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^ Adding a =~ method to the Method class
335996 [gabe.saravia] The Ruby API specifies that objects of the Method class have an instance
+ 336001 [kdr2 x-macro] *ruby-1.8.7-p160*
| 336014 [gabe.saravia] Thank you for the quick response!
+ 336004 [matz ruby-la] I am not sure how do you use this similarity check?  Example?
+ 336005 [robert.dober] What about
  336016 [gabe.saravia] and thanks for this too, now I can add it without having to write C and

^ ActiveRecord and adapter to MSSQL for Ruby
336003 [shamany_na m] Please teach me how to install ActiveRecord and adapter to MSSQL for
336099 [ondemannen g] J-H Johansen
336100 [shamany_na m] many thanks!

^ Who added this to my $PATH?
336006 [albertschlef] PATH=$PATH:~/.gem/ruby/1.8/bin
+ 336012 [robert.dober] I bet it was you, unless someone else installed ruby-gems ;).
+ 336144 [drbrain segm] It wasn't RubyGems, however RubyGems does warn you if you have --user-
| 336196 [robert.dober] es
| 336251 [drbrain segm] It's possible, but it wouldn't happen at install time.
| 336263 [robert.dober] I guess it is really time for me to learn about Rubygems I was
+ 336303 [b.candler po] How did you install RubyGems? If it came from an O/S package then maybe
  336304 [robert.dober] I reread the OP again and again, because it is obvious (to me now)
  336306 [b.candler po] He didn't say he'd only just installed RubyGems, but he did say that
  336307 [albertschlef] After thinking more about this, I think there's 70% probablity that it

^ Seg fault on Thread.new with ruby 1.8.6
336007 [sebastiendab] Since my rails app crashed, I cannot restart it and get the following
336120 [rogerpack200] which version of ruby?
336290 [sebastiendab] Thank you for the link, i'll try to invistigate. The problem is i have

^ No documentation for File's methods?
336009 [albertschlef] We can do the following...
+ 336010 [albertschlef] My, my, my. I used '#' instead of '.'. My fault.
+ 336011 [albertschlef] ruby 1.8.7 (2008-08-11 patchlevel 72) [i486-linux]
+ 336046 [rick.denatal] perhaps you need to rebuild the index
+ 336054 [Usenet Googl] Wrong class: they are defined in IO, File just inherits them.
  336059 [rick.denatal] $ qri File.open
  336101 [albertschlef] I discovered an error on my part: I should have used '::' instead of
  336114 [rick.denatal] I don't know. The problem might be that fastri is behind and recent
  336115 [rick.denatal] lates-2-3-0-released

^ String issue
336015 [prashant.kat] I am trying to display the time spent in performing an activity in HTML
336018 [ruedi brahns] start_time[:hrs].to_s + hours
336021 [prashant.kat] Thanks for your solution

^ Fw: [ruby-core:23371] Re: Ruby/DL Documentation
336019 [blackapache5] I think this thread makes more sense here instead of polluting core ML=0A=

^ [ANN] webgen 0.5.8 released
336020 [t_leitner gm] Hey everybody!

^ Latest Computers,laptops and softwares
336022 [m.irfan.n84 ] Get lot of infotmation related about lates computers,laptops and

^ Memcache Replication
336023 [barakathulla] I want to know that whether there is any possiblity for replicationg the
336089 [scott therei] This should be (and has often been) asked on the memcached list, but I will
336121 [eiras.alex g] If you need replication/high availability for cached objects, I'd recommend

^ Error invoking PDFTK when running from TextMate
336026 [coder montx.] I have some simple code that works perfectly from irb and from RoR, but
336934 [jason.boldt ] I'm having a similar problem, although I'm getting the error
336968 [coder montx.] I'm glad I'm not alone with this problem ...

^ grep a block of code
336027 [beny18241 gm] Lately someone gave me a task, to grep from csv file but a block of
336029 [billk cts.co] puts ARGF.read.scan(/<tag>.*?<\/tag>/m)
336107 [beny18241 gm] Thanks that's works

