the

^ logger question
336651 [reid.thompso] Without modifying the file logger.rb, is there a way to add a log
336653 [dvdplm gmail] I am pretty sure you'd have to at least subclass Logger to achieve that. :/

^ Re: How to set a SOAP object to nil
336654 [ruby evenflo] Did you find a solution to this one? I'm experiencing exactly the same

^ Ruby/Tk
336657 [graycardinal] I have a trouble.
+ 336707 [Diego.Viraso] If I remember correctly you need to use @edit.value
+ 336719 [nagai ai.kyu] One of the simple solution is to use a TkVariable and
  336754 [graycardinal] I not found -textvariable options in TkText :(
  336761 [nagai ai.kyu] If you use Tcl/Tk8.5, Tk::Text::Peer widget is useful.

^ [QUIZ] Encyclopedia Construction (#205)
336666 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
336831 [frank-fische] here's my solution.  It's based on classic dynamic programming over the
336967 [frank-fische] Here's a second version, this time returning the correct number of books

^ [ANN] rSquery 0.1.1
336667 [caifara.subs] rSquery aims to reduce the difficulties involved in writing selenium

^ Rounding any number (int or float) to 3 significant figures
336668 [toastkid.wil] I have a requirement where i need to display (ie convert to a string)
+ 336670 [Rob AgileCon] 0.766
| 336704 [toastkid.wil] Thanks rob!
| 336711 [Rob AgileCon] Okey-dokey! "soft" requirement for the win!
+ 336701 [list.push gm] Sorry, but I don't have much time that I can spend to come up with a
+ 336703 [robert.dober] At frirst sight and testing with the data you have given, the
  336705 [toastkid.wil] A great bunch of solutions, thanks a lot guys.  More nice tasks for me

^ [ANN] imap_to_rss 1.0 Released
336673 [drbrain segm] imap_to_rss version 1.0 has been released!

^ obj.attr(qualifier) = value -- possible?
336675 [michael schu] I want to write a method that can be called like this
+ 336677 [rick.denatal] I don't think you can get the calling syntax you want.  The best you
| 336679 [adam.oddfell] Well, you could always go with obj.attr[qualifier] = value
+ 336678 [vjoel path.b] I'm pretty sure that's impossible -- there is no #() method, or #()=.
| 336680 [michael schu] That's a good suggestion, but unfortunately, it doesn't fit in my case.
| + 336682 [anthonyeden ] If you're willing to use a block you could do
| | 336684 [michael schu] Another interesting suggestion. But I think I use
| + 336712 [shortcutter ] The *only* way to modify behavior of the assignment operator in Ruby is
+ 336683 [lojicdotcom ] obj = Foo.new

^ Net::SSH to login into a server with a public key
336676 [codetest123 ] I have a remote server B which can only accessed via server A through a
+ 336681 [delano solut] And here's a wrapper that takes care of the details (which is really
+ 336752 [sandor.szuec] Yes it's very simple.

^ [ANN] Looking to hold a "Ruby Dinner" in New Haven, CT on June 1st
336685 [gregory.t.br] With GoRuCo fast approaching, it's leaving me feeling a bit envious.

^ EventMachine dynamic port forwarding
336690 [di3go.bernar] I need a dynamic port forwarding application, i listem packets from a ip
+ 336692 [justincollin] Well, you can start as many servers as you would like, but it sounds
| 336776 [di3go.bernar] Yea, i said wrong, its start a new connection, not a new server.
| 336778 [di3go.bernar] Now im with a question, when i use EventMachine::connect, i connect to a
| 336891 [di3go.bernar] Someone?
| 336899 [billk cts.co] ;)
+ 336928 [rogerpack200] also rtunnel.
  337078 [di3go.bernar] I got what i need :)

^ Re: Flat CSV to Relational DB
336694 [gheorghiua g] Can you please elaborate on how you call natively load data infile from

^ how crub access Self-Signed Certificate website?
336698 [rubyforum ta] My Site's Certificate is Self-Signed.

^ $0 is truncated
336709 [b.candler po] If I assign a new value to $0, I find it is truncated.
+ 336713 [shortcutter ] Modifying $0 seems a bit hackish to me.  Can't you just set the name
+ 336715 [drbrain segm] This behavior is OS dependent, try a different OS.
+ 336716 [matz ruby-la] Platform info please.  On some platforms, changing program name (as
  336717 [b.candler po] This is under Linux (Ubuntu Hardy).
  336721 [matz ruby-la] OK, choose either from the following.
  336729 [b.candler po] Yes, that would be my preferred option.
  + 336740 [drbrain segm] In this case, why is it important that you check $0? Why not use any
  | 336741 [ymendel pobo] I'm guessing it has to do with the bit in the original post where he
  + 336743 [nobu ruby-la] You can find a hint in ext/extmk.rb.
    336756 [b.candler po] Wow, that's a trick I wouldn't have thought of in a hundred years :-)

