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^ RDoc, gems, and documentation for dynamically generated constants
335782 [djberg96 gma] I've got a library that dynamically generates constants the moment
335835 [drbrain segm] I added support for "ghost" methods to the ruby parser in RDoc, the

^ Getting an error in Johnson's env.js
335787 [vikas.masker] I am trying to use Johnson gem to run javascript without a browser. But

^ odd number of arguments in Nokogiri
335790 [vikas.masker] The gem parses the tags properly only if the tags are properly closed
335793 [srijayanth g] Have you tried using Nokogiri.Hpricot(open(some_url)) ?

^ a DSL + scope problem
335792 [srijayanth g] Basically I have a log file where different lines need to be mapped to
335802 [b.candler po] If you are doing obj.instance_eval { ... } then 'self' is already obj.
335882 [srijayanth g] Thanks Brian,
335891 [robert.dober] ... which have scope of?
335908 [srijayanth g] class MyDsl

^ Min max program
335796 [ubermouse li] I've just started using ruby for a programming/math class I'm doing at
+ 335797 [ubermouse li] languages = ['English', 'German', 'Ruby']
+ 335798 [srijayanth g] # Ruby has built in methods for max and min
| 335799 [srijayanth g] Ignore the first total = 0
+ 335800 [julian coret] # define average
+ 335801 [b.candler po] nums = Array.new(8) { rand(10000) }
  335837 [ubermouse li] Thanks everyone just what I was looking for.
  335840 [ubermouse li] Ok after trying to write it this is what I got. I get a
  335841 [ubermouse li] nums = Array.new(8) { rand(10000) }
  335847 [marcelo.maga] It's easier for people to help you if you show the error you are seeing.
  335855 [ubermouse li] Yea I fixed the program. Thanks for your help everyone.

^ Thread and Mutex in Ruby 1.8.7
335806 [guillaume.do] require 'thread'
336209 [sandor.szuec] Mutex is not reentrant.
336264 [shortcutter ] And then there is also MonitorMixin which adds monitor functionality to=20

^ debugger problem in 1.9?
335807 [tomcloyd com] My first attempt to move to ruby 1.9, and it's not going well.
342988 [rogerpack200] Since the debugger you're using is written in ruby, you could try to

^ (mandriva 2009) problem with installation kdevelop/ruby/Qt
335809 [lolveley yah] I would like to use kdevelop with Qt and ruby with a mandriva 2009.
+ 335824 [stefano.croc] You don't need to install smoke by itself, if you need to install qtruby for
| 335831 [lolveley yah] thx for having answered to my question.
| 335836 [stefano.croc] Not without smoke. What I meant is that you don't need to install smoke
+ 335853 [richard.j.da] That's a bug in the ruby/qttest/CMakeLists.txt file, you need to edit

^ selecting certificate from  VBScript popup
335811 [sullattupara] sindhu here.I am using WATIR to automate a web based applicatio.when i

^ Errno::ENOENT   No such file or directory - Workbook
335813 [salil cipher] While reading xls file through spreadsheet i get the following

^ Strinpping html using regexp
335814 [arunkumar in] I want to remove the all html tags in a string using regexp. But the
+ 335816 [badboy heart] 1. regular expressions are not good for stripping html code, use a HTML Parser
+ 335819 [bbxx789_05ss] In what programming language can you use a regex to find a match without
+ 335852 [mark thomasz] No, you really really don't. Trust me.
  335856 [bbxx789_05ss] Yes, yes, he really does.  This is an ongoing line of questioning dating

^ Calling ant from ruby, on windows
335815 [marie-sofie.] I've got a script that I want to run on both osx10.5 and windows xp,
335817 [phasis gmail] Try
335818 [marie-sofie.] Thank you, that works

^ AuthenticationFailed error with Net::SSH::Gateway
335826 [joseph.w.mar] some commands.  Now I need to use the Net::SSH::Gateway gem to connect
336320 [joseph.w.mar] Just to follow up, I examined the logs on my target linux boxes and it

^ Base62 encoding/decoding
335828 [sri.jjhero g] can anyone help me in base62 encoding??
335850 [caduceass gm] Would make for a good ruby quiz.
335941 [martindemell] it's definitely possible, just inefficient. first you set up your lookup ta=
335948 [caduceass gm] Isn't that just a simple cipher (i.e. map)?  I must be missing
335987 [martindemell] No, it's a number base transformation. Here's an example using base 7

^ ANN: Relisp 1.0.0 (rubyfied emacs lisp)
335830 [don ohspite.] * call Ruby from Emacs

^ Help with facebooker and Desktop Sessions
335838 [ramos.gaston] and rails 2.3.2

