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^ how to export WebPage Label's to Excel
336391 [mohamedrafiq] i need to get the Label of the TextBox, Radio button, List...and export
336404 [noeldamonmil] use parseExcel

336397 [jesusfreak21] What is the best way to make a simple GUI with ruby for Windows?  I've
+ 336398 [perrin apoth] There are other ways, such as using FXRuby, wxRuby, Ruby/Tk, and
+ 336400 [martindemell] There are lots of choices, but in my biased opinion you're unlikely to
| 336403 [lolveley yah] lolveley.
+ 336405 [alex deletem] It's not how *most* people do it, though it's a popular tool. See here
+ 336418 [logustus gma] Shoes is a neat tool, but not for making lots of buttony apps with
+ 336469 [ktuffentsame] I looked at Shoes and was not impressed. I found wxRuby, using XML

^ Trouble getting dynamic values fed to my javascript
336407 [xeno.campano] Say, I usually have .rhtml/eruby access to all my values, but I'm seeing this
336408 [xeno.campano] eRuby version 1.0.5

^ Calling methons in subclass on extend
336409 [sshaikh hotm] class A < ActiveRecord::Base

^ Other javascript things broken in non-default states of .rhtml
336410 [xeno.campano] This is kindof a followup of my other email about javascript in my .rhtml files

^ Whaaaaat?
336411 [tomcloyd com] p [0..5].include? 0
+ 336413 [tomcloyd com] Sorry - inadequate details: running ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel
+ 336414 [ben bleythin] Nope.
| 336417 [tomcloyd com] Well, nuts.
| 336423 [robert.dober] But it does, I am sure you just forgot the *, right?
| 336427 [tomcloyd com] Robert,
| 336431 [caduceass gm] The"pre-appending" (yes I'm aware that's not a word or proper
| + 336451 [robert.dober] rd
| + 336466 [perrin apoth] I'm pretty sure the word you want is either "prefixing" or, if you like
| | 336471 [adam.oddfell] Hrm. I had always thought of 'prepend' as a commonplace, dictionary
| | 336495 [tomcloyd com] Actually, this is all unnecessary. In linguistics, for eons, we have
| + 336538 [b.candler po] I never heard any proposal to get rid of Enumberable#inject, and I don't
|   336592 [jcmoore pres] 1.9.1 adds Enumerable#reduce as synonym (which makes more sense to me)
|   336638 [onepoint sta] Is one of #reduce or #inject deprecated in 1.9.1?
|   + 336642 [rick.denatal] Don't think so.
|   | + 336644 [robert.dober] In my humble opinion I believe that having different words meaning the
|   | + 336645 [jeff schwabc] Really?  I never heard of "inject" in any other language.  It was always
|   |   336652 [rick.denatal] to
|   |   336661 [jeff schwabc] No, but I did somehow have a brain fart.  Apologies.
|   |   336663 [perrin apoth] =20
|   |   336669 [rick.denatal] Something.
|   |   336671 [jeff schwabc] I said, effectively, "that terminology is new to me."  The
|   + 336659 [jcmoore pres] The RI entry has no preference or deprecation statement.
+ 336415 [billk cts.co] => false
+ 336416 [wyhaines gma] [0..5] is an array with a single element, a Range object representing
  336419 [tomcloyd com] Thanks, Kirk. That's the best answer yet. Very helpful.

^ embedding a library into a method ...
336412 [mathspeedy g] I wanted to embed the Net::Telnet into a method, just look my code ...
336421 [vjoel path.b] Try copying some of the code from here...
336426 [mathspeedy g] I think I have an idea ...

^ Re: embedding a library into a method ... (help)
336420 [mathspeedy g] Could someone ANSWER my QUESTION please ...

^ Beginner help/direction
336422 [engel.lists ] I just finished reading Chris Pine's "Learn to program" with ruby, and am
+ 336428 [tomcloyd com] Well, as a perpetual beginner, and someone with never enough time, I
+ 336429 [anh526 mail.] "The Ruby Programming Language" by David Flanagan, Yukihiro Matsumoto is
| 336449 [shortcutter ] Cheers
+ 336506 [danielroux g] I also recommend "The Ruby Programming Language", it's the best book

^ Why Fixnum===Fixnum is false?
336424 [phasis gmail] I noticed the following behaviour.
336430 [vjoel path.b] obj === other   => true or false
336472 [adam.oddfell] Uh, I think you omitted the most important part of the documentation, to
336474 [vjoel path.b] vjoel : Joel VanderWerf : path berkeley edu : 510 665 3407
336499 [adam.oddfell] Huh, odd. Bug in Ruby-forum, then, I guess. Sorry.
336502 [vjoel path.b] Hm, it probably thought everything below the last hline was a sig.

