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^ Issue with regexp pattern matcher withing String#gsub
335334 [cpjolicoeur ] I'm having a strange issue I can't wrap my head around.  I've posted the
+ 335337 [cpjolicoeur ] I'm just changed up how I'm doing the matching and am going with this
| 335339 [bbxx789_05ss] ...and that means the error message you posted can't occur.   When I run
| 335386 [cpjolicoeur ] you don't get an error because your initial quote doesnt make the match.
| 335395 [bbxx789_05ss] I used the string you provided.  Generally, if you want relevant help,
+ 335338 [bbxx789_05ss] There's no match with the second regex, so all of the regex $ variables
+ 335341 [phasis gmail] the
  + 335385 [cpjolicoeur ] ahh, interesting.  thanks so much.  I didn't realize that #split would
  + 335389 [b.candler po] irb(main):007:0> /(.)/ =~ "abc"; puts $1; "a b".split(" "); puts $1
    335390 [phasis gmail] It does in ruby 1.8.6

^ FCSV importing file to Excel
335345 [philswazey y] I have a csv file that I am inputting into an excel spreadsheet. One of
+ 335382 [james graypr] FasterCSV is complaining that your data isn't valid CSV data.  If you
| 335523 [mark thomasz] You mean like this?
| 335587 [james graypr] I'm not real sure what you are aiming for here.  I doubt this helps
| 335602 [mark thomasz] That's what I get for reading too quickly to get the entire context.
| 335614 [james graypr] That's not a general solution.  What if I had a field like this?
| 335642 [mark thomasz] True, but I am assuming the poster wants a quick and dirty solution
| 338860 [philswazey y] Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, but some things cannot be
+ 335441 [mark thomasz] I've read and re-read this sentence, but I'm not understanding it.

^ I want to automate this text field.
335347 [ashacta gmai] I want to automate this text field.
335349 [ snk gna.org] file_path = "path to your file.txt"
335352 [ashacta gmai] Thanks its working.
335358 [bbxx789_05ss] IO.foreach("file_name") do |line|

^ [ANN] Dfect 0.1.0
335351 [ snk gna.org] Dfect 0.1.0

^ Download progress
335353 [daniel.varta] How to get a progress (percentage of done) of the download process? I
335364 [drbrain segm] $ ruby -rnet/http
335371 [shevegen lin] Cool, I also did not know that, but I wondered about this for a long
335398 [bbxx789_05ss] I also put a note in the margin of my book about this one. :)
335448 [mathspeedy g] You could use the "progressbar" library ..

^ Hash#map
335356 [fredjoha gma] Is there any good reason why Hash#map does not give back a Hash (Ruby
+ 335357 [andrew andre] Becuase #map comes from form Enumerable (and is an alias for collect)
| 335443 [fredjoha gma] Well ok, that is a reason but it's not a good motivation why it HAS to
+ 335359 [kdr2 x-macro] irb(main):041:0> o={"a",1,"b",2}
| 335444 [fredjoha gma] Thanks! That's the piece missing from my Ruby skills! :) Though o.merge
+ 335361 [srijayanth g] class Hash
+ 335362 [bbxx789_05ss] class Hash
+ 335381 [james graypr] It wouldn't make sense for Hash#map to return a Hash since you are not
  335462 [fredjoha gma] =A0

^ If error occurs should not copy again from the beginning
335360 [revathy.p an] I try to copy folders recursively..
+ 335363 [phasis gmail] ntinue
+ 335365 [bbxx789_05ss] 10.times do |i|
  335366 [bbxx789_05ss] rescue RuntimeError => msg

^ Permaculture again
335372 [robert.dober] I just stumbled about this

^ (mandriva,eclipse) ruby debug gem installation fails
335384 [lolveley yah] I have a problem while installing a gem for the debugging with eclipse.
335427 [justincollin] sudo urpmi ruby-dev
335429 [lolveley yah] well, it doesn't work.
335430 [lolveley yah] stop searching!

^ [ANN] bluecloth 2.0.1
335387 [ged FaerieMU] Version 2.0.1 of BlueCloth has been released.