^ Scite editor issue
336714 [rdennell goo] book i have called beginning ruby and i'm at a point where i'm about to
336725 [rdennell goo] Just in case anyone else gets this problem here is the solution i found

^ Console output
336718 [abbb812 gmai] I am trying to find a way to output text in a console on the same spot
+ 336720 [ shot hot.pl] I had this problem previously, with the additional spin that the
+ 336722 [halfcountplu] Totally new to ruby but from experience with C and perl I would say the
  336734 [colinb2r goo] Assuming I understand correctly what you want to do,
  336735 [ shot hot.pl] Now that I think about the Original Poster=E2=80=99s prolem, I think
  336736 [abbb812 gmai] Yes, it seems like the code above only is for one line, or?
  336737 [ shot hot.pl] In this case, you can either use ncurses (hopefully, through some=20
  336739 [abbb812 gmai] Yeah I tried with this clear method, with the unsafe system('cls')
  336742 [colinb2r goo] Using "cls" had also occurred to me, but I (literally) see
  336757 [abbb812 gmai] Wow, this code was really awesome, worked like a charm both on win32 and

^ BigDecimal singletons
336723 [thisisdaveb ] I'm a ruby nuby and I'm confused about something.  When I try to create
336730 [rick.denatal] The Numeric class overrides singleton_method_added to raise an error

^ File.write a long line
336724 [halfcountplu] print "blah blah",
336731 [shortcutter ] You can do
336758 [lists bertra] Maybe here documents?
336765 [halfcountplu] No, just to save a little bit of typing a line with a bunch of long
336802 [shortcutter ] Note that for the continuation you need a bachslash "\" and not a

^ Acer Aspire 3100 Memory
336726 [Almajhoub ju] Memory-Up Exclusive 2GB DDR2 SO-DIMM Upgrade for Acer Aspire Notebooks 3100 4520 4920G 5100 5100-3357 Notebook PC2-5300 Computer Memory (RAM)

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^ Parse rss feeds with multiple enclosures per item
336753 [MrBanabas go] Does anybody know how I may parse an rss feed with multiple enclosures
336755 [kou cozmixng] In <a893a172-adb4-4ce9-9d7c-2a4bba315da9@u10g2000vbd.googlegroups.com>

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8 1.0.6 and 2.0.2
336759 [kubo jiubao.] Ruby-oci8 1.0.6 and 2.0.2 are released. These are Oracle modules using
336777 [james.herdma] I'm looking forward to trying this out!
336780 [kubo jiubao.] It is for a historical reason. I started to develop ruby-oci8 about 7 years ago.

^ Sample Interview Questions !
336760 [jaggubn gmai] Most preferred Interview Questions, check for details.

^ [QUIZ][SUMMARY] Big Words (#204)
336764 [yahivin gmai] require 'rubygems'

^ Berkeley DB or Store equivalent?
336766 [halfcountplu] I have never used mySQL because perl's Storable or BerkeleyDB modules
+ 336767 [halfcountplu] Is there no editing of posts on this forum!??! Tsk.
| + 336768 [halfcountplu] Okay I see an SQlite::Database, and some associated SQlite/ruby doc that
| | 336770 [halfcountplu] Found sqlite3-ruby in gems.
| + 336772 [james graypr] Multiple libraries, yes.  I recommend Amalgalite.
|   336787 [halfcountplu] Glancing at Amalgalite it looks exactly like "SQLite3::Database" (which
|   336788 [james graypr] Amalgalite embeds SQLite inside of it's extension and thus does not
|   336793 [halfcountplu] Got ya.  Thanks again.
|   336794 [halfcountplu] Here's a related question: Is is normal to just use sets of 2D tables
|   + 336797 [james graypr] In SQL, you use joins to manipulate data in this fashion.
|   + 336806 [rubfor recit] A relational database tends to be organised around relations which are
+ 336771 [james graypr] MySQL is not required for Rails.  It works with SQLite, Postgres,
| 336773 [halfcountplu] I actually didn't understand what "SQL" referred to until today (a
| 336774 [james graypr] Ruby ships with YAML, yes.
+ 336775 [justincollin] The standard library comes with dbm, gdbm, sdbm, pstore, and yaml, all
+ 336900 [b.candler po] I think you're talking about two independent things.

^ problem with cookies
336769 [fredrikhcs g] I am trying to make a very small web framework/application. It's 250

^ EventMachine or GServer?
336779 [x11 arturaz.] Is EM better than my GServer implementation (i guess it is :))
336781 [x11 arturaz.] Hm, the EM implementation...
336808 [cremes.devli] EM is certainly very fast but I don't know if it is easier to use. The =20=
+ 336828 [x11 arturaz.] Well, it's good enough for me. I guess I'll stick to EM then :)
+ 336834 [garbagecat10] I'd be very open to hearing suggestions on how to improve the EM

^ question about Mini_Magick and mogrify
336782 [nostef gmail] I'm trying to write a caption to an image in my Rails Project.