^ Superclass of eigenclass
336031 [danny.ocuiv ] "Class objects are special: they have superclasses. The eigenclasses of
+ 336037 [gregory.t.br] Not exactly an answer to your question, but here are some thoughts.
+ 336052 [rick.denatal] I'm pretty sure that this is a typo.
| 336056 [rick.denatal] Just for the record, I just submitted the following erratum report to
| + 336060 [danny.ocuiv ] I suspect that you're right that the text is incorrect. I doubt that
| | + 336064 [rick.denatal] Well instance is one of those things which the smoke and mirrors in
| | | 336312 [danny.ocuiv ] Rick, Robert,
| | | + 336360 [robert.dober] yes but I was talking about the other direction in the inheritance
| | | | 336384 [danny.ocuiv ] Robert,
| | | | 336390 [gwtmp01 mac.] I think you need to decouple the inheritance relationships (what
| | | | 336393 [danny.ocuiv ] Aaaah! The penny finally drops! Thanks a million for this, Gary. I think
| | | | 336493 [dflanagan gm] I have to disagree with Gary's nomenclature.  Inheritance and method
| | | | 336516 [gwtmp01 mac.] No problem. I just made them up for that post.
| | | + 336492 [dflanagan gm] The implementation details are leaking.  No semantics should be read
| | |   336517 [jballanc gma] I agree completely. In fact, beyond implementation detail, is there
| | |   336618 [Usenet Googl] Originally, they were.
| | |   336639 [jballanc gma] Right. So then the question: is there a compelling reason that they =20
| | |   + 336689 [Usenet Googl] There are lots of areas in Ruby, where things aren't as simple,
| | |   | 336702 [robert.dober] But a full-fledged prototype system
| | |   + 336699 [gwtmp01 mac.] The purpose of an eigenclass is to hold per object methods.  As such,
| | |     336728 [rick.denatal] eing
| | |     337024 [danny.ocuiv ] just inconsistent semantics and bad terminology.
| | |     337048 [Usenet Googl] Yet more runtimes: the Parrot VM (Cardinal), a modified version of the
| | + 336065 [robert.dober] I did not read that Rick said anything about instantiating, but for
| |   336078 [danny.ocuiv ] Rick, Robert,
| |   336097 [robert.dober] It seems that language is very important :) my English and my
| |   + 336098 [robert.dober] ...
| |   + 336617 [Usenet Googl] You mean "complained", right? Yes, it is kind of unfortunate, that we
| + 336491 [dflanagan gm] Rick,
+ 336490 [dflanagan gm] sof an ordinary object stands alone and has nosuperclass."

^ How write a synchronized class
336032 [guillaume.do] How do to write a synchronized class like in java for Ruby
336041 [tim.pease gm] Give it a shot and see if it fixes your deadlock issue.
+ 336042 [guillaume.do] Thank you It's exactly that I need
+ 336051 [shortcutter ] Sorry, but you could have saved yourself the effort because it's part

^ Activerecord associations like class structure
336034 [nostef gmail] This question is based on another thread that helped me realize the
336085 [cmdicely gma] al

^ base32hex (rfc 4648)
336035 [alexd nomine] Does anyone know if there is existing Ruby code which implements
336088 [nobu ruby-la] module Base32
+ 336359 [alexd nomine] Thanks very much for your help!
+ 336602 [overlord gmx] Great, natural but explicit usage of Ruby's MatchData object and parallel

^ unsubscribe
336040 [sanjay.bahl ] ...

^ Adding data to text file variables
336045 [stuart.clark] I have a quick question and I apologise for my ignorance if it is easy
336049 [jgabrielygal] This sounds like templating. Take a look at some templating engines
336125 [stuart.clark] Thanks for your prompt reply. Can I run over a few bits of the code you
+ 336271 [jgabrielygal] Reads the file template.erb, and creates an ERB template.
+ 336275 [bbxx789_05ss] require 'erb'
  336277 [bbxx789_05ss] Uhmm...not quite.  The result method actually looks for the name,

^ Too many open files
336048 [qi.lu skywav] I am writing an application server using TCP server which can only
+ 336050 [shortcutter ] AFAIK you need to get yourself a copy of a *Server* version of Windows
+ 336105 [albertschlef] I googled for how to increase the limit, and
| 336106 [shortcutter ] Won't help if he is hitting the OS limit.
+ 336117 [rogerpack200] msvcrt 6 (ruby's default) has a limit of 512.  Ruby itself "duplicates"
  336318 [qi.lu skywav] Thank you very much for your reply. It makes me understand the limit.
  336327 [rogerpack200] It's 256 because after ruby code opens any file descriptor it "dup's"

^ how to find and close opened file descriptor
336053 [oliver.peng ] During my testing, I found that ruby doesn't create IO object for each
+ 336119 [rogerpack200] You could run a loop at the beginning of your script which detects it :)
| 336124 [oliver.peng ] ObjectSpace.each_object(IO) do |io|
| 336130 [eleanor game] You should probably describe how your parent process is opening these
+ 336135 [gwtmp01 mac.] I believe this is the standard idiom on *nix type systems to close all
| 336137 [rogerpack200] I think that's right except for maybe solaris has a helper or something,
+ 336138 [djberg96 gma] The io-extra library might be able to help you, depending on your

^ Fw: [ruby-core:23371] Re: Ruby/DL Documentation
336057 [blackapache5] i guess this thread is more appropriate in ruby-talk rather than polluting =