^ lib-xml + multiple schema validation
335393 [kulkarni.sud] I have a xml file which contains multiple xsd files in the xsi:location

^ State machines in Ruby
335402 [juan_zanos t] What's the best way to represent a state machine in Ruby?   I'm not
335408 [ap0xsf gmail] AASM - State machines for Ruby classes
335409 [binary42 gma] I'm just about to release a new state machine library. Give me a few

^ [ANN] Lone Star Twitter/Ruby Conference 2009
335403 [jimfreeze gm] Greetings

^ Can't seem to source .bashrc when using net-ssh
335410 [slan.dizier ] Hey Guys,

^ Advanced array merging
335414 [realmadrid27] I'm looking for the fastest way (or the version with the least code!) to
+ 335415 [martindemell] def add_octets(x, y)
+ 335500 [bbxx789_05ss] Those two requirements are often at odds with each other.  For instance,
  335549 [realmadrid27] Thanks, 7stud. I forgot to mention in my description that after it did
  335581 [bbxx789_05ss] Whoops.  That's not what my code does--it sums the totals within one

^ WxRuby "source code"
335419 [rps salas.co] I was trying to figure out what the correct parameters are for
+ 335426 [stefano.croc] You're right, wxruby2 is a ruby binding to the WxWidgets C++ library
+ 335437 [alex deletem] The parameters in the docs are correct I think. After you create the

^ Finding Matches in Array of Classes
335420 [rob.webinato] irb(main):090:0> results[0]
+ 335421 [caduceass gm] Depends.  This might work (just an example)...
| 335423 [caduceass gm] beware, though, since (d...e).include?(e) is false, but
| 335577 [xens comcast] ",
| 335597 [rob.webinato] First, thank you for the varied and interesting suggestions.  I always
| 335619 [vikkous gmai] Joel's select/include? implementation is the normal way to solve this
+ 335422 [vjoel path.b] require 'time'
+ 335488 [bbxx789_05ss] now = Time.now
  335489 [bbxx789_05ss] I just thought I'd mention that Time mixes in Comparable, which is where
  335576 [caduceass gm] Nice.

^ [ANN] ar_mailer 1.3.2 Released
335431 [drbrain segm] ar_mailer version 1.3.2 has been released!

^ gem install - will not work outside of bin folder
335433 [mmc_collins ] I just installed ruby 1.8.6 stable version on windows xp pc. When I try
335434 [lyle lylejoh] Make sure that the "ruby\bin" directory is in your PATH.
335436 [mmc_collins ] I copied those to the bin and then set my path to ruby\bin. Then I use
335467 [luislavena g] Will be much more helpful than your description that you can provide
335540 [mmc_collins ] Thanks Luis... so, you are saying that I can use a commands such as 'set
335561 [luislavena g] set PATH is abuilt-in command of Windows.
+ 335562 [mmc_collins ] Ok thanks for the info. - MC
+ 335564 [drbrain segm] also, `gem help` will give help on the gem executable.

^ RubyGems question: install vs. update
335435 [cohen.jeff g] This must be obvious, but what's the difference between "gem install"
335440 [drbrain segm] gem update will update a named gem if there's a newer version, gem
335455 [cohen.jeff g] But when I try to update a named gem, I get the new version, but also
335458 [gregory.t.br] RubyGems supports having many versions of a gem installed on the same
335470 [bbxx789_05ss] In addition, if you issue the update command with no filename, for
+ 335471 [bbxx789_05ss] ...oh, yeah.  Sometimes updating doesn't work!  For instance, I was
| 335522 [rick.denatal] (sudo) gem update --system
+ 335473 [gregory.t.br] Read upwards. Eric already let the OP know about this.

^ Net::SCP download recursive
335438 [denize.paul ] The recursive documentation suggests that

^ problems with 'require' in embedded ruby
335446 [jehughes u.w] I'm tinkering with my first C++ app with an embedded Ruby interpreter.
335452 [jehughes u.w] Sorry, forgot to mention: ruby 1.9.1-p0 compiled from source running on

^ object scope and cleanup
335449 [chezball gma] I am having trouble understanding Ruby object cleanup wrt scope. In
+ 335454 [sepp2k googl] Because the garbace collector doesn't destroy objects as soon as possible. He
+ 335506 [bbxx789_05ss] In a language like C++,
  + 335527 [rick.denatal] Actually, "out of scope" isn't really the right concept here, the
  + 335558 [sepp2k googl] Well if a variable containing an object goes out of scope, the object is

^ preprocessing ruby gems in ruby1.9
335451 [botpena gmai] i notice that almost all pre 1.9 gems wont compile in ruby1.9 because
335481 [drbrain segm] You could probably write a RubyGems plugin to do it using the =20

^ Repost : Trouble with Error: "..undefined method `write'.."
335456 [hfd141 yahoo] test.rb:12: undefined method `write' for #<String:0x3a36d64>

^ Re: Digits of Pi (#202)
335461 [horndude77 g] Attached is a solution using a machin formula
335531 [robert.dober] The good new is that I chose the correct algorithm from the beginning.
335574 [caduceass gm] Jay's version seemed to work fine.  It took about 5 minutes on my
335580 [robert.dober] I have ;)

^ [ANN] rspec-rails 1.2.5 Released
335464 [dchelimsky g] rspec-rails version 1.2.5 has been released!