^ permute each element of a ragged array?
336783 [phlip2005 gm] Here's a programming chestnut. I suppose I could brute-force my way through
+ 336786 [halfcountplu] I'm not the kind of person who would already know the answer to this,
| 336789 [phlip2005 gm] Tx but.. The experiment has less to do with the definition of "permute", and
| 336792 [halfcountplu] What'd y'want, code!??!  Go home...
| 336795 [phlip2005 gm] It's okay. If you can't show off with something really clever, I'm sure someone
| 336796 [halfcountplu] "phenomenauts" is a great word.
+ 336790 [rick.denatal] gh
| 336791 [phlip2005 gm] What's the simplest code that passes the test? (Factually, order does not matter...)
+ 336801 [billk cts.co] Clearly a recursive solution... pretty compact though...
+ 336815 [mark thomasz] gh
| 336817 [phlip2005 gm] Good point: I should not have given up around 4.
| + 336819 [colinb2r goo] (Drafted before I saw your clarifying reply to Mark Thomas,
| + 336823 [mark thomasz] Not sure why the test must be as written, because the order doesn't
|   336826 [rick.denatal] Exactly, I don't see a general way to see a pattern when the
|   + 336832 [colinb2r goo] the element of the first set is varying slowest in the examples,
|   | 336836 [phlip2005 gm] That's why the assertions guessed that the results would come back rotating in
|   + 336833 [phlip2005 gm] Is that a typo? It should be just assert permutations[0] ==, or maybe just
|     336835 [rick.denatal] just
+ 336941 [ shot hot.pl] =20

^ TkPhotoImage.copy always gives "too many colors" Error
336784 [c-soc-rubyfo] I'm working to copy and eventually manipulate images within Ruby, but
336804 [nagai ai.kyu] This error message is generated in a GIF write function of Tcl/Tk
336812 [c-soc-rubyfo] Yes, I am certainly willing to try :format, however I only have PERL
336837 [nagai ai.kyu] Your code fixed your typo (e.g. "image" <-> "photo" in a each block
336871 [c-soc-rubyfo] Hmmm,
336877 [nagai ai.kyu] Could you send me the image files which make errors?
336908 [c-soc-rubyfo] Thanks a lot, Hidetoshi!

^ Checking ruby out from svn?
336785 [john.carter ] I'm trying to pull out stuff from ruby's svn repository and following the instructions at...
336820 [rogerpack200] svn co  http://svn.ruby-lang.org/repos/ruby/trunk

^ Re: Subscribe confirmation request (ruby-core ML)
336798 [shinobichef ] ...

^ Re: Subscribe confirmation request (ruby-doc ML)
336799 [shinobichef ] ...

^ Re: file grep
336803 [amcconaughey] begin

^ FxRuby for Ruby 1.9.1 install issue
336805 [sebi79 gmail] I am new to FxRuby, and trying to install the toolkit.
336809 [luislavena g] r)
+ 336813 [sebi79 gmail] I was afraid it is the problem; although the toolkit and the bindind is 1.9
| 336870 [luislavena g] .9
+ 336814 [sebi79 gmail] er

^ Unsubscribe
336807 [tom.medhurst] ...

^ Re: MP4Info Initial Release
336811 [thehurda gma] Thii is something I was looking for, but it doesn work for me :-/ I have

^ Reading time from excel file
336818 [sujithkumar ] How to read time format from excel file. please reply me

^ Sorting numbers as strings
336821 [realmadrid27] I'm trying to sort some strings containing numbers. The strings
+ 336822 [realmadrid27] Sorry I meant to say that the first version is how they're CURRENTLY
| 336824 [doug dseifer] "FastEthernet0/12", "FastEthernet0/13", "FastEthernet0/2",
| 336827 [realmadrid27] Thanks to both of you guys. The one I quoted above looks similar to what
+ 336825 [shortcutter ] FastEthernet0/1
| 336830 [Rob AgileCon] <snip/>
| 336838 [shortcutter ] puts DATA.sort_by {|s| s.scan(/(\d+)|\D+/).map { $1 ? $1.to_i : $& } }
| 336876 [Rob AgileCon] Interesting, but "wrong" in that it doesn't sort the way the OP wanted.
| + 336883 [shortcutter ] Aaargh!  Yes, you are completely right.
| + 336907 [realmadrid27] You guys are great. I went with Bob's (pick one, hah) since it ended up
|   336942 [johan556 gma] puts arr.sort_by {|s| s.split(/(\d+)/).each_with_index.map {|x,i|
|   336960 [Rob AgileCon] Are you trying to say that you believe some part of a solution that
|   336963 [johan556 gma] No, not at all. I tried to say that I believed *my* variant only
+ 336888 [larschbelunk] ...