^ '=||'
335842 [byrnejb hart] Can someone point out to me where exactly in the API I find a discussion
+ 335843 [eleanor game] Are you referring to ||= ? If so it's one of the augmented assignment
| + 335845 [jgutierrez i] Here's a link for Ruby's operator expressions
| + 335860 [bbxx789_05ss] Nope.
|   335865 [eleanor game] It seems you've misunderstood what happens under the hood when using
|   + 335869 [rick.denatal] No, if x is truthy then
|   | 335909 [eleanor game] Yes, for assignment that's the case. But 'x[n] ||= y' isn't an
|   | + 335917 [ shot hot.pl] No, puts returns nil.=20
|   | | 335928 [eleanor game] doh! I knew that :(
|   | + 335921 [rick.denatal] []=3D'
|   | | 335927 [eleanor game] Very true, and we all learn new stuff by considering it. For example I
|   | | 335930 [rick.denatal] [a]
|   | | 335931 [eleanor game] I typed '||' for '||=' when I ran that in irb, hence the 'mercury
|   | + 335922 [rick.denatal] I should have mentioned in my reply that since your method missing
|   |   335929 [eleanor game] Perhaps I should have paid more attention to my morning email spam
|   + 335870 [bbxx789_05ss] Why do I need to care about what's going on under the hood?   If two
|     335907 [eleanor game] Because when things don't work the way you expect, looking under the
+ 335844 [byrnejb hart] Maybe I should look for '||=' instead. Sorry.

^ Error compiling 1.9.1 on Mac OS X
335848 [matt moss.na] When making ruby-1.9.1-p0 on Mac OS X (10.5.6), I get the following

^ delegate and unless for __
335849 [neeraj.jsr g] Anytime I see the delegate code usually there is an unless along with
335943 [shortcutter ] I think you're spot on.  There seems to be a convention that method
335944 [robert.dober] se
335952 [neeraj.jsr g] Thanks for the answer.
335962 [robert.dober] Than thank you even more for sharing the link :)

^ Birmingham Escorts Services
335854 [webhosting78] The sexy Birmingham escorts services are something you can never avoid
+ 335862 [jayeola gmai] wtf?
| 335863 [derekbellner] LOL, WTF x2.  I did browse there...could not resist.
+ 335873 [iwasinnamukn] ...because we contact you whether you like it or not.
  335981 [ask mail.com] LOL. They are wacky.

^ Not able to install POpen4 gem
335857 [elchesa hotm] I am really confused. I am trying to install the POpen4 gem and it seems

^ Re: REXML (1.8.6-p110) backwards compatibility problem with
335866 [john.doxey g] There might still be spaces in the string, how about,

^ Unexpected BigDecimal rounding issue
335867 [me samlown.c] Some more not so fun rounding issues.
+ 335878 [nobu ruby-la] BigDecimal is another kind of floating point number, which uses
+ 335880 [rick.denatal] BigDecimal is still a kind of float, albeit a decimal float rather
  + 335902 [me samlown.c] Many thanks Nobuyoshi and Rick, that makes complete sense now.
  | 335913 [shortcutter ] Or define a maximum error, i.e. do not rely on identical values but
  + 335903 [julian coret] Yeah I think they would be better off with rationals

^ if string = "mike" then print "Hi mike"
335871 [i8igmac aim.] server/client connection
335877 [nobu ruby-la] #gets method returns a string with a newline if you ended the
+ 335879 [uzimonkey gm] I've gotten into the habit of using gets.chomp when reading input of
+ 335881 [i8igmac aim.] Oh, wow... a bit confused at first but then i googled ruby chomp and
  335926 [phasis gmail] ways

^ Job opportunity for Ruby developer in Viet Nam
335876 [hongvan.dang] Our company has job opportunity for Ruby developer in Viet Nam. If you

^ Map Ruby Program Call Hierarchy
335883 [btrichardson] I'm wondering if a Ruby library exists that makes it possible to map the
335897 [ryand-ruby z] look at tracer.rb

^ Matching arbitrary number of fields
335884 [abender gmai] command "param 1" "param 2"
335893 [robert.dober] sed

^ Tips for a Successful Interview
335885 [jaggubn gmai] Some Do's of the Interview

^ removing Whitespace using regexp
335886 [arunkumar in] Previously I posted a topic on how to strip all html tags and getting
+ 335889 [overlord gmx] And what do you do with this regexp?
| 335904 [srijayanth g] I know your boss and whoever it is who is dangling your carrots won't let
| 336028 [mark thomasz] Here's what we know about Arun from his previous posts...
| 336030 [srijayanth g] How many places do you know that have extensive Ruby training programs that
+ 335890 [sriram.varah] Hey Arun,
  335911 [shortcutter ] I would rather do

^ Interfce for Svn
335887 [charanya.nag] I am trying to combine SVN with my application.