^ [ANN] rspec 1.2.5 Released
335465 [dchelimsky g] rspec version 1.2.5 has been released!

^ Read and re-write file with one open?
335466 [abender gmai] I would like to write a Ruby script that opens a text file, performs a gsub
+ 335469 [super3friend] Instead of using the rewind method, you can use the reopen method to
+ 335472 [gregory.t.br] ub
| + 335501 [shortcutter ] sub
| + 335551 [jdinkel gmai] What about if another program opens the file after it has been read by
|   335553 [gregory.t.br] Is this related to the OP's concerns?  In this case, you'd need file
+ 335475 [bbxx789_05ss] Yes, opening the file in write mode!  However, you are going to expose
| 335486 [abender gmai] I see the potential for catastrophe with the way I suggested, however, there
| + 335495 [bbxx789_05ss] Of course, if that was a possibility then you would take extra measures
| | 335625 [martindemell] Don't just scoff, send in a patch!
| + 335543 [gregory.t.br] ere
+ 335623 [timrandg gma] ub
+ 335624 [timrandg gma] ub
  335628 [jdinkel gmai] File.open(filename, 'r+') do |file|
  + 335629 [jdinkel gmai] Aw, word wrapping broke some of my lines...
  + 335640 [abender gmai] This is exactly what I wanted.  Thanks everyone.
    335645 [bbxx789_05ss] I think you guys are missing the point.   There are lots of ways to
    + 335646 [bbxx789_05ss] Hmmm...I guess you are left with a file that you can examine and then
    + 335659 [gregory.t.br] Thanks for going into the detail here.  I threw the atomic save

^ Login in AdWord Account Using Ruby Code
335480 [sunnysinha12] Can Someone please tell me how to login in AdWords Account via ruby code

^ Defining a default proc for Hash
335487 [srijayanth g] Is there a way to redefine or newly define a default proc for Hash way after
335491 [bbxx789_05ss] Did you read this?
335492 [srijayanth g] Yes, I did. All that tells me is that it isn't possible to set a default
+ 335496 [phasis gmail] class Hash
| 335504 [srijayanth g] Thanks,
+ 335521 [shortcutter ] Hash.instance_methods.grep(/proc/)'

^ Emulating a web browser
335494 [abender gmai] I am looking for a library to help me emulate a web browser, at least at the
+ 335497 [vikhyatk gma] I'm not sure what you want to do, but have you looked at Watir?
| 335545 [bpettichord ] Take a look at Celerity.
+ 335505 [bbxx789_05ss] For static content, like images, stylesheets, js files, etc. all you
  335539 [srijayanth g] Also, I've found Nokogiri to fail on a few things, most notably

^ reading from fifo with no writers blocks the whole process
335502 [tomekwr gmai] in my program I'm creating a thread, in which I open a FIFO and read
335560 [shortcutter ] First of all you should change your code to use the block form of

^ I cannot install gem
335509 [dkorn08 yand] I cannot install any gems. Running gem begins with "Bulk updating gem
+ 335511 [bbxx789_05ss] I used to get that "Bulk updating" too, which made rubygems inoperable
| 335529 [dkorn08 yand] I have installed gem 1.3.1, now running gem ends with
+ 335512 [loganathan_g] Use the gem1.8 command to install. gem searches for the repository which

^ find if an array has any element present in another array
335513 [charanya.nag] I have 2 lists
+ 335515 [nosp m.inval] (a-b).nil?
| + 335517 [charanya.nag] Thank you.This was What i wanted
| + 335520 [nosp m.inval] Ouch, sorry, (a&b).empty?
+ 335516 [farrel.lifso] You can take the intersection of the two and see if it's empty.