^ n00b: code logic (probably a 1-min-question)
336058 [tom999 gmx.n] - I call: @agency.all_agents_done? and
336068 [cmdicely gma] l sense in this
+ 336071 [tom999 gmx.n] Sorry, that's just a typo in my question, so the problem is still there
+ 336072 [gabe.saravia] i'm sorry, i know the comment says not too, but I have to look for sense
  336073 [tom999 gmx.n] Thanks for replying - well, there's not much "sense" in the example
  336075 [tom999 gmx.n] -> "self.agents.each do |agent| ..."
  336080 [list.rb gmai] Ouch :-)

^ Ruby memory usage
336061 [ruby-forum t] I'm trying to figure out a memory usage issue with some long running
+ 336069 [cmdicely gma] The first thing that jumps to mind is that the 54 instance of Thread
| 336082 [ruby-forum t] Hmm, you're right that is strange. I can't think of anywhere where I am
| + 336084 [xeno.campano] For what it's worth, I have a pretty complex web app with multiple dimensional
| + 336086 [billk cts.co] Also, what's your ruby -v ?
+ 336091 [tony medioh.] One thing to keep in mind is that MRI's garbage collector never returns
| + 336108 [shortcutter ] as a
| | 336139 [vjoel path.b] That not really a leak, though, since t is referenced...
| | + 336140 [shortcutter ] Well, AFAIK the definition of "memory leak" in GC languages is that of
| | + 336142 [rogerpack200] In this particular case the problem definitely lies with the programmer.
| + 336155 [ruby-forum t] Thanks so much for all the input folks, it's really really appreciated.
| | + 336157 [ruby-forum t] I charted out memory usage over time and object space usage over time to
| | | 336158 [jeanjulien.f] Which type of object is the red curve (between 500 and 1000) that
| | | 336162 [ruby-forum t] instances of Array. Not sure why it starts behaving like that at the
| | + 336159 [tony medioh.] I think memory profiling using ObjectSpace is fundamentally flawed (a few
| | | 336163 [ruby-forum t] I'm thinking that is probably gonna have to be the next step. I had a
| | | 336185 [rogerpack200] bleak house is a patched mri to provide quick access to its internals.
| | + 336175 [billk cts.co] patchlevel 230 was one of the bad ones.  It leaks like a sieve.
| |   336247 [ruby-forum t] Great info Bill, thanks so much. I'll try building 1.8.6-p368 and see if
| |   + 336284 [ruby-forum t] I've ran the same component side by side on both p230 and p368 for a few
| |   + 336285 [billk cts.co] I've not tried it, but checkinstall is supposedly able to capture whatever
| + 336181 [nobu ruby-la] You know only pretty old versions.
+ 336116 [rogerpack200] If it's poor GC you could try out the MBARI patches.  I had a rails app

^ Using AutoItX3 object to find value in list - getting error
336063 [mmc_collins ] I am using AutoIt inside my ruby script. The purpose for this is so that
336077 [sutniuq gmx.] and

^ I have 1.9.1, win32-service gem looking for 1.8
336070 [gbirchmeier ] I have 1.9.1 installed (from zip).  My scripts use the win32-service
+ 336074 [luislavena g] /api.so
| 336076 [gbirchmeier ] Thanks, that was informative.
| 336123 [rogerpack200] What exactly needs to be done?
+ 336118 [rogerpack200] so you installed them using exactly that command?
  336126 [gbirchmeier ] Yep.  I ran "gem --remote list" and I didn't see a 1.9.1 version of the

^ [ANN]  The PickAxe book for Ruby 1.9 now in print
336079 [andy pragmat] charset=US-ASCII;

^ File over tcp? with out using net/ftp
336087 [i8igmac aim.] Im trying to send a file back and forth between a client.rb and
+ 336103 [albertschlef] There are gazillion other protocols for transferring files expect FTP.
| 336104 [albertschlef] Sorry, I didn't notice the "back and forth" part. So HTTP isn't very
+ 336134 [shortcutter ] You can use DRb or simply stream it through a socket.
  336176 [i8igmac aim.] I have been doing a lot of google'n trying to find example code for
  336194 [chobolt gmai] require 'socket'
  336200 [shortcutter ] The file handle is not closed properly.  These two lines above can be
  336258 [i8igmac aim.] This is vary helpful... will be easy for me to build functions off this
  336291 [albertschlef] file = File.new('file.jpg', 'b')
  + 336297 [shortcutter ] I would do that regardless of platform for these reasons
  + 336349 [i8igmac aim.] I figured this out the other day... im still having trouble getting the
    336356 [b.candler po] data = sock.read