^ Ruby interaction sessions
336425 [anh526 mail.] Who knows, where I can get access to Ruby interaction sessions? Maybe

^ [ANN] imap_processor 1.0 Released
336434 [DRBRAIN SEGM] imap_processor version 1.0 has been released!

^ only able to capture last exception
336435 [jeremy jered] I am writing a script to validate some documents against an XSD.  When a

^ [ANN] rubytest.vim 0.9.5 released
336436 [jan.h.xie gm] I'm pleased to announce that rubytest.vim 0.9.5 is just released.

^ minor problem with 1.9 compile
336437 [tomcloyd com] I'm following instructions "Install Alongside Ruby 1.8.x- -Upgrading to
+ 336438 [tomcloyd com] A file called "configure" is definitely in the directory, and it has
+ 336444 [denis.defrey] Are you sure you're in the right directory?
  336446 [tomcloyd com] I figured out that THAT was the issued, got it working fine, and just

^ Desperate help needed with SSH
336453 [alan isdial.] I have a small problem thats driving me crazy. I am trying to connect to
+ 336732 [sandor.szuec] These instructions looks strange for me. Are you sure that these run
| 336840 [alan isdial.] Thanks for the reply.
| 336864 [sandor.szuec] Ack.
+ 336898 [b.candler po] routers). It hides the Net::SSH API behind a simple Net::Telnet one, and

^ Rake as a library/API: possible?
336456 [dvdplm gmail] I'm trying to use rake as a library/API to retrieve the rake tasks in a given directory.
336481 [ryand zenspi] I think the biggie is that Rake::Application is a singleton.

^ Ruby 1.9.1-p129: gem installation error?
336457 [shortcutter ] after building 1.9.1-p129 on cygwin I got

^ what could be improved in Ruby for Science?
336458 [Diego.Viraso] I've noticed that languages such as Python are becoming more and more
+ 336459 [phlip2005 gm] Bioinformatics requires repeatedly shoveling huge blobs of data thru simple &
+ 336460 [charles.john] With the advent of ruby 1.9.1, the only advantage here at ACCRE of
| 336464 [phlip2005 gm] That is exactly how videogames work. The lowest layer is custom display
+ 336462 [gdonald gmai] Sounds like personal choice to me.
+ 336483 [jballanc gma] I have a sneaky suspicion that Ruby is being much more widely used in
| + 336485 [minilith gma] I'd rather say it needs to be better than a specialized programming
| + 336706 [ shot hot.pl] Hear, hear. I use Ruby for my PhD as well (functional decomposition
| + 336708 [robert.dober] s.
|   336762 [jballanc gma] There's an old adage in software development (or, as old as an adage
|   336763 [robert.dober] t a
+ 336816 [transfire gm] Help improve <a href=3D"http://stick.rubyforge.org">Stick</a>.
| 336873 [jballanc gma] Is there a GitHub repo/mirror of this project? I'd love to add this to
+ 336846 [juan_zanos t] In order to learn anything you have to give up hope of learning
  + 336847 [justin.carat] you mean time sink?  If the scientists were able to perform a time synch,
  + 336849 [jballanc gma] So let's do something about that then, eh?
    336859 [juan_zanos t] That was fast.

^ "Too many open files - socket(2)" when invoking Socket.new
336461 [clemens.wyss] require 'socket'
336733 [sandor.szuec] begin
336800 [clemens.wyss] Dear Sandor,
336810 [sandor.szuec] True, but I thought if you try to run your code and it doesn't close =20

^ how do you create a large number of irb commands?
336463 [gabriel.horn] I'm wondering what you all consider the best way for creating a large
336467 [gabriel.horn] I forgot to mention the option of commands as private methods in
336610 [gabriel.horn] So I guess *no one* creates commands in irb?

^ How to Read Text from Webipage when its disabled
336465 [mohamedrafiq] the webpage i m testing has many list box, text box, radio butons etc...
336470 [mark thomasz] A table is not the same thing as a disabled input control. However, it

^ What libraries are 'missing' from Ruby
336473 [david_v_wrig] Are there libraries that you use with a another language you know that
336478 [drbrain segm] On May 13, 2009, at 10:16, David Wright <david_v_wright@yahoo.com>

^ Newbie-Script for copying matching files to new destination
336475 [osasuyiaigbe] Being new to Ruby,am not sure if it can do these but if it can then
336476 [shortcutter ] 1. read words from file

^ Re: Newbie-Script for copying matching files to new destinat
336477 [osasuyiaigbe] Yes you got it. I guess you know how to speak 'programming' which I
336480 [shortcutter ] Assuming you are completely new to programming you probably want to
336494 [osasuyiaigbe] Thanks for even taking time to write and even advice.Am indeed
336526 [shortcutter ] Learning and urgency do not mix well.  If you are new to programming
336629 [osasuyiaigbe] Thanks for your post. You have raised very valid points. I am learning

^ get detail about latest computer free
336479 [adnanhameed7] only watch get about latest computer laptop free more visit www.glu007.blog.com

^ help with "grammar"
336484 [alex deletem] I'm looking into creating a parser that understands a very limited

^ [ANN] jruby-openssl version 0.5 has been released!
336487 [charles.nutt] jruby-openssl version 0.5 has been released!