^ lacking in mathematical functions
335888 [t_nissie yah] Do you want more mathematical functions in Ruby?

^ Ruby Regex
335892 [sriram.varah] I need to extract the contents up to the first occurrence of zip which
335895 [robert.dober] Why are you so greedy Sriram ;)? Well it is not you it is the "+"
+ 335896 [sriram.varah] Was definitely a nice surprise! Thanks Robert for your help :)
+ 335912 [shortcutter ] Why not use File.dirname?
  335914 [srijayanth g] He only wanted the first occurrence of zip I think.
  335918 [shortcutter ] Ah, yes.  I overlooked that. Sorry for the noise.

^ Computers and Laptops
335894 [m.irfan.n84 ] Information about Computer,Software and Laptops for more info visit

^ an array to string in different lines
335898 [sijo maxxion] I am collecting errors like object.errors.on(:field)  So some times i
335906 [jgabrielygal] irb(main):002:0> s =3D ["a", "b"]

^ Nagios ruby script - code review
335900 [lagounet gma] webpage.

^ inexplicable "undefined local variable" error`
335905 [tomcloyd com] This makes no sense to me, so...I could use a little help

^ Question regarding content-type and multipart form data
335910 [torh-ruby-la] I'm possibly missing something, but I'm at a loss at how to obtain the

^ [ANN] Localmemcache-0.4.0: A persistent key-value database based on mmap()'ed shared memory.
335915 [schween snaf] I am happy to release localmemcache 0.4.0 today.  This version mainly

^ Redirecting TestRunner output from console to file
335916 [vadim.dobrov] I'm novice both in Ruby and test/unit, so keep it in mind.
335947 [ryand-ruby z] % ruby -Ilib test/test_blah.rb > results.txt

^ How to profile Ruby 1.9 and/or JRuby code? (ruby-prof works only on MRI Ruby 1.8)
335919 [ shot hot.pl] I love ruby-prof, but it unfortunately does not work neither under
+ 335954 [rogerpack200] It appears from the ruby prof log that they *used* to support 1.9 (till
+ 336002 [rogerpack200] you can use ruby - prof on 1.9 but looks like you'll have to check it

^ calling winapi for EnumDisplayMonitors
335920 [phil philsmy] I am trying to write a desktop application in Ruby. We need to find out
+ 335933 [phasis gmail] As you know, Win32API doesn't support callback.
| 336013 [phil philsmy] In short - you rule!
+ 335955 [rogerpack200] Ruby wmi is also quite nice (dunno if it helps here though).

^ Design question
335923 [srijayanth g] I am building a simple tool to help with some statistical analysis of a
335932 [shortcutter ] Definitively decouple the stuff into several other classes and do not

^ Ruby 1.9.1 on windows
335924 [ian.hobson n] How can I install Ruby 1.9.1 on Windows?
335925 [rogerpack200] -=r
335937 [ian.hobson n] Thanks Roger.
+ 335949 [  tvw s4r.de] I guess, you can install gems, but not those which have extensions
+ 335950 [dsisnero gma] Here is how I got this partially working for me.  By partially, it correctly
| 335953 [rogerpack200] For gems that require headers you can usually try
| 335992 [rogerpack200] yes much safer to use mingw compiled binaries (either by yourself or
+ 335951 [rogerpack200] I am to submit some new instructions to it soon :)

^ Help with connecting to SQL Server 2005 Database  with Ruby
335934 [arti.p.singh] I am quite new to ruby and trying to connect to a SQL Server 2005
335935 [benjamin.lov] DB = Sequel.ado('database_name', :host => 'localhost', :user => 'username',
335940 [arti.p.singh] Thank you Ben. This works now.

^ [ANN] locale-2.0.2, locale_rails-2.0.2
335936 [mutomasa gma] Ruby-Locale(locale-2.0.2) and

^ User Entered Data(Read Only Data) to Excel
335938 [mohamedrafiq] I am new to Ruby, new task has been given to me by the company and they

^ [ANN] gettext-2.0.2, gettext_activerecord-2.0.2, gettext_rails-2.0.2
335939 [mutomasa gma] Ruby-GetText-Package-2.0.2 and the families

^ new coming stffs---keep pace with fashion---ur expection!!!
335945 [shuoshuoshuo] pls come here to enjoy ur time!
335946 [shuoshuoshuo] seize the chance!!!

