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^ spectcl
33649 [tobiasreif p] does anyoone have experiences with

^ [ANN] RUDE4C 0.1
33650 [aerpenbe uni] Dear all,

^ Proposed Modification for SWIG/Ruby
33657 [ljohnson res] This note describes a perceived problem with SWIG's Ruby module and the
33661 [paul atdesk.] super()
33664 [ljohnson res] No joy; the argument list for Derived#initialize is not the problem. The

^ Regexps and latin-1
33662 [damien.wyart] Dear all,
+ 33670 [erik bagfors] Ehhh...  Why shouldn't ruby or perl be able to handle latin-1
| 33811 [damien.wyart] This is not what I meant...
+ 33674 [gotoken notw] freq.rb uses /\w+/ equivalent to /[0-9A-Za-z_]+/.
  + 33678 [damien.wyart] Thanks for this hint !
  + 33809 [damien.wyart] OK, this works, but the sort done afterwards is not correct. In French,

^ Restrictions on code within methods
33666 [stern rowlan] There are several restrictions on what you can do within a method
33668 [decoux moulo] No, the parser can handle these nested constructions.

^ rubycentral.com down?
33672 [jeremy vote-] pardon me if this is the wrong place to ask, but what's up with
33675 [Dave Pragmat] The domain expired. I'm working with the owners to get it reinstated.
33676 [jeremy vote-] ahh k, in the meantime is there a mirror of the FAQ, library ref, and
33677 [Dave Pragmat] you can still access it by IP address:
+ 33679 [sean chitten] -sc
| 33684 [Dave Pragmat] Good idea - thanks!
+ 33683 [rjp browser.] Is there any interest in mirroring the site (the static parts at least)?
| 33685 [Dave Pragmat] The site's about to change dramatically. Once that's settled down, I
+ 33687 [jeremy vote-] thanks for the tip. however, dev.rubycentral.com (where the PDF book is
  33688 [Dave Pragmat] ...
  33697 [jeremy vote-] <MC Burns voice>

^ {ANN] RDoc now handles C extensions
33673 [Dave Pragmat] RDoc is a Javadoc-alike documentation system for Ruby source (and C

^ Ruby/Tk reference
33695 [Nemesis Neme] that is in Japanese :-/ ). Can you help me?
+ 33698 [sentinel_NO_] I think the best you're going to do is use the perl/tk references. There
| 33703 [Nemesis Neme] I've also searched for perl/tk references, but don't founded anything
| 33706 [sentinel_NO_] ...
| 33745 [Nemesis Neme] Thanks, I'm downloading it.
+ 33732 [x ichimunki.] Is a source for the actual Tk documentation. Perl's Tk is slightly
  33746 [Nemesis Neme] Thanks, I'll look at this too.

^ weird output
33696 [joe vpop.net] So I have this little script to watch hits per second by tailing the
34289 [kero chmeee.] Some native processes interfere with each other. they fight for the
34298 [paul atdesk.] How does the program have to be run to get output like that?  I'm unable

^ FXTreeList
33700 [sentinel_NO_] Has anyone made extensive use of fox's FXTreeList widget? I'm just starting

^ ANN: REXML 1.2.6
33701 [ser germane-] <posted & mailed>

^ eruby + apache and charset
33702 [YuriLeikind ] I want to define a charset for what my eruby scripts generate.