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.3.0 will include Nailgun
336489 [charles.nutt] Nailgun is a tool that speeds up Java command startup by punting
336531 [dvdplm gmail] This is so cool. I've been wanting something like it forever.

^ Bug report involving class variables
336496 [ballou crab.] (Slight rant:  I tried to submit this bug report through the tracker

^ [ANN] New Ruby books
336497 [stho manning] charset=US-ASCII;
336498 [vjoel path.b] Thread-hijacking + marketing is not a good mix.

^ Net::FTP list empty
336500 [lists gregwi] Ruby 1.8.6. Having trouble getting a file list from an FTP server.
336501 [lists gregwi] Ugh. Nevermind. Had one more thought after I whacked send, and that was

^ More Efficiency,More Benefit,Less Risk,Less Work!
336503 [zhuqmei088 1] More Efficiency,More Benefit,Less Risk,Less Work!

^ Re: New Ruby books
336504 [jzakiya mail] Have a look at the Maya Project (ruby in astrophysics).

^ [bikeshed] Syntactic sugar idea
336505 [dan-ml dan42] It seems that often an object will be passed into a block only to invoke
+ 336507 [gregory.t.br] =3D> "1.9.1"
+ 336508 [jan.h.xie gm] You can do arr.map(&:some_method) in ruby 1.9
| 336509 [dan-ml dan42] Yes, I know, and that was kind of my point. The to_proc conversion
| 336510 [gregory.t.br] I don't know.   I think they're about the same in terms of looks, and
| 336511 [Rob AgileCon] plus, doing your .foo.bar has to contend with .foo being nil (or
| 336514 [dan-ml dan42] Well, you never know... Matz *did* add the Symbol#to_proc conversion in
| 336518 [gregory.t.br] But Symbol#to_proc is not a parser change. It's just using an existing
| 336520 [dan-ml dan42] But the fluent interface change *is* a parser change. My point was just
| + 336523 [shortcutter ] We always need to balance cost and benefit.  In this case to me the
| | + 336527 [no spam.plea] Right, what folk might not realise is that the 1.8 version constructed
| | + 336561 [charles.nutt] The cost isn't high. 15 minutes of work in JRuby, probably more in CRuby
| |   336564 [shortcutter ] 2009/5/14 Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.nutter@sun.com>
| |   336568 [charles.nutt] Bah, I say.
| + 336613 [Usenet Googl] Was that fluent interface syntax really a request? I cannot remember
+ 336515 [vjoel path.b] @x = 400
| 336519 [jballanc gma] Isn't this essentially the "with" syntax from Javascript? I think that
+ 336532 [larschbelunk] I sometimes miss Perl's $_. Without a parser change, it could be used
| + 336537 [billk cts.co] Not that I'm advocating its use, but... Ruby does support $_
| + 336575 [robert.dober] Forget the $ and you are spelling out a thought I was bearing with me
|   336616 [jeremymcanal] Mmm losing the $ would then render RSpec completely inoperable since
+ 336560 [charles.nutt] [1,2,3].each {puts it}

^ find previous & next in array
336512 [indiehead gm] basically i've got an array of items
+ 336513 [vecciora gma] 2009/5/14 John Griffiths <indiehead@gmail.com>
| 336522 [kidguko gmai] Boby had it almost right!
| 336524 [vecciora gma] 2009/5/14 Joshua Collins <kidguko@gmail.com>
+ 336525 [shortcutter ] Depends on what you need to do.  Do you need those indexes or do you
  336578 [indiehead gm] thanks Robert, i was trying to build up a little function to find the
  336590 [kidguko gmai] Bobby, I am new too, so I might be missing something as well.