^ using the GSL library
336092 [jason.lillyw] I'm trying to get started with the gsl-ruby library - thought I'd start
336095 [cameron.mcbr] I forget exactly when it happened, but the GSL namespace isn't loaded
336128 [jason.lillyw] Thank you.
336153 [cameron.mcbr] not really.  "vector" in this case is just a name corresponding to a
336154 [jason.lillyw] OK. that makes sense. I will be aware of the multiple external library

^ [ANN] HighLine 1.5.1 - Now with Ruby 1.9 support!
336093 [gregory.t.br] I'm happy to announce that HighLine should now be Ruby 1.9.1 as of
336094 [gregory.t.br] (Ruby 1.9.1 compatible as of HighLine v. 1.5.1, sorry for mangled wording)

^ Understanding { } and block_given
336096 [srijayanth g] class DSL
336109 [srijayanth g] This is definitely not a block_given thing.
336110 [fred lacave.] It's an operator precedence thing.  {} binds at a higher precedence than

^ how to get rdoc documentation with merb_generator?
336102 [gernot NOTE0] Our company spent a year programming with hardly any documentation. I've

^ computers,laptops and softwares
336112 [m.irfan.n84 ] more information related about computers,laptops,softwares and anti

^ Re: RubyGems 1.3.3
336122 [rogerpack200] congrats on a seamless upgrade this system for all my machines.

^ A brief history of programming languages
336127 [djberg96 gma] I like the nickname "Mad Matz". :)
+ 336150 [kidguko gmai] That's a funny out look on the history of programming LoL
| 336152 [vjoel path.b] Actually, it didn't say anything about programming LOL.[1]
+ 336156 [bbxx789_05ss] What a laugh!  Thanks for the link.

^ Export to Excel from SciTE Result Log
336129 [mohamedrafiq] i am new to Ruby, i wondering is ther any way to export to Excel from
336131 [jason.lillyw] CSV can then be opened in Excel.
336132 [mohamedrafiq] Thanks Jason; but i am really sorry to ask you this stupid
336141 [jason.lillyw] Well, actually you may not need the csv library yet. But working with
336147 [mohamedrafiq] Jason,
336149 [jason.lillyw] I don't know what to say about the other stuff, but let's look at just
336380 [mohamedrafiq] Thanks a lot Jason, i got it;
336386 [jason.lillyw] no problem. I'm happy you got it to work!

^ Re: Get Set-Cookie from Soap response
336136 [tcblues gmai] I have the same problem, did you solve it?

^ [QUIZ] Big Words (#204)
336143 [yahivin gmai] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
336686 [usenet in.tu] This quiz immediately reminded me of FIGlet[1].  A reimplementation of

^ File object. Undefined methods
336145 [o kojilab.co] I'm doing the following in the console of a Rails app
336151 [rmagick gmai] Read the doc very carefully. dirname is a singleton method in File, not

^ [ANN]  May Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting
336146 [james.britt ] May Phoenix Ruby User Group Meeting

^ Re: Check if directory exists
336148 [emperorfood ] Well im glad they posted solutions, for I googled "ruby directory

^ CGI help
336160 [hikerguy jef] So, I am trying ot read the contents of a file and format the contents
+ 336161 [james.britt ] #!/usr/local/bin/ruby
| 336179 [hikerguy jef] Yes, it does - I just left that out of the C&P.
+ 336190 [bbxx789_05ss] How about getting rid of.........^ ?
  336216 [hikerguy jef] I changed it like that, EXACT same errors.  I have matched up the 'ends'
  + 336217 [doug dseifer] You have an extraneous '+' at the end of that last line.  Remove it and your
  | 336219 [hikerguy jef] *SIGH* Sure enough that fixed the syntax errors... Darn thing still
  | 336222 [doug dseifer] Can you post the contents of classification.txt?  Some sample data would
  | 336223 [hikerguy jef] [jleggett@binford cgi-bin]$ cat classification.txt
  | 336228 [doug dseifer] OK, after figuring out how CGI works in ruby ... there are some problems
  | 336238 [hikerguy jef] WOW, thanks Doug!  That was it totally... I had read use of the
  + 336224 [bbxx789_05ss] cgi.popup_menu(opts) +
    336226 [bbxx789_05ss] Here is a simplification of the issue if anyone wants to offer some
    336227 [bbxx789_05ss] #!/usr/bin/ruby
    336229 [doug dseifer] You have a trailing + and have not provided the second argument in all the
    336233 [bbxx789_05ss] cgi.form('post') {
    336253 [doug dseifer] The above works because the interpreter finds something on the next line to
    + 336254 [bbxx789_05ss] Hmmm...I must have done something wrong when I was testing that--because
    + 336317 [b.candler po] You can just use 'if' that way too, as it returns a value, although its