^ IOWA troubles (was Re: choice of HTML templating system)
33710 [paul atdesk.] When I get the segfault, I am using mod_iowa.  I'm not sure how to call
33716 [julian beta4] Aha!  That's it... though it would be nice if it didn't segfault because
+ 33740 [paul atdesk.] OIC.
| 33788 [julian beta4] Well, there shouldn't actually need to be a directory there.
+ 33749 [tom.hurst cl] Can it use cookies instead?  I can't stand ugly URI's.
  33790 [julian beta4] Well, I also hate long ugly URI's and iowa certainly could be modified
  33817 [tom.hurst cl] Well, the thing is, what's the point in serving content if the one
  + 33820 [julian beta4] Well, there's still a point... it just means you can't bookmark it as
  | 33828 [rich infoeth] <time in millis>_<random data>_<sha1 hash of time:random:server_key>
  | 33830 [rich infoeth] Actually, my last code was incorrect.  You don't need salt (random
  + 33823 [avi beta4.co] I think you and Julian and are cross-purpose here - IOWA is intended

^ Ruby Developer's Guide has arrived :-)
33711 [dblack candl] I just received my copy of the Ruby Developer's Guide.
+ 33720 [rich infoeth] ditto...and on my birthday no less ;)
| 33729 [Stephan.Kaem] Happy birthday!
| 33744 [Stephan.Kaem] It already did & I ordered it :)
+ 33747 [paul atdesk.] I'm VERY impressed with this book so far.  It seems like a good handbook
| 33850 [neumann s-di] No it's not perfect. But there's lots of useful stuff in it, I think.
| + 33858 [tobiasreif p] says
| | + 33859 [tobiasreif p] Tobi
| | + 33875 [ docx io.com] You can also register with the serial number located on the back of the
| + 33868 [paul atdesk.] Unfortunately, the HTML version is an .exe file.  I wonder if they
+ 33849 [neumann s-di] Thank you!

^ Ruby performance on the Language Shootout
33712 [ptkwt shell1] I haven't taken a look at the Great Computer Language Shootout page for
+ 33713 [dan sidhe.or] FWIW, bytecode interpretation doesn't really matter for speed
| + 33717 [ptkwt shell1] Can you give us any more details?  Is it true then that interpretation via
| + 33721 [dan sidhe.or] There aren't a whole lot, since generally a language implementation
+ 33722 [matz ruby-la] Yes for the latter.  Bytecode interpreter often beats AST ones, but
+ 33772 [matt lickey.] I played around with timing the scripts they run under 1.6 and 1.7 and
+ 33785 [mghall enter] Also, there's a semi-shoot-out going on over in the Tcl newsgroup.
  33892 [cboos bct-te] I don't know if I qualify as a seasoned Rubyist, but given the simplicity
  + 33893 [dan sidhe.or] It's a bit easier to write a JIT from a bytecode version of a
  + 33898 [ptkwt shell1] Good work!

^ Possible bug -- ruby cvs (1.7.2 2002-02-10) interpreter seg fault
33715 [matt lickey.] If I run this script
33719 [nobu.nokada ] Since GC is prohibited while compilation, temporary objects
33796 [matt lickey.] Should Ruby ever seg fault when it runs out of memory?  That is the
33837 [nobu.nokada ] Perhaps, you didn't see [BUG]... message at the fault, it means
+ 33838 [nobu.nokada ] # Sorry, forgot to write.
+ 33890 [matt lickey.] This makes a lot of sense, thanks.

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
33718 [egg only-an-] # help

^ Cool XML-RPC service
33723 [rich infoeth] How's this for cool.  Microsoft Word has a capability to summarize documents
33724 [Dave Pragmat] This is very neat.
33725 [nahi keynaut] Unfortunately you cannot.  Instead of freecell,

^ infromix driver
33726 [manfred.hans] i can't find the Informix driver for ruby.
33727 [sevillar tea] This reminds me... Maybe we should develop a DBI and DBD for Ruby.
33728 [dsafari xtra] Perhaps this is what you are looking for?