^ the question about getaddinfo
336528 [zq1956 sina.] I use getaddinfo to get A machine's hostname,
+ 336530 [fekete melko] approx. 3-5 months ago I had similar problem. The guy who helped tried to
| 336624 [zq1956 sina.] 1.9.1 not work
+ 336535 [b.candler po] You don't even say what platform you're on. If you're on a Unix-like
| 336539 [zq1956 sina.] no,windows vista
+ 336536 [billk cts.co] ip = ""
  336540 [zq1956 sina.] the response is: address family for hostname not supported
  336554 [billk cts.co] ruby -v -rsocket -e "p Socket.getnameinfo(Socket.pack_sockaddr_in(0, ''))"

^ Ruby script to calculate Muslim prayer times
336529 [reddvinylene] does anybody know of a Ruby script to calculate Muslim prayer times?
336555 [kyleaschmitt] Sorry, because I really don't know, but why wouldn't it be at the same
+ 336557 [reddvinylene] I think it depends on the position of the moon and stuff, kinda like the
| 336606 [reddvinylene] Sorry for the mixup. The moon is used to calculate fasting times I think?
+ 336559 [citizen428 g] Because they depend on sunrise and sunset which are not at the same
  336563 [kyleaschmitt] Local sunrise & sunset, or at a specific place (Mecca I'd assume)?
  336567 [kyleaschmitt] This FAA site has an online calculator (you could always read through

^ Re: JRuby 1.3.0 will include Nailgun
336534 [b.candler po] It would be wonderful if it could have all the Rails Active* libraries
336543 [b.candler po] It turns out all the messy passing of IO objects is already included in
+ 336544 [b.candler po] Unfortunately, the name 'railgun' has been taken by a games library :-(
+ 336577 [charles.nutt] This is essentially the magic behind Passenger, which also manages the
+ 336584 [dvdplm gmail] Wow. You got me all excited now!
  336596 [b.candler po] I've tidied it up a little and pushed the code to
  336658 [b.candler po] I've fixed that, and a number of other issues, and now it actually plays

^ Regexp
336541 [mb.svea live] Anyone who can help me with this. If i have a string and want to take
+ 336545 [clemens.wyss] /(?:.*?\.)*(.*?monday.*?)\./.match(<your string>)[1]
| 336548 [mb.svea live] Thanks for the fast reply.
| 336550 [mb.svea live] Never mind i forgott [1]
+ 336546 [mark thomasz] So you want the sentence, not including the period? What if there is a

^ how to open a file with perticular exe and copy info to text
336547 [2006.shilpa ] i m trying to open a audio file with the cooledit ( audio pcm file
336553 [clemens.wyss] doesn't cooledit.exe have commandline parameters?
336562 [2006.shilpa ] Posted via http://www.ruby-forum.com/.

^ How can I know more about this group?
336549 [hduyewjhf gm] How can I know more about this group?
336552 [pjb informat] You may read the backlog.  I don't know if there's exist some archive

^ Re: Syntactic sugar idea
336551 [mark thomasz] This is a neat idea, but wouldn't it conflict with the "fluent
336586 [vjoel path.b] Yeah, seems impossible. Maybe if there were some other character instead
336614 [djberg96 gma] require 'enumerable/extra'
336619 [mark thomasz] Cool! What would it take to make this 1.9 compatible?

^ How can I use the "test/unit" right
336556 [artoxvw gmai] when I run the following code
336597 [ryand-ruby z] require 'test/unit'

^ How can I use the "test/unit"
336558 [artoxvw gmai] when I run the following code
336565 [djberg96 gma] You don't want to use initialize. You want to use setup.

^ need to split string into letters and numbers
336570 [nephish gmai] Hey all
+ 336571 [james graypr] str.scan(/\d+|[a-zA-Z]+/)
| + 336572 [robert.dober] well
| + 336582 [shortcutter ] str.scan(/\d+|[a-z]+/i)
+ 336573 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):001:0> s = "JJ234AB2"
+ 336574 [demerzel gma] Hey,
  336581 [nephish gmai] ok, i  feel like i am at a party as the only one that does not speak a

^ [ANN] enumerable-extra 0.1.0
336580 [djberg96 gma] Convinced that Symbol#to_proc is mostly a solution in search of a problem,
+ 336589 [kidguko gmai] Would this be usable with a RoR app?
+ 336630 [martindemell] This looks very nice! What would it take to port to ruby 1.9?
+ 336665 [m.fellinger ] Sorry, but Symbol#to_proc is actually the faster way since it was added into

^ Nokogiri on Mediatemple gs
336583 [enzor sefita] Has anyone tried to install the Nokogiri gem on a Mediatemple
336585 [mike.dalessi] 2009/5/14 Enzo Rivello <enzor@sefitalia.com>
336587 [enzor sefita] of course, mt gs runs on debian, but still i can't  use apt-get because
336593 [drbrain segm] Install libxml2 into your home directory then, and point the gem to
336628 [enzor sefita] Problem solved.