^ Re: find if an array has any element present in another arra
335514 [bbxx789_05ss] a=[1,2,3,4]
335519 [bbxx789_05ss] result = [1] - [2, 3]  #no common elements

^ gem problems: install "bulk updating..." gets oom killed: no memory.
335524 [lorrimang go] ruby 1.8.4, gems 1.0.1
335526 [farrel.lifso] That version of gems is really old. The version on my box is 1.3.1. I
335530 [lorrimang go] Thanks for that.
335550 [lorrimang go] So the solution seems to be to use the -B option to avoid the bulk
335566 [drbrain segm] You can also upgrade my manually upgrading, see the last set of

^ View Source Code in Whois.net
335525 [c_berry mac.] I am trying to view the source code in whois.net using the following
+ 335534 [reddvinylene] gsub!(/>\s+</, '><') maybe?
+ 335552 [realmadrid27] string.lstrip.rstrip will get rid of a lot of it.
+ 335556 [mark thomasz] Why are you trying to view the source? You're not planning to parse
  335578 [bbxx789_05ss] hpricot, nokogiri, watir

^ (mandriva,eclipse) extract digits from fixnums
335528 [lolveley yah] if a=1232, let nb_nb=4 (the number of digits)
+ 335533 [ruby-bucket ] You could try
+ 335535 [bbxx789_05ss] a=1232

^ setting up cygwin on windows or linux it?
335532 [adamtemporar] Due to some gems not working for windows im considering either
+ 335541 [shortcutter ] pretty happy using the cygwin version only. Currently you need to
+ 335542 [hassan.schro] I'd suggest using virtualization (VMWare, etc.) to install a Linux distro.
| + 335546 [adamtemporar] ahh that sounds good. Unfortunately i just realised I wont be able to
| | + 335547 [adamtemporar] ahh robert, missed your reply there. Initially Id like to keep the
| | + 335548 [hassan.schro] I don't use either of those [1] but there are any number of possible
| | + 335598 [rogerpack200] e-text was just released "shared source" with a "build your own" linux
| + 335563 [alevchuk gma] Usually virtualization (VMWare, etc.) is too slow to use. I would
|   335565 [hassan.schro] That's a uselessly broad statement. I've used VMWare on Windows,
|   + 335567 [default spir] an other approach is to run a linux kernel inside windows,
|   | 335603 [minilith gma] This is getting slightly off topic but does somebody know how this
|   | + 335606 [rogerpack200] I'd imagine andlinux is faster [1], not sure how much.
|   | | 335738 [adamtemporar] Thanks all for your suggestions.
|   | | 335740 [shortcutter ] Thanks for your feedback!  One question out of curiosity: why did you
|   | | 335749 [adamtemporar] Yes just the ease. I did look into performance comparissons briefly but
|   | | 335810 [julian coret] Cygwin sucks so hard
|   | + 336187 [rogerpack200] Twould appear that they're all close to the same speed
|   + 335568 [alevchuk gma] Hassan,
+ 335757 [dsisnero gma] From rubygems list, it looks like one-click is almost finished

^ Merb
335536 [pada51 gmail] I would like the class accessing the "request" object
335537 [phlip2005 gm] Don't. If it accesses that, it's a Controller, no matter where you put it.
335538 [pada51 gmail] actually i need a lot of information from the request object
335544 [phlip2005 gm] What is the class doing? I can think of things like correlating the user_agent
335554 [pada51 gmail] it's an API wrapper but a lot of calls are cached in the session, so i
335584 [phlip2005 gm] Better than passing the whole object in? you said you need the whole object; go

^ SOAP how to make a request
335555 [mario betwar] I'm testing a web service, loginCustomer but I don't know why always
335559 [mark thomasz] This doesn't look right. Usually, you don't hand-code a string
335731 [tcblues gmai] Thanks for the answer.
335901 [tcblues gmai] I was taking a look at the request using a tcp listener and there is
336111 [tcblues gmai] I made a mistake there is no loginMethodDTO xml tag on the request but

^ Re: Ruby Syntax and SOAP Web Service
335557 [mario betwar] mH=Hash.new()

^ Re: Verify, a very basic testing tool.
335570 [sunaku gmail] Dfect - http://snk.tuxfamily.org/lib/dfect/

^ Strange two dimensional array behaviour
335572 [kanesoban ya] This code is supposed to read in a 9x9 table (sudoku table) from a
335575 [Rob AgileCon] Arrays index from 0. A 9-element array has indexes from 0..8

^ Strange Gem Problems
335585 [cadeucean gm] Hey all,
335592 [ryand-ruby z] nothing is wrong with your rubygems. you don't have zlib in your ruby
335608 [cadeucean gm] Dang, how can I fix this?
335622 [vikkous gmai] It depends on your OS/distribution. On Ubuntu/Debian install the