^ FXRuby / FOX: Documentation
33730 [Stephan.Kaem] I'm currently looking into FXRuby and would like to read some more
33752 [ljohnson res] Yes, the documentation that you see on the FOX web site is included in the

^ simple XML parsing (greedy / non-greedy
33731 [ronjeffries ] Suppose I had this text
+ 33733 [dblack candl] Yes -- just use *? instead of *
| 33734 [ronjeffries ] Thanks ... I see that that works. But I don't see why. Once the ? is in
| + 33735 [chris darkro] It makes the klene star non-greedy (*).
| + 33737 [mjais web.de] the ? affects only the "*" not the whole regexp.
| | 33765 [ronjeffries ] Thanks! The operative word is "should".
| | 33775 [Dave Pragmat] The effect of '?' isn't global, it just affects the immediately
| | 33783 [ronjeffries ] I'd rather have the drink. But that is what I imagined it must do,
| + 33738 [jason jvoege] That occurrence of the * operator becomes non-greedy.  Other occurrences
| + 33741 [erik solidco] ...
| | 33764 [ronjeffries ] Thanks for the links!
| + 33742 [W.L.Kleb LaR] Dave and Andy's wonderful book for starters ;)
|   33763 [ronjeffries ] Yes. It's so short that when I searched for greedy in my HTML version of
+ 33753 [jeffp crusoe] [posted & mailed]

^ reducing redundancies
33736 [mmaciaszek g] For my project I created some objects that store all data in a
33739 [WYS helbling] Below is a very rudimentary approach. Hope this suffices to get the idea.

^ qualms about respond_to? idiom
33743 [dblack candl] I'm cool with Ruby's emphasis on object interface rather than type.
+ 33748 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Also the failure of the if clause raises the question about what to put
+ 33750 [paul atdesk.] 1) I may need to do lots of setting up before I ever get around to
+ 33751 [Dave Pragmat] This is an interesting topic. Just to make sure we're talking about
  + 33754 [dblack candl] One placed where I've used it (note that I'm skirting around the word
  | + 33755 [Dave Pragmat] A polymorphic way of doing this is to move responsibility down to the
  | | + 33757 [dblack candl] OK -- but does this suggestion mean that you would see the
  | | | 33769 [ronjeffries ] Yes. I think that use of "responds_to?" is in general a fairly intense
  | | + 33758 [paul atdesk.] Does this really belong in the stream object itself?  Should a tag have
  | | | + 33771 [Dave Pragmat] Probably not, but I wanted to keep it simple.
  | | | | + 33778 [paul atdesk.] Hmm, not by itself it doesn't.  But I think if it were well-documented
  | | | | + 33787 [rich infoeth] Regarding Mixins vs. individual methods (respond_to?), I think using a Mixin
  | | | | + 33813 [dblack candl] Isn't it a return to branching on type, though?
  | | | |   33815 [matt lickey.] Using respond_to? is a form of branching on type in any case.
  | | | |   33816 [dblack candl] using(respond_to?).kind_of?(Branching::OnType)  #  :-)
  | | | + 33777 [matt lickey.] Examples of this kind of thing abound in OO languages.
  | | | | 33781 [paul atdesk.] For builtins, I think this is justifiable, because Matz can just say
  | | | | 33782 [Dave Pragmat] That's where 'implements' comes in.
  | | | + 33786 [rich infoeth] In Dave's example he shifted the responsibility of the tag object to handle
  | | + 33759 [hgs dmu.ac.u] So is this an example of "Tell, Don't Ask", or is that more about an
  | + 33770 [pit capitain] I don't know what you'd like to improve. In your code the further
  | + 33792 [avi beta4.co] class Object
  | | + 33793 [avi beta4.co] UmVjZWl2ZWQ6IGZyb20gbGV0aGUuY2FyZGhlYWx0aC5jb20gKFsxNDMuOTguMTAuNjhdKSBieSBj
  | | | 33795 [avi beta4.co] UmVjZWl2ZWQ6IGZyb20gY2hhcm9uLmNhcmRoZWFsdGguY29tIChbMTQzLjk4LjEwLjY3XSkgYnkg
  | | | 33799 [avi beta4.co] UmVjZWl2ZWQ6IGZyb20gbGV0aGUuY2FyZGhlYWx0aC5jb20gKFsxNDMuOTguMTAuNjhdKSBieSBj
  | | + 33847 [dblack candl] I certainly like the general idea of something that does this in one
  | |   33881 [pit capitain] I'd just like to remind you of ruby-talk:33770 where I showed a
  | |   33891 [dff180 yahoo] Well you have type-dependent behavior so you really only have those
  | |   33897 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I think we are agreed that *in general*, 2 is preferable...
  | + 33810 [avi beta4.co] Ok, that's scary - a message I posted just came through as some kinda
  + 33756 [jeffp crusoe] I believe the functionality was borrowed from Perl's universal object
  | 33760 [Dave Pragmat] I think Smalltalk _probably_ claims that honor. :)
  + 33784 [ptkwt shell1] You're asking David, but I've got an example...