^ Re: [Rubyinstaller-devel] Ruby 1.9.1 on windows
335956 [luislavena g] ectly

^ sort and localization
335957 [cidza tin.it] I'm trying to solve projecteuler problem 022
335969 [gregory.t.br] Sort is done by ASCII sort order on Ruby 1.8.   Not sure on Ruby 1.9,

^ storing c pointers in ruby hash
335958 [funkaster gm] I'm been banging my head on the keyboard the whole day trying to track
335960 [funkaster gm] also, if I try to inspect the contents of the hash, I also get a core
336024 [alex deletem] You probably should post more information about what happens when the
+ 336036 [funkaster gm] Here's the backtrack when trying to use the Data_Get_Struct() macro on
+ 336039 [funkaster gm] ruby 1.9.1p0 (2009-05-04 revision 23343) [i386-darwin9.6.0]
  336062 [funkaster gm] No luck yet with this (still banging my head with the keyboard).

^ ISMM 2009 Call for Participation
335959 [hillelkolodn] CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

^ system call not working under cron
335961 [michael webl] I have a short ruby script to periodically change the screen background
+ 335963 [drbrain segm] Use full paths in cron and scripts run from cron, as cron has a
| 335972 [michael webl] I really had high hopes for this one ... it seemed like a "how dumb can
| 335986 [flo hackvalu] Did you give your images name as full path also? Do you run as cronjob (as in
+ 335964 [vjoel path.b] OT, but should that be
| 335966 [vjoel path.b] Never mind, I see now that "str" is a gconftool switch param.
+ 335967 [shortcutter ] This is likely due to X11's handling of permissions.  Your cron job
| 335973 [michael webl] I didn't even know about xhost before this. According to the
| 335994 [shortcutter ] or
+ 335988 [overlord gmx] Does gconftool need the DISPLAY environment variable? That probably

^ Re: One Die Game (#203)
335968 [lcowell gmai] Why do I feel like I'm doing someone's homework assignment ?
336067 [truce.trings] My AI is simple, but I think it is still pretty playable.

^ Reading a zip file from a GET request without saving?
335970 [achristoph g] I am trying read zip file from HTTP GET request. One way to do it is by
335982 [bbxx789_05ss] I couldn't figure out how to do that, but you can always use TempFile to

^ How can I trim top of file w/o disrupting other writers?
335971 [bradjpeek gm] from a log file.   I had planned to use it on a series of log files
335979 [julian coret] Why can't you simply open the file itself for read write then replace
336066 [bradjpeek gm] That worked.  Thanks for the embarassingly obvious answer.

^ Simple local network messaging.
335974 [saint.seraph] very simple application to send text messages over a local network. I'm
336043 [default spir] try to disable firewall on your client machines, if that solves the problem,

^ How to get class' filepath from methods in included mixin?
335975 [nigel.hennan] File.dirname(__FILE__) returns the current folder where the script in,
335976 [vjoel path.b] [~/tmp] cat helper/helper.rb
335977 [nigel.hennan] Yes, Thanks Joel!

^ How to break this down for use in a graph?
335978 [codeslush ya] I have been trying for many hours to figure out how to do this, and have
336025 [mark thomasz] It would help if you show your model or at least 'p @results'. Then
336038 [codeslush ya] Sorry about that.  Here's a sample of the results after calling
336044 [codeslush ya] I forgot to put what I wanted for output.  With the results above as a
336083 [Rob AgileCon] OK, so I'll start with @results having AR model instances like the
336090 [codeslush ya] Rob - thank you so much!!!  I'll email you privately to make a small

^ tcp multiple client / server... for each connection write
335980 [i8igmac aim.] im putting together a server with multiple clients establishing a
335990 [rogerpack200] I'd probably make the server less multi-threaded, something like

^ 1.8.7 doesn't work on Ubuntu
335984 [thewoolleyma] Thanks,
+ 335991 [rogerpack200] Make sure to install every package under the sun before installing ruby
| 335995 [thewoolleyma] I've already installed everything that looks likely, the next step
| 336000 [matz ruby-la] Could you show us exact step to reproduce the problem, with all input
| 336250 [thewoolleyma] Yes!  The patch you put on the ticket does seem to fix it!  Thanks, Matz...
+ 336008 [matt harpsta] Did you install libssl-dev?

^ Seven Tips for Successful Interview
335985 [jaggubn gmai] This Very usefull eBook to get Success in Interview. This is will

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.3.0rc1 has been released!
335989 [aaron tender] nokogiri version 1.3.0rc1 has been released!
336017 [charles.nutt] This is really awesome...thank you for the extra effort on this, and I'm
336055 [blackapache5] =0A________________________________=0AFrom: Charles Oliver Nutter <charles.=

^ General Nokogiri problem
335993 [srijayanth g] On several sites(probably malformed HTML/JavaScript/XML/general parsing
335997 [aaron tender] Nokogiri detects the XML header and parses it as XML.  If you force it
335998 [srijayanth g] Thanks Aaron.
335999 [srijayanth g] Whoops,