^ (CSV) text file processing...
33761 [bobx linuxma] I am looking for an example of (csv)text file processing. What I am
+ 33762 [Stephan.Kaem] I read about it in Jeffrey Friedls "Mastering Regular Expressions"
+ 33766 [alwagner uar] #	Scan string and place into array: nilClass, String, Fixnum,
+ 33767 [paul atdesk.] If you are doing very simple CSV processing, then you can use something
| + 33768 [cbroult sapi] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| + 34128 [nahi keynaut] Thank you for introducing it.
|   34968 [nahi keynaut] I released version 1.1.0
+ 33812 [list chromat] The following csv_split comes from ruby-talk archives.  I adapted it a

^ Ruby windows memory limitation
33773 [stephen.hill] I have a ruby utility running on a windows box with 1.5Gb of memory
33780 [j.travnik sh] this was already discussed on this list

^ Ruby Developer's Guide thoughts?
33776 [giardante ya] You guys who are talking about getting the new Ruby Developer's Guide...

^ [ANN] RubyStudio
33779 [gehlker fast] RubyStudio v. 0.1, a Mac OSX IDE for Ruby, is available for your pleasure at

^ Suggestions please
33791 [ralph.mason ] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
33814 [pcs3 mailhos] If you can have ruby on the server as well, then druby.  It's certainly

^ Antigen found =*.eml file
33794 [ANTIGEN_C1PL] Antigen for Exchange found att1.eml matching =*.eml file filter.

^ Antigen found =*.eml file
33797 [ANTIGEN_C1PL] UmVjZWl2ZWQ6IGZyb20gbGV0aGUuY2FyZGhlYWx0aC5jb20gKFsxNDMuOTguMTAuNjhdKSBieSBj

^ Antigen found =*.eml file
33798 [ANTIGEN_C1PL] Antigen for Exchange found att1.eml matching =*.eml file filter.

^ Antigen found =*.eml file
33800 [ANTIGEN_C1PL] UmVjZWl2ZWQ6IGZyb20gY2hhcm9uLmNhcmRoZWFsdGguY29tIChbMTQzLjk4LjEwLjY3XSkgYnkg

^ Antigen found =*.eml file
33801 [ANTIGEN_C1PL] Antigen for Exchange found att1.eml matching =*.eml file filter.

^ Antigen found =*.eml file
33802 [ANTIGEN_C1PL] Antigen for Exchange found att1.eml matching =*.eml file filter.

^ *WARNING - groups.google.com virus problem*
33803 [julian beta4] Avi asked me to post a message warning about google groups.

^ Report to Recipient(s)
33804 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Report to Recipient(s)
33805 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Report to Recipient(s)
33806 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Report to Recipient(s)
33807 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Report to Recipient(s)
33808 [HARCOURT har] Incident Information:-

^ Public Iowa CVS repository
33821 [julian beta4] Ok, consider this the official announcement that Iowa is in CVS on

^ restarting interpreter, undefining objects..?
33829 [efushigi yah] I'm working on an application (C/C++) that will use ruby
+ 33831 [matz ruby-la] Sorry, there's no way to re-initialize the interpreter (yet).
+ 33834 [pcs3 mailhos] Could you fake this multiple processes?  That is, fork off a child
  33836 [efushigi yah] I thought about this a bit, and actually considered trying

^ Microsoft Releases VS.NET at VSLive!, Vows to Replace WIN32
33832 [david.simmon] I thought some people might find it interesting to read the following news
33889 [paul prescod] It is only a feature that is in high demand because MS C++ and VB

^ Modules and Interface Protocols [Was: type check and dynamic binding]
33833 [david.simmon] interface

^ Virus in Ruby-165-2 Win installer???
33839 [Stephan.Kaem] Virus name: Backdoor.EggHead
+ 33840 [peter semant] What antivirus software are you using and is it up to date.
| 33845 [Stephan.Kaem] I didn't have any problems up to now, either.
| 33846 [Stephan.Kaem] Now that virus def file was a Rev. 6 or something. I just got a Rev. 48
+ 33841 [dazh_ribrogg] I received notification today from the scanner (Symantec) that runs
  33842 [mulperi iki.] This a known problem in the older installshield package creation
  33844 [dazh_ribrogg] The link refers to a different infected file and a different virus

^ "Powered by Ruby" banner
33848 [YuriLeikind ] Might be slightly offtopic, but can anyone
+ 33909 [leon ugcs.ca] Enjoy,
| 33916 [dempsejn geo] Jack
| + 33924 [YuriLeikind ] Simple and elegant. I think I'll use it, thanks !
| | 33925 [mmaciaszek g] How about something with a nicely raytraced ruby?
| | 33956 [leon ugcs.ca] Hmm.. can't find any raytraced rubies. I tried a real ruby instead.
| | 33965 [phlip_cpp ya] Did you consciously know green is the highest contrast with red?
| | 33970 [leon ugcs.ca] Yep. Whether using complementary colors is considered "garish" is probably
| | 33971 [Dave Pragmat] The red of Ruby rising organically from the green fertile ground of
| | + 33975 [don.womick c] And all along I thought you were just mimicking rhubarb (Rubarb?)... :)
| | | 33980 [dempsejn geo] Perhaps the active voice is more appropriate in general, but in this
| | | 33981 [dempsejn geo] I can do that if enough people are interested.
| | + 33990 [ser germane-] Hmmm... does that make Ruby programmers the fertilizer?
| + 33926 [kentda stud.] Nice.
| | + 33927 [tobiasreif p] On mine too. NN6 does it, so it's NN4's fault.
| | + 33929 [bigbill.smit] Mine also. Seems to be getting ever closer to upgrade time, sigh
| + 33935 [phlip_cpp ya] To apply the style rule "use active voice", can't we say
|   + 33939 [gehlker fast] It would look even cooler if the white part was transparent.
|   + 33944 [dblack candl] Feel free :-)  Personally I've never believed in that passive voice
+ 34263 [mike.spamsuc] You can find my contributions for ruby banner at
  + 34265 [rich infoeth] You ROCK the house man!
  | + 34266 [Dave Pragmat] site.powered_by? -> Ruby
  | + 34268 [dblack candl] Ruby.power do |p|
  | + 34282 [hal9000 hype] Hey, that's conquer!, not conquer... don't forget
  |   34286 [rich infoeth] Nice catch Hal!
  + 34272 [tobiasreif p] Mike,
    34433 [mike.spamsuc] Ok I made a new small darker serie (8) and a new one in series 4
    + 34434 [tobiasreif p] Good stuff; thank you very much!
    | 34443 [vruz ruby-es] They look great, thank you !
    | 34538 [mike.spamsuc] okidoki
    | + 34540 [tobiasreif p] Thank you very much!
    | + 34623 [ser germane-] Great stuff, Mike.
    |   34837 [anthony vert] The following  fragment is supposed to open the web browser and display a web
    + 34453 [curt hibbs.c] Thanks, these are very nice!
      34714 [james rubyxm] Gee, I found the Ruby buttons so nice I decided I would try my